2 Strategies To Get 2 Clients This Week

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GTF 275 | Strategies To Get Clients


In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 Reason Companies are forced to Shut Down (it’s probably not what you think)
  • Why Focusing on this Will Set You Free and Get You 10x Greater Results
  • How to Use Social Media Posts to Get Clients (HINT: It’s not doing 20-100 posts per week)
  • The _________ _________ Approach that Helped 2 Giant Companies Add Millions of Customers in Less than 24 Months
  • The 2 Steps to Do Every Day to Get More Clients
  • How You Can Get Help to Implement, Get Clients, and Grow Your Business with Less Stress

…And more!

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2 Strategies To Get 2 Clients This Week

Are you at a place where you’re saying to yourself, “What do I have to do to be able to go out there and generate more new clients and generate more predictable cashflow?” If this is a question you’re having right now, you are going to want to keep on reading for this short segment as we introduce you to two super simple and easy strategies you can put in place for you to be able to generate two new clients. If you repeat this, likely set the stage to be repeating to generate at least two new clients every week from here on out. Let me walk you through this. Here’s a shocking statistic. Do you realize that 43% of small businesses, maybe like yours, maybe like we see out there in the world, shut down due to cashflow issues?

In other words, they don’t have enough new clients. This is according to the Small Business Administration. The real critical thing to be doing is to be focusing on your needle movers or the dominoes. A lot of people have a tendency to get caught up between the difference in understanding between productivity and activity. Would you agree there’s a big difference between things that move the dial, the needle movers, and things that just keep you busy? If you found yourself following some of those experts out there where they’ve guided you, you’ve got to do 1,000 social media posts a month, yet you still haven’t generated any clients? Maybe you feel like you’re doing everything on LinkedIn, Facebook or anywhere and you still aren’t moving the dial. If so, you are going to love this thing because let me speak to the elephant in the room.

A lot of people have a tendency to get caught up between the difference in understanding between productivity and activity. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

Strategy #1: Transforming Your Social Media Headers

There is a lot of false experts in the world. Also, what was working just a month ago is not working now. What was working a week ago is not working now, and so these strategies are designed to work for you now. They’re designed to work for you tomorrow and they’re designed to work for you for years to come starting now. Step one, let me show you a simple way that you can transform your social media headers in a method to attract new clients on a daily basis. I know you might be saying, “How can you do that?” Here’s how you do it. You create a banner that says or looks something like a couple of the samples that I’m going to tell you. It says, “What happens when you click this button?” What do you think people’s tendency is to do?

They’ll either click the play button or they will click the Click Here button. Imagine if you got a handful of clicks like this every day or a few a week, which leads to more a month, which leads to more per quarter, which leads to more per year. The key is not just having a banner that looks like this. By the way, truth be told, this idea stems and originates from Dean Jackson. He’s one of the smartest marketing minds in the world and business minds as well. He keeps things simple. I noticed that and he did this many years ago and I was fascinated by it so I modeled it and tested it. Do you know what we found? We started getting a handful of clicks a day.

What we had to decide is, “We’re getting a few clicks a day. What are we going to do with that?” That’s where this next step comes in, where you put what’s called a Call to Action after they click. When someone clicks that header image, it takes them to the description. If you have a powerful description and this particular one has gotten 721 views and we put this up years ago. We have the URL, which is our call to action where we’re taking them for this particular example. We’ve got a little outline of who it’s for and how it benefits them. Triple your business without more staff, without more costs or stress. We reiterate the call to action.

GTF 275 | Strategies To Get Clients

Clicks can lead to leads which lead to conversations and the ability for more sales.


Do you know that we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of clicks through this header link because we’ve tracked it? What would it be worth if you got a few clicks a day? All of these few clicks a day, especially if they go to your call to action, and then you have a good conversion model, which can lead to people you’re in conversation with, potential clients. It’s simple to do. Let me give you a couple of simple steps to set this up. It’s easy. Number one, create a banner. You might go, “Dan, I’m not a graphics person. I’m not a technical person. What can I do?” Go to Fiverr.com or any number of amazing sources out there. There are places like Get Magic and Fiverr. Ask them to create a header banner to fit a social media size. Get the size and ask them to put it together.

Put a mysterious thing. What happens when you click this button on there? See what happens. Make sure you put your description together. Put a link for your call to action. Ideally, it’s going to be a tool where they can opt-in and you generate a name and email address. Now you can get in conversation with your potential clients. Have a call to action in the description. Here’s a critical thing that you can do, which is making sure that you’re rotating this about every 45 days so it doesn’t get stale, it doesn’t get burned. Here’s another little trick, a little fascinating strategy that you can do with this. When you update the header, do you know what it does? It announces to you all your followers that you updated your header, so it gets attention. Attention is important when you’re looking to attract business versus chase it around. That’s a simple way you can do that.

How would that simple strategy impact you? A few new clicks a day or maybe it’s just a few weeks. It adds up over a course of a month. It adds up over the course of a year or 2 years, 3 years, and more. It leads to leads, potential conversations, the ability to have more sales, have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach with something so simple. Literally, you could get this in place in five minutes. Is it worth five minutes to get this in place so that you can start getting clients now? I can promise you, if you tag this up against putting 1,000 posts on social media and this one simple five-minute strategy, you’ll get more leads and sales from this simple strategy.

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Strategy #2: By Invitation Only

That’s not all. We’re going to get into tip number two and tip number two is called By Invitation Only. This is one of the most powerful strategies that you could put in place, whether you’re small, brand new, doing millions of dollars or you’re a mega million dollar company as well. Did you know that this method was used by Hotmail? They originated this way back in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. Every email that went out when people were users of email, it had a PS It said, “PS, I love you. Do you want to try Hotmail?” Through that simple little by invitation only PS, they got 1.5 million users over a certain period of time.

A company looked at what Hotmail did and said, “That works so well. Why don’t we do it?” That company was called Gmail. They used this similar strategy, by invitation only. They added 30 million users in six months. How great would that be if our businesses generated 1.5 million or 30 million? I’m not promising you 1.5 million users using this or 30 million users. If you’ve got a couple of new clients as a result of using this by invitation only method, would it be worth it? What’s it costing you not doing it? If it worked for those companies, why wouldn’t it work for ours? We’ve used it and it works.

Here’s why this is so incredible and incredibly important now more than a week ago, now more than a month ago, more important now than a year ago. It will be more important the longer we go. People more and more hate to be sold, but they love to buy, don’t they? What a lot of people do is this is a guy in a boat. A lot of people, they take an approach with selling online or in-person and it’s like fishing. They throw out a line and then a fish nibbles on the end of the hook. What do they do? Instead of letting the fish run on the line and letting the reel go and then let that stop and then start reeling it in. What we have a tendency to do is we jump out of the boat, we dive after the fish and go, “Here fishy, fishy.” That’s what costs us a lot of opportunities, a lot of sales or we firehose our offers.

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We fire hose our fish and they nibble it one way and then we throw 500 worms at them because our offer is so good. There’s an approach to this and I want to share that approach to you and why this works. The key is you want to make invitations instead of selling. You could even say make invitations instead of offers. Although the more invitations you make, the more money you make. The question is how many invitations do you want to make? We encourage you to look at what would have to happen for you to make invitations every day?

How many invitations is Coca-Cola making? How many invitations is Apple making? How many invitations are your competitors making if you’re not? If you are not and they are, chances are they’re getting into your market share. Let’s not let that happen. It’s by invitation only. Hotmail, this was their approach. “PS I love you,” originated by Hotmail and it generated over 1.5 million users. This strategy has also been popularized by a guy mentioned, Dean Jackson, who’s brilliant. Now, a lot of people have been modeling this. You may have seen it, but it originated from this Hotmail concept.

An example of ours. If you look at this simple strategy, it says, “PS, when you’re ready, here are a couple of ways that we can help your business grow with less stress. Be a guest on our show.” Number two, “When you’re ready to triple your growth with less stress and get out of the day-to-day, check this out.” It’s a link to be able to check out one of our incredible resources. It’s simple and it says, “Check this out.” These are a couple of episodes of our show because we have over 200 hours of free training available. Some of the greatest tips, strategies, and insights on how to be able to grow a business successfully. This is another example. This might be a little more advanced version for some people. It’s a similar idea where you’ve got the by invitation only model, PS when you’re ready. Here are a couple of ways that we can help you. Be a guest on our show when you’re ready to triple growth and get out of the day-to-day. It’s got other links to our resources.

GTF 275 | Strategies To Get Clients

Sending out daily messages can boost cashflow.


Another version of this, I think I saw a guy, Greg, who’s brilliant at business. We saw Greg do this with something that he was making available. I said, “Why don’t we put this in the PS and see what happens?” We started putting it in our emails and we animated it with a GIF. You might be going, “Dan, I’m not a technical person.” You can go to Fiverr, you can go to other places, Get Magic and others and/or if you have a graphics person, they can do this pretty easily. It’s very simple and easy to do. You don’t need this to make this work. You can just focus on your PS invitation in what you do. Imagine if you’re just sending out your content type of messages and then adding the PS, the soft offers here on a regular basis, if not every single day, every single time, every single thing that you send out or every single message.

In fact, let me tell you this because some of you may have staff. You might have virtual assistants, you might have actual staff. We’ve got about sixteen team members on our team. One of the people that is on our team is Keish. She helps manage our show at the time of the segment. Every message that comes in, number one, she has a programmed message. When someone sends her a message, it sends a bounce-back message, “We acknowledge and receive this message. We’ll be back in contact with you.” In the message is the invitation-only method. Every time she sends a message and every time any of our staff sends a message, it’s got the by invitation only message. Imagine if not only you were sending it, but your staff who are sending it, how would that make an impact? It doesn’t take 1.5 million users for most businesses to be successful. It doesn’t take 30 million.

How would it impact you if you just got a couple? This approach works and it can work for you. Let me give you a couple of steps that you can take with this. Number one is sending out daily messages. Number two put a PS and make invitations. You can come back to this segment, model some of those images model, some of those things that you can put in place for you. I hope that’s helpful and think about it. How would it impact you putting these in place? Number one, it could probably have the ability to get more clients to boost your cashflow. These things take minutes. A, you can go out and put 1,000 posts on social media and cross your fingers and hope someone comes to you. B, you can put 5 to 10 minutes times two with two strategies. It puts you in a position where you’re attracting two new clients a week as a result of what we’re talking about.

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Ideally, this also gives you the ability to have a much bigger impact as you go day-to-day. I encourage you to take action with what we’ve shared with you. Number one, transform your social media header like we showed you. Number two, take the by invitation only approach, ideally put it in place daily. This is just a small sampling of some of the hundreds of different strategies where we help people get more clients, grow their business with far less stress. Focus on the needle movers, the dominoes that move the dial for us in our business. If you’d like help, maybe you’re at a place where you’d like to get a steady flow of business or maybe you’re looking to put new strategies in place. You realize things have shifted and now it’s time for you and you feel like you’re called to do something bigger, let’s take the first step. We’ve got a very unique process that we incorporate unlike anything and probably unavailable anywhere else in the world the way we deliver it. We call it our B3X Business 360 Assessment. We evaluate 127 data points to pinpoint your decelerators, what isn’t working and identify the accelerator.

We have had many people tell us that that assessment gave them far greater crystal clarity than most programs they’ve ever been in. We’ve had people tell us they spent an invested thousands of dollars in courses. This three-minute assessment, evaluating and assessing 127 data points gave them more clarity, confidence, and direction than a lot of courses they’ve been a part of. On top of that, when you do this, we’re going to also invite you to have a conversation so we can talk to you and talk through your assessment and give you, identify where you are, where you want to go. We’ll give you some options of how you can maximize your accelerators to get your next big breakthrough. If you’d like to take advantage of that, it’s simple. There’s a link on the page here that you can go to. You can go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com to take the first step and ideally get on the path to making this your best twelve months ever.

There’s no reason to be doing things that are not productive. It’s time to put the needle movers in place. Put that focus. What happens when you put focus into a needle mover? It creates exponential growth. We’d love to show you how to put that in place for you. You can take the first step at BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. If you know another founder or CEO or business owners that would love to put themselves in a position to generate two simple strategies. If they want to take a few minutes to get two new clients ideally every week moving forward, make sure to forward this to them, share it with them. For most small business owners under $50 million a year, this will transform their business in a very simple way. That’s it for now. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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PS: As we’re heading into a period of change in advertising and economy shifts, if you know of someone who is looking for effective strategies, here are 3 ways we can help.

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