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Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur, business advisor, and author. He currently runs Breakthrough3x, a company that helps founders and entrepreneurs triple their profits and impact without multiplying their workload and their stress.

Dan has owned 11 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Three ways Dan Kuschell can help you have a greater impact with your business
  • The valuable lesson Dan learned from one of his biggest professional pitfalls
  • The questions you should be asking to achieve transformation and exponential growth
  • Dan shares the major mistakes that entrepreneurs make with their businesses
  • What would it take to double your business right now?
  • Dan’s tried-and-true strategies for creating a perfect client blueprint
  • Keys to designing an irresistible offer—and examples of entrepreneurs who have done just that
  • Dan explains how to use his 100-lead-per-day “campfire method” on Facebook
  • The power of education-based events for marketing and conversion opportunities
  • Where to take advantage of Dan’s free 360-degree business assessment

In this episode…

Have you been pouring money into your advertising and marketing strategies without seeing a return on investment? Are you stressed out about your bottom line? Most importantly: are you ready to change all of that?

Dan Kuschell has three tried-and-true strategies for generating a steady flow of clients without the typical headaches, stress, or high costs involved with advertising. With his various tactics—from creating an irresistible offer to building high-converting webinars—you can start accelerating your business and making a greater impact today. So, what are you waiting for?

In this episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell shares an excerpt from his new presentation for the Tribe For Leaders. In this presentation, he shares his three strategies for generating 39 clients in just 30 days—without the high costs and stress that usually comes with advertising. Keep listening to learn how Dan can help you maximize your efforts, increase your profits, and have a bigger impact today.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to growthtofreedom.com, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation. And leadership, we’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you can go out and get more sales, more growth, more profits, and more importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger impact, a bigger reach and make a bigger contribution. Is that what you want? If that’s what you want, you are going to love this segment of our show today, which is an excerpt from a special mastermind program called Tribe For Leaders run by my good friend, Kevin Thompson, and Jewels Duncan. They asked me to speak to their group, a group that people invest 10s of 1000s of dollars a year and more to participate in. And they asked me, they said, Dan, could you share some of the strategies that are working right now today, with your clients? And I said, Well, of course I will. And so we put together this very special presentation called Three Steps to Get 39 Clients in 30 Days, you know, without costing you a penny in advertising, without risking a lot of money. And without the typical tech, headaches, and high costs. Anyway, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, I think you’re going to love this segment that we’re going to share with you here right now. And if you want to come back to this episode, you can do that at growthtofreedom.com/304 that’s growthtofreedom.com/304. If you never want to miss an episode, you can go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, and let me ask you this, are you looking for a way to get a steady flow of new clients, right without costing you money on advertising, without, you know, typical headaches, or maybe you’re sick and tired of riding the roller coaster, maybe you’ve hit a plateau or maybe you’ve been advertising, but it’s costing you, you know, 2, 3, 4 times as much today as it did just a few months ago? Well, if you’re looking for a way to be able to get growth, you know, many times doubling and tripling growth, we’ve got a few ways that we can help you number one, we can help you with our two day workshop. Number two, we’ve got a way where we can work together side by side for 24 weeks to help you accelerate the growth in your business. And number three, if your businesses over a million and a half dollars a year in revenue, and you’re looking to double or triple your growth, we’ve got a private one on one program that we can help you too. All of that being said, if you’re looking for a way to get a steady flow of daily clients, right, let’s have a conversation and see where we can help you see if we can help you connect the dots, see the blind spots, get unstuck, to go out there and have a bigger impact. If you want to do that. Take us up on our free consultation. We also give you our business assessment, it’s a 360 degree assessment of your business, you can do that for free by going to breakthroughstrategycall.com, that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com. Anyway, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, check out what we had to share on getting, you know putting the three steps to get 39 clients in 30 days in place for your business, enjoy.

Kevin Thompson 3:35

Well welcome, everybody. And it’s good to see everybody again. And I’ll tell you, I am really excited for those of you who do not know who Dan Kuschell is. I am excited to introduce you to Dan today. And he’s going to be sharing with us. For those of you who do know, Dan, you know that this is going to be good stuff. I’m going to try to talk here while also letting people into the room. But well, Jewels, let me I know you had a couple of things you wanted to cover before we get going here. And so let me turn it over to you. And then I’ll just continue to let people in with us.

Jewels Duncan 4:10

Yes, well, Hello, everybody. Welcome to our latest TFL legend series. We are so excited to have Dan share with you today. I mean Dan is just such a resource or a so much greatness when it comes to marketing. I literally when I introduce him call him the godfather of marketing because he has so many answers and just the sophistication of the way he thinks so we are in for a special treat today. And I know there’s gonna be insights and things that we can find from the way Dan sees the world that will be very impactful for your businesses. And for now that’s Kevin, that’s all I wanted to connect on. And you know, let’s back to you.

Kevin Thompson 4:49

Alright. Well, like I said, we get the pleasure of hearing from Dan Kuschell today and I just want to kind of set the stage for this because I first met Dan, back in 2007, Joe Polish, who has a mutual friend of both of ours, Joe and invited my wife and I to go to Hawaii for a week, a group of people were getting together over there. And, and that was also the very first year that Joe had started the Genius Networking group. And I was not yet a part of that group. I had known Joe for a while I first met Joe in 99, when I had a carpet cleaning and restoration business, and I had sold that business and I was kind of, you know, starting to the new information business that I was in and the training business and we were going in that direction by this point. And Joe just invited me over, he was getting together with some people I know, Joe Sugarman was there, Tim Ferriss was there, a few other people and Dan, I got to meet Dan there, him and Dean Graziosi, and Dan had his family there. So we didn’t get to talk a whole lot. But the next year, in 2008, I joined Genius Network and my business that in fact, 2008 was the first year that that business would break a million dollars in gross sales, and but I was still really up and coming. And, you know, to invest $25,000, in a mastermind at that point, for me that that was a big stretch. And it wasn’t because they were Joe, you know, it wasn’t like you make monthly payments or anything, it’s just like, send him a check for 25,000. And I watched the the reserves in my account at the time go from, you know, having a nice chunk to now all of a sudden going down considerably. And we did have recurring revenue coming in every month. So it wasn’t, you know, I it wasn’t a huge deal. But it was still just kind of I was just like, wow, you know, okay, I hope this is a good investment. And I, and just, you know, I known Joe for quite some time I’d invested in him before, every time I invested in Joe, it was always a great experience. I always got a big ROI on that. But you know what, this was still something new for me. And so going to that very first Genius Network meeting in 2008. The first thing they just really stood out for me, there was probably I don’t know, 25 people are so there. And hearing all of their stories, I was just like, wow, I mean, look at the amazing people in this room. And that evening, we had gone out for dinner at this sushi restaurant. And I ended up sitting next to them. And we got to talk and and stuff and, and he would just like, you know, ask me questions about you know, what I do. And you know, what motivates me to do what I do and all that kind of stuff. We’re just getting to know each other. And one of the things I did tell him was my you know, my concern about you know what, I’ve never invested $25,000 at one time in a mastermind before, I think this is a really big step for me. And as I can tell this is going to be good. But I’m just saying, you know, as I was still just expressing my I don’t know, but it was reservation or maybe just like fear the unknown kind of thing. And before we finished dinner that night, I then was like you don’t like him, I really like you. I like what you do. And I, I you know, based on what you’ve shared with me, I see some opportunity for us to do some really awesome stuff together and impact a lot of lives. And you know what, we should do some stuff together, because we’ll just get that investment right back in your bank account. And that way, you can just spend the rest of the year and just enjoy being in Genius Network and not have to worry about that. I’m like, Wow, that sounds really good to me. And so over the next couple of months, Dan and I worked on a couple projects together. And he had it totally paid because almost all of that 25,000 was right back in my bank account. And I would just take a look at how easy that was just because Dan and I made this connection. And you know, that really set the stage for my whole experience in Genius Network, because I’ve been in that group for years. And all because I met Dan. And, you know, the following spring, Dan had called me and invited me to come to his office because I was coming down there for another Genius Network meeting. And he was like, Hey, why don’t you come in a day early? And he’s like, because I’d like to have you come over. I’d like to take you on a tour of our facility and just kind of introduce you to faults and all that and I’m like, Okay, that sounds good. So we flew in a day early. My wife took me over there and dropped me off at Dan’s office. And I met Dan and his office and we sat and talked for a little bit. He’s like, Well, come on, let me take him a tour around. And he had this big facility. I don’t remember how many employees you had at that time didn’t really what was it? It was about 160 170 employees. I know we have about 175 Okay. So he’s taken me around to all these different departments and introduced him to me and people along the way and explained, this is what we do here. And this is what we do here. And, and we probably spent, I don’t know, probably about an hour and a half, two hours going around this whole facility, and he’s introducing me to everybody. We’re having conversations. And I’m just like, I’m, like, really impressed with this. And I, we get back to Dan’s office, and then asked me, he’s like, Can you say, So? What did you think of that? And I’m like, you know what, Dan, I said, I am really, really impressed with what you put together. But for me, the thought of my head, my thought of me putting something together, like you’ve done that makes my head hurt. And I was like, because I just find this little business out of my home. And like, that was like, so far beyond anything that I had ever seen before. As far as you know, somebody using the internet and all that, and it just, it just absolutely blew me away. And so, you know, over the years, I’ve got to know, Dan, really well. And, you know, Jewels refers to Dan as the Godfather of Internet Marketing. And he has got so much experience in this area and serve so many other companies and helping them in this area, that when we asked him to be able to share of his expertise with us today, and he graciously agreed, I was just really excited for that. And you all are in for a real experience right now. And so with that, Dan, I’m going to go ahead, and I’m going to turn it over to you to share with everybody today.

Dan Kuschell 11:37

Thanks, Kevin. And amazing. And how many of you guys are getting a ton of value from TFL here and not get a show of hands? Right? I know they’ve introduced us or re and reconnected us to a couple people, we’ve gotten a couple of clients out of it. So I will share with you if you just stay connected. You are in for a lot of things. We’ll talk about write this down really quick ROI cubed, ROI cubed, that I’m going to cover what that means. Now before I get to that, which we will shortly, you’re probably wondering, why am I wearing this mask? Well, some of you will recognize the headline of what I’m going to say next, I’m wearing this mask for how many reasons, two reasons one to get your attention. The other is this mask has everything to do with you and your business, which will become very clear in just a few minutes. Now. I’m going to dive in I asked Kevin, Hey, what what is it that members want to know? And so several members Stephanie, David, Jeff, Caitlin, Jason, Wally, Christine and Sharon sent in some stuff. And there were common themes, you know, getting clients on a regular basis trying to decide what to do first, I got too many ideas systemising my sales and lead process on the front end. So I could stay out of the business, right? Get out of the day to day access seven and eight figure clients who don’t click on ads. We’re trapped in waiting for how many of you struggle with some of these things by show of hands or type? Yes, in the chat window. Right. So if that’s the case, I think you’re going to love what we’ve put together here in this nine hour presentation. That’s just here’s a key question, how do you take 30 years and condense it into about 30 minutes. So I’m going to do my best to do that. A couple of things, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, I have a tendency to talk fast on top of that I’ve got a mask on, which may not make it as easy as possible. So we’re gonna just make make this as fun as we can. So I want to introduce you today to the three steps to get 39 clients in 30 days. Right, I’m going to introduce you to the perfect what we call the perfect client blueprint to get new clients daily. In other words, your operating system for revenue sales and marketing. Right, we’re going to talk about what’s working today, not a year ago, not six months ago, what’s been working in the last three months for our clients, and what will work for you. Today, you’re going to discover a few things like how to fill your pipeline and calendar with high value premium clients who are pre sold on working with you, how to position yourself as the go to authority and expert in your industry, you’re going to understand the core authority model to get your perfect clients for less than one to three cents, the unique lead model to identify and attract your perfect clients for as little as $1, the education based model that gets your clients to buy from you instead of having to be sold. And do that every day repeatedly, like clockwork and a whole lot more. This is for you. If at some level, maybe you’re a little frustrated with all the changes that are going on, it’s costing you more money on advertising, maybe you feel like you’re the world’s best kept secret. Or you want a system for generating a steady flow of new clients daily without risking money on advertising and without it being on your efforts. Like Wouldn’t it be great to have Have a Rainmaker or a couple rainmakers or a system to bring more clients to you. Or you know, deep down, like, in your soul, that you’re incredibly talented that you’re incredibly good at what you do. And you can help your clients If only you could get more of them through the front door. Right? Why is this important? Well, you know, how many of us know people are good work, good people, hard working people talented, but are still struggling? Right. So why this is important is the strategies we’re going to cover with you today will help transform your business will get you in a place where you can get out of the day to day help more people. And also I’ve got a shameless self promotion, I’m on a mission, I want to help 1000 more entrepreneurs add seven figures or more to their business over the next three years or less. So I want to dive right into it. If that’s okay, by the way, if we covered these things today, how many would get a lot of value from this segment in the next 30 to 40 minutes? Can you type Yes, in the chat window, just so I know I’m on the right track. That would be awesome. Now, here’s a quick question. You might be wondering, is he going to try to sell us something? Or what’s he going to sell or anything? Here’s what you can know. The only thing I have to sell is you and your bigger future. That’s it, you and your bigger future. So take some notes. We’re going to open it up to q&a at the end. So ideally, you’ll stick around I want to be as involved and engaged and answer any questions, you’ve got to help some of you solve the riddle around some of this stuff that’s going on. Now. A couple weeks ago, we hosted a two way workshop, you might you might recognize this guy, right. Brandon, say hi to everybody. So Brandon was in a two day workshop. And he said, Hey, Dan, what are the biggest mistakes or the mistakes that you see people making in their business? And at the time, I gave him one, but as I thought, Brandon, that was a really deep question, I thought about it at a much, much deeper level, I’ve identified six major mistakes that most founder CEOs, business owners are making, maybe you maybe you’ve gotten out, I’ll pass this or out front of it. But I really want to address those because once you get clarity on these things, you can solve it. We’re gonna walk you through solving it as well. But I want to point these out. But before I do, I really want to share with you one of my big mistakes that I hope that you learn from, and it ties with this mask. See, I’m wearing this mask for a couple reasons here. You know, this mask number one, it quite, you know, quite frankly, symbolizes where we’re at in our world today. With everything that’s gone on over the last nine months, it symbolizes that we all at times, have a tendency to put a mask on. For me in the last six to nine months with everything that’s changed, I have to share. I’ve had a rollercoaster of feelings. That started when I was at Disney World speaking and event with one of my clients on March 12. And basically the whole world started to shut down. And feelings of conspiracy and being lonely and cautious and isolated. My family has health issues and the repercussions from my mom and dad and then my wife’s mom and dad. And then being How do you be productive in times like this or innovative or empowered? Right. And so here’s something I really want to ask you to do right now. I want you to write this question, what is freedom to you? What is freedom to you? And I want you to take 20 seconds to write a couple key words or you know, depending on your style of, you know, pulling out resourceful information or actionable things, you know, meditate on it or write it out.

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Unknown Speaker 18:41

What do you want for dinner?

Dan Kuschell 18:45

What What is it? Hey,

Unknown Speaker 18:46

I’m gonna get a salmon and Okay,

Dan Kuschell 18:50

awesome. Can you hear me? Can you mute yourself

Unknown Speaker 18:53

from the fuel or around the corner? Yeah, I’ve been eating that night. I saw myself in the store window today.

Dan Kuschell 19:02

And somebody mute that person. We got it down. All right, perfect.

Unknown Speaker 19:09

I’ll take a salmon as well.

Dan Kuschell 19:11

Thank ya. Let’s order salmon. So that’s great freedom right there where we can all just order salmon on her credit card. Anyway. So what is freedom to you? Right? What is freedom to you? Right now, before we get to that, right, I want to share just a quick story. Early in my business, where I was definitely wearing a mask. I was four to five years in the business. I had a lot of rollercoasters ups and downs, I have a great month or two or three followed by a couple really bad months and then it was up and down and up and down and up, up and down. And I remember there was a point that it was so up and down for a series of years that I was ready to walk away from my business and one of the mentors I was working with her name was Lori, I ended up going to an event she was speaking out. And it was in Louisville, Kentucky. And I showed up at the event primarily, the only reason I went to the event was to talk to her privately and say, you know, hey, I think I’m going to walk away from my business. And I remember it, because, you know, I waited until the event was over. I said, Lori, can I meet with you? She said, Yes. So she said, Come up to my room. And next time, I go up to her room, go through the elevator, and I’m sweating. And I’m nervous. And I’m this 27 year old kid, and I’m like, What am I going to say? How am I going to say it, and I knock on the door, and I’ll never forget it because she had a phone in her hand, and she came to the door. And I knock, she opened the door. And she says, Come on in. And she shut the door behind me. And she says, hey, I’ve got to go. We’ve got one of our top leaders in the company here that I need to meet with. And I believe it was her boyfriend she was talking about when I hit a timeout here, because at that time, here I was I was insecure. I was not confident I was incredibly self conscious. I felt like a failure, I was in complete doubt of my own capabilities, talents and ability. And in 30 seconds or less, she completely reset my thinking of myself by saying the words of one of the top leaders in our company. And here I need to meet with I’ve got to go. And immediately she hung up. And I share that with you for a couple reasons. One is the words you say to your team, the words you say to yourself, the words that you convey to your clients, to your stakeholders, to your advocates, that may mean something more than meets the eye sometimes. And I remember because Lori, after that we started this guy said, Hey, Lori, and I was kind of breaking down and crackling in my voice. You know, I hate to say this, but I, I think I’m gonna have to walk away from my business. And she’s like, well, what if what if you came to Clearwater, and we work together for a minute. And I got a chance to help help you fix some of the things that may not be working. Because as I see it, you’re one of the best in our industry. And again, I was just blown away. I was shocked. And I didn’t even know what to say except she said, Can you get to Clearwater in a couple of weeks. And I was like, Yeah, I didn’t know how I was going to get there long. And the short of it is I came back. And this is really critical that I hope you will take because I can share all the strategies in the world, I can share all the principles in the world. But I feel that if we don’t have a good foundation, if we don’t have the right grounding beforehand, eventually, a weak foundation will the house will crumble, the cards will fall down. And how many times have you seen it that somebody was on top of the world and their business shattered and crumble? Partially because their foundation was probably not right. And yes, I’m going to go into strategies and I’m going to go into some tactics. I’m gonna give you blueprints, and I’m going to give you case studies. I’m a little you everything I can in 30 to 40 minutes to give you everything I’ve got from here. And what we’ve learned what’s work, what’s not. But I challenge you go beyond your business go beyond tactics go beyond strategies. And so when I came back from that meeting in Louisville, I drove back to where I was at in Nashville, Tennessee. And I was like, Oh my god, I’m gonna go work with Lori. And I can’t go be in the same person I been. Now by the way up to this point. I’ve been to probably at least 100 seminars, personal development and spent a lot of money at that point, hundreds of 1000s now up in the millions. And I was like, I got to do something different. And I don’t know where I learned it. I know I didn’t invent it. But I believe I took it from like 12 places and then simplified it because I’m a pretty simple person. I came back and I started really committing to journaling. And I started focusing on three questions only at the time, because for me, if it ends up being long, I’m not doing it takes longer than a few minutes. I’m not doing it. And what ended up happening, they focused on three critical questions. And I’ve shared these three questions now with 10s of 1000s of people and the change in people the transformation, the breakthrough that people go through. If they do this for a couple weeks or so. Share it with their family, share it with their kids share it with their teams, is priceless. priceless. So I want to share this gift with you. The first question is What am I grateful for right now. Now a lot of you probably do a gratitude exercise of some kind. But when you force yourself every day, twice a day to put by the 10 things you’re grateful for down in writing on a notebook in paper or in print twice a day for a month, you’d be amazed at what starts to change or transform. Second question, what am I happy about right now. Now personally, I have a tendency to sometimes be a little sarcastic and be a little bit more half empty than half full a perfectionist mindset. I don’t know if you can relate to that. So it’s not always easy to find the things of happiness and satisfaction. or other words for me, I would say back then was not being present and enjoying the moment. But when you force yourself to come up with 10 things you’re happy about twice a day for a month or more, you’d be amazed at how life changes. The third one is, what have I done well, today? What am I done well, today. Now again, if you’re anything like myself, maybe you’re a type A, maybe you’re perfectionist nature, you can be hard on yourself, if not the hardest person on yourself in the world. And when you do this twice a day, it’s amazing how things start to open up and you start to connect. And so I did this, it was about two and a half weeks, from the time I got back from that meeting in Louisville did that process for two and a half weeks before I drove and got to Clearwater. And I swear I was doing all the same stuff business wise. However, my business grew within a couple months by double multiplied by five times within another six months. And I don’t I can’t claim that it was those three questions, but I can share with you do doing it without those three questions for years got me in a place where it was a constant roller coaster, then doing the questions, and I never wanted to forget it. And I’ve been doing this process since consistently, it’s something we asked my kids at dinner, asked my wife before we go to bed. Right, we now rotate the questions as well to add some flavor to it. But that was a turning point and a catalyst to probably leading to in all of my businesses since over $100 million and experience. And Jewels asked me in the training, she says, you know, why are you doing this, when I worked with Lori, she says, you know, I’m going to work with you. And I hope that you’ll just commit to be able to share these strategies that you ever learned with one other person to give them a gift. And it’s my goal to pay it forward, one person at a time. And so today, I want to challenge you as we go through these strategies, and we go through these ideas and concepts that we’re going to cover these three main steps more important, I want to give you a gift of freedom today. And I encourage you, whatever your definition is of freedom, I hope that it includes some version of this, the freedom to be yourself, the greatest gift in the world, to be able to do what you want to do with who you want to do it with when so that you can make a bigger impact, a bigger reach out and make a bigger difference. And that I hope that all of us agree to strip off our mass in this community to be open, to reach out to ask for help. To say you know what, if you’ve got to give, make sure to commit to go share that with somebody else. It’s like gold, you can throw a gold brick out there. For most people, they might let it sail over their head that you run into your potential clients might potential clients. And that’s okay for others, though. They’ll catch it and grab it for a second and then fumble it. Probably like most things they do, they come their way. And then there’s the rare few when you throw out your gold gifts to them. The way you can help them the way you can transform their world, they’ll grab it, they’ll cherish it, and they’ll actually become a champion and advocate with and for you to help you make a bigger difference. Now, by the way, who’s with me on this little journey we’re going to take over the next 30 minutes, can I either get your hand up or yes in the chat window. So let’s dive into the six common mistakes that I have assessed that most people are making in their business. First is focusing on tactics not on principle based strategies. Things that are timeless, are more important than timely. Now the truth is you merge the two but so many people are getting caught up on magic red buttons and you know, blue order buttons and this and that and not focused on the things that really matter. for the long term. We’re going to help make sure you’re on the right track with that today. But another mistake the offer is good but not great. We all know the enemy of excellence is what is good. We’ve got to make our offers irresistible and make an irresistible offer. We’ll talk about that today lack authority. Another big mistake, lack of authority. Lots of people have bought into this I believe a traditional old school method that’s outdated and it doesn’t work today. We’ve all heard probably to get people to buy from us they must like us and trust us well if you’re a people pleaser, which I don’t want to put words in anybody’s mouth. I know that I had that tendency for years and years. And I built my models based on my DNA of trying to get people to like me and trust me and it costs me a lot of money. I’ve since discovered, I believe a new way, a nuance to the way that I believe is a slightly better way for most people, especially people pleasers, which is not about like and trust, it’s about trust, and respect. and building a model around that can change the game for you, especially if it hasn’t worked till up till now. Mistake number five. I’m sorry for lacking a model that moves people through the journey with what’s called ROI three, ROI cubed, ROI return on investment, most of us have that one that’s surface level. But what if you focused on the return on interaction at every point in your journey process, or the return on implementation, or the lack of it. So I encourage you to look at the journey as those that three fold almost a three dimensional model, right? return on investment, repeat those three I’s for me, you got return on investment, return on interaction, and return on implementation.

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When you get this power triangle together, it’s amazing what will happen in your business and how it will shift. Big Mistake number five, automation and tech just might be getting in the way of you making money. I see this happening a lot. So many people are fascinated by automating my business, getting all the text automated, and they’re automating themselves right out of business. It’s, it’s frustrating. Let’s not let that happen to you. And lastly, lacking an operating system for revenue, marketing and sales, what’s your operating system look like? Right? Too many times we come in like one of the number one reason that businesses fail according to the Small Business Administration, they back when they did this in 2017 43%, because they don’t even have a marketing plan blueprint. It’s amazing. We ask people what kind of a marketing plan blueprint Do you have. And over 99%, even some of the highest level people in the world said I don’t have one, or it hasn’t been updated in years. An operating system for revenue marketing and sales, we’re going to help solve that. Now, for some of you that we don’t know each other just real quick. This is just going to be the quickest intro you’ve ever heard, which is I’m number one, a husband, one a dad, and then everything else. So I’m the founder of our company Breakthrough3X, author four best selling books, our podcast Growth to Freedom is one of the top shows available. I’ve had over 250,000 clients, over 2.1 million people gotten involved in our free resources, online education. I’ve helped founders and CEOs from 180 industries in 11 countries. I’ve been blessed to partner and work with and have clients where there are some of the biggest names in the world, that guy in the top left, most of you probably don’t even know, his little company was called ESPN before he sold it, was a coaching client, Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, Verne Harnish, Daniel Marcos, Janet Attwood, and on and on. But here’s the thing I know Kevin shared some nice things. Here’s what you should know, I wasn’t always successful, and especially not online. I actually started in direct mail in the late 1980s, with direct mail, TV and radio, and then that parlayed into the fascination with the internet, right. So if you’ve ever been in a place where you’ve struggled with the online thing, or just the new way of marketing today, are suffering from some sense of anxiety or feel like you’re like the world’s best kept secret, bear with me. Because for me, I went through multiple attempts over six to nine months, where I was failing miserably. I questioned whether I was good enough, I felt defeated, I was ready to give up, I was completely burnt out. I was tired of it all being on me, right all the way to, you know, generating business and clients at about 20 employees and one of my companies. And I felt like the weight of the world was on me, especially as it related to the staff and then also being able to provide for my family. And there came a point. And I don’t know if this is an exercise, maybe you adopt, but every 30 to 90 days, for almost 15 to 20 years now I’ve been sitting down and I’ll go What does it take to double our business? Right now? Great question to just ask put that framework, what does it take to double our business right now? And I remember sitting down like it was yesterday when I went through this process, and I was like what is it going to take to debate about 20 employees in my company at the time and I started sweating. And I started getting nauseous and getting shortness of breath as I was writing down my solution, one of the solutions why because the thought of doubling my staff going from 20 employees to 40 employees completely flipped me out completely. And then there was this online thing that I was dabbling in and trying and you know, it spent month after month after month after month after month for nine plus six to nine months where I just hitting a wall and just couldn’t get the dang thing to convert. I don’t know if you’ve been there. At the time. I was also building out our assets in our business. And one of the things we had a lot of clients that we are generating per week, per month per day. But it wasn’t wasn’t enough. And there was another revenue stream I wanted to build. It was a recurring revenue stream, which Kevin talked about in his midst. I wanted a revenue stream. And I was like, Okay, we’ll build a newsletter. We’ve got distribution, we’ve got clients, well, how can we do a newsletter and I started looking at the idea I was gonna write it, but I needed a new job like writing a newsletter, like I needed a damn hole in my head. I don’t know if you can relate to that. So a friend of mine, Joshua, flew into town and he had a newsletter, you probably heard of it called the Two Comma Club. Yes, he was the original owner before he sold it to Russell. Joshua on this newsletter called the Two Comma Club. And he had flown in, we met at a hotel in Phoenix called the Hilton, we sat down, we talked about the idea. I said, hey, I’ve got 1000s of clients we’re generating, you know, like, 100, about a week or so it’s probably going to grow. Why don’t we partner together, and we’ll do a rev share on this. And we both can win. Plus, you’ve got over two years already pre written, that’d be amazing. And so we did. And the beauty though, we didn’t just talk about an idea like that day in the hotel, not only did we agree to the terms, but then we built the damn thing. We built the site, we bought the thing, and we launched it, we got a few clients, and Joshua was stoked, I was stoked. And he asked me a question, I hope all of you adapt in your business moving forward, which transformed my life. And I don’t even think he knows the, the the power of what that happened, because it’s just something now I just like to do every day. And I hope you do to see if you’ll commit to ask five people a day that you run into, or have the potential to work with and just ask them, what’s the number one thing you need the most help with right now. And look to become a resource for them to solve those problems. If you do that five a day for the next year, your business will more than triple. If you focus on it, and likely are talking to the people who you can help solve some of their problems. Right. Here’s the reality. Josh asked that question. I said, Well, you know, I’ve been working on this thing for six to nine months, and I haven’t, I’ve hit a wall, man. I’m frustrated. I’m pissed. put it bluntly. I just haven’t been able to crack it. Would you take a look at he said, Sure. Give me your stuff. So he gets on the plane, he flies off, goes to Florida. A couple days later, he calls me I’ve got good news. Bad news. He goes, What do you want? First, I said give me the bad news. I can’t work with what this is. We’d have to start it from scratch. The good news. I love everything you’re doing. This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen. Would you allow me to help you? And Joshua, you ever team up with somebody where they can pull out your wisdom and pull out your you know, talent and ability? Maybe unlike Anybody else? Your chemistry is good, they get you? Right? They can say the things that you were wanting to say, and they help you say it better. That’s what Joshua did. For us, for me. And we launched and that was the day when I let go which by the way, if you’re a hard charging entrepreneur, what’s the number one the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do? Let go, let go of their ideas, let go of their stuff for me. You know, Pedro’s Kilian has a great quote, he says my, my ego is not my amigo. And for me, that was a really painstaking thing to even just think of letting go. But we launched in 90 days later, we were generating more sales online that our entire team of 20 reps that continued and before we knew it, we were generating over 300 coaching clients a week. We then added more programs, we grew that to over 1000 clients per week. And we grew that recurring revenue model up over 5000 subscribers that we’re paying per month, which was amazing. And here’s what made the difference. And I encourage you to jot some of these things down or take a picture of this. And, like if you focus on these things is amazing what will happen, we created an irresistible offer. Oh, by the way, we’re going to give you some ways to think about making your offer better. If we were positioned as an authority, I want to walk you through one of many strategies that you’ll be able to do that today, we learned how to build a list, I want to show you some samples of things that are converting high so you can get them in place if you want to. We had a conversion model that brought us clients daily. We had a follow up system to communicate, communicate and convert clients and for me, I felt like I got a second chance. It gave me like that wind in the sails if you want to call it that. And I went to work. And we got a chance not only to build our company, but then we were asked to help other experts. I got a chance to work with this crazy cat named Tillman. I don’t know if you know him, if not, no big deal. But tell him you know we at the time teleseminars were there kind of up and coming. We did a teleseminar together. They’re now called webinars. We did over $95,000 in revenue in 21 days, and then we decided, oh, that’s a good fit. Let’s keep working together and it resulted in many seven figures for Tillman and his business as a result, and I got to work with people like Joe Polish, we help triple his company in a couple years 12 times the profits. One of the campaigns that we helped support was this online model where we generate over $350,000 in business in 17 days. And sometimes it can feel like this a magic trick, right? We see other people getting success or other people getting results. Here’s my goal for today, I want to take you and show you the magic trick. I don’t want to just talk about it. I don’t want to just, you know, kind of give you a little teaser. I want to show you if that’s all right, I believe in the show and tell method as best as we can. And again, for sake of time, we’ll cover as much as we can, that resulted in helping over 200,000 clients, we grew a company up over 500,000 a week, been able to do some amazing things with some amazing people, sell not one but two companies. And now people come to us going Hey, Dan, Hey, would you mind helping us with that? Right? So now in the last few years, I’ve doubled down on this idea of this perfect client blueprint, this operating system for revenue, marketing and sales and been quietly helping people around the globe, all focused on these three main steps, right? And you might be wondering, well, how’s this working and COVID? Right? Frankly, we’ve got a lot of clients crushing it, we’ll talk about that like, and we got a chance to work with all kinds of neat people. I know Dr. Cristy Lopez has been someone who’s been important in my life, as a coach and an advisor. And I remember sitting down with her, she says, you know, I’m tired of doing one on one stuff, just enough and she’s like, she’s kind of a celebrity, she gets called by Dr. Phil, she gets called by shows like downsized to go on and be this like celebrity expert to show up and give advice and has a nice business. But she’s like, I just am sick and tired of one. And like we both grew up with some of the things that we do some of the things we’re going to talk about here today. And she’s been able to set herself up where she’s doing much more one to many stuff and working with clients and groups and freeing your time up and traveling more with her husband and now has another side business they just started, right, because they’re creative. So we’re going to help you get your perfect client blueprint in place despite the crazy world that we might be in right now. So there’s three steps. So step number one we’re going to focus on is to get 10 times the results by getting your irresistible offer in place. Step number two is the 100 lead per day campfire method to position yourself as an authority for as little as $1 to $7 per lead. And step number three is three automated models to get 1000 leads and 100 sales per week. Now, how many of you’d like to learn those three steps? Can I get a yes, or a boom or a Shazam or whatever your word is in the in the chat window just to know that we’re on the right track? That would be cool. Awesome. All right. Let’s see those flow in. And thank you. So step number one, let’s roll into it. How to Get 10 times results by getting irresistible offer here’s something critical. We’ve got to step outside of our offer our product, our service, get inside their heart and then their head. And I’d encourage you again, take a picture write this down. Number one, what are they worried about? Like what keeps them up at night? And really tune in to what that is? And number two is what breakthrough outcome transformation experience do they desire? We call this an acronym boat, BOAT breakthrough outcome transformation experience? What do they want? And then lastly, what’s the dream come true solution? Do you can wave a magic wand? What would that dream come true solution be for your clients. If you start every campaign, every message, every interview, everything you do moving forward, and you start with this little blueprint, this mini blueprint before you then to go do the offer you go put out the message, you do the interview, you do a podcast, you do a webinar, it will transform the results that you get. Right. So my first irresistible offer kind of happened by accident. If you were a health club owner many years ago in 1992, I would have come to you and said Richard Brandon, Mary, Jewels, hey, if I could show you a way that we can help you get a couple 100 clients in your health club, and it won’t cost you anything upfront. And our company will actually run the ads on TV, radio and direct mail. And then we’ll split the profits would you want to know more? And we would make that presentation to 10 potential owners of clubs and we usually get six or seven that would say yes, they want to know more. Then we do a perform a pro proposal on the club to make sure that they were a fit, we’d narrow that down to about three or four. And usually we would enroll one or two that were right fit with what we do at some point maybe not today, but at some point down the road in the scheduling. So as I encourage you today, what is your irresistible offer? Right now you might go well, Dan, I’m not sure I have an irresistible offer. So I want to walk you through some keys to your irresistible offer some things we’ve learned along the way. Number one, find a way to position your irresistible offer with results in advance where you can. Number two, minimize the risk or make it completely no risk if you can write and some of you guys, some of you, I’m sure have heard of this guy, Dean Jackson. He’s the Buddha of marketing. And Dean describes this as cheese versus whiskers, right? If a mouse is going to go eat, they want cheese, that’s their, their desire, their big desire, right? The big benefit that they get, I want cheese, I want cheese, what do they want to avoid? They want to avoid the pain of running into whiskers, a cat and getting eaten. Right. So think of it in those terms. Another is the worst offer you can make is no offer at all from Joe. All right. Here’s a question I asked you. How many offers Have you made today? How many yesterday? How many this week? How many last week, how many in the last 30 days. Here’s a simple thing to focus on. You know, again, put simple focus. The more offers you make, the more you’ll make, make more offers, you’ll get greater results. I know it sounds simple. But so many people are so busy doing all this stuff. And instead of like, we know what makes creates the result the impact is making offers. So what would happen if you made more offers tomorrow? More offers next week, more offers next month? How would it transform your business? So here are a couple components of a great offer. Number one, we’ve got to get someone’s attention, don’t we? Right, we’ve got to get someone’s attention. Number two, we’ve got to build someone’s interest, and build their interest. Number three is create desire. Now some of you are already got it like oh, I’ve heard this before. Right? Lastly, we’ve got to have a call to action. Now you probably know this for me. And if you don’t know the formula, no big deal, because I also talked with Kevin and Jewels and they said there’s several people in the community who are really not, you know, they’re not experienced in marketing, which is why I built this part in here for them. This is called the AIDA formula, AIDA. Right. It’s been around for a long time. You may have heard it before. But here’s a question I have for you even for some of you savvy folks that have been around forever, and we know each other. Do you know who the Creator is? If you know who the Creator is? type it in the chat window and see if you know, real quick, I’m gonna take 10 seconds because also I want to go a little bit. All right. I don’t see anybody typing anything in the chat? Or did I miss it? All right. So the creator of that formula is this guy, Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898. Yes. So is this a timeless principle? Yes, focus on timeless principles, not just all these magic wonder buttons that a lot of these goofy experts, pseudo experts are really teaching out there in the marketplace. If it worked in 1898, it still works today, it’s going to work tomorrow to use it, apply it. So I’m going to show you some samples, I don’t just want to give you a strategy, I want to show you some real life example. Because you might be going Will this work in my industry or it doesn’t work in service business and my unpublishing if I sell furniture, will it work or anywhere in between. So I’m gonna just show you a couple samples this a Joe Polish had. Now a couple things that you should notice the headline your most thorough cleaning guards free notice on the far right, free carpet estimate free room and cleaning free bottle, he’s got the main offer on the far right side, which by the way, you might consider doing the same thing on your websites. Just saying next 100% ironclad risk free guarantee eliminates or minimizes the risk, consumer warning, how much risk is there call a free recorded message, right, which can be a website now and other things. In addition, he’s got a photo of a family that builds trust builds respect builds warmth, and then he’s got a testimonial success story in the middle with phone number on how to get started and what to do. Right. So what could you do to model something like this? Now again, that’s one example. Here’s another one book model. Right? This guy is probably sold more books in history, using direct marketing, both on TV online or combination, right? This was an example of dozens of different types of books he’s made available over the years. Get Your FREE hardcover copy of the new hot book, everyone’s raving about, Millionaire Success Habits and for crazy, awesome bonuses. And then when people donate, they donate some of that money to charity. I believe this book sold over a million copies when he made it available. Right? What could you do if you’ve got a book or you’ve got a course or you got to think that you could put something out like this to bring people into your world eliminate risks, deliver value and add value in advance. Here’s another nutrition like can this work in other industries nutraceuticals free plus shipping this company Organa phi up in the far right try it free and then now you can enjoy organifi green juice for free plus shipping. You wanted a faster way to take superfoods you want it in ease and now you can get it and then there’s the call to action. Oh, here’s another example furniture like who knew you Do this stuff with furniture you can turn a risk free offer or the perception of risk free offer as best as you can. With something like furniture. This was one my team found 100 nights in your home versus five minutes in a store. Skip the awkward five minute fully clothed try try at the mattress store with wooly, you get 100 day and night home mattress trial to make sure your purchase was the right purchase your 100 night mattress trial begins when it’s delivered. Right? So it’s comparing 100 nights. Notice the sleeping a little sub inventory subconscious selling here versus five minutes in a store, which is kind of you’re going to get sold here or you can just try it buy it here. All right. So what’s an irresistible offer you could create? Take a second take a couple seconds right now I want you to write down a couple key idea. Hopefully you’ve got some ideas popping through your mind popcorns popping a little bit? What’s a new irresistible offer you could make out there create out there. Right? What is it? What’s an irresistible offer you can create? One of our clients, Dr. Scot, you know, he was working with clients who are doctors, clinics. And in the early part of his business, he was serving people at a highly high level superior service and value. But for a low price about 500 a month. We kind of reshaped his entire offering structure and process and method using the strategies we’re talking about today. He went from serving 500 a month clients to now gets clients for 5000 a month plus performance percentages. And on top of that we even put a little campaign together one of the first tests we did he said this new offer generate over 95,000 in less than 14 days. And overall he feels that this concept to him and his business long term is worth millions. Now obviously I can’t say that it will be that for you. If you don’t apply it you’ll never know. But what I can say is what if it could? What if shifting your offer making son you know Richard Rossi shared a great example I might have this a little bit mixed up but in one of his tests that he did, and I hope he’s okay with me sharing a change one word in his copy. Change the word from invitation and nomination and 10 times the results. One word, what could that do for you? What could your new irresistible offer do for you? So what was the difference? Here is an irresistible offer. Here’s three things to know about your offer. Make it easy to say yes to your offer. Make it creative and innovative. Right, but simple. Make it playful and fun, and playful and fun. Right. So how would having a an up leveled, new updated irresistible offer in place in your business changed the game for you? Right? Maybe and I like putting tangible numbers like estimate the value financially. You got a new one, two or three irresistible offers? Because you might have multiple product or service lines, right? What would the financial impact be if you got a new up level, irresistible offer in place? What value would it have in your business? What might it mean, if you could double your pricing, got an example of that we’ll share in a little bit and in case study will show you right to be able to get more clients daily and weekly, and then have a system in place making that irresistible offer working for you. Now, are you guys learning some good stuff? You can even say it out loud By the way, as long as there’s not a bunch of background noise even just wanna holler out. Yes, I’m good with that. Are you guys got some good stuff here so far?

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This is great. Thank you.

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You’re welcome. Awesome. You’re awesome, Dan. Thank you. Thank you. All right, let’s go to step two, then. Step two is the 100 lead per day campfire method to position yourself as an authority and generate leads for as little as $1 to $7. Right. In addition, I want to show you how to be able to do this with our two favorite traffic sources, especially for some of you that are not like marketing savvy, maybe even resist marketing a little bit truth be told, it’s okay. We’re cool. We’re all in the same family and community here. Right? You know, maybe you don’t have experience in advertising. You’re not an expert in advertising, or what some called media buying. Totally cool. Here’s our two favorites, because they’re simple for normal everyday people to do, right or you can get help. And that’s Facebook and YouTube, Facebook and YouTube, YouTube’s kind of a hidden secret, right? But Facebook is easier to start testing to get a little bit of baseline numbers. And then you’ll find a lot of the top experts quietly are not talking about all the stuff they’re doing on YouTube yet. They will when. Well, there’s another reason for this is how we see a lot of people doing Facebook, but they put their face in the book, they’re kind of doing it wrong. So if you struggle with it, by the way, welcome to the party. Right? I want to show you some ways to leverage it in a much simpler way. Not only Facebook, but the concepts of authority building out this campfire method and a whole lot more. So let me talk about the campfire method. Just For a little bit, here’s why this is important. When I got started in this industry back in the late 1980s, when we would run TV ads, we knew exactly how much revenue we would get from those direct ads and there wasn’t this long chain. Right. And some of you have been around a while get it today, it’s different though, it’s like you have several links in a chain, it’s not one, one thing that ever creates a results, it’s blended. Like, you might have 10 links in a chain to get right to get it to work properly, that’s your new, you know, call it your operating system. Whereas in the old days, like how I view it is like if we were going to build a campfire, let’s say I had a fireplace, like right over here, right, I take this match, and I’d light it, strike it and I could throw it in the fireplace and we could catch a fire. That’s how it was back in the 80s, early 90s. And so on with this stuff today, it’s a little more complex to a degree. today. The way to do it, though, is this. And unfortunately, you’ve got a lot of experts that are leading you the wrong way because they’re still treating it like that. One action to create one results. It’s not that it’s a blended set. here’s here’s the new method, strike the match. You got some paper you light this thing, it starts a fire, you get a fire burning them, what do you do? You put some kindling on top, got some kindling on top, it’s burning, you put a little more kindling on top, then you get some branches on top of that now you got a fire going get some heat, get some heat. Now what do you do is you walk over there and get a log and you put the log on top. done right, this log will now burn for several hours or days depending on the type of log or whatever you got in the fireplace you have. Right. But that’s the new method today. I want to show you how to leverage that much easier than probably you’ve been led to believe. But here’s a couple other key consideration why this is important to you. The worst number is zero. If you’re just relying on your efforts as the founder of your company, if you’re just relying on referrals as your only source of revenue, and then the next worst is one, the worst number is one, right? Because what happens when your traffic sources dry up or referrals dry up or your you get a little burnout and want to take some time off, right? I don’t want to assume you know, I know I have gotten burnout and I needed to take some time off, right? If you don’t have the right operating system, even when it’s temporary, even a few days can impact you. But your business suffers or worse, it can go out of business. So I want to make sure we let this as part of our TFL community here is all working together to the best of our abilities that we this doesn’t happen to you. So there’s two parts to this step. So I’m talking about part one, build your campfire an audience with something called video views for pennies. for pennies. Now explain I’m going to walk you through I’m going to show you inside my account here in a second. So you can see this firsthand. Because there’s all kinds of people here some of you are very advanced, very sophisticated. Some of you are brand new, and some in the middle. I want to cover all kinds of ranges. But I would encourage you look at building your campfire with your audience with video views. You can do this both in Facebook, and you Facebook and YouTube. Now why do you want to do this you can build trust, respect, authority and goodwill in such an easy way. More on that in a second. You can do this for pennies per client. They’re highly targeted. Now when I got started, and I know Richard and some of us that have been doing this since like the 90s, early 90s leaving at or before. Like when we would run like when I would run TV ads. We created infomercials as running 30 minute infomercials, 100 and 22nd spots. Like we’d run these airings on cable stations like Spike TV. Right TNT back in the day all these sorts of things. And 95% of the people that would see our ad were not interested in our stuff at all. They were not targeted. They were not quiet. We were kind of throwing mud on the wall. Today, it’s so much easier. This is what another reason I geek out about this a bit. Why? Because we can go like age group male female, are they on mobile? Are they on desktop or both separate and isolate male and female interest group behavior group income group it’s so fascinating what you can do today. And for pennies, pennies I’m going to show you I’m going to show you here in a second. So for example, this is a pretty ugly flipping ad isn’t it? I anybody that looks at creative we go that’s a really ugly ad because it is but this is the ad that we ran we tested this part of this was for case studies like this just to see cuz I I am thoroughly convinced Richard share this on the last TFL meeting. He says I don’t know what works. I just put it out there and let the market tell us. I had no idea that this ugly flipping ad would work. Nor did I know that an 18 minute video, we’d get 95 plus percent people viewing it for less than like a buck or, like 80 cents or something insane. I had no idea this thing’s gotten hundreds of 1000s of views now because we cover it right? Right. This says want to know how to leverage major media ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen. So one of my past clients came out we did this interview together and we cut it into an 18 minute segment. We put it out to test. And if you cuz he’s old, he’s like in his 80s. But he’s a fascinating dude. He’s a fascinating cat with all this energy lives on the east coast. And at the time, we were talking about him throwing out the first pitch at Fenway, and, you know, celebrating X number of years with ESPN and all these sorts of things. And so we ran the ad. So I just want to show you this is inside of our ad account, or at least one of them in a segment. And we ran a series of different videos. Because if you’re new, you might be going well, of course, you can do it, you got a lot of money, you can do all this sorts of stuff. No, like, literally, I did this on purpose for new people. And we tested each of these videos that we’ve got showing here at $1 a day, Delaware a day. And over the course of X number of time, when we ran it, we got over 240,000 views in a couple months at $1 a day with these handful of videos. And you can see here, the video view was for as little as a penny, a penny a penny a penny on the one video that I just showed you was getting views. I don’t even know how this is even possible that it would be .004 cents per view is flippin amazing. You can do this starting like today, you could set up a video, put it out there. And by the way, the ads that don’t work like you there’s no connection, it’s not getting any movement or cost too much. You can just kill them, cut them, let them go. Low Risk, easy way to start. What is this do a builds authority builds credibility, you can do this in the beginning of your relationship. Remember, I talked about the journey ROI cubed, return on your interaction? Where do you want to interact with your clients, this is such an inexpensive way you can do it before, so cold, cold prospect, you can do it as they just come into your world where you’re warming them up, or continue to warm, you can do it in the middle of your journey. You can do it at the end of your journey, you can do it ongoing, they’ve already become a client, maybe your highest premium value clients and just keep these things in front of them for pennies. It’s such a fascinating platform to consider. I hope you will, we have several clients where we run these campaigns, and they’ll get over 500,000 to over a million views. And here’s the other part without having to do multiple posts. Because here’s the deal. There’s at least three experts and you know the names I’m talking about? And what are they teaching you and me. They’re teaching you shit like, you got to do 65 posts a day or you’re not in the business? Are you out of your mind? Who has time to do 65 flippin posts a day? Right now, if I had a platform that I was selling that service, when I tell you to do 65 posts, I’m sure I would probably that’s probably why they’re doing it. Right? Just Truth Truth be told. But what do you want to do, you want to do 65 manual posts a day, or you run one ad, put a few bucks a day behind it. And within a couple months or even a week, if depending on the budget you want to use, have hundreds of 1000s of views. Or then duplicate it with a second video, a third video, a fourth video, fifth video, and you could keep going on and on, which makes the most sense that manual labor or using the technology to help support your costs. Now maybe you do both because maybe it’s not an either or it could be an ad because some of you are running big giant companies where you could support doing that. I’m not saying it’s not, but most of you are new, you’re running lean businesses, small teams, etc. Consider what we’re talking about here. So here’s a question. What would this do for your positioning, having these key assets in place through your journey beginning? top, middle, end, and more? Let’s go deeper, because it doesn’t stop there. Because you might be going well, Dan, I don’t need to build audiences like that doesn’t pay my bills. You’re right. It’s a start. Right? You build your authority and credibility and you build up this audience where there’s this trust and respect, then what do you want to do you want to develop leads, I was talking to somebody earlier today. And they run a very successful business, I was shocked actually hear this, they said, We don’t have a list. And now I can speak to it. Because I’m sure there’s ways that you can sell a big business without a list. And I know there are people who do this, right. But for most small businesses to build an asset in your business, a couple of the most important pieces that a potential buyer will value is the number of people you have as clients and how much they spend, as well as the number of people on your list that you have relationship with. Right now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Because I also know that quantity is not everything. Quality is more important, right? And I encourage all of you to be working to build a list. But again, it’s so much simpler than most of you’ve been led to believe. I encourage you take a picture of this page. Right now. Take a picture. I’ll give you a second. Take a quick picture. This page layout Consistently converted over 60%. Actually, this page for us converts close to 70. But I want to use 60. For you and maybe less By the way, it might be more, maybe it’s probably going to be less this format to generate leads for a list building tool. Some people call this a lead magnet, whatever, this layout has been our highest converter that we’ve ever tested or split tested, which we’ve done a lot of split testing over the years, and still do, right, attention, who it’s for the image of the thing you’re giving away, get your 100% free guide, free checklist today, the name of it, the problem it solves, where should we send it get the free checklist, if you can add that little widget for your Facebook, if you have enough following, put it underneath, because social proof matters. And then you can put a little bio of you as an expert, or whatever your company is about underneath. Very simple, right, nothing complicated. We get up close to 70% conversion on this page of people opting in cold traffic. And I’m going to show you to prove it, I’m not just talking about it. Here’s an example of two very ugly ads for this. Right, mostly because I’m in the ad. That’s why I’m saying it’s an ugly ad. So if you’re creative or enjoy marketing and revenue generating, the idea of being a traditional sales CEO may be draining, there’s more copy. But basically, it’s the ability to download the checklist. Here’s a quick snip inside of our account, when we did this, again, mostly trying to cover all ranges of size of business sophistication, it’s if you’re brand new, you can do this, look at the budget here in the second from right column, just 10 bucks a day, three bucks a day. Right? So and then look at the cost per result, right for the timeframe that we ran these particular campaigns. 2.95, elite 3.83 3.56 $5 $5. And then some are up here at seven and we cut those off. All right, and you can see the number see like, what if you just had this little bit of budget going every single day? And you’re generating these types of leads? How much more sustainability predictability would you have? Right? You can start for as little as five to $10 a day. Now for some of you, if you want to scale this really big, by the way, at our peak, we were we’re investing over $150,000 a week in paid media. So you can do this small you can also do it huge. Someone like Dean Graziosi. At his peak, he was doing over a million a week in paid media. Right? This can work it can work for you. So what would it do for you having an extra 10, 20, 50, 100 leads coming to you every single day. Right? Or scale this up? If you wanted to 1000 per day? How would it change the game for you to have a machine like this or an operating system? Bring this in for you? Right. Now, again, put some financial value by this like if you got this in place in the neck, those two pieces in the next 90 days as part of this number two strategy, part one, which is the video views. Part Two was the lead campaign. You got this in place in the next 90 What do you estimate the financial value could be for you with an extra just 10 leads a day, 20 leads a day, or 50 depending on you and how big or small you want to build it or where you’re starting? Right? Is this been good so far in this segment, good. All right, let me bring this all together and go to Step three, three automated models to get 1000 leads and 100 sales monthly. The perfect client system. This is your operating system for revenue, sales and marketing. It combines the campfire effect it gets to your perfect clients for pennies gets perfect clients on your list, it gets perfect clients for to buy from you instead of having to be sold, it shortens the sales cycle, they buy more, there’s long term value get referrals due to the experience and consistency. It can be meaningful and memorable. You build authority and you have a much, much bigger impact on one of our clients, CEO Warrior. This is an example stripped away of you know, just a brief overview of the model of us combining all of these factors to show you the kind of results that can happen that maybe could happen for you too. We ran at different times four to five videos at a time, putting a budget behind it generating like 800,000 views, you know, over some time over a month or whatever, all in their very specific niche and their specific niches in a certain business category. And we were able to narrow down to the niche, the demographic, the psychographic the interest in the behavior, right pennies per view, we build up the audience. And then what we did is we drove them to that lead magnet campaign, a landing page, very similar to what I showed you we designed for them, they go to a thank you page. Now they’re on the list. Now we send emails regularly and invite them for the offers. Now, let me give you an example. This is a very big company their annual run rate to do a lot of revenue in one year with this particular model. We had a few more models in place. But this is one demonstration of one model. Working together, this chain is 6000 leads in a year, that’s only 500 leads in a month. 500 leads in a month is what that’s less than 20 leads a day. This is an eight figure plus company. Even with small numbers, this can work. Let me show you why. Because here’s strategy three, that’s critical, run host and partner and create educational based events, if you can for your conversion opportunities. Right now, there’s a few different ways to do this. The most common way that people think is the magic button. It’s one way of many. It’s a webinar. So webinar model, right, you’ve heard the word, a webinar model, but it’s just one. All right. Recently, we partnered and teamed up with Daniel Marcos and Vern harnish with a company called Growth Institute, and they wanted to have a bigger impact. So we put our stuff in place with them. And we did a test it was a 17 day campaign. And for their $2400 masterclass, it generated over 175 people enrolled in 17 days, they said it was the best campaign they’ve ever done in history. Right? This is what we did. Right. So again, I hope that you can see the simplicity here, and how you can get this in place. Going back to CEO Warrior. In the course of the year, we added the educational based event through the year. And we also focused on that being the main conversion event, you know, about once every three to four weeks. For the webinar model, their edge, their version of the education based event in one year, we generated 7000 registrations again, not a whole lot. It’s you know, a little more than 500 a month. But here’s the thing, as you all probably know, but most experts don’t tell you this part, I’m going to take you behind the curtain. Just because someone registers doesn’t mean everybody shows up. But most experts don’t tell you that they build it on the numbers of the gross number, not the real number. So for this particular client, they had 7000 registrations, and we tracked about 3000 that showed up. The call to action was really pretty simple. When you really break it down, they didn’t drive to a main offer, mostly they drove to book a consultation, let’s have a call and see if we’ve got a good fit, strategy call. Out of 3000 people attended, they got 700 calls booked. Again, not everyone shows up, we had about 400 show ups. Of the 400 people that showed up, they had 175 people enroll in their entry level program that is about a $2800 program. But just for simple math, we use 2000 as the estimate, 175 clients in a year, 350. Now I know what some of you are saying maybe Richard saying this, maybe Brandon is saying some of you that are big, you’re hyper growth minded? Oh my god, Dan, okay, the punch line is in a year you generated 350 holy, I’m gonna go bankrupt. If I do 350 Oh, hold on hold, please hold on, make sure to get to the whole picture here. See the whole whole holistic approach to this 175 people enroll in that entry level program. For them, their client value minimum is higher than this, but I’m going to give you a very conservative average. Each person that enrolls in that initial program is worth at minimum $65,000 within about two weeks of enrolling, or so. So that education based event for that they enrolled in about 2000 they attended the main thing that was a bigger conversion event generated over $8 million in business. Because they know their long term relationship value. Now, if you got $8 million

out about $120,000 ad spend, how much more advertising would you do? And what did they do? They did we did the video view campaign to build authority. We created an irresistible offer. We did the lead magnet model. And we did educational based events. And there were several of these kind of pieces in place different types. But all with that same theme. How would these impacts you if you got these in place? What would it do for you? What did it do for you? How would it change your business? How would it free you up and get you out of the day to day, right to focus on some of the things you love? The things you enjoy? Right? It’s not predicated. Now, you might be saying, well, Dan, this is great. But I want to speak to the elephant in the room. Will this work for me if I’m new, how does this work in COVID? Right. So I want to share a quick story one of my new favorite people His name is Bruce. He’s an artist. I got introduced by a friend of ours to Bruce and we had a conversation a few months back and when we talked initially he was in complete disarray, complete dysfunction, and overwhelm and confusion. Maybe like you at times, maybe not but for him. I asked him What’s going on? He says, while I’m studying all these experts, and what platforms are using, he’s trying to do this platform and that platform and this platform. And I said, Bruce, Bruce, can I coach you for a minute? He goes, Yeah, Dan helped me. I go to you on our house. He goes, Yeah, I go, Bruce timeout. What do you love to do? Bruce, what do you love to do? What’s your superpower? Because I love teaching. What What does art mean to you, Bruce? He goes, arts a way to help people get freedom and peace of mind. What do you want to do? Because I just want to teach and I want to get people enrolled in my coaching and training program. I go, Bruce, are you open to it easier, simpler way? It goes, Yeah, yeah, let’s I go, what if? What if what you’ve been taught by 99% of these experts? I did something with you completely different. Would you be open to it? He goes, Yeah, I go, have you heard a zoom, Bruce? I go, let’s get rid of the automation, because the automation is going to drive you bankrupt. Let’s get away of my favorite term is fancy pants. Let’s get rid of the fancy pants model. Let’s go to simplicity. And test quick and then find what works. And then we can scale it goes. That sounds like a good idea, Dan. So I said, Can you do you know how to hook up zoom and create a meeting or webinar? He goes, yep, I go well Bruce, how big is your list? He goes, Well, I don’t have a big list. I have a small list. He goes most of the people I know are on my social media things. But I got probably total between social media and all my list. I’ve got 400 people. I said, if I give you the emails to send out and the messages to send out to them and private message, would you be able to do that? He goes, Yeah, I go. Okay, if you commit to that, set up the webinar, set it on a date about a week and a half from now we’ll roll. So we did. That’s all he did. He invited the people in his world, invite him. Now these stats will never transfer to probably your industry, because it’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But it just shows that if it’s outside the norm, it can work really, really well. So don’t discount the simplicity. And why am I sharing this with you? I want you to focus on simplicity, not complexity. Right? Because here’s what happened for Bruce, he invited as many people as he could he had it for that first webinar he had 125 people register. Not everybody shows up and lo and behold, though he had over 75 people show up for that first one. He did his presentation, he did some things wrong, like three hours into his presentation, he finally made his offer three hours. He enrolled four or five people in his coaching training program. We came back together and met what worked, what didn’t work. We walked through it and gave him a new formula to do the presentation it closer to 40 to 45 minutes. He regrouped. I said hey, what do you like to do? He loves it. I go, Bruce, how would you feel if you just did one webinar a week? For the next 30, 60 days? He goes I love it. How about I do it 90 days I go fair enough do it. So we just went back and started re inviting the people. The second webinar, he had like 175 people or 180 people register. He had 120 people show up, people started inviting people to come to this free training. That second week he enrolled like nine or 10 or 12 people. Fast forward 30 days he had enrolled over 39 people in his coaching training program. 90 days later had enrolled over 117 clients in his coaching training program in 90 days, all with just driving people to that simple simple model. Getting rid of tech and complexity or fancy pants models. Focusing on timeless principles, not timely button automation models. Now, can you it’s an end, but there’s a time for it. You know, Dan Kennedy says the difference between lettuce and garbage is what timing, timing. What is your timing? Right, what is your timing? So as we wrap this up here, we’ve covered a lot in about 45 minutes. Right? Here’s the action steps I hope all of you will challenge yourself to take: focus on up leveling your offer to create the next level irresistible offer for your products and service. Next focus on principle based strategies more than tactics to build authority by adding value with these video view campaigns. These can be priceless if you do them right. Build a list you own by providing value in advance to your following. Build a steady flow of clients by making offers every single day. And by all means. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. And speaking of keeping it simple. As I close this out here in the next couple of minutes. I want to have you take a listen to a 12 year old at the time with an ad that he wrote a direct response ad and then some of the feedback on how he created the ad. It’s so different than you might think. But first I want you to see the ad that he created and acted in and what he did. Ideally, you pick up a couple things and recognize the AIDA principle, you recognize some of the power principles and of course, other things that could be improved from a 12 year old sure there are. But then I want you to hear from the mind of a child being open and open to learn and what he did to actually build a successful ad campaign.

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Dan Kuschell 1:21:07

How cool is that? Now? I’m biased, of course, because that’s my son Kyler. But let me have you hear from him on this little mini interview that we did on the process of him doing this.

All on a daily basis? Well, if so then this 12 year old has some insights to be able to share with you right now, as part of a project that he is working with in his drama class, he was asked to what you’re asked to put a commercial together, right? Yes, yeah. And I’m just gonna have him read this commercial and see if you get any insights from this. He wrote this on his own, by the way. Now, truth be told you let me speak to the elephant in the room, you might think that dad helped him. I had no involvement in this. But I’m going to ask him a few questions and how he came up with this all on his own. And he’s going to give you some things to be thinking about for your business. So So go ahead and read your commercial.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03

So this is a cleaning commercial.

Dan Kuschell 1:22:07

So if you didn’t hear that really well, it’s a cleaning commercial, right? So a service for cleaning. Alright.

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Tired of doing lots of scrubbing, and housework all day long? Well, today’s your lucky day. But don’t fear because Crash Cleaning is here. All for a reasonable cost. All you need to do is call 1-800-CRASH and we’ll get straight to cleaning your house top to bottom. Just remember, call 1-800-CRASH. Costs may vary on how big your house is cleaning rates may apply the best cleaners in the whole wide world: Crash.

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Crash upon a crash course in marketing, selling and a whole lot more. Now, by the way, how do you make money in the world?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46

influence and persuasion? Yeah, and

Dan Kuschell 1:22:48

What is marketing?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51

storytelling and?

Dan Kuschell 1:22:56

You got it storytelling? Yeah. So here’s the deal. If you’re struggling to be getting new clients, maybe you should get a 12 year old to help write your copy. Write your context, write your commercials. Now, by the way, I was like blown away, because I said, Hey, will you read this to me? And he read it to me and I was like, wow. And I see Randy Garden is watching Randy, what’s up brother, Randy is one of the top marketing business minds in the world helping companies grow and do big things. Like so where did you come up with this? Because I know people that might see this might go, Oh, your dad helped you write this whole thing. Now, did your dad help you write any of this? No, no. So how did you figure out to write this? Talk to us? Give us some insight here.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39

What I did was I looked at commercials from online commercials on YouTube. And I put them together to make my own sort of commercial.

Dan Kuschell 1:23:50

Yeah, modeling. Have you ever heard that idea? Model what works? What works? Find something that works, model it and then test it and put it out in the marketplace. Well, well done my son. Now I’m a little biased. This is my son. He’s 12 years old, and doing good things. So great job. Anyway, what can you learn from this 12 year old? If you’re struggling to get new clients every day, maybe look at having this creative mind, number two model what other successful people are doing? No, by the way, it helps to have a coach it helps to have a mentor, find someone who has the results you want. Help them have them help you get those kind of things in place. Because they can save you a bunch of time they can buy you time they can buy your speed, which ultimately saves you money. Anyway. Any last thoughts? No. All right. There you have it. Go put it in place. Go get some Daily Sales right now. See ya. Bye.

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So what’s the value to you and all this. Again, we’ve got to look at removing our masks. Ideally, we create irresistible offers right? We run video view campaigns for authority, and maintaining authority and also maintaining trust and respect through the relationship journey. We build a lead model. So we have more leads, we create a conversion model using educational based events, we model we talked about three questions. What am I grateful for? What am I happy about? What have I done well, and the sense of freedom, the freedom to be you, the freedom to be yourself. And I hope that through this 45 minutes to an hour that we’ve been together, you know, Joe Polish calls this you can have an ELF business, or you can have a HALF business, ELF being easy, lucrative and fun, versus HALF, hard, annoying, lame, frustrating. Or you can have a business that’s or a business that’s constipated, which do you prefer, I believe these three steps that we’ve walked through in a couple pieces for each one can help for you.

And here’s the thing, if you’re looking for a way to get a steady flow of new clients coming to you every day, maybe you’re looking to get off the roller coaster of the ups and downs or maybe you’re in a place where you know your your leads your sales, your revenue is costing you two times three times four times and more. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to get paid media to work for you. Right because done right? You probably know this. paid media should never cost you anything your media should be free. Right. So if you’re looking for a way to get a steady flow of new clients without typical stress, and you’re looking to double or triple the growth of your business, or more importantly triple the impact of your business this year, we’ve got a couple ways that we can help you and I’d love for you to take us up on our free consultation and our 360 degree business assessment. It’s really simple. Number one, we’ve got a two day workshop where we help business owners get a predictable flow of clients daily and we walk you through our entire blueprint. It’s like giving you an operating system for your marketing and your sales to get more new clients more revenue, more profitability with a whole lot less stress. Number two, we’ve got a 24 week program where we work with you side by side to help you and your business and your team be able to grow with a lot less stress and number three if your business is at a million and a half or higher, we also have our one on one private implementation program where you basically get to adopt our team to help you just get it done to help you grow advanced and a whole lot more regardless of where you fit. If you’re looking for a way to get a steady flow of clients without typical stress, without the headaches without a bunch of tech overwhelm, getting burned out, getting frustrated, all that sort of stuff and you’d like to apply the strategies we’ve talked about today and many more we didn’t have time to go into right then take us up on our free consultation it’s real simple you can go to breakthroughstrategycall.com, that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com enter your info. Once we receive your info we’ll also send you the link to be able to take advantage of our free 360 degree business assessment. So you can get clarity, you can get comfort, you can get certainty to know like what are the critical moves to be able to make right now. It’s simple go to breakthroughstrategycall.com, that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com, and of course if you want to come back to this episode, you can do that by going to growthtofreedom.com/304, that’s growthtofreedom.com/304. If you’ll never want to miss an episode go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, that’s growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, I encourage you to take action with what we’ve shared with shared with you today, put the video view campaigns in place so you can warm up your audience you can build authority, you can build trust, you can build respect, take advantage of getting control of your business, right not relying on all these other platforms, but you control the experience and how do you do that by generating your own leads on a predictable basis every single day. Number three, consider using the education based model to be able to build and grow your sales to grow your ability to have a bigger impact and a whole lot more anyway, I look forward to serving you take action seize the day Nothing happens without action and you know what, what’s it costing you not having these couple strategies in place? right what’s it costing you in terms of freedom of being you know, caught up in the day to day right so if you want to get out of the day to day if you want a predictable system if you want an operating system for marketing and sales it starts by applying these steps and if you want to go deeper go to breakthroughstrategycall.com, it’s breakthroughstrategycall.com we’ll see you on another episode of Growth to Freedom. Coming up down the road. Seize the day, make it a great week. See you next time on growthtofreedom.com.

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Thanks for listening to this episode of Growth to Freedom. Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at breakthroughstrategycall.com that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com. In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business Toolkit. You can get that at activate.breakthrough3x.com, that’s activate.breakthrough3x.com. If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit growthtofreedom.com.

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