3 Steps To Greater Growth And Freedom [Podcast 228]

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GTF 228 | Steps To Greater Growth


Do you struggle to find a balance between your professional and personal life?  Would you love to have a process to transform your business and life?

In this episode, I will share with you three critical steps and nine questions to get the growth and freedom you desire in order to transform your business and life!

I am Dan Kuschell, the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough3X. It is my mission to help clients spend more time on their business instead of in their business.  I do this by helping them set up processes that enable a steady flow of leads with less stress, and less effort, and I will help you too… starting now.  

Grab a pen and paper… you don’t want to miss out on the insights, strategies, and tactics to grow your business with less stress.

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3 Steps To Greater Growth And Freedom [Podcast 228]

You might be asking, “Dan, why are you holding those $1 and $20?” The truth is this $1 and this $20 has everything to do with your growth and your freedom. It has everything to do with your business and has everything to do with you transforming your business so you can have a bigger reach, a bigger impact, and bigger contribution. Making a bigger difference to get more clients on a regular basis. I’m fired up here because I had a conversation with a couple of clients and potential clients. I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever felt like you’re the chief cook and bottle washer, bookkeeper, receptionist, salesperson, accounting, a customer service person and all that stuff, it’s hard to keep up. I think you’re going to love what we have to share with you.

In fact, we’re going to share three critical steps for you to get greater growth and freedom so you can transform your business, your life and you’ll go out there and do more of what you’re meant to do. Work more on your business, more time with your family, more time with the things that you truly enjoy doing and less working in the business. Being able to free yourself up from having to work so much in it day-to-day. My name is Dan Kuschell. If we haven’t met before, I’m the Founder of Breakthrough3X. What we do is we help clients get a steady flow of clients every single day with less stress. It gives people the ability to have greater freedom, the ability to spend more time on their business instead of in their business.

$1 And $20 Bills

Back to this $1 and this $20. There are some interesting characteristics of these two bills right now. Notice they’re both the exact same size. These bills are exactly the same size. If you put them on a scale, they weigh exactly the same. They both have the same color ink like in your business. You have competition. You have other companies out there saying, “We’re great. We’re the best. We do what that company does,” and all that stuff. That’s our business. In many ways, it can become commoditized until it’s not. I’m going to share a message with you. These three steps are critical. We’re going to share some cool insights I’ve learned building eleven companies, buying companies and selling companies.

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I’ve been fortunate to run multiple seven-figure companies, multiple eight-figure companies, sell those companies. I’ve also crashed three companies and I’d like to believe that we’ve learned from our mistakes. I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made. In the last handful of years, I’ve reviewed over 4,000 businesses. I’ve found that some of the things that make those companies work and become multimillion-dollar companies with high profits, high growth, high companies and companies that don’t in those 4,000. What is the difference? I’m going to share a couple of those insights with you here.

Back to this. It’s the same size, same weight and same color ink. There’s only one difference between these two bills. There’s only one unique difference between these two. It’s the message on the paper and so it is in your business. It’s the message that your business is putting out in the marketplace. What’s interesting, after speaking with a couple of potential clients, it stimulated this talk, which is three steps and Five Ps to greater growth and freedom. There are nine questions that we like to ask our clients. I’d like to actually ask you these nine questions. As you go through these nine questions, chances are if you look at these with the right lenses, the questions in and of themselves are going to give you differentiation points, going to give you distinctions that are going to help you. If you apply the insight from what you’ll get from these simple nine questions, it’s going to give you a huge breakthrough that will mean a lot. We’ve got the three steps that we’re going to cover to break things down.

Who Do You Market For?

The first question is, who do you market to and what’s your avatar? The new fancy term for this is called the buyer’s persona. Who do you market to? Who is your ideal client? Do you have a good idea? A couple of the clients we asked, one of them I’m thinking of have been in business for fourteen-plus years, very professional, has been around the block. I said, “Who do you market to?” I hope you’re able to say this but he said, “Everybody’s a potential client.” I said, “If you had to narrow it down, who else is a client?” Mind you, this person has been in business for over fourteen years and they are doing okay. They’re not making a killing, they’re not dominating but they’re making a good living. They’re getting by. I said, “Beyond that, who would you say is your ideal client?” He said, “Company that is over $100 million.” I said, “How many of those do you have?” He said, “None.” What’s amazing is so many people struggle with this idea of their ideal client or the avatar or this buyer’s persona. I want to challenge you to think about who is your perfect client. Who is your ideal client? Get crystal clear on who that is and when you narrow down, you can actually at that point scale up. That’s the first question.

GTF 228 | Steps To Greater Growth

You don’t want to be shooting in the dark. You don’t want to put a blindfold on and get spun around three times and throw at a target.


How Are You Positioned As An Expert In Your Industry?

The second question, you’re creating a lot of distinctions for these couple of potential clients and that’s how are you positioned as an expert and authority or specialist in your industry, but not as you see it and your potential perfect client see it. Are you positioned with an authority or expert? Both of these clients were like, “No, I’m missing a lot.” I had one potential client said, “I have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.” This was the same person who’s been in business for fourteen years. That’s awesome, but it’s not going to move the dial as far as how you help people get a breakthrough.

How Do You Get Clients Now?

What about you? How are you positioned in your industry as an expert? What could you do to make yourself more recognized as an expert? Another question. The third question is how do you get clients now? What could you do better? One of the clients in this batch of people that stimulated this particular talk said, “I make between 60 and 200 calls every day.” Let me give you a little bit backstory. I got started all the way back in the 1980s.

How Much Does It Cost You To Get A Customer?

I remember one of the first jobs I had, I actually was handed what’s called a Bresser’s Cross Index Directory. It’s like the White Pages and you might not even know what the White Page is, depending on your ages, but that’s basically it’s a bunch of phone numbers listed in this giant book. Alphabetical and also by street name. They gave us this Bresser’s book that you can call up. Essentially, he’s doing 60 to 200 of those a day. I said, “What is the outcome from that?” He says he gets one appointment a day. This person makes a high five-figure, low six-figure income from doing it that way. I said, “Do you think there’s something?” He goes, “I think I can use online stuff and some of the automation stuff to be able to build something.” What about you? What could you do better to be getting more potential clients? Another key question to be able to answer properly is how much does it cost you to get a customer? Do you know what that is?

Do you have clarity around what it does cost for you to get a client? If you don’t know, you’re in the dark. You don’t know how you can advertise. One of the handfuls of clients, I’m talking to them, “I’m considering hiring Facebook to run paid traffic. I’m considering doing LinkedIn, considering doing YouTube ads.” “What does it cost you to get a client?” “I don’t know.” I’m going to share with you the fastest way to go broke is to not know the answer to that question. Several of these questions, these nine questions are really powerful to give you distinctions and opportunity to grow.

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What Type Of Video And Content Do You Put Out There And How Often?

Next is what type of video and content do you put out there and how often? All of these potential clients were like, “We’re not doing video. We’re not getting the client on content out there that regularly. It’s haphazard or hit and miss.” How do you explain it? I said, “What’s holding you back from being able to do that?” What they said was, “I just don’t want to be posting every single day. That part’s a lot of work. I don’t think that their version of it was that juice being worth the squeeze.” I can definitely appreciate it. Do you know that you can actually create content one time and it can be repurposed over and over again and it has a feeling to your end-user like it’s new every day? There are ways to be able to automate that and be able to do it and do it one time and have it work for you every day. What is your content that you’ve got? What video are you putting out there on a regular basis to your potential clients?

What Is The Lifetime Value Of A Client For You?

Another critical question for the growth. What is the lifetime value of a client for you? Truth be told, nine out of ten people we asked this question to have no idea. Even some of the top, most successful I could get and share with you, I will. I could share with you there are many experts we’ve asked that question to and they have no idea or it’s just a guess or they act like they’ve got it and then their team scrambling around for two or three weeks to try to figure it out. There’s truth in these simple diagnostic questions. When you know what these are, it makes it easier. For example, if you know what it costs to get a customer and you know the lifetime value of a client, now you know what you can spend on advertising. You don’t want just to be shooting in the dark. You don’t want to put a blindfold on and get spun around three times and throw at a target. You don’t even know where the bullseye is. That’s how a lot of people go with it. A lot of these paid advertising methods or funnel building or whatever the case might be because they don’t start with the fundamentals, getting alignment with what matters.

How Big Is Your Email List And How Often Do You Mail It?

The next one is how big is your email list and how often do you mail it? It’s not shocking, but it is shocking that all of these potential client candidates said, “No list. Maybe a hundred people on the list.” “How often do you mail it?” “After the first few emails of them coming on the list, I don’t really mail them that often. Once a month.” It’s an under-leveraged, under-used and under-utilized asset. What could you do? One, how big is your email list? Separate of your email, let’s not go a little deep. What about your physical mailing list? How many people have you moved from email over to physical and how often are you mailing them and mailing them the right kinds of things to actually convert sales?

GTF 228 | Steps To Greater Growth

When your message is powerful, clear, and certain, and when you’ve got confidence and a good plan, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


There’s a way to be able to do that. There was a report and I forget the exact company, so don’t believe statistics when people can’t source it. Truth is what the statistics said though is that email from this particular report is showing the highest profitability of all the digital marketing strategies. Email is number one and it’s got 122% profit margin, ROI. Those people who say emailing is dead or I don’t want to email my people too often, I’m going to share with you, if done right, your email can produce a lot of momentum.

How Do You Rate Your Ability To Get A Steady Flow Of Clients Every Day Without Your Efforts?

Next, how do you rate your ability to get a steady flow of clients every day without your efforts? This is part one of the three that I’m referring to that’s stimulating this. He said, “It’s all on my efforts. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.” Another person I talked to said, “I feel threatened that if I take a few days off with my family and my husband, the business is going to crash.” What would it be worth if you had a steady flow of predictable clients and candidates coming in every single day? What does that look like? Do you know the number?

After You Sell Something To Your Clients, What Happens Next?

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach says it best. The first progress starts by telling the truth. These questions give you a lot of truths. I’d encourage you to come back to this, read this again and use these as a daily, weekly, monthly guide to help you operate, give you optics to run your business. Here’s another question. After you sell something to a client, what happens next? Virtually all three of them said, “We service them, we support them.” I said, “What else do you offer them?” “We don’t really offer them anything.” Isn’t it amazing that Apple don’t have thousands of products? They don’t even have hundreds of products. What do they have? They have a core product suite of a handful of products that they make available and yet they do billions. They’re a number one rated company in the world arguably. Depending on which statistics you look at because statistics do lie. Number one company in the world has a small product suite, but they have a product suite. Do you have a product suite? What is that product suite? What does that product suite offer? How do you offer? I’ll give you an example.

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A client we’re working with, we help them implement that when people order their products, it’s in the education field. A client gets started all online. They have someone call by phone, congratulate them and welcome them and then go, “By the way, while I’ve got you on the line, I’d love to run an idea by. If it works, great. If not, no problem,” then they make an offer. That company has added 33% revenue in less than 30 days by making these offers. They’ve got a lot more sales pending. The numbers may be just a little bit up. What would it be worth if you could do good customer support, good customer follow-up, do something that most companies are too lazy and too cheap to do and have someone follow up with an actual live human being, human connection? Congratulate them on doing business with you and then make a soft offer. You increased your revenue by 30%.

Three Steps: The KISS Approach

This particular company made close to seven figures from that one little tweak in their business. Most of it is profits. I’d love to see you do the same thing. What do you offer in that? Those are nine critical questions that you can use as optics to run your business. Back to the $1 and $20. It’s the same paper, same size and same weight. What’s the difference? It’s the message on the paper. I want to introduce you to the three steps that you can put in place to keep this simple. It’s the KISS approach, Keep It Simple, Silly. My dad used to say, “Dan, keep it simple, stupid.” That fits to a degree.

I want to introduce you to these three things. I want you to write these three things down. I want to challenge you to put these three things in place because these can be the core of your business. Here’s what it takes. Number one, you build your list so you can develop relationships and you’ll help people transform whatever business you’re in. If you’re a brick and mortar business, if you’re in a consulting, a coaching business and a whole lot of businesses in between. We’ve worked with companies in over 180 niche industries in over ten countries. We’ve reviewed, just in the last couple of years, over 4,000 businesses. In my 27-year career, over 5,000 business owners have gotten started with some version of our programs, products, services and resources. It’s amazing the insights you get, but these three steps are simple.

The first one, build the list that you developed. This doesn’t mean followers. This doesn’t mean Facebook likes. This doesn’t mean friends. This means build your list. Number two, when you build the list, the next step every day is piquing interest. It’s putting value out, pique their interest by putting value in it in the world. It’s called build a list, pique their interest. Hopefully, you get that little rhyme in that little room in there. Do that every day. Pique interest and then ask. You want to get people to raise their hand. We’ve talked about this previously. The worst thing that you can do, first of all, is make no offer. The second worst thing you can do is put an offer in front of somebody who just has no relevance.

Let’s say you’re in the health space and you offer them a business program. It’s that disconnect. You want to be able to pique interest to make sure you’ve got the right fit potential clients. There are lots of simple ways to do that. It’s building a list and pique their interest. That leads to the third step, which makes offers. How many offers are you making on a regular basis, on a daily basis? If you put these three questions in place, these three insights, you build a list, you pique their interests, you make offers and then it circles back. You do that every day and keep that focus and keep the optics of those nine critical questions on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. There’s no limit to what you can do. What happens is your message will become much clear. The difference between $1 and a $20, why is $20 twenty times the value? It’s not anything more than the message.

When you get really good at this, if you take the time to isolate it on those nine questions plus those three simple steps that I’ve shared with you, you can go from $1 to $100. Notice they’re the same size. They are the same weight and the same color ink as well. The only difference is the message on the paper. When your message is powerful, when you’ve got clarity, when you’ve got certainty, when you’ve got confidence and when you’ve got a good plan, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. It will give you the ability to work more on your business. You’ll have more freedom. You’ll be less reliant on you and you’ll have a team supporting your activities. There is no greater feeling.

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When I built my company, one of my main companies is still close to 200 people. There was certainly some stress to it, but there was freedom to it as well. What would it be worth to you to be able to get that freedom to have maybe just a second rainmaker in your company that could generate revenue and sales and momentum and growth like you can? Who can keep up with you or you had an operations person who can almost read your mind and can help make sure that what you were making up is the visionary, innovative leader? They were making it real. They were making sure it was getting done.

What if you could actually have people who are dedicated to sales or dedicated to marketing or dedicated to supporting service and fulfillment or dedicated to the development of your team and operations or HR and technology and stuff. There’s a lot we can go to. I want to keep it as simple as possible. When you put these three steps in place, you build a list, you pique their interest, you make offers and you do that on a regular basis. You go through the optics of those nine questions, you’ll be amazed at where you’ll be. Think about it. Where do you think you’d be now if you’d have been focused with this simplicity ideal, this focus over the last 90 days, the last 180 days or the last 365?

Go Deeper With Us

Here’s the reality. You can’t do anything about the last year, but we can certainly do something about the next year. You can certainly do something. Put your lens on, your glasses through those optics. If you’d like to get greater clarity, greater direction, greater certainty in building and growing a business that gives you more freedom and you could want to generate a more steady flow of clients with less stress. If you’d like to do it with more freedom and you’d like to connect the dots and be able to have help to see the blind spots and get unstuck. Most importantly as it relates to building this automated type of system as it relates to connecting sales and marketing together to free you up.

I’d love to make an invitation to have you learn more about how we can help you. It’s simple to be able to do that. I don’t have anything written or whatever the case might be. If you want to go deeper with us, you can take advantage of our no-cost clarity session and you can go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. You’ll go there, you’ll hit a button that says Request Invitation. You’ll fill out a form and there will be a few questions so we get to know your business a little bit better. We can do a little research to come into it.

We’ll take you through our diagnosis actually and then we’ll share with you some of the things that we’ll do. If you’d like to have the ability to tap into collectively over $100 million in business that we’ve generated, not only for our companies directly but also our clients. We’d love to introduce you to some pieces of that $100 million playbook. It grew over $28 million a year. We’d love to give you some insights from what we’ve learned from that and also the thousands of clients and companies we’ve worked with over time. If you want to take advantage of that, go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. If not, it’s no big deal.

Ideally, this session has served you and you’ll take action. We are also going to cover the Five P approach. I’m going to do a Five P strategy and talk to you about those Five Ps we’ve discovered. Every company that’s been successful applies the Five Ps, but we don’t have time to cover that. Let’s keep focusing on these three simple steps plus those nine questions. If you want to go deeper, go to the website. Remember, you’re one breakthrough away from getting to that next level. That next level of freedom, the ability to make a bigger difference, to have the ability to make a bigger contribution, have a bigger impact and make more money. If that’s what you want, then take action.

If that’s not what you want, the question I ask is, “How is that working for you?” Many people all the time go, “I’ve tried other things before I’m doing something.” I’m like, “How’s that doing? How’s that working?” If it’s working, keep doing it. That whole Einstein quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” If you want things to shift, you’ve got to be willing to make your shift. We’d love to see how we could serve you. Let’s have a conversation. We’ve got our no cost breakthrough clarity session. You can go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. I look forward to meeting you. Seize the day and take action. We’ll see you next time. Thanks.

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