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Janet Attwood is a media expert, renowned speaker, and the Co-Author of the New York Times best-selling books, Your Hidden Riches and The Passion Test. Using The Passion Test process, Janet has helped thousands of people align their passions with their lives and work—and there are now over 3,000 Certified Passion Test Facilitators around the world. Janet is also a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and a recipient of The President’s Volunteer Service Award, which she received due to her ongoing work with homeless women and children in detention centers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Janet Attwood shares the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to self-love and self-care
  • Why self-love is the key to building relationship capital
  • Janet’s four major methods for practicing self-love
  • Janet discusses The Passion Test and her transformational coaching and courses
  • How can you take action and start transforming your life today?
  • The mentors and coaches that have inspired Janet throughout her career

In this episode…

How important is self-love on your journey to success? According to passion coach Janet Attwood, the ability to truly love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin may just be the key to your next business breakthrough.

As Janet says, if you don’t love, appreciate, and accept yourself, you can never honor those around you—including your clients, customers, and business partners. In other words, self-love is an essential element to building relationship capital. So, what are Janet’s expert tips and tricks for connecting to yourself and others to transform your business—and your life?

Join Dan Kuschell in this episode of Growth to Freedom as he sits down with Janet Attwood, media expert, renowned speaker, and the best-selling Co-Author of The Passion Test, to talk about the transformative power of self-love. Janet shares the biggest mistakes that business leaders make when it comes to self-love, the four practices that will help you transform your business and your life, and the action steps you can take to start honoring yourself and others today. Stay tuned!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to this episode of growthtofreedom.com. We’re celebrating our 300th Episode, 30 years in business and the important people in this journey: friends, mentors, clients, and a whole lot more. And I have a question for you. How important do you feel self-love, self-care is on your journey to success, growth, building a great business, building a great life, building a great family, how important is it? And what if this one simple but often overlooked idea was a critical piece to help you go from hitting a plateau to breaking through, to be able to get that next level breakthrough, to be able to have that transformation, if not that transcendent opportunity. That’d be something that would interest you. Well, if so, you are going to love our next guest expert. She’s basically a light of love. That’s who she is. And she has trained and worked she’s a New York Times bestselling author of two books, co-author of The Passion Test, co author of the book, Hidden Riches. She’s also trained over 3500 people on her methodology through The Passion Test called passion test facilitators in more than 60 some countries. She’s a regular media expert, a regular media contributor. She shared the stage with people like Richard Branson, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, Dr. Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Nobel laureate FW de Klerk, Jack Canfield, Tony Shea, and the list goes on and on and on. And guess what? I’m proud to call for a friend in my life. Of all the people and I shared this earlier with Chris as well, I think back of like, what was one relationship because relationship capital is the most important factor, one relationship that kind of triggered so many direct things, indirect things, and it comes back to her and Chris Attwood. And she is again, she’s a love of light. She’s also by the way, this is something she doesn’t talk a lot about. I just want to point out this is a fun fact for Janet Attwood. And that is, she was awarded the highest award for volunteer service in the United States, the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States. How cool is that? Right? So you’re a dignitary, you’re a dignitary aren’t you?

Janet Attwood 2:33

I’ve never looked at it that way to tell you the truth.

Dan Kuschell 2:39

That to me, you’re a special part of my life, not only professionally, but more probably even more personally than you know. And I’m so grateful that you could join us for this special episode.

Janet Attwood 2:52

So thank you, I’m honored, I’m so honored. And congratulations. I mean, big congratulations. And it’s no surprise that it’s your 30th year because you can’t, you can’t go that long, and be that sustainable. Unless you really know yourself deeply. You just can’t because as you said, everything is relationship capital. It’s all about in our transformational world, it’s all about creating alliances, and then being able to, to really keep those alliances, that’s one thing getting them but the other thing is, is keeping them, nurturing them, loving them. And you can only do that if you if you really are connected to you, you love you, you know you you nurture you, so and Dan, you’re a frickin light bulb. You know, I tell everybody if you want to know a light bulb of just pure light, love, always and and you’re so congruent with your family, and you love your kids, you’re this, I know, you’re a screaming great husband, and I and an incredible father, and you’re an incredible friend. And you’re magnificent at what you do to help people because and it comes back to when you love yourself. You love others. There’s no one out there. Right? So when you really know you, then you really know everyone else. And that’s why you do us so well. So congratulations.

Dan Kuschell 4:20

Thank you, Janet, I want to dive into you. I want to dive into you. Self-love, self-care, right? In the short time that we’ve got today, give us a glimpse Janet like is your you work with hundreds of 1000s of people, right, lots of different countries, you know, you’ve been you know, in a place of meditation and some of the most peaceful states and places in the world right at such high levels as well as you know, everyday people that are you know, are you know, just struggling to get by and everything in between. So like what do you see are some of the big mistakes people make around self-love and self-care?

Janet Attwood 4:56

Not understanding what self-love is.

Dan Kuschell 4:58


Janet Attwood 4:59

I mean, I’m running a course right now. And what I’ve come to understand is people really don’t have a clue what self-love is, I mean, there’s just like this, this across the board myriad of different, you know, thoughts going on about what self-love is. And what what people are surprised to find is that, when I talk to them about it, it’s about acceptance, acceptance of who you’re being right now. Because if you don’t accept who you are, and know that who you are, is just enough, then your motive generated. And what that means is, you’re not thinking about what the other person needs, you’re thinking about what you need, and the love approval appreciation that you need from others. And, and, and if you don’t know who you are, then what gets in your way. And hey, I can I could write a book, about my years of not knowing who I was, then you have this, this low self esteem that follows you everywhere. And so you sabotage yourself left and right, left and right, left and right. Because you, you aren’t true to you. You’re saying yes. When you mean no, then you can’t deliver, then you try to clean it up, then you’re starting to tell stories about why you can’t deliver. And, and you know, it’s impossible to keep the truth. When you’re always telling a story. Okay, you can always remember. And so learning to really love you and really accept you and be who you are, and know that you’re enough. You’ve got it, you’ve got exactly what you need. How do you know that’s who you are? It’s really one of the hardest things for people to let be okay? Because why? Because we’re always comparing. And when you compare, you die, you can’t ever win. And so so I would say that one of the biggest things that I’ve seen, let’s talk about me, that I’ve seen, I was in my kitchen today as a matter of fact, and I was cooking on my own miles an hour because I had my accountant was coming over today, and I’m talking on the computer at the same time to my assistant. And we’re talking about we are talking about how we could both write a book about how many times we took ourselves out of the game, because we didn’t honor who we were because when you honor who you are, you honor everyone else, because self-love is all about being kind to you.

When you honor who you are, you honor everyone else, because self-love is all about being kind to you and being okay with where you are. - Janet Attwood Click To Tweet

And being being okay with where you are. Because if you’re not, then what you do is you project what you’re not okay with under everyone else. And so if you’re not loving who you are, what you’re doing is you’re finding fault in everyone in front of you. And this is not how you’re going to create a lot of relationship capital. Dan, the reason why you’ve done so? Well, it’s been No, I mean, it’s just been no surprise to me, is because you’ve always seemed to have now what do I know, it’s only my story. But you’ve always seemed to have this just very intact self-love. Very, you know, I know who I am, this is who I am. And I mean it and and in the transformational world, it’s so it’s so important. Because if you’re trying to always be what you think everybody else wants you to be, and they and they buy into your program, then what they don’t even they didn’t even buy into what was true. They bought into your story about what you think they want. And then all of a sudden, they’re starting to be with the real you because you can never hold on to that story long enough. And then you wonder how come I don’t have a following? Oh, wait a minute, I wasn’t there. Yep. I didn’t show up as me. And there’s enough people in the world that are going to love you up as long as you’re audaciously authentic. Right? Absolutely.

There's enough people in the world that are going to love you up, as long as you're audaciously authentic. - Janet Attwood Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 8:53

Yeah. So Janet, with that write up lots of people struggle with it. Right. Lots of people, you know, may not be you know, I will project I know, in my early years, I had no trouble being comfortable in my own skin, just calling an ace an ace. And you know, and finally, I just got to a place where I was okay with me. Right? As simple as that. What advice or what, I don’t know if you’d call it a strategy or advice would you give someone a one to a couple things that they could do to kind of really move to be comfortable with themselves to love themselves. For this, you know, the impact of self-love?

Janet Attwood 9:28

Well, I can give everybody a practice or I could give everybody practices. So I think I will there are four major things that I’ve used in my life and I never, I never give anyone anything that I haven’t done. So number one is undoing your limiting beliefs. We came in as light, we came in as love. And then what happened, life happened. Life happened. Maybe you got a divorce. Maybe you were hit by a truck. Maybe you lost loved ones. Maybe you were physically abused. Maybe you were bullied, maybe, maybe maybe all of this, all of this stuff happens. And then what we start to do is we start to protect ourselves, because life can be painful. And then the next thing we know I, how come I’m not connecting? How come I don’t feel closer to others. So one practice that I’ve used on a regular basis is called The Work of Byron Katie, to undo your limiting beliefs. I used to be Byron, Katie’s marketing director, I got very, very close to her. And these beliefs that we have, I’m not good enough, smart enough, rich enough. I’m not the right color. I’m not the right size. That’s all your limiting beliefs and yet when you continue to tell yourself that they become real, and and what is real, which is you came in as love you came in as like you have everything that you need, starts to be this, you know, this like a different language, right? You’re talking marshon to me. So, a great practice, The Work of Byron Katie, and doing your limiting beliefs. Katie has this very simple process to do that. The second thing I’ve been meditating for over 50 years, I was just looking at Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Right, what do they do they know themselves deeply. Well, one of the ways you know yourself deeply, is by being in silence and silent meditation every day. And they and what he found was that people are successful. They go in, they practice being still every single day. And not only that, but the great process of meditation, I practice Transcendental Meditation is that when you go beyond your thinking process, what what happens is the body simultaneously gains a profound state of rest. That state of rest, science has found, undoes deep rooted stresses. And stress is what blocks us from seeing who we are. It’s like, it’s like, you can see the sun and you’re going, Oh, I love the sun. And all of a sudden, the clouds come, and you go, Oh, no, the sun’s gone. Well, we’re the sun. But with stress it we can’t find the sun. But notice the clouds always move. And what’s so great about meditating is that the more stress that you release, the more you start to know yourself deeply. You know, your essence, you know who you are. And I think it’s a magnificent practice. The other one is, as you know, I go to Japan all the time, and I met this man named Wahei Takeda, one of the most successful small investors in Japan, and why he created a program called Maro Up, Maro Up, it’s about seeing the good in all things. And one day, Wahei said to me, Janet I cured myself of two diseases. I said, Really, you said, and what I did was I Maro’d Up, I was just in gratitude. 1000 times a day. Now notice, that sounds very simple. And people go, Yeah, well, everybody says that, but have you ever done it? Have you ever really invested your time, and started to not only be grateful for what, what you’re happy about God, I’m grateful for my hair. And I’m grateful for my clothes. And I’m grateful for this. But have you ever thought I’m grateful for the challenges that I’ve had, I’m grateful that there’s been these tough times. Because when you start to do that, what happens is you raise your you start to raise your vibration, to what to your real self, to your true self. And notice that when you really practice gratitude, it’s not possible to have a negative gratitude, a negative cannot coexist. So another really important practice for all of us. So 1, 2, 3, and then the last one, shameless self promotion, The Passion Test, number one tool being used all over the world. Well, it’s so important for each and every one of us for our own self love, to say, What do I care about what matters to me, and then to have the have the courage to say, this is what I stand for, this is who I am. And Damn, that’s why I started on the path of self love. Because I saw, I started with The Passion Test, and I saw so many of my trainers, you know, they’d come to my courses just oh my god, this is it, I got it. I’m out. I’m gonna go bring it up all over the world. And then they didn’t so many didn’t, why didn’t they? Because they didn’t know who they were. And when they were faced with the world and the challenges the world had. If you don’t know yourself deeply, then you take everything personally. And then you cave, you say, Okay, I’m going to go back to my JOB. That’s Mark Victor Hansen’s acronym for just over broke, your safety and security. So these four practices, if I could give anything, these all are profound, deep and really worthy of your time.

The more stress that you release, the more you start to know yourself deeply. You know your essence, you know who you are. - Janet Attwood Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 14:49

And what would happen for you if you applied the simple four strategies that Janet shared with you, or even one of the four, right

Janet Attwood 14:57

one of the four Is it one of the four would actually be fabulous if you really did it.

Dan Kuschell 15:03

So I encourage you pick one of the four to take action with today. Now, Janet, if people want to go deeper with you, I mean, you’ve got a wealth of resources and tools. And you know, just again, your your light and love. And if you want to connect to that, I want to give you an ability to connect with Janet and all her amazing work. Janet, how can people connect with you? And where can they go?

Janet Attwood 15:23

Oh, honey, that is so generous, you are like that I’m so I’m here for you. And because I love seeing people just get it and turn on. I’ll say www.thepassiontest.com. And you can go to the section that says upcoming courses. And I’m doing all kinds of stuff online, passion test, self love. And there, you’ll find me if you want to be coached individually. That’s great. And you got the best here with Dan. And you are the best Dan, and thank you that I’m honored when when I saw your email and said, you know, would you do this? I’m like, would I not I’d be so face if you didn’t invite me.

Dan Kuschell 16:06

Thank you, Janet, thank you. I love you too. And I want to encourage you to go check out what Janet’s doing. Go to thepassiontest.com and I get this book, get this book, why? It will open the door for you to know thyself, right? Know thyself, if you want to know thyself, and you want to identify but don’t Don’t be shocked if after you go through this, you might quit your job, you might change careers, you might even change spouses maybe, gonna get happy. When you’re gonna get happy, you’re gonna get more grateful, and a lot of freedom as well. It will bring you freedom. This book is The Passion Test that brings you freedom and a whole lot more. So go get it and apply these steps. Now, Janet, what would be 1 to 3 action steps you hope everyone would take from from this quick conversation

Janet Attwood 16:53

To drop in and ask yourself, okay, do I need any of these things. And if you do, then go for it. Right? What most people do is they get on these calls, they get all excited. And then they forget. And then they go to the next call. What I would say the action steps is not only my interview, but I know Dan, you’re interviewing probably all kinds of people today. And for all of you to take really great notes. Because Dan, because of who Dan is, he’s going to only attract people who are sincerely authentic, people who really care about others. And people who want to do good just because it feels good. So take take whatever feels right. And then give yourself to it, just give yourself over to it. Even if even if it’s new and stay open. That’s it stay open to what is appearing. Now. You’re on this call, you’re listening to this time, there’s no mistake, no mistake, the universe is trying to talk to you right now. And say this is for you. So just when you hear the calling, go for it.

The universe is trying to talk to you right now and say, ‘This is for you.’ So when you hear the calling, go for it. - Janet Attwood Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 17:59

But I want to encourage you to go for it. Apply what Janet shared with you. Ask yourself, you know, do I need these things? Or even another question to ask is that what problem do I need solved right now in which of these things fit for you? What if self love could be that precursor to all of it? Because here’s the thing you’ve heard this 1000 times? If you’ve heard it once, haven’t you? What can you get love from if you don’t love yourself? First, you want to open that door. It’s really simple. And Janet can give you some simple steps to do that. Follow the four steps, the limiting beliefs, drop them, reverse, reverse them, transform them through the work of Byron Katie, and through what Janet can connect you to. Meditation, gratitude, as well as getting The Passion Test and go to thepassiontest.com. Janet, as we wrap up, I’m curious for you, right, you know, we’re both investors into our higher self and education and investing, you know, seven figures plus probably in all kinds of training, coaching and more, who’s a mentor or guide, a coach that has inspired you? You? Oh, thank you.

Janet Attwood 19:14

You. Byron Katie, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. These are my These are my, Dan, you. Have you been a coach to me? You’ve been phenomenal. Byron Katie, are you kidding me? My my ex husband. And I love to tell everybody. This is my best friend and my business partner. We haven’t been married for 23 plus years. And yet he calls me and so does his wife every other day. And I’m the godmother to their three children. So thank you, Byron Katie, I’m doing my concepts that would have kept me from having these incredible relationships. Ex wives can’t be best friends with the ex husband. Right for all of us. We all practice it. You, Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, right, just a simple process to undo these, the stress of the day and your deep rooted stresses, I am so grateful. You know, Dan, you helped me so much with business. So these are my mentors, and I’ve stuck with them forever, you know, we still call you when we get stuck. So there you have it.

Dan Kuschell 20:20

Hmm. And do you remember that little drive we took to Sedona all those years ago, I don’t know, 17, 18 years ago, and the group that we talked to, and that really opened up so many things, and I’ll be forever grateful. And as you’re watching, I hope you can feel the essence of Janet and who she is, you know, there’s the business side. And then there’s the personal side. And ideally, what you’re feeling through all of this is this, it’s not separate. You don’t have to have a business face and a personal face. It’s all one and you can have a great life. And you can have a great business too. Janet is someone who can show you how to be able to do that. Again, go check out what she’s got available with thepassiontest.com, apply these simple, yet actionable strategies and watch what happens, what would be the difference for you, if you had more gratitude, if you got rid of your limiting beliefs, if you had the ability to be at peace, with meditation, and you were able to get true on the like the things that really are meaningful and purposeful to you. It’s available right here right now. So go to thepassiontest.com. Janet, thank you,

Janet Attwood 21:28

I love you. And he says congratulations on you deserve it. And more and more and more. And whatever Dan’s offering today, if he is by all of it.

Dan Kuschell 21:39

Well, here’s the thing. I want you to take action with what you’ve got, seize the day. And if you want to come back to this full episode, this full segment go to growthtofreedom.com/300, growthtofreedom.com/300. If you never want to miss an episode, go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, growthtofreedom.com/subscribe. And if you know a founder or a CEO or an entrepreneur or business owner that’s maybe quietly suffering, maybe they’ve hit a plateau, they’ve hit a wall, get these free resources available to them, it can change their life and one of the experts here and Janet can be a great catalyst to that to open the door to self-love to open the other things because without self-love, it’s my belief all the business tactics and strategies just will not work or not work as well. Either one you pick, but I don’t want to see you suffer like that. So open the door. It starts here. Seize the day, make it a great week. We’ll see on the next segment of growthtofreedom.com. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening to this episode of growthtofreedom.com. Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and grow your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation you do that for free today at breakthroughstrategycall.com, that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com. In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You get that at activate.breakthrough3x.com, that’s activate.breakthrough3x com. If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit growthtofreedom.com.


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