Aaron Walker: Trusted Advisors, Tragedy, Significance, and Relationship Capital with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 28]

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Aaron Walker: Trusted Advisors, Tragedy, Significance, and Relationship Capital with Dan Kuschell


“Success is being a servant leader and paying attention to the details”.

– Aaron Walker


Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and feeling like you don’t have a sense of purpose? Or not as happy or energized as you’d like to be? Or feeling like you’re going at it alone?

Today you’re going to discover 3 words to transform the quality of your life, the power of trusted advisors, dealing with guilt and tragedy, unpacking your past, planning your future, and much more with Aaron Walker.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, having run 9-companies — founder of View from the Top, the Iron Sharpens Iron Online Coaching Program, a husband (married for 36 years), a dad, a coach, and regular media expert having worked with Dave Ramsey (Author, Radio and TV Host) since 1995.

Here’s a glance of the strategies you’ll walk away with today:

  • How a divine appointment at a Chamber of Commerce meeting changed the direction of his life, business, and career;
  • How an irresistible offer with a Free week of advertising turned into a lifelong client, friends, and a personal mastermind opportunity with one of the leading media experts in North America;
  • The Power of Masterminding and tapping into a team of Trusted Advisors on a weekly basis (with Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, Dave Ramsey and more);
  • How to turn tragedy into transformation for greater purpose, meaning, and significance (Aaron sold his first company at 27 to a Fortune 500 Company and an accident that changed Aaron’s perspective forever);
  • Why Selling a Company can sometimes lead to boredom, lack of purpose, and meaning – and what you can do to avoid slipping into this empty-stage;
  • “If you don’t have meaning in your life, not moving the needle, or accomplishing something, retirement wears off quickly.”
  • “If you’re working every day to retire and sell your business to go home and sit on the couch and watch reruns of Andy Griffith, get a different purpose because there is more to life going on than that. It is not going to last long playing golf every day and fishing.”
  • The Catastrophe and Tragedy that stopped Aaron’s life on August 1st, 2001- and how you can learn to transform any experience for good;
  • “Do life together.” – Aaron Walker
  • Why Significance is More Important than Chasing Success;
  • The Power of Being the Wings Beneath Their Wings: How an outward focus, empowerment, encouragement, and lifting up others turned a construction company building one or two homes per year turned into the #1 builder for 3 consecutive years in Middle Tennessee (and how you can apply it today);
  • The Power of Asking the Question: What Do I Want?
  • What Aaron taught his 2 daughters (when they were little) in dealing with being afraid, fear, and turning adversity into transformation;
  • “Failure is in not trying, not in not succeeding.” – Aaron Walker
  • “I couldn’t lay in bed at night think would that have worked? That would have killed me, laying there saying could I have done that? Probably. But I will never know, because I was afraid that I would fall down”.
  • “Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.”
  • “Do the thing you fear most, embrace it, and then go for it.”
  • “Use Fear to stay in the center of the road”.
  • “I’m glad Thomas Edison didn’t quit the first several thousand times it didn’t work in creating the incandescent light.”
  • “Failure is not failure, it’s a pivot. It’s one way you’ve learned not to do it. And once that’s out of the way, now what can you do?”
  • “Trusted Advisors that are non-biased provide a different lens of experience and can keep you from failing”;
  • How to Navigate Guilt: If it happened 5-minutes ago, I can’t do one thing about it – apologize, forgive yourself, confess it, deal with it, address it, go forward and move ahead of it;
  • “The Windshield is so big and the rearview mirror is so small because we need to spend more time looking forward than looking backwards”;
  • “I can control what’s ahead of me, I have no control over what’s behind me.”
  • Forgiveness is an incredible gift to give ourselves and others – and strategies you can use in dealing with mistakes;
  • What Aaron learned from his dad about the importance of relationships and relationship capital – and it’s not how much you earn or the material things, but how much you contribute in relationship;
  • “Relationships are what you bring, not what you take”;
  • Developing great relationships is about engaging them in their eye, caring about what someone is saying, caring genuinely, and what I can bring to make your life different and enriching someone’s life;
  • How to Intentionally Build Relationship Capital;
  • “You’re not invincible. Be careful as you’re climbing that ladder. The people you pass going up, if you fail, are the same you pass going down. Be careful in how you treat people”.
  • Pay attention to the details – in your marriage and your business – for greater success;
  • Why thinking we can get away with it will bite you in the future;
  • One of Aaron’s Favorite Productivity Tools: BellionDesign.com – 31,000 Graphic Designers to help you grow your business;
  • “Happiness is a trait – not a choice.”
  • And much, much, more…


Aaron Walker is a serial entrepreneur, servant leader, and can help business owners grow their business for impact, significance, and purpose.

Contact Aaron Walker at [email protected] on twitter @VFTCoach and by going to http://www.viewfromthetop.com/freedom and get access to Aaron’s Toolkit: Your personal assessment, Getting what you Want, and Steps to a Productive Day (free – for a limited time).

Aaron also runs an online coaching program called Iron Sharpens Iron for entrepreneurs and you can learn more at: http://viewfromthetop.ning.com/

Get access to the full show here at: https://growthtofreedom.com/aaron-walker-trusted-advisors-tragedy-significance-and-relationship-capital-with-dan-kuschell/

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