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Yanik Silver is the Founder of Maverick1000, a global network of 21st-century business leaders and entrepreneurs who are focused on making a serious difference in the world — without taking themselves too seriously. Yanik has been called a Cosmic Catalyst, a Maverick Mischief-Maker, and a Galactic Goofball. He is also the creator of The Cosmic Journal and the best-selling author of the book, Evolved Enterprise.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Why Yanik Silver calls the past year a “catalyst for conscious growth”
  • Ask yourself: would I be happy doing this for the next 10 years?
  • How Yanik discovered his “why” and started making a greater impact in his career
  • Yanik’s strategies for building a transcendental business
  • The value of detaching yourself from the outcome of a project or venture
  • Yanik and Dan Kuschell share the various ways that leaders can benefit from journaling

In this episode…

How can you achieve your next big business breakthrough — without straying from your original mission and purpose? What does it take to grow your business from transactional, to transformational, to transcendental? According to Yanik Silver, it’s all about alignment.

By aligning your head, your heart, and your higher purpose — a concept Yanik learned as a yoga practitioner — you can build an evolved enterprise that makes a deeper impact and achieves greater growth. And, as Yanik says, this process starts with you, the leader. When you get clear on your “why” and pursue your passion, you can create a business that transcends the rest.

Yanik Silver, a best-selling author and the Founder of Maverick1000, joins Dan Kuschell on this episode of Growth to Freedom to share his strategies for building a transcendental business. Yanik explains the valuable benefits of journaling, how to discover your “why,” and the action steps you can take today to reach your next big business breakthrough. Stay tuned for more!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:06

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach, a bigger impact and make a bigger contribution. Do you believe that business is meant to be a force for good? Right? Do you believe that you can actually build a business that’s meaningful, gives you fulfillment, and also has the ability to make a bigger impact? Well, well, if so, you’re gonna love our next guest expert, we got a chance to meet somewhere close to 20 years ago, he came on a show on NBC radio where we got introduced and since that time, we’ve had a chance to meet we’ve had a chance to spend time on Necker Island, you know, he had, in my opinion, transformed the event business model, although I don’t know that he’d give himself credit with that with something called the underground, opening doors, the internet community online, but he’s evolved way, way beyond that. He’s been called a cosmic catalyst, a maverick mischief maker and a galactic goofball. He redefines how business is played in the 21st century, at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact. He’s the creator of something called TheCosmic Journal. He’s the best selling author of this book, Evolved Enterprise: An Illustrated Guide to Re-think, Re-imagine and Re-invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact and Even Greater Profits. And I can’t help but say this Yanik shows entrepreneurs how rewriting the rules can create a better world if you want to do that. I mean, that’s from Richard Branson. Now, he has that to say, what do you think you’re gonna learn here in the next few minutes with our special guest, Yanik Silver ganache, how are you, man? Hey, Dan, thank you appreciate that. You bet. You bet. I want to dive right into it. I mean, you’ve had quite a journey, eight, seven figures, kind of models, companies, however you want to describe them. For you, as you look at what’s going on today, I mean, the world’s changed a lot in the last nine months, you know, a lot of cascading going on and so on. You’re very deep thinker. We’re going to talk about how people can connect with you hear at the end of this segment a little bit. But what do you see are some of the big mistakes eonic that a lot of people are making, as they’re pursuing, like building this business and also factoring in the transition? That’s kind of happened in the last few months?

Yanik Silver 2:29

Yeah, well, let you know, last few months has really accelerated, I call it a catalyst for consciousness and for conscious growth. It’s a, you know, really forcing so many people to take stock. And I see entrepreneurs go through these stages, you know, I did I know you did. It’s like, Where, where you’ve been successful. I, so actually, the first stage is you jump out of the airplane without the parachute, and you’re on the way down, you know, you don’t have this great idea. And then you’re like, oh, wow, it actually worked. And that’s stage two, and things are going great. And you know, profits are increasing, you’re getting accolades, and all these things are happening. And then at some point, it sort of plateaus out and might not be your profits, but it’s your your passion, it’s like your your interest for what that was. And then you need to make this giant leap. And the giant leap is either you go back into kind of these golden handcuffs, and you keep doing what you’ve already done. And then you feel like your soul is sort of dying a little bit each day, or you make this giant leap into connecting your head, which is your business side or marketing side, and then your heart the impact you want to make, and then your higher purpose. And then that, you know that that really is a big chasm that you want to cross and, and not everyone gets there. But the question that you asked at that point is now what? And that’s and that’s I think this is an accelerant right now that’s happening that that people are asking, okay, now, what are or is this all there is or, you know, what, what’s the real meaning behind what I’m doing, because we’ve been forced to kind of like stay put. And then when you stay put, it’s, it really has a grounding presence. It has a way of like, making you kind of look at everything going on, because you can use that that frenetic energy of maybe traveling all the time, or being involved in all sorts of things to be like, Okay, well, I’ll handle that at another point. But, but being in one spot, really you’re like, Okay, so what what is going on here?

Make this giant leap into connecting your head, which is your business side or marketing side, and then your heart, the impact you want to make, and your higher purpose. - Yanik Silver Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 4:19

Yeah, and speaking of what’s going on here, I mean, even in the beginning of the book, you tell the story. And a question, I think it’s a really profound question. It ties in with just what you talked about this, the stages of, you know, essentially becoming an evolved human to become an evolved enterprise, which is, you know, what, I be happy. I mean, this was your personal story. Would I be happy doing this for the next 10 years? And you know, doing at that time, and you talked about that in one of the first chapters? Your answer was no, and it was then this like revelation, if you will, this exploration to evolve and go what would make me happy, right.

Yanik Silver 5:00

So now, a cosmic alarm clock. It’s like It goes off and you can either hit snooze and ignore it, or you can answer it. And it’s usually like a little whisper. And, and for a lot of times, like for me outside looking in everything was, you know, amazing making a lot of money online having, just as you said kind of helped reinvent that that space especially for events and so forth. And but but I just you know, I was really honest, I just wasn’t wasn’t truly happier or more like, it wasn’t like it was good, but it could be even better. Like I thought that there was a greater impact that I could have. And that actually sent me on a really interesting sideways journey. Because up until that point, everything that I had touched was easy. You know, it just worked. And then this thing that I was like, Okay, well, what am I most excited or passionate about? It’s, we hang out with great entrepreneurs, we go on adventure trips, we would have business sessions in middle nowhere dune buggy racing, we would have a charity element. What could possibly be bad about that? And then $400,000 in, my wife’s like, what are you doing? You got that knock on the door for Missy? That was the URL. Yeah, that was a nudge. Exactly. In the Yeah, maybe not the door that, like you were doing the elbow into the ribs. And because my passion for the other side was not really there any any more. So I had also like, close different programs, I had, you know, shut down a lot of stuff. Because I’m like, now that’s not what I want to be doing. And then but what it really forced me to look at was, what is my why, and the big why was not to build an adventure travel company. It was at that point, you know, again, I could have easily kind of gone back to that golden handcuffs going back to what I was doing. But that wouldn’t have been any any sort of growth. And the big why was how do we change the way businesses played. And that really became the mission for what we’re doing. And along the way, the pieces for you know, the book that you’ve held up, they bought enterprise started really jelling and crystallizing from meeting and hanging out with people like Richard Branson, but but also like from a lot of unknown sort of business entrepreneurs who are really following this process of connecting their head, their heart, their higher purpose, and what did that look like. And so I learned all these little pieces, and then I helped reassemble what we’re doing, and had an 824% change in trajectory to the positive side and putting together this this framework, which then became Evolved Enterprise.

Dan Kuschell 7:26

And as you’re listening or watching right now, like, would you want to be in a place where you can match your head, your heart and your higher purpose to create your version of an evolved enterprise to have a bigger impact, have greater growth have greater profitability, and make a bigger difference? If so, you know, Yanik is certainly an expert to be able to share that with you.

Yanik Silver 7:48

Now, you know, as this and I’ll just say one quick thing about moving from a transactional company to a transformational company to transcending and and so a lot of times, we’re stuck at that transactional level where it’s just competing on price or just competing on some sort of advantage that we try and create. But But really, where this seismic shift is happening, and if you look at the trends, and it’s even more than trends, it’s a consumer buying behaviors changing, consumers want to buy companies that have a greater purpose and meaning. And then people want to work with companies who work for companies that that have that. So it’s happening outside in and inside out. And that’s that’s a seismic shift.

Consumer buying behavior is changing. Consumers want to buy from companies that have a greater purpose and meaning. - Yanik Silver Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 8:26

Yeah. And right. You know, another factor to that, right is, you know, the companies that are going to evolve as an enterprise are those who are also, you know, going to not let technology and automation the myth of that get in the way of making money and actually personalize the experience, like, really tune in to their clients, like what are their wants, their needs, their true desires, moving beyond transactional, moving even beyond transformational, but you talked about a transcendent, personalized to them, and those that do that are going to be the ones that thrive and those who don’t, they’re going to get, you know, washed away, right, right. Now, as you kind of view, you know, through your optics, right, which you’re one of the most creative, genius type people I’ve ever been around, frankly, and your ability to then take information and then create these simple little diagrams that make it easy to understand or impossible to misunderstand, even better. Like, what do you see or like one like right now, like, if you’re working with a client, or clients, you’ve worked with hundreds of 1000s over the years, like if you’re working with somebody right now, whatever like 1 to 3 strategies Yanik you’d be suggesting, Hey, get these in place right now or make these shifts in place right now that you know or feel can have a huge breakthrough.

Yanik Silver 9:38

Yeah, I mean, the, the the pieces are, what like what you you mentioned is that moving from that transactional to transformational to transcending it, and it doesn’t happen overnight, necessarily. Like it actually is the deep work that happens typically on the founder entrepreneur level, and part of the diagram is it starts with you and then it radiates out into your company. And so some companies have been looking at these data and be like, Okay, well, we need to do something around charity or impact or whatever. But then they’re looking at it from a transactional lens, they’re looking at it from, you know, like, I kind of pick on KFC a couple years ago, where they had a pink bucket of chicken to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. And, and 50 cents of that bucket went to, to that research. And, and so I was like, ask my friends, my I don’t get it. And they’re like, well, they sell breast chicken, and this is for breast cancer research. And I’m like, Oh, all right, I get it now. But you know, also the, there’s, you know, data around a diet high in saturated fat has been linked to cancer. So like, it’s just not congruent. And, and so this is the, you know, the, your consumer, your, your buyer, your member, your client is smarter than ever and more connected than ever. And so they went on social media, and they’re like, this is, you know, this, this is not congruent. This is just, you know, in a massive backlash, so, so I think that it’s getting back to, you know, what is your true why. So in the model, it starts with you evolving you and then going deeper, and one of the ways that you go deeper is journaling. And that’s, you know, maybe we have a few minutes to talk about that. But getting to your why, like, why did you start your company? What was the real reason for it? Who did you want to serve? Who did you, you know, want to become a hero to like Dan Sullivan talks about who did you know, did you you know, what was the purpose of it, maybe it was solving a great pain that you had, that he wanted to solve for others, or maybe it was something else, maybe it was just you saw a gap in the marketplace. And but if you saw that, like that is okay. But at some point, you probably want to connect to something deeper. And And otherwise, it’s just going to be about the transactional aspect of it. And then it’s like connecting that to what is the impact that you want to make. And then and then getting that aligned for your team as well. Because when you have this alignment, so I’m I’m, you know, a yoga practitioner, and so it’s all about alignment. And when you get that alignment, again, your head, your heart, your higher purpose, but it works for everything your team wants to, you know, work harder for you, your clients, and customers want to buy more, and they want to share what they’re buying more, because they feel like they’re part of something bigger and driving a mission, you get, you know, potentially celebrity endorsements, you get, you know, all these things start showing up for you. But it can’t be done from a tactical, oh, this is the flavor of the month kind of thing. It has to come from this, this deeper resonance. And believe it or not, and you would believe it, because, you know, I do all sorts of unusual things. But I’ve been tapping much more into just indigenous wisdom and going back to, you know, 1000s and 1000s of years of wisdom and saying, Okay, what, what is the real lesson here? And then how do we apply that to to the business world?

Why did you start your company? What was the real reason for it? Who did you want to serve? Who did you want to become a hero to? - Yanik Silver Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 12:53

And as you’re listening or watching, like, what would it be worth? How would it impact you to be in a place where you become a catalyst for conscious growth, and shift your business around this move from tactical focus? To beyond strategy even, to principle based? That’s timeless? Not just timely, right? You know what Yanik just shared? They’re going back to ancient wisdom, tapping into the timeless wisdom that’s there. And like, what it will be true tomorrow, regardless of what happens, what’s been true for decades, right? What will be true for you, if you put it in place, right? Don’t fall in love with tactics, fall in love with the principles and when you hang out with people like Yanik can some of the experts that we have a part of this series, you can’t help but fall in love with the timeless strategies that work whether the market goes up, whether the market goes down, whatever shifts happen and keep you bulletproof. Not that you don’t have ups and downs, but it keeps you more bulletproof and almost puts a moat around your castle, so to speak when it’s done. done right now. Yeah, I know Yanik we scratched the surface on this just a little bit. And we’re running short on time. If people are intrigued, which I imagine they are, you know, if you’re looking for a way to have a more meaningful business, to have a bigger impact to drive up profits, and also do something that really makes a bigger difference is an evolved enterprise. Where can people connect with you? Where can they get in contact with you learn more about what you’re up to what you’re doing?

Yanik Silver 14:21

Sure, you know, Evolved Enterprise and you can buy it on Amazon, also the newest Cosmic Journal, which is when I hand it to people, I call it the senior galactic construction manual that you were missing at birth to remember your destiny here. And so that can really tap you into what what are you designed to do here? And then for companies that are seven figures plus and really leading their industry, we have a group that you mentioned Maverick1000 group, that we get together a couple times a year and really, you focus on how do we grow ourselves? How do we evolve our business? How do we evolve ourselves, make a difference in the world and have some fun together? But you know, I want to give you one, not I guess it’s a tactic, but maybe not. It’s timeless wisdom, which is this idea. It comes from the Bhagavad Gita, which is one of our oldest spiritual texts. And this this idea of, and this is difficult for entrepreneurs, especially, is that we are only, we were only allowed to have essentially our labor, right? So if you put into your heart and soul into something, and not be attached to what’s called the fruits of your labor, and so so many times we’re looking at, okay, what are the sales numbers? How did this do, if it didn’t sell, then you know, it’s a flop or whatever it is, but but we have that attachment or that expectation, then it removes some of that, that joy of purely just putting everything that you have into whatever it is, and, and I’ve witnessed that multiple times when, and actually that latest project, the Cosmic Journal was a great example of that, because I literally, for 108 days, I hand illustrated a journal page every single day, and I had no idea what it would turn into. It was really meant for me, and then it ended up getting published, it ended up being you know, just so many people just shared, how many accolades about it. And that’s really helped them in this immense way. But again, it was designed for me and I think, going back to that piece again, like, Okay, what do we want to put our whole heart and soul into? And one of my favorite questions, I love questions, you know, just like you like, the deeper the question, the better the answers. Yeah. Brene Brown and her book Daring Greatly her question, or one of them that I kind of crib was, what would I do, even if I knew it would fail? And that question really speaks to this idea of not being attached to the outcome? Because we’ve all heard, okay, I got six months to live, what would I do? If I couldn’t fail? What would I do? But I think this question is even better, because it forces me to look at what is what am I willing to put in, regardless of the outcome? And so again, what would I do even if I knew it would fail? And I put failing quotes because I don’t really believe in in failure. That word. I think you’re getting outcomes. I think you’re getting data but but you know, what would I do even if I knew it would fail and super powerful question.

Dan Kuschell 17:00

And as you’re watching or listening, I encourage you to go check out what Yanik has got available, go to, go to, do a Google search for Yanik, go to Amazon and get the book you won’t be disappointed. Number one, check out Maverick 1000. If you’re running a seven figure business, you’re looking for a way to be connected to a group of like minded experts like minded peers who really understand that business is a force for good. Now Yanik as we wrap this up, what’s up? What’s something I should have asked you that I didn’t get a chance to?

Dan Kuschell 17:32

Have that let’s talk about journaling for a minute. Do it, because I think that’s one of those success principles that I’ve loved. I’ve been, you know, journal, big journal practice, cabinets full of my journals just like, good. Yeah. So how has your journaling practice, has it evolved at all over the years?

Dan Kuschell 17:49

I would say it’s become a combination of, you know, storytelling, right? emotions, I’m more emotional in my journaling today. I don’t know if that’s maturity, or midlife crisis stuff, or what I just find myself being able to be true, you know, progress starts by telling the truth, right. So a lot of truth, you know, comes out of it, I also connect to your higher purpose things like Yeah, and I really create these, like, You’re, you’re amazing at the drawings that you do, but I do these little mini, like, almost connections, I’ll call them between one thing and another to be like, for me, the reinforcement tool to stay on track. Like, you know, my, one of my high higher values is hyper growth, like super hyper growth, like I can’t work around people who are linear at all, are they that type of person. So when I’m working with a client, or I’m working in a project, I track the hyper growth factor, to see where it’s at. And I give myself ratings of it, to identify like, is this something I should continue to do not do, etc. So those are a couple of little.

Yanik Silver 17:57

And, you know, the fact that you know, being more connected to your emotions is a big part of journaling. So as entrepreneurs, as leaders, we have all these things that are kind of swirling around in our head and journaling has actually been scientifically proven to make you happier, because it allows us to create a beginning a middle and an end on that page of paper and, and so just getting it out is super powerful. And as you said, you know, you’ve matured and that way of being more almost like vulnerable, I think in your journal, because a lot of times people are like, oh, I’ve tried it and I’ve given up on it, or i’ve you know, maybe never tried it or I’m scared of my wife or my husband or my girlfriend or my kids or whoever reading it. And you know, that is a common thing that I hear but maybe you know, if you are worried about that you just put it somewhere that they won’t find it put it in a lockbox or something like that. I mean, mine are sitting out in my in my office, and it’s okay, right? Like I’m not I’m not worried about that. But it is this amazing place of tracking like you’re talking about tracking. This is one of your core values is hyper growth. So how are you able to see if you’re actually giving yourself credit for it, or how are you on track for it? Yeah, by going through these years, like, it just gets better and better, as you have years of this of this information, because then you can go back, sometimes it’s over a particular date, sometimes it’s just via serendipity, you open it up, you’re like, oh, that was a big idea. That was a terrible idea. Or that was, I’m glad I didn’t, you know, pursue that, or I’m glad that worked out the way I thought I really wanted it to, or, you know, just, it just has this really beautiful log for it for your life. And the deeper you do it. And then for me, you know, like you mentioned, the drugs and so forth. Like that came back, like, I wanted to be a cartoonist as a kid. And it came back through my journals. And you know, it’s just, it’s a beautiful process that you can make it into anything that you want. And it allows you to really create this creative, intuitive aspect of, of tapping into really deeper wisdom, tapping it like so I use also my non dominant hand for answering questions. So that question I asked you, I would answer with my right hand. And I also answered my left hand, and then you would see what would happen. And so there’s so many ways of using your journaling. And highly,

Dan Kuschell 21:12

I got to share one of our one on one, which is writing it upside down. For me, with your like, so if you’re right handed, right, yeah. So you write out your responses upside down. I don’t know if it has the same exact as the non dominant hand, but it opens up, I have found a certain level of creativity and focus from doing it upside down. Like,

Yanik Silver 21:31

Writing it upside down?

Dan Kuschell 21:33

your name upside down right now. Yeah.

Yanik Silver 21:37

And is it left to right or is it a? So here you go?

Dan Kuschell 21:42

It isn’t completely right. Because the ends backwards, but Okay, that’s pretty interesting. And this might be something that you have, like complete sentences and complete.

Yanik Silver 21:55

Wow, that’s fascinating. Yeah, yeah, I think that probably has some, some similar capacity to it. And because it’s just opening up our whole brain, instead of just one part that we, we typically use that linear fashion. And I’ve found, you know, just deep, deep, deep wisdom that that happens when we open that up.

Dan Kuschell 22:12

And as you’re watching or listening, would it be worth to you to open that up to create an evolved enterprise to be a force for good to get your head heart and your higher purpose connected? Well, again, if you want to go deeper with what Yanik has shared with you, I encourage you go to, go to, go look up Yanik and get connected with him. You’ll find he’s one of the most connected people but he’s also somebody who wants to help solve a lot of problems, reduce suffering for entrepreneurs, open up gateways and a whole lot more. Yanik, I just want to say I’m incredibly grateful for your time, your wisdom, friendship over these many years and continue to help each other even more.

Yanik Silver 22:51

Thanks Dan appreciate it. Thanks for having me. On the 300 episodes

Dan Kuschell 22:54

Thank you, thank you, what are 1 to 3 action steps you hope that, you know the viewers listeners take from our 15, 20 minutes together today?

Yanik Silver 23:03

I would, I would say to answer that one question, what would I do even if I knew it would fail with your right hand and your left hand. So that would be to slide down? upside down? There you go. We got all three steps right there. It would also be, you know, to give yourself an experiment, you know, we didn’t talk about a lot of other experiments. But journaling is one so you know, for me, I use 33 days as a number because it’s beyond the month and it’s a specific number. So it could be 15 days could be 21 days. But think of an experiment that you want to try could be could be journaling might be meditation might be you know, no alcohol, no be no sugar, and all these different experiments that you can give yourself and then see, has it helped me or not help me because every time that we change our own state, and again evolve a little bit as a founder, it’s going to affect all these other ripples. So that would be the other thing and then get a little more clear on your why go back to your why even maybe going back to what did you love to do as a kid and thinking about that and because that that could show up again in your in your business in your company.

Dan Kuschell 24:08

There you have it, take action with what Yanik shared with you answer the question what would you do even if you failed? Look at your life, his experiments track what works, how it works, what’s working, what’s not working as a result and go back to your wild that childlike enthusiasm take action, seize the day. We’ll see in the next segment, the next episode, next session here on Thanks for watching, and thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at, that’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You get that at, that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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