Dr. Cristy Lopez: Wired for Success, Failure, and Breakthroughs with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 26]

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Dr. Cristy Lopez: Wired for Success, Failure, and Breakthroughs with Dan Kuschell


Our influences in life ultimately determines our wiring for success, how we deal with fear and create breakthroughs.

Today you’re going to get strategies to identify where you are, and how to re-pattern your wiring for peak performance and success from Dr. Cristy Lopez. She’s a psychologist, counselor, and coach and has worked with thousands of clients in her practice. She’s also been an expert on TV, with shows like Dr. Phil, Downsized, and more.

If you’re in transition – in your career, relationships, or life, she is uniquely qualified to show you how to transform your life by shifting your wiring – to achieve greater freedom, growth, clarity, and more.


Here’s a glance of the strategies you’ll walk away with today:

  • The power of language – and how shifting one word in an ad campaign decreased response by one-third, however created more ideal clients;
  • “What you say to yourself will manifest”;
  • “You can be wired to be in a peak state when you get your physiology and psychology working together” – Dr. Cristy Lopez
  • Why the Underdog (or Mighty Mouse) song may help you anchor more confidence and clarity;
  • What the characteristics of your favorite super hero say about you?
  • Why do resolutions and goal setting fall short (compared to goal achieving);
  • “There’s a big difference between a wish and a goal, and that’s being committed to go get it and get it done”;
  • “When you shift your goals from a maybe, might, or a wish to a MUST, magic happens”;
  • Wiring yourself for confidence, creativity, clarity, adventure, meaning, love, contribution, and growth;
  • How to put yourself in a calm state amidst chaos;
  • “Rituals combined with associations (like trigger points and language) rewire the neuro-network of the mind for calm, confidence, and clarity”;
  • The PEACE framework to trigger Peak Performance: Physiology, Emotions, Actions (behaviors), Cognition (thoughts), Extra-sensory (intuition, spirituality);
  • Why traditional therapy gets a bad rap – and the transformational tools you can put in place for creating the life you want;
  • The simple technique to infuse emotion into your goal achievement: What would it feel like and be like to have the life I want?
  • Why declarations are more powerful than affirmations (HINT: Our country was founded on the Declaration of Independence, not the Affirmation of Independence);
  • Preparing for Success: What obstacles may get in the way? What additional skills do I need?
  • “You’ve got to get into it to win it – with your thoughts, feelings, and body (physically)”;
  • “There’s a hero inside of you – a seed of potential for greatness waiting to come out”;
  • “There’s a story inside of you, a song to sing, and a hero inside of you”;
  • “Schedule the time for you to work on YOU with self-care”; – Dr. Sean Stephenson
  • “If you don’t schedule the time for YOU, why should anyone else? If you don’t care enough about you, why should anyone else? What are the things you do for you to set up your day to win”;
  • Make it automatic: Methods, routines, and rituals to practice success daily;
  • How to use boundaries to take away the opportunity to rationalize and justify and take decisions off the table ahead of time;
  • What to do when you fall off the wagon, get off track and start beating yourself up (HINT: Anticipate what may happen to get off track ahead of time and create a recovery or relapse plan);
  • Why it’s important to develop the skills for Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery;
  • Setting up reward frameworks internally (feelings) and externally (physically) to support your goals;
  • And much, much, more…


Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, need help with your marriage, or looking for a coach, Dr. Cristy Lopez can show you how to transform your life, career, business, and relationships.

Contact Dr. Cristy Lopez by going to http://www.cristylopezphd.com or contact her office at 602-323-7824.

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Dan Kuschell is a success driven business growth strategist, a media contributor, and thought leader. He helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners grow and scale their companies 10x by driving the flow of elegant ideas, execution, and team-culture for greater clarity, confidence, and direction. Dan has been recognized worldwide for creating results with his resources, books, and strategies.


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