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Mike Agugliaro

Mike Agugliaro is the CEO and Founder of FuDog Group, a training and coaching company that helps people design their most prosperous, fulfilling, and impactful lives. He is also the Co-founder and Board Member for CEO Warrior, the world’s highest level coaching and training organization for home service businesses. Mike mentors and coaches his clients on how to improve their personal success, transformation, and mastery. He is a sought-after speaker and the popular author of 17 books, including The Secrets of Business Mastery and Secrets of Leadership Mastery.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mike Agugliaro shares the turning point that changed the way he approached life and success
  • The importance of balance in all aspects of your life — and how this contributes to your business
  • Mike discusses the inspiration behind FuDog Group and his lifelong mission to help people
  • How to reframe your challenges to achieve greater growth
  • One simple exercise to help you regain your self-worth
  • Mike’s tips for making a stronger impact on your company, industry, and community
  • Mike breaks down his version of the “genie in a bottle” fable and how it applies to leaders

In this episode…

There are hundreds of tactics and strategies in the business world that promise to be the key to growing your company exponentially. But as Mike Agugliaro says, the only way to 10X your business is to 20X yourself. So, how do you maximize your personal growth?

Early on in his career, Mike learned this valuable lesson: if all the components in your life aren’t successful, your career won’t be successful either. Now, he helps leaders achieve transformation with everything from their health to their wealth and their relationships. After all, your business can only grow to the extent that you do.

Mike Agugliaro, the Founder and CEO of FuDog Group, joins Dan Kuschell on this episode of Growth to Freedom to discuss how to achieve constant growth and evolution, both personally and professionally. Mike explains why you have to focus on your personal growth in order to 10X your business, how to write a new story for your life and career, and the importance of being your own “genie.” Stay tuned for more!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach, a bigger impact, and make a bigger contribution. Welcome to this segment. Let me ask you, you ever said to yourself quietly, wow, I’m going to prove them. What wrong. Prove them wrong. Have you ever said that? Well, if you’ve ever said that, or maybe had that inspiration that you know, you’re destined to do something bigger, do something more valuable in the world, you are gonna love today’s guest expert. He’s an inspiration. He’s going to motivate you. He’s going to help transform your life here in the next few minutes. And the reason why is he epitomises transformation starts with himself, always, every single day of his life has been about creating a transformation. Now he wouldn’t have called it that when he was a teenager, he wouldn’t call that probably in the middle of running his electrical business, you wouldn’t call that in building one of the largest training companies in the world. For service businesses. You wouldn’t have called it any of that. But guess what, today, you’re going to get a glimpse behind a man who’s making a big difference in the lives of others. His mission is to go out and impact over a million people in the next 10 years in over 100 countries with a programme he calls FuDog Group. But before we get to that, let me just give you a context of who our guest expert Mike Agugliaro is he grew up like maybe like you maybe like me, and he struggled as a kid he struggled in school wasn’t really something that he connected to. He got into martial arts at 15 years old, which had a huge impact on not just his body, but on his mind. And it was that mind focus, that transformed him to go out and start his first business in 1994. With a friend of his name, Rob, electrical company, they got started, and in less than 10 years grew that business to over $30 million a year before it was acquired by a private equity company in 2017. He then started CEO Warrior, the largest training and coaching organisation for home service businesses in the world. And that company has impacted its clients by helping them grow by over 500 million over a half a billion dollars in growth on his on his watch. He recently brought in a private equity company to grow it even further. And today, he’s on a mission with FuDog Group, because here’s what he’s found. Business is one side of the coin. But what’s the other side of the coin? Have you ever noticed that maybe when you’re building a business, you give your family leftovers, you give your health leftovers, you give your spiritual side leftovers, because you’re so committed to growing this thing called your baby called your business? Well guess what he firmly believes. And he’s a living example, that it doesn’t have to be that way that you can play and win on two sides of the coin, FuDog Group. He also has an amazing wife that, that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Mike over the years, and we’ve gotten a chance to know each other almost a decade now. And his wife, Jennifer, he’s got amazing kids, he epitomises leading by example. So that’s a quick backstory, there’s more I could share. But for the sake of time, you get the idea. So if you’re looking for a way to discover how to play on both sides of the coin, not just your business side, but transform your health, transform your life, transform your relationships, so that you can have that full 360 degree fulfilment. You’re going to love what Mike has to share with you, Mike, welcome. How are you, brother?

Mike Agugliaro 4:08

Yeah. Hey, Dan, excited to be here. First off, thank you for all the kind words, everybody listening, I probably sound more amazing than what I really am. But, Dan, first off to you, thanks for putting a show on like this. Because this allows people to come to a place to hear things in a way that they can take action on. And that’s what I want to make sure of today. With our time together. I want to make sure that I give not just maybe a story, a framework but something that you can put into action. Because so many people listen to the shows they walk away they go Oh, did you hear that episode? That was really great. And but then there’s nothing to do after that. Also, I just want to say thanks for being a great friend and a mentor of mine. Anybody who has a chance to either work with Dan or spend time with Dan, you should take advantage of it because I know him like he said for just about a decade. And he’s been part of my life when I was growing the service company to 32 million and double digit profit, 165 trucks on the road, over 200 employees. And we dominated the state of New Jersey. And I sold that in 2017. And Dan, you were, we were friends then. And you gave me insight on different things, then you gave me insight when I grew CEO Warrior to the Empire is today and you still anytime I have insight, so thank you. Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Dan Kuschell 5:36

It’s a pleasure. And I will shift the focus to you, Mike, because yeah, I mean, you’ve been at this a long time, what I’ve been amazed about you is your like, the number one core value in our business is hyper growth I look for to work, like I only can play well with people who are hyper growth focus truthfully, like anybody else is kind of a hard thing for me. And I think you to speak to this, like this mind. I don’t know if you call it mindset, but mind growth. Yeah, around being someone who’s so committed to always stretch the status quo of you first, as well as like what you’re growing speak to that a little bit. Yeah. And

Mike Agugliaro 6:13

that’s what I needed to solve right when I was 15 years old, and I was on my own. And I was going to a vocational school, learning electrical trades, and just trying to survive out there. I really very short in a short period of time, once I became I don’t want to say when I became an adult, because I felt like I was forced into adulthood at 15. It’s very different for kids today. But when I had the responsibility of a home, and I actually have a townhouse when I was 19 years old, I think the interest rate was something like 18% in like eight or nine years, I think I paid off $1,000. And through this struggle, I learned two things. One work really, really hard. Now, some of you’re listening out, oh, well, that’s how you’re gonna win. No, no, that’s all I knew back then. And I only knew that because I felt like the world was like pushing on me. Any of you listen in us, you ever feel that way? Like, you feel like everything’s pushing on you like you have the burden of the world on you. And I remember one night and when I was, and I was in a mall, and I had a couple of words with some people in the mall, and they said something to me, they said, You’ll be like the rest of them. And that resonates with me still to go the rest of them. And of course, I was younger, and I probably flipped in the fingers set a whole bunch of curse words at them. And when I went home and laid in my bed that night, which my bed was in a basement, it had no ceiling and so it was just the rafters with wires and pipes through it. And I was looking up. And I remember looking up and thinking like how is this going to turn out for me like what path now I’m going to vocational school. The majority of kids are on drugs. They’re literally snorting cocaine in the back of the bus. They’re putting hits acid in the coffee in shop electrical shop. And I’m looking at that gun. Man that looks like a messed up road right there. I’m looking at another road and I’m like, Well, I mean, how do I know any different look who I’m surrounded around and then I just got I don’t know call it whatever you want to call it universe call it internal intuition voice, whatever, God whatever you want, said prove the world wrong. Now I didn’t know the world back then was everybody. Damn, I know who the hell the world was. But when I thought about that, that triggered right there, it triggered me to go okay, this is what I’m going to do. If everyone goes left, and everyone back then when I say everyone is the majority of my surroundings of kids in school, were either getting in trouble locked up doing some kind of drugs. I’m going to do the opposite of everybody. Which it’s not too easy to be in a vocational school where everybody’s wearing chain wallets, leather jackets, combat boots, and you’re the one that’s going to be saluted Torian second in class, I got an afro and the chain wallet, boots. So I looked pretty much like I don’t know how my wife says just like you look like a bad boy, but you’re a good boy type thing. And my beautiful wife we’re together since we’re 15 years old. So she’s been through this whole experience with me. That’s what triggered me over time Dan to go wait a second. Do you mean all success that I’m ever going to have? It’s gonna happen because of me. And I have this thing that I say like if you most people are trying to like 10x their business you hear this all the time 10x Your business 10x your business and what nobody tells you is it sounds easy. Oh, you’ll do marketing sales operation systems all this shit, right? And you’ll 10x No, no, no. You want to know how to 10x? You 20x yourself. That’s right.

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And then if you look at a life we’ll write all of you guys have seen these life wheels and then we have a life we’ll it has 10 pieces on it 10 slices of pie, only one of the slices of pie 1/10 is what we would call your career or your work. The other nine tenths, right health and recreation and fun and, and the place you live in or your community and contribution or family and, and partner or love or you know your growth and learning your spirituality, your wealth and finance these other 9/10s Everybody’s got you focus in on the 1/10. And what I learned is, if you balance the other 9/10, grow into $32 million business. Pretty damn easy. It really is. Because everything else is balanced. Let me make one point, I’ll hand it back to you. When you have chaos in your relationship with your partner, how’s your business doing during that time? Not good? Not good. It’s you don’t think about your business? You wish it no one you don’t even wish you had a business? What about when your health’s bad? You’re sick? Maybe you’re dealing with pandemic COVID, whatever, all of a sudden, what’s happening to your business suffer not good suffers? What about your spiritual belief when you lose hope and belief and whatever you want to believe in higher power God, she’s it doesn’t matter to me, you lose it. What happens here is it all goes away. When that clicked for me. And I said, You know what? I looked back in time and said, Holy crap. Three decades, then I did this just the other day, I was looking at what are all the things I did for three decades. I’ve been one my beautiful wife over three decades, I’ve been in martial arts over three decades, I’ve been building businesses over three decades, I’ve been helping people through what you just said, is that mindset. It’s not mindset. I’ve been helping people have mind growth. If you take concrete poured in your mind, it gets hard and it’s set. Do you want a mind that is set? This is one of those words the world makes you think of? And it actually controls you. It’s like mindset. No, no, I don’t want mindset. I want constant mind growth, constant evolution and ascension.

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Dan Kuschell 12:13

I mean, that’s amazing. As you’re watching or listening right now. I mean, there’s so much wisdom in what Mike just share. And I have to ask you, like, what would happen for you? As you look at your business, and let’s say you want to 3x it to 10x, which we talk a lot about in our programmes. Well, the easy way to three to 10x Your business is to 20x yourself. Think about that. And then what do you have to do to 20x yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, emotionally. And when you get those things in order, your business transforms with you, your business will only grow to the extent you grow. So which comes first, I encourage you to follow Mike. Now, Mike, because you’ve been doing this, and now you’re focused on FuDog Group, right, and helping a million people from 100 Different countries over the next 10 years or less. Yeah. Before we get to that, talk about a little bit of maybe take us behind the scenes of, you know, some of the common things that you have experienced as some mistakes or failures at this side of it that ultimately you’re like, Oh, I got to reshift. Right. I got to regrow if if that’s even right, yeah. So speak to that a little bit.

Mike Agugliaro 13:37

Yeah, I’ll talk for myself. My My biggest personal Dan awakening that has happened in the last year is now that I, my wife and I, we started this company, FuDog Group, which is all about transforming humanity, one person at a time. And we do it away through connection, implementation and transformation. When when I look back at where I started as a kid, and a lot of people don’t know this, then I actually thought I was going to be a doctor. I did because when I was young, if my if my, my sister got hurt, I was the first one to get peroxide and Neosporin and bandaged her up. And I really thought now the cards didn’t head that way. And I thought, well, I guess I’m not going to be a doctor. But if I rewound time that I look back, I actually became a doctor, maybe not in a doctor in a sense with a degree because I went to the school for this, but a doctor at a level that I’ve helped a lot of people through suffering and anxiety and depressions and frustrations and failures on all different levels. I mean, when I spent the last seven years helping service companies grow, which by the way, in the last year I think we helped 17 of them sell and become multi multiple Multi millionaires when I look at it, I was just a doctor for their business. But when I was in my learned in martial arts, and I was 19, or 20, damn, I was already helping. It’s called the dare programme. I don’t know if you guys have heard the dare programme was a programme where they took kids. And it was like a programme that tried to help young kids teens. And it was like the last effort before they go to scared street or juvenile or prison. And I would go there, and through martial arts, I would take these 1415 year olds and try to show them a way of discipline and focus. And sometimes at the young age of 20, I mean, I would be in a home with a mom, that’s crying, because the sons in the other room have their heroin needle in his arm, the sons crying, because the son doesn’t want a heroin needle in his arm. And with whatever skills I had, I would talk to both of them and help guide them through this journey. You know, then I kind of got lost a little bit people’s Oh, you didn’t get lost, you build a big ass service company. 32 million. Yeah, I had a lot of fun. And I was always helping people still there. And I grew a service company. But in the last year, Dan, I figured it out. All of that was training just to come back and reinforce who I really was put on the planet for, to serve people to remove the suffering and the pain and the struggle. And a good way for people to think about me is after people have done all this personal growth, right? All these personal and self development trainings, and they feel they’re at a point like, they just didn’t get it, they didn’t break through or they’re capped out. That’s where that’s where we pick up. That’s where we pick up. And please, um, you know, I’m just like a lot of you, you know, I listen to a lot of shows, and I know a lot of gurus while I’m not going to be one of those gurus to tell you everything was peaceful. I’m not, I’m going to tell you this, then I learned some things like, I’ll give you a big lesson, because maybe some of you listening are in a relationship. As I was growing a company, I was going to all these trainings, Dan and all these seminars, and I was growing, and I would come home, and my wife’s taking care of the family. She’s taking care of the kids, right? Which is really that’s like the difficult thing go and hanging out learn and stuff, eating shrimp cocktail at some big event. Not not not too difficult. Right? Right. But then what happened is I learned something, my wife and I, we had these rocky roads. And eventually we went to a training together and I and we figured it out together Holy crap. I was out there growing. She’s in here taking care of kids. Once we fix that, and we started both growing together, not we didn’t have to learn the same stuff. We both needed to be learning something. Everything changed in the relationship. And I just want this to be one key that if you’re one of those people out there and you ever relationship, and you’re saying Oh, my husband doesn’t like to do this, improve himself stuff, or my wife doesn’t like to do this seminar stuff. Let me explain the seminar that every one of them eventually, and I hope that maybe I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong, but we’ll end up in is called the seminar of divorce and separation. Because if you’re not growing together, you’re growing apart. And I always tell people, You all heard the phrase, if you’re not growing, you’re everybody says dying. And and I don’t believe that’s true anymore. I believe if you’re not growing, you’re already dead. And I haven’t even realised it yet. You’re you’re walking emotional death. And you see it with what’s happening today. Like everybody has put. And this was a big lesson for the last couple of years. Everybody makes something that’s not good for them such a downside. All they call it is negative. It’s negative, it’s negative. So okay, but like a very wise man told me, Danny said the only the only difference between negative and positive is the definition you give it. So I started saying well, wait a minute. What if I start looking at everything as it’s got an upside and a downside? Look, the pandemic everyone’s Oh, it’s so bad, bad. Okay, you know how many families got closer together? You know, many people fix their health right now, because they’re like, Wait a minute. If you have health problems, and you have been eat nachos, and Cheerios, and all this stuff every day, you got a bigger chance of a problem. So if you could start looking at the upside, and you can start aligning your family, which is like an well, they’re grown up side, no trouble now. I mean, my daughter walked across hot coals when she was seven years old. Now, maybe today they call typhus or something. I don’t know. You know, she was seven years old when she walked across hot coals now, and nothing happened. And she was fine. And I mean, she was seven years old. She walked across 50 pounds of broken glass. And when she walked across that I said, Why did you want to do that? She goes, Dan she said, it was so beautiful the way it shimmered and I went, she didn’t have all these limiting beliefs and programmes. Let me give you one more. And I want to stack some things here. If you look at the biggest lesson in the world, it’s like, we’ve all been programmed with some kind of information by someone who really cared about you, and only taught you what they thought you needed for the next level of life. But some of it happened in just changing the one little thing could change everything. Dan. I mean, look at this simple thing. When I was a kid, I wonder if like you or anybody listening? I’m walking down the road, and I find a quarter. And I think I found gold at five years old, right? A quarter. It’s like find a meteorite fail. And I like a quarter. Oh, my goodness, oh, my mom, my mom. And she goes, Oh, that’s really great. Now go wash your hands. Money is dirty. Now, people listening to this are adults going? Yeah, that happened to me. But I don’t believe that. It doesn’t matter if you believe that or not. Now, it doesn’t matter. That you know, money’s not dirty, you still have that thought in there, you still have that paradigm inside yourself. And when you look at relationships, your relationship may be a little different than your parents. But I bet it has more common themes than separate themes than your parents. So I know I’m throwing a lot at everybody here. But I want to give you different ways to think about things that you go, you know what, wait a second. Let me look in the mirror. And let me not see the reflection coming back. Let me see the reflection. I want to come back. Really think about that. When you look in the mirror today, and most people them. they brush their teeth this morning, probably and they don’t if I said, Tell me what you thought when you looked in the mirror. They will say I don’t even remember looking in the mirror. I said but you brushed your teeth, you probably looked in a mirror. They said Yeah, but I don’t remember it. Because you’ve been trained to look away, instead of look at because you haven’t been trained what you want to see versus what you think you’re seeing people look and they go, oh, you know, you’re, you’re I’m older. And I’ve wrinkles, I’m level 51. Now, level 51 is a is a better way than say 51 years old, because I believe every every year that goes up, you get stronger, you get smarter, you get more powerful. When I look in there I go. This is what level 51 looks like. And it’s just right for me right now. That doesn’t mean, I don’t want to make some improvements? Course not. But does it mean I’m beating myself down and trying not to look in the mirror or brush my teeth over here? No, I don’t want that either. I hope everybody you should pause right now listening to this. And everybody should take their pen and write down some notes of what you heard and say, Okay, here’s an action step. Even if it’s the simple one down, when you look in the mirror, look at yourself, see yourself I did a video the other day, Dan. And I said, Where did you lose yourself worth? Where did you lose your self worth in yourself. And this is I know a lot of people Dan, they go to motivational seminars and webinars and stuff. It’s all about motivation. It’s not about motivation. It’s not motivation goes away, I went to all of them. I mean, millions of dollars in every training day. And you know, we’ve been to a lot of them together. I’ve raised my hands, clap my hands and went home Monday morning, Monday woke up in the morning and wondered where to hell everyone was, very lonely. That’s motivation. Transformation. As you take a training, you take some it shifts something and then all of a sudden you wake up Monday morning. And you’re ready. You’re not looking for 500 or 5000 people to jump with you because you don’t need it. You can jump by yourself.

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Dan Kuschell 23:55

And what would that be worth? As you’re watching or listening right now? Right? And what would it be worth if you could shed some of these subtle, hidden hidden beliefs that have been planted like seeds in your soil called your mind, your heart, your soul? I mean, think about it. Like how would it shift the game if you were able to shift your thinking and be able to see both sides of that coin? Negative, positive, and then choose which one you want to own? Which story serves you best? What if you could actually look at your relationship? Truthfully, you know, the first progress starts by telling the truth and look at your relationship and going is it common? Probably to my parents, well, what would I have to do to transform it to make it even better, right, or how you raise your kids or how you pursue your health? What would that be worth to you to shift some of these hidden beliefs that might be holding you back. I mean, Mike, you’ve already given us a glimpse. I mean, what I noticed about you, Mike and our time together over the last decade is, you have an amazing ability to help people, right? Because I’ve watched a minute events you’ve hosted as we did some things together. And like you help them right, you’ve helped hundreds of 1000s of people, write or rewrite their story to serve them much better speak to this idea of his framework of writing a new story.

Mike Agugliaro 25:30

Yeah, yeah. And first off, I always wanted to make sure, Dan, for everything I did, I think in the world of people that are in, you know, human development, peak performance, you know, personal growth, I think a lot of them become so much about them and not about the people. And I’ve always been about the people because I think when when you understand struggle, you want to remove struggle for others. And I think that’s important is I always wanted that if somebody couldn’t come to training man, I got a book, if they couldn’t buy the book for 10 bucks, I’ll give them the book, right? I always wanted to make sure that I was able to help people shift and change. Here’s the first thing. You there’s a couple types of people out there. My dad is one of those people like he is who he is. And his thing is no need to change. I’m just the way I am on the flip of the coin. Not happy with what he has. Right? And I think when you look at your life, and everybody sits here, and you’re reflecting on what you’re listening, and you’re hearing from Dan and myself, you want to sit back and say to yourself, Wait a second, you know, all the things like, time is short time goes quick. I always went for impact. That’s it. That’s all I wanted. Impact of when I grew a service company. It was called Gold Medal Service in New Jersey. I wanted to impact New Jersey, I wanted to protect New Jersey I wanted to because I was an electrician by trading clients and crawlspaces Nabbit I saw all the stuff that homeowners were unhappy with the scary things, the almost fires the fires, and I wanted to remove that and give them someone to call that would that could protect them. And I wanted to make impact also, in the way the other tradespeople behaved in the state of New Jersey. They were sloppy, they were dirty. They weren’t respectful. And it wasn’t it wasn’t their fault. I mean, let’s face it, the biggest segregation in the world that’s happened forever. Everybody ignores Damn, white collar blue collar. What about human creating a life? How’s it why do we even have to have that segregation of that, so they already been casted out. So that was the first thing when I started seeing where I wanted one thing and one thing only change the damn industry. So that these people that come and fix your plumbing that a lot of people take advantage of and they’re eating and they’re electric, and and they’re backed up drains, and I wanted them to stop getting divorce stop dying early, having heart attacks and strokes can’t move their limbs, their fingers got carpal tunnel in it. And I wanted to shift in industry. It’s the same thing now because Dan, here’s the deal. I right now at a stage and let me give everybody something to kind of freak out a little bit. Dan, can I freak them out?

Dan Kuschell 28:30

absolutely. Okay, for sure. Yeah. You’re freaked out? Get ready.

Mike Agugliaro 28:34

Yeah, get ready for sure. As you sit here and think you start saying to yourself, Okay, what’s my life gonna be like in 10 years? Like, what do I want to do? Where do I want to go? What do I want to experience? And you go, Okay, not too far of a stretch for some of you, right? If you’re 60, you’ll be 70 If you’re 40, or 50. But what about if we start saying 100 years now? And what would I like the next 100 years you go and right away? Your thought goes? I’ll be dead? Because you’re 50 and you can’t live to 150. But I mean, do you know that? Do you want that to be true? Do you know to be true for a fact. I mean, we’re going to be living on Mars, you think that we’re still going to die at 85 or whatever your choice is? But let me give you something bigger to think about something to really shift. What if you sat here today and said to yourself by listening to this one episode and taking one action, just one action? What would the catalyst of that one action be damn 1000 years from now? Now the brain goes what? What are you talking about? I’m only thinking because my grandfather my dad lived to 95 I can only stretch 95 And I said okay, but that’s the problem. You’re only stretching 95 What if you stretch another 100 500,000 People go this is crazy. So I looked up on the the internet and you know, there’s companies damn companies in Japan that have been around running a business for over 1000 Seeing yours. So now you’re sitting here going, Oh, I got my business. 10 years, you think 100 years old? You think Sears is old? And you say to yourself, Wait a minute, what about 1000 years from now I think our paradigms of our minds have been shrunken and stuck in such a small box for what’s possible today. And I’m hoping that this episode here opens that up. Look, my ability to focus on impacting people’s lives creating I was called Creating a movement. Most people are afraid to create a movement because you know what, when you create a movement, you’re going to get mocked, you’re going to hit roadblocks, you’re going to feel failures and everything in between. But when you believe that at the end of your day, you want to say that impact of that company, that impact of those people that impact on this part of the world. I’m not looking for, I don’t care, they put me on a pedestal, I don’t care. They put me on a plaque. I just want one day that some conscious thought goes you know what, that episode right here? That changed the game in a lot of ways. And they could track it back and go look at that what Dan and Mike share literally changed the way relationships have or health has, or the way they think about their career. And there’s so much distorted information out there because they have Who do you trust? Who do you trust? I mean, you my mom, let me tell you this. It’s funny. Well, I only failed one class as a kid Dan. Otherwise, I was pretty much I got saluted Torian out of 300 students I was second. I always said the only reason I second is I had a girlfriend, was my wife, the other guy who won valedictorian. He had no girlfriend. So he had nothing else to do but but stuff. And actually, it wasn’t too hard. Because, you know, I never did drugs my whole life. I never did drugs. I never drank alcohol. I’m not mocking it, if anybody does. And so it’s pretty easy because the majority of them are on drugs. So it’s not like I was super special. I just had a pretty clear mind. And my gym, I used to cut out a gym because I had such a hard time that this overweight gym teacher was telling me to do push ups and run around. So I failed. And my mom came that called her in to come and meet the gym teacher. And my mom and I are walking down the hall. I remember like just walking down this hall and she goes, Hey, we’re looking for the gym teacher. And the guy goes, Oh, yeah, that’s me. And she looks down in his belly goes. Nah. And then I said, I laughed. And she said that was very inappropriate for me to do that. And I think there’s a lot of people that are overweight, trying to teach people how to become physically fit. And a lot of people there Dan, you know this because how many green rooms they call it? Hey, everybody, they make you feel fancy. You’re like you’re going to speak on stage. You think you’re a hot shot, you’re going to go into green room. You know, they got a Fuji water and some crappy m&ms or something. Right? It’s very rarely that it’s anything special. And when you’re in the green room, you find out all these people that you admired for most of your life. Are a wreck. They’re a wreck, not train wreck teach their life is a wreck. And you’re sitting back there near Oh, yeah, I’m getting divorced this and this one away. And I got sued for that I’m this and that I go. I’m sitting here going, oh my god, what if most of my idols that I admired, were fake. And then I made a decision after many of those moments early in my life, that I will not go forward and ever be a fake. If I’m struggling, I’m going to tell you I’m struggling. If I’m arguing with my wife, I’m telling you my argument. My wife, if I’m having problems with my kids, you know, this I’ve shared, we have a friendship we share openly all time. Like I don’t not sugarcoat anything for you. Because, you know, when you sugarcoat you’re not serving anybody at all. Dan, can I share one more quick story? Absolutely. Absolutely. I, I’m going to give you to two different paradigms to think about things one paradigm because I know you you attract a whole lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, and I’m going to share some everybody and I love the book to Four Hour Workweek. Great book, Tim Ferriss, super smart dude. I turn around and some everybody wants to put their badge of honour on this, but why they you meet them dad, you know, I only work three and a half minutes a week and I’m like, Okay, well, first off, I am very sorry for you that you hate what you do in life so much that you only want to do it four hours a week. That sounds like a horrible life you have yeah, let’s get rid of it completely. And people go, oh man I never thought of as a Christian. Then you ask everybody this. How many who’s read thinking Grow Rich, the double hands go up. The wave happens in the room. Everybody’s so proud. I go okay, now let’s be transparent. Raise your hand if you’re rich. 20% At best, maybe 10% of the hands go up, I go get maybe it’s not a bad book, but maybe it’s the wrong effin book for you. Right? The last one is this. I think of everybody that plays the lottery. They can’t wait to win. All the effort they had to do Damn, was buy a ticket. Right? It’s like my friend said, Oh, man, and I don’t watch football. I don’t watch sports. Anything MMA I watch sometimes. Everybody goes my team one, my football team one or your team, what do you do? You sat there, you drank, you ate nachos. You ate too much popcorn, hot dogs and your team one, you act like you ran out in the cold field had collisions with people. It’s so crazy. So somebody tells me I remember telling my kids and reading them the Book of the genie in the bottle, then you know, you rub the genie and the genie comes out. And I said this is such a silly, silly story. It’s actually a wrong so it’s almost like the tortoise and the hare like the Do you really think the tortoise won the race? Do you see how fast a rabbit runs the Twitter’s never want to raise that was for people that move too slow, so they didn’t feel bad about themselves. Think about it. So the genie in the bottle, I have my version of it. I want to share with everybody. You get to genie in the bottle. And this is the real genie in the bottle. You rub it and the genie comes out, Dan. It’s big. It’s huge. And it’s whatever you want it to look like. It could be a beautiful woman that’s powerful. Or strong. herculite, man, whatever. And the genie says this to you, Dan, I can grant you any wish you want. As many as you want. As long as I know, you cannot grant it to yourself. And the genie goes back in the bottle. So you go, I got it. All right, I want to make $100 million. Rub it Genie 100 million the genie goes, Dan, I told you, I can only grant you a wish you can’t grant yourself back in the genie bottle. So you go, Okay, I’ll do a big one here. Rub the genie comes out. You say I want to remove hunger from the planet. And the genie says, I told you, I can only grant you a wish. I know you can’t grant yourself. When you think about that. And all these things, the mini you can except instead of finding the genie in the bottle that you are the genie of your life. Boom, everything changes. Now I’m not going to make that sound easy. Because you need you need to learn and you need to get rid of resistance. And you need to shed things and start to think a little different and take different actions. And the other thing then everybody goes like this. You know what they want to know for me? I bet they ask you the same thing I know they do. Mike, What is your morning routine? And I go, wow, wake up around seven 7:30. Like when I wake up, they’re like, you don’t get up at 4:30. And like, exercise. I’m like, I throw up at 4:30 in the morning, I wake up at 730 and I roll over. They’re like well, what do you do next? You must meditate like a monk, you must do that? Well, actually, I click on Facebook and I see what’s kind of happening. And I start to look at how people are behaving and stuff. They’re like, Okay, after that you must go to the gym. And I’m like, no, because that’s my peak time. So I start building stuff. And they’re like, What do you mean? Everybody told me I have to get up at this time. And I got to meditate this way. And I gotta I have to breathe this way. And I said, Look, if it was that perfect of a one size fits all everybody be wealthy and everybody’s life would be amazing. It’s always going to be your formula that fits you and Dan, I’ve always built my own formula. And I teach people a framework say here’s my framework, but you know what? I don’t know if that cookie recipes perfect for you. You know this how many people companies have you helped? You can give people the perfect cookie recipe and they go on like that type of cookie. Can we have the cookie. And if you don’t give them oatmeal cookie, you can only guide them to make oatmeal cookies. But if they don’t ever eat the cookie, they don’t ever get the result. Just so everybody listening. Dan always does this to me. He lets me talk too much. He gets me all cranked up for all of you. And I’m always honoured that he lets me do this.

By listening to this one episode and taking one action, just one action, what would the catalyst of that one action be 1,000 years from now? - Mike Agugliaro Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 39:20

Amazing, amazing. And as you’re listening, you are the genie of your life. You have an ability to write your story, not a one size fits all story, but a custom built version for you. Build your formula. Now if you want help to build your formula if you want help to write your story if you want help to remove suffering, to flip the coin and realise if you agree that it’s not just my business, but it’s your life, your health, your relationships and a whole lot more that Mike could help you with that. I want to encourage you to go learn what Mike has available. Mike where can people get in touch with you? Where can they connect with To learn more about what you’re doing with the FuDog Group.

Mike Agugliaro 40:02

yeah, go to, that’s You also I’m sure my name will be post somewhere, find me on Facebook and Telegram. Say hello to me if you implemented stuff, which I hope you implement stuff, send me a private message. I promise. It’ll be me responding, I don’t have anybody else doing it. And check out what we got going on. Look, if I can help anybody, Dan, especially if they’re one of your listeners in any way, if I could give him a resource, a book, something I have, I just want to help people because you know what, the more that we all help each other right now, we will change this world. And I refuse to quit on humanity and the world as it is today, I will not. And if I have to pull this and put it on my shoulders and carry it forward myself, I’m going to do it. It’d be so much easier if you join me in some way to help me change humanity. So it’s been Dan, it’s always an honour to hang out with you. You’re one of my dearest friends. And for everybody else here. I look forward to create a friendship with you.

Dan Kuschell 41:08

And I want to encourage you go to, By the way, all the notes, all the resources, everything that we’ve covered will be in the show notes for this segment, this session this episode, go to food dog To connect with Mike learn more about what he’s doing or go to Facebook, go to telegram connect with him, you will find out like I found out like so many people have found out about Mike, he’s the real deal. Right. And when you’re in the green room, if you ever get a chance to be in the green room with Mike, you’ll probably meet that one person of a few that you’ll ever meet in this industry that’s walking their talk, leading by example. And if you want to follow or find how someone like Mike can help you again, go to That’s Mike, awesome is always my brother, a pleasure. Amazing. Thank you. Absolutely. So take action with Mike has shared with you apply what I’ve shared. I’ve got five and a half pages of notes here. Right. Let’s let’s talk about a couple. What would it be worth? If you looked out 100 years? Oh, let’s go deeper? What would happen if you looked out 1000 years? And what is that life for you? How can you leave that impact behind? In 1000 years? Have your company be a legacy company for 1000 years like some in Japan, I can show you how or how about being able to shift an entire industry, the way they operate, the way they think the way they behave, the way they build culture the way they help people with their life, relationships, health, and more. Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at, that’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You get that at, that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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