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Episode 302 - Dan Kuschell

Andrew Kap is an experienced entrepreneur and the #1 best-selling author of the book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read. Andrew has helped thousands of entrepreneurs discover how to attract and manifest the money, relationships, health, and success they’ve always dreamed of. He also runs a popular YouTube channel that provides fun and unique explanations on how to easily use the Law of Attraction in simple and powerful ways.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Andrew Kap discusses the most common misunderstandings about the Law of Attraction
  • Andrew’s top strategies for manifesting your highest potential (hint: trust your instincts!)
  • Why Andrew chose to pursue the Law of Attraction—and how it transformed his life in just six months
  • Andrew shares a tried-and-true method for practicing gratitude and attracting your desires
  • What to do if your Law of Attraction approach isn’t giving you the results you want
  • The profound—and tangible—ways that the Law of Attraction has helped real people
  • How to apply Andrew’s methodology to your business strategy
  • Andrew breaks down “The Gratitude Blitz” technique
  • Andrew’s final advice: give yourself permission to be imperfect

In this episode…

What if you could manifest your greatest desires—whether that means business success, financial freedom, or the relationship of your dreams? Sound too good to be true? According to entrepreneur and author Andrew Kap, not only is it possible, but it’s actually easier than you think.

With the methodology outlined in his book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read, Andrew has helped thousands of people attract and achieve their biggest goals and dreams. So, what makes his approach to the Law of Attraction different? As Andrew says, you can’t force the universe to bend to your will. However, by focusing on gratitude for the sake of enjoyment, you can attract and invite your greatest desires into your reality.

In this episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell is joined by Andrew Kap, the author of The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read. Andrew talks about the common myths associated with the Law of Attraction and explains why his approach is different. He also shares two of his valuable attraction techniques: “The Time Lapse” and “The Gratitude Blitz.” Stay tuned to discover how to start manifesting your greatest dreams and desires today!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:02

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation, and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you go out great for growth, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach, and make a bigger contribution. Is that what you want? If that’s what you want, you are going to love today’s guest expert and today’s session. Why have you ever been in a place where you thought about this idea of the law of attraction? What is it? Does it work? What’s the truth about the law of attraction? Well, if any of that is of interest to you, then you’re going to love today’s guest expert. He’s the best selling author a number one best selling author of the book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read: The Missing Key To Finally Tapping Into The Universe And Manifesting Your Desires. And in fact, you just might find out why the law of attraction maybe hasn’t given you all of its promised until today with our guest, Andrew Kap. He’s an expert. He’s worked with 1000s and 1000s of people just like you, and he can help you today. I want to dive right into it. Andrew, welcome to the show. How are you, bud?

Andrew Kap 1:24

I’m great. Dan, thanks so much for having me. I am beyond excited to see where this conversation might go. Because I know a lot about you. I know you go deep on conversations, and I’m ready to go.

Dan Kuschell 1:36

Awesome. Well, speaking of conversation, we got to do a little bit of a shout out we have to thank Kevin Thompson, for getting us connected, right, the amazing Kevin Thompson. And if you want to hear an episode that Kevin and I had done some time ago, just go to, type in Kevin Thompson, you’ll find our amazing interviews one of the greatest givers in the world, one of the greatest connectors in the world just doing amazing thing. He runs a program with his business partner, Jules that is called Tribe For Leaders and doing amazing thing I wouldn’t have met Kevin, if it had not been for Joe Polish, who’s also amazing contributor and giver. Right? You can type in Joe Polish for some of the segments that we’ve talked about Joe, in Genius Network as well. So Andrew, I wanna I want to dive right into it. You know, there’s this myth misunderstanding about the law of attraction. Where do you see most people make the big mistake, or have the biggest misunderstanding about the law of attraction?

Andrew Kap 2:35

Right? Well, it’s kind of ironic, because, you know, obviously, we think of the law of attraction, as you know, focusing on what you want and attracting it into your reality. And there’s this weird catch 22 that’s hidden in that simple explanation. Whereas people will use, you know, gratitude exercises, or scripting exercises, or just, you know, good old fashioned visualizations, in an attempt to reshape and restructure reality and basically force the universe to bend to their will. Whereas the kind of the sneaky trick about all this is, if you’re focusing and doing these, quote, unquote, techniques, to get that result, you are inherently focusing on the lack of what you want, thereby really emitting that signal, if you believe in law of attraction, or really reinforcing to your subconscious mind, if you don’t believe in law of attraction. Whereas if you actually did these visualization and other methods for the sake of their enjoyment, you’re in a good mood as you’re actually focusing on the thing without the attachment of the when the why the how and all that. That’s where, ironically, in I guess, a universal twist of fate, you will actually invite and attract the things that you want, after all, and it’s, it’s such a slim, thin line that you’re walking in that distinction, but it makes all the difference when you finally click with that, and can actually do this on a daily basis, so that it’s more of a choice rather than a chore. And you really do enjoy the process itself.

Dan Kuschell 4:01

And speaking of the process, I want to I want to, you know, kind of take this at a grassroots level. Okay. I’ve got a 12 year old son, who plays football, he’s a quarterback, right? And he’s doing doing really, really well like a lot of high performers. He has a tendency to be really, really hard on himself. Right? And, you know, like this season, we played like three days got 12 throw 12 touchdowns, two interceptions, you know, they the team’s doing well, etc. They’ve scored the second most points in the league. There’s a certain throw, though, that he’s got it into his mind as of late. That is a little bit of a block. Right? We were just talking about this literally last night, right? So if it’s good enough for a 12 year old as you’re watching or listening, ideally this will be good enough for you and I want to kind of just unpack the process that Andrews got here a little bit. Like what advice if you are going to work with my 12 year old son to help him To Manifest, being able to more consistently hit this throw using a law of attraction like, well, what would be some of the strategies or tips that you would give them to be able to do that?

Andrew Kap 5:12

Right? Well, for something like that, I mean, and it’s funny, because I’m like the law of attraction strategy guy, I always view everything here. It’s like, what can you do strategically, which is another way of saying, and again, people that aren’t so much into law of attraction would really appreciate this. It’s really about understanding human nature, human psychology and how we install limits in our brains. For him, if he really is great, except for this thing, or maybe for except three or four things, but he really is excelling. And, and by the way, we’ve spoken about your son in the past, and just, you know, not to blow smoke. I know you’re a wonderful father. So I already know that he’s the kind of person who is confident in many ways, and he’s really growing. This is his perfect opportunity to kind of more focus on what are the things that he really excels at, in football. And it’s almost like this reminder of like, you know, this, this bowl thing is kind of like this, again, this mixed catch 22. Like, you’re focusing on that and worrying about that, and you’re forgetting that you’re a wonderful athlete. And you’re also forgetting that, you know, again, universe notwithstanding, because I don’t get I don’t care if you’re using law of attraction or thinking that way or not. But he has these skills embedded on him automatically. If he’s focusing on the fact like, Listen, I’m already a natural talent. And the only thing that’s blocking me here is that I’m worrying about it, it almost becomes a thing where he wants to give himself permission to not do it perfectly. And then he’ll kind of find that it will start to unfold for him. And again, it’s, it’s one of those things where you can’t rush it, you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna do this, and it’s gonna be better tomorrow, or it’s gonna be better next week. It’s like, No, dude, you’re great. You’re awesome. And by the way, because you are so great. People already see how many things you’re good at, they’re going to give you leeway. Give yourself that same leeway, give yourself permission not to be perfect on the throw, and let it let your natural instincts take over because again, if you’re already great at these other things, it will naturally carry over which is my really long winded way of saying, even though it’s oversimplified, stop worrying so much about this and start focusing on the things that you’re good at. And it will, in some weird way that we can’t even explain how it happens. I mean, I can give you my interpretation, you’re going to basically readjust reality, or you’ll find reality, readjusting itself in a way that all of a sudden, you’re gonna land that that throne, and it’s gonna work out.

Dan Kuschell 7:29

That’s amazing. And you know, as a, as someone who might be an advisor, or coach a parent, right? Or just hack a good friend to somebody. Right? When someone comes to you, you know, sometimes, you know, people get into their emotional state right? Around What’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong? And if I hear Andrew correctly, as you’re listening, right, have you dealt with something like this, whether it’s your child or a team member? Or you personally looking in the mirror, go? What am I doing wrong? Instead of focusing there? What if you just took this simple approach? That’s good enough for a 12 year old? That’s good enough for you? Which is, what are the things you’re already good at? What are your strengths? What are you already doing naturally, and you’re gifted at and creating results around that and stay focused in that lane? Overall? How many more completions will you get? If you stay focused on the good parts? Right, versus worrying about what might not be working today? Now? I’m curious, Andrew, to give some context around. Why you Why pay close attention to you? Why the last law of attraction book you’ll ever need to read? Why are you in this field? Like why? Why is this the path for you versus, you know, another dozen potential paths you could be taking?

Andrew Kap 8:46

Yeah, well, you know, this is, believe it or not, I mean, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years now, despite how old or young I may look, I’m hiding my age a little with a hat. You know, it’s give me a feel. But, you know, I, this has been an interest of mine for probably 15, 16, maybe even 17 years, because I’ve always been working on myself. And because I was really this wasn’t even a thing. I was never going to write this book, it was more of thing like, Well, how do I make this work in my life? And you know, when I first learned about it, just like anyone else, I had successes, and I had failures. And I had a situation I forgot if we ever had this conversation, where probably about 12 years ago, I lost my first business, and my girlfriend of three years on the same week. And trust me when I say none of those were my decision. And she didn’t break up in person or even with a phone call that was over a text is another way of saying wasn’t a fun week. And again, at that point, you know, it was the thing where like, I knew this thing kind of worked because I saw it kind of work. And here, I’m heartbroken, I’m depressed. I’m just like, life is not good. I kind of felt like I lost 90% of my life and spent one week. I’m like, Listen, I’m just going to be stubborn and indignant about this whole thing. And I don’t care how it happens. Why? happens when it happens. All I know is this thing kind of worked. And I’ve got nothing to better do right now, because I don’t want to know when the next step is. So I just went full tilt on. And when I say Full Tilt, I don’t mean I focused all day every day. I mean, I committed to five to 10, to even 20 minutes a day of doing methods and exercises that already kind of worked in the past. Only this time, I wasn’t going to give myself the luxury of taking the break away from it. And I kid you not within two weeks, I felt better, which is saying a lot when you get you’re heartbroken. Within three months, I am in a better relationship, healthy relationship, never thought it was possible. Within four months, I’m making more money than at any point in my life prior to that. And within six months, my life has completely transformed I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve been lost 25 pounds in a seven week stretch, stretch without even trying to do like all these things were working so well. And the reason I decided to finally write this book was like I finally came to the place where I could articulate this. Again, I understand human nature. I understand, personally, like why I fail why I procrastinate, at least why I’ve done so in the past. So my challenge was, can I articulate this in a way where we can finally get people to stop over consuming information, and finally start over implementing it instead. And that was really what drove me on this path. And to be a little more candid and a little more brash. I just wanted something that wasn’t gonna bore me every day, something that I actually cared about, that I could talk about in a conversation with you that I could build on my YouTube channel, and that I can just continue to send emails out and just create more content to help people and still be excited and never be bored with it.

Dan Kuschell 11:36

And as you’re listening or watching right now, like, you know, if you ever been in a place where you felt like you lost a part of your life, whether it was a client or a job, or things change due to the recent, you know, shifts in the world, right, or a family member, a death spouse a partner? Can you connect with what Andrew has shared? Well, what if you could get some simple strategies to give you greater peace, greater clarity give you direction, give you confidence? To know you know what, no matter what you face, up or down the roller coaster that we all go on and seasons of life, that you had a proven path a proven solution? What would that mean for you? What would it do for you? What would it give you? Well, when we come back, we’re going to take a deeper dive into The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read, debunk some of the myths and give you some strategies where the rubber meets the road that you can apply today that you can apply today that Andrew has been able to help 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of other people just like you be able to solve the puzzle to be able to go out and create your next big breakthrough. That and a whole lot more coming up with Andrew Kap on on right after this. Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation you can do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit, you can get that at, that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit Welcome back to Now, are you looking for a way to you know put the law of attraction in your world so that you can go out and manifest your destinies maybe a lot easier than you’ve been led to believe maybe you’ve you know, seen the movie The Secret or read the book The Secret or other law of attraction principles? Well, what makes this different? What makes this unique? What makes Andrew’s approach one that is workable, one that is usable, one that you can implement, to be able to get the results you want. So Andrew, you know, as you think about all the 1000s and 1000s of people, I mean, you literally have over 790 reviews on Amazon, right? Probably 10, 20 maybe even 30, 40 times that of people who’ve actually gotten the book. Right? And, you know, as you’ve heard from people, like if you are going to give someone some advice of like, what are the top 1 to 3 strategies that someone could put in place to start down the path to take the first steps to really get your approach to work for them?

Andrew Kap 14:50

Right. Well, you know, if I may, I can teach you real quick my favorite method from the book. Awesome. Yeah, and this, I call this one the time lapse and again Hopefully, we’ll get to the conversation where I explained that this, this works regardless of whether you believe in law of attraction or not, but just to get the method out there first. This is a simple gratitude process where you’re going to write, you didn’t make a list of 15 things that you’re grateful for. And five of them that you can pick are going to be things from the past five of them from the present, and five of them that you want in the future. And the trick of it is you’re going to write them all out in the present tense, then you’re going to jumble up the list, it’s going to be in whatever water maybe the first thing is a future item, and then a past and then the present, another present and the future is this whole next. And the whole key to all this is you basically now have a list of things that you’re going to read through one at a time, where you take 20 to 60 seconds out just enough to to feel gratitude for each thing. And because two thirds of that list is actually real to you. And because your mood and you know law of attraction speak, your vibration can’t really downshift, you’re basically hijacking or tricking your vibration, and you’re taking the certainty and the confidence of those things that you already have. And you’re carrying them over into those future items as well. So you’re essentially reading a long list of 15 things that really all in their own way feel more real to you. And therefore allow you to again, either access your subconscious mind to let it take the wheel, or reach out to the universe energetically, or a combination, whichever your beliefs and and that’s another thing, it doesn’t matter how this happens. And this kind of takes me to an example, which I almost You know, I’m going to share this interview with my readers. And they’ll they’ll be sick of this because I keep saying this part. But the example that I love to use and the reason why this method is so good is because you take a simplified example like lifting weights and growing muscles, right? Yep, yeah, right, you lift weights, you grow muscles. Alright, Dan, let me give you two possible explanations as to why this actually happens. Explanation number one is you lift weights. And then when you go to sleep at night, the muscle fairy comes and gives you muscles, poof, flies away, boom, you wake up next day, you’re all good. second possibility. Your second explanation is when you are lifting weights, the stress and strain that you’re putting on your body is forcing your muscles to tear in minor ways all around. And your body is then responding by healing, and feeling those gap filling in those gaps with your muscle fibers. Now, that’s an oversimplified thing. And there’s other explanations, but I’m sure most people listening are gonna say it’s the second one, right? And the real answer is, it doesn’t matter which one it is. Because you lift weights, you get bigger muscles, you put an X, you get Y, you do law of attraction techniques. And regardless of whether you believe in it, and regardless of why or how it actually happens, you get results. And that’s the real key thing to this is, it almost becomes a thing. And this is why I’m such a huge proponent of choosing methods that we can have fun with, because you’re not wasting your time, it doesn’t feel like this horrible obligation. At the worst, if you don’t get what you want, at least you took five minutes out of your day for 30 days, just to enjoy yourself and breathe and relax and have your own little meditation there. But with that said, this time lapse method of writing that list out and having two thirds of it be real to you, really amplifies your vibration and your confidence and your certainty for those other things. And you just feel this incredible sense of profound gratitude for those things. And they suddenly feel a lot more within your reach. And then you see your life unfold in a much more positive way as you make your way towards those things.

Dan Kuschell 18:30

And as you’re watching or listening right now, right, the more you identify what you’re grateful for, the more you likely will have well to be grateful for. And what would it be worth for you to stimulate that ability, like right this moment. So I’d encourage you to put this exercise in place the 555 approach, which is simply identify the five and the present, five in the past five in the future, and then take 20 seconds, as Andrew explained, to sit into that and really feel that and watch what happened. try this out for, you know, seven days, 14 days, 21 days and see how it transforms your life. It can no Let’s speak to the elephant in the room. Andrew, what would you say to somebody all I’ve tried a version of law of attraction, it did not work for me, this doesn’t work. That’s all airy fairy stuff. What would you say to that someone was thinking that right now?

Andrew Kap 19:27

Well, I would say that’s probably coming from places being sick of doing the methods and not getting anything, which is another way of saying kind of like what I said before, like, No, you did the methods to get your result rather than do the methods for the sake of enjoying them. And I know it’s the last thing people want to hear because we want things in our life. And again, I feel like I can articulate this well because this is the last thing that I wanted to hear 10, 15 years ago, but it’s that thing where like, if you’re really frustrated, it’s not working the best thing you can do say, Okay, I don’t even care how when this happens, because ideally, hopefully, these methods are fun enough, and they only take five minutes a day, I’m going to do without a fixed attachment to the outcome of how it happens when it happens, why it happens. And by the way, because I’m going to let go, I’m probably going to leave the universe a little bit more space to maybe give me something better than I was even aiming for. So I know, it’s not fun to do this for even 10 years and not get a result. But you’ve got to admit, if you’ve been doing this for 10 years, and you’re not getting a result, you are most likely not having fun each day while you’re doing those methods. And that’s the problem.

If you've been doing this for 10 years and you're not getting a result, you are most likely not having fun each day while you're doing those methods. And that's the problem. - Andrew Kap Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 20:37

And that could be your problem. Like what would happen though, if you tried a new approach, and a new way, and a new method, to stimulate your ability to attract what you want to manifest your dreams to be able to get more clarity, certainty, confidence, and give yourself peace of mind. Right, the ability to have freedom, right, the freedom from, like being stuck the freedom from being in a place where you’ve hit a plateau? Well, this is a great gift. And you could take the first step by applying the time lapse gratitude approach 555 right here, right now. Now, Andrew, is you’ve, you know, worked with, you know, so many 1000s and 1000s of people, you know, either directly or indirectly through, you know, online methodologies and so on. What do you feel is, you know, a couple of the characteristics of, you noticed, maybe some stories of some of the people that you’ve been like, Wow, that’s amazing what’s happened as a result of, you know, being able to, you know, put these principles in place.

Andrew Kap 21:40

It will, you know, it’s so interesting, because there’s, there’s always two levels of like, the Wow, that’s amazing. One of them is the less tangible stuff, where people are just like, I’ve I finally, like, I’m out of depression, or I find I’ve left that abusive relationship, I mean, real profound stuff. And I don’t, I never even sometimes I share, I won’t share those stories, because they’re so personal. But I’m obviously the surface level stuff is also a good thing to bring up just because it’s so tangible, that people can wrap their minds around it. And I have one, we’re actually on my own YouTube channel, I interviewed her, it was a customer of mine, who she went to my 90 day program also. And like day, 87, she emails me back and she’s like, I thought I was my sales job was like, over and like, nothing was happening. And, and I turned it all around, and I’m making 100 1000s in sales every single month without fail. And to go from thinking you’re gonna lose your job to becoming like a sales beast like that for your company. It’s such an amazing thing to see them do that. And, you know, I had another person where he basically he’s 21. So he’s young, and he hasn’t had, he hasn’t seen enough of life to, to kind of get getting in his head that things can happen a certain way. But he never thought he can have a girlfriend, and much to say nothing of a girlfriend who really understood them and really connected with him. And he reported back like, hey, Andrew, I, I never thought this was possible. But I met the girl my dreams, and everything is just so much better. And, and I’m just like, dude, right on. Like, it’s, it’s amazing. But it’s so cool. Because people come from so many different areas of life where they make this profound change. And by the way, I don’t take credit. And, you know, I’m glad and hopeful that the book and the content can articulate this in a way that will give people let them give themselves permission to do this. But it really comes down like the law of attractions, his thing, and I’m happy I can articulate in a certain way. But it’s just like, listen good on you for utilizing something to your advantage in a way that invites a better life experience for yourself.

Dan Kuschell 23:36

And if you’re looking for a better life experience, you’re looking for a way to get greater confidence, certainty, clarity direction, to allow the law of attraction to work for you. And it hasn’t worked in the past or maybe it hasn’t, you’re looking to take it up another notch that I encourage you to apply what Andrew is sharing with you here, take the first step, you know, with the time lapse process, the 555 approach, and then, you know, Andrew, if someone’s inspired, which I hope they are by a couple of the stories that you’ve shared, like where Can someone connect with you? Where can they go to get your book? Where can they go to get get deeper into the world you’re in and helping so many 10s of 1000s of people?

Andrew Kap 24:16

Yeah, for sure. Well, I got two easy links. Really, if you want to check out the book listing on Amazon or Audible, you can just go to And if you don’t want to pull out your wallet, that’s fine too. I mean, I keep the book affordable, but I also free is pretty affordable also. And in that case, you can go to my YouTube channel, which is with a K. The content and that’s a little different in the sense that I you know, it’s video it’s YouTube’s I throw a little humor in there, whereas the book is a little bit more straight laced. But regardless of which direction you go in, there’s something for everybody and like to keep pretty accessible in both formats.

Dan Kuschell 24:54

And by the way, as you’re watching or listening right now. We’ll have the links to these right in the show. But I’d encourage you to Go to right now, like if you’re driving, pull over, open your browser, keep this episode going open the browser separately, go to, get access to the book get access to the audio or both, right share it with someone get it a gift card for somebody as well and pass that forward. Because like would it be worth to be able to give someone peace of mind freedom, clarity, confidence and direction? Well, you’ve got a tool and a gift to be able to do just that it can start with you. And then ideally, you pay this forward. And if you just want to see another side of Andrew, and you’ll get a bigger, deeper look at what he’s up to go check out his YouTube again, that’ll be in the show notes. It’ll be in the links, you can come back to this episode, by the way at that’s But hold on one second, go right now go to,, grab the audio or grab the book or grab both. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, if you go get the book, and you go through it, and you don’t feel it’s everything that I’m kind of promoting here right now. Let me know and I’ll refund your money, you don’t need to have to go through Amazon, you don’t have to go through Audible, I’ll do that send me the book. And I’ll be happy to pay it forward to someone else. as well. I promise you, this book will simplify. It’ll bring clarity. It’ll bring confidence. And by the way, as you get to know Andrew a little bit, you’re going to have a lot of fun when you see some of his YouTube videos like he says, you know, even here, he’s a little more straight laced. But in his YouTube world, you’re gonna see another side that I think you’ll love, you’ll enjoy. And you know what, when you can enjoy the moment you can enjoy what you do a whole lot more, it makes it more fun to have a bigger impact, right when you agree when you agree as you’re watching or listening right now. Right. So that so there you have it. No, I Andrew. I mean, there’s so many directions to take this. I mean, I mean, you’ve had amazing success as an entrepreneur and author or publisher. I mean, you know, it’s almost like you’re in this play doh Fun Factory and I just did buyer. You’re like a little kid that just like, and I mean it respectfully, but just what what can I do today? Right? What could I not do today? It’s like, that’s how a lot of people think you go, what could I do today? So you bestselling author, from scratch. 10s of 1000s of people have gotten the book. I mean, there are being there are some of the biggest names in the world who don’t have 700 reviews. And here you are, you’re so humble. You’re so down to earth, like, from a business point of view, right? Someone might be watching or listening might be going, how do I apply? I understand personally, right? How to bring this in, about in business? Like what would be a couple suggestions you could give someone that’s that hardcore business type person looking for that business strategy application here, what would you say to them? Right?

Andrew Kap 27:50

Well, you know, it sounds because I know your audience is so high level. So I hope this won’t sound like a cliche. But part of the key to to what I’m doing here, what I believe the key to the success is I really understood the problem I was addressing, because I went through myself. And that doesn’t mean that people listening have to be going through the problem themselves. But I would hope that they really understand the pain or frustration of their customer, so that they’re gonna go and actually try to address it and try to solve it. I mean, for me, the only reason I think the reason, and I could be wrong about this, but I think the reason that the book stands out the way it does, is because in a crowded market of law of attraction, and everyone’s got their own crowded market that they’re in, but in mind, like any book worth its salt, you’re going to talk about law of attraction, and any book worth salt, you’re hopefully going to have certain techniques and methods in there. I wanted to go this extra method in the extra step rather of saying, okay, we’ve all seen that we’ve all done it, but what’s the thing that’s holding people back, in this case gets procrastination. If I could address that in my book, I’m actually solving the problem for them because they don’t need me to explain law of attraction. They’ve probably already seen another book. So my advice other people is try to have a like, you know, a watch my language like a holy crap epiphany that you can give them that’ll recontextualize or reframe the way their customer is viewing the problem that will enable their customer to solve the problem through their content or through any other means. And then all of a sudden, they’ve got somebody that they’ve actually served. And all it takes to get a fan is to serve them. That’s all it takes. And again, I know that’s oversimplified but sometimes its simplicity is the thing that really is the key to success.

Dan Kuschell 29:37

And as you’re listening or watching i hope that you take what he just said although it sounds simple. I found this to be true as well. Right givers get right and many times you don’t know what the get is if you but if you come from a place of giving like creating that holy cow aha moment, right from with somebody, regardless of the outcome and you can detach from The outcome, you’d be amazed at what will happen and how you attract more of what you want directly, indirectly. Strategic byproducts that spring off of it, new opportunities, new introductions, it’s amazing. What can happen, right? So I challenge you like, What is one thing you could do today to create that holy cow? Wow, aha moment for a potential client, because of the way you showed up to focus on them to solve their problem not be focused on you. But the thing from their shoes like, what are they suffering with this moment? What are they worried about at this moment? What in what could be the dream come? true solution? Right. That’s what I hear Andrew kind of saying here. Right? How about you know? And what’s one thing you could do to create that, in this moment, right now today, to solve a problem, Andrew stone that with a book and many other incredible resources that he has available and has had available over time, the introductions, the connections, and so many fascinating things that we don’t have necessarily all the time to go into. But think about it, how would your world be shifted and impacted, if you just tried just simply said, I’ll just try this, try the law of attraction, maybe it’s the last time you ever try somebody’s version, because it hasn’t worked. Or you’re just looking to uplevel what you’ve done, and build off of a foundation of maybe what’s been amazing for you. Right? This could very well be the solution you’re looking for. And you can go take advantage of it. One and two ways go to The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read book,, that’s or go to the YouTube channel, or both. To go deeper with what Andrew is sharing with you. Now, this, this gets me to think Andrew, as you’re, you know, building your, your, your following here with the book, right and meeting so many amazing people. I mean, again, because there’s so much wisdom you’ve gained, what what is something I should have asked you that we hadn’t had a chance to get to yet? That would be valuable for our viewers?

Andrew Kap 32:13

Wow. It’s so interesting. Well, I guess the only thing I’ll tell you, Dan, you’ve done such a I mean this, I really genuinely mean this. You’ve done such a great job. If I were you, I’d be like, hey, Andrew, give us another technique because like your questions are so good. You’ve really addressed a lot of things I’d say. I would say try to steal another technique out of Andrew for the audience. That’s that’s where I would go. All right, well, let’s go there, then let’s get another one. Awesome. Well, you know, we’ll stick along the you know, the the concept of gratitude. And a great one I have is I called the gratitude Blitz. In fact, this, by the way, is one of the reasons why I self published because I could break all the rules so that a copy editor telling me I’m doing it wrong. Anyone that gets the paperback version of the book or the Kindle, or just listens on audiobook, like I have this one page, the whole page is just a list of random things that I’m grateful for. And I did it as an example of a Gratitude Blitz, where you basically sit for 30 seconds or five minutes or 10 minutes, whatever feels good, whatever, you’re not getting impatient or bored. And you just try to list off the top of your head, whatever you’re grateful for. And you can do by topic, like everything about my body, everything about my job, everything about my spouse, or you can just do random like everything in the room or anything that I can think of like my that page, I was talking about, like my first crush my first kiss, my laptop, my phone, cookies, ice cream, like I was all over the place, but any kind of thing you can do. And you know, if you’re in a bad mood and you’re feeling down 30 seconds of this isn’t going to solve it. But by the third minute, you know, you can’t help but go away from whatever you’re been focusing on. And towards this. It’s a great mood booster.

Dan Kuschell 33:57

And if you’re looking for a great mood booster, what would happen for you if you put the gratitude Blitz in place because here’s an observation or as Tony Robbins would say, hallucination. You can’t have gratitude and fear at the same time. You can’t have gratitude and worry at the same time. You can’t have gratitude and anger at the same time. So if you want to lift an emotion or you can’t be depressed and grateful at the same exact time, it’s, it’s psychologically physiologically impossible. At least some experts promote. So like if you want to create an instant state shift What if you could give yourself that gift in an instant you don’t need medication for this. You don’t need a doctor. You can simply follow a proven principle and if you’ve liked the two strategies here, there’s dozens and dozens of other simple strategies that Andrew can show you to get in place when you go get The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read and you can take that step by going to that’s or go check out his YouTube channel So my question for you on the gratitude Blitz, Andrew, this is gonna be a weird wacky question. What kind of cookies and what kind of ice cream because I just, I’m just interested in that specific specificity.

Andrew Kap 35:14

You know, it’s so incredible for me chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin are always big on the cookie part and ice cream. It’s I’m so I’m so basic. It’s It’s always like the vanilla chocolate strawberry. And of course, you know, chocolate chip mint, we always got to throw that in there.

Dan Kuschell 35:30

You can’t go wrong with chocolate chip. Man. I’m kind of a fan of Oreo cookie. Nice in my ice cream too, which is pretty tasty. But not necessarily good for my overall health. But you know, hey, at times, you just got to enjoy what you enjoy. Right? And not. So that’s cool. If you can think back to when you were younger, right? To your younger self, right? I mean, you look really, really young. If you’re watching this right now you’re probably like, this guy’s got to be like 28, 30, 31 years old, whatever, probably will shock you to know his his, his age. Also all the experiences he’s had building, you know, the things that he’s built over time. But did you think back to being a kid? Andrew, can you think back to like something that triggered you something that inspired you, that you like, as you look back, you can kind of trigger like that was a critical thing that got me on the path to where I’m at today speak to that a little bit.

Andrew Kap 36:28

We know so interesting. Not even like as a as a kid. It’s so funny. As a kid, I was kind of like, it was like an ordinary life. I was just like this average person. And nothing, at least from my memory that was Sputnik spectacular happened to me. It was more like in my, like, early 20s. That to really give you like something that that actually like inspired me. I remember. You know, I grew up a wrestling fan. I was a big WWF fan. Before they were WWE. Again, that’s speak to my age, right? Yeah. And for some reason, like, as I was getting out of school, you know, my last year of college, I want to work for them, I wanted to have like a job with them. And just do fun, because my jobs before that were just a little bit too boring. And I just went about it in this very intentional way without without even worrying about if it was going to happen or how it was gonna happen. And it was just like I was on this weird autopilot of like calling up and having the audacity to call and ask about it. And I don’t even remember what I said to the person who picked up on the phone. But she asked me for my resume, like all these things unfolded in an easy way. And I found out later, like, I beat out like a pool of either 800 to 1000 other people applying for the internship. And for me, it was such a smooth, easy process. And I remember thinking in that moment, and thinking back after, like, wow, I really did something in the sense that it was a difficult thing to do that everyone was vying for. But there was something about me that I couldn’t even put my my finger on that just clicked and I don’t know if you’d call that law of attraction. I don’t know if you call like I just had the right tools or the right ingredient ingredients of how I was presenting myself who knows, but it was a cool thing that to stand out and do something like that. And you know, just remind myself at that key point where I’m about to start my first business that a lot anything really is possible and you really should like lean in and go after what you want.

Anything really is possible and you really should lean in and go after what you want. - Andrew Kap Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 38:27

And as you’re listening or watching right now what do you want to go for? What do you want to manifest? What do you want to be more grateful for? Well it’s a real simple process that you can take the first step right now go check out Andrew’s book or the audio or both and you can go to the lastlaw,, that’s or go check out his YouTube channel or if you’re like driving around and you just can’t open up a browser right now at then come back to the show notes here at that’s and access this if you never want to miss an episode, you can go to So here’s another strange potential question, Andrew, who’s a mentor and an advisor that you’d want to acknowledge or recognize or edify? Right here for the show.

Andrew Kap 39:28

Right? Wow. It’s so funny. You said that in so many names even like popped into my head. But but one and I get I think your audience would definitely recognize this name more than my audience but Eben Pagan really was a huge mentor. Like I only met him once and he didn’t mentor me personally. But the thing about Eben was he was he was one of the key people that helped me understand human psychology and human nature more, which really again, I mean, I’m glad I was able to use this to write this book, but also, like I was able to use my understanding of human nature that I learned from people like him to really help manage myself and really put myself in good habits and, and really work myself out of those procrastination. You know, patterns that we send tend to put ourselves in. And obviously he’s a he’s a brilliant business person also. So I’ve learned so much from Eben, I guess he’s the one I’d give props to off the top of my head. That’s amazing.

Dan Kuschell 40:25

That’s amazing. So Eben, is you’re listening or you’re watching, right? Make sure you, you and Andrew get a chance to connect because there’s probably some great opportunities for you to help each other. downstream. Right, you’ve got another success story. Another one yet another one. Look at all that success you’re creating.

Andrew Kap 40:44

I cool that be I’ve been Yeah, contact me for this one, like a law of attraction.

Dan Kuschell 40:49

There you go. Now what what would be 1 to 3 action steps Andrew, you hope our listeners or viewers take from our time together today?

Andrew Kap 40:58

Well, this first one, I wouldn’t call it an action step. But I’d call the critical one. And that’s, you know, give yourself permission to not do this perfectly. If you’re going to go about this next action step. And I don’t care what I mean, I’ll gladly I’ll gladly have another buyer. But whether it’s my book or another book or a free youtube video, find a method that you enjoy that you can do on a consistent basis that you could look forward to. So that this is a choice rather than a chore so that you can really do it. And then the other piece is just to remember that there’s no such thing as perfection with any of this. So don’t worry if you’re, if you’re breathing the wrong way. Or if your visualizations are like really upfront in your eyes rather than 10 feet away from you or whatever other thing you want to kind of like throw in the mix that as an excuse that you do not don’t intend to, but that we throw in our path. Just understand you don’t have to be perfect if you’re going to engage in these processes. So as

Dan Kuschell 41:54

you’re listening or watching right now, are you ready to make give yourself permission to be able to do this without it being perfect? Are you at a place where you can set your, your your cockpit, so to speak, write your your Fun Factory, so to speak. So it’s a it’s not a chore, it’s a choice. It’s something you enjoy, not that you endure, right. And then number three, is just take action, little actions each day will certainly add up over time. And, you know, it’s kind of like filling up a glass of water one drop at a time, right, you can have an ability to just start adding one drop. And before you know it, you got a bucket full. Before you know it, you got a truck full. And before you know it, you have a pond. And before you know it, you have a man main link. Now I don’t know if it grows to an ocean, I can’t necessarily comprehend that. But what if it could. And Andrew is giving you the steps today, to be able to take action to be able to do just that. I encourage you I challenge you to apply what he shared with you, I challenge you go get a copy of the book or the audio at, that’s, go check out his YouTube channel, you’ll have fun, you’ll learn you’ll also be engaged for a bigger future. If you want simplicity. If you want clarity, if you want confidence, if you want a greater sense of direction, this is an easy way to be able to do it. And you’ve got the steps. Right. Andrew, it’s been amazing to have you with us today. And you know, I guess as we wrap up, what’s one last thing that you’d love to share?

Andrew Kap 43:31

Well, you know, I want to share my thanks for you. And my thanks to the audience. So one like, again, I mean, this, Dan, you’re amazing. And I mean that in the sense of I want to give credit to your audience, because based on the way you conduct this interview, and based on the way you conduct your other shows, it’s clear that you are a source for people that want to improve their lives, whether it’s business or otherwise. And this is my opportunity to give everyone listening because I think people will brush this aside easily. We we tend to do that. But anyone listening right now, like the fact that you are taking time out of a busy life, to go listen to Dan and whoever is speaking to me in this case, but anybody else is a wonderful indication because a lot of people don’t do that. And I think it’s really important to remind yourself, a lot of people don’t go through the effort don’t have the care for themselves or their lives, to actually seek out information that’s going to improve it. Please give yourself acknowledgement of this. Because you’re you’re the real deal. You You are way more special than you will ever give yourself credit for. And if you already think you’re special, you’re still I guarantee you not giving yourself enough credit. That’s that’s the last thing I’d want to leave people with.

You are way more special than you will ever give yourself credit for. And if you already think you're special, you're still, I guarantee you, not giving yourself enough credit. - Andrew Kap Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 44:42

So there you have it. He’s Andrew Kap. I encourage you take action with what he shared today, with the laws of attraction in place for you. Right even if you’ve tried it before, it hasn’t worked as well as you thought there’s a new way to take a new approach to take some strategies to put in place You can enjoy the process that you can do it in a very simple easy easy way. He’s shown you a blueprint to be able to do just that I encourage you to take action with what he shared. If you want to come back to this episode you can do that at that’s you never want to miss an episode go to that’s, seize the day, make it a great week. We’ll see you next time on Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at, that’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You can get that at and If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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