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Randy Gage is a critical thinker and the author of 14 books, including the New York Times best-sellers, Risky is the New Safe and Mad Genius. As a member of both the Speakers Hall of Fame and the Direct Selling Hall of Fame, Randy has spoken to more than two million people across 50 countries. For the past 30 years, he has served as the President of Prosperity Factory, Inc., where he offers success resources and products, presentations, and seminars to help audiences realize their potential.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Randy Gage talks about the importance of self-examination in business and in life
  • What action steps can you take today to start accelerating your professional development?
  • Randy shares some takeaways from his most recent book, Radical Rebirth
  • How Randy transformed his life at 17 years old — and why you should always follow your own path
  • Why entrepreneurs never truly retire
  • The people and books that have inspired Randy throughout his career

In this episode…

When was the last time you examined your personal and professional choices? According to Randy Gage, self-examination is one of the most important practices business leaders can follow to achieve success and prosperity. By examining his ambitions at a young age, Randy was able to transform his life, follow his own path, and build an incredibly successful career.

So, how can you start incorporating more critical thinking into your current routine? Randy suggests that you take just 45 minutes a week to unplug from your devices and spend some time with your thoughts. As he says, scheduling time with yourself is the first step to reaching professional clarity and achieving your next big breakthrough.

In this episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell interviews Randy Gage, a renowned speaker and best-selling author, about the role self-examination plays in personal and professional success. Randy shares his daily routines for self-development, the radical lessons from his recent book, and the action steps he took to transform his life and achieve his business breakthrough. Stay tuned for more!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to growthtofreedom.com, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership are helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach a bigger impact and make a bigger contribution. Welcome to this segment of growth to freedom.com. I have a quick question for you. What kind of mad genius and a middle aged third baseman teach you about getting your next big breakthrough about achieving prosperity and a whole lot more? Well, this expert is someone uniquely qualified, quick backstory. In the early 1990s. I got connected to a gentleman named Michael Wickett, who is a best selling publisher Nightingale-Conant, my wife at the time his grandmother worked for him. He got us together. And I sat down with Michael. I had just written the manuscript of my first book called A Champion in the Making. And I said, Michael, if you were me really wanting to go into the publishing business, who would you follow? Who would you find to guide you to coach you, etc. And one of five names popped up. The very first name was Randy Gage. And since that time, I’ve gone through his copywriting courses, his speakers institute that which I’m not even sure exists anymore, and a whole lot more. And fast forward a couple years, a good friend of mine, Joshua Shafran, who I helped grow and do some amazing things together was working with Randy on a joint project. And they needed to fill some seats for an event. And lo and behold, we did some campaigns and apparently did over six figures and a teleseminar, with Randy as partner at the time, Ford six and more. Now, if you don’t know who Randy Gage is, I want to really ask you to lean in here. So if you’re driving, you want to pull over, put your car in park, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper right now why he is one of the deepest, deepest thinkers you’re ever going to meet. He’s not your typical business gloss over strategy tactic person. He’s a critical thinker who’s going to make you approach your business, he’s going to challenge you, and he’s going to challenge your life and business in a whole new way. He’s the author of 13 books that have been published in 25 languages, including New York Times best selling bestsellers, risky is the safe, the new, safe and mad genius. He’s spoken and impacted over 2 million people in over 50 countries. He’s a member of the speaker’s Hall of Fame in the direct selling Hall of Fame. And when he’s not prowling the podium, or finishing up a manuscript for his next book, you’ll probably find him playing third base on his softball team somewhere. So Randy, welcome. It’s so grateful to have you here.

Randy Gage 2:58

I’m honored. I’m honored you upgraded me to middle age soccer player, as opposed to senior division.

Dan Kuschell 3:10

Like you’ve aged since I ever got introduced to you.

Randy Gage 3:16

Trust me, I have my back. Yeah, you know, your body

Dan Kuschell 3:19

reminds us of that most mornings, right? So I want to dive into it, because we just have a few minutes. And that was our promise. I mean, you’ve been on this journey for decades, influence impact millions of we’ve just gone through one of the greatest, you know, crises. Or maybe we’re still in the middle of it. You know, a lot of uncertainty out there. What do you see are some of the biggest mistakes that people are making right now either, you know, as it relates specifically to their business combined with their life.

Randy Gage 3:50

The biggest mistakes people are I see them making now the same ones they usually make, which is they’re reacting to stimulus around them. Whether it’s the covid 19 pandemic, the recent presidential election, the latest hurricane that’s coming through or went through, they’re reacting to that they’re not mindfully planning that they’re not mindfully thinking, Okay, how do I look around the corner? How do I get ahead of what’s coming out? And just the big, big questions, who do I want to be? What kind of life Do I want to live? What kind of business do I want to be working? I don’t think they’re doing enough self examination.

Dan Kuschell 4:45

So what can someone do then to you know, kind of get on track, if you will, you know, sometimes unlearning is far more valuable than learning right to get on track. So what advice would you give someone one to three strategies that could help them get that next big breakthrough.

Randy Gage 5:03

One of the things I wrote in mad genius was to schedule thinking time every week. And everybody who read the book is like, Oh, my God, what a great idea. Yeah, that’s exactly what I need to do. And then they never did it. You know, when I talk to people in coaching people in my coaching program, things like that, they’re kind of stuck. And they don’t know really what they want to be when they grow up. And I say, you know, when is the last time you actually unplugged your devices, and spent 45 minutes in thought with yourself? Right?

When was the last time you actually unplugged your devices and spent 45 minutes in thought with yourself? - Randy Gage Click To Tweet

And we can talk about meditation? And do you do you know, have some, but like, things like that, I’ve just determined, okay, I have to have self development time in the morning. I don’t have any music plan in my house, I don’t have any TVs, radios playing in my house, when I’m writing I’m writing. And when I’m not writing, I’m thinking. So even when I’m making my bed, I’m preparing my protein shake after my workout where I don’t have background noise, I’m alone with my thoughts. The and and so I kind of was joking. In this blog, I wrote the other day that the, you know, the second best prosperity advice I could ever give you is unplugged from your devices once a week for 45 minutes or 60 minutes, and be alone with your thoughts and just have a journal and a pen nearby if you want to journal something down. But not a phone, not a tablet, because then you’re going to get the email thing of the breaking news alert or any of that crap. And just give yourself that chance. And then the, of course, they always say, well, then what’s the first most important? And that question? And that answer is, when you charge your phone and your devices at night, put it in a different room than you sleep. Right? There’s so many people to let you know, their Instagram post is the last thing they do before they go to bed. And the cnn breaking news alert is the first thing they see when they wake up. And the human mind cannot. It cannot operate at a high level, if you’re given it that kind of stimuli. So if you started with that kind of just self examination time, that’s what leads you to the big picture stuff. Like, you know, the, I’ve got on my blog right now, I think I’ve done three. So far, I think there’s seven main areas of your life that you make decisions on, and they’re going to determine if you’re healthy, happy and prosperous. Right. And you get a philosophy in each of those areas like health, you know, you have a philosophy about health. You think either food comes from factories, and your kitchen is filled with stuff with expiration dates two years from now, or you think food should be natural, like fruits and vegetables and nuts, right? You think exercise is just for elite athletes, or you think it’s that everybody needs exercise, right? You create a philosophy around that. You create a philosophy around relationships, you create a philosophy around money and finance, right? So I picked those seven errors. And that’s what I’m working on the blog right now. And I think that’s what people don’t realize is they, they develop that philosophy, usually when they were a kid, unknowingly, subconsciously, just like if your parents argued all the time, no one cheated on the other or they were abusive. You develop the philosophy about relationships and marriage that before you were 10 years old, that you didn’t even know you develop it, but it’s there, right? Yep. So how often as adults, do we actually go back and say, What is my philosophy in this area? What are the core foundational beliefs that I have in this area? And that’s the kind of real self examination I’m talking about.

How often as adults do we actually go back and say, ‘what is my philosophy in this area? What are the core foundational beliefs that I have in this area? - Randy Gage Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 9:28

Now, over the decades, you’ve been involved in direct selling, you’ve been you’ve had your speakers Institute, you’ve had a training business. I mean, you’ve had your hands and a lot of different, you know, businesses. Why are you doing what you’re doing? I mean, you could have retired many moons ago. And, you know, I love getting this psychology and philosophy from someone who just continues to appear to live their passion. Why do you continue to do what you do, Randy?

Randy Gage 9:56

Well, I retired when I was like, 40 I think My first midlife crisis, and that lasted a few months. And then I realized I can’t do this I need to be doing something significant. I thought I’m gonna race cars drink out of a coconut and play softball every day, those would be the my life. And I realized No, that that’s a really vapid, shallow life with no challenge. And no, you’re still

Dan Kuschell 10:24

doing those three things, but you’re still doing the business stuff to

Randy Gage 10:27

write because I realized, hey, my work, you know, I, you know, I, like I told you just before we went live with this, that and I just sent the 14th book to the publisher, it’s called a Radical Rebirth. And I feel like it’s the culmination of all my work so far in prosperity and success and the mental part of the game and all of that. And, and that’s what it is, it’s, I put up the, like, the pre order page, you know, people who want to pre order which, by the way you guys watching is, I hope I got this right, randygage.com/radicalrebirth. And, you know, put something to the effect like warning, when you read this book, you might quit your job, divorce your spouse, run away with the circus, join a lesbian commune, run away with the circus, get a tattoo and discover your real sexuality. or all of the above, you know, because that’s what real self examination should be. It should be uncomfortable, it should be threatening. It should be. You know, how many people are dentists because three generations of their family were dentists now are their soldiers. Because every generation since the Civil War has been in the military where sometimes we just like me, that was my path. I was going to grow up in Madison, Wisconsin, and go to fish fries on Friday night and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and be a fan of the Green Bay Packers and work at the Auto factory, the GM factory in Janesville. And that was my that’s what you did. And when I grew up then in Wisconsin, and I realized, well, I don’t even like fish. I hate ugly uniforms. I hate cold winter. And I want to live somewhere with palm trees and do different things. And so my life was transformed. At 17 years old, I had a beat up 71 Plymouth, I packed everything that would fit into it. And I drove down to Miami by myself at 17 years old. I had no apartment, I didn’t have a job. I didn’t know a single soul in Miami. But I had a dream that I wanted to live in a tropical paradise. And I stayed at a roach infested hooker hotel on Biscayne Boulevard, which was $17 a night or $11 a night for like three months until I found a job and saved up enough money to deposit and get an apartment and everything. But that was the greatest thing that ever happened to me because it was the result of not just accepting the pathway that seemed to be laid out for me, but actually doing the critical thinking, doing the self examination of is that really the life that I want to live
That’s what real self-examination should be. It should be uncomfortable. - Randy Gage Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 13:41

and speaking of living the life you want to live, you know, this journey you’ve taken it took you from that place right in that rat that Roach infested place right to now having impacted millions and millions of people. Right? Yeah, I can see the smile you know on your face because I mean you love doing that you love turning people on it as I observe it you love being able to challenge people to be their better selves, right? It’s got to be a little uncomfortable, right? It’s like irritated oysters. Great. Greg pearls.

Randy Gage 14:16

Yes, about retirement. The you know, swatch, right? The swatch watches. So I was doing a symposium in Central Europe with the founder of swatch Okay, this is back in the late 90s. And he was just back then I think he was like 80 and we were doing and he was just this really he was this ornery character just bigger than life. He wore like for watches he’d have an A he owned like nine watch companies right swatches just was just one of them. He had watches that sold for $200,000 he had 50 The $1,000 lines. And so he had nine watch companies and he had them all competing with each other. So he were four of them, you know, you have an $11 swatch and a $200,000. One and whatever. So that’s so we’re doing the press conference to promote this big conference that he and I are doing. And one of this young reporter says to him, you know, you’re like in your 80s, and you’ve already worth billions of dollars, and you, you know, founded all these companies, have you ever thought about retiring? And he said, entrepreneurs are artists, and artists never retire. Hmm. And the moment he spoke those words, I was like, Oh, my God, that’s why I couldn’t retire. That’s why I couldn’t say, because I’m an artist. Because what I do is an art form. And that, you know, and I’ve really kept that philosophy ever since. And so I don’t ever see myself retiring. I feel like so in literally, for you guys watching I had, I had told them three minutes before we started this, I had sent the final manuscript. But I’m already working on book number 15. Right. And I’ve got an outline for book number 16, right, because I have stuff that I want to share stuff that I have to get out. Because I think it’s important for people. And so that’s what I think life is about is, you know, we have to keep examining ourselves, and challenging ourselves to keep moving toward to stay on this pathway of becoming the Sorry about that. I thought I had my phone off, you know, becoming the highest possible version of ourselves. That’s what the journeys got to be about.

Dan Kuschell 17:01

And I’m curious, Randy, like as you think, in your journey, and maybe it’s now maybe it’s in the past. For those you’ve looked to whether you call them mentors, advisors, coaches that have inspired or inspire you, right to get beyond your own level of thinking.

Randy Gage 17:18

Iron Rand, that was, you know, Atlas Shrugged was the most influential book I’ve ever read. Ernest Holmes, the science of mind, Reverend Charles and Myrtle, Fillmore. Emily, Katie, those are the the I’m more of a reader. So books really speak to me. And those were the kind of the, the books that really challenged my beliefs and got me thinking about what I think about. So those people really, were probably my, my, I never met them, because they, most of them, right, I mean, I met a few I met augmon Dino, for instance, I knew og. And I knew Jim Rohn. And I saw I’ve known some people like that, but most of them were people that were already no longer on this earth. But they had left these books, which was their continuing work to influence us.

Dan Kuschell 18:15

Yeah. What I love about that perspective, too, is the experts and the advisors, if you will, the collective you named. They’re not tactical based teachers. They’re principle based TGM philosophy based, and it’s what I love about the work that you represent, as its philosophy base. It’s timeless, like it’ll be good today, it’ll be good in three decades, at least, overall, the overall body of work, what, you know, if someone wanted to go deeper with you, right, you’ve got amazing work. You’ve got amazing body of work and all kinds of different facets. Where can people connect with you, Randy, where can they get in touch with you to learn more? Okay,

Randy Gage 18:55

so randygage.com, that’s kind of my Starfleet Command site. You can find everything on there. I’ve got a blog. We’ve got a prosperity podcast. Whenever I’m doing, I have public programs I’m doing you could find them on there. My whenever my next book is going to come out. You read about it there. And then I have a newsletter called Gage on Prosperity. So that’s right on the homepage, I would suggest people sign up for that. And I put out a newsletter each week called Friday Philosophy, just dealing with something that I’m thinking about that I think you should be thinking about.

Dan Kuschell 19:38

And I would encourage you to go to randygage.com I know that a couple of our mutual friends, Randy one wanted to say hi, Gail Kingsbury, who is going to be a part of this celebration of 300 episodes and 30 years of my journey and the important people in it. She’s also one of them and she wanted me to

Randy Gage 19:55

give her my best.

Dan Kuschell 19:57

Yes and Stephanie Frank who I believe I am Stephanie, really well we’ve been friends for about 20 years. And I want to encourage you go check out Randy’s work. I’ll finish the story, close the loop. Michael Wickett shared five people I should follow one the number one person was Randy Gage, I started studying Randy’s stuff. And it was a catalyst to learning how to write copy to communicate better to influence better, ultimately to sell better either online offline in print or otherwise. That led to a $20 million company not once that got sold but two companies that ultimately got sold as a catalyst from that beginning. Now I can promise you you’re going to do that you’re going to say you’ll probably do nothing, you’ll probably get nothing. You’ll probably all that sort of disclaimer stuff that you want to add. But what if Michael Wickett would not have said go learn from Randy Gage? What would it have cost me the reason I asked Randy to be here as I know how he was a catalyst sitting niter for me, and I’d love him to be an igniter for you. Go check out his work. Go to randygage.com it’s randygage.com check out the newsletter, check out the prosperity program, check out his new books. There’s a wealth of wisdom that he will bring you in a very easy to understand practical way but be warned you will be challenged, you definitely will be challenged now Randy, what would be 123 action steps you hope our viewers our listeners take from our short time together to

Randy Gage 21:27

really set aside that thinking time, right? Get a look at your planner, you’re whether you do it on your phone, or you have a paper one, whatever and literally say okay, on Thursday between three o’clock and 345 I’m going to schedule some thinking time. And then I would say check out your morning routine, what is your duty? You know, can you work around your schedule to start your day with some self development time. And don’t check the email box and don’t check the phone alerts. But start with a positive podcast or reading a positive book personal growth, self development. And I think you really create your consciousness for the day, you know by that first how you spend the first half an hour of your day is really going to determine how happy how productive, how influential you’re you’re going to be during the day. So I’m a big believer in that setting your mindset and your intentions that way.
How you spend the first half an hour of your day is really going to determine how happy, how productive, how influential you’re going to be through the day. - Randy Gage Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 22:34

I encourage you to take action with what Randy shared with you building that thinking time, set the time to schedule, check out your morning ritual, get that 30 to 60 minutes for you, not everybody else but for you and watch what happens. Randy, it’s a pleasure to have you my friend. Thank you.

Randy Gage 22:50

Great to be on again.

Dan Kuschell 22:53

So take action. What are you going to do with this information? Is it just going to be entertainment and you’re going to have it come in or are you going to apply what Randy share with you number one I also want you to go to randygage.com check out what he’s doing all the incredible resources number two take action with this and let us know send me an email drop me a line. Share this with someone you care about if you know another founder CEO, business owner entrepreneur who is looking for strategies that are proven and timeless decades of experience right here. Introduce them to this episode, this series growthtofreedom.com/300. If you never want to miss an episode go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe that’s growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, seize the day, make it a great week. We’ll see you next time on another session on growthtofreedom.com. Thanks for watching.

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