12 Offers to Get Your Clients to Say YES! | Dan Kuschell [Podcast 212]

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GTF 212 | Making A Sale


Making a sale usually starts with an offer. So, how many offers did you make today?

In this episode, you’re going to get 12 different ways to present your offer, so that you can connect to your ideal prospects with confidence and clarity, and convert those offers to sales.  

You’ll walk away with word-for-word template, outline, checklist and blueprints that you can model and copy from, so you can get more clients saying yes, starting today!

Listen to the podcast here:

12 Offers to Get Your Clients to Say YES! | Dan Kuschell [Podcast 212]

Do you ever wonder what you should offer your clients? Did the holidays come and go and you saw all these offers happening, yet you were behind the eight ball and you didn’t get a chance to capitalize on all the buyers’ momentum? I want to introduce you to twelve offers that you can make to your clients that get them to say yes. You’ll do it with clarity. You’ll do it with confidence. You’ll do it with a blueprint. The reason that I decided to do this, I had a few people who saw our previous segments and sessions and they said, “Dan, the strategies you’re teaching are awesome but can you give us something tangible that we can take and use?” I’m going to be giving you word-for-word scripts, outlines, checklists and blueprints that you can model and copy from. Would that be of help to you, regardless of your business?

You might be saying, “Who are you?” My name is Dan Kuschell. I’m the Founder of a company called Breakthrough3X. I’ve built and grown eleven companies. I’ve been able to coach over 5,000 business owners. In building eleven companies, I’ve had a handful of seven-figure companies, a couple of eight-figure, but I’ve also crashed and burned a couple of companies too. You learn by those mistakes. I want to share some of the insights that we’ve learned working with some of our private clients to help you avoid some of the common mistakes too. I’m going to introduce you to twelve unique offers that you can make to your perfect clients to get them to say yes and do it in a way where it’s not selling. It’s more of a buyer’s culture. This is about a blueprint, a template, a checklist, word-for-word, what you can say.

Before I get into the checklist and the blueprint of what to say and how to say it, I want to put some context out there. One of the big misunderstandings in the marketplace is this question, “What is marketing?” As you think about it if you ask yourself, “What is marketing?” There are all kinds of misunderstandings about marketing but at the end of the day, I’ve heard it best from a friend and someone I’ve worked with as a client, Joe Polish. He says that marketing is simply storytelling. If you can tell a better story, you’re going to connect with your tribe, your perfect clients. Joe says marketing is storytelling. Another version of marketing comes from a guy named Gary Halbert, where he says that marketing is getting someone prequalified, pre-interested, pre-motivated and predisposed ready to do business with you. It’s what you do to get someone in that state.

GTF 212 | Making A Sale

Marketing is simply storytelling. If you can tell a better story, you’re going to connect with your tribe, your perfect clients.


Another way to look at marketing is like football. It’s like field position. We all have field position in our business. I want you to imagine the team kicks off. I catch the ball at the goal line and then I make a couple of steps and I get hammered. Maybe I’ve got five yards. In football, it’s a 100-yard field, I’ve got five yards. That means I’ve got 95 yards to go. That’s my field position. On the other hand, let’s say a super athlete, maybe it’s you. You take the ball at the goal line, you catch the ball, you make a cut, you take it down on the sideline running about 80 yards and then you get tackled. You’ve gone 80 yards. You only have twenty more yards to go. That’s like marketing. Marketing helps you move and create field position. The better the marketing, the less selling you have to do. Hopefully, that lands for you and gives you a context of what is marketing. It’s what you do to get someone in a place where they’re predisposed, prequalified, pre-motivated and ready to do business with you or not. The problem is most people aren’t good at marketing and therefore they have to do a lot of selling. The better the marketing, the less selling you have to do.

Have you ever found yourself going, “I don’t want to sell or I’m not comfortable?” Moving beyond this, let’s go to what is selling? What is your definition of selling? Selling is influence. That’s a version. Gary Halbert also says, “Selling is what you do after you get someone on the phone or face-to­-face with you and they’re prequalified, pre-motivated and ready to do business.” I’ve got another version of selling that I learned from one of my first coaches all the way back in the late 1980s. It’s a long time ago. You might go, “That’s outdated.” I don’t think this is outdated. You tell me if this is outdated, this definition of selling, which is simply helping people and serving others. Tell me if that resonates with you a little bit. If you had a perspective in your heart and in your head about selling being helping more people and serving others, that’s what selling is. Selling them on an idea, selling them on a concept, selling them on a product, selling them on a service.

Jay Abraham taught me back in the ‘90s when I started learning from him. He says, “You have a moral obligation. I have a moral obligation to share all the value, all the reasons why someone deserves this product. There would only be one reason why you wouldn’t share that value. You don’t have faith in your product.” If you have faith in your product, realize that what you’re doing is you have an opportunity to go out there and help more people serve others. You have the ability to serve. The better you get at marketing, the better you get at selling or influence. You’re serving more and more people. Does that get you as excited as it does me? That’s the context. We got to get the definition of marketing. Here’s something I want to do. I’ll have you do a quick inventory. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the greatest, how do you consider your marketing? Where would you rate yourself? One to ten in selling in your business, ten being greatest, one being lowest, where would you rate yourself? If you’re not at a ten or close to it in those two areas, you’re going to love this thing. Twelve unique offers that you can make to get your clients to say yes.

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Here’s a question I have for you as well. At the end of the day, it’s about making offers. How many offers did you make? Isn’t it interesting that the most successful people in the world, the most successful companies in the world, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and the most successful business owners in the world, they make a lot of offers every day? If you make more offers, you’d probably make more money. If you’re stuck making an offer or a week or an offer every couple of days or an offer every three weeks, is it any wonder why your business is struggling? How often is Coca-Cola making an offer to us? You could see their commercials, their billboards and all this stuff everywhere inundating us. How often is Sprint making offers to us? How often is Apple making an offer to you and me? If you want to make more, have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach, have a bigger contribution, serve more people, make more offers. You might be like, “I don’t want to come across sales-y or hype-y or any of that stuff.” I want to give you twelve unique offers that maybe you haven’t thought about or maybe you have, you just haven’t put them in place yet. I’m going to challenge you to put some of these in place, if not all of them.

Let me give you the first two. These are from clients we work with. I listed some of the big ones that we’ve worked with. Many of our private clients are multimillion-dollar businesses. Let me share the simplicity and as you think about it, don’t overthink it. Don’t overanalyze it. I want to encourage you to commit to yourself to take action, to put a couple of these in place. Is that fair enough? Can I challenge you to do that? That you’d be willing to go out there, pick one or two that resonate with you, go out there, put them in place and test it? Whether it works or it doesn’t work, then go make another offer and another. Get yourself to a place where you’re making at least one offer to potential clients every single day, if not ten times a day. I had a mentor years ago and his name was Bill. He taught us this idea. This was back in the early ‘90s. It was a direct sales culture and environment. He said, “Put ten pennies in your left pocket and after you’ve made an offer, move one penny over to your right pocket. By the end of the day, you need all ten pennies in your right pocket.”

When you get trained that way, it will give you discipline when you go out there. Nowadays online, we can be able to do that much faster, much easier. I’m going to give you a word-for-word script to be able to dive into here. Before I go into the twelve unique offers that you can make, do you ever find yourself at a networking meeting and someone comes up to you and says, “What do you do?” You’re in a chat area online like a Facebook group or LinkedIn group or a LinkedIn conversation and someone says, “What do you do?” Do you ever watch this happen? You’re at an event and someone says, “What do you do?” Immediately, a person vomits on somebody what do they do and the other person or the people that are listening, what do they do? Are they tuning in and totally connected, resonating, vibrating with that message or are they tuning out most of the time? I find that most people are tuning out and it’s all about the approach.

GTF 212 | Making A Sale

If you want to make more, have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach, and have a bigger contribution, serve more people and make more offers.


I want to give you a slight edge strategy that will give you an unfair advantage to nine out of ten times compel people to want to know more about what you do. It’s not about responsiveness. It’s about being able to ask a question. I want you to try this ten times and you tell me what happens. I’ve literally had dozens and dozens of people email me. They heard this on one of our podcasts that we have called GrowthToFreedom.com where have 200 hours of episodes. I want to give you the most valuable stuff here. They say, “Dan, I put that strategy in place and people are definitely resonating with me and connecting with me in a much better, different, higher level than ever before.” I want to offer this gift to you. I want to make sure we get this script word-for-word for you. It’s a simple and basic understanding of the psychology of it. Next time someone says to you, “What do you do?” here’s what you do. You take a step back and instead of diving into how you help people and all the problems you solve and all those sorts of things. I want you to take a step back and I want you to go, “Do you know how?”

Ideally, you’re tuned in with the problem you solve. People don’t care about us that much. I don’t mean to break that to you, but I found that most people don’t care about me. They care about themselves. They care about their problems and getting those problems solved. Rather than talking about us, spend our time talking about them. I learned this on the radio, the old station which is WIFM, What’s In It For Me, meaning them. “What’s in it for me?” meaning the person on the other end of it. Next time someone asks you, “What do you do?” “Do you know how?” and then you fill in the blank of what the biggest problem your perfect clients face. I’m going to give you a couple of examples here for context so there’s no misunderstanding about this. I want to make it impossible for this message to be misunderstood.

Chances are if you’re new in business or even if you’re not new, one of the most common things that happen is you’re out in the marketplace and you’re networking and you’re connecting with people and you get asked this probably a dozen times a week. If not, don’t worry about it. Maybe it’s less than a month or a day or a year. The next time you get asked, “How would you like to have a way to truly connect with somebody at a deep level?” They go, “I would like to know more,” because you know when you vomit on somebody and you push them right away. It’s called being in the sales prevention department or sales repellent. You want to be in a place where you attract people. This is a mechanism. This is a strategy to attract more of your perfect type of client. Next time someone says, “What do you do?” “Do you know how?” I’m going to use an example.

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Here’s an actual blueprint. Here’s the script. “Do you know how?” then you can name the market and then the struggles with. “Do you know how a lot of people struggle with burnout and overwhelm as a corporate leader? What I do is,” and now you tell them how you help people, “I help executives and leaders,” and you describe in terms of what we call BOTE: Breakthrough, Outcome, Transformation, Experience. “I help executives and leaders eliminate anxiety so that they can have more peace, more freedom and more personal power. That’s the script. “Do you know how?” Name of the market struggles with. “Do you know how corporate executives struggle with anxiety?” I’m making that up. That isn’t what my company does. I was using a generic one off the top of my head. “Do you know how corporate executives struggle with anxiety? What I do is we help corporate executives and leaders reduce anxiety so that they can have more peace, freedom, personal growth and personal power.” It’s a really powerful script that you can put in.

I’m going to give you a couple of examples and I gave the first one already. “Do you know how executives and entrepreneurs struggle with anxiety? What I do is help executives and professionals reduce anxiety in ten minutes or less.” This is one of our clients and we helped her reframe this to this, “Without medication or drugs so they can have greater peace, freedom, and joy.” Think about that the next time you’re at a meeting or someone asks you and you came out with that. “Do you know how some people struggle with anxiety?” They go, “Yes, I do.” They might even be thinking of themselves. Initially, they don’t know the hook yet, they might be hedging their bet. Have you ever met somebody when you get in there, they’re hedging their bet, their guards a little up? This is a great way to help you discern that. Here’s an example of what I share with our potential right fit clients. “Do you know how a lot of people struggle to get clients? What we do is we help entrepreneurs and business owners get a steady flow of clients with less stress, less time and less personal work so they can have a bigger impact, a bigger reach, and a bigger contribution.”

50% Off and Display The Offered Price

How long did that take? Ten seconds? What would have to happen for you to be able to put your power statement in place, to connect, to bond, to attract your right fit type of clients? It’s all about them and all about how you help them in your marketplace. If you like that, you’re going to love the other twelve offers that you can make to get your clients to say yes. We’re just getting rolling here. Here are a couple from some of our most successful client campaigns. Here are two of them, two for one and another one is 50% off of say a retail price. Two for one. One of our clients offers a multi-thousand-dollar program. Rather than decreasing the price, what they do is they allow someone to bring a second person for the same initial fee. Depending on your business model, that’ll fit. You could do that with jewelry, with clothing, all the way up with multi-thousand-dollar-type programs or a direct savings. 50% off, half-off. If you look at the psychology, if you think of the holidays, if you went to the mall or you see it online, what do you see a lot of times? You see these signs. You’ve got full price, let’s call it $197 for whatever it might be, a pair of shoes, “$197, now only $67.” You feel like you’re getting a deal.

GTF 212 | Making A Sale

There’s a big difference between making a convincing argument and compelling someone.


Free Offer and Buy One Get One Free

You want to use the psychology that people have been trained in through their whole life. My favorite, and this is usually to bring someone into your world that has no trust with you, no respect of you. They don’t know you, like you, trust you, respect you. They’re just getting to know you. A great way to bring people into your world is a free offer. Another offer we’ve seen work well is a variation of buy-one-get-one-free, buy-one-get-a-bonus, buy one and get any number of things. You’re doing what’s called stacking the value, stacking some bonuses. Those two work really well. I’ve given you four already in addition to the power networking strategy. What of these four could you commit to test and try with your offers? The more offers you make, the more you make at the end of the day. The bigger the impact, the bigger the reach, the bigger the contribution. Here are two others that are very popular. You’re going to get three super bonuses.

Early Bird Pricing and One Of The First 10

Another is early bird pricing. There are all kinds of versions of early bird pricing and I’ll share that because that’s another strategy, another one of the twelve. Bonuses one, two and three, early bird pricing, be one of the first ten. You’ve probably seen it. As you start watching TV and you start watching commercials, start paying attention to some of that language. You’re going to see it almost word-for-word in many cases as a student of business. Let me go ahead and share a couple more. Is this good? Is this giving you some insights to be able to build and grow? We made a big promise, twelve unique offers to get your clients to say yes. Here’s another version that we’ve worked with some of our clients, founders pricing or VIP pricing.

VIP Pricing

Giving people an X dollar rebate. It depends on the product or the service, whether it’s a lower-level product and the teen’s price, $20, $50.

Grand Opening Specials

The positioning will play a role in this and how you position the rebate or how you position the founders. How many times have you seen grand opening specials? Have you ever seen that before? Lean into the psychology of what is already working in the marketplace. Here’s another couple that has worked well. I made a promise of twelve, but you’re going to get a few bonuses.

Get Now Pay Later

Here’s one: get it now, pay later. There are a few different ways that you could do that. You could offer financing for people. You could offer installments for people. To break it up, we’ve got one client where literally their offer is that you pay a deposit now and you don’t pay the rest until you’ve made eight, nine, ten, fifteen, twenty times the results. Jay Abraham was famous for creating a model like that many decades ago not only in the business development or business growth space but also in other industries as well. Here’s another variation.

Holiday Offer

I brought this up because you probably saw this everywhere. Holiday special, holiday savings, Black Friday sale, Christmas sale, Twelve Days of Christmas, New Year’s. How did you capitalize on that? Were you on the end of being a customer or consumer of that more than a market or a business owner? We’re giving you ideas of power strategies you can put in place. You can put these in an email, in an invitation, as direct mail. There are many different ways that you can communicate these overall.

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Direct Mail Message

Another one that’s popular and works well because everybody loves to feel they got a deal. It’s a direct mail message. It’s a voice message, a video, all platforms that this playthrough in, but this one: Savings Extended. That’s a great headline that can be used as a subject line in email. All of these can be good email subject lines depending on context, “We’ve got a little bit further. We’ve got X reviews and therefore you get a saving. We’ve got X years in business. We’re celebrating our third year in business, therefore you get savings.

Anniversary Offer

We’re celebrating our 100th year of business, therefore you get savings. We got our 50th client this week, therefore you get savings.” It’s called reason why with messaging, the reason why and you can extend the savings, an offer, a discount, more bonuses. It’s a great powerful way. We’ve covered a lot in a short period of time. Ideally, you share this with someone who’s a business owner, an entrepreneur who could get some value from these. We’ve given you two powerful strategies. One is when next time someone asks you, “What do you do?” you’ve got a powerful way to connect, to bond, to attract them instead of repelling them or push them away. There’s a big difference between making a convincing argument and compelling someone. I think I heard that from Dean Jackson about years ago and it makes a lot of sense, “Don’t you want to be someone who attracts someone, who compels people to want to do business with you?” Have you ever been in that place where you’re walking down the street and you see somebody that you love and you dart across the street and you go, “What’s up?” and give them a big high-five? You’ve been there, haven’t you? Have you also been in that same scenario walking across the street and you see someone, “I hope they don’t see me. Let me look in the window.” That’s the difference between being compelling and in the sales prevention department. There’s a right way to be able to deliver these things.

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“What do you do?” We’ve offered you a way to be powerful so that you are confident, you’re certain and you connect and attract your right fit clients. In addition, we’ve shared twelve and a few more unique offers to get your clients to say yes. If you’ve enjoyed this template, this blueprint, I challenge you to put it in place. If you want to go deeper with some of our strategies, see how our company can help you grow your business, grow your impact and grow your reach, if you’re excited to be able to double your business, you want to go deeper to understand how we might be able to help, you can go at BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. What will happen is you’ll see a page. It will say request your invitation. You enter your name and email address. There’s a form you fill out.

Tell us a little bit about your business. That way we know where you are, where you want to go. It gives us some context. We’ll have a 30-minute conversation. See where we can help you. If we can, we can. If we can’t, we’ll refer you to some other resources. We have hundreds of hours of free resources available. We’re going to be making available other insights, other powerful strategies. What’s on your mind? What’s one question that if answered or one insight that if you got the answer to it, it will make an immense difference in your business around marketing, around sales, about growing your company, growing your reach? Getting more publicity, whatever it might be as it relates to growing your lead sales and profitability. Post a question. We’ll see what we can do to get it answered in a future session. You’re going to get more tips, more checklists, more templates and tools that you can use much like this. Thanks for being with us. We’ll see you next time. Make it a great day.


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