2 Steps To Get More Appointments, Leads And Clients

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GTF 260 | Relationships With Clients


Do you struggle to generate clients or generate high quality leads?  

Or maybe you struggle to get high quality potential clients on the phone with you or your team?

In this episode, you’ll learn: “Two Steps to Get More Appointments, Leads, and Clients.”

No business succeeds without having good working relationships with the people that are buying your services- and that goes double if you’re just beginning to establish a relationship with a potential client.

In this episode, I talk about generating and nurturing potential clients and then developing those candidates into a long-term business relationship.  

Putting yourself out there is crucial if you want your business to grow, and it starts with the relationships you build.

This is a can’t miss episode, specifically if you’re looking to grow your client base.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What Business You are Really in
  • The 2 Types of Client Relationships You Develop
  • The 2 Steps to Get Appointments, Leads, Sessions, and the Phone to Ring
  • 11 Different Ways to Get New Clients
  • 5 Keys to Make a Compelling Offer
  • 5 Cut and Paste Offer Examples
  • What to Ask and Say When You Get a Response from a Possible Client
  • BONUS: Create a Powerful Call to Action and Give for Your Podcast, Interviews, and More (multiple samples included)
  • And more…

You can view a video of this session here

Production Note: Thank you for listening!  We apologize for the audio quality.  We originally recorded this for a private group and the feedback was so powerful we decided to make it available publicly. This was not recorded in a typical studio setting, so the audio quality is not our typical quality.  In this case we believe the insights were more valuable than the lack of audio quality so we made the internal decision to make it available to you. Let us know how you enjoy it. We believe you will still enjoy the insights and the action steps.

Listen to the podcast here:

2 Steps To Get More Appointments, Leads And Clients

How many of you struggle to be able to generate leads, more sales, getting your phone to ring to get more calls or maybe being able to go out there and get strategy sessions or consultations booked? This segment is all about helping you get appointments, generate leads, generate sessions and sales and get your clients to say yes to being able to have that conversation. How would it change the game for you? How would it impact you if you had the ability to be able to go out there and generate more leads, get the phone to ring and get those consultations? Why is this important? I had one of our students here reach out to us and they said a couple of things. They said, “Dan, I’m going on all of these shows. Do you go on shows and do interviews? I’m not generating any leads from it. I’m certainly not generating any consultations. I’m certainly not generating any new business from it.” How frustrating is that when you put time and energy, maybe it’s 30 minutes, maybe it’s an hour, maybe it’s longer and some prep time. You add that all up and you’ve got nothing to show for it. Maybe you have a show and you can’t seem to build your following. You can’t seem to monetize it or optimize it.

This is a powerful session about helping you be able to go out there and get appointments, get leads, get sessions and sales from your activity. You’re going to love what we have to share with you. In fact, it’s the two-step approach to be able to do this. I’m going to walk you through a few simple steps. Before we dive in, here’s something to be able to think about. Do you know what business you’re in? What your focus on the business is? Dan Kennedy, who’s someone I’ve gotten a chance to learn from over the year, maybe you’ll have to. Dan teaches the idea that you’re not in the business you think you’re in. You’re in the marketing of the business you think you’re in. While I believe that to be true in my heart of hearts, I think there’s a second area for this. That second area is related to relationships. Truth be told, we’re all in this business. We’re in the relationship business. I don’t care whether you run an HVAC company, a plumbing company, electrical company, a brick and mortar business, a consulting business, a coach or any number of businesses. We’re in the relationship business, aren’t we? If you’re in it for the long-term.

If you’re in it for the short-term and it’s transactional, that may be a little bit different. If you’re in it for the long-term, you’re in business for these relationships. The key is how do we convert relationships to a great long-term business? I want to simplify a couple of things related to this. When we look at the relationship business that we’re in, it goes to two key things. There are two approaches that we should say to leverage your business. You’ve got offline opportunities, which are face-to-face or person-to-person opportunities and then you’ve got online opportunities. There are two simple steps to be able to work with when it comes to those factors.

I’m going to walk you through those two incredible steps. It’s been powerful to go on this journey. By the way, my name is Dan Kuschell. I’m the Founder of a company called Breakthrough3X. I’ve been able to build eleven-plus companies, a handful of seven-figure companies and a couple of eight-figure companies. I bought and sold companies. The truth is, I also crashed a couple of times. I made a lot of mistakes over the years. I got to start all the way back in 1992 in my first businesses. It’s been quite a journey. I want to help you avoid and eliminate some of those common mistakes, especially if you’re struggling with generating leads, sales, profitability or making sense of all this craziness because it can be a little bit overwhelming.

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We help entrepreneurs and business owners maybe like you who simplify the process to grow your impact, grow your income, grow your reach and grow your contribution. What are these two simple steps? It’s two steps and what I find is the big problem, big misunderstanding in most people. One of the things that we have done, I’ve had infomercials both on radio and TV. We’ve generated over 200,000 online clients with our different programs and education services over the years. In all of this learning, we have found not only ourselves, but also working with a lot of different clients, hundreds of thousands over the years and coaching over 5,000 business owners. The step number one is the one that’s most often missed. There may be other terminology around it, but I want to give you the framework, so I want you to paint it. You may want to jot down a couple of notes here as we spend a little bit of time together. There are two steps.

The first step is called piquing interest. Then step two is giving a call to action and offer. I’m not going to give you a big giant what to do here and say, “It’s pique interest and call to action.” I’m going to give you the scripts. Is it okay if I give you word-for-word samples, word-for-word scripts that we use and we have our clients use? I want to give those to you. I’ve got those available as a bonus for you for free if you’re here with us as we go through this little training segment. I sat down and as I was getting ready for this session to it’s like, “Where are all the opportunities that I’ve been able to make money?” There are probably more than I haven’t listed, but these were the top ten that came to mind. Some have been greater weight than others.

As you read these ten items, you may have preferences here. If you’re not generating this solid amount of money from one yet, don’t worry about the other nine. Find the one and drive that one or two deep, if that makes sense. Be the kind of business person and business owner that you go a mile deep and not a mile wide. Another big challenge that we see why many businesses seem to struggle in all kinds of areas is that they struggle with leads and sales because there are many ideas. It gets overwhelming and most people think they’re going a mile deep, but in reality, they’re going an inch deep. I want to challenge you to go a mile deep with what we’re sharing with you.

If you like this segment and this training opportunity, make sure to like the page. If there’s someone you think could benefit from this, our highest compliment is if you share this segment with someone else. Feel free to be able to do that. Here are ten different ways that we identified that we’d made money and ideally, these will give you a brainstorm of other opportunities for you to be able to make money. Regardless of these ten or any others, there are two steps for you to leverage relationships, to get the phone to ring, to get more appointments, to get more leads, to get more sales and to get more a strategy session or consulting sessions if that’s the business that you’re in. Let me walk you through these.

Here are ten simple opportunities, some more than others because you’re in the relationship at the center of this hub. It’s about you being a human being. Looking at the transformation that you provide, being a human being, long-term approach, relationships versus transactional in nature. I want to put this up close so you can see it. You’ve got things like events. Maybe you like to go to events, maybe you don’t. One of the best ways for me that I’ve been able to generate new business is going to people. Have you ever heard the idea that if you are casual at things, you become a casualty? That’s an old sports analogy. When you’re casual, you become a casualty. Don’t be casual, don’t play half-speed. If you play half speed, you’re going to get hurt.

GTF 260 | Relationships With Clients

Relationships With Clients: Many businesses struggle with leads because they’re presenting too many ideas, and it gets overwhelming.


That’s what happens in business a lot. A way that we have found to be effective is going to people. Once you go to people at an event, some of these other things I’ll go through, you’ve got to have an approach and it’s two steps. It’s pique interest and then make an offer. I’m going to give you word-for-word templates and scripts that you can copy and paste and use starting right away. Other things, for example, speaking opportunities where you get a chance to go speak and there are dozens of different places that you could be doing that regardless of your business and so on. Meeting people individually over coffee or maybe you’re at a Starbucks and you overhear a conversation. I’ve had situations where I’ve met people in a mall, in a bookstore, and they were reading a magazine like Success magazine or Entrepreneur magazine. We struck up and that led to an opportunity, things like ads. There’s a lot of buzz, mostly overwhelming nonsense around running Facebook ads and some different things out in the marketplace. Regardless of that, it’s still you generate an ad to be then able to use these two steps.

Email your list. That’s been a huge one for us is emailing your list, but there is a right way to do it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like getting a rejection. If you don’t like getting a rejection from your offers, then I think you’re going to love our approach because it’s simple and effective to be able to use. You pique interest and then you make an offer. Some of the other ones, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. There’s a difference between when we say ads on Facebook or Google or YouTube or whatever, and then the social media side. This is the reach outside of things. You want to isolate those in silos. You don’t want to go, “My Facebook isn’t performing.” There are two categories of Facebook, there’s the paid ads side and then there’s the social side of it. You want to track them accordingly and they both have their own unique approaches. We’re going to cover some of that here.

Facebook, LinkedIn, we’ve got joint ventures is what JV stands for, strategic partnerships, networking meetings and so on. There’s more like podcasts, which I already mentioned that weren’t listed. I should list it. I’m going to give you some samples here. I’m going to pull the script for you. If you’re enjoying this segment of the training, I want to encourage you to go ahead and like the page, like this area, wherever you’re reading this. If you do feel there’s some value here, who is somebody you know who should be getting this info that’s an entrepreneur or business owner that isn’t experiencing it yet and that you could offer that opportunity for them. It’s a high compliment, which is why we put out some cool or attempt to put out some cool resources like this.

Let me walk you through the script. We would go to health club owners. We would say to those owners, “If we were able to help you generate a couple of hundred new clients in 60 days or less. Our company will run direct mail, radio or TV for you. It won’t be anything out of your pocket upfront. We’ll put the risk out. Once we make money, we’ll split the profits. Would you be open to learning more?” Seven or eight out of ten would say yes and then we would do a stronger pro forma once we had the yeses and then we would go back to the 7 or 8. Out of the 7 or 8, we’d have 3 to 4 serious conversations. Out of 3 to 4, typically we’d have 1 to 2 clients in that type of a scenario.

Many of these clients, some of them did seven figures all the way back then with the type of approach. This pique interest approach works. It’s critical. You want to think of your pique interest question to be able to work with. I don’t want to see you struggle with that same anxiety, frustration and the problem of being different online versus offline. It’s about being a human being. It’s about relationships. It’s creating value and adding value to other’s lives. As it relates to this script, once you get a yes, here’s an example of how you would respond. “Bill, can you tell me a little bit about your situation and why this might interest you?” This is a word-for-word script that you can copy and model. You’re engaging in a conversation with a few responses to get to know them better and see where you can help them after you feel comfortable with the engagement. Sometimes it’s right away, after one response. Sometimes, it could take a couple. You let them know you can help them if you can.

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Here’s an example. “It seems we can help you. I’ve got some tools and resources I can share with you about how to solve the problem they’ve got. How do you look on the day of the week at a time? How do you look on Tuesday? Here’s a link to book a time. Based on what you shared with me. I feel we can help you, Steve.” It’s simple. You pique their interest and then you give them an action. That’s a simple approach. By the way, we’re not done. I have a few other samples to be able to share with you too. Here is the make the offer sample. “Here’s what it is. Here’s what it does for you. What that gives you is, what that means for you is and if you’re looking for the solution without the problem, then here’s the action to take if you want it.”

For example, if you’re on a podcast or you’re on an interview or you’re speaking at an event or you’re in a conversation and you’ve got that yes, here’s an example. This is one that I use when there’s an opportunity. We have a few different offers, but this is one that I wanted to show you as an example. I’ve got a couple of other samples of other clients and other frameworks that you can model too. We host an on-demand training called The Unusual 3 Step Social Media Method to Triple Your Business with Less Stress. What it does is it’s going to give you the implementation and playbook that we use to grow at $20 million per year education, coaching and publishing business and then sell it. That gives you the ability to get a steady flow of daily leads, sales and profits. That means you have greater freedom, growth and clarity so you can have a bigger impact, reach and contribution. If you’re looking for a proven game plan and getting help with implementation and doing it with less stress and overwhelm and how we grew and then sold, then go to ChampionBusinessBlueprint.com.

How long did that take? All of about 20 seconds. Here’s one of a good friend of mine, also a client of ours. We mutually do some cool stuff together and I’m giving you my assessment of a way that he and/or his team could describe it or people who would refer him to people. I love his business. I wanted to use an example for him. Mike Agugliaro with CEO Warrior, we have an event called The Service Business Edge. What it does is give you our $30 million playbook and implementation plan we used to grow our service business to over $200 million. He gives you a proven blueprint to create wealth, freedom and market domination. What that means for you is you’re going to have greater certainty, confidence and clarity to avoid the common mistakes. If you’re looking for a proven blueprint without the typical mistakes most business owners make, then go to ServiceBusinessEdge.com.

Can you see how these simple little offer scripts, templates could help you get more new business, more new operative? If you are on a podcast, I will encourage you to look at this framework next time you do an interview. Here’s the challenge. Most of the experts you are following that are doing interviews on podcasts, when they do a call to action, they suck, to put it bluntly. The fact is they’re casual about it, which means if your business is under $5 million a year, don’t be casual. Otherwise, you’re going to end up a casualty. You’ll end up 2 years and 3 years from now looking back, “I went on all these interviews and I didn’t anything out of it.” I got crickets. I got trickles of leads when it couldn’t be dozens of leads every single time you do an interview. This is a way to create a structure around being able to do that. As a bonus, what happens when you get a yes from somebody? Let’s say you’re in the business of high-value programs, coaching, consulting or maybe you host events.

We’ve put versions of this in place with companies and clients that are operating big education companies. They’re running massive events. If you get a yes and you’re in the consulting or coaching business or looking to have a strategy call to go to the next level. One of our education companies that we started in the late ‘90s to early 2000s grew and expanded out of that bid, that publishing and coaching business. It was built on this framework that I’m going to share with you. Those couple of companies did somewhere around $80 million to $90 million, maybe even over $100 million when it was all said and done. Let me walk you through that little template that you can use starting right away.

GTF 260 | Relationships With Clients

Relationships With Clients: Once you go up to people, there are two steps – pique their interest, and then make the offer.


“Are you looking for help?” You get the yes. “It seems like we can help you if you’re looking to.” Go back to the outcome without X, which means the problem. “How about we see if we can help. Our typical fee rate tuition for a day. Our event is X.” That’s important to put some, if you can, if you’re brand new and you started now, then use industry average. “A typical fee for someone, what we provide is,” and then put a price juxtapositioning on it. You’re putting contrast to it, a context to it. Here’s the deal. If you’ve got a Picasso painting and you’re going to put duct tape in the corner of that Picasso, it diminishes the value.

On the other hand, if you get a beautiful, expensive frame and put around it, you put the right lighting around it and all that, doesn’t it add value to it? That’s what we’re doing here. We’re giving you a context, these scripts and templates so you can create a better framework overall. What I’d be willing to do is a 10, 20, 30, or 60-minute name of the session. Ideally, you want to come up with a powerful solution-oriented name. The name should describe what’s going to happen as a result of that conversation with you. You could do it either low cost or no cost. We’ve done both and I’m okay doing either, a fee-based consultation or a non-fee based, it depends on your business model.

There are pros and cons to being able to do both. In our session, you’ll usually get around things like confidence, clarity, certainty and focus too and then name the outcome that you’re going to provide them. The second thing is to reduce, eliminate or get rid of certain types of blocks, problems, dangers and opportunities that are keeping you from and then it’s a problem. This is all in the script, so I’m going along with what we have here. I’ve got a couple of examples I’m going to share with you so you’re not left in limbo going, “How do I make this up?” That’s a powerful one in that third bullet, that the third benefit that you’re describing. Finally, you’ll feel or get or be and then you give them the benefits to get the outcome so you can have and then even deeper benefits.

Let me give you an example. “Are you looking for help?” They say, “Yes.” For me, I get people regularly who goes, “How did you get clients like Joe Polish or Dean Graziosi?” I can go in and I don’t want to get into a whole name-dropping thing, but some of the biggest names in the world as far as education, coaching, support, training and so on. The reality is it was the relationship in nature, but it followed this format. When I sat down with Joe, I remember I had his framework is called ELF versus HALF. You can have an ELF business, Easy, Lucrative and Fun or you can have a HALF business, which is Hard, Annoying, Lame and Frustrating. I love that framework. It’s like that old adage which we’ve heard for years in all likelihood or maybe you’ve heard it too which is, “It can be a joy or it can be with a lot of pain.”

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I said, “Joe, it seems like there are some things we could help you get-go from some of these areas of your business,” because he had a great thing. Whether I would have been a part of his business or not, his company was very profitable. It was already doing well. I don’t want to make it sound like it wasn’t, but I saw a lot of assets that were being unleveraged and I helped leverage them and the company tripled during our time together because of a lot of great teamwork and great things that were done. You can have an ELF business or a HALF and like, “Would you like our help?” Ultimately, he said yes. It followed this simple approach. It seems like we can help. If you’re looking at doubling your sales and profits with less stress, it seems what we have might be a fit for you. Our typical rate for a day is $10,000 with our private clients. However, what I’d be willing to do like a 30-minute breakthrough clarity session at no cost to you. In our session, you’ll get clarity to connect the dots and how to get a steady flow of leads, sales and profits daily. Get unstuck, see the blind spots and stop the walls, the plateaus and the inconsistencies of your sales being up and down or worse, all the revenue would be dependent on you.

Finally, we’ll give you a new action plan with more clarity, confidence and direction to double your business with less stress so you can have a bigger impact, reach and contribution. If you’d like to take advantage of this limited-time breakthrough clarity session, go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. Imagine if you’re on a podcast, when you’re in a conversation, you’re talking to somebody and you give somebody the power of what you do and why they should do it with you. You do create the framing instead of duct taping the corners and going, “Let’s do a call.” People don’t want to do a call. They’re busy. I don’t have time to do calls. There needs to be a purpose. There needs to be a reason. There needs to be an outcome. There needs to be an ideal scenario from it. As I think I heard, Cameron Herold wrote an incredible book called Meetings Suck. He says, “No agenda, no attenda.” Everybody’s agenda is similarly related to time. We have little of it and can only be used, so don’t go away, “Let’s do a call.” Give people a reason why to do a call with you. Take the time to frame up what it is that you have to offer. It will be well-worth it.

One of our clients is in the stem cell industry and they do hybrid coaching and education with some agency where they do traffic for you. This would be an example of this particular client. “Are you looking for help to get patients in your clinic?” which is a common, big problem with most docs, chiropractors and plastic surgeons. They are like, “It seems like we can help. If you’re looking for a way to get high-value patients and add a 5 to 6-figure a month stream of revenue, it seems like this could be a fit for you. Our typical rate for an event for a day-and-a-half is $7,500. However, what I’d be willing to do is a 30-minute patient-infusion strategy session at no cost to you. In our session, we get clear.”

Notice the languaging, “Get clear on what has to happen for you to fill your workshops with an automated system. Even if you don’t know anything about ads or selling, eliminate the roadblocks that have kept you stuck, where all the new patients and revenue is dependent on you. Finally, you’re going to be charged up after the session on how you can add 5 to 6 figures a month as a revenue stream even if you’ve tried doing workshops or you’ve tried online marketing that hasn’t worked for you in the past. People like to take advantage of our limited time, no-cost breakthrough clarity session. Go to the link.”

We’re giving you the scripts and I’m going to pull this off here. Ideally, you got the chance to jot some notes out. If you haven’t, then make sure to come back to this blog. Grab your pen, grab a piece of paper and write down these scripts. Essentially, what I want to do is summarize a little bit of what we’ve covered in our time. What have we covered? There have been a handful of things. We’ve talked about how you can go out and get more appointments, get more leads, get more sales sessions and getting more calls and getting your phone to ring with your ideal perfect client. We’ve identified what business you are in. It’s a long-term approach to relationships. It’s the two approaches to be able to take. Basically, you’ve got an offline model, which is a face-to-face, person-to-person. You’ve got an online model, but you still want to treat a person-to-person being a human being.

We’ve given you the two-step approach. In the first part of the approach is you pique their interest and then you make an offer. When you put this in place and you model these scripts, what you will find is you’re going to get more appointments, you’re going to get the phone to ring and you’re going to be able to get more leads and sales. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s a seed. You’ve got to go plant it. If you grab a couple of seeds and throw them off on the cement and go, “Where are my apple trees?” That’s certainly an approach you can choose to take. However, on the other hand, if you’re Johnny Appleseed, you plant a lot of seeds in fertile soil and then you go water the soil. You realize that some seeds are not going to germinate, but the ones you do, you take care of them. You pull the weeds around it. You let them start to germinate and grow.

You’ve got an apple tree that you can pull apples off forever virtually. The reality is that’s what this approach can do for you, pique their interest then make an offer. The big problem most people make is they lead with an offer, “I’m going to tell you how great I am and what I am.” Some people have amazing offers, but people don’t want to hear it because they haven’t hooked and piqued the interest of someone saying yes. Typically, if you want to have that chance to grow your business, at the end of the day, make more offers. Here’s another question. How many offers did you make now? How many did you make in a week? How many did you make in the last 30 days? If you’re sputtering with how many offers you make, your sales, revenue and profits are probably sputtering. The more offers you make gets you to a place that you’re making offers every day to the different pockets of your community, your potential tribe, potential clients and all those 10 to 12 areas that I mentioned.

I could keep going here, but there’s a lot of value. If you like what we’ve been sharing and the insights, make sure to like the page. If you feel like someone could benefit from this, make sure to share it with them. Come back to this session. I would love nothing more than to hear how you’re putting this in place. Post your comments. Tell us how you’re doing. Tell us how you’re applying this. If you want to go deeper with us and you’d like greater clarity and focus on how you can double or triple your business with less stress. If you’d like to get unstuck, if you’d like to connect the dots to generate more leads, more sales, more profitability, to have a bigger impact, a bigger reach and contribution, then I challenge you and encourage you to go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com.

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Our normal fee is $10,000 for a day. We’ll give you the ability to take advantage of our 30-minute no-cost Breakthrough Strategy session. What will happen is you will go there and you’ll enter your name and email. You’ll fill out some information to give us some insight into you. We do some research. We do some lookups as far as what’s going on in your business, your competitors. There’s some good market data we’re going to be able to provide you as well. While in a conversation, you’ll lead charged up knowing what has to happen for you to be on a path, to be able to double or triple your business with less stress, less overwhelm and less burnout. Maybe you can learn about how to take advantage of our playbook. In publishing, coaching and working with thousands of different clients over the years, how we’ve been able to help them. We’d love to help you too. If you have an interest in learning more, go to BreakthroughStrategyCall.com. I look forward to serving you. Enjoy the session and we’ll talk soon. Bye for now.

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