7 Steps to Emotional Fitness, Emotional Mastery and Creating What You Want | Dr. Cristy Lopez & Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 21]

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7 Steps to Emotional Fitness, Emotional Mastery and Creating What You Want | Dr. Cristy Lopez & Dan Kuschell


How often are you in a peak state of joy and fulfillment? On the other hand, how often do you find yourself dealing with stress, anxiety, and worry?

Emotional Mastery can provide you greater freedom, peace, confidence, significance, growth, contribution, adventure, and love if you learn how to put its power to use for you.

Today’s guest expert is Dr. Cristy Lopez, a psychologist, Coach, and has been an expert on TV shows like Dr. Phil, Downsized, and more. She helps people in transition create the life they want – in their career, business, life, and relationships. She is uniquely qualified to help you achieve greater Emotionally Mastery starting today.

Here’s a glimpse of the strategies you’ll receive today:

  • The childhood experience and simple verse from Luke (12:25-27) that Dan learned in his teens from an article in Sports Illustrated that was a catalyst for his journey into personal development (and how it can apply to you if you find yourself in a state of worry, anxiety, or stress);
  • How to be more controlling and directing of your emotions for greater freedom and peace;
  • Why the traits of ADD, ADHD, Addiction, and more are showing up more often today than just a decade ago;
  • The first step towards Emotional Mastery: Awareness;
  • Check in questions to be asking daily: How am I feeling today? What are the positive emotions/feelings I feel regularly? What are the negative emotions/feelings I feel regularly? (most people can’t express 10 feelings – so if you want to improve your emotional fitness, expand the language around your emotions);
  • The Framework for Maximum Performance: (W.A.A.A) Identify what do I want? Take Action. Assess the results from my actions. Adapt and adjust based on the results and outcome.
  • “Your Emotional State is really a Physiological State. Feeling is the cognitive word you’re putting on it. You need language for your emotional states. Become aware of what’s going on with you, your body and physical states”;
  • If you want greater emotional mastery, learn to master how you use your body better (Hint: you can make a simple adjustment in your body posture or even a move with your face and immediately adjust your body chemistry to create a better emotional state);
  • Dr. Cristy Lopez’s method for greater emotional mastery: Increase your awareness around the language you use (related to emotions). “It’s like a box of crayons. If you have 8 crayons versus 152 crayons, you’ll be limited in the amount of colors (emotion and feeling) you can use.”
  • Transform from negative emotions to positive emotions with a simple adjustment in your body language (The Wonder Woman and Superman Pose can set you free);
  • “Lift your tail feathers for greater emotional fitness”: (Example: when a dog is sad, its tail is tucked between its legs. Lift its tail up. The physiological move adjusts the emotions. The same applies to you);
  • Body Language and Facial Shifts like smiling can transform your feelings and emotions – “…it’s hard to be in a state of sadness and depression when your muscles are physically doing something else. You have control.”
  • Dan’s simple strategy to create an immediate state shift towards happiness: “If you’re happy, it’s simple, tell your face”;
  • The simple technique you can use right now for greater joy and happiness: Look up. (HINT: Try it now. In fact, look up and try not to smile. Reports show it’s almost impossible. Let us know the result);
  • Checking in for greater emotional fitness: “Do a Gut check to get in check”;
  • Triggers- what sets you off? Internal cues, external cues, environmental cues, and/or smells have an impact. “Triggers come from the inside out”;
  • What to do if you (or your partner) have a hard time expressing your emotion(s) and feelings (HINT: identify the underlying core need); “If our core needs are unmet, we act out”;
  • Core Needs: Certainty, Uncertainty, Purpose, Love, Connection, Growth, Contribution (adapted from Tony Robbins 6 Core Human Needs);
  • The power of language: How are you perceiving it and labeling it (cognitively)? You have the physiological state, then cognitively, what are you calling it (the feeling)? And what language are you using around it”?
  • An immediate method to transform your emotions: Shift your posture & language;
  • Why our biggest breakthroughs can come from a time of discomfort and unhappiness (HINT: there is a way for you to control your emotions so you don’t have to be in a state of unhappiness to get your breakthroughs);
  • Emotional Reasoning: labeling what it seems to be – doesn’t make it so (absolutely true). “Just because I feel something, doesn’t make it so. Just because I feel like I’m a bad person (at that moment), doesn’t mean I AM a bad person”;
  • The power of meaning and more accurate language;
  • Learn how to be with your feelings – “Negative feelings can be a healthy place to visit, not a great place to live or stay. You have a choice”;
  • Positive Rituals you can model today for greater peace and freedom: taking a walk, exercise, meditation, sleep, reading, writing, and more…
  • “Your Quality of Life is determined by Your Ability to Navigate Your Emotions”;
  • And much much more…

Dr. Cristy Lopez can help you transform your life, career, marriage, and relationships. Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, she will show you how to build your success from the inside out.

Contact Dr. Cristy Lopez by going to http://www.cristylopezphd.com or contact her office at 602-323-7824.

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