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episode 287

Beth Weissenberger is the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Handel Group, a corporate consulting and private coaching company that specializes in helping people take focused and powerful action in every area of their lives. With over 20 years of experience coaching more than 50,000 people across the globe, Beth has solidified herself as an expert in the field.

In addition to coaching, the New York University graduate has led corporate seminars and created educational content for both BusinessWeek and HuffPost. You could call Beth the Wonder Woman of coaching, with evolving corporate culture and bringing about exponential financial growth as her superpower.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How pursuing the “verb of love” has helped Beth Weissenberger achieve better results in her business
  • Beth discusses one of her favorite coaching modules: “Design Your Day”
  • Why Beth and her team address a client’s dark side before digging into their strengths
  • The “very cute” story of how Beth and her sister founded the largest executive life coaching company in the world
  • The most common inner dialogues that keep people from reaching their fullest potential
  • How Beth helped Arizona Cardinal Justin Pugh overcome his “chicken voice”
  • Where to learn more about the Handel Group’s life-altering Inner.U Career coaching program
  • Beth reveals how she helped one company’s division grow from $56 million to $1 billion
  • Beth’s thoughts on ending gossip in the workplace and the world
  • The values Beth wants to instill in her daughter

In this episode…

When making decisions in both your personal and professional life, what kind of dialogue is running through your head? Is your inner voice telling you to take the risk and start a new venture, or is it avoiding your true feelings and insisting that you stay where you are? In other words, is your inner dialogue helping you forward or holding you back?

“What you believe, you prove,” says Beth Weissenberger, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Handel Group. As an expert corporate coach, Beth has helped thousands overcome their negative thoughts, which she calls “pollution,” to access their true strengths and desires. This is how she helps businesses triple their profits and reach their highest potential.

In this episode of the Growth to Freedom podcast, join host Dan Kuschell as he chats with Beth Weissenberger of the Handel Group about how transforming your inner dialogue can help you take your business to the next level. Beth discusses the importance of digging into your dark side, how to overcome your “chicken,” and why gossip is hindering your growth. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation, and leadership are helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you go out there and create more sales, more growth, more profits. More importantly, you can have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach, make a bigger difference and contribution. Is that what you want? If that’s what you want, you are going to love today’s episode and segment with our special guest expert. In fact, grab a pen right now if you’re driving, pull over seriously don’t go to work, pull over, you’re on a treadmill get off No, I’m kidding to a degree. If you want to come back to this episode, you can do that at that’s Well, why would you want to do that? never find yourself in a place where maybe you feel like you’re burnout. you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like oh I should be taking better care of myself giving myself self care or Maybe as you’re running your business right now, you’re like, how can I continue in this state of chaos that we’re in to build a great culture, right? To create a healthy culture to be able to create an honest culture? Well, if that’s of interest to you, you’re going to love our guest today. Her name is Beth Weissenberger. She’s the co-founder and president of the Handel Group. She works with corporate and sports companies. She has helped build personal development seminars and helped over 50,000 people globally. She’s been featured as an executive coach with, she’s a contributor HuffPost and her superpower is helping evolve corporate culture and help bring exponential growth so if that’s what you want, that’s why you’re gonna want to come back to And by the way, if you never want to miss an episode, go to, that’s Beth, welcome to the show. How are you?

Beth Weissenberger 2:02

Now? I’m good. Thank you very much. That was a great opening. I love that Dan. Thank you.

Dan Kuschell 2:07

My pleasure. I want to dive right into it Beth, I mean you have had such a fascinating you know, background and what was interesting and some of our pre prep work that we do you sent over something about a professional goal and I’m going to just read this one I never had anybody submit something this succinct yet powerful. And it says as I get older, I keep getting hotter, sexier, and stronger. I want my daughter to find her happy now I want to continue to live in the verb love with my man making a difference. Yeah, speak to that a little bit say tell us a little bit behind the scenes of you

Beth Weissenberger 2:42

Alright, very good. Now I want to curse on this show. Right? You can if that’s what you what you want to do go for it. I’m a truck driver. Okay, so yeah, I suck in relationships. So I’m I truly am as an executive life coach for corporations. You know, I triple people’s businesses. Hands down. I can leave workshops to thousands of people. But when it came to love, love suckage I had two divorces. And then the third man didn’t marry was living with him cheated on me. Oh, I’m an asshole in that area. So and now I’m with the love of my life. I met him when I was 59 I’m 61 we live together. I will die with this man. He is my soul mate, my twin It’s a miracle. But the thing that if I were to put it all in, there’s a lot to say about my journey in the area. But I really never lived in that love was a verb. Now in the hunt to find love. Oh, I’m a good Huntress. Right I sales I’m a Rainmaker. I’m like the best huntress right? But once I got you what I’m done, and so I never lived like love is a verb as an ongoing to do. And so that’s, you know, that is what I learned.

Dan Kuschell 4:01

As you’re listening or watching right now, is there some part of you that maybe struggled with loving yourself, or being able to love others unconditionally to be able to live in this verb of love? on an ongoing, consistent basis? Right. Right about that? And what if you could translate that gift into business? Yeah. Your team? Yeah. Right. Because think about it, we’re living in one of the craziest times in history. Right? A lot of uncertainty. Of course, going on with the pandemic, we’ve got these amazing social issues that have popped up, depending on when you’re hearing us or watching this episode. Right, right. And it starts with self. Right. So So I’m curious and we’re going to get into the Handel Group and why you started in this fascinating journey with your sister Lauren in a few minutes. How do you think that you pursuing this verb of love has helped you in business, Beth, I’m curious.

Beth Weissenberger 4:57

Well, it started with you know, I can go into a company and raise the bar of integrity because our method is profound, right? But with regards to my team, right, so I have the largest division and handle the corporate division. And I have a team of coaches that are extraordinary. And I really got appropriately socked by my sister, because I could give two shits about training and developing you right? Like I pay you and you should just do it right. And so that’s an asshole right? And when I get on with CEOs who are like, I pay them six figures, shouldn’t they just get their job done? I have to actually care about them. That was me. Like what I have to train I have to develop them. Why aren’t they already and so my really getting my heart and love and not being such a bitch really helped me with our results. I mean, I’m the biggest division. We produce results time after time again, but that and the last two years, all my sales people kept their promise which is Not anything that ever happened before because I was like this about, you know, training and developing you.

Dan Kuschell 6:07

And what’s it costing you if you’re listening or watching right now if you’re not training and developing your people, you know, maybe you’ve got a high level people, you pay him high six figures, like Beth just mentioned. And you’re just going go at it, I expect you to already be a finished product. But here’s the deal. Isn’t it interesting that none of us are finished products. We’re all a work in progress, aren’t we?

Beth Weissenberger 6:27

Yes. And it’s not only that, it’s your accountability. To train and develop. That’s like one if you were to write the accountability of a boss, one of them is train and develop your people take care of your people, which is theirs train and develop and deeply care about your people. Right, which was the furthest thing from me because I you know, bitch, and so for me to evolve into someone who deeply cares and has a big heart and not only that, loves my people, trains and develops, how come I have the results I have.

Dan Kuschell 7:02

And you know, speaking of accountability, right, you know, as a CEO, if you’re listening or watching right now, you know what if you simplify this to just go, you know, my role is to be a coach to my clients and to my team. And you really took accountability to that you have a fascinating accountability process you with your sister Lauren, you know, I think I it’s called “design your day.” Can you speak to this a little bit because I find,

Beth Weissenberger 7:25

oh my god, I love it. So one of the things that we teach inside of inner art, so we have an online program Inner.U, right, so we have Inner.U Career, where and why we invented it was because we’re expensive. And so we go into a company and we coach the top depending on the size of the company anywhere from, you know, 20 to 1000 people, but what about the other 5000 so we invented an online coaching program. That’s the same thing we teach at the top. And one of the things in one of the modules we teach you to Design Your Day. Now, I did not say do your to do lists, right that has nothing to do with your friggin to do list, okay, God bless your to do list I’m not on that I am before your day unfolds from our principle called authoring, you being the author, how do you want this day to go and so you’ve got to design it and send it to a buddy and at the end of the day, you got to say how you did so I’ll just give you a generic one that I use when I coach people so for instance, could be did an awesome workout best yet led an amazing Zoom call supported my colleagues told my inner doomer her to shut the frick up, was wildly productive, finished five items on my to do list set up for video dates, and proud of myself. Before your day unfolds. So I meditate in the morning and then I speak my negative dialogue to my sister and talk back to get that out of the way and then I design My day and then at the end of the day you go like this with no story did an awesome workout best yet nope the brat won. led an amazing fall I think so three people acknowledged me. supported my colleagues. no hated them. told my inner doomer to quiet down yes I want on that was wildly productive finish five items. Yes I did. set up for video did date set up to proud of myself. I give myself a seven out of 10. And there’s no explanation. There’s no justification. There’s no story about why I don’t, right. There’s just how do you do with your design day? I do that the executives in Handel do that Monday through Friday and some of us even do Saturday and Sunday as well.

Dan Kuschell 9:47

Amazing. And as you’re listening or watching right now, no. You know, Beth works with some of the top companies in the world professional teams, sports teams, as well as big giant companies. You’ve probably heard how could you adopt this in your business. You know, if you’re a business doing a couple million a year with a team of 20, 25, what would happen for you in terms of productivity? You know, there’s an old saying people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. What if you just built this simple process she laid out for you and accountability? Mm hmm. to then be able to incorporate within your team design your day, right? design. If you design your day enough, you’ll probably design a great life won’t you? Beth speak to that a little bit?

Beth Weissenberger 10:28

Yeah, it begins to Well, part of what you have to do so there’s our method goes like in our first module, the first module is dreaming. Because what we have really found inside of organizations inside of individuals, no one’s dreaming anymore. Like where the frick are your dreams, like, like your deepest desires were because every time you go to dream, you’re like, Oh, I can’t do that. I can’t. So we first make you start to deal with your dreams. Then we have to look at the current reality against that dream so we can see it. Your cavities. And then we begin with you must before you triple people’s businesses, you got to deal with the pollution which no one wants to deal with, right? Let’s just go deal with our strengths. No, we’re going to the dark side. So where like in our building on is culture workshop, the first two days is about you as an individual in your dark side. There’s the negative dialogue in your head that keeps running your show your chicken where you avoid things, your brat where you’re completely defiant. I don’t want to tell you can’t make me go die. And your weather reporter which is reporting on what you swear is real, like 72 degrees, and you’re like, ah, I don’t have time to do that. Right. And so we’ve got to deal with all the negative and your pollution and your cavities before we can get to what you really want to get to. So you got to go a deep dive into yourself. And it’s really about getting to your higher self and being able to hear your lower self. But you can’t get to your higher self to deal with your lower self and get into like, how come your program this way and dive into your lineage and deal with all of you to connect the dots so you can become who you want to be. So that’s what it is.

You can't get to your higher self till you deal with your lower self. - Beth Weissenberger Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 12:19

And as you’re listening or watching right now becoming who you want and deserve to be, right, is that what you want? If that’s not what you want, you might want to tune out but if it is what you want, then when we come back, we’re going to take a deeper dive with Beth, we’re going to talk about how you can build an honest culture, how you can do better self-care, how you can take care of your mental well being to work on the interview, and look at what they’re doing with some of the top sports companies in the world that are billion-dollar enterprises, top companies and what you can learn from that and a whole lot more coming up with Beth Weissenberger. Right after this on Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you straight? struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business. Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. You do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You can get that at that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit Welcome back to now, Beth, let’s talk about the Handel Group and all the amazing things that you guys are doing transforming companies helping them grow exponentially. And as you’re listening or watching you probably gotten A glimpse of Beth and her energy and her superpower already, but we’re just scratching the surface here. So, so talk about the Handel Group. Why are you doing what you’re doing today? Like, what’s the backstory?

Beth Weissenberger 14:12

It’s a very cute backstory. So I’m the oldest of four children the handle family. I’m 61 my brother’s 58 sister, Marnie just turned 55 baby Lauren is 11 years younger than me now be very clear. Lauren Zander. She’s 50 is my boss is the chairman and is the inventor of the entire Handel method. And 16 years ago, she coached me to conversations while I was living in Laguna Beach, not really liking my husband not really liking my job bored out of my mind. didn’t really want to raise my daughter at the time she was two in Laguna Beach sorry, California and I’m in New York, right and so in 20 minute conversations Lauren literally altered my life and I was like, because the joking around Family is she took five years to go through college and we called her baby Lauren. And I’m like, Who the fuck are you? You’re a genius. And she got me back to New York to work with one of her clients, like the client gave me half her company. I was going to go build it. I’m a builder. And within six weeks, Lauren’s client was like, Oh, God, I don’t want to build the company. I like it small. And so I was now out of a job. I had my husband at the time hating me that I moved him from he owned a gym in California to New York City. I had a two and a half year old daughter and I were like, Oh, boy. And when I look I started crying to Lauren and like, why are we not working together? You’re friggin the Oprah of coaching. Let’s let me go build you your friends told me you want to build yourself in the world, like in a year. Well, I need a fucking job. You brought me here. Let’s go. 24 hours later, the Handel Group, our maiden name was born 16 years ago and it’s what we love to do. She had a huge dream of really evolving the entire planet. I’m a builder. I believe in her. I think she’s a genius. Her method friggin rocks. We, you know, like, you know, we teach it at MIT. Many places like that, and and here we are. And we gave ourselves a year, we had no clue. There was no such thing as executive life coaching 16 years ago, right? And, you know, two cute little sisters, right? And we said, let’s give it a year. See what happens. And we’ve now built it into the largest executive life coaching company in the world. We’ve got over 70 people who work for us.

Dan Kuschell 16:37

Amazing. What such an amazing, amazing story amazing journey and so cool that it’s a family business. Yes. I imagine behind closed doors has a lot of, you know, fascinating, intricate, intricate stories every day, right? Greg Lee?

Beth Weissenberger 16:51

Right. It’s quite because our other sister Marnie, the 55 year old is our VP of all content. She does all our writing, and then her husband, share Is our Israeli CEO.

Dan Kuschell 17:03

Amazing? Amazing. I’m curious as you work with clients, right? You were doing this work for 16 years. Like what do you see are some of the common problems, mistakes, challenges that most executives face as they’re looking at, like the idea of executive coaching, if you will?

Beth Weissenberger 17:21

The common mistakes you mean like what they’re what they deal with. So top executives? Well, there’s the pandemic issues, right? And then there’s what you normally deal with. So top executives, really, first and foremost are usually dealing with their own work life balance, right? So there’s work life balance, and there’s also certain people on their teams that they’re no longer really believing in. So now let me give you one of our principles, whatever you believe, you prove, hmm, whatever you believe you prove and so one of the things that we deal with is what the fuck are you believing? Because you’re gonna prove it.

Whatever you believe, you prove. - Beth Weissenberger Click To Tweet

So sometimes a client, you know, will get on the phone with me and go, Oh my God, he’s such a jerk someone on their team and I’m like, Oh, really? Are you sure? Yeah, such a jerk. I’m like gonna fire them. And they’re like, what? And I’m like, you don’t believe in them, whatever you believe you prove, if he’s really a jerk, that’s the end of that human being, you are never going to have him be great. It’s on you. So our book is called Maybe It’s You The principle. Well, it’s true. And so that boss has to then deal with that it’s them, not them. Yes, they might be jerky, but high you gave up on them. And you no longer believe in them. And if that’s really true, then get out. And so I deal with people not believing in people anymore. I deal with many executives, believe it or not, Like are such chickens about having hard conversations. And a chicken is the inner dialogue we have. There was a study done years ago where Dr. David Hawkins studied human beings inner dialogue. And what he discovered is that 80% of a human beings inner dialogue is negative. And 95% of the 80% that’s negative is repeated from the day before you don’t have any negative shit to say to yourself. And we identify to start in Module Two of Inner.U Career, the three voices that are negative. Now why do you care about that because your thoughts give you your actions and give you your results. So the source of results is not action. The source of all your results is your inner dialogue. So if your inner dialogue is on point and fighting through your Dream you’re going to have results consistent with that. If your inner dialogue is your chicken, or your brat, or your weather reporter, you’ll have results consistent. The chicken voice is the avoider. Oh, maybe I should talk to Dan Oh, Dan’s never in a good mood on Wednesdays, and demmick. And he’s upset. So, you know, I’ll wait till Friday because he likes the weekends. And you’ll think that’s the greatest business strategy. And I’ll call you a fucking chicken, right in the nicest of ways, or you’re a brat. The brat voice is the voice that when you get up in the morning, and you’re supposed to go outside and go running, and you don’t have a curfew, so you really could and the voice goes, go back to sleep. You’re tired. you’re stressed, life sucks today. Don’t go running. And you think God just told you to go back to bed. And no, that would be your breath. And then your weather reporter is the third negative dialogue. We have others but I’ll just do the three weather report. Porter is I’m sitting in, in Harlem, New York, and it is cloudy. It might even be raining and it’s 78 degrees. And there’s nothing I can do about that other than dressed accordingly. In my life when I’m weather reporting, I report on like, I think I’m saying the facts. I don’t have time to do that my children are here. I don’t have time to have sex with my husband. And children are here. Like every excuse that you swear is realist that it’s 76 degrees. So those are the three negatives and I have a great story about an NFL player and I’m allowed to use his name. So Justin Pugh is an Arizona Cardinal. And I love Justin and I got Justin from his NFL agent because he was messing up when he was on the Giants. He was a rookie, the agent was scared he was going to get caught. His mind was messing them up. And so he picked me to be his coach. Why cuz I hate football. And so he’s like, oh, you’ll be perfect. And so I went to work with Justin on his chicken voice and mid January. This year I got a text from him. That said, Beth, I thought of you today. I had to speak at the Arizona State Senate and he sent me a clip and then he wrote my chicken did not want me to do it, but I told my chicken to fuck off.

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Dan Kuschell 22:16

That’s great. That’s awesome. Now as you’re listening or watching right now, what can you learn from what Beth has been sharing a she led off with some amazing nuggets on being a better you. Number two she loud she talked to you about your inner voice that inner critic that you’ll weather report or the chicken the, you know, the brat? How is that getting in the way of you being able to be at your fullest potential? And what if you could resolve eliminate reduce it drastically? Or completely eliminate? How would it shift the game for you that you could just stay in your lane stay present? How would it shift your ability to produce results to make a bigger impact to make a bigger difference right now. Beth is we wind this down here. I mean, we’re just scratching the surface. I got a couple of the things I want to go through. But I mean, you’re you’ve already provided some amazing wisdom here. How can people get connected with you guys learn more about what the Handel Group’s up to, the Inner.U Career program a lot more?

Beth Weissenberger 23:19

Yes. So our website You’ll go right on there. And on the bottom right hand side you’ll see Inner.U, we have different Inner.Us, you want to be looking for the Inner.U Career or just put Inner.U Career into your web and it’ll come up and you can just let you know you can just sign on up at $650 and you literally will get 12 modules of my sister Lauren, with others so it goes the module there’s Lauren does the principal like dreaming or chicken brat weather reporter then a client or coach gives you You how that impacted their life, then we give you the homework and then we do the common questions of that principle. And if you just listen to it, it’ll totally impact your life. If you take a deep dive into it and you do the homework which is a beast, it’s like our coaching one on one with people. It will alter your life you will not be the same in six months just like if you were talking on the phone with me or zoom call doing coaching right? This is will impact your life like no one’s business. So, Inner.U Career.

Dan Kuschell 24:35

So I would encourage you to go to I mean if you’re looking for a way to resolve and eliminate that inner critic, that inner voice that’s holding you back if you’re looking to get the highest level of coaching available anywhere the way they deliver it, the way they deliver it, then go check out what they’re doing at go to Inner.U Career. that’s Inner.U Career. fact go to Google, you can do it right now while you’re still listening. Inner.U Career, go check it out. Go take advantage of it Get started now. Yo, Beth is as we wind this down. What’s something I should have asked you today that we didn’t get a chance to cover so far?

Beth Weissenberger 25:11

What should you have asked me? A story of tripling a company’s business.

Dan Kuschell 25:19

Let’s go there. I love stories like this.

Beth Weissenberger 25:21

So I and I’ll shout out. Gary McGeddy is the President of Accident and Health as a division of Crum & Forster. We’ve been a Crum & Forster it’s an insurance company for many years public company. And Gary, we took him and his division. So his team from 56. So 56 million to a billion.

Dan Kuschell 25:49


Beth Weissenberger 25:50

Yes. And he still hires us. In fact, all I can say that that’s confidential but lots of like we’re still in there. He’ll take like breaks every so often. And then be back because there’s lots of people he put over 200 people on Inner.U Career. So he’s got his top in the building on his culture workshops and individual coaching. And then everybody else as a volunteer, you don’t have to but if you’d like to, you can have he’ll by you Inner.U Career and over 200 plus people are in there now maybe close to 300. And when you raise the bar, when you have everyone in the same language on a team, and you raise the bar of integrity of a team and an organization, it triples your business every time I will promise it to you.

Dan Kuschell 26:39

Every time there you go, what would happen if you could raise the bar of the integrity of your team get everybody on the same page with the same language? What would it do for you? Why not test that one single strategy all by itself and start today or reach out to Beth and look at how Beth and her company can help you at, check out Inner.U and or check out some of the other resources Depending on where you’re at, and where you want to go now, I’m curious as you work with Gary’s company, what, what would you say would be like 1 to 3 strategies, Beth, that would probably relate to almost any business that our viewers, our listeners could look to implement and put in place today. As a result of our time together,

Beth Weissenberger 27:23

if you’ve made this if you made the rule, no gossip in your company, hmm. In fact, on Instagram Live yesterday, you can see it on IGTV. I did a whole section on the what gossip really is, which is a manipulation. And all you know, being chicken because you won’t go have the real conversations. And if you just end gossip, it’ll start to wake you up. It’s hard. It’s brutal, almost impossible, because you don’t realize how much you gossip and you listen to it. And I’m not talking about mean entertainment. I’m talking about real stuff that you got offended by or hurt by or upset by that. You’re not Dealing with you go underground, versus to the person who can do something about. And in our building on his culture. On the second day, we end the gossip. You can’t to build an honest culture, you got to end the gossip.

To build an honest culture, you’ve got to end the gossip. - Beth Weissenberger Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 28:13

And speaking of ending the gospel, this might be a fairly controversial question.

Beth Weissenberger 28:18

So I like that go.

Dan Kuschell 28:20

Yeah, I imagine you’ll be fine with it. Yeah, I look at a lot of what’s going on today and social media. Sure, as gossip, it’s people pontificating a concept with no real weight behind it other than they’re spewing an opinion on what we all should do, versus them going and just taking action internally, but

Beth Weissenberger 28:43


Dan Kuschell 28:43

then if you don’t join the conversation of this social gossip, then you’re kind of a person considered not to be taking any proactive action. Yeah. How do you respond to that? Like, what are your thoughts? And approach.

Beth Weissenberger 29:00

The bottom line is, is if you’re feeling guilty about what’s happening in the world, it just means you’re feeling bad and you’re doing nothing about it. No. So sorry, shut up and do something about it, right, like taking action today that you would be proud of. Right? The thing that’s happening in the world is all because of our own personal pollution. We’re like, no one’s dealing with ourselves. If we all loved ourselves deeply, none of this shit would be happening, right? We really do not believe in our higher selves. And so it would be really good if you started to believe in your higher self.

Dan Kuschell 29:36

So there you have it. I would encourage you, what would it take for you to believe in your higher self and deal with this stuff at home? Yes, internally like you,

Beth Weissenberger 29:45

right? Like if they’re just on your sister, how dare you like pontificate, right like fix your height? Fix your personal pollution?

Dan Kuschell 29:53

That’s right, fix your personal pollution. How would it transform not only you, your family, your community, our The injustices all of it love thy neighbor it’s kind of simple at the end of the day in many ways so what are 1 to 3 action steps you hope our viewers or listeners take from our time together today?

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Beth Weissenberger 30:12

Oh well cuz I’m just a slut for sales all email me [email protected] and hire me and hire me for your company are one of my gang then you get Inner.U Career because you’ll start to deal with your personal pollution and that you’ll admit where you’re being a chicken in life and take an action today that actually kills the chicken.

Dan Kuschell 30:36

So kill the chicken. Now I know Marshawn Lynch says, you know, don’t count my chicken. But in this case, you want to look and reflect on your chicken and deal with it take action without today. How would it transform the game? Not only that, how would best accountability strategy if you put that in place as a daily habit put that in developing your daily life plan? Yeah, how would it shift for you and then Next month, the next three months, the next six it starts with today, right? Putting that simple accountability and sending it to a buddy maybe indoctrinating that into your culture or what if you just took the one strategy in your culture and said, No gossip allowed any more here, right? Or what if you said, Hey, hire yourself? Let’s go. We’re gonna count on us to play a bigger game to count on ourselves and play that big game. Anyway, Beth, I have a couple quick things. I like to shift to some personal stuff. You’ve got a daughter? Yes. Right. And you’re with your soulmate? Yeah. So like as you’re a mom, for your daughter, right? In today’s society, like how do you hope what values do you hope to instill in your daughter in how she chooses to show up in the world moving forward?

Beth Weissenberger 31:47

You know, the thing that I’m committed to for her this year is that she really finds her happy. She’s had a bit of a rough patch, and she’s on her way. You know, I’ve surrounded her with the people that she needs. And that she really finds her happy she finds her way. And you know, given who I am, and her dad is I trust that she will, right. And so that’s number one. Number two, you know, for me, integrity is the name of the game. And what I mean by integrity is walking your talk, living true to your values. And I’m committed that max lives that kind of life for herself true to her values, not mine hurts. So that would be what I wish for her.

Dan Kuschell 32:27

That’s amazing. Now your husband you’ve been with, you know, after

Beth Weissenberger 32:32

boyfriend, I’m not getting married, like talk to me when I’m 72. If I make it past the 12 year marriage mark will marry Steve. No, Steve and I are all you know, I’ve never in all my relationships. I’ve never been honest, because my entire life was about manipulating you to get you to marry me. So if I’m gonna manipulate you to get you to marry me, I’m just not going to be honest. Right. And so my sister’s coached me smacked me and and in the in the way that we had me go date, I had to be honest and which was I wasn’t allowed one guy I had to have three. And they all had to know about each other and I can fall in love with all Steve was number three when he came along, right and then I got rid of these two fat you know, and I was in love with him within a month telling the truth. So the miracle of me is, you know, I tell the truth now because I’m not trying to get you to marry me.

Dan Kuschell 33:29

That’s amazing.

Beth Weissenberger 33:30

I suck at that shit. So let’s just keep it like this.

Dan Kuschell 33:34

Yes. Now I’m curious with Steve, who you said is your soulmate? Right? And I think you said you’d be with Him forever, right? Even your total boyfriend? Yeah. What would you like? You know, because people come into our lives for a lot of different purposes. Right summer short, summer long. It sounds like this as long. If you were going to thank Steve for how he shows up. For you to be your best self. What would you What would you think Steve for today?

Beth Weissenberger 34:03

Um, who are cry for how much he loves me and, and thinks I’m the greatest thing on earth right and had to have May. His love is profound and I am loved like I’ve never been loved before.

Dan Kuschell 34:21

And how great would it be as you walk away from this segment with Beth I mean, you’re hearing from someone who’s transparent, who’s real, who’s genuine. On her journey. She’s recognized some of the mistakes and she’s transformed them and does now some of her greatest strengths. Right? If you want a piece of this at a deeper level, if you want to go deeper with what Beth has been sharing, I encourage you go to Go check out Inner.U Career, type it in your Google browser, if you really want to step up, and you want to have someone like Beth, be available to you and be accounting. Do you want to be accountable to someone who’s going to be having no s, No BS meter working with you, and email her. And we’ll put all the links By the way, if you’re driving, if you’re on your treadmill right now, don’t worry and come back to this episode at That’s Her email will be in the show notes too. And I know it’s [email protected]. That’s [email protected] let her know that you want some of this type of accountability.

Beth Weissenberger 35:27

Yes, getting real,

Dan Kuschell 35:28

getting real and living at your higher self.

Beth Weissenberger 35:32

Thank you, you do a great show.

Dan Kuschell 35:34

Wow. You’re awesome. Thank you. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to have you here. And I want to encourage you don’t just be entertained by what we’ve covered today. Don’t be sit back and just be entertained by Beth and how genuine and real she is. I want to encourage you to take action. I’ve got two and a half pages of notes here. 2 and a half and I do this every day. So if I’ve gotten something from it, what could you get from it and deeper if you want to go deep With this take action. So I encourage you, seize the day. Make it a great week. We’ll see you next time on Bye for now. Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You can get that at That’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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