Conflict Resolution Strategies, The Moving Future Tool, and the Power of the DOS Conversation [PODCAST 86]

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Conflict Resolution Strategies, The Moving Future Tool, and the Power of the DOS Conversation [PODCAST 85]


What would happen in your business if you and your team embraced and were effective at conflict resolution?

I imagine your ability to grow as a company and achieve success as a team would increase exponentially.

Today’s episode is filled with conflict resolution tools that you can integrate into your life and business. It’s no exaggeration to say that these tools can change the culture of your company and maximize your success.

We’re also going to cover a simple tool from Strategic Coach called the “Moving Future” tool and discover why you need to be having DOS conversations with yourself and others. Find out more on this episode of Growth to Freedom.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • My welcome to you and the introduction to today’s show; [0:32]
  • Why marketing, innovation, and teamwork drive business growth; [2:30]
  • How you can use the “Moving Future” tool; [3:19]
  • The importance of the DOS conversation (Dangers, Opportunities, Strengths); [6:52]
  • Learning how conflict resolution can help you move forward; [8:57]
  • What is a conflict? [11:06]
  • Conflict resolution strategies; [14:22]



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