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Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur, business advisor, and author. He currently runs Breakthrough3x, a company that helps founders and entrepreneurs triple their profits and impact without multiplying their workload and their stress.

Dan has owned 11 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Sachin Patel is a philanthropist, best-selling author, international speaker, functional medicine practice success coach, and the Founder and CEO of The Living Proof Institute. Through The Living Proof Institute, Sachin coaches practitioners across the globe on how to step into their power and serve their communities.

Before founding The Living Proof Institute, Sachin created his own cash-based functional medicine clinic, which he scaled into a successful business. He now runs two functional medicine practices and is considered one of the most innovative and progressive functional medicine practitioners in North America.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dan Kuschell discusses his valuable experience working with Sachin Patel
  • Dan’s tips for business leaders: focus on principles over tactics
  • Why you should build a business that is transformational versus transactional
  • The importance of simplicity when implementing modern business strategies
  • Dan breaks down the three Ds: Document it, Duplicate it, and Delegate it
  • How to distinguish your company from other businesses in your field
  • Examples of entrepreneurs who built successful companies using Dan’s simple framework
  • Dan talks about Sachin’s top-notch marketing approach and shares his tried-and-true marketing strategies
  • Where to access Dan’s free small business toolkit

In this episode…

Are you looking for a streamlined way to scale your business with less stress, less drama, and less effort? Do you want to effectively systematize and simplify your sales, marketing, operations, and hiring? Then you need Dan Kuschell’s tried-and-true principles for taking your business to the next level.

According to Dan, the best way to build a high-growth business in 2021 is to focus on principles over tactics. As he says, the most effective business principles are timeless — and they have helped the world’s top entrepreneurs build multimillion-dollar companies that stand out from the competition. Recently, Dan was invited to share his expert principles at Sachin Patel’s live digital event. Today, you can discover the valuable strategies, formulas, and frameworks that he shared, so you can go out and achieve your next big business breakthrough.

On this special episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell shares his recent presentation from Sachin Patel’s online experience, Perfect Practice Live. Listen in as Dan reveals how to create a streamlined business that scales using his timeless principles. He explains the importance of simplicity while building your business, the best ways to distinguish your company from the competition, and the acronym you should use for every customer interaction. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:09

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots and get unstuck. So you can go out there and create more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can have a bigger impact, have a bigger reach and make a bigger contribution. If that’s what you want. Then you are going to love today’s special new episode, where we talk about creating a streamlined business that scales. Today’s special segment, this special episode is actually captured from any event that I was asked to speak at that had over 8000 registrations. The founder of the company, Perfect Practice Live, Sachin Patel said, Hey, Dan, would you mind sharing some of the strategies you’ve learned doing what you’ve done over the last 30 years to help companies and businesses like mine actually grow? And it was such a pleasure, such a treat. And so I said, Hey, Sachin? Can I share this with our audience, and he created a streamlined business that scales with a lot less stress, a lot less drama, a lot less effort, where you’re not relying on referrals, when you’re not, you know, where advertising isn’t costing you money, then you’re gonna love today’s episode. And if you want to capture some of this, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, you can come back to this episode of That’s If you never want to miss an episode, you go back to, that’s Oh, and one last thing before we joined this episode, in its entirety, you know, if you’re a founder or CEO, and maybe you’ve hit a plateau, or maybe you’ve hit a wall, or maybe like a lot of our private clients we work with maybe you’re finding right now with all the changes going on with iOS and the platforms out there, that it’s getting more and more expensive to actually generate leads or generate sales. And it’s getting tougher to create a steady flow of clients every day, if you’re looking for some new methodology, if you’re looking for some proven, cutting edge methods that are working right here right now. And I’d encourage you to take advantage of our 100% free consultation and business diagnosis, what we’ll do is we’ll take a clear look at your business where you are right now, where you want to go. And then we’ll give you a business plan of what we would do if we were you to be able to help you get there. And if there’s a fit. Now, if there’s an opportunity, and we feel there’s alignment and a right fit, we may have some programs and resources directly to be able to help you and we’ll talk to you about those as well. So if you want to take advantage of that 100% free consultation and business diagnosis we’ve had some people tell us this consultation and diagnosis was were 1000s and 1000s of dollars to them just in the 45 minute conversation itself. If you want to take advantage of that right here, right now, you could do that really easily and go to, that’s, Take advantage of that free session, where we walk you through where you are, where you want to go, and then give you a game plan of how to be able to get there. And if it’s a fit, we’ll talk about some of the services we have available. So let’s join this very special episode 324, creating a streamlined business that scales in its entirety. And make sure you stay to the very end as part of my agreement with Sachin when we made this presentation to his 8000 registrations, the biggest event of its kind in his particular niche for doctors, regenerative medicine experts, and a whole lot more. We put together a very special small business toolkit, I’d love to give that to you today, as well. But you’re gonna have to stick around to the very end to find out how you can get your hands on this free small business toolkit. So grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, jot down some notes, and enjoy this episode in its entirety.

Sachin Patel 4:09

It’s an honor actually to have this conversation in front of my peers and colleagues. So I actually joined a group called Genius Network many, many years ago. And I always wondered, how is it possible that this group is so well organized? So well run? So Well, you know, position in the marketplace? And how does Joe do it? And so that, there so that thought has crossed my mind, you know, for many, many, many years, and then I recently joined a mentorship with a gentleman named Kevin Thompson. And Kevin brought me in and told him about my business and what I’m trying to do and he’s like, I got to connect you with Dan. And Dan is one of those behind the scenes guys. So If you know business, if you know, organizations, if you know scale, then he is the person behind the scenes helping many, many companies take it to a whole new level. So I was introduced to Dan through Kevin. And then I came to learn that he was the mastermind behind helping Joe Polish. Take the Genius Network to a whole new level, oh, my God, the universe has conspired to enable us to connect with the right people at the right time to take what we want to do to a whole new level. And so Dan only works with select people. Okay. And so it was an interview process for us to go through to actually qualify to work with them. And I’m happy to report that we passed the interview process, and Dan said, you know, what, I love what you’re doing, I believe in what you’re doing. And I want to help, you know, you get this message out to as many people as possible and deploy the tools and resources that I have. And I’ve created helping multiple, multiple, six, seven and eight figure businesses. And I want to see that happen for you. And I said, Okay, sign me up. So Dan, and I and his partner here, Phil, have also been working every week behind the scenes trying to improve, optimize, improve, optimize. And it’s been such a very unique experience to see how people in this range and caliber think they think differently. Remember, it’s not better, it’s different and different is what creates different results. So working with Dan, I’ve been privy to some very unique formulas and frameworks. And we’re just getting started. I mean, I think we’re about almost five months into our engagement with each other. And within that period of time are one of the goals I told Dan, when we signed up is I want to be a fundable company. And guess what it happened? Right? And now it’s about are we ready? Right. And so Dan’s helping us get ready to really take our business to a whole new level to take your businesses to a whole new level. And the systems that we’ve deployed in our business are then going to, I don’t want to say trickle down. But that’s probably the best way to put it. For now. We’re going to trickle down into the systems that we share with our mentees. So you’re getting, you’re truly learning from the best of the best. So I’ll leave it at that, because I know there’s lots that Dan wants to cover today. And I’ve got some great dialogue that I want to get into. But I’ll let you take it away with the official intro Majeed.

Majeed 7:30

All right, here it comes. Ladies and gentlemen, comments into the chat. Welcome, Dan. Welcome, Phil. Our talk is on. What are we calling this creating streamline business that scales. Dan Kuschell. Dan is a husband a father, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a youth football coach. He’s the chairman and founder of a company titled Breakthrough3x, who helps his clients get a steady flow of new clients daily, all while connecting the dots to getting them unstuck in their day to day so that they can have and create bigger impact reach and contribution. Dan is well known as a secret weapon to a lot of industry experts and top entrepreneurs who turned him who turned to him when they need immediate stepping stone to grow immensely with simplicity and less stress. He’s worked with top notch clients like Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, the founder of ESPN Bill Rasmussen, Janet Attwood, Daniel Marcos, Brian Tracy, Verne Harnish, and Mike Agugliaro, and many more. In fact, he’s helped over 5000 founders and CEOs from over 13 countries in over 180 industries in the last 30 years since he started his company. He’s also sold not just one company but two companies and now spends his time helping other founders and CEOs grow with less stress and less burnout while also fulfilling his love and passion as a top notch youth football coach, building young future leaders Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome Dan Kuschell and Phil.

Dan Kuschell 9:10

Thank you, appreciate it.

Sachin Patel 9:12

Dan, thank you for being here. I so appreciate you joining us and enlightening us with your presence. And as as I mentioned, you’re a behind the scenes success creator for so many of the biggest brands that we might be familiar with. And I just love sharing that level of knowledge and that level of thinking in running these, you know, multimillion dollar organizations and applying it into a functional medicine model right like one of the things that happened through our engagement and working with one another is you know, you’re not just helping us grow our business you believe in our business right? So So when near and dear to you, I won’t mention their name, but you referred them to our company and you said you know what I believe in what you So much that I’m actually going to pay for them to go through your program because you saw the value in what we do. And I greatly appreciate all the time that you both spend and helping us continue to impact as many lives as we can. So I’d love to know if you can tell us more about how business has changed today. And what’s changed in you from your perspective, in the last, you know, 12 months or so.

Dan Kuschell 10:28

Yeah, and first of all, how many of you that are here, and I’d love you to type this in the chat window. How many of you are getting some amazing value from Sachin and all the amazing amazing speakers and experts he’s bringing if you’re getting amazing value, just Can you type? Yes in the chat window. Really quick to let Sachin know how much you I mean, I am blown away by by your event. And I mean, it’s such a treat when you invited me and say Hey, could you share some insights? Hell yes. Like the value you create, I mean with you know, the DNA, you just heard from how many of you got a lot of value from just that one talk. Right? You know, and I just realized my unique DNA, DNA is scrambled, and it’s DAN, Dan. Anyway, we all have a unique DNA, just like your business has a unique DNA. We’ll probably talk a little bit about that. But you have Dr. Davidson and one of my favorite people in the world, one of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world, Jennifer Hudye who spoke yesterday and Nicole Bennett, David Bennett, and so many more. And you know, you guys, James Nestor, the best selling I mean, Sachin is spared no expense to bring you access to some of the very best in the world, to help you get your next level breakthrough. And all of this, you know, I’ve been a part, and you brought up Genius Network, which is, I guess, indirectly how we, we are connected. And you know, they host an event for $10,000. Right. And Sachin is just wanting to help this industry wants to help literally, he’s on a big mission to help 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s even millions of, you know, practices in this industry to help their patients, hundreds of millions of people impacted. And you’re here. And, you know, it’s it’s an honor for me to be able to spend ensure this time, so. So your question about how things have changed? I think, you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same, right? And the more new things come along, the more we have to lean on. Like what are old things that really work? Like one of the big problems? Sachin, and we’ve talked about this, right is that a lot of people get so focused on tactics, especially, you know, in business growth, you know, whatever you want to call it, business growth, or marketing or sales or revenue generating activities. And they fall in love with like, the push button technique, or how do I go out and get this sale today? Like transactionally? Right? And what I encourage all of you especially and you’re getting a chance to just experience this with Sachin in the community here is yes, you can put tactics in place. But number one, be a principle based CEO be a principle based practice. What does that mean? principles are timeless, and tactics are timely. Now you want to bring both in. But if I were to say, what do you want to lean on most timeless principles. What Sachin is bringing your time is timeless wisdom that will work today. It’ll work in five years, when Google changes and Facebook changes and all these platforms change. It will work if you’re using the timeless strategies, right. And that’s really, really, really critical. The other couple things that I see happening, Sachin and again, we’ve talked a lot about is a lot of people because of how things are changing this rapid pace we just had, you know, we’re still in the middle of, you know, what some would call a crisis, with disruption in the world is, don’t lose sight of being a transformational business. I mean, you’re in the industry you’re in, because you want to likely transform lives, right? You want to make a difference. You want to help people, you know, experience what it’s like to be at their optimum health in one way or another right. Focus on the transformational side of it, versus being transactional. And, you know, there’s a saying from Dan Sullivan, who runs a great company called Strategic Coach with Sachin and I know very well, which is he says, and I love this quote, it’s easier to 10x your business than it is to to extra business. With this really asterisk with an asterisk, if you don’t try to go at it alone, right if you don’t try to go at it alone, the big mistake that A lot of people will make is okay, I’ve got my ability, your superpower, helping your patients get amazing breakthroughs. And then suddenly you come into sanctions world and you get all this wisdom and then want to try to learn it, right? So you can learn it or just use it. Which one serves you better now you have a choice to make, you can go do it yourself. Or you can just deploy and implement and borrow the strategies that others can literally do for you, like Sachin has put together you know, we were you guys here for his 90 day plan that he played out. Oh, my God, was that amazing? Or was that amazing? His 90 day blueprint, like if you just apply that now you can do it on your own. Or you can have Sachin kind of like your outsourced CEO to help guide it direct it, his team, help implement it directed. So you have a choice, learn it, or just use it and do it. Right. And that’s another really important thing that with traditional business, you know, where traditional business has changed, there’s so much now that we’re being, you know, asked to do as a business owner, you know, do this social media thing, do that social media thing, focus on principle based strategies, focus on timeless, right concepts, and marry tactics in so that you can stay sustainable over time, and then borrow each other’s talents and abilities to offset your your superpower. And so those are a couple things that I think Sachin, you know, really are important today, but more than ever, and it and here’s the other part. And I think this will sum up everything. The more things shift, you know, the faster things change, like I’ve got my son who’s, you know, 13 years old. And, you know, he’s big into football, which is partially as a dad, I’m biased, of course to my son, and he coaches says he’s not biased and their son is probably lying. You know, I brought my son up through giving him access to some of the best training and coaching in the world. And I’m blessed to be able to say that I can do that. But we’ve got him in VR training. That’s the same VR training that Stanford has been using for a decade to train their quarterbacks. That’s a very similar training that Tom Brady has been using his Super Bowl winning quarterback now over with the Tampa Bay Bucs, right? the speed with which things change is so amazing. Yet, the business owners you me, all of us that are here? What are our clients craving? What are your patients craving more than anything? Two things actually. Connection, right? connection, connection in simplicity. There’s a great quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, which says, You know, I wouldn’t give a fig to be on the other side of complexity. But I give my life to be on this side of simplicity. So as you’re with us today, and ideal, I’ll share a couple nuggets with you, that will be something you can use and implement today. Regardless of me, don’t mix the message through the messenger with everything you’re getting in Sachin’s community, and ideally, you’ll go deeper with his community. I mean, he’s offering the ability to, you know, work with his team, one on one in a small group setting to work with his team to help implement this stuff. What could you do to help your client experience your patient experience, help them simplify the solution helps simplify the experience, get them on the other side of this overwhelm this burnout? and get them on simplicity, right? And add that into what you do and think like, what would I have to do in my practice, to connect to my patients, to give them the gift of simplicity, and the transformation you’re already providing? And I think that if you look at how can you build that 360 kind of model? That’s a winning formula right there.

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Sachin Patel 18:45

No, I love that you’re echoing simplicity, because that’s the thing that holds people back, you know, holds practitioners back. So we just provided an elegant solution for genetic reports, and, and genetic testing and all that stuff with cash. If we’re, when we talk about simplicity, the thing that holds practitioners back is complexity. And the thing that holds people back from getting healthy is they say it’s hard. Right? Like, it’s too hard to get healthy. So how do we make it simple for them? Well, it’s, it’s up to us to communicate that message. And you know, you mentioned your son’s football team, and that you coach them what what life lessons would you say you’ve learned that apply in business from coaching football?

Dan Kuschell 19:28

Well, that’s, that’s a that’s a loaded question. Right there. So, so many, I think I learned so the the group of kids we coach, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever been around a lot of 11 to 14 year old young boys, but they’re changing a lot in this way. And I think I learned as much from them as I hope that I’m offering to them, right. But a couple things is coming back to the simplicity. You know, when they’re 11 to 14, you have to make it simple. Right? The other thing is how do you make it you know, we have a A psychology framework in our business, which I’ve carried over into football coaching, Sachin, which we talked about, it’s, we call it the three Ds, right? And you guys might want to write this down the three DS are, document it, duplicate it, delegate it, right? Because let’s face it, what’s the best way for someone to learn something? Well, one of the fastest ways is to get them to communicate it or teach it to someone else. Right. So one of the things that we built and I’ll just just share with you. So our 11 to 13 year old team has a playbook. This is the playbook for an 11 to 13 year old youth football team. Now, as a coach, as a youth football coach, you don’t get paid for this, by the way, you may know that, right? But for example, we deal with parents and their families and the student athlete. So you know, you probably heard of, you know, for your business, you want to have like you want to have strong core values, you probably want to share your mission statement, your vision statement, right? What are the objectives of the team? So for a youth football team, and I hope this helps, maybe seeing it out of the context of your practices, out of the context of traditional business, you’ll spark will hit you and you’ll be ignited. Right. Or, you know, I held this hinge might be asking, well, Dan, when Sachin was talking about Joe Polish, why did you push this hinge out there because Joe is one of the most brilliant minds in the world. And he he’s been quoting Gary Halbert for a long time on this idea that one hinge one small hinge can swing big doors, right. And so ideally, I’ll share a couple ideas that will be little hinges for you that can swing big doors. But Joe is someone who has shared a lot of little hinges that for a lot of people have swung big giant doors. Ideally, this will be one of those sparks, right? So this is our West Valley Saints program blueprint letter to the parents, and it shares, you know, what is our mission, that we’re going to work with their kids to communicate that clearly, we’re documenting it so it can be duplicated, ideally, the parent and the child, there’s also a letter to the kids, right? We didn’t stop there and just do a letter, we also share it Okay, what’s our mission in the program, just like a good business would do, you’d share your mission statement with your potential patients and clients, then we get into the vision of our program. And then we get into, okay, what’s the coaching style here? And I’m going through this kind of quick, but one of the key frameworks is core values. So as I’m sharing this with you, I asked you to think about how clearly are you articulating these simple things to your patients? Like one of the fast tracks to refer ability is to boost what confidence, right? You don’t need fancy pants, sales techniques, the basics? How do you make it so easy for people to just love you? Well, one of the ways is to do things differently than your competition, because I would venture that your competition is too cheap and too lazy to put something like this together. Now, if you’re working with Sachin and his team, he can help you just get it done with all the amazing tools that they have available. Right? But like what would it look like with your practice if your patients had confidence? And then when they were in a dinner conversation? Well, you know, how’s your health? Oh, my God, it’s a night health is amazing. I got this DNA test and we’re gonna blah, blah, blah, you go, Well, how do I? How do I reach them. And you could easily have people referring you because of the strength of confidence, you give them certainty you give them you know, all of those sorts of things. Anyway, we even lay out our our blueprint of like four weeks of practice, you know, the in season training that we’re going to do, and then we have our expectations for the student athlete as well as the playbook in here. Right, the playbook for success. Here’s something to assess as you’re as you’re here. What does your playbook for your business look like? Today, like if you were to rate your playbook for call it your your, your sales, sales system in your business right now, on a one low and a 10 high. just jot down the number if you want to, you know, share that with the group feel free to type in and there’s no judgment here. We all start somewhere. I can share stories Sachin as you know, we’ve talked a little bit about this where I was at like a one or two in my early years, 30 years ago when I got started and all this. Right. So the key is to get real. Dan Sullivan has a quote he says, you know, the first progress starts by telling the truth, right? So you got to start with the truth. What is your sales system look like? Right in order to get you from where you are to where you want to go and how it helps to have a good reference point. Okay, so you got a sales rating. Now, what about your marketing system? How would you rate your marketing system? One low 10 high? How would you rate your hiring system? One low 10 high? How would you rate your operational systems? You know, basically like, you know, fulfillment, we’ll call it for your patients. One low 10 high. Now I’ll stop there. There’s a few more systems that you could rate but what if just by applying a what you’re getting here today, you could move up one notch or if you really wanted to hit the fast track? Like what if you just deployed and hired Sachin’s team essentially to be like your outsourced CEO, cmo CEO with all the systems, all the tools Pre done and pre ready for you to just borrow, right? You can go out of your own right? You all of your smart, I mean, all of you have invested a boatload of money in your education, and experience and served a lot of patients with that hat. But now we’re learning and looking at the future of business going, Okay, I gotta put this marketing hat on the sales add in this, or you can just bring in the talent. So this is another thing that I mean, this football experience coaching search in this last four years has taught me so much more about systematizing. See, as the head coach, I don’t need to be the best offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator speed and agility coach, wide receiver coach, defensive back coach, linebacker coach, offensive line coach, I need to know how to facilitate to get the coaches a the best coaches I can on my team. And then I need to guide them to get the result with our players. That is so critical. And essentially, you know, Sachin, you put together a program, like when you shared ideally, some of you are like, Oh my gosh, this is so much for so little. Because it really is in the bigger context of things. But it’s like having your expert in offense, we’ll call it marketing, you’re off at your your offensive line or your quarterback play is like the the sales system, your defensive line is like the operation system, literally, they’re just done for you. Right. So whether it’s Sachin’s company, or somebody borrow the time, and speed the curve, like what I’ve learned from football is bring good coaches in and then facilitate to help them get the job done. And then with the kids and their families, simplify it through the three Ds, document it, duplicate it, delegate it.
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Sachin Patel 26:49

I love that. I bet the kids are like on the football team probably gonna be using that playbook as their business playbook at some point in the future. Right. It’s like a great way to set them up for success, leading into into, you know, adulthood and everything that they’re so lucky to have you as their coach, I can only imagine that you take them very far personally and you know, athletically as well.

Dan Kuschell 27:13

We certainly do our best and like, you know, I can’t claim that I know everything about you know, football and I don’t think any coach really would ever say that, you know, with with a high level of awareness, but we’re like, like all of our businesses, what are we looking to do create memorable experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Like so I’ve for these kids. Just in the last month I’ve had Rudy Ruettiger if you’ve ever seen the movie, Rudy, if you haven’t seen it, go on Amazon. Look it up. Some of you’re probably too young like what is what is he talking about? Really? There’s been two movies made about the Notre Dame football. One was the gipper. And one was Rudy, back in the 80s. So I had Rudy the real Rudy not the actor Sean asked, and I had the real Rudy Daniel Rudy Ruettiger, speak to our youth football team is amazing. I’ve had professional NFL x former NFL players, I’ve got a former or current NFL player speaking to our kids next week, because you know, there’s something else Sachin is, you know, a prophet isn’t always welcome in their own home after a while, becomes white noise. So what do you do to create those memorable experiences? So when Rudy or but we sin, or Bennie Fowler, or any of these, you know, athletes and coaches, we have come on and kind of share similar themes that are similar to what we’re sharing, it just reinforces that message for the three days documented, duplicated, delegated, and creates a great a great framework. Yeah.

Sachin Patel 28:36

Yeah, I mean, one of the things that really attracted me to hire you as our coach, and you know, apply your systems is how you keep it simple. And how you have frameworks and how you’ve packaged things together to help myself, especially you see how busy I am to win back some of my time, get better at saying, not No, but not now. That’s been hugely transformational. And I’ll admit, I’m trying to get better and better at that I have a hard time saying no, especially when it’s, you know, it’s for opportunity. But as entrepreneurs, we have to get better and better at that. And you, you said something to me the other day, that blew my mind. And, you know, just allowed me to really think at a whole new level, and allowed me to really value that my time. Right. And, you know, take me out of that some of that day to day. Now that isn’t to say that, I’m beyond that doing that or I’m too good to be doing it. But you really helped me see the true value of my time. And I want all of you to really understand the true value of your time and how systems can help you win back that time so that you know you can coach a football team right or you can be present. When your children are at home. You’re present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because the systems are doing live that operative work for you. You, what are some tips you can offer there for people to increase their their impact and their revenue while also creating more simplicity for them?

Dan Kuschell 30:09

Wow. So like we could spend about four days together, maybe four months together, maybe four years together to go through all of it. But I think what I want to do is I want to kind of stand on the shoulder of some of the Giants you’ve had, right? And one of those being Jennifer, right. So by the way, if you think Jennifer’s presentation was amazing yesterday, can you type Oh, hell, yes, or shazam, or champion, or whatever the power word is for you. Because she is absolutely amazing Conscious Copy and the details of getting in touch with her and her blueprint for creating conscious copies. So you really connect with others is amazing. So I’d like to stand I think stand on the giants of her and the other experts. And, you know, one of the things we observed, I’ve had a chance, Sachin, like we’ve talked about to review, like 4000 companies in the last few years, like is kind of crazy and get inside their businesses and like what’s working what’s not, I’ve interviewed over 1000, CEOs, about their businesses, and some of these things, and even analyzing companies like Apple and Starbucks and more big, big brand names that everybody would know, we found some distinctions in these companies. And we don’t have time to go through all of them. But there’s a framework that if I can kind of stand on the shoulder of Jennifer and others here, we essentially refer to it as part of and I’m going to tie in with what, cuz she had shared, I hope I’m saying that right? Is the idea of your unique DNA. Right? And see one of the things that you know, you share just a few moments ago, Sachin is this idea of, it’s better to be different than better. Right. Now, as you’re watching right now. Like, what if you could actually do both, though? Like, how good would that be like that would really be an accelerator. Right? So I’d encourage you, you know, Sally hogshead teaches this idea. It’s better to be different than better. Well, what if you could do both. And so I introduce you to a framework that we found in analyzing all these companies that the ones who get it right, and they they accelerate growth rapidly, many times 2x 3x 5x 10x 20x 30x in very short periods of time. And it’s a foundation, right. And we certainly can’t cover all of that for I don’t want to make a promise that I can’t that I can’t keep. But I really want you to walk out with this. And so the first thing I want to challenge you to do is think Who is your unique market, right? And I want you to narrow your market. See, when you narrow your market, you actually open up your market, it’s counterintuitive. In my early years of business, when I heard that you got to get rich in your niche, you got to niche down to scale up, I didn’t believe it. And even until maybe even seven years ago, I wasn’t sure I completely believed it. But what I’ve discovered in the last few years is the fact that when you actually get clarity, in narrowing down, you open up other opportunities, because people will respect. Think about this, let me share it a different way. Who makes more money a generalist in your field? Or a specialist? You know the answer. So by narrowing in, you get positioned. Yeah, we have something called a six PA, we don’t have time to go through that right now. But one of the PS is a positioning factor. When you’re the specialist in a narrowed down area, you’re known as the specialist and then you attract people outside of the niche, which is a little counterintuitive until you do it and then prove it to yourself. You might go bs Dan, I’m calling bs on that. However, what we found not only for us, but our clients as well is that when you do narrow down as the specialist, you open up opportunity to the other right fit kind of clients you’d want to write. So your unique market. Who is your unique market age wise, demographic wise? More importantly, psychographics? Like, you know, like, what is it that keeps them up at night? What are they most worried about? Again, Jennifer shared some of these characteristics, right? So again, standing on that, but I really want you to tune I don’t want you to take what she shared me and just kind of slide it aside because it gets lost. But I really hope you will take that deep and get clear on it. And then I’ve got a couple examples I want to share with you of how this is played out one company grew to over 100 million a year another company is a client we you mentioned which is Genius Network. And I want to share their examples of these ideally for all of you to fill in the blanks for years. So you walk out of this with this four part framework. So unique market. Second one is what is your unique message again, Jennifer spent a good amount of time on this yesterday, right? What is your unique message? What is it that you can say that only you can say? That’s unique? What is it you can say that only you can say?

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Now there might be a tendency to go well, I don’t know. Well, what if you did know, why not take a shot, to come up with what is it, you could say that only you could say, and again, I’ll come back to a couple examples that will help with that. But think of what is your unique message. And think of it in terms again, similar to what Jennifer shared. And ideally, this is just helping pack the importance of this in, which is how do you help your clients get a breakthrough. We call it BOTE. You might even want to write this acronym. Every time you put out anything to your potential clients or your current clients, I would encourage you think of this acronym BOTE, breakthrough, outcome, transformation experience, and then in parentheses for them. Not for you.

Every time you put out anything to your potential clients or your current clients, I would encourage you to think of this acronym: BOTE. Breakthrough, Outcome, Transformation, Experience.- Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

Like my big mistake early on, Sachin, we’ve talked about like, in my early years, I crashed a couple companies, I went bankrupt. Like, I have the T shirt that’s pretty soiled and very soiled. In fact, I had to bury a couple companies in the backyard because I didn’t get this. I fell in love with my stuff, my product, my service my stuff, instead of focusing on what is the client wants their breakthrough outcome transformation experience, and then having a very simple, clear message about how we help you get that and only focus on that. Right. So that’s the second step of the framework. So we got market unique message now it’s your unique method of how you deliver it. How do you deliver it? That only the way you do it? Is the only place they can get it in the world? What is your unique method to be able to do that, right. Now a way to be thinking about this, you know, Dan Sullivan has a great framework Sachin, like we talked about, which is, if you name the game, you own the game, like one of our clients, private clients is a big stem cell company. And we took them through this process, we literally have a full day where we go through this process and unpack it nine, map it all out. And then really narrow down to like, there’s actually five parts to this, we’re going to cover four of them here. But we do this over a course of a day. He went from serving clients for 500 a month with his services that we completely did a makeover. And he called it as patient infusion method. Right. And what ended up happening was essentially providing the same service, but transformed it with a unique method that he named. And it was called the five step patient infusion method. And he went from 500 a month clients to 5000 a month clients in the stem cell industry. Because of this, to a degree simple, it’s not easy, by the way. And then they started putting it out into all of their messaging. And also when people said, Well, what do you do for me? Well, we’re going to help you get this breakthrough outcome, transform it, and we’re going to help you do it through the five step patient infusion method. And here’s step one here, step two here, step three here, step four is in any other company that in that industry that they ran into, they’d be oh my gosh, I didn’t have any idea that it was this thorough, right? What would happen for you, if you could develop your and by the way, name the game yourself, just name it? Name the game, you own the game? Right? What are the five steps or four steps or three steps you could have? And you name those steps? And I’m gonna give a couple examples here in a second, as well. So the message and then lastly is what is your unique offer? Now ideally, like, for example, this event, the Perfect Practice Live, that’s a unique offer. Are you pretty clear on what you’re going to learn and get from this thing? How to run a What a perfect practice? And how are you going to do that live? Right? Is that a great name of an offer? This is a great example of modeling for your unique offer, what could you create, with your services, with your products with your programs, that the name of it also gives the solution to your potential patients or clients? Right? The unique offer so so it’s unique market, unique message, unique method and unique offer, four layers here? Let me give a couple examples. because ideally, what I hope you’re writing these down, if you’re writing these down, and you’re picking up some Can you just type Yes, I just want to know that you’re you feel like you’re getting some good value here. And we’re giving you stuff you can use and implement. Just type that in here for a second. Now, let me just give a couple of quick, quick examples for you. So I’m not going to name the business until the end. Right. I’m gonna keep it to the end. But I there was a company a few years ago, and his name has been brought up a few times the founder of this company, but he went into an industry that’s known as one of the most commoditized industries in the world, coffee. And he looked at it very differently. And so it’s our perception in this unpacking of this stuff of what what what I’m going to share with you and so he looked what is our unique market. And oh, by the way, he also brought in an outside adviser to help him with this approach to stand out from the crowd to be different to have a bigger impact. Right so even someone now this company by the way, the run rate this past year was over $100 million. So there’s a critical lesson here. Right? Find someone who has the results you want do what they do. Now again through Sachin in his company, you got access to these things where literally he can just hand you the tools boom. You copy and modify some things and put them in place and they run your practice for you. How cool is that? Right? So you don’t even have to think of a lot of this stuff. You can literally just take the tape, like take the playbook like we give our kids like I didn’t even go into the plays that are playbook for our kids. But we have like 80 plays for 11 and 14 year old kids. Why do they know him? Because we’ve got a playbook that we give them and then we work together side by side like a co pilot regularly to reinforce it anyway. So this company coffee, he looked at as unique market and said, Hmm, now here’s what most people would do. Sachin, Do you get we talked about this a little bit. Most people would go who’s my market? Everyone? Everyone that drinks coffee, we’ve got the best product and I have the best products. So let me go to everyone and drawing it. wrong idea, right? He’s he’d narrowed his niche like we talked about earlier in the stuff. And what did he focus on at the time fitness enthusiasts? who drink coffee? No one had gone to that market that way ever in the history of fitness enthusiasts who drink coffee think how simple that is? By the way, fitness enthusiasts who drink coffee then. Okay, let’s go to the unique message. Unique message get fit drinking coffee. Who knew you could get a drink now I’m not a coffee drinker. But I have to tell you when this buzz started having on the committee came out. I was like, man, I want to I think I want to try this stuff I can give. Who knew I still don’t like the taste of coffee myself. So don’t some of you’re going to shoot me over that. But But anyway, it’s just the truth. But get fit drinking coffee. No one had ever laid that claim before. And think about the power of this. It’s simple, right? fitness enthusiasts who drink coffee, get fit drinking coffee, who knew ideally, if your message can get people to go Who knew? Magic, his unique method and one of them and again at the time in the beginning, was add grass fed butter to coffee, and other things. Now let me hit a timeout here. He didn’t invent this idea. He didn’t create this idea. It had been around like, we’ll call it hundreds of years from other Heritage’s. But what he did is he named it and claimed it and then morphed it into initially coffee. And then if you add grass fed, grass fed butter to coffee and other foods, it has certain health and antioxidant properties to make you healthier. Right? So you don’t even have to invent again, you know, sections got a lot of these tools for this stuff for your practice to just you plug and play and away you go. Write your unique method. What would happen if you could come up with your unique math now by the way, I’m going to give you another example. That’s a service business versus like a physical, like a product business in a second, again, because you might be going, I’ll speak to the elephant, you might have no idea like, I get it. But man, I’m having a hard time. How can I do this in my practice in, you know, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I want to share that with you. Right. And hopefully, this is this isn’t helpful. And then lastly, the offer, you may know it because it’s been talked about through these two days already in a couple couple different ways. The name of the product at the time was Bulletproof Coffee. The founder of the company, Dave Asprey, brilliant genius, right? Think how simple that was, it’s this past year, I believe the run rate was close to 100 million or more, right? It’s now transcended into a lot of different things, Bulletproof 360, and all kinds of different but it started there. Like what would happen for you, if you could nail down your unique market, your unique message, your unique method and your unique offer in such a succinct way that people it made it impossible for your clients, your current clients to misunderstand and made it possible for them to easily refer you because it was so simple, made you referral, what then if you put out advertising and marketing messaging, it was so simple, and you were so unique in the market, like compared to the other 19 other options they have in their local market. They choose you Why? Like, think about the power of that, again, most of your competition is too lazy and too cheap to do something about it. Or they just don’t know. And hopefully they don’t run into Sachin because when Sachin gives him the toolkits that he gives them with what he offers. Well, there’s a challenge there potentially. Right. So you’re here now I hope you take take it 12 and let me give you an example of a sir, is this helpful by this is helpful? Can you type yes in the chat window, right. And ideally, again, you’ve got something here that’s implementable and usable, and, and so on. And you’re actually doing this exercise with a sheet of paper and jotting down your notes and examples. So thank you. I appreciate appreciate that.

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Sachin Patel 44:50

Yeah lots of great feedback coming in Dan. So manning the chat here and people are loving this information and I hope everyone’s seeing that. Some of the biggest brands in The wellness industry are based on really simple, foundational concepts. And Dave’s business started off as a blog. Yes, I, and he is extremely vulnerable with his story. I don’t think he goes a single interview without telling people how much weight he’s lost and the struggles that he’s faced and the challenges that he has. And he’s on this continuous pursuit of being the best version of himself, you know, so, so blessed to be kind of in the ecosystem, Dave actually advises for one of our companies as well. So it’s great to have such brilliant minds, and sort of being surrounded by them. And, of course, learning kind of some of the inner workings and behind the scenes, things that takes place. But it starts with a simple idea, and, you know, attaching yourself to a vision and a message that is timeless, right, not just tactical and timely, but also timeless at the same time. And of course, taking something that’s been done for hundreds of years, with a proven track record and bringing it to a market that’s never heard of it before. That needs it, right, more than ever, and then making something that people do everyday healthy, and are healthier for them. I mean, what a brilliant concept.

Dan Kuschell 46:11

Agree, agreed. And I’ll fast track this version, because I just realized, we’re probably getting close to where you’re going to have your next expert Come on. And I’m gonna respect that. Sachin. So, you know, you brought up Genius Network. And, you know, you give you and Kevin and others have given me a lot of credit. And, you know, as much as I love to take all of that credit. The reality is, I walked into a perfect, you know, opportunity at the perfect time, right place, right time. I simply saw some assets not being leveraged, I connected some dots, we helped optimize it. And because of Joe’s reputation and brilliance and genius, we were able to help triple the business. But when we walked in one of the things that we had gone through as a process kind of like this right? And Genius Network that Joe runs, you know, it’s a high profile group or a high profile like you and Dave Asprey and, you know, very similar to Jennifer and many others, many that are speaking here, as well. And so, you know, Joe lifted his mark and said, Okay, what is our unique market for this service we offer, right? That’s minimum 25 grand and now 100 grand for this mastermind, essentially. And he said, okay, it’s entrepreneurs who are running a business at a minimum of million a year, who value and live with contribution, and connection. Right, and value those things, contribution and connection. If you don’t have those, you can’t, you’re not gonna fit, like you’ll you’ll go away or not be accepted. Very clear on his market. Next unique message. Right? What was his unique message? Now he had been saying it for as long as I have known, I’ve known Joe for about 20 years. And he would say it just in random. And then when we really tuned in Jay Abraham interviewed a bunch of the clients in Genius Network, and they asked what do you get out of Genius Network, and they kept bringing up what I’m going to say next, reduce suffering for entrepreneurs, a safe place where we go where Joe helps us reduce suffering for us as an entrepreneur. And it’s so simple. No one had ever claimed that up to that now, there’s been a lot of copycats since then, frankly, and Sachin You know, this too, and your highest form of flattery many times, as you know, someone who’s a copycat, but reduce suffering for entrepreneurs. Right? The third layer, which is the unique method of delivery, he ultimately came up with two but one of his methods he calls Genius Networking, right. And there’s a framework around that. But I’m going to talk about the one of the first versions we came up with, because there are a ton of coaching program, a ton of mastermind programs. I mean, like almost anybody that can get a $300 certification today is the next greatest coach, advisor, all this sort of stuff. It’s it’s polluted, let’s just say, Joe did something different. And he called it the five step return on genius process. And then named each of the five steps and I will for sake of time, we won’t go But But what could you do to come up with your five step return on whatever the name of your practice might be? That’s unique, right? What could you do to name your like adding grass fed butter to coffee, which is a unique method or process? What could you do to come up with that in layer it with one to five steps, right? Then lastly, his offer you know now he’s got a few different offers. But you know, what is called Genius Network. He also has genius x which is $100,000 program. His business when this became clear, and the advertising has gone out. Now a system has been created around we went from 37 to 37 candidates the whole year, before I’d come on board, we put a system in place and it grew to 100 a month. Because it was far clear, simpler. And then we created an operating system around the sales and marketing and the business tripled in a short period of time and then he added new thing now the thing that’s so great, and I know he’s taking a year sabbatical, which is what a gift right? And I know you offer that gift Sachin to your clients like literally handing them the Operating System for their marketing, their sales, their operations, so you don’t have to figure it out, you don’t have to go at it alone, right? I hope you don’t make the mistake I did in my early years, I struggled for six, seven months, before I finally brought in another person’s perspective to be a co pilot for me to help with getting out my best ideas and insights around marketing, and messaging and sales, and that helped our company grow too. Right. So I encourage you to take this, you know, community approach, I mean, Sachin, you put together just such an amazing program for people to plug into that, you can have all of this and you know, a whole lot more. Anyway.

Sachin Patel 50:41

Amazing, amazing. So I did you a huge disservice, because I could spend an entire day with you. And I know everyone here could spend an entire day with you. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna ask you, I’ll ask you later. But I’d love to have you come in for those of us in our mentorship to break down some of these systems and dial it in a little bit more, because we’ve like on our calls, we’ve had some, you know, radical breakthroughs that have taken place. And it’s, it’s just micro, you know, adjustments that need to be made, and the way we think and the way we operate. And the beautiful thing about having systems that are simple as they can scale, you know, very, very quickly, I one thing that you did say is, in all the years, you’ve been kind of looking at Facebook ads, you’ve been looking at, you know, marketing methodologies, you know, you were auditing our accounts just to kind of see where we were at. And I just want to share with people because, you know, marketing in the health space can seem very challenging. It can seem like a very daunting task. And I just love your thoughts on that. And oh, you’ve got a gift for everyone, as well. So I want to make sure that we give you that opportunity to give that gift. But what were what was the results of the audit that you did on our accounts?

Dan Kuschell 52:00

Yeah, well, first, let me audit what you just shared. And it’d be privilege Sachin that if you want to make a bonus available for anyone who gets started in your mentoree that we’ll do a three hour block for them, you can facilitate the q&a for anybody that gets started, we will do a three hour bonus session to help them make sure like ideally, if you know me well enough that I’d want that one session to be worth at least 100 grand all by itself, right? That if anybody gets started, and I don’t know your process and how they apply, or whatever the case might be, but you know, whatever that might be, let’s let’s do that we’ll do a bonus three hour session together with anybody that gets started with the mentoring. So that’s number one on it. I gotta say something to that real quick, and then I’ll answer your direct question.

Sachin Patel 52:50

No, that’s, that’s epic. I’m just like, so blown away by our generosity. So thank you for that. And for those of you that are kind of on the fence, I mean, that’s worth the price of admission alone. So make sure you leverage that and take us up on it. But you were I wanted, I wanted you to talk about the Facebook ads, because where a lot of people get stuck is they think, Oh, it’s expensive. It doesn’t work, like my ads keep getting rejected, guess what, if you know what you’re doing, they don’t and they can actually be very, very affordable. So Fabio highlighted some of the methodology today. But I’d love it from your perspective, from the analytical perspective.

Dan Kuschell 53:27

Well, let me put it this way. There’s a great Gary Halbert quote that says, you know, the most expensive information is bad information. Right. And, you know, again, a big mistake, people will try to go out and do it on their own instead of bringing in an expert. Right. So when you’re, you know, again, whether it’s Sachin, or find somebody who is truly an expert, but like I’ve analyzed hundreds and hundreds of companies in the last 10 years in their advertising accounts, and your team for this niche has produced the highest volume at a lowest cost, which, when it’s done, right, just as you’re watching right now, here’s the truth about advertising and marketing. done right. It’s always free 100% It’s only when it’s done incorrectly. So again, the most expensive. Marketing is shitty, oh, sorry, bad marketing, bad marketing. Right? It’s just bad marketing. So if you want to take advantage of working with, you know, a proven system with a proven team that literally can just solve that riddle for you. Just bring in the experts, you know, again, like Sachin, or somebody else that might fit fit that mold. You know, for example, several of the campaigns we reviewed were the industry averages for generating a lead for his and there’s three things that all of you want to look to do and we won’t have time to go through the entire framework but build authority. Do you realize that you can build authority in your local market for literally for each of your perfect clients age, demographic, psychographic behavior and interest for us Little is one to three cents Did you know that? It I know there are certain experts out there they teach you go out there and post 50, 60 posts a day that be any be relevant. Okay, you can do that. And I’m going to share with you those experts are full of you know what i, it drives me absolutely insane watching Good people hard working people have great reputations follow this bs advice. Now if I had a social media company, by the way, I probably promote the same thing. Truth be told, and they do. Right. So I get why they do why they do what they do. But it’s it’s a fast track to burnout overwhelm, like, complete and utter frustration and getting no results. So you can go that approach, or you can follow the techniques like Sachin and his team will show you how to do. And you can build authority and get to your perfect clients for literally one to three cents per perfect client. Right through authority building campaigns. So number one, authority number two with advertising And oh, by the way, their costs of doing it from what I’ve seen in comparatives is about 1/5, the cost of others. Having reviewed hundreds of these these companies second version is is lead campaigns generating a lead that raises their hand to get some kind of educational based checklist, tool guide, or mini event, right? Again, the industry average to generate a lead is somewhere between 10 and $25. They’re like $1 to $3. Now, that’s no guarantee you’ll get the exact same thing, because there’s some you know, factors to that. But with what I’ve seen, like, again, it’s 1/5, what you’re seeing out in the marketplace, and then the other is creating education based events, right? How do you create robotic messaging that’s working for you 24, seven, right. Many of you may often do like, or, you know, now it’s virtual. But it used to be live events where you’d invite people to come in for a little mini five person 10 person, maybe as many as 30 people for a presentation you would do. Well imagine what would happen if you could turn that into something online that was working 24 seven, you could just feed the machine. Our stem cell client I mentioned, has been doing this for years now in our work together, and literally has patients getting started with some cell work during like four o’clock in the morning, right? And generating hundreds of new patients a year through this robotic method and incorporating the personal touch right along with it. Again, the bottom line, build authority campaigns, build lead campaigns drive to education based event, you’re and I shared this with you best in the world that I’ve seen in this niche, and being able to do what you do, you’re in your team are doing remarkable thing. So if you’re looking like that, by the way, for that kind of assistance, so that you can just eliminate like, yeah, you can go find theoretical paid extra, but they probably have a $300 certification they finished two weeks ago. Or you can work with a group that number one, they built their own practice from it. They’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of others build their practices using the same techniques and strategies and borrow that done for you solution.

Sachin Patel 58:12

Beautiful. Thank you, Dan. So honored, so flattered. And I know you’ve got a toolkit, you want to give us a 30-second synopsis and I’ll post the toolkit and the link in the comments for everyone.

Dan Kuschell 58:23

Absolutely. If you want to go deeper with some of what we’ve shared, we we put together a toolkit for this event. It’s called the Small Business Toolkit has four really critical tools, and I built all of them for me first, I’ve got one of them hanging up on my wall. I’ve got another one right here behind me. They’re like my lifetime companion. Right, because I like having checklists and tools to operate things. Because I’m add, you probably noticed that I got like nine stories can go one time. It’s a little funny for some people. So if you’re dealing with that right now, thank you for your patience. But one is a CEO checklist that literally gives you like how to break out your year, how to break out your quarter, how to break out your month, and then how to think about your day to day operation as the CEO of your business. I’m not a natural CEO. To me, it’s been a very hard, frankly, and learned trait and skill set. So we’re going to give you the CEO Checklist, we have a tool called Casual Conversations, how to sell more by selling less we literally took customer service people like maybe your front desk type person and turn them into high performers in our company with this 12 step checklist. Our company grew to about 28 million a year 100 million over a few years before I sold one of the two companies. This was one of the critical tools. I want to give that checklist to you as well. Number three is our Marketing Plan Blueprint small business administration did a report in 2017. That said that the number one reason small businesses fail is they don’t have a current or effective marketing plan blueprint. In other words, it’s outdated. See what was working six months ago it was working a year ago is not working today. So we have a two page marketing plan blueprint that you can use as a checklist and a permanent lifetime companion for the rest of your business days, month in quarterly annually, over and over again, we’re going to give you that. And then last but not least, we’re also going to give you our Hiring Checklist, which is a nine step process, I’ve interviewed over 20,000 people, had over 1000 people work in my companies over the last 30 years, I had a lot of experience of how to do it wrong. And a few ways to do it. Right, we want to give you that you can go get these four tools for free at, that’s

Sachin Patel 1:00:31

Thank you, Dan, appreciate you so much. I’ll see you on our weekly call on Wednesday, I’m sure there’ll be lots of emails and messages going back and forth. I appreciate your support. I appreciate all the wisdom that you bring and infuse into our business, which we can then infuse into the hundreds of businesses that we coach, and I’m looking forward to that I wasn’t not expecting that. So thank you for offering the three hour training, which I know is going to be just mind blowing for those of you that join us. So I know the people that are in our mentorship, they’re going to be super pumped and excited about that and just demonstrates your you know, it just demonstrates your generosity, you know, and that’s one of the things that I’ve noticed about people who are in extreme levels of success is their generosity. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dan Kuschell 1:01:18

It’s my pleasure. And I would love all of you to type in if you’re going to join us. I’d love to see like, are you going to join us for this bonus session? Because we want to make it incredibly value. So if you’re going to join us hit yes in the chat window as well. I look forward to serving you as well. And by the way, take advantage of all the great experts from Raja as well as James Nestor. Yeah. Coming up and a whole lot more. Sachin. Thank you. Thank you, Dan. Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. You can do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You get that at, that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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