Dan Kuschell | How to Connect, Collaborate, and Network with VIP’s, Celebrities, and the Media with John Corcoran on Growth to Freedom [PODCAST 11]

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How to Connect, Collaborate, and Network with VIP’s, Celebrities, and the Media with John Corcoran on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell 


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If you had a model to follow that allowed you to connect, collaborate, and meet VIP’s, Celebrities, and Media – even if you’re an introvert or shy, what would that do for you?

In today’s show, learn from expert John Corcoran. John is an adviser, attorney, and writer. He’s the founder of Smart Business Revolution, and author of “How to Increase your Income in 14 Days Building Relationships with VIPs Even if You Hate Networking” and gives you a glance at how you can transform your relationships for greater impact, influence, and reach.

Discover things like:

  • The Impact of “Relationship Capital” – Every opportunity comes from relationships;
  • Your Net-worth is equal to your Network – where, when, why, and how you can connect with the top people;
  • Why Your Past Programming may be limiting your ability to grow your network and how to start from scratch and exponentially grow;
  • What to do first when you’re networking with people more successful than you – even if you don’t think you have much to offer;
  • The Focal Point that adds, creates, and extends value – it’s not what you ________, it’s what you __________ and the difference between “getting from” and “doing for…”;
  • How to make little hinges in your relationships swing big doors to more capabilities, opportunities, and growth;
  • What you can do if you feel you’re socially awkward and an introvert to capture interest, be interesting, and stand out from the crowd;
  • Susan RoAn’s approach to leaving little breadcrumbs to create a bond, jumping off points, and interest;
  • The process to create a ‘Conversation List’ and what to focus on when you do;
  • Why focusing on Organizations and Events can transform your relationships – and how to choose the right one’s to work with;
  • How to stand out from the crowd – the example of how “Killer Taco’s in San Francisco” opened the door to greater opportunites, growth, and impact;
  • The 10 Tips to get the Biggest bang for your effort at events;
  • Why today’s approach to exponential growth hinges on follow up versus just showing up – It’s often been said that “…90% of success is showing up… (Author unknown) and the new model is, “…90% of success today comes from following up…”;
  • A powerful technology that will ‘set you free’ as it helps you manage, engage, and follow up with your contacts integrating with social media, email, and more;
  • And much, much more…

John Corcoran can help you transform how you utilize networking and connections to grow your brand, business, and following for greater impact and reach.

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