Dan Kuschell Interviews John Ruhlin | Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Selling, How to Stand Out and Create Value for Others [PODCAST 12]

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Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Selling, How to Stand Out and Create Value for Others with John Ruhlin on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell


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What would happen in your career, business, and relationships if you had a strategy to generate deeper bonds, connections, sales, and raving fans who refer you to others?

Expert John Ruhlin is an adviser, writer, and philanthropist . He’s the founder of The Ruhlin Group and creator of Appreciative Selling and Appreciative Leadership and will share methods and strategies to stand out, get attention, create more sales, and referrals.

Discover things like:

  • What is Appreciative Leadership – and how can it help you advance your career and business;
  • How to Stand Out by Providing a Unique Experience through gratitude and appreciation;
  • The mindset of gratitude and appreciation – and how it relfects in everything you do;
  • What can you do today to experience rapid breakthroughs? What is it that keeps you from getting the results you really want?
  • The strategy John learned from his mentor Paul that transformed his business career: “… If I take care of the family, everything else takes care of itself”… and how this can help you get more clients, sales, referrals, and open doors to reach influencers;
  • Why to make yourself more ‘referrable’ and steps you can take today whether you’re just starting, or a seasoned vet looking to exponentially grow;
  • The Power of building your future focused on culture and relationship capital (versus transactional models) – this simple idea differentiates you so you’re not competing on price;
  • How to Position yourself top of mind by getting people to like and trust you;
  • Who You should give to and how much is the appropriate amount to give – these insights will save you years of frustration and ‘giving’ to the wrong people;
  • The difference between givers, takers, and matchers (from Adam Grant: Give and Take);
  • How John Ruhlin created a five star experience for Cameron Herold, co-founder of 1800GotJunk, by bringing ‘Brooks Brothers’ to him – this story will show you the power of resourcefulness, anticipating needs, and how thinking differently will get you referred over and over again;
  • The measuring tool for relationship capital John learned from his buddy Joey: “…the artifact of the relationship. Our relationship matters, here’s what it means…”
  • What you can learn from Kings: giving something to that person to represent the value of the relationship;
  • Why you can’t shortcut a relationship with a bribe;
  • The difference between a bribe and a gift (and how to distinguish the too)
  • And much, much more…


John Ruhlin can help you build and stimulate your culture, relationships, and growth with simple, practical solutions.

John Ruhlin is an expert at Appreciative Leadership and has worked with clients like the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, Orlando Magic, Shell Corporation, Chevron and thought leaders like Darren Hardy, Tom Searcy, John Maxwell, and the list goes on and on to help create more sales, referrals, and memorable relationships.

He’s the co-founder of the Ruhlin Group. He’s the co-owner of Bubble Banks, a company that is a charitable organization, generating millions of dollars for incredible causes all over the world.

Contact John at :
or on twitter @ruhlin

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