Dan Kuschell | The FIT Financial Formula: Dr. Cristy Lopez, The Money Game, and the Pitch at the Palace [PODCAST 4]

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On today’s show, you’ll discover The FIT Financial Formula: Dr. Cristy Lopez, Winning the Money Game, and the Pitch at Palace on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell

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What is it that successful people do to create wealth? Answer: They are utilizing the FIT Financial Formula whether they know it or not. Dr. Cristy Lopez has over 20+ years as a psychologist, a guest expert on Dr. Phil, the show Downsized, and worked with thousands of clients – and is uniquely qualified to share the strategies, insights, and wisdom to get the edge for greater clarity, confidence, and direction around money… how to make it, keep it, grow it, spend it, and leave it.

Discover things like:

  • What is The FIT Financial Formula – and how you can use this simple framework to create lasting financial security;
  • What to do if you have made mistakes and experienced setbacks around money – and how to reset your financial thermostat to move beyond your limiting beliefs to greater abundance;
  • The top myths and lies around money – and why they may be subconsciously holding you back from your fullest potential;
  • The difference between money, capital, and assets – and why getting clarity on them will provide you a new outlook on providing value and transforming your financial future;
  • The 2 Question Survey that will uncover your hidden subconscious beliefs around money – and how to recalibrate for maximum growth;
  • How to make more Money and create wealth: ____________ Creation, _________________ and developing a rare and invaluable skillset for greater earning potential;
  • The two MUST-HAVE skills that provides you greater financial freedom regardless of the industry or field you’re in;
  • What to do if you haven’t had great role models with money;
  • The “WHACK-A-MOLE” Principle Dr. Lopez has uncovered in the pursuit of wealth, happiness, and more – and the replacement you must implement for greater growth, freedom, and abundance;
  • The Concept of Generational Wealth – and what to do if you’re “Generational Wealth Thermostat” needs a reboot; (HINT: less than 5% of the population realizes the positive side of Generational Wealth, and there is hope for you IF you adapt your Model;
  • The Financial FIT Tracker Process will easily and almost effortlessly provide you clarity to determine your thoughts, habits, practices, and rituals (and will show you your strengths and weaknesses in less than 7 days);
  • The 10-10-3-7-70 Financial Management Model to greater freedom and wealth;
  • and much, much more…

Dr. Cristy Lopez can help you transform your life, career, marriage, and relationships. Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, she will show you how to build your success from the inside out.

Contact Dr Lopez by going to http://www.cristylopezphd.com or contact her office at 602-323-7824. 602-323-7824.

PLUS – we hinted at accessing NEWS you can USE. One of the hot topics this week was direct from the Pitch at the Palace with the Duke of York.

Being able to sell yourself is one of the greatest skills you can learn. Here in the states, we can see it on “The Shark Tank”, however at the Pitch at the Palace, the Duke of York was there to watch, listen, learn, and judge some of the top entrepreneurs in the UK. What can you learn from this?

Here’s a simple formula:

  • Address a common BIG PROBLEM that creates agreement;
  • Make a BIG Promise (that you are on a mission to deliver). Provide your BIG focus/vision and how it solves a greater problem. If you want to build a billion dollar company, solve a $10 billion dollar problem. Speak about your vision of how you see the problem and how what you have will solve the problem.
  • Next, show and explain why you are committed to solve this problem – and how it relates/impacts them.
  • Show the competitive advantage of why this is different than anyone else who may be pursuing a similar mission or purpose.
  • Get commitments and be direct in your action steps and request;

A sample version of how you can lead in could be:

  • Do you know how (fill in the blank with the BIG problem)…? Or Have you ever been (fill in the blank with the big problem)?
  • What we do is (fill in the blank with your BIG PROMISE);
  • We are THE CHOICE because… (Share a compelling story. The best businesses like Apple, Starbucks, etc… are built on great stories. Stories Sell and facts tell;
  • Share an example of some of the potential dangers/risks – everything can’t be sunshine and roses (this will help them see you as credible and REAL);
  • Give specific Action steps (Be clear on what you want from the presentation: What we’re looking for is and here’s what it’s going to be used for, and here’s why it can work for you);

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