Dr. Cristy Lopez: Accelerators to Handle Adversity, Loss, and Failure for More Growth, Freedom, and Mastery with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 27]

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Dr. Cristy Lopez: Accelerators to Handle Adversity, Loss, and Failure for More Growth, Freedom, and Mastery with Dan Kuschell


You have areas in your life where things are going extremely well. And you also have areas where you struggle. Today you’re going to get strategies to accelerate your success, take it to the next level, and stay in the sweet spot of those great things you’re doing and minimize the time frames with things like doubt, rejection, fear, failure and more with Dr. Cristy Lopez.

She’s a psychologist, coach, and speaker and has worked with thousands of clients in her practice. She’s also been an expert on TV, with shows like Dr. Phil, Downsized, and more.


Here’s a glance of the strategies you’ll walk away with today:

  • Conditioning for short and long term success;
  • “We all have some area of dysfunction we’re dealing with… it’s not whether we have it, it’s how we deal with it.”
  • How to deal with the voices for doubt, fear, failure, rejection, adversity, and criticism;
  • How to recall your past success(es) to get and stay in a peak-state – apply it in your life, business, and relationships;
  • The Core Acceptance Beliefs We’re Striving to Answer: Am I good enough? Am I loved?
  • “People don’t have that much awareness of themselves in a healthy way, but they have a perceived understanding of how others see them – and then act, respond, react, or over react to those perceptions”;
  • Be aware of yourself: Accurately be aware of what’s going on with you: Physiologically, emotionally, what are you thinking, what’s your energy like, what’s your intuition say?;
  • “How you see yourself and how you perceive others see you – ultimate plays a key role in determining your destiny”;
  • “People look for evidence to support their beliefs – choose wisely”;
  • How we show up today (as it relates to actions, responding, reacting, or overacting) has to do with our past experiences.”
  • “We have a lot of attachment to the bad things that happen(ed) to us (in childhood) even if it was just a one-time thing”;
  • How to deal with loss (of image, confidence, of a job, career, loved ones, rejection, failure and more);
  • “Everyone is unique in how they handle loss and failure” – Dr. Cristy Lopez;
  • “Some people condition themselves to be good victims and live in a constant state of chaos, sadness, and overwhelm”;
  • How the framework of DABDAR (from Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross in dealing with grief) can help you shift from doubt, adversity, loss, and failure to freedom and peace of mind in business, relationships, and life;
  • The ongoing process of DABDAR: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, and Response;
  • Keys to dealing with criticism – how are you identifying it, what does that mean, who is it from?
  • “Be careful who you take advice from (or be attached to what people say): Do they have what you want? Do they have the qualities you want? If you do what they do, you’ll get what they’ve got. Stop taking it personal”;
  • “Don’t take things personal”; People are very egocentric. They are in their own mind, their own thoughts. Everything has to do with them, there perspectives, what’s going on with them. How someone acts towards you, reacts towards, you, interacts with you, responds to you, whatever they’re doing with you, has more to do with THEM than YOU”;
  • The Skillset to Respond to Criticism: “When you’re experiencing criticism, be aware, identify the feeling you’re experiencing (and understand what does it mean and what else could it mean) to get out of the cascade train”;
  • “You become who you hang around – choose intelligently”;
  • “Transform any feeling by asking: What does this mean? What else could it mean?”
  • Developing the skill set to process fear, failure, and criticism: How you integrate it, learn from it, and utilize it for your future can serve as power for you”;
  • How to use the Leaf on a Stream visualization technique to get UN-stuck;
  • And much, much, more…


Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, need help with your marriage, or looking for a coach, Dr. Cristy Lopez can show you how to transform your life, career, business, and relationships.

Contact Dr. Cristy Lopez by going to http://www.cristylopezphd.com or contact her office at 602-323-7824.

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