Eric Walrabenstein: How to Connect with Influencers, Add Value, Improve Productivity, and Better Box for your Best Life Ever [PODCAST 52]

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Eric Walrabenstein: How to Connect with Influencers, Add Value, Improve Productivity, and Better Box for your Best Life Ever [PODCAST 52]


What would it do for your business to be able to connect with that ONE PERSON who could help you take things to the next level?


How could you maximize your success if your could take complete control of and focus your own thoughts?


On this episode of Growth to Freedom Dan talks with Eric Walrabenstein, an expert behind a handful of powerful businesses all designed to increase your mindfulness, gratitude, and ability to provide value to the world. On this episode Eric shares his expertise and tips to help you learn a variety of things like:

  • Getting connected to the influencers in your niche
  • Saying “thank you” to people in ways that matter
  • And harnessing the power of your own mind to amplify your creativity and productivity

You won’t want to miss this conversation. It’s full of gems that you can take away and apply immediately.

Everyone in the world is just a phone call away.

Eric is convinced that you likely know someone who is connected in some way with the influencers that you really need to know to move your business forward. And you’ll discover a few of the strategies to get these influencers attention…

Getting control of your own mind is the most powerful thing you can do.

Most of us have a screaming brat that lives inside of us, urging us to satisfy our desires and whims moment by moment throughout the day. But giving that brat everything at once only strengthens its hold on us. Eric believes that the practice of mindfulness through meditation is the primary way that we are able to learn how to take control of our own minds, subject them to our will, and focus in a way that enables us to get things done like never before. If you apply the principles Eric talks about in this episode, your quality of life and productivity will be grow…


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this segment:

  • [0:31] Dan’s introduction to this episode and his special guest.
  • [1:00] How you can connect with Eric Walrabenstein;
  • [2:08] How to connect with influencers (and how Dan stumbled across Eric and Better Box, and how you can apply this to your career and business);
  • [4:12] How to create a powerful experience;
  • [5:14] The power of adding value;
  • [5:46] Why Entrepreneurship makes sense;
  • [8:41] Rituals you can start right now to decrease the overwhelm;
  • [9:46] Why most goal setting and goal achieving processes are all wrong – and what to do instead;
  • [11:50] How to reduce disappointment once you achieve your goal;
  • [13:30] What IS mindfulness and how you can use it;
  • [14:54] A different way of thinking about meditation and its benefits.
  • [19:15] Why you want all the stuff you long for: inner peace;
  • [20:45] Rituals you can put in place to develop inner peace;
  • [21:30] How mental fitness is like physical fitness;
  • [24:02] How a fit inner world can increase productivity;
  • [30:29] Multitasking: possibility or myth?
  • [32:37] A strategy for multitasking;
  • [38:12] How to teach your kids mindfulness and healthy meditation;
  • And more…


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