Finding True Growth: Less Pain, More Gain with Joey Atlas [PODCAST 185]

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GTF 185 | Finding True Growth


Are you struggling with your fitness goals, or frustrated by a lack of results no matter how much you exercise? After seeing the kind of struggle people have with fitness, Joey Atlas of SCULPTAFIT developed a fitness solution that teaches people how to be gentle with their bodies, while still getting results. Joey will share why he disapproves of the “no pain, no gain” mentality and other myths about fitness, and how we degrade the integrity of our body and health, with extreme fitness programs. Joey Atlas believes that the body is a tool far different from others, and there is a unique method that you can use, starting today, to transform your health, fitness, and wellness, while doing it gently, and with positive effects. If you are looking for actionable steps to improve your fitness routine, don’t miss this episode with expert, Joey Atlas!

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Finding True Growth: Less Pain, More Gain with Joey Atlas [PODCAST 185]

This episode is slightly unique from the perspective. It’s about building a better you. Let’s talk about you for a second. I want you to imagine that maybe you’re married right now. Maybe you have a couple of kids. Maybe you’re trying to run your business. You’re a CEO or an executive. You’re trying to be fit. You’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’ve hit a couple bumps in the road or roadblocks as far as your fitness or your health and being. You’re living in vitality, not just existing, but you’re being full of energy, being able to go out and be highly active. If that’s the case, if you’re struggling with that at all, you are going to love this episode.

We have an expert who’s uniquely qualified to be able to share with you how to get fit without the typical fitness BS in the world. His name is Joey Atlas. He’s a private consultant to organizations, corporations and individuals for fitness and wellness solution. He’s the Creator and the Founder of SCULPTAFIT, a revolutionary fitness system, leveraging something he calls playground fitness. Imagine if exercise can be done in a way where you could do it without machines, without weights, and without cardio torture, you could get into the best fitness and the best shape of your life, where it no longer felt like a workout, but rather it was more enjoyable for you. You could do fitness gently. Joey, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate being here and I’m looking forward to sharing whatever I can to positively impact everyone.

I love one of the quotes on your site. It says, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model completely obsolete,” by R. Buckminster Fuller. If you don’t know who Buckminster Fuller is, he’s an inventor, designer and author. He is often regarded as one of the pioneers in personal development and more. You are transforming an industry, Joey. Why are you on this journey? Why are you doing what you do?

I’m doing it because I truly feel this is why I’m here. I’ve come to feel that way because of what I have heard from other people whose lives I’ve touched and whose lives my coaches have touched. You can’t deny when somebody tells you, “I’ve been trying all my life to get this right and despite all the trials, the effort, and the money spent, I’ve never been able to get it quite right until now.

Although I was skeptical about your unique approach and your unique methodology, it made sense and I had nothing to lose by trying. Sure enough, everything you’ve laid out is happening exactly the way you said it would. It’s because of that, my life is better, my health is better, my medical profile exams are better and my energy is better. Everything that is involved in my life, my work and my relationships, everything is better because my health, energy and fitness is better.” When I hear that, I know why I’m here and that’s why I do what I do because I could never hear enough of those stories.

We’ve known each other now for a couple of years. We were fortunate to meet in Genius Network through Joe Polish, an incredible group over there. I’ve been fascinated by your work and you have dozens and dozens of different examples and stories. Let’s go to the heart of the matter. I’ve heard you describe the fitness paradigm is an old paradigm. Maybe we could consider it outdated. I’ve even heard you use language like it’s a faulty system. What are some of the biggest misunderstanding or myths around this? Let me give some context. Here’s why I’m so passionate about you and what you teach at the level that you do. For years, I was exercising and for years I would start and stop.

Why did I start and stop? I would go into a ritual exercise thing. I’d be on a boat load of pain and no pain, no gain mentality, and then I would break down and be sick for like four, five or six days. It was always this start and stop thing. I would start and then I’d get injured. I’d pull a muscle or get a strain. I thought I was the only one dealing with this stuff and it was me and I was faulty. I had the faulty body and the faulty mind. Mind over matter and I can be tougher than this. I’ve heard you describe it that way and that’s one of the reasons I resonate. When Joey has shared his technology and his strategy with me, I immediately connected to it, so maybe you also will. Joey, describe what some of the biggest faults or myths or misunderstanding about getting fit in a healthy way.

This is where the magic lies. Being in this industry from childhood, I’ve been able to observe so many subtleties when fitness was just starting in the ‘70s. I’ve observed and I’ve listened to lots of different people and clients and also myself. I’ve reflected myself to see where are the places that are messing up with this fitness and nutrition stuff that’s screwing me up and holding me back from getting into an easy zone where it’s so natural. A lot of myths came out of reflecting on those issues. One of the biggest myths is that you need to go high intensity. You need to take the no pain, no gain approach. If you’re not willing to do blood, sweat, and tears, you’re never going to get anywhere. You need to go beast mode. You’ve got to be in a kill it mindset and that those are the people who get results and if you’re not willing to do that, then you’ll never going to get the results.

GTF 185 | Finding True Growth

Finding True Growth: Our bodies give out physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally because it’s too damn hard to take this no pain, no gain kill-it approach to maintaining your health.


There is a tiny percentage of the population who can assume that mindset and who can follow through on that mindset in terms of actions and habits, in order to make that high intensity, high impact, beast mode approach work for them. The majority of us cannot do that kind of stuff too long. Our bodies give out physically because we’re not supposed to be treating it that way. We give out mentally, psychologically and emotionally because it’s too damn hard to take this, “No pain, no gain, kill it,” approach to maintaining your health. Grinding your body away several times a week, week after week, month after month, year after year degrades the integrity of your body and your health. When in reality, we’re trying to do the opposite.

We’re trying to strengthen our bodies, strengthen our minds, strengthen our spirit, give ourselves the best possible health foundation so that this body, this one vehicle we have can carry us through an entire lifetime. Without us having to constantly tend to medical issues, joint issues, back pain, neck pain or shoulder surgery. It requires getting over this myth that more is better, harder is better or high intensity gets the results. That’s all that you see out there. You don’t see anybody talking about making it gentle, slowing it down, controlling the process, removing momentum, using the body in a very thoughtful and focused manner to get those health results that you want.

The reality is we’re not all looking to be Mr. Olympia. We’re not all looking to get into a bikini and get onstage to win the bikini competitions. We want a good, sound, and strong body that stays healthy for a lifetime. A body that gives us the energy and the functionality so that we can execute on all the different things we want to do in life. Whether it’s work, sports, play with your kids, play with your grandkids, go kayaking, go fishing, you name it. It requires a different mindset to get the proper health and fitness benefits we need as regular human beings and not the extreme, the tiny 1% who want to go beast mode all the time.

Let’s say somebody’s like, “I resonate with that. I would like a better way. This extreme idea’s burning me out.” What’s the first step that someone could look to take, to make this a healthier, long-term method to get fit without the craziness. Speak to that a little bit.

The first step is to go get on my free stuff because I’ve got plenty of free stuff that can help people. Even before that, it’s absorbing the notion, that this can all be much easier. If you’re willing to absorb that and let it be a reality for you, then all it takes is committing to wanting to take care of yourself. Even if something is easy, enjoyable, gentle, and effective, you still have to have the mindset that your health and wellness.

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Longevity is important enough to devote a certain amount of time every day to it because that still needs to be done. Even though it’s easy, gentle and effective, you still have to set aside the time in your day to devote to yourself and to invest in yourself so that you can get the benefits. It comes down to having that serious introspective conversation, looking in the mirror and deciding, “Am I BS-ing myself or am I serious and ready to be my best for me, my family, my kids, my friends or my business?”

This life is a gift. You can either crap it away by neglecting yourself or you can get the most out of it and give the people around you the best of yourself by taking proper care of yourself. If that promise is real and it’s true, then taking the actions are that much easier and you know why you’re starting in the first place. It’s not because I want a washboard stomach, I want to lose the saddlebags, I want to fit into a size four clothing or I want to look good at the reunion. The reasons have to run much deeper than that and they have to be much stronger and they have to carry more meaning than that. When you develop the meanings and you understand why living in health and fitness is so important to us, then the ability to stick with it and make it a natural part of your life becomes that much easier.

Both of us are Tony Robbins fans. When your why is big enough and strong enough, the how and the what, many times, becomes second nature or many times becomes even obsolete. I’ve heard of different experts talk about muscle confusion and high intensity and beast mode. I’ve seen a lot of your stuff online that speaks to these things directly. I’m going to speak to that with a little bit of a different twist. The elephant in the room being, “I can buy into what you might be saying, but does this now mean that instead of these high-intensity twenty to 30-minute power sessions, do I now double my time to make it gentler, more easy and more effective?” Speak to that potential danger or thought that someone might be having.

The answer is no. I will say I have proof of this. You can go to my YouTube channel. I share my own personal workouts, right here at the house on the SCULPTAFIT all in one system. I show you step by step exactly what I do. All of the sessions are less than half an hour. When you see me, you say “This 48-year-old guy, he’s looking pretty good. The results are showing. He’s showing us exactly what he does. He shows us exactly how he trains other people” and so there’s the proof.

Less than half an hour is all you need if it’s done properly. Even though we’re going in the opposite direction, low impact, focused intensity, no momentum and slowing everything down, we don’t have to increase the time. We’re taking a different approach to get the physical stimulation that we need, in order for the body to go in the direction it needs to go into. Be stronger, more flexible, more functional, a better fat burning machine, and a higher energy machine to carry us through our days in our life.

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Having been on both sides of this, I’ve had personally experienced this. I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve experienced this and I’m sure you have too. Imagine being in a place where you could have a low impact method. It’s slow, it’s not built on heavyweights, on high impact or on high intensity. Focus, and for 30 minutes, you could get into the best shape of your life. What would that mean for you? What would that give you? What would that do for you?

I love the fact that here I am 49 years old at the time of this session and I get to go train with my son who’s got private training for his football as a quarterback. I’m doing drills with him doing these crazy ladder drills and walk downs and etc. It does beat me up a little bit. It’s a little bit higher intensity that I would like, but I’m fit enough to be able to deal with that type of stress. It’s fun to do that with your kids and be playful and enjoy that kind of lifestyle. I’ve heard about certain experts talk about this idea of muscle confusion. After a certain period of time, your muscle gets bored and it needs to change, and I’ve seen you speak about this very differently. Speak to that potential thought that someone might be having.

You’re not confusing your muscles. Our muscles don’t get confused. They are too smart to be confused. That’s a great marketing phrase used by lots of fitness facilities and trainers and programs that make regular people think, “I need to do muscle confusion so that my muscles have to keep guessing what’s coming next, so that they keep changing and I get results.” If that was all true, we’d have a lot of confused bodies that are in awesome shape.

The truth is 90% of the population is still out of shape, unhealthy and getting worse. The confusion does nothing but create more confusion because more people get injured from this muscle confusion, high-intensity interval training type stuff. Even without the high-intensity interval training, there are plenty of traditional gym programs that trainers administer, with the traditional weight lifting and the machines and the stack machines.

GTF 185 | Finding True Growth

Finding True Growth: Everybody goes through the trainer experience. The truth is trainers are a very select bunch of people with a very strong mindset.


Three sets of this, four sets of that, twelve reps here, twelve reps there. They try to incorporate “muscle confusion” by changing the program every two weeks or something. No regular person can stick to that kind of program long enough to get the benefits and to stave off injuries and mental and physical wear and tear. Most people quit those programs. There are so many people that say, “I hired a trainer one time.” Everybody goes through the trainer experience. The truth is trainers are a very select bunch of people with a very strong mindset. Typical trainers can stick to this extreme lifestyle. However, 90% of the population can’t do that for more than a few weeks or a few months. It’s not realistic.

I learned this the hard way. This was me. I used to be the guy who was doing all the hard training or the hardcore stuff. I have wear and tear on my body that I’ve had to heal up by taking the gentle route. I used to be in that mindset and I realized regular people who are not into this stuff as much as we are, cannot commit to doing it every day for a lifetime. That’s a problem that needs to be solved. That’s part of what set me on that path. When I got into middle adulthood with young kids, it hit me hard. I realized this is now my problem, too. This needs to be solved because if I do, I’m going to help a lot more people and this world’s going to be a better place. We’ve come up with a solution that works for regular, everyday people who are not gym extreme fitness fanatics, living that lifestyle and devoting two or three hours of their day to it.

My life transformed when I moved away from the extreme fitness on a necessity. I ended up in a hospital a couple of weeks after my son was born. I couldn’t get into the high intensity and I incorporated slower movements, more slow walking and it was amazing how it impacted me. I got healthier and I’ve lost over close to 70 pounds. I’ve kept it off for years and I feel like I’m in better shape now than I was in my 30s and I am not working as hard at it, which is interesting.

You have the science to back this up. Without getting into science because you’ve got a lot of resources that you can make available for those who want to get into the science. Let’s say someone’s like me, they were struggling with fitness. They had tried the extreme things and the “everyday grinding it out” model. It didn’t work for them and they were looking for a new approach. Let’s say they’ve got their why and their mindset around, “This is where I’m going, this is why I want to do it, this is why it’s important to me and my family and my kids.” What would be the next step or steps that someone could take or that you’d recommend to start moving in this direction of a gentle fitness program to get fit?

Your body is a tool itself. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or what kind of shape you’re in. I worked with pure beginners. My coaching team at the local studio works with pure beginners from a standstill start. I’m super advanced. The key is to realize your body is the number one tool, not a stack of weights, not a bunch of kettle bells, not all this extraneous stuff. You start with the body because it starts with bodyweight training, bodyweight movements, natural movements that the body is built for.

Once you grasp that, then you realize there are plenty of body movements that can stimulate change and strength and better health. If it’s done consistently over a period of time that continues to make use of the body the way it was designed to be used. As kids, you don’t need to tell kids what to do. You turn kids loose and they know what to do inherently. They run, they jump, they climb, they throw, they play with each other, and they do all kinds of things.

As adults, we turn that stuff off, whether it’s through default or deconditioning or feeling like we need to slow down. People lose that ability to move and to be active and to do what comes naturally. That’s what we have to get back to is moving naturally and using the body the way it was designed to be moved. That old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is true. We need to be using it in order for us to keep it healthy. It’s simple but it’s true.

When someone gets started with this new approach, what’s the time frame that people start to experience results. I know when I did it, I quit having so much pain in my joints and what experts called, “It’s just lactic acid. You’ve got to get through that burn.”

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Most traditional approaches to fitness training and these workouts we see heavily advertised, they put a lot of stress on the joints. You’re not alone in what you were feeling. Lots of people feel that joint stress is because of the high impact moves and the high intensity movements. If your joints are taking the brunt of what you’re doing, then that’s not a good sign. Joints are gentle. They can only take so much. That’s why smart chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedists set up shop around these types of fitness facilities where people are very likely to have joint issues or joint injuries.

That’s a red flag and a lot of smart people simply avoid that either by knowing that they’re going to get hurt or their friends have already gotten hurt. Nobody wants to punish themselves. Who wants to punish themselves to get some kind of result? No regular human being wants to punish themselves. It’s a matter of being logical thinking, do we need to punish ourselves to get some kind of benefit? No, we don’t. It’s a matter of knowing what is the alternative that’s a bit wiser, a bit different and yields the results that we’re looking for without having to feel like we’re punishing ourselves day in and day out.

What are some of the other progressions that you see your clients tell you as they’ve moved through this? What kind of time frames? I know it can vary person to person. What are some of the typical types of things you see in here with this kind of approach?

GTF 185 | Finding True Growth

Finding True Growth: Most people, regardless of where their starting point is, find it hard to believe that a gentle, easier, more enjoyable, safer approach can yield results.


I have different types of people. I have some private high-end clients who I coach either locally or long distance, all different levels. We have various types of people coming into the local studio who my coaches work with. They’ve all had different experiences of fitness ranging from highly successful high school and college wrestler who is coming out of his own paradigm of exercise and training, to a sedentary 55-year-old woman who never has done anything in her entire lifetime in regard to fitness. We have this whole spectrum of people and most of them, just about anybody, because of the popularity of the high-intensity, hardcore approaches that are widely publicized by the media, regardless of where their starting point is, they find it hard to believe that a gentle, easier, more enjoyable, safer approach can yield results.

They’re skeptical that it could yield quick results. I’m going to give you some very specific examples. I started working with a person who is no stranger to exercise and training hard. He was smart enough to know that he needs to change something, otherwise, some bad things are going to happen if he keeps trying to train hard and grind his body into submission. We hit a reset, we had to talk and it does help that I’m 48, but you look at me and if you weren’t looking at my gray goatee, you would say, “This guy has got a body of a fit 28-year-old, not a 48-year-old.” It does carry weight when I talk to people because it has to be believable.

Three days into my style of gentle bodyweight training, this guy was saying, “I’m blown away. I can’t believe I’ve done this stuff with no squat rack, no weight stack machines, doing these crazy pull downs or kettle bell throws or flipping tires and I have muscles that sore in places that I didn’t even know I had.” He couldn’t explain it, but at the same time he’s like, “I knew I needed to trust you and I knew that I’d be experiencing something like this.” That’s a guy who had experienced during his life of hardcore training. Feeling the effects of that hardcore training versus taking this gentle, easier, methodical, more controlled approach and feeling the kind of muscle fiber stimulation and body stimulation that this produces. The a-ha moment in the first few days of, “This could be that thing because I’m feeling it in a way that it’s different, but I feel safe.”

My joints don’t hurt and my muscles feel stimulated in ways that they’re supposed to be, not that I’m trying to force them to be. We have ladies who go see my coaches at the local studio and these ladies have tried things over the years. They have tried Pilates, they have tried yoga, they have tried Zumba, they have tried a boot camp and they have tried a fusion type fitness program. They have tried the proverbial, “I hired a personal trainer for eight weeks, three years ago,” in the typical fitness center.

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They come to our place and within the first week, these ladies will admit it starts off like this; “I was very skeptical because reading your materials, even the testimonials from the other people that this was a gentle and methodical, a slow and focused and safe feeling approach. However, this is the first time I ever felt like I moved my body the way it was supposed to be moved. In order to get the muscle stimulus and the physical stimulus that it needs in order to improve its health and fitness from the inside out,” and this is within the first week.

I’m not saying that there are dramatic changes in body composition or weight or muscle mass or anything like that. What I’m saying is these people are starting to feel the immediate effects of the different style of training and the different approach to stimulating the body within the first few sessions alone. That is all they need to realize, “I found something here and what these people are saying is true because I’m feeling something I’ve never felt in my lifetime or have heard talked about in my entire lifetime like these people are talking about it here.”

From there, everything’s easy because it’s a domino effect. One week turns into two, that turns into a month, two months, three months, and all the changes started happening naturally because all of the sessions and the changes that are happening slowly are starting to compound. Clothing sizes start to come down, energy starts to go up and muscle definition and muscle shape and sculpting start to happen.

I’m not talking about people getting ripped and shredded, I’m talking about regular people starting to see healthy muscle tone show underneath that layer of soft mushy flab on various parts of their body. When they see that, it’s like magic to them. They feel like they’ve discovered something that’s been hidden away as a big secret. In certain ways it has but now, we happened to be the ones that are making it public and bringing it to these people who need it the most.

If you’re looking for a way to have a fitness program for a lifetime that’s easy, that’s gentle, that’s effective, and that’s proven scientifically to work today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime, it’s sustainable and it’s not extreme, then I want to encourage you to go deeper with what Joey has been sharing. How can people reach you? How can they connect with you to go deeper with your resources?

I’ve got a bunch of free stuff that I love sharing and I’ve had some people over the years say that my free materials alone have helped radically improve their lives. Anybody else who wants more can buy stuff, they can hire me for private long-distance coaching or on location coaching. The best place to start is I’ve got free materials there. Free video programs to sign up for. They can follow them at home, the office, when traveling and that will give you an incredible foundation that you could build on with more and more of those videos.

GTF 185 | Finding True Growth

Finding True Growth: Develop your mindset proactively. Know what you’re up against.


The other place is my YouTube channel. I’m sharing a few of my sessions each week that I personally do. I simply turn on the camera in my home gym room where I have the SCULPTAFIT all-in-one home gym system. You watch me train and I do some explaining on what I’m doing and why, the benefits I’m getting out of a specific movement or exercise routine. You could see that at For anybody who is interested in possibly owning one of the all-in-one SCULPTAFIT gym units for themselves or their family or putting one at the office, following along the exact methodologies and programs that I do myself, that I have clients do themselves and that we have the people who come to the studio do, go to

I’m happy to share that with anybody. If you want to reach out, all my social media links are on the main site, You can come connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. You can reach us through the Contact page there, but I’m happy to speak with anybody. I’m happy to help anybody who needs it, whether it’s needing some free materials or if you want to hire an expert to be at your side to help guide you where you need to go so that you can live your best life now and forever. Reach out. I’m happy to connect.

Joey, what are one, two or three action steps that you hope that our readers take as a result of this episode?

I have a client. This guy’s smart. He came to me through another client. He said, “Your other client has been speaking very highly of you. I could see the changes. I need somebody like you.” He said, “I’m already sold on your unique approach, your unique methodology, the system you’ve built.” This guy’s put in one at his house and one in the office as well. Here’s what he said, and this is the key that everybody needs to listen to. He said, “I’m willing to do your methods, follow through on everything you teach me and show me, but here’s where my challenge is going to be. I want to learn how to think like you. I want to learn how to have a mindset like you that has made you this guy at 48 years old. Find a way to live this way every day because it’s your mindset that determines the actions you take and not take every day.”

This guy wants to learn how to avoid making bad food choices. How to avoid talking himself out of an exercise training session even though it’s easy, different, doable, and he has his tools at home and at the office. What he’s getting at is the subtle, important, unseen aspect of all this. It’s having the mindset that keeps you centered, focused and dedicated and committed every day to doing the things you’re supposed to do and avoiding the things you’re supposed to avoid. When he said that, it wasn’t a surprise to me. That alone, shows that this guy gets it. When I speak to him, he’s going to be absorbing the things that will allow him to develop the mindset necessary in order for him to make this stuff a regular part of his life, without having to think about it anymore.

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The mindset part is twofold. Number one, you have to develop your mindset proactively. The other part of it is you have to know what you’re up against. Our society is stacked against us. We’re surrounded by ungodly amounts of food, drinks, beverages, desserts, you name it. It’s not up to these food and beverage companies to tell us, “You’ve had enough today. You don’t want to go over your food and drink limit, so why don’t you hold off.” These companies are out to sell us as much as we’re willing to eat and drink.

Inherently, as human beings, we have many weaknesses that causes us to eat and drink more than we’re actually supposed to, society is stacked that way. Anywhere you go, you’re surrounded by at least half a dozen foods and drink places of all sorts, from fast food all the way up to high-end food establishments and restaurants. You have to realize that that is working against you and you have to be conscious that just because something exists doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be having it. That’s something I had to learn personally because of my food issues, my food co-dependencies. My Italian upbringing where food is something of a religion and if you don’t eat enough, you’re committing a sin.

I had a lot to overcome. I went through some dark times in my life through those battles, but I’ve come out the other side with a very different perspective. It required a huge mind shift and a very big awakening to realize that we’re surrounded by things that take advantage of our weaknesses and our co-dependencies. I know I speak to a lot of people on this. We’re human beings. We’re all in this together. As human beings, we have to wake up to the forces that are acting against this on a regular basis. It’s not just what we’re surrounded by with, it’s also the people that we’re surrounded by with. Most people want to default to eating more and drinking more, “Let’s go eat again, screw the workout. Let’s not go do our fitness today. Let’s go to happy hour.”

It’s a subtle point. It’s not so much a tactical point like Judo type of fitness training. It’s more on the mindset side of what you need to filter out and block out so that you protect yourself and you allow your body to make the development it needs to. You allow your health to have the space to improve and to protect itself while not allowing the external forces to encroach on and take away from your health, your wellness, your longevity by feeding you too much and trying to medicate with food and booze and other types of drinks.

You can get a sense of Joey’s passion and why he was doing what he does and also the wisdom in how he can help you. I want to encourage you, if you want to go deeper with what Joey has been sharing, I challenge you, go check out what Joey is up to at His online TV show at or check out the home gym at Joey, it’s been a real pleasure to have you with us. Thank you.

Thank you for having me.

Take action with what Joey has shared with you. He shared a lot of wisdom. Take action because if you don’t take action, how is it going to impact you? If you want to keep doing the same old high-intensity thing and burn out and have a situation where you’re risking injury, that’s one thing. If you’re looking for a better way, a new way to long-term fitness, being gentle, doing it in a more easy, more effective way, you’re going to love what Joey has to share with you. Take action, enjoy your week and seize the day.

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