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Dan Kuschell is a husband, dad, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He runs Breakthrough3X, a company that gives you instant access to a Fractional CMO Team. Breakthrough3X helps founders and CEOs grow their businesses 3 to 10x and generate more clients daily with a simple system that gets them free from the day-to-day. Dan has owned 12 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Case studies: how Dan Kuschell helped multiple businesses generate sales and implement systems
  • Dan talks about his exponential business growth system
  • Five key steps for generating leads and clients

In this episode…

Are you struggling to generate a steady flow of sales, leads, clients, or all of the above? What if it were possible to escape your daily operations and scale your business simultaneously?

According to Dan Kuschell, this is not only possible but practical. His exponential business growth system helps you implement consistent, sustainable processes that drive sales and allow you to focus on growing — or even exiting — your company. You can transform your business for optimal impact by identifying a vision, developing a custom lead-generation strategy, creating collaboration opportunities, hosting education-based events, and optimizing your systems.

Join Dan Kuschell in today’s episode of Growth to Freedom as he talks about how to maximize leads, conversions, and sales. He also shares business growth case studies and his exponential business growth system.

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Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall in growing your business? Well, let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. You can do that for free today at That’s

In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You can get that at That’s

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell  0:00

All right, you might be wondering, why am I holding this combination lock? Well, this combination lock has everything to do with your bigger business future. Our goal is to help you create exponential business growth and escape the day to day traps to your business. Now, how are we going to do that? You know, here’s the thing, if you’re struggling to get leads every day, or maybe you got leads every day, but you’re not getting sales, maybe your conversions are off, right? So you’d like to get more sales every day, or you’d like to have more referrals, or more importantly, than even all that you don’t want it to be relying on you. You’d rather you want a system in place that brings you a steady flow of new clients every day and referrals and a whole lot more. And so when I introduce you to our exponential business growth system that helps you get out of and escape the day to day traps of your business. Now, before I do that, let me share a couple of quick case study. I want to introduce you to Sachin here. I want to start by introducing you to a case study. SACHIN Sachin runs a company in functional medicine with his wife, Deepa. And when we first met, they talked about their mission to be able to transform millions of people’s lives all over the world. However, they found themselves stuck in their business more day to day, their first challenge was they were the driver of sales for their business. Number two, they were actually taking the calls to enroll people in their programs. And he really found himself stuck more in the day to day they wanted to get their paid ads working, they wanted something that was more of a system, and they wanted to optimize and systemize everything so that they could get freed up and step away. We stepped in, and we help them transform their results with a few key things. The ads generated over 9800 leads with over $1.7 million in revenue in less than 120 days. Their event ended with over 154 calls booked and 75 enrollments for their hybrid training mastermind and then we help them get a sales team in place to free them up and they have a system now that can run without them. One of the things that Sachin shared here not too long ago was Dan I have to get more involved in my business because I’m able to take so much time away and in Sachin says share in four months we were able to actually surpass what we had done the previous year. Another case study is Daniel Marcos Daniel runs a business with his partner Vern Harnish, known as the growth guy the scaling up guy, and they wanted to put together a masterclass and get enrollments in this premium masterclass. Plus, Daniel was on the road a lot traveling over 200,000 miles a year, he wanted to shift from an event business with a lot of travel to more of a digital business. And he wanted to do things to be able to revamp the model and have a system online. We stepped in. And they went from about 100 enrollments per class to over 450 with one campaign. And we doubled their business in about two years. And we also got Daniel where he doesn’t he can travel because he wants to travel now not because he has to in other words, helping them escape the day to day trap. They did four times the growth and doubled the business in just a few years working together. Anna runs an amazing program for sugar addiction. When you helps people eliminate sugar addiction in their life, but huge mission and their business. They felt like they were heading in the wrong direction with their message. Their ads were a nightmare. They felt like they couldn’t connect the dots on that and they had been invested in all kinds of other stuff that didn’t deliver we stepped in they wanted to hone and perfect their message to be able to deliver it they wanted to build authority in the marketplace as an expert and a strategy to maximize their enrollments while we help them deliver their ideal message to get ideal clients resulting in 1100 registrations for one of their very first events. They generated about 90,000 from running a five day challenge in their first 90 days, they generated over 30 Booked appointments to be able to introduce their high profit high growth programs to their clients. And they generated about $90,000. And I know there’s no guarantees that we can help you get these exact same types of results. But you might be asking yourself, Well, Dan, what could you help me do? Like how do you how does all this work? So let me walk you through a couple of snippets of our system here. So let me give you a couple examples of our system. When you join forces with us. We’re going to help you transform your marketing and your sales systems. To be able to grow three to 10x You’re going to start getting a steady stream of clients every day. Without having to chase your clients are convinced. In other words, you’ve got a system, we’re going to transcend coaching or mastermind or consulting or marketing plans to help you implement. And I will talk more about that in a second. And the bottom line is we’re not going to load you up with more ideas. You probably need a new idea. Like you need a dang hole in your head right. What do you want? You want to implement more at secure more. And that’s what we help you do. We specialize in helping get that implementation, helping you build something sustainable, something predictable, that brings you a steady flow of leads and clients every day to move you to a place where you can escape the daily traps of the business and get freedom, and ultimately be able to focus on what you love more in the business or for some of our clients out of the business, which is an amazing thing. Now our unique five step method is really simple. What we can do is schedule a conversation, a consultation together, where we can walk through this, this is not a one size fits all model. The bottom line is we customize this to you as a potential client. So if you’re looking for a way to get more leads daily, to be able to get more clients daily to get a system in place, and some of the things are intriguing. then schedule a consultation right now some of the details are on the page somewhere, click the link schedule a time and let’s talk about how we can help get this five step blueprint of building your custom vision and growth plan to be able to help you do what we call connection campaigns. What is that part of our secret weapon lean in here lean in just a little bit. It’s a secret weapon. How is it a secret weapon? Well, it’s like romance in advance. I mean, let’s take business out of the way sometimes business gets in the way of actually doing business. This is people to people. So it’s romance in advance, just like you would if you were dating again, if you were courting someone to move to something more serious. We have a unique process with our connection campaigns in the romance and advanced processing in the before stage, the during stage and the after stage of working together, which will transform your business give you more referrals give you more lead position, you shorten the sales cycle to get you more sales conversions, referrals, and clients who go from fan to superfan and a lot more. Number three is we’re going to help you build a custom lead machine daily. So you have a steady flow of leads every single day, we’re going to show you how to compress timeframes with education based events, which is one of our unique factors. There’s about 14 different education based events that we have helped clients install in their business based on their needs based on their interest based on their time and more. Get this get this lien in some of these education based events where our clients have generated six, seven and even eight figures consistently over time, when we get them in place. If that’s what you want, again, schedule your customer consultation, where we can walk you through the options for you and customize this based on your situation. And then last but not least, once we get these first four things in place, we’re going to help you implement even more. And I’ll talk about that in a second. How do we do that. And then we’re going to show you how we help you optimize now, what you get when you work with us when we team up as you get our team we have a team of about 30 different people that do a variety of different things from web developers, to tech experts to the copywriters that write all the emails and write all the campaigns, pages, sales pages, offers and a whole lot more with our graphic team, our video team, email marketing team SEO team content writers and more to help you get exponential business growth and escape the day to day traps. And again, if that’s what you want, you’d love to team up with somebody where instead of you figuring this out, or trying to hire all these people on your own, we’ve got a proven system a proven model that works and it can work for you take the first step schedule your consultation right now. Plus, we’re gonna give you access to our suite of tools and templates. It’s almost like a franchise it’s not a franchise, but it’s like a franchise system for exponential business growth. Why? Because just imagine what would happen if you were like Sachin, or like Anna, or like Daniel, or many of the clients that we’ve worked with over the years that have gotten their steady flow of clients every day, gotten referrals on a daily basis or regular basis and had a system in place to drive revenue without you without the founder without the CEO of the business. How great would that be? Well, that’s what we want to show you how to do, right? So you can tap into our team of experts get our tools and go from this to more of hey, let’s have a great collaboration and build something amazing. So what’s the next step real simple. Schedule a demo now to see how our fractional cmo team chief marketing officer and team can help you grow your business three to 10x exponential business growth and help you escape the day to day traps, ideally give you the freedom to choose where you put your time inside the business and maybe outside. I know as a dad of two kids and a husband, being able to be present with my wife to be able to, you know, be a football coach in high school, be able to work with my son and through youth football to be able to attend my daughter’s events and recitals and all these things and be present as a dad and not feel like I was on call all the time. It’s been such a gift and whatever that might be for you. We’d love to show you how to take the first step schedule your consultation hit the button, hit the link somewhere on the pattern, note where it is here, but go there now take the next step take the first step to Your bigger future. Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You can get that at That’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit Hey, it’s the anchor show click the buttons over here on the lucky go watch these other couple of videos as well as make sure to hit the subscribe button so you can get access to the latest insights strategies and wisdom giving you more clarity, confidence and direction for exponential business growth. Hit the button now

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