Greg Rollett: How to Build Your Legend, Getting What You Want, and Ambitious with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 29]

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Greg Rollett: How to Build Your Legend, Getting What You Want, and Ambitious with Dan Kuschell


“True Success comes from finding your why and a way”.

– Greg Rollett


Have you ever heard you’ve got to find your WHY and that passion is important? What if this was ONLY half the story? Because it’s one thing to have your why and be passionate about what you’re doing, however if you don’t have a plan or a blueprint, you’ll end up like a boat without a rudder, floating aimlessly or ending up on the rocks.

Today you’re going to discover how to build your legend, the power of combining your why with your way, modeling, what you can do to start building your media platform for impact, growth, and freedom with Greg Rollett.

Greg Rollett started his first business at 16 years old in the entertainment field, has been a rapper, and performer touring the country. Today he’s a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of DNA Agency, President of the Ambitious Media Group and, husband, dad, and media expert having helped hundreds of authors, experts, and thought leaders increase their impact and reach.


Here’s a glance of the strategies you’ll walk away with today:

  • Why just focusing on your WHY leaves you short (You must combine it with a path, blueprint, and way);
  • “Without the way to make that dream and passion a reality, you’re stuck daydreaming”.
  • “Forward progress creates momentum and motion towards your bigger future”;
  • “You have to have passion, however without the way, none of it matters”;
  • Why Hard Work and Determination (even when you’re not seeing the results in the short term) can lead you to freedom, growth, and mastery;
  • How you can leave a Footprint, Roadmap and Blueprint for your kids;
  • Creating and building what you want – to get what you want;
  • The Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset to provide value and help others;
  • “The pursuit of Success is NOT a straight line”;
  • What to do when your dream is ripped away from you;
  • How your low point and failure can often be the catalyst to achievement, growth, and freedom;
  • “…Remember: that failure, roadblock, or that moment in time where you think all hope is lost, where you think the world is crashing down on you, it’s not, it’s a another door opening, you just have to find that door and crack it open, and then kick the door down”.
  • “Walk through everything by kicking doors down”.
  • “The key in dealing with mistakes: Adjust, and keep moving forward one step in front of the other”.
  • “It’s not whether you’re going to get knocked down, it’s whether you stay down. Get back up.”
  • How to Build Your Legend, improve your positioning, authority and credibility to further your impact, reach, and mission:
  • “What are the moments in time you can create stories around — that are stories worth telling– and tell them in the media (blogs, shows, podcasts, radio, emails, newsletters, newspapers, tv, and more)?
  • Two-Types of Media to extend Your Impact and Reach: Mass Media and Direct Media;
  • Create your own media platform to create buzz and momentum today: Email, Podcasts, newsletters, blogs, and more to tell your story; (HINT: If you would have started doing these just one time per week for the last 5 years, what type of compounding impact would that have for you? Start with that first posting)
  • “It’s a lot easier to sell your products and services to followers, fans and Super Fans. Start today by adding value with your own media platform”;
  • Opinion(s) of Authority: You want someone to have a strong opinion of YOUR authority, credibility, and expertise; -Sally Hoggshead
  • Plant the seeds for Opinion(s) of Authority with your Media Platform to get people to do what you want them to do, believe what you want them to believe, to have them take the behavior you want them to take;
  • A Key to Being a Great Communicator: Help people get their story out by asking great questions and being a great listener;
  • Modeling: If he did it, I can do it too, then reverse engineer how he did it.
  • Model by Reverse Engineering other people who have success in what you’re looking to do by asking: who did they meet, what steps they took, what are the jobs they got, how did they do it?;
  • The Powerful Challenge Question from Peter Diamandis to Transform Your Life and Business for Mastery, Growth, and Freedom:
  • What needs to happen to 10X what you’re currently doing?
  • “The things that got you here are not the things that get you there –if you want to grow 10X”;
  • “If you shoot for the moon and miss, you still wind up off the earth and doing some incredible things”;
  • And much, much, more…


Greg Rollett is a serial entrepreneur, media contributor and expert, and can help entrepreneurs and business owners like you tell your story, leverage it, and expand your reach.

Contact Greg Rollett at or visit him on twitter @gregrollett.
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