How To Create Offers That Convert With Mladen Stojanovic [Podcast 248]

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GTF 248 | Creating Offers That Convert


How can you create offers that convert?

In this episode, my guest, Mladen Stojanovic, shares the benefits that you can reap from automating your business through quality online automation platforms.

Mladen is a freelance direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant. With his work and advice, he helps his clients grow their businesses, get more leads, and make more sales.

He has worked with some big names like Amazing. com, Dr. Ron Friedman, and many others.

Join Mladen as he talks about the big mistakes as well as the greatest breakthroughs that marketers do in automation.

In this fascinating conversation and interview, you’ll discover breakthroughs, needle movers, and insights like:

  • How to Get Freedom from the Day to Day in your Business
  • The #1 Thing Entrepreneurs Struggle With – and What YOU Can Do About It
  • The SHOCKING TRUTH about the Top Most Successful Entrepreneur’s – Dealing with Insecurities and Imposter Syndrome (and what you can do about it if you’re dealing with this right now)
  • The 2 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make Bringing In Help With Marketing and Copywriting
  • 3 Breakthroughs and Needle Movers You Can Implement Today to Create Automated Offers that Convert
  • The Easiest Way for You to Get a High Converting Offer (and great copy)
  • Why NOT Hiring a Copywriter or Someone to Help You With Marketing May Be Your Best Solution
  • Why Reviewing Your Marketing System Regularly Can Create High Profits
  • The #1 Step to Take to Automate Your Business and Marketing
  • Why It’s Important to Be Detached to ____________ for Maximum Growth, Impact, and Income
  • And more…

Listen to the podcast here:

How To Create Offers That Convert With Mladen Stojanovic [Podcast 248]

Have you ever been to a place where you’re like, “I’d love to know how to automate my business?” You’ve heard of this fascination called automation. I’d like to automate my business to generate more leads. I’d like to automate my business to generate more sales and ideally profits. More importantly, I want to free myself up. I don’t want to be stressed out where I have to go, chase clients, all the time and go to these networking events to get clients. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a methodology to be able to generate sustainable clients, a steady flow of clients using automation?

Our guest is uniquely qualified to show you how to do that. He is known as an automation engineer. He simplifies the process of helping you get more leads, sales and profits. His name is Mladen Stojanovic. He lives in Serbia. He is a student of marketing dating all the way back to the early 2000s. He became a CMO for several small businesses and found that he loved psychology. He loves the idea of human behavior and psychology. Why people make choices and why they don’t? More importantly, how he can move them to make good decisions that are good for them. He’s going to share some of those insights with you. He’s worked with some clients from all over the world, including companies like, Dr. Charles Livingston, Wilco de Kreij and many others. He owns an agency called Multiplied Salesmanship. That about sums it up. He’s a dad. He’s a husband. Mladen, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show. How are you?

Dan, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m listening to your intro. I don’t know who that person is you’re describing.

Let’s also give a shout-out to our buddy Dean Edelson, who got us connected. Dean, that little plug is for you. You can read the interview we did with Dean some time ago. He’s brilliant at writing and copying sales. Dean, thanks for getting Mladen and I connected here to have a bigger impact, a bigger reason. I want to dive right into it. You’ve had this self-described your journey writing for people, creating sales for people. Some people call this copywriting. There are ups and downs in there. I want to talk about something I think a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, writers deal with in this idea of a false prophet. The idea of that voice of doubt that creeps in and says, “I’m not good enough.” Speak to that in your journey and how it hit you, what have you done to embrace it and get to the next level?

Thank you for having me. Thank you for the people who are reading this episode. I’ll do my best to make it worth your time. Let’s jump into the question you asked about that voice that says, “You’re not good enough.” I’m very familiar with that voice because I had it for a long time in my head. As you can probably notice, English is not my first language. I’ve been learning English since I was a little kid in elementary school, but I never had a chance to talk a lot with people in English. My writing is good, but my spoken word is a little bit clumsy. When I started, I decided that I want to work with clients in the English-speaking market, because let’s face it, it’s the biggest and most profitable market there is.

I had that voice that says, “You’re a guy whose first language is not English. You live in a small country in Europe. Why on earth would someone hire you to write stuff for them in English when they can hire someone from England, Australia, Canada or the United States? People who are also skilled, who have the exact same access to the same information and knowledge as I did and their English language is perfect. Why would anyone hire me?” That voice was constantly in my head whenever I wanted to do something like starting a blog, creating a video or reaching out to clients. That voice was in my head. “You’re nobody. Why should you do it? Stick with your own market here locally. Don’t try to go there.”

It is frustrating because you know when you can do it, but you are limiting yourself to reach that place. The most important thing is to realize who’s the bad guy in there. It’s your own mind. I searched for a magical cure, a silver bullet to help me eliminate that voice. No matter if this is the case or maybe you have some other self-limiting beliefs, the only way to cure that and to take that voice away is to say, “Screw you, I’m going to do it anyway. What’s the worst thing that will happen anyway?” I can reach out to some clients and they can say, “We’re not interested.” It is not a big deal. Nobody got hurt, not even my feelings. The only way to beat that voice of doubt is to go against it. It’s like they say about bravery. You’re not brave if you’re not scared. You’re brave if you still act despite that fear.

Some people call this the imposter syndrome, the false prophet, the voice, the voice of doubt. Ideally, as you read, Mladen described this, here’s what you should know, we all deal with insecurities. Even the most successful people in the world. They have their own version of a false prophet, the voice of doubt, imposter syndrome going on. You don’t necessarily hear them talking about it that often openly, which is one of the reasons on this show why we like to expose it because it’s normal. It’s not your fault if you’re dealing with some of this stuff. You’re an automation engineer, describe what an automation engineer is. Why is there such a big void in the market for automation engineer?

That’s an interesting story because I am an automation engineer by my formal education. I went to school to learn how to build robots, machines and do stuff to replace humans at work. That’s what I learned to do. During the near end of my studies, I accidentally discovered marketing and the online world of online marketing. I slowly saw myself more in that area than being stuck in some lab, making some machines and stuff like that. I saw myself more in that area. I started to learn, listen to podcasts, watch courses, read books, whatever I could find on the topic. The more I went down that rabbit hole, the more I got hooked on the idea of marketing.

Eventually, I decided that I want to pursue that as my career. Once I started working in the marketing industry and marketing field, I figured out that I can implement some stuff that I learned in my faculty, my university about machines and automation that can be applied also here. That way of thinking when you try to automate a certain process can be applied to marketing. One of the things that stuck with me from my studies was when you tried to automate a certain process, let’s say you want to make a glass or make a machine that will do it. You tried to break the entire process into segments that are small enough that they can be easily managed but big enough that you can’t ignore them. That’s what you’re trying to do with marketing and with automation of your entire sales and marketing process. You want to break everything into smaller pieces, small enough that you can easily do them, easily manage them, easily measure them and easily outsource them if you want, but still they’re big enough that they can’t be ignored.

The only way to beat the voice of doubt is to go against it. - Mladen Stojanovic Click To Tweet

When you automate a process like you’re describing, what have you found that when it’s done right, what happens for a client? What are some of the experiences you’ve had?

It’s hard to see when something is done right because in this business, in this industry, nothing is completely finished. There’s always a new headline to test, the new landing page to test, new angles to test. There is always something to the test and to prove. The message and the results with the work is never finished and done. Usually, when we generate more money than we invested in the process, for me, that’s good enough to do and start scaling it. The thing that has the most impact on that is to be clear on who are you trying to reach with your message and what kind of offer are you sending to them.

What would happen for you if you got the right offer with the right message connected with automation? How much would that free you up so that you could do more of what you love to do and have this backend machine essentially working for you more often? It may be working on an ongoing basis. It may be operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It may be operating for you all day long every day without needing you. How great would that be? If that thought has ever crossed your mind and it hasn’t when you may say, “I’ve tried that before. It hasn’t worked for me. I brought in a copywriter and that hasn’t worked well.”

We’re going to talk about the two or three most common mistakes most people make when they’re bringing someone into their marketing, copywriting, or creating these types of automation campaigns. We’re also going to talk about the three biggest breakthroughs that Mladen has witnessed and he’s been a part of in the last couple of months that have meant multi hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars for his clients. How can that translate to you? Why automation? What’s one big thing that you have found that automation can help with right away?

The same reason that we try to automate things like processes, work and manufacturing. The more you can exclude a person from the process, the better. The process is more stable. It’s more scalable. It’s easily manageable. It doesn’t get sick. It doesn’t get hurt. The more you can exclude people, in this case, yourself from the process, the less chances that there’s nothing to be screwed up. The more you invest in systems, the more freedom you get for yourself, which is the ultimate goal that we all wanted. The ultimate thing we all want is to get freedom. If you’re constantly involved in every single aspect of the sales process, the marketing process, if you’re putting yourself in the process, you’re no longer building a business. You’re actually an employee of your own business and that’s something on the opposite side of freedom.

GTF 248 | Creating Offers That Convert

The more you can exclude a person from the process, the better because the process is more stable, more scalable, and easily manageable.


As you are reading this, I hope that you take in the simplicity and the power of that simplicity that Mladen shared with you. Removing yourself and/or people from the process to free you up. You’ve read that a thousand times, but maybe reading it with a little different context around automation engineering, marketing engineering, sales engineering will give you a little flip it that ideally inspires you to go, “Why not now? Why not me? Why not my business?” Mladen, as you’ve worked with many experts and large companies, small companies and everything in between, what are a couple of the big mistakes that you see a lot of business owners make when they’re trying to bring in a copy talent, a marketer or someone who’s going to help them automate their mark? The horror stories are fascinating. What are a couple of the big reasons why and the big mistakes, even some of the most successful marketers make in doing that? Talk about that a little bit.

The reason why someone wants to do it in the first place is always the same way, we all want freedom. They want to get away from the day-to-day operations and process. That’s ultimately the same reason with every client. There are lots of mistakes that are made in the process. The biggest mistake that I see that happens all the time is that people want to do what they want to remove themselves from the operation. They want to include more automated processes, more funnels into the system, but they have a hard time doing it. They can’t emotionally detach themselves from the project they’re working on because in most cases, it’s the owner who’s responsible for the marketing up until a certain point.

They were writing their own copy, they set up the ads, they ran everything and now all of a sudden, they have to let it go. That’s very hard for people. One client said to me, “It’s like when you’re a parent and you have to let your kid go on their own.” You have to do it but it’s hard. That’s the biggest mistake. They are having a hard time, some of the clients, not all of them. Some became micromanaging. They start to mess up with the system, giving changes that don’t need to be there. I understand why they have a hard time detaching themselves from that project. The second biggest mistake, in most cases, clients don’t know what they want to achieve.

They’ll tell you they want freedom, but they don’t know how to verbalize it. They don’t know what it means for them. They want to have something, they need something and you have to figure out what it is. That puts you in a difficult position when they’re not clear with themselves what do they want to achieve. All of a sudden, you need to clear it up. It’s a very hard thing to do. It also happens if you’re trying to do it for yourself. I was trying to figure out what I want to do, what I wanted to achieve. It was hard to do that introspection, to look inside yourself and to ask yourself, “What do I want from this business, from this career and from everything I’m doing?”

The biggest mistake people make in that area is that they jump all in. They want to do it. They are pressured to do it, but they’re not clear why they want to do it. That leads to an overthinking, over-planning and endless meetings that get you nowhere. They tend to overcomplicate things. They start sending you ideas with twenty part funnels and stuff like that. They have a hard time figuring out everything. They tend to mess up with the process. It makes it all more difficult for themselves. I’m a guy who gets it done eventually, but it’s hard for themselves because they don’t know what they want to have at the end. You’re having a hard time fulfilling their expectations because they don’t have expectations.

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It’s fascinating to get the world we’re in. Especially, creative entrepreneurs fit what you described. I won’t speak about anybody. I’m going to speak about me. At times, I’ve never met an opportunity that I didn’t like it on some level. It is like a shiny object syndrome, the new toy chasing the new thing, chasing the new opportunity instead of staying and going deep. The difference is, what would happen if you’re reading this and you follow Mladen’s simple advice? Get emotionally detached and don’t stay emotionally attached. Free yourself, remove yourself, which means you’ve got to have some trust in that process of that. Number two is set things up so you can clearly define what you want and project out within 6 to 12 months. What would have to happen for you to feel like whatever that was a success for you?

Get that simple clarity that will pay you dividends most importantly, with peace of mind. Take it from somebody. For most of my business career up until the last, maybe for years has been in angst, frustration, anxiety, depression, overstress, distress, unhealthy habits, unhealthy sleep and a whole lot more because of being interested in all the new things and not being as focused as taking certain things deep. We had changed the game when I had the ability. Sometimes it takes a shift in mindset. Mladen, with the simple advice that begins with the end. What do you want the end to be? For me, that happened on accident and on purpose when I faced a health crisis. I ended up in a hospital for four days and I realized life is long and it’s short at the same time.

I forget which copywriter said that. I certainly didn’t make it up. The reality is, I realized I needed to exit the business and that’s what I wanted. When I wanted that, I got distractions out of the way. We built the core business, we built processes around that business. Months later, we had set the stage to be able to sell our business, which was pretty awesome. Don’t wait to have that kind of crisis come to you. You can start if you’re brand new or you’ve been doing this for 10 to 20 years. If it can happen now, find a way to get yourself emotionally detached and avoid that mistake and define what you want.

We’ve worked with many different clients and a lot of different industries. Mladen, I don’t want to paint broad strokes, but what are 1 to 3 innovative breakthroughs that you’ve seen or been part of whether it was you and your business or with clients you’re working with in the last couple of months? Those needle movers that are like a little domino that tips over a thousand or a hinge. I think that’s a Dan Kennedy or Gary Halbert idea, a little hinge that swings a big door. What are 1 to 3 of those that our audiences can apply and use now?

Let us go back to emotionally detaching yourself from what you do. It’s very simple. People might think, “I know that.” I know that I don’t need to pay attention to that. That’s something I heard a million times. It’s one thing to hear something and it’s a completely different thing to understand it deeply and to implement it. It’s a completely different universe. The thing that you’d need to realize is what you do, the service you provide, the product that you provide, these are tools and means to end. Everybody can replicate what you do. Anyone can learn how to structure words on a paper. Anyone can hire a developer in the United States, Europe, Philippines, wherever and clone your software.

GTF 248 | Creating Offers That Convert

If you’re constantly involved in every single aspect of the sales and marketing process, you’re no longer building a business; you’re actually an employee of your own business.


The product itself and the service is irrelevant. It is what kind of relationship you build with your market, with your audience, with your client’s customers. That’s what matters. That’s something that no one can replicate. That’s why you should emotionally detach from your product. Don’t fall in love with your product, fall in love with your market, with your audience. They are going to give you all the support you need, all the answers you need. Every marketing problem and question you have is in your audience. It is already there. It’s not in your product. The product itself can change. Now, you’re offering one thing, next year you’ll be selling completely different things. Detach yourself from the business and fall in love with your clients because they are the ones who are paying you money and supporting your lifestyle.

The two keywords there are simplicity and emotional detachment. These are the two important things you need to understand, which also leads me to your question about the biggest breakthrough. The biggest breakthroughs I see clients make in their business is once they can finally detach themselves to stop micromanaging and to stop dealing with the day-to-day stuff. When they stop anything or the subject lines for emails when they stop messing up colors on a website or stuff like that, they start focusing on the big picture where they want to lead their business. Once they have that clarity, once they have that simplicity mindset that they shouldn’t overcomplicate things, that’s when they see the biggest breakthrough.

The biggest breakthrough is not that some tactic or you hired a modern director copy. That’s not important. If you’re not clear on what you want to do, if you’re not clear on what you want to offer to people, who are you serving and how do you want to communicate with them, I can’t help you. If you’re not clear on that, you can hire Dan Kennedy for millions of dollars if you can direct your copy. He won’t be able to help you if you’re not clear on those things. It’s not about things or tools. If you look online you’ll see that Instagram has the biggest potential, funnel or certain things you need. You have to do this. You have to do that. They don’t have the basic things to support their business. The breakthrough won’t come from a tool, from ClickFunnels or whatever. That’s not where the breakthrough is. Breakthrough is being clear on who you are, who you are going to serve, how are you going to serve them, what kind of life and business we want to build and what kind of relationship we want to build with our audiences.

That is such powerful advice. As you’re reading, I hope you’re going to take action to implement what Mladen gave you, this gift. Who do you serve? How do you serve them? How do you want to serve them? How do you want to build your business to best serve them today and tomorrow down the road? Have you taken the time to go deep? This is beyond the avatar conversation. That’s surface level. Go deeper on these things and it ties in what you want and also serving others, serving your client at the highest level. When you come from a place of service, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Mladen gave you a gift of simplicity of the power of what that means. Mladen, we’ve scratched the surface. There are many things I’d love to pick your brain out here. If people want to go deeper with you, they want to learn more about what you’re up to, where can they go to get access to some of the amazing resources that you make available?

They can find some basic information on my website, but it usually happens with the ShowMaker usually has ripped off shows. He has time to create for everyone except for himself. That’s the case with me. My website is not filled with some great content, but there are some useful things from there. You can find me on Facebook. I try to share insights, thinking, ideas, and things that I discovered to work on my Facebook profile. Feel free to follow me or to add me as a friend on Facebook. We can connect there.

Don't fall in love with your product. Fall in love with your market and with your audience. - Mladen Stojanovic Click To Tweet

I want to encourage you. If some of what Mladen’s been sharing with you about the power of clarity, the power of certainty, the power of simplicity has resonated with you in some small way and you are looking at the idea of how can you go out and engineer automation. Have someone who not only has this creative gift of writing but also has an engineer’s mind. That is a rare combination and rare skillset. You’ll meet a lot of creative types in writing, but rarely do you meet the true engineer in writing and creating your automation process and Mladen happens to be one of those. I encourage you to go check out what he’s doing at I like to twist into some personal things, Mladen. If you were going to turn to your wife and you are going to thank her for showing up a certain way for you, to allow you to be the genius that you are as an entrepreneur, as a creative, as someone who’s helping inspire and impact others, what would you thank your wife for?

I thank her for supporting me without doubt. My wife is one of the most supportive persons I know. She supported me through some of my craziest ideas, the stupid crazy ones. When I look back, I see that they were stupid, but she was always supportive. She was always giving me her insights, her advice. She’s a financial expert. She also helps me a lot with that part because I believe Gary Halbert once said, “I’m lucky that I know how to make money because my ability to save money is horrible.” That’s the same thing with me. My ability to save money is horrible, but I’m lucky to have her to educate me in that area. Her support meant everything. Her support gets me going through that limiting voice that I had in my head. She was the one that helped me to overcome it. She was the one who was in all constantly reminding me that I’m good at what I do, that I should try it out, and that I should pursue what I want to pursue.

You’ve been at this a while, do you remember being a kid when you realized you were different and you were going to a different path than others?

I can’t remember as a kid. I remember I was still in school, I had some discussion with my parents and I said to my father, “Write this down. I will never have a full-time corporate job.” He said, “Do you want me to write it down?” I got to write it down. I signed it. That was many years ago. I can’t even remember when it was. A few months ago, my father called me and said, “Do you know what I found in a drawer? I found your paper that says I will never have a full-time corporate job.” At that point, I knew that life of working 9:00 to 5:00, doing the same exact same thing for many years, climbing slowly on the corporate ladder is not for me. I am not good with authorities. I don’t take orders very well. I knew that I can’t thrive in that department.

Thank you for sharing. If you’re reading right now, you’re getting a glimpse at the human side of an expert like Mladen, who can automate success and be open and vulnerable about how he has shown up in the world. I appreciate it when our experts do that on the show and you do as well. I encourage you if something of what, Mladen has shared with you inspires you, go check out what he’s doing at Reach out to him. Get connected to him on Facebook and see where there are opportunities where you can help each other. When you were young, what were your biggest influences as a kid, whether it was books, athletes or sports? What do you remember being inspired by as a kid to be an achiever?

GTF 248 | Creating Offers That Convert

The product and the service themselves are irrelevant. It’s the kind of relationship you build with your audience and clients that matters.


Sports has a very important role in the people in my country, everywhere, here especially, someone is interested a little in our modern history. My country had some difficulties in the politics and economics area in recent years. Sports was our bright spot. We were always in the dark when it comes to basketball. We’re always competing for gold with the United States. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but that’s irrelevant. Tennis is a big one. Novak Djokovic is one of our most popular athletes in the world. Sports always had an important role in my life.

I was a karate student for about twelve years. I have a black belt in karate. I trained in basketball. Those athletes were people who I quite look up to besides my father and the people close in my environment. Besides that, it was the athletes because other than that, when it comes to role models for the young developing nation in that area, there are very few business people that you can look up to. We don’t have our own Elon Musk and now we do. We didn’t have people to look up to years ago, so the athletes were someone who you look at and inspire you.

I find that a lot of businesspeople had been inspired in one way or another through sports, athletes or role models that way. What’s something I should have asked you, Mladen, that I hadn’t gotten a chance to ask you?

I have a lot of things. One thing that I like to talk about is copywriter. The one thing that I love for you to ask me is what’s the easiest way to get a great copy for your product or service?

What’s the easiest way for somebody to get a great copy of their product or service?

When it comes to selling, nothing beats one-to-one selling. - Mladen Stojanovic Click To Tweet

In most cases, the easiest and the best way to get a great copy for your product, service or business is shockingly not hiring a copywriter. This is best if you have a salesman in your team or you have access to a salesman or if you yourself is the salesman. What you do is you take the best salesman you have on your team, salesperson. With their permission in the prospect that they do, you record their entire sales presentation several times with several different clients. You do the same when they set up appointments or cold call clients when they tried to get their foot in the door. Record several of those presentations. Get those presentations and get them transcribed. We can use or maybe some freelance. You get those things transcribed and then you hire a decent copywriter to go through that. Those transcripts and to polish out the sales script, not in thread or some code. There are some things that won’t be in the one-to-one selling that the copywriter has to add and polish around it, but that’s not as nearly as hard job as creating it from scratch.

If you do that, you’re going to have a sales page that is proven to work on the real market. People sold products with that pitch. You have it ready for your online presentations. You have it ready for VSLs. You have it ready for brochures. The recordings you had from the cold calls or the calls where they open an account, they set the foot in the door, you use those as lead generation tools. That’s the easiest way to do it. When it comes to selling, nothing beats one to one selling. That’s absolutely the best way to sell anything. If you’re selling something that is low priced or want to scale, you can’t always have the luxury of one-on-one selling. You have to go that multiplied salesmanship route, which is copywriting. The best way to use that is to use the sales pitch that works.

I encourage you, put this into place, take action, record those conversations, get them transcribed from appointments to the sale, follow up sales every part of your process where there’s interaction with a client. You will be amazed at how you can develop a sales multiplied approach, free yourself up, and be able to bring other people in. It becomes a great training process internally, as well as being able to bring on a great copywriter like Mladen or others that can help you.

You have to have a sales script for your successful salesman to follow.

If that’s not what you want, by the way, if you don’t want any of those things, then ditch this idea. It’s a terrible idea, but if you do want freedom, you want to grow, you want to scale, you want multiplied salesmanship, then you might want to take action. If you want to go deeper with what Mladen has been sharing with you, go check out What are 1 to 3 action steps you hope our audiences take as a result of our time?

GTF 248 | Creating Offers That Convert

The easiest and the best way to get a great copy for your product, service, or business is shockingly not hiring a copywriter; it’s the sales script from the salesman in your team.


Step number one is take a good look at your entire business, your entire process, your entire sales funnel, marketing funnel, marketing system and whatever you use to generate sales implied. See what parts of it you can automate, which parts you can outsource, see what are all the things that you can get out of it you can detach yourself. Once you have that, hire someone to help you systematize everything. Hire someone to help you with the processes. Hire someone to help you create operating procedures, to create systems to make it ready for automation. Make sure you keep it simple, overcomplicating things won’t get you nowhere. I believe it was Einstein that said, “Every idiot can make something complicated. It takes a touch of a genius to make it simple.” Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler than that. Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t overthink. Do everything you can to detach yourself as much as possible from the process. You’re going to do a big service.

There you have it. I encourage you. Take action with what Mladen shared with you and review your entire business. What can you automate? Systematize the process. Get ready for automation. Keep it simple. Any idiot can actually complicate it. It takes a genius to simplify it and get yourself emotionally detached. I want to recap it. Make sure to record those conversations, your appointment bookings, your sales conversion, conversations on the phone or in-person and all the way through your process. You’ve got the ultimate copy and you have the ultimate training platform. If you apply this, imagine what could happen for you?

You’ll get more leads, more sales, more growth, more freedom, and the ability to make a bigger impact, a bigger reach. Have a bigger difference than what you want. If that’s what you want, then take action with what Mladen has shared with you. If not, do nothing but you’ll get the same. If that’s not what you want, you want to grow and you do want to scale, then I encourage you to put this into place. If you want to see how Mladen could help you, then go check out what he’s up to at It’s been a pleasure to have you here with us. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your simple wisdom and the idea and this concept of engineering, sales engineering, marketing, engineering, automation, and you being the automation engineer.

Thank you, Dan, for having me. Thank you to all these wonderful people that are reading this episode. I wanted to say the one final step to that process. What you need to do is subscribe to Growth To Freedom Podcast.

As what he said right there, subscribe to Growth To Freedom. If you want to do that, it’s really simple. You can do that through iTunes at You can go to Alexa and say, “Alexa, play the Growth To Freedom Podcast.” You can also go to our site at Seize the day. Make it a great week and we’ll see you next time.

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Breakthrough Strategy Call

If you want to go deeper and create a personal plan to get unstuck, stop the leaks in your business, ultimately free yourself from your business, or to get your next BIG Breakthrough, let’s have a Clarity Call.

You’ll walk away from it with clarity, new insights, and actions you can take to exponentially grow your business… to grow with less stress- even if we never work together.

To reserve your Clarity Call, go to or send an email to [email protected]  with Breakthrough Strategy Call in the subject line.

PPS: As we’re heading into a period of change in advertising and economy shifts, if you know of someone else who is looking for effective strategies, here are 3 ways we can help:

#1 – Send them to our Podcast (over 200 hours of insights, wisdom, and strategies) at

#2 – Forward this episode to them.

#3 – Make an introduction and connect us at [email protected]  and/or encourage them to schedule a Clarity Call at 

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GTF 248 | Creating Offers That ConvertMladen Stojanovic is a freelance direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant. With his work and advice, he helps his clients grow their businesses, get more leads, and make more sales.

His clients-list include names like, Dr. Charles Livingston, Dr. Ron Friedman, Wilco de Kreij, Jeremiah Desmarais, and many others.

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