How to Grow Your Business With Less Stress [Podcast 192]

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What would happen to you if you achieved real clarity, confidence, and direction around getting more leads, more sales, and more profits? To grow your business means having to make the right decisions as best as you can.  If you can do it with less stress, the better it will be. In this episode, Dan Kuschell will discuss the biggest mistake entrepreneurs and business owners make, while giving you some tips on how best to avoid them. He will also share the confusion between the power of strategy versus tactics- highlighting why you should choose a unique market, message, methodology, and offer to obtain the sales desired.

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How to Grow Your Business With Less Stress [Podcast 192]

We’ve got a special episode for you. I had a chance to have a conversation with a good friend of mine, JV Crum, on his show. We decided to take that show and that interview and turn it into an episode. We’re going to talk about the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make. We’re going to talk about the number one marketing strategy to attract prospects, how you can create an irresistible offer, the difference between marketing and selling, what you can do if you had 48 hours and you had to generate a sale. We’re going to explain and walk you through the best email subject line to get open rates and get more engagement with your list. We’re going to talk about the marketing tactic that you can use now. If you were starting right now, what is the number one marketing channel for you to use, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking for a way to get more leads, more sales and profits, I encourage you to stay tuned for this episode. This is an action-packed episode. If you never want to miss an episode, you can go to

Let me ask you, what would happen to you if you’ve got real clarity, confidence and direction around getting more leads, more sales and more profits? That’s what today is all about. I hope you’re as excited as I am to share this behind the scenes look with you as well with some of the things that are working right here, right now with some of our clients. If you want to go deeper with some of the strategies that we’re sharing with you, we’ve put together 100% free on-demand training that we’re making available for you right now. In fact, we’ll share with you The Unusual Three Steps Social Media Method To Triple Your Business with less stress, less costs and actually without having to do social media postings. I know it sounds counterintuitive.

In this on-demand training that we’re making available for you, you’re going to learn and we’ll show you how to tap into a little-known resource where you can get access to over $100 million in research and development so you can model success. We’re going to walk you through something called The Mini Series Traffic Method where you can find your perfect clients and acquire and attract them for pennies on the dollar. You can start testing it for as little as $20. We’re going to show you how to use the interview method to be able to get more sales without feeling salesy, slimy or like you feel like you’re selling your soul. You can get all of this. It’s 100% free on-demand training to take what we’re going to cover in this session much, much deeper. You can go check that out at Tune in as you get a chance to enjoy this conversation with my friend, JV Crum, and myself talking about how you can grow your business exponentially.

Dan, welcome to the show.

It’s pleasure to be with you again.

I want to mention you were on the show before. To the audience, just go to It’s show number eight, Marketing Strategies for Massive Results for Coaches. We’re going to be digging down into the biggest mistake you want to avoid but first, let’s take a look at Dan’s business and what he’s grown. Who is your market that you work with? Most importantly, what’s the big impact you make and the mechanism you use to turn that into big money?

Our mission, our vision and our passion is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs and business owners have at least $1 million in revenue to their business so that they can go out and have a bigger impact, a bigger reach and most importantly, a bigger contribution. Although we’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners in 180 different niche industries, we find that high performers, coaches, consultants are a sweet spot for us in the marketplace. We have clients in the stem cell industry. We’ve got clients who are medical doctors, chiropractor, healing and energy work. It’s across the board. For those people who are looking to build an expert platform, we’ve been able to excel.

How do you turn that impact? What’s your mechanism or what’s your offer that turns that into money?

We have private clients that we work with where we grow and scale their business with less stress and less work for the owner of that company. We become like an outsourced CMO or CEO type of service to help them grow and scale their business. The other side of what we do is a coaching platform where in a virtual setting, we have a unique approach that we call the accelerated method of results that helps our clients build an offer, create an offer that attracts their perfect client. Convert those perfect clients, get traffic for those perfect clients and then optimize overall. We have those two separate platforms for two different specific audiences.

As I always say, there are no accidents. You’re here because this is where you belong. You’re going to get the information that you need to take your business, to take your coaching practice as an entrepreneur to move forward, to make more money, to market better, to attract and close more clients. What’s the biggest mistake that business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches make?

You know how a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners have a good product. They have a good service or program that they offer, but they struggle to build a steady flow of clients. The big mistake is that we underestimate the power of strategy versus tactics. A lot of people fall in love with the idea of trying to find the magic button.

Or the magic tactics so they’re looking, is it Facebook ads? Is it Twitter? Is it this? All of those are tactics, they’re not strategies.

When we increase our value in the marketplace is when we can stand out in the crowd, make more money and literally attract who we want, when we want and where we want. It may sound oversimplified. A good example of that is this. If you take a $1 bill and a $100 bill and you put them up next to each other or on top of each other, there are some unique things about that when you do it. Number one is $1 bill and $100 are the exact same size. They are the same weight, the same color ink, the only difference between that $1 and $100 bills is the messaging.

It’s a great example because if you think about it, there’s not that much difference between a $1 and $100 bill. There are more similarities than differences.

We underestimate the power of strategy versus tactics. A lot of people fall in love with the idea of trying to find the magic button. – Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

The only difference is essentially the messaging and/or the offer. When we get a better message or a better offer, that’s when we go out and command the marketplace. We can dominate the marketplace or you can be the high performer in your market. If you’re looking to do that, the number one mistake to avoid is falling in love with tactics over strategy. The other part of that is work on creating a better offer.

When you’re working with a client and for our audience, it’s all about having a great offer, you’re not going to attract anyone. Is there a certain approach that you take in crafting that offer?

If we back up a little bit, we have a unique four-step method to create an irresistible offer, what we call the MO Method. At the end of the day, we’re all competing for a share of the marketplace. Whatever business you’re in right now, let’s say you’re in the stem cell industry like one of our clients. We were working with this particular client, his name is Dr. Scott. At the time we met him, he was attracting clients that would pay him $500 a month to do what they do. They had a unique marketing system. They create incredible outcomes and breakthroughs for their clients, but they were struggling with attracting the right clients. They felt like their clients didn’t appreciate them or enhance them. They didn’t refer them. They were like, “What would have to happen for me to be able to attract the higher-level client?” We took them through our process. I’ll be happy to walk through some of the basics of that that everybody could get started with.

A good example of that is somebody I’ve gotten a chance to meet, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee. As I’ve assessed his business and now evaluating over 4,000 businesses in the last few years, we’ve noticed things that work with some companies and things that don’t work. Dave is one of those people with Bulletproof Coffee where it’s working. His company is going to do close to $100 million if not over $100 million. If you look at Dave, he’s in a very competitive market, which is why I bring it up. Someone might have a tendency to read this episode and go, “This won’t work in my industry because we have so much competition.” I want to eliminate that problem or thought or false belief right now, right here. Dave’s in one of the most competitive industries in the world with coffee. How many coffee companies are there in the world? How many street corners have their coffee places on them? Here’s Dave, he comes into the marketplace a handful of years ago and he goes, “How can I position myself in a unique way?” Sally Hogshead says it best, “It’s better to be different than it is to be better.” What would have to happen for you to be different than everybody in your marketplace, not better? If you can be both, great, but it’s easier to be different than it is to be better because everybody’s walking around going, “I’m better than that company.” Different works better.

Dave went into this marketplace, “I’m going to market coffee, but let me go after these four-key criteria, a unique market.” What is your unique market? A lot of our clients, when they first come to us say, “We market to everybody. We have appeal to everybody.” Wrong answer, that’s going to get you in huge trouble. That’s a huge mistake and a big myth and misunderstanding and I know why that happens. I still fight this myself, so I’m not here calling the kettle black. It’s something that we have to be very conscious of. As the old saying goes, “You can get rich in a niche,” what will happen if you commit to focus on a niche? You’ll attract the people outside of your niche. When we first start, I know what I thought and I still at times and working against now which is, “If I narrow down the niche, I’m closing off my opportunity to make more money.” When in reality, when you narrow your niche, not only will you attract the people in that niche because it’s very specific, but you’ll attract the right people outside of the niche. Dave, what did he do? Coffee and he said, “Let’s go to fitness enthusiasts.” His unique market is his fitness enthusiasts who love coffee. That had never been done before, to my knowledge at the time we did this research. That’s the first criteria, a unique market and getting clear on that and narrowing it down.

Second is what is your unique message in that market? It isn’t enough to be in a place of what you do and how you do what you do, but what is unique about it that’s not available anywhere else? What did Dave come up with? Dave came up with the idea, as our assessment, is get fit while you drink coffee. That message had never been available in the marketplace before that we could find. What is your message that someone can’t get anywhere else? One of our clients, Genius Network, Joe Polish, his unique market are entrepreneurs doing at least $1 million in revenue or more and focused on contribution in the market. That’s their market. Their unique message is to reduce sufferings for entrepreneurs. To our knowledge, as we assessed it and researched it, nobody had ever done that before. It’s a unique market and unique message. The next part is what is your unique methodology of how you deliver the results? Your unique message, the first thing to realize is when you focus on your message, it needs to be related to your client. Not your language, not your jargon, not industry jargon or not slang in the marketplace, it’s the language of your clients or your potential client. How would they say it about you? That’s critical.

GWF 192 | Grow Your Business

When we get a better message and offer, we go out and command the marketplace.


Our assessment of Dave Asprey and Bulletproof and their unique message is you add grass-fed butter to coffee. That creates the amazing transformation and health properties to get fit while you drink coffee. Genius Network, their unique message is something called genius networking. When you do genius networking, you can tap into a genius network. Another version of that they have is return on genius, that we all have a return on genius. What could be your unique message in your market that they can’t get anywhere else? For example, a lot of people have knocked off Bulletproof Coffee and they’re using the method of adding grass-fed butter, but Dave gets credit for adding grass-fed butter as the leading company that started that trend. It became a trendsetter.

The fourth layer of this is the unique offer of how you make that happen. Dave Asprey’s unique offer is Bulletproof Coffee, which now has transcended fast forward a few years into his business is now called the Bulletproof 360. Joe’s model, his offer became the thing that he promotes, which is Genius Network. What is your unique market? What is your unique message? What is the unique method of how you make that result or outcome happen, speak the language of your client results and then what is the unique offer to have it? For example, we went into Joe’s company and he had a lot of assets. It would have been successful whether we were going to be there or not. He wanted to build up Genius Network and we were able to get tied on this and several other things and create a steady predictable client flow for Joe and his team. He went from 37 applicants the year before for his $25,000 your program plus his annual event to at last count when we finished our contract several years later, he was generating over 1,200 applicants a year over 100 a month that were coming into that model. Why did he go from 67 members to over 220 and now sells out this annual event and has a VIP lounge and an overflow room filled up? It’s because these four things are in place as well as a steady stream of clients with a predictable lead machine. That’s the quick version in a short window.

Dan, I appreciate that. What’s your number one strategy for attracting the right client?

The number one strategy for attracting the right client is creating an irresistible offer.

Once you have that irresistible offer and you attract the client, how are you going to best close them?

In the business industry, it's easier to be different than it is to be better. – Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

There are two sides to this. One side is realizing what is selling and what is marketing. For a business, another big mistake we see is that companies mix up what marketing and selling really are. Selling is influence, marketing is storytelling. Selling is what you do after you get someone in front of you, face-to-face or on the phone with you and they’re already prepositioned, prequalified, pre-motivated and ready to do business. Marketing if done right, is the thing that drives them to shorten the sales cycle. Good marketing sets the stage so that people show up in front of you or are face-to-face and they’re prequalified, pre-motivated, pre-interested and ready to buy from you. Overall, it’s like field positioning. If you could think of it this way or imagine it this way, my son who took up football here, if he takes a kickoff on the goal line and he returns it like eight yards and he gets clobbered, now the team has 92 yards to go.

In business, that’s like most people’s marketing. We all have marketing. Most people aren’t that good at it and they misunderstand it. What happens is when you have poor marketing or mediocre marketing, which is even worse, using Jim Collins’ quote, “Mediocrity is the enemy of greatness.” In this example, you have 92 yards to go which means you have to do more selling, traditional, maybe even high-pressure selling. Good marketing though on the other hand, let’s say JV has a family member who takes the kickoff on the goal line and they make some move and takes it 92 yards. Now that team only has eight yards, so there’s less work to be done on the sales side. Marketing done correctly does a lot of the work in an automated way. That’s the thing to realize is what would have to happen for you to put marketing things in place? There are all kinds of ways to do marketing and tools to be able to implement. One of the simplest ways is to be able to get your message out in the marketplace with things like video or articles and most importantly, using things like lead magnets which JV is going to introduce you to and has over time.

That brings us to our next question. What is a marketing tool that you would recommend? What do you think hits the spot?

There are different platforms and different tools for each type of platform. Let’s talk about somebody who’s not yet quite at $1 million in revenue for their business. If I was starting over brand new, the number one tool I would use is a free cheat sheet or checklist of the best tips that you’ve got related to the outcome or the breakthrough, the transformation or the experience. Number one key is to think about what is your breakthrough or the outcome or the transformation experience? We call this acronym BOTE, breakthrough, outcome, transformation, experience. Think about what it is that you provide to the market and how you provide it.

Then create a checklist of how to handle the first step so it’s consumable, it’s easy to digest in like one to three minutes. That’s a checklist. It could be a cheat sheet. It could be a simple one or two-page guide that starts the relationship. That’s the key is thinking about it. What’s the best thing that I could put in front of this audience that could start the relationship and provide immense value? Then you move through more like a sales process to introduce them to some of the other tools. I would use a checklist or a cheat sheet. I’d combine that with some paid traffic on Facebook to drive into that lead magnet and giveaway that cheat sheet for free and now you start building a list of potential clients for your business.

GWF 192 | Grow Your Business

Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference

In my book, Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference, I take a new approach to becoming a high performer and achieving financial freedom. It starts with making a big impact and then turning that big impact into big money. What’s that impact you’re always focused on getting for your customers or clients?

It’s this idea of the BOTE concept focused on what is the breakthrough for your clients? What is the outcome? What is the transformation? What is the experience that you provide? Another big mistake we see most business owners make is they focus on their business instead of what their clients want. For us, the breakthrough that we provide is we help you get more business, meaning sales and profitability, growing and scaling with less stress and less work for you as the owner. That’s the short version. There are a lot of tools that we help you implement. We become in many ways like an implementation team to help you create the tools necessary to make that happen.

Dan, how are you going to identify, attract and close a high-paying client in 48 hours or less?

Knowing what I know now, I would go on something like social media. It could be LinkedIn or it could be Facebook. I would do an outreach to somebody in LinkedIn and I would start asking questions; the power of the question. You’ve got to take an approach, even though it’s only 48 hours. Take a long-term approach as a farmer and not a hunter. If you go at it like a hunter, you’ll go out like a shark. People smell it, they feel it, they taste it and they’re going to run away in more cases than not. If you go as a farmer, you’re planting seeds. The seeds are your questions. Become genuinely interested in other people and what they want, what they need help with and those sorts of things.

The number one question I love to ask people and you’ve probably heard me ask you this a dozen times in the last few months is, “What’s the number one thing you need the most help with?” That’s not a self-serving question for me per se. 99 out of 100 answers are not going to be for my business, but I’m listening to be able to connect people to opportunities and in some cases they go, “I need help getting more clients.” I had this happen. I have a friend of mine who runs a big mastermind and he has been building momentum over the last two years and he says, “I’m at a point where I would love to get some high-profile speakers because that’s going to take my business to the next level and attract even more better type of clients.” I said, “Wave a magic wand. Who is it you would love to get connected to?” I’m not going to mention the names because I don’t want to be one of those guys that does a bunch of name dropping. He named four very high-profile people that most people would know their names. In fifteen minutes, I had a text message to all of them, getting them all connected together. Two of them are going to do paid speaking engagement.

When you do genius networking, you can tap into a genius network. – Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

I helped those experts get a paid speaking engagement. They’re grateful. The person that wants to build their business looks at me as a hero. I’m not going to get anything other than a thank you out of that, which is cool with me. Down the road, that strategic byproduct leads to a lot. The idea is to go to it as a farmer. Ask questions, develop a relationship, ask a key question like what’s the biggest thing you need help with right now? Occasionally, you’re going to get the person that says, “I need help with X,” whatever that is related to your business. What ends up happening is then you can make the invitation for what it is that you offer. One other caveat even ahead of that is when you go out to ask and connect with people in LinkedIn or Facebook. Identify if there are potential right fit candidate ahead of time. Some of this is doing some work and research ahead of time to identify whether that market would be a right message match. I don’t go farming where I’m throwing seeds on cement.

I’m curious what’s the summit that you’re now headed for? What might be a problem or challenge you have in getting there?

For us, our big vision is to help 1,000 business owners add $1 million in revenue to the business. It’s finding continued more right fit type of clients that we can help. We’re looking for platforms like yours. That’s one of the reasons this is such a great connection. You have one of the best platforms in the world. You’re one of the top thought leaders in the world doing what you do and how you do it. We’re looking for more platforms like this. We’re looking for partners where we could do joint venture webinars together to promote our programs too. Also speaking engagements in the marketplace that are the right fit. I’m not this road warrior that’s going to go on the road for six days a week and be away from my family. It’s making the right choice with the right opportunity to be able to leverage things properly. Those would be a couple of things right now.

It’s time for the lightning round. The first answer that comes to your mind, say as quickly as possible. Best email subject line ever?

RSVP with the first name.

Quick marketing tactics someone can implement now?

GWF 192 | Grow Your Business

Selling is influence; marketing is storytelling.


If you have a list either in social media or an email list, go to them and ask a question. I picked this up from Dean Jackson and that question is, “Are you interested in?” Fill in the blank of whatever your breakthrough, outcome, transformation or experiences then wait for people to respond back to you and then start cultivating how you can help them. By doing that, I have found nine times out of ten like clockwork that you’ll get a handful of people almost every time you ask that question to open the door for revenue, for sales and for opportunities. It’s also a great way to revive a list that you haven’t been that engaged or active with for some time.

Word or phrase every marketer should use?

I’m going to change the context of that question. I’m going to shift it to mindset, which is the view of selling. A lot of people have this view of selling that is a big myth and misunderstanding. I want to give Dan Sullivan’s definition of selling, which I love. The original version I learned was from Tom Hopkins which is, “Selling is simply helping people make a great decision.” Dan Sullivan’s version of that, which I love even more is, “Selling is the ability to get someone intellectually engaged in a future result that’s good for them so they emotionally commit to taking action to that result. It’s healthy, it’s abundant and it’s also good for both parties.”

If you could only use one marketing channel, what would it be?

I’m not a big one marketing channel person because I like to diversify. If I was going to pick and I was thinking of somebody and I was just starting over, I would start with using Facebook traffic.

The final question, a top marketing mentor to you and what are you going to be eternally grateful they taught you?

Selling is simply helping people make a great decision. – Tom Hopkins Click To Tweet

I’m going to thank my dad. My dad introduced me to personal development when I was ten years old. I attended my first event when I was ten at a clinic. The book, I can still remember the page to this day that has left an imprint permanently in my DNA, which is about the idea of a positive mental attitude. It was related to baseball because I was big back then in that. In this book, the first paragraph said, “Success in sports, baseball and life is over 90% mental and the rest physical. That plays true in business. It’s a mental game. Work at it and I know you’re giving people a lot of tools and a lot of resources to work on that mental game to hit high performance and high achievement.

I want to thank you for joining us. Dan, thank you so much for being our featured guest.

Thanks, JV.

I want to encourage you and challenge you to take action with what we shared with you in this episode. If you want to get more open rates, use the RSVP subject line. If you want to be able to grow and scale your business, understand there’s a big difference between selling and marketing. Create your compelling offer and a whole lot more. If you never want to miss an episode, you can go to If you want to go deeper than on this episode, if you want to go deeper into some of these strategies, I want to invite you and encourage you and challenge you as well to take us up on attending our 100% free on-demand training we’re running. It’s called The Unusual Three-Step Social Media Method To Triple Your Business with less stress, less cost and without having to do a bunch of social media posts. I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but you just have to check it out. You can check that out at

In this on-demand training, we’re going to walk through three critical strategies. Number one, how you can tap into a little-known resource that you can model success. It’s an R&D, research and development tool, that we have found that we’ll introduce you to. It’s 100% free at the time of this session so you can tap into that to make your journey that much better. Second, we’re going to introduce you to a new strategy called The Mini Series Traffic Method where you can find and attract and acquire your perfect clients literally for pennies on the dollar and you can start testing this Mini Series Method for as little as $20. It’s awesome. Third is how to use something we call the underground interview method to be able to get more sales without feeling salesy, sleazy or like you feel like you’re having to sell your soul. It’s 100% free on-demand training.

Take action with what you’ve been given. Put this into place. I know what can happen for you, I know it can help you grow your business, grow your sales and definitely do it with less stress, with less cost, less staff and a whole lot more and bring you a whole lot more freedom. The freedom to do the things you want to do, the things that you deserve to be doing, the things you enjoy doing. It will allow you to spend more time on your business instead of in it to work on those things that are really meaningful and have a purpose for you, and spend more time with your family if that’s what you desire as well. Take action, seize the day, make it a great week. We’ll see you next time.

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