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Dr. Scot Gray

Dr. Scot Gray is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple successful chiropractic and decompression practices. Currently, he is the CEO of Ohio Integrated Pain & Wellness Centers, as well as Gray Marketing Enterprises, a digital marketing agency for small businesses. He has helped start stem cell clinics in multiple states across the US and is also a Partner at Regenerative Health Centers of Florida.

Dr. Gray is the host of the Top Minds podcast and the author of the book Good Back, Bad Back. He has been featured on NBC, ABC, and more to share his knowledge of eliminating back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Scot Gray talks about his passion for Disney and how he translates that love into his business
  • The valuable lessons Dr. Gray learned from Disney theme parks and CEOs like Walt Disney
  • How to build a company culture like Disney
  • The systems and strategies Dr. Gray implemented to distinguish his business from the competition
  • Dr. Gray explains how he scaled his clinics and discovered freedom as a business owner
  • What is the key to building a Disney-like business?
  • How Dr. Gray prioritizes his family as an entrepreneur
  • The action steps you can take today to achieve greater growth and success

In this episode…

What is the key to creating a business that outlasts its founder? How can you build a brand that will be just as prominent in 50 years as it is today? The answers may lie with one of the most famous companies in the world: Disney.

When Dr. Scot Gray was first building his business, he knew he wanted the eventual freedom to step away from its day-to-day operations. To learn the business strategies necessary to achieve this goal, he looked to the world-renowned Founder and CEO, Walt Disney. As Dr. Gray says, the key to Walt’s success was his ability to delegate his business operations and spend more time focusing on the ideas that made his company a global phenomenon. So, how did Dr. Gray apply this method to his clinics — and how can you do the same at your company?

Dr. Scot Gray joins Dan Kuschell in this episode of Growth to Freedom to talk about the key to building a long-lasting, one-of-a-kind brand. Dr. Gray shares the lessons he learned from Walt Disney that helped him build a successful business, the systems he implemented to distinguish his brand, and how he achieved greater freedom as an entrepreneur. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:07

Welcome to growthtofreedom.com, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation, and leadership. We are helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you’ve got way more leads, more sales, more profits more importantly. So you can go out and have a bigger reach, have a bigger impact, and make a bigger difference. If that’s what you want. You are going to love today’s segment, today’s episode, today’s guest expert, who will be joining us talking about what you can learn from Disney to transform your business and get free from the day to day. He’s definitely an expert at being able to do that. His name is Dr. Scot Gray. He’s a serial entrepreneur in healthcare. And he’s on a quest he’s on a mission because let’s face it, is our current health care system. What you want it What I want is what we all want. Think about that is our health care system more of a sick care model, rather than a transformational health care model? Well, our guest expert Dr. Scot Gray believes that you deserve something better. And he’s on a mission all over the country to be able to help practitioners, transform their practices, transform the way they serve patients like you like me to be able to live and operate in optimal health. He’s also a good friend. He’s a client alumni of our programs, and someone I have a deep appreciation and respect. And in my opinion, he probably knows more about Disney than any single person alive that is not an executive at Disney. And he might know more than most executives, he’s paid executives at Disney, some of the key founders and co founders of Disney for training and time. He’s you know, read almost every biography that’s ever been put out by Walt Disney, and more. So this is going to be a fun, fascinating conversation. So Dr. Gray, welcome. How are you, man?

Dr. Scot Gray 2:05

Thanks, Dan. Awesome to be on here with you. Appreciate the invite. Look forward to chat about some Disney and some business and yeah, be great.

Dan Kuschell 2:13

So talk about Disney. Like, what’s your fascination with Disney that seems to go back to you know, since you were like a little kid.

Dr. Scot Gray 2:19

Yeah. So I mean, like, you know, when I was younger, I grew up in Ohio. So you know, the trip to Disney was like the big thing, right? I got to go there when I was in after first grade. And I mean, I can remember this day, I look back at those pictures. Remember going there with my family and my brothers and just experiencing it and just you know how fun it was. And you get back and you just want to go back. And I didn’t really understand the fascination and all the things I understand about how they did it what they did at that time. But I loved all the movies, too. I was just a big Disney movie guy. I mean, everything they put out, I was just a fan. I love that world. I love the the dream, you know, the daring and how they really the message that Disney has for kids and being able to do things that achieve things. And you know, a lot of that it comes from Walt. So younger, in my younger days, it was about the Disney movies, it was about these cool things that they had to go into the parks. And I still love that stuff. And especially with you know, two young girls, and you know, two young princesses that we get to do that kind of fun stuff with like, that’s super exciting and fun to do with them. But my fascination changed. Once I own a business. All of a sudden, you know, I started reading books on Walt Disney himself. And really, I just saw him, as I read these books, I really decided that that’s the kind of leader that I want to be. I love how he developed his business, how we the way that he dreamed about it the way that he believed in things that nobody else believed in seeing the risks that he took seeing, you know how he got so much out of people. And you can do this today. But back then these people would be paid for like a normal five day a week. And then working six, seven days a week, no one ever complained or set a word because they just wanted wall to be happy. So it really switched from that, that love of the parks and all that to really how Walt grew his business. And you think about it, the guy’s been dead for, you know, since the mid 60s. And you look at what Disney has done the company since then, to see a company that’s almost, you know, 100 years old, just thriving, even after the founder. And so that’s a big thing that I think about too is how can I make myself redundant in my business? How can I just lead and, you know, help create a business where I can get myself out of it. And one of the things that Walt said this was this was one of the best quotes that I ever got in reading the book and actually heard about this book from Dave Ramsey. He said it was his favorite business book of the year. And it was called How to Lead Like Walt. And such a great book. And one of the things he said in there is, there’s a story about when Walt was, you know, doing an interview, and this kid comes up to him, the young guy, and he says, Well, you know, hey, do you draw Mickey Mouse? I said, No, no, I don’t draw Mickey Mouse. So do you draw any of the cartoons? No, no, I don’t draw any the cartoons. I do come up with all the stories. No, no, I don’t come up with any stories. And the kid says, Well, Mr. Disney, what do you do? And this explanation really stuck with me. He said, I consider myself a bee. And I just fly around the office pollinating all of the flowers, so that they can bloom and they can thrive. And I started to think of myself more that way of, how can I be that person is going to help each person be better in what they do. And so that is really what my fascination is, is how can I lead like, Walt? And that’s, that’s how it all started the obsession.

Dan Kuschell 6:19

That’s, yeah, there’s so many lessons here. And, you know, I’m gonna dive into one of the lessons that you know, we have kind of a co interest in is, you know, if you’re listening or watching, you know, if you heard Scot, say, you know, I’m in Ohio, and one of our favorite things was to take a trip to Florida, to go to Disney. Right. But little may you know, if you don’t know, Ohio, there’s actually another amusement park in Ohio, that’s actually closer and less expensive. That’s called Cedar Point. Absolutely. There’s some lessons here that literally like because as you’re watching or listening, like what can be some of the titans of business, not only to lead, like Walt, but why would someone take his family that literally kind of go next door to a degree and go to Cedar Point, versus pay five times as much? Go all the way to Florida? Spend more time and more money there? What are some of those lessons, Scot, that you could share that ties in with that?

Dr. Scot Gray 7:19

Yeah, definitely. It’s all you know, a lot of people I think it got kind of popular with Starbucks, and that is creating that third place, everyone has home and work. And then that third place that where’s that going to be in Starbucks wanted to become that and has become that for a lot of people, right? But I think Disney has created a place that is so different from other places. And it obviously it’s not a daily thing, but like I said, I would look forward to that vacation, right? When I took a vacation, I wanted to go to that place. And it all goes back to how Walt really set it up. As far as you know, it’s all about the show. It’s all about the details. And a lot of people don’t realize that how detailed he was at making everything just perfect. So, you know, I went to another amusement park down here in Florida, called Lego Land. Which was it’s cool. It’s a fun place. My girls love the Legos. I love Legos. We all do. You walk through and it just, it just feels different. It doesn’t feel like Disney. There’s something about Disney, that just feels different, right? And it’s from everything from you know, every single person in that company picks up trash, right? There’s a lot of pictures of Walt walking around the parks and picking up trash. And, you know, one of the lessons that I learned about why the theme park is the way it is, is that when you look at CEOs, a lot of people think they’re in an office making decisions. You know, that’s where they’re most valuable at times it is. But you look at guys like Walt Disney was always in the park trying to figure out what he could do better asking guests for feedback. You look at Steve Jobs, how did he make the Apple store the most profitable store and the world per square foot? He did it by going to those stores, he was always there trying to figure out how he could do it better. You know, the the CEO of Southwest Airlines gets on the plane and sees what’s going on there. So I think as a leader, one of the things is we have to go experience what are people are experiencing. Right?

As a leader, we have to go and experience what our people are experiencing. - Dr. Scot Gray Click To Tweet

And I think that that’s missed a lot and company so let’s take that back to the clinic. Have I gone to my clinics and gone through and experienced what it’s like to for a patient to come in. Right if I came into my clinic and the way that we’re dressed the the cleanliness of you know, is there anything that’s dusty? Is there anything that sturdy, is there anything that’s you know, when I make a coffee is there a place I Trash Can right there, I can throw it away. Right? What was always famous for those details, and specifically the trash can thing, what would go and he would eat, and he would take his food and walk around. And if he got, you know, to where he was done, and there was no trash can there, he realized, Oh, we need to have trash cans closer together. Because that’s typically if someone’s walking, it’s gonna take them that long to eat, and they should have somewhere to throw it. So that makes it easier for that person. And that’s an experience thing, right? As opposed to, you go there. And you’re thinking, Oh, man, I can’t, there’s never a trash can around here. The trash cans are always full, you know. And it’s little details like that. But it’s as a leader, it’s going in and experiencing what your customer your patient is experiencing and really understand that, what they’re what they’re going through and then take that to the next level. Everyone is, or most people are probably familiar with what are called the Utila doors, or the, you know, the Magic Kingdom was built really on the second floor in Orlando, because the first floor is all these chambers are these areas underneath, where people can walk and move around. Because Walt didn’t want a princess from Fantasyland, walking through frontier land, because it wouldn’t make sense at the time era, right? He doesn’t want a pirate walking through fantasy land because it doesn’t connect. So he built these things underneath. And it’s really just thinking about what are people seeing and experiencing when they come in your, in your place. And it’s and I think that goes a lot back to the the culture that he built. Right about, he called it being on stage versus being off stage, when you’re on stage, you are, you know, really focused on that guest experience. And that’s it, you you can’t bring anything out on stage. Because you’re putting on a performance, right? You’re, you’re out there, and they’re watching a play, and you’re there to help them. But a couple other little details, you know, he did all kinds of stuff and and the way to get the most out of people going back to that B thing. And one issue I think with a lot of businesses and I’ve had in my own business, is you bring up ideas and say, hey, let’s do this thing. And everyone’s like, Oh, that’s too difficult, or That’s impossible. How did Walt get people to build a park and do so many things that had never been done before? Right? Disneyland was never done before, a full length animation was never done before Snow White? How do you get people to believe in this stuff. And one of my favorite times that you talked about me meeting with different people from Disney, one of the guys I met with was Bob Iger. He was one of the original Imagineers, who helped Walt build Disneyland. And Bob said that, basically what would come around? And he would just say, what if that was two of his favorite words? Hey, what if we did this? Or what if we had a, a roller coaster that went through a mountain? And they’re like, well, that’s never been done before? But what if we did it? How would we do it? Right? So he’s always just, you know, getting that imagination going. So I feel like it’s his attention to detail. It’s going out and seeing and experiencing what people are going through and in the background, really helping to push that imagination of his team, to be able to do things and create things that you don’t see anywhere else. And that’s why it was so different. Because they were willing to risk they’re willing to dream. And that was his big thing. He said, first of all, you have to believe, right? You have to believe it’s possible. If you don’t believe you can put a roller coaster through a mountain, you’re never gonna, you’re never gonna do it. Right? You got a dream, right? You’re dreaming these things up, you’re believing you can do it. Right?

If you don't believe you can put a roller coaster through a mountain, you're never going to do it. You’ve got to dream. - Dr. Scot Gray Click To Tweet

You got to dare to do it, take the risk. And then you you do and you make it happen. So that was his formula, dream, believe there do. And, you know, those are just some lessons that I think that any business owner can take. And it’s one of the most shocking things as a guy that’s kind of a 30,000 foot view, visionary guide, not really that detail oriented. That was one of the things where I would go to my clinics, and I you know, actually like pull in the driveway and pay attention to what’s what’s the drive look like? What’s the parking lot look like? Are there weeds, you know, little things that you don’t see. And I started to experience that stuff. And it you know, it’s a little scary sometimes to see the things we missed because we’re so focused on the p&l sheet or, you know, getting new customers or dealing with something with the staff, and we forget about the big picture. And those things could be repelling people, causing people to not have that feeling. It’s all about inducing a Feeling out of people, right? You have a feeling when you go to Disney. That’s all because of those details. And it’s because of his imagination, how he worked with us employees, and how he, you know, walked around the park and made sure that it was exactly what he wanted it.

Dan Kuschell 15:16

And is you’re watching right now or you’re listening right now, like what would happen for you, if you really got tuned in to creating that unique experience for your potential and or your current perfect clients. And you tuned in to how that unique experience made them feel right. In our model, we talk about it, it’s your unique message. It’s your unique method. It’s your unique market, it’s your unique experience, and go one layer deeper with Dr. Scot. It’s the unique details. Right? Like, what if you got clarity on your unique market, like who is your perfect client, you got clear on your unique message, and focused on that you got focused on the unique method of how you deliver, which then leads to the unique experience and feelings you create? And then what are some of the unique details that you could do that no one else thinks to do? Like gives you a full 360 view of your business. This is some of what Dr. Scot is sharing with you. And like how would that impact your business? How would that impact your ability to get new clients to get and stimulate introductions, referrals, recommendations, nominations, and a whole lot more by just applying some of these simple, simple strategies. Now, by the way, Dr. Scot, like one of the things that was has been fascinating watching you and you know, being part of your journey over the time that we’ve gotten a chance to know each other is like Cedar Point, compared to Disney, by creating a unique message, unique method unique experiences and focusing on the unique details, they can charge five times 10 times you do that with something you created in your business that we work together on called the patient infusion method, which you help clients install in their clinics and their practices. Right. And you went from, you know, being like maybe considered a commodity Cedar Point model to being able to charge premium kind of prices, by again, focusing on what most people don’t focus on speak to the importance of that in the tie in with our viewers, our listeners businesses.

Dr. Scot Gray 17:40

Yeah, absolutely. So you know, it was really creating that system that, you know, people could see from step one to the end, that it was gonna work, it was something different. We had to figure out what the doctors really needed, what people really needed to do marketing to do the things with us that they wanted to do. And when we found that, and we gave them something that nobody else did. And it actually included a lot of seminars that we did at Disney, right. That was an experience. I we had our clients come to Disney and gave them you know, that amazing, amazing experience. And so the culture, they felt like they were part of something, they had a system they could use. We took care of all the details, we just laid it out. This is step one, step two, step three, and then they see it as Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this. Again, it goes back to what you said with messaging, right that our messaging was different. We weren’t a Facebook marketing company. We weren’t a Google marketing company. We were doctors who do already what you want to do, we’ve got the system all laid out. And we can help your office be successful as well. We have to do to keep our doors open. I will do the same thing with you to make you profitable like we have in our businesses. So the message wasn’t like, hey, do marketing with us. It’s like, hey, do you want to have a successful practice like us follow our system. And so the messaging is totally different. And so we were perceived totally different, as well. They’ve already locked in the package. It’s already done, that system works. I’m going to use it, hey, if it’s you know, 20 $500 more a month and want to paint over here. I don’t care because I know what’s going to work. I know the system works. So because they think what the other system or just a marketing company. They don’t really know what I’m doing. They don’t know how to talk to patients. They don’t know if it’s HIPAA compliant. So like ours was all encompassing, of, you know, just our specialty and what we did so we were seeing in a different light and that’s Yeah, it’s it’s kind of like a Funny phrase that if you think about it, we’ve probably heard it before if you’ve been to Disney is, oh my gosh, I can’t believe this. You know, food is, you know, $10 for a hot dog. Well, it’s Disney. What are you gonna do? They just covered up, right? Like, it’s Disney. What do you got to do? They have the ultimate price elasticity of like any company in the world. There’s a ball, there’s a little rubber ball, they sell for like 200 bucks. And it’s just because it is Disney fine. And you can only get it there. And people will pay because Disney. Right, they’ve created that environment. And one of my favorite things is, so think about entertainment, how you package things. Okay. And one of my favorite examples is world showcase at Epcot. So at Epcot, they’ve got this thing that called World showcase, which is a bunch of different countries, all around a big lake. All right, so it’s like, you’ve got Mexico and China and Norway, Germany, and so on. So, and there’s, there’s a few attractions, there’s a couple rides in there that you can do. But really what this is, there’s two things to do in these countries. You can shop in the stores, or you can buy food. They’ve literally created a mall, that people love to go to, and spend money at much higher prices. Because it’s countries, right? It’s literally a shopping mall. But you don’t feel that way you feel that you’re having fun, it’s exciting. We’re in Germany, look at the people like they’re from Germany, this is so cool. And you’ll pay 10 times as much than you would in the mall. That’s really I feel like the epitome of desertification. His world showcase, they make it you don’t feel like you’re in a shopping mall, you feel like you’re just having a great old time. And they’re just extracting money left and right from you as you go through there. So

Dan Kuschell 22:03

as you’re listening, again, are watching. Like, what could you do to create your version of that we talked about it in terms of build a buyer’s culture or build a buyer’s model. Instead of a seller’s culture or seller’s model. That’s a great example of by creating and focusing on unique message, unique method, unique market, unique experience unique details that you can go out there, enhance the experience, enhance the entertainment and therefore increase your prices and create buyers, they buy they line up to buy from you. They don’t have to be sold. Right?

Dr. Scot Gray 22:39

Fun, they buy more. Right, exactly. Now speaking

Dan Kuschell 22:43

of that, like you’re huge into into systems and you’ve got dozens and dozens of different systems that you work with, with your clients. And if you want to get a glance at doctor, one, a Dr. Scot’s amazing systems, we did a presentation not too long ago, you can go check it out at growthtofreedom.com/332 that’s growthtofreedom.com/332 on the perfect presentation, so get this quick story. So Dr. Scot is amazing at presenting in front of the room. And he got it, he wanted to figure out a way to get himself free from having to do so many presentations. So he created a presentation, essentially a short version on video, and then started playing it in the practice. And then said, Well, what if we played this online all the time and drove our potential patients or current patients to that presentation, to then have them decide to move forward with services? Right. And he set it up. And it’s been amazing what’s happened. So speak to the idea. Again, you’re you’ve got dozens and dozens of all kinds of systems. This is just one great example. I love the way you think about things of systematizing your business with this concept called you call it the perfect presentation. Why is something like that important?

Dr. Scot Gray 23:59

Because if you want to, there’s a couple books that I read that really started to help me see this concept, and actually a guy that both of us now, beneficiary told me one time he said, Scot, you’re never gonna grow your practice, if you’re not okay with a 70% version of yourself. And he’s saying like, if you’re in there doing this stuff all the time, you are, you can only grow so much. So I started to think, Okay, how can I not make myself necessary? Right? How can I set up a system to where I don’t need to be there and how we can scale this thing. And so I thought to myself, well shoot, people are coming to my seminar, let’s put it on video and get it in front of as many people as possible. And so I just went up, I recorded you know, I recorded multiple seminars, and we tested to see which ones you know work the best online and you know, kept people captivated and that kind of thing. And we found one that works amazing. And so what happened was, yes, this was great. For our office because people 24 seven, which is what we do we help people with pain, right? So when do a lot of people look at stuff for pain when they’re laying in bed, and they can’t sleep, and they can sit there and they can watch that video, and they can request a consultation for the next day with us, right? So this became probably the biggest game changer for our practice and ability to scale, be in front of people have people watching it all the time, it’s not just one time a week, because think about that person in pain. If they can’t get out of bed, if they’re in that much pain, they’re going to do something about it. If you have to wait a week to come to one of my seminars, they’re not calling me, they’re going to someone else, right? So I give that, you know, right at the time, we’re there when they need us, and they can watch that video. So that became huge for us. But then I thought to myself, well, how can we use this in a way that would help our doctors that we do marketing for. So that became the next thing. And another reason that we could charge more is because now they can use my video that promotes them. And so it’s all about them on there. It’s my seminar, and they get to just play it, they have a, you want to call it 24, seven salesman, talking about this stuff, getting patients into their clinic, they don’t have to do anything. So the system that we built up, was really for redundancy, for me to be able to be in front of more people at the right time. So it’s great for the clinics, then I could said, Hey, I could do this for my doctors, and again, becomes part of that package to where it becomes the experience of working with us, where they basically give us some information at the beginning. And then all of a sudden, there’s all these people watching the video that want to do the service in their office. I mean, that’s it’s the ultimate service. And then we started even, you know, we started with a call center. So then we have the call center, we’re actually booking the appointments for him. And it’s really just looking at Walt call it plussing, he always wanted to plus the business, how do we make it better? So the 24, seven salesman made it better the the way that we did ads made it better the the booking the appointments for them made it better. So he’s always placing, always placing the business and there’s always ways that you can do it. I think one of the biggest traps we fall into and I have before is that this is good enough. This is great. Okay, let’s not focus on that anymore. We need to go back and revisit how can we make this better? Right? This is working great, hey, let’s change this or add this and let’s test it right. But with marketing, we’re always testing. So and that’s the same thing that Walt did. He was always they test they plus things and see if it made a bigger difference. But I think we can all do that in our business. And so think for yourself, you know, what are you doing right now? That’s taking your time and effort? And how could you, you know, get that in a sales letter, get that in a report, get that in a video, whatever, and you can get that out to more people?

What are you doing right now that's taking your time and effort, and how could you get that in a sales letter, get that in a report, get that in a video, and get that out to more people? - Dr. Scot Gray Click To Tweet

And then Are there other people or colleagues that you could share that with? And they would license it or you know, do something to help their business as well. So there’s a lot of ways that you can do that. And, you know, building systems like that most people don’t take the time to do it. Right? It seems so simple, like oh, yeah, why wouldn’t you just have a video out there? I don’t know why no one else was doing it. But we did it right. It’s kind of like, I think it was Paul Simon. One time he made a CD and people were criticizing them like, anybody can make a CD with African music over in Africa. He said, Well, yeah, but I did know, like, anyone can do it. A lot of people, they just don’t put in the effort. So think about how a plus, you have to make yourself redundant. Think about how you can share that with other people help more people have a bigger impact. And that, like my impact has become so much bigger, because of sharing that with so many different doctors, all of our clinics, and me actually getting out of the clinic out of doing the talk in person has made it so I’ve been able to help 1000s and 1000s of patients as opposed to just hundreds and the one location I was at so

Dan Kuschell 29:20

as you’re listening or watching again, I mean, we’re just scratching the surface on Dr. Scot’s wisdom, his experience, you know, being able to build up you know, close to a dozen clinics where he’s basically got himself free from those clinics and you know, he sold some bought some expanding now helps other clinics grow their practices, and just, you know, simpler, smarter ways. Dr. Scot, if people want to learn more about you get connected to you find out where you know, like what you got, like, where can people connect with you?

Dr. Scot Gray 29:50

Sure. Yeah, just go to DrScotGray.com. So it’s Dr. Scot Yep. Just one t in that, Scot Gray Why are some people I’ve got the hardest eight letter name to do but it’s Scot Gray with a Dr. DrScotGray.com, and you can connect with me there, you know I’m on LinkedIn. So feel free to reach out if you want to chat about anything.

Dan Kuschell 30:12

So I encourage you to go to DrScotGray.com, that’s DrScotGray.com. He’s got all kinds of resources. You know, if you’ve liked this, we’re just scratching the surface, you’ll get a chance to start opening your world to understand like, how is he going out and making a difference in the medical world, transforming clinics, all over the country, expanding offices all over the country. Why? Because you’ve got proven methods proven system proven, unique experiences, and a whole lot more to be able to help you. Dr. Scot, what is something again, we’ve got a lot of history together. So like we can literally spend five days and still not cover everything together. So like what is something I should have asked you today that that we didn’t get a chance to ask,

Dr. Scot Gray 31:00

oh, man, I, I would say Hmm, I don’t know, maybe what’s the best way to you know, implement the Disney method, so to speak, into your into your practice? Alright, let’s go with that your business, right. So honestly, I’m just going to give the same advice that Dave Ramsey gave. And that is to go out and get that book how to lead like Walt, literally one of the best books I’ve ever read on leadership. And you know, to really understand how to lead a business and not be stuck in it. That was the biggest thing that I I learned from Walt Disney. And what happens is, when you can do that, and you can break away from that day to day, all of a sudden, you can start to, you know, grow your business exponentially, because what happens is you start to leverage other people’s time. And that’s really what it comes down to is. And then you may have actually shared this with me back in the day, but there’s that great article written in Harvard Business Review about the monkey on your back. And it’s that whole concept of, you know, people come to you as the owner, and say, hey, I’ve got this problem we’re gonna do about this, and you say, Hey, no problem, I’m gonna check that out, I’ll figure out how to get back to you. Next person comes in, same thing, same thing, and they’re just coming in with a monkey they have on their back, they’re putting it on yours. And then all of a sudden, you’re just you got all these monkeys on, and everyone’s just waiting on you. They’re sitting there twiddling their thumbs, wondering like, what do I do, I’m waiting on on this guy. And if you can learn just to be that be, that flies around the office and inspires people, shows the vision, like you actually spend more time thinking about your business, then working in it. And that’s probably one of the hardest things for me is I feel like I need to be busy. But really what I need to do the hardest work is thinking the hardest work is really honestly focused thinking on are you doing the best strategy with your business? Who do you need to hire? Do you have the right people? Do you have the right people in the right place? You know, what is another, like, coming up with that 24 seven salesman doing that video. If I didn’t have that idea, I never would have been able to break away, I never would have been able to offer that to people. And that was an idea. Right? So I say read that book. But also say just, if you want to diversify your business, think about how you can pull yourself out of day to day, think about your business inspire other people just go around and believe that they have the talent to do it. Most of the time. The problem is that we don’t believe they can do it. And so we just do it for them. Right, as opposed to putting in the time to train them to do it. Right. Given the training, Walt would send his his animators to the best art studios and art classes and eventually became Cal Arts. He created his own, you know, animation training school. But he was sitting in there at the beginning, he would bring in animals so they could look at animals. He always did the best thing for his team to train. So they had the best people. It’s always about having the best people and you can have the best people unless you’re spending the time to inspire and work with them. Talk with them, see where the things are that they need, how you can help them and that’s a that’s the best way to do it. And again, that’s an adventure that is That’s not something you do overnight. But I encourage you to work on it every day. Think about it, hey, what’s one thing I could hand off today? So that I could encourage someone else, give them more meaning in the business, take me out of the business, and still get it done. And all of a sudden, you’re seeing people become more productive, you’re seeing your company grow, and things change from there. And they

It's always about having the best people, and you can’t have the best people unless you're spending the time to inspire and work with them. - Dr. Scot Gray Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 35:28

shift from there, they change from there. Is that what you want? If that’s what you want, I encourage you to apply what Dr. Scot has been sharing with you today. By the way, we’ve covered a lot in a short period of time, if you want to come back to this episode, you can do that at growthtofreedom.com/336, that’s growthtofreedom.com/336. If you never want to miss an episode, go to growthtofreedom.com, that’s growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, I encourage you go check out what Dr. Scot has available, check out his resource go to DrScotGray.com. That’s DrScotGray.com. I want to shift a little bit, Scot on you know, like what I love about you, speaking of what you brought up earlier, front stage backstage is that you have a front stage life and a backstage life that are congruent, where you know, we’ve talked about this many times, privately that we see a lot of people, they show up a certain way onstage and then backstage, it’s a lot different, we’ll just say, and I’ll bite my tongue and what I could say, about whom, but for you, I mean, what you see is what you get, you have a family life, right? None of us, you know, no one that’s a an entrepreneur really doing big things has true balance in their life. Because when you’re obsessed when you’re on a mission, you know, things are going to be leaning to one place or another. But what I appreciate and respect about you is your your wife’s a priority, your kids are priority, and then the business right? Yet, you still work incredibly hard at the business What? You know, your wife has shown up for you in certain ways over the years. Right, Jen? And you’ve got two amazing daughters, who you call princesses. Right? So if you were to you know, thank Jen for like how she showed up for you. To allow you to be your best self most of the time, right? Like, what would you thank her for? And how she has shown up to allow you to be you?

Dr. Scot Gray 37:38

Absolutely. Oh my gosh, man, I don’t even know where to start. And like, Dan, you know, me, like, Are you trying to get me to cry? You see me? So you’re probably sitting there like, he’s, but he’s gonna start setting it here. But no, like, I mean, just everything she does what the girl she homeschools our girls. She, I go out of town for conferences. She’s not complaining about, you know, hey, why aren’t you here doing this, she, she makes all the sacrifices for everything I do moving out of town, she’s the best freakin cook in the world, she makes awesome healthy food to keep me healthy. You know, that’s such a huge part of being able to do this stuff every day to have the energy to do it. And, you know, just to, like, yesterday, just be completely transparent here. I had a rough day yesterday, we had some conflict in our business that I had to resolve and come in as the leader and deal with it. And, you know, I was just, you know, kind of venting at home. And, you know, she’s that sounding board for me to just listen to me, and help me, you know, calm down, but, I mean, she’s just my rock when it comes to I mean, taking care of everything, like, literally I do the business. And like everything else, she just kind of does. And I tell her, Hey, let’s get you some help here and help here like, I got it, I’m good. But that and then spiritually as well. She just so grounded in her spiritual life. That has been an inspiration for me. And that’s definitely something I thank her for, in the sense that, you know, we all have our ups and downs in what we’re focused on. And she keeps me focused a lot of times on the right things, when we can get a little crazy as business owners, and you know, just focus on the business focus on the business. And she’s not afraid to speak truth. And that can be difficult to take sometimes, but she’ll, she’ll keep me balanced as much as you know, I can be balanced and, you know, I think I’ll just give you one example and then I’ll stop But I used to have a thing on my mirror. When she first saw in my bedroom, and my my mirror, I had this thing posted up and it said, Get up before anyone in work, go to sleep after everyone and work your butt off. Like literally I was posted on my. And she she’s crossed it out. She’s like, no, that’s done. That’s not gonna happen. So, you know, she keeps me grounded. And honestly, I’ve had a lot of great mentors and just like the family thing, like you’re saying, but I’ve got a lot of colleagues that will text call, do all this stuff, you know, late at night, and whatever. I’m done, I’m sorry, I’m with my wife and girls. And you know what, if you can’t get a hold of me, like you’re gonna figure it out. And you just got to figure it out. I’ve got there the priority I, I’ve got my work hours, and I’ve got my family life, and nothing’s gonna penetrate that. And so it’s just Anyway, I’m rambling, but she just does so much. Um, I be a mess if it wasn’t for her.

Dan Kuschell 41:15

I mean, thank you for giving us a glimpse. Yeah, your your world. And as you’re listening, as you’re watching right now, like, what could you take from the way Dr. Scot has created boundaries and love and respect for himself, for his family, for his girls, for his wife, and then for his business? Right, you can have a great business and a great home life. At the same time, you don’t have to give up one to get the other. Yep. Right. You don’t have to give your wife or your kids leftovers. You can give them the full plate. And you can give your business the full focus that it deserves to at the same time. And Dr. Scot is living proof that you can do that. It’s not easy, you know, and as Brian Tracy says, Don’t ask for it to be easy, ask for it to be worth it. Right? Ask for it to be worth it. And, you know, that’s what today is all about. So I encourage you to come back to this episode. I mean, I’ve got multiple pages of notes here. If you want to come back to this episode, go to growthtofreedom.com/336. If you never want to miss an episode, go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, that’s growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, all the notes, all the quotes, all the links, the books lead like wall, all the links to Dr. Scot stuff are all going to be here in one place for you. Again, come back to growthtofreedom.com/336. Last question, Dr. Scot, before we wrap, what are 1 to 3 action steps you hope our viewers and listeners take today?

Dr. Scot Gray 42:57

One is take a step towards getting out of your business, getting out of the daily stuff. Right? So that’s one, two, I always wear a bracelet. I didn’t talk about it much today. But it says The time is now. And so whatever you’ve been putting off, whatever you’ve been scared of doing. Take a step towards it. And as Walt would say, you know, you’ve got your dream. And maybe you just don’t believe it’s possible. You start working on that belief and take a step towards it. I took a step towards moving to Florida from Ohio, when I had the opportunity with no idea how was going to work out. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. But it’s just because, look, let’s do it. Let’s see what happens, right. So let go someone your business, the time is now take a step towards the dream that you have. And I would say focus on inspiring your team and your business. So those are the three things and I’ll just do something. Hopefully it’s not too cryptic here. But Dan, I gotta tell you, I love that. So I’ve got two episodes here the presentation 332 this one 336. I love that my episodes have the number 33 in them. And if you know anything about Disney 33 is one of my favorite numbers with Disney. So you can try to figure that out. And what that means so

Whatever you've been putting off, whatever you've been scared of doing, take a step toward it. - Dr. Scot Gray Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 44:32

yes, it might be that secret place, but I think they’re not allowed to really talk about that secret place at least publicly. So we won’t talk about the secret place. But on Google, what is the secret place at Disney? Maybe you’ll hear anyway. Dr. Scot as always, it’s a pleasure brother. So great to have you with us so great for you to share your wisdom. You got so many perspective literally wish we had five days because like that that would be a freak show for so long for a while man That’s right. And you know, you’ve got the goods on both sides of the house, at home and in your business. So I encourage you take action with what Dr. Scot is shared with you, right? There’s so much wisdom here. So many things to unpack, like even as simple as like, what would happen if you just transform your unique client experience slightly? Or focused on like, what are some of the unique details in our business that we could make even better to that? Or what could we do to make our unique message even stronger, this moment, and a whole lot more literally, there’s dozens and dozens of strategies that Dr. Scot has shared with you. So take action, apply it, and see what happens. So there you have it, Dr. Scot Gray, seize the day. Make it a great week. And guess what? We’ll see you next time, on growthtofreedom.com. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening to this episode of growthtofreedom.com. Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? But let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. You can do that for free today at breakthroughstrategycall.com. That’s breakthroughstrategycall.com. In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You can get that at activate.breakthrough3x.com, that’s activate.breakthrough3x.com. If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit growthtofreedom.com.

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