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Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25, a done-for-you podcast service that helps B2B businesses generate more clients, ROI, and strategic partnerships. At Rise25, his mission is to connect more entrepreneurs and business owners with their “Dream 100” prospects and referral partners.

Dr. Weisz is also the Founder of InspiredInsider, where he interviews successful and inspirational founders and CEOs about the journey and challenges of building a business. Dr. Weisz also continues to run his own chiropractic and massage facility in downtown Chicago.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz shares his key strategies for generating your dream 50 clients
  • What you can do today to start building your relationship capital — without having to make new connections
  • Dr. Weisz’s advice to business leaders: find a way to give to others regularly
  • The value of finding a mentor who you respect in business and in life
  • Dr. Weisz’s challenge to listeners, and where to learn more about his done-for-you podcasting service

In this episode…

Are you looking for a genuine and effortless way to generate your dream 20, 50, or 100 clients? While it may sound too good to be true, Dr. Jeremy Weisz has cultivated the perfect method for not only connecting with your dream clients, but also transforming them into loyal advocates for your brand.

According to Dr. Weisz, doing business with your dream clients comes down to one thing: relationship capital. By developing strong relationships with the thought leaders in your industry, you create new opportunities for valuable business partnerships and referrals. And, as Dr. Weisz says, it’s as easy as sending a text or email to someone who is already in your network. So, what are Dr. Weisz’s tips for developing professional relationships into your next business breakthrough?

Join Dan Kuschell in this episode of Growth to Freedom as he sits down with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the Co-founder of Rise25, to talk about how you can generate your dream 50 clients starting today. Discover Dr. Weisz’s simple method for building relationship capital, why he always leads with a giving mindset, and the easy action you can take right now to start forming new connections in your industry. Stay tuned for more!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to growthtofreedom.com, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation, and leadership. We are helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach, a bigger impact, and make a bigger contribution. Welcome to this segment of growthtofreedom.com, our celebration of 300 episodes, 30 years in business, and the important people that have helped me on this journey. And ideally, I want to bring the people who have helped me to help you. And so I want to ask you a question. Would it be worth if you could easily and almost effortlessly get to your dream 20 clients, your dream 50, your dream 100 clients? And what if you had a proven method, a proven process to be able to, in a cool non-hypee, non-salesy way to develop relationships, where not only you generated those clients, but you’d have them as advocates that would help to promote you to other clients. But that’d be of interest to you. That guest expert that I’m going to introduce you today is able to show you how to do just that how to get to your dream 20, 50 clients with far less effort, far less stress, and a lot less work on your side. And he’s someone I consider a friend. In fact, this celebration of 300 episodes, in 30 years of business was really a brainstorm between he and I, a Saturday morning just literally a couple weeks ago where we said what can we do to make this special? And he started sharing some ideas. And I was like, Yes, let’s do it. But guess what he did? See, what a great peer will do a great coach will do is they will challenge you not to just have an idea, right? You know that like you need a new damn idea, like you need a hole in your head? What do you need? You need to go beyond ideas to implement. He challenged me there on the spot, in that brainstorm and said, Well, why don’t you just reach out to them right now? You have their phone number, don’t you? And literally, I started making text messages and voice messages and emails and sending these out. And he said Who else? And he wouldn’t allow me to just stop Originally, it was what Jeremy? Like three, four or five people. He said, Well, who else? And who else? And who else? And who else? and next thing you know, it was a list of like 15 to 16 to 17 people. And literally almost everyone said yes, time permitting. And so he’s a friend. He’s to me an advisor that I count on when I want different perspectives and to be challenged as well as someone who helps a lot of people get amazing, amazing results with a company called Rise25. Him and his partner, co-founder, John Corcoran, do amazing, amazing work. And his name is Dr. Jeremy Weisz. Jeremy, how are you, man?

Jeremy Weisz 3:05

Thanks for having me. Yeah, when we are brainstorming, Dan, and we’re like, How can this be the best sessions of all time? And it’s like, Well, why don’t we, Why don’t you have your most important people that have influenced you throughout the decades of your career, the amazing businesses you’ve started? And you’re like, yeah, and then you just started texting them. And I don’t know what the hesitation was. Because you, I mean, I knew everyone would say yes, I knew that. I don’t know why. That you’re like, they’re all gonna say yes. Yeah. Why would they not say yes, you just you set it up just like that do? Yeah. Why would they not say yes? I mean, you’re you’re basically saying I, you are the one of the most important influential people in my career and in your career’s amazing. So the fact that someone had a hand in helped it is even more amazing. And yeah, and you can see, like anyone who watches all of these episodes, which I encourage they do, I’m looking forward to watching them all, and seeing what people say, that is a testament to you and your career and you as a human being. So thanks for having me.

Dan Kuschell 4:08

It’s my pleasure. And I want to dive into you, right, because you guys have this unique process to Rise25 and what you do and who you are, I mean, literally, I don’t know that. I mean, yeah, it’s a business but it’s you like this is you like this process, this method of getting to your dream 20, 50, and 100 clients in the easy cool, effortless way. It’s just so amazing. So relationship capital for both of us really important. It’s a big part of your business model. And just who you are so like what do you see are some of the biggest mistakes Jeremy that most people are making in their business right now to be able to get new clients or get to their, you know, dream 20, 50, 100 types?

Jeremy Weisz 4:47

Yeah, yeah, I mean, here’s the thing in my life and the same with you the number one thing in my life is relationships, whether it’s health, whether it’s business, it does not matter. You know, it leapfrogs everything mentors Coaches having relationships with amazing people. And what I always look at is how do I give to someone? How do I appreciate someone? And that’s it. And for me is, you know, like, with what we do we I think podcasting is the best medium ever, but however you like to give to people, right? So I have found that having someone on my podcast is an amazing way to give to them profile, their thought leadership, and everything else. But you’re asking the number one mistake, um, well, one, just think of what’s in it for them. You know, so the mentality of, like, if I’m thinking of Dan Kuschell, I’m thinking, Okay, what can I do? So like, when this goes live? What can I do to give it to Dan? Okay, well, I can share it on social media, I got put it out in a blog post, I can actually email it to people, I can text people say to you see this, nothing about me nothing about what I do. But what can I do? Like thinking from the other person’s perspective, what are they looking for? Whether it’s a client, exposure, you know, whatever it is, so I think, I don’t know if this is a mistake people make, but you know, posting about themselves and what they’re doing is fine, but thinking of other people who should they be profiling, even in a simple social media post? Right? And and you do this a lot, like, okay, like, what if you just flex that muscle every week or day? What can I doing today, or this week to give to someone, Okay, I’m gonna choose one person this week. And just who do I admire? What company? Do I admire? What service do I admire? and post something on LinkedIn or post something on Facebook or put it out to an email and let them know like, hey, like, I’m pushing this out, too, because I really admire what you do. And so flexing that giving muscle every day. And the other thing I think, Dan, I do think is a big mistake is we’re all you know, we talk about the dream 50, dream 100, we’re all going to the new and shiny. And here’s the thing we did. That’s right, you we neglect our our current relationships that are the most the people are the biggest champions of us sometimes. And so like, literally, I’m holding up my phone, as you’re watching the video, you can go on your phone. So I mean, what I do is I least have one hour a week minimum scheduled, where I look at my phone, I scroll through my text messaging, who haven’t and I texted in a while just to say hello to and to see what they’re up to. And I guarantee you you do this, you’ll say, Oh my God, I’ve been talking to this person in three months, four months, six months, a year, and just who are people in your network that you don’t even need to go to? Anyone new, like, a lot of times. And so I think the biggest mistake and by the way, I am totally guilty of this, like, Who else should I be talking to and meeting and in here, like, it’s all on my phone already, like the people are already there. So just in what I do it actually my phone is I set up these folders of people on my on my home screen of people that I really respect that I admire that I want to make sure that I call more often. So that when I go into my home screen, and I go to that folder, it’s right there. So I don’t have to even search in a text message or when’s the last time I called this person?

The number one thing in my life is relationships. Whether it's health, whether it's business, it does not matter. It leapfrogs everything. - Dr. Jeremy Weisz Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 8:31

And as you’re watching or listening right now, like what would it be worth if you could be in a place where you looked at it and said, Who could I, meaning you, who could you profile in a post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, instead of this shiny new object? What relationships could you rekindle, or be kindling or be doing both at the same exact time to show appreciation and doing a gift to them? Right, and checking in with them and what is important to them now, you know, Jeremy, as we look at, like, strategy, and part of the theme of this segment, as you know, is, you know, we’re one breakthrough away from that next big breakthrough, right? And you know, getting your dream 100 of course, in and of itself is a one breakthrough away kind of strategy, but what would be 1 to 3 strategies. I mean, you work you guys work with so many different clients in so many different industries who use this method of relationship, capital and relationship building to get to their dream 20, 50, and 100 far easier than ever before. Like, what are 1 to 3 strategies that you, you know, could recommend if you will, that could be one of those that would be that one breakthrough away thing?

Jeremy Weisz 9:46

Yeah. I mean, I’m not going to do a self serving one which is I think I even before we had a service by the way, the podcasting, the I joke around I go, I told every business you should have a podcast, hands down. You know, you’ve been in Doing radio since How long? I mean, I don’t want to date you, but like, you’ve been on radio? Yeah. 2002 Yeah, I mean, you’ve had some of the most amazing, you have had T Harv Eker. You’ve had Brian Tracy, you’ve had, like so many people on your radio and giving them but find some method to give like on a regular basis, whatever it is, for you. Some people, it’s writing a blog post, some people, it’s podcasting, some people’s doing a video, some regular, because for me, it’s a, not just doing it once in a while, it’s, I need to set up a system where I could do it every single week, multiple times a week, and make sure to give to people and John Ruhlin is also a genius at this too, from giving gifts. So he sets up regular gifts, like that’s his thing. Like, he’s giftology. And so whatever your method is to give the people do it, like set something up. So you’re doing regularly. The other thing is, Dan and I talked about in the very beginning is mentors and coaches, like, if I could say anything, like the number one thing in my life is with relationships is finding a mentor, or coach who’s doing what you do, who is already done what you want. And not only that, but like when I look at you, and I consider you a mentor, and I consider Brian Kurtz, a mentor. And it’s people who I just not just respect, you know, what you’ve done business, but I respect how you, you know, treat people I respect how you, you know, family is a priority, and all those other things in your life, not just about one, ask, you know, one specific aspect. So that’s it. I mean, it’s really what has allowed me in general, any part of my life to leapfrog something is to find a coach or a mentor. And, and that’s it, you know, they’re gonna see things that you don’t see, they’re gonna see pitfalls. You don’t, you know, preaching to the choir. But that is really the number one thing when I think in my life is if I’m trying to do something, who do I need to mentor or coach me? And and it’s like, let’s say people like, well, that’s expensive, let’s say, it’s not the last time. And the last money of doing it the wrong way, for many times is way more expensive. I, I’ve been there, you know.

Find some method to give on a regular basis, whatever it is for you. For some people, it's writing a blog post, for some people it's podcasting, for some people it’s doing a video. - Dr. Jeremy Weisz Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell 12:28

I mean, that’s, I mean, that’s so brilliant. And, you know, if you want to save time, but most importantly, you know, the most expensive and I think it’s a Gary Halbert quote, which is the most expensive information is bad information. Right? The most expensive mentor is a bad mentor, meaning no mentor, that’s the most expensive so you know, going out and on your own trying to figure it out, when you could save the time, you can save the money, you can save the mistakes and all those sorts of things. So speaking of that, I want to help you eliminate some of the mistakes like if you want an easier way to get to your dream 25 your dream 50, your dream 100, right and use a vehicle like if you thought to yourself, Well, what can I do to create a vehicle called a podcast, perhaps, and leverage these strategies, but it goes way beyond the podcast, it’s more of the psychology, right? Truth be told, I’ve worked with multiple services in podcasting. And I switched services to Jeremy and John’s, which is a premium service, because they deliver a premium result, a premium experience, a premium model, a premium system, like a system, it’s not just the podcast, like if you just look for a podcast, there’s plenty of people who can help you publish it and all those sorts. But if you’re looking for a platform to get to your dream 20, dream 50 dream 100, and have a operating system to do it. That’s what they provide, and so incredibly valuable. So if people want to connect with you, Jeremy, you and John, Rise25. Where can they go? Where can they learn more about you? I mean, you have so many resources. I mean, here’s some other things I want to share before he does this. Not to cut you off. Sorry, I asked a question. I pull it back. I’m playing hard to get here. Here’s the thing. Jeremy is a doctor. And he has a clinic in Chicago. He runs a nutrition company. He runs multiple companies and he runs Rise25 like he is one of the most strategic people I know, as far as implementation, right? So if you want to ease up the pain of implementation, especially as it relates to getting clients, especially your dream 20, 50, 100, just going through the process that they do in the beginning as an introduction to open the door to like the possibilities and help you see the blind spots. Like why do I call on Jeremy and John, it’s beyond the past. broadcast, it’s about the business side of it, the operating system of which they built. It just happens to be today the vehicle, but in two years, it could be something else, but their operating system is the kid you want that operating. So I probably assure you, so if people want to learn more about you, where can they go?

Jeremy Weisz 15:17

Yeah, I’ll say that. First, I want everyone to get results. And Dan is all about that. So I challenge you. Now after you hear this, just looking at your phone text, one person that you may have texted while maybe you haven’t just tell him you admire them and appreciate them or whatever it is. So just do one reach out for me. That’s all I ask. And then you can go to my podcast, inspiredinsider.com, I have amazing episodes, you check out the one with Dan Kuschell. It was fantastic. And rise25.com is the company and we have a contact page. So you have questions about podcasting, you can email us.

Dan Kuschell 15:59

So I encourage you, I encourage you go check out what Jeremy has put together. And what has he has available and has for years and years and years. This isn’t something that they started like a week ago or a month ago or even a year ago. This is something they’re experts at for you know, five plus years, relationship building, relationship capital, you can go to rise25.com, all the links in the resources will be in the show notes as well, you can come back to this segment, growthtofreedom.com/300. For the overall series. You never want to miss an episode go to growthtofreedom.com/subscribe, go to rise25.com, go check out inspiredinsider.com. And I encourage you to take action with the challenge that Jeremy shared with you. What does that challenge?

Jeremy Weisz 16:47

Just take your phone one one person and just say pick it up? Right? totally respect you. I admire you. I don’t tell that I don’t tell you enough that I think that and just have a great weekend. That’s it.

Dan Kuschell 17:03

And watch what happens. And when you do it with one and you see how easy it is and also the great response you’ll usually get, then I challenge you to go to a second, a third and a fourth. And what if you did this 10 times a week for the next 30 days? Right? 10 a week? So like what is that five days in a week? That’s two a day is that reasonable? Could you fit that in because even as busy as you might be, could you do that two times a day for five days a week for four weeks and see what happens. And then report back to Jeremy and I and let us know how it impacted you. Right? Both from the response that you get in the love that you’ll get as well as the potential opportunities that spring out of it. Don’t be surprised, because it will transform that simple idea will transform the way you think about building a business especially as it relates to relationships go to rise25.com if you want more, go to inspiredinsider.com, literally see almost 1000 episodes I think they have now and a lot more now what’s something I should have asked you, Jeremy that we didn’t get a chance to cover?

I challenge you: now, after you hear this, just look in your phone and text one person that you may not have texted in a while, and tell them you admire and appreciate them. - Dr. Jeremy Weisz Click To Tweet

Jeremy Weisz 18:05

I mean, you and I always talk about mentors and books that we love. And so I think I’d said I mean, I think I would, I would say I’m always curious to what people are reading and listening to but also who people are following. So, that’s it I think, you know, like I was mentioning I really respect the work you do people to check out exactly what you do in your podcast. Brian Kurtz, John Corcoran, my business partner and then also some amazing books because you know, there is not just mentorship you need to know them but but people write books and that’s like a distant mentor people have courses like you don’t need to know that like the Tony Robbins like I learned so much. I don’t know Tony Robbins personally and I know you know, Dan, the events you put on with Genius Network. And he’s actually spoken at those events and everything like that, but I don’t need to know them. I could go get their books. So there’s, you know, I love certain books. Chris Voss has an amazing book. Never Split the Difference. Made to Stick. Tell the Wind. the books about relationships and about stories. I mentioned John Rhulin’s Giftology. I love the books about stories and about relationships.

Dan Kuschell 19:19

So I encourage you go check out those and all the links will be in the resources below. Again, you can come back to this episode, this full series growthtofreedom.com/300. Jeremy, brother, Thank you man. Thank you for allowing me to be able to share and I want to bring you back on for a longer full episode if you’d like Jeremy to come on for a full episode to go more into some of this right? Would you like that? If you would send me a thumbs up send me an email hit me up on Facebook hit me up somewhere or my team as well and let us know. Jeremy’s like a secret weapon. Like could you use a secret weapon on your your team and in your corner? Well guess what? They have a powerful tool with this relationship capital model that happens to be packaged to be able to get to dream 20, 50, 100. Using a podcast method today, there’s other things they’re working on as well that you just might love. But you’ll never know unless you reach out. So do reach out. And I encourage you to take action with what he shared with you text one person. Ideally, after you get some response. Start challenging yourself to a day to a day just build a habit, build a good muscle here, right? And seize the day, take action. And by all means, make it a great week. Make it a great week. We’ll see you next time on another session of growthtofreedom.com. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening to this episode of growthtofreedom.com. Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at breakthroughstrategycall.com, that’s breakthroughstrategycall.com. In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free small business toolkit. You get that at activate.breakthrough3x.com, that’s activate.breakthrough3x.com. If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit growthtofreedom.com.

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