Make More Money, Experience More Joy, Succeed With Ease with Roberta Ross [Podcast 197]

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What would it be worth if you could experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and be able to make more money, and find success with ease?  Roberta Ross, the founder of, gives great insights on how you can do just that. Roberta’s wisdom applies to both real estate and life, and she shares how achieving success doesn’t have to be a painful process.  She will also touch on the common mistakes and big lies in the real estate industry that are costing people time and energy, as well as how valuing clients can lead to some significant breakthrough experiences.


Listen to the podcast here:

Make More Money, Experience More Joy, Succeed With Ease with Roberta Ross [Podcast 197]

Have you ever been in a place where you’re like, “I’ve heard about real estate and how real estate is a way to wealth?” Have you also heard, “Real estate’s highly competitive?” What if you had a chance to work with one of the leading coaches in the world at showing real estate experts how to be able to go out and get more new clients, how to build a better, bigger, business with more grace and ease? She’s the Founder of the She also has a podcast. She’s been able to do amazing things. She wants to help lead you and me to good. After decades of working hard, she hit the pavement. She’s built and grown many businesses, sold a lot. She discovered that life and business are much easier than most of us make it out to be. She’s on a mission to help real estate agents and entrepreneurs like you achieve total freedom, make more money, experience more joy and succeed with ease. Her name is Roberta Ross. We got a chance to meet at New Media Summit and we became fast friends. We spent hours in some fascinating conversations and she shared an energy exercise that blew my mind, and I’m still thinking about that right now Roberta. Welcome to the show. How are you?

I’m terrific. Thanks, Dan. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

As I was doing some prep for our interview, at some point, you changed your tagline to, “Make more money, experience more joy and succeed with ease.” There’s got to be a story around that. Tell us about that a little bit.

There is a great story around that. When I first got into coaching, I assumed everybody was concerned about making more money as I was. I was focused on the business end of it. I focused on helping them grow their business, so they can increase revenue and so forth. The back story to the new tagline is for me, success was having freedom and doing whatever I wanted to do. The path there was making the money because it was the money that afforded me the freedom to do those things. I worked hard. I was a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps person and I had great success from a societal standpoint doing that. That included being the number one salesperson, breaking all the company records the first year, becoming the top earner the second year. It included investing a lot in real estate, buying and selling hundreds of single-family homes and also traveling and speaking and coaching.

In my height, I gave 120 speeches in one year and I was also coaching. What happened was one day, it felt like suddenly but in hindsight, it wasn’t. I woke up and I couldn’t get out of bed and it went on for months. I remember thinking, “What is going on? Is this how my children will remember their mother, as somebody who just lays in bed and their father brings her meals?” What happened was my straps were out and I had a serious case of adrenal fatigue, although I didn’t know it at the time, it led me on this journey. The long and short of it was it was a gift. These challenges are opportunities. It set me on this transformational journey to discovering what is the true success. We all know people who appear to be successful because maybe they are making money or their revenues are higher or they are transacting business like crazy. In their personal lives, they trash something, maybe their health, their relationships, their marriage, their integrity. Can we call that success?

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This transformation has led me to the recognition that life and business are so much easier than we make it. We’re steeped in this culture that teaches us, “The greater our suffering, the worthier we are of our success.” It throws us off what our real true purpose or our real game is. The cool thing about the transformation is it led me to discover that we are here to be happy. Our happiness doesn’t come after we earned it or after we worked hard. Then we get out of work then we’re happy but throughout the whole process. Business can flow to us with such greater ease. It’s been exciting because it transforms me, the people around me, my coaching clients, it’s just been cool.

How have you transformed with dealing with adrenal fatigue? Tell us about it.

That’s been a journey too. When you wipe out your adrenals, they don’t just bounce back after taking care of them for a few weeks or a few months, even years. It’s a slow process. That’s been part of the education too because I’ve had some setbacks along the way and I had to learn to listen to my body. What I was doing before was I was always overwriting it. I remember when I would be traveling to go give a talk and I would be pulling into the hotel. I remember looking around. I’d scope the area for the Starbucks because that hotel coffee wasn’t enough. As a speaker, you have to bring the energy. I wasn’t paying attention to my own fatigue. I was taking pride that I could overcome it, mind over matter.

It’s interesting because when you’re faced with the thing that you think is your secret sauce like I thought that’s the secret to my success. I’m gritty and I can push through. That’s the thing that’s taking you down. It’s an awakening. You have to rethink your life and that’s what I did. When I discovered it was adrenal, I started taking care of my health and watching what I was eating more closely. I always thought I was healthy, but it also involves not working out too hard and being able to monitor that. I’ve had some setbacks doing that too, starting to work out too hard. It’s going much better. Energy is always replenishing. I’m recognizing how much literally this tagline, “Having more fun and succeeding with greater ease,” is also to the benefit of my body and my adrenal glands too.

We can have it both ways. We can have a healthy business and we can have a healthy life. There are so many different lessons in here from the idea of bootstrapping a business to what is a true success to you? Have you sat down and taken the time and define what is a true success for you? It’s easier than we’ve been led to believe. Are you may be dealing with the false belief that your success only comes after suffering? That’s one of the greatest lies in business. It doesn’t have to work that way. She’s a living proof and she’s helped hundreds and thousands of people all over the world transform their life and their business with a better new way to operate. You are here to be happy. What would it be worth if you could have more joy, more happiness, more for fulfillment and truly be able to go out there and make more money, experience more joy and succeed with ease? How great would that be?

Roberta, I want to dive in. You have this fascinating spirit and this fascinating energy. I want to make sure we don’t underplay all the success that you’ve had in your businesses and your entrepreneurial career and doing real estate investing. You are living the American dream. You’ve not only built what people would call financial wealth but from the outside in and the short time we’ve gotten to know each other, it seems that you have built a life around freedom. What would you say as you’ve observed a lot of your clients, your journey doing what you do, what are some of the common mistakes or big mistakes or big lies that you see out in business that cost people time, distress, energy and lack of ease?

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It’s a false belief that your success only comes after suffering.


First, the freedom that you are experiencing in me has been an evolution. I grew a business very fast. I had a lot of overhead. I had created a company, my husband and I together. We had to bring in $1 million in revenue just to cover our overhead. It was intense and we grew it fast and furious. It was through that experience that I realized that that’s not what I want. The cool thing about now is that it’s not necessary. You don’t have to have all these bricks and mortar stuff. There are a lot of pitfalls that people fall into. One of them is that bigger is better. It’s easy to get on this track where you get so excited in momentum and when you’re doing big things it attracts a lot of attention. When we are buying hundreds of properties, it attracted a lot of attention so people always wanted to hear from us. Sometimes it takes on this momentum of its own. It becomes its own animal.

I say that if you want to be free and you want to feel good, for some people, bigger is better because they’re wired for that. That’s playing to their skill set. It’s playing to their desire. I don’t think that’s true for most entrepreneurs. For most entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in even the appearance of being big. There are a lot of people that they take on the big stuff. I know people that are doing hundreds of transactions in real estate and they don’t have two nickels to rub together. That certainly isn’t freedom. I definitely believe in the right fit based on your skill set, who you are, your personality, what your real desire is, the lifestyle you want to have and creating it from there. The cool thing about now is that there are so many options to do that.

Real estate is documented to be one of those proven ways to wealth. What’s fascinating is the real estate industry is changing. Let’s be a fortune teller for a while. Where do you see real estate for real estate agents going in the next decade or two?

It’s interesting because there have always been people who are building models out of fear that what exists is going to cave in, or even the idea that someday the agent is unnecessary. When it comes to real estate agents there is the illusion that it’s simpler than it is. A lot of people think that you just go and you buy and sell and do you really need a real estate agent? If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have a lot of experience, it’s a good idea to have somebody have your back. Some people might think they can go to court without an attorney representing them, but this has been proven over and over again. It’s not a good idea for 99% of the population. That’s true in real estate too because there are a lot of places where people can get into a lot of trouble. The idea that the agent will be completely unnecessary, I don’t buy into that. There are also a lot of models that come up like discount brokerages and they’re doing a lot of things for less. Decade after decade, every time they come up, they always fail.

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There are things changing. The nature of having access to so much information is a benefit to everybody because buyers and sellers can become more knowledgeable. The agents don’t have to spend so much time educating them on everything that’s going on in the market that even can further and better represent them. The best agents are people who are going to hone their skills. They are going to have exceptional negotiation skills. They’re going to become even better at assessing costs and repairs and that’s everything. Definitely improving their professionalism, their skill set and being more and more of a fiduciary to the client rather than being a chauffeur who runs people around.

As I view it, a good agent is like a good coach and they are specialists. I imagine you subscribe to this. I know I do. Sometimes it’s better to pay retail. You get the best service in many cases when you just pay retail instead of trying to nickel and dime. A great real estate agent is a great coach for that specialty if you build somebody on your team to be able to do that. It’s my belief that as more and more technology grows and expands, it seems that the companies or the industries tune into this idea of coach and connector. As we have more and more technology, we get further and further disconnected from real people. Not the artificial intimacy that exists in the online world but having a true connection. The business of real estate is a great example where it won’t be displaced because of the connection factor. Not for everybody, not everybody will necessarily value that, but the right fit that you mentioned are the people that we would all want as potential clients are those that do value connection in a strong way. Can you speak to that a little bit or your observation on that?

It depends because it depends on the nature of the person. Some people don’t want to have or feel strong at some deep and heavy interpersonal engagement. I do believe that building relationships is key for all entrepreneurs and real estate agents and salespeople for sure, but the nature of that relationship can vary. For example, if you look at the personality profiles like all these Myers-Briggs and DISC profiles that people are categorized into, are they drivers? Are they expressive? Are they analytical types? Sometimes when you’re working with somebody who let’s say they are an analytical type and they like a lot of data, a lot of information, they may not be as comfortable interpersonally but they love that you’re providing a lot of knowledge because they are hungry for knowledge. They are hungry for information. They are hungry for somebody who’s going to be patient while they read every line item of the contract. Whereas other people who have to feel a sense of inclusion and feeling a sense that somebody cares about them is going to be a greater value.

It depends and that’s why a lot of people say the best salespeople or the best entrepreneurs a lot of times are drivers or they’re expressive or they’re a combination of that. It is about getting aligned with your personality and your skill set with attracting the right people who you’re going to work with. I have coaching clients who are a cross-spectrum on a personality profile but the way that they go about designing their businesses and prospecting and regeneration vary greatly based upon that. I had somebody say, “People tell me because I’m an introvert, that I wouldn’t be a very good real estate agent,” and that’s just not true. She doesn’t like big groups and she doesn’t like speaking in front of a lot of people, but she does like talking with people one-on-one. I said, “Every time you pick up a phone and talk to someone, it’s just a one-on-one conversation, perfect for an introvert.”

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The people that we would all want as potential clients are those that value connection in a strong way.


Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert or you’re expressive, the reality is it doesn’t matter in many ways your background when you have the right tools in your tool chest or a lot of tool chests inside of your tool shed. Roberta, as you’ve been working over the years, you’ve had these transitions with your businesses. You now have a very intimate type of business model, as I view it a very thriving business. We sat down and broke it down over a dinner at the New Media Summit. You brought up the idea of it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an expressive or extrovert. My interpretation is you just have to have the right tools to fit and to attract you. What would you say if you had to narrow down one to three of the biggest breakthroughs you’ve either personally experienced or you’ve helped your clients experience that you’ve seen that our audience would be like, “This would be a new superpower that I’m getting access to?” What would one to three breakthroughs be?

Everything comes down to the realization that we all have an important decision to make in our lives and in our businesses. That is are we going to be an inner role person or an outer role person? An outer role person is always concerned about everything going on outside of them or thinks that the answers are outside of them, even the tools are outside of them. I say get your house in order first and that can be your mindset, that can be your family, it can be the foundation of your business. It’s interesting there are a lot of platforms out there and there are a lot of people who are building their businesses on somebody else’s platform. This is a great example. It could be anybody from an individual salesperson to a solopreneur to somebody who’s dealing with mergers and acquisitions. You have to make sure that you strengthen your inner role first and that is everything relies on you. For example, social media is an opportunity to attract business for sure but if I build my model on that platform, we all see what’s happening.

They have the agenda of their own and they’re in control and they can just shut you down. We hear about people who have millions of followers and they don’t have even access to them because they’re not in the logarithm or whatever. I encourage everybody to get your own house in order and that is huge. For example, from a business building standpoint, always build your list first. Strengthen your list. Have your control. Your email list, that’s your book of business. That’s your power. That’s your superpower and everything should be about building that first so that we’re not reliant on all these other things. It could be something simple like for a real estate agent, even having their own independent email because if their company or their broker merges or changes the names, suddenly they have to. If they decide that they don’t like the new leadership and they want to leave, they’ve built something on somebody else’s platform.

That is such powerful yet simple advice that I think about a lot of people that I’ve worked with over the years, clients, even my own things, the strategic partnerships. That simple idea is worth millions in both opportunities to gain but also when and if you’ve made the mistake it can cost you hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars as well. I hope that you don’t just gloss over what Roberta was saying, “I’ve heard that before.” You know that you know something when you use it and when you do it. Are you building your list? Are you getting control of your brand and your platform? What else if anything?

That’s a big one because there are so many temptations to forget that. You could spend years of your life having this inventory of videos and followers. This is getting into the superpower, remember what we did with the energy exercise? This is right along those lines. This isn’t anybody else’s work. This is my own inner world concept. There are five dimensions to having things happen where we want to attract business or anything in our life. The first dimension is pleading. We can pray, wish and hope like, “I like to make money. I sure hope I do, I hope somebody gives me money. I pray that I get that new car,” or whatever it is that you’re wanting. That’s the first level. The second level is action. That’s where we get gritty and we do something, we make an effort. The third way is, “What if I can become a master? What if I persuade or manipulate or cajole someone else to do the action?” Maybe getting your kids to take out the garbage or could be something in your business.

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The fourth dimension is paying people. This is like a new level of business that people take in sales too. They are working their way out of their own role in the business because in every new level that you want to achieve, you have to replace yourself or do something different. A lot of times that means delegating or that means paying somebody else to do it or implementing a system or outsourcing, that type of thing. All of these things have power. They all have power at some level. When it comes to succeeding with ease, certainly paying someone else and delegating someone else to do something makes things easier for us that we don’t have to do everything. I will tell you that most entrepreneurs stop it at that point. They think that that’s the pinnacle. I’m here to say that that is not the pinnacle. The pinnacle is doing a blend of all those things, but the fifth dimension is attracting it. We attract it, not through our efforting.

If we work hard to do something, then that does produce a result but sometimes that interferes as it gets in the way with the other power that we have. It’s all about everything being energy. That was the energy exercise we did and that was proven to you at a whole new level. I would say that this fifth dimension, you were a witness to the fifth dimension for me because it’s why I’m here on this interview. It wasn’t through efforting or trying. I didn’t approach you to be on your podcast. You approached me but I first sent out a signal to you. You weren’t aware of it. In my energy, in my visualization and in my desire and then I got out of my own way. It can seem a little woo-woo but it is powerful. It was Einstein who said that everything is energy and he said it’s not Philosophy, it’s physics, which it is. Our thoughts influence our feelings, which influence our actions, which influence how we are even vibrating.

When we are thinking that we have to muscle it, we have to do something at level one, two, three or four then we are trying to take things by force. Our real superpower is turning ourselves into a creator and become a magnet for what we want by surrender, literally letting go, emptying ourselves of all of the negative thoughts, energies, doubts, fears and even beliefs that everything that we want has to be muscled to us. When I went to New Media Summit, I have this history of going after what I want, that pull yourself by the bootstraps. When I went there, there are all these people, you want to meet all these fantastic people and be a guest on their shows and you want there and it seems like this huge thing that you have to tackle. In the past, I’d be like the tiger. I go after what I wanted and wrestled them to the ground. Good things came out of that, I’m not saying that’s wrong but that’s a lot of action. That’s a lot of force.

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Power vs. Force

There’s a book called Power vs. Force and it distinguishes between these two things. One is about action and the other one is about energy, and our real superpower is about energy. What I did is I felt this tiger starting to rise up. It’s that familiar sensation of, “Go after it,” and then I thought, “You’re the ‘Make more money, experience more joy, succeed with ease’ coach, you know that more will come and the right things will come through your own release.” It was a great exercise in just saying, “I had listened to your podcast and loved it. I wanted to meet you, you are number one on my list.” I thought, “If it’s meant to be, if it is a match, it will unfold as it’s supposed to. You don’t have to make it happen.” I used to say it all the time. I used to say, “Go out and make it happen.” I finish my talk with, “Go and make it happen,” because that’s the only way it will. That was my limited thinking. That was my limiting belief. When I shifted my energy, there you were. You came right up to me.

The same thing happened when we sat down to dinner. David came to us at the table. Earlier, I wanted to talk to him. That’s another story. I remember thinking, “I don’t like this feeling.” I’m standing in a line. He was the keynote speaker at this event. It’s like, “You’re going to have your two seconds.” I thought, “This isn’t feeling good.” I want things to happen organically. I stepped out of the line and I said, “Roberta, just let it go and trust.” In my mind, I was thinking maybe I’ll run into him in the airport, somewhere or you cross path at some other event.” Never in my imagination did I think that he would come right to our table because he knew you. It was funny because it wasn’t until after that I realized that I just attracted him right there to say what I wanted to say. Those are examples of the fifth dimension. It’s a real superpower and it’s so much easier than we make it.

I’ve got a couple of pages of notes here that I’ve taken. Number one is to build your list, get control of your list so that you are at a place where as things move, you can have the ability to move and be flexible. More importantly is how can you tap into the five dimensions, especially the fifth dimension, to attract more of what you want with more grace and ease. What would that be worth to you? We’re just scratching the surface here with Roberta. If you’re curious, if you’re serious, if you are inspired, which I hope you are by Roberta, her message, her background, her wisdom, what she might be able to share with you, I want to challenge you to go deeper with Roberta. Go check out what she’s doing. Go learn from her. She can help you. Roberta, if people want to go learn more about what you’re up to, where can they go to get access to some of your initial resources?

They can go to or if you put in, it will take you there. You can even get a free monthly newsletter called Free Yourself to Success. It’s all about us getting out of our own way. That’s one option or you’re welcome to reach out to me at [email protected] if you wanted to talk about working together.

I would encourage and challenge you, go check out what she’s doing at or I encourage you to get her newsletter, Free Yourself to Success. You deserve that. You can make more money, experience more joy and succeed with ease and she can certainly show you how. Roberta, I like to pivot towards some personal items that are sometimes a little off the wall but I’m curious. What were you known for in high school?

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I had to remember back that far. I don’t know that I was known for anything. I wasn’t highly social. I wasn’t highly involved, so I couldn’t tell you. A lot of people saw me as this mature person only because people come to me for advice on things or they come to talk to me. I noticed that and I thought, “That’s strange, why do they think I know about this?” Then I realized that I do. Things like that struck me, but I wasn’t popular and I wasn’t hated. I was just another kid.

Can you remember back the trigger moment or the spark moment where it was evident you were going to pursue a journey of helping people being an entrepreneur building something for yourself? Can you remember back to what that was?

I was on a path to become a college professor. I was working on my PhD. That’s when I discovered business. I remember I would teach classes and on my way walking there, I used to say a prayer, “Let it float to me what they need to hear. How can I help them?” I always have that intention of being helpful. When I was studying business, I was working on my dissertation and my husband and I started investing in real estate. He was a civil engineer and both of us were like, “We don’t want to be doing this path, we want to be in business.” I felt very excited about that. I went to a seminar where people are teaching real estate investment. Anything that I heard in the past, it was always trying to appeal to your sense of materialism like, “You can have this big car and boat and all that.” That never appealed to me. I went to one that appeals to the logic of it. How does this work? I totally went over at that point and dropped that whole being a professor path and went being an entrepreneur and I loved it.

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You have to make sure that you strengthen your growth first.


When you were a kid, can you remember ways or maybe a moment that your parents set a path for you? Maybe they gave you a book or maybe they took you to an event that was also potentially a spark moment for you, that opened your world to what could be building something for you.

I would say none of those things. My parents were very healthy and mature, and I took it for granted. I always thought grownups are mature and then I met other people’s parents, then I realized maybe it’s not the case. It’s always the little things that teach so much. My father was a mathematician at the University of Cincinnati. He used to bring home these pens, the University of Cincinnati pens. I remember I love these pens and I said one day, “Dad, I love these pens, they write so nice. Would you bring home some more?” He said, “If there’s a pen name there, you’re welcome to use it but that would be stealing because those aren’t our pens. Those belong to the University of Cincinnati that they let me use.” It was little things like that that I remember where you learn about the character of a person. What I would say as far as my upbringing, the most powerful thing is I have very different parents that my mom grew up in the country, on a farm, with farm animals in Pennsylvania and my father grew up in the Jewish ghettos of New York.

I have a Jewish father, a Christian mother and a Catholic husband. One of them tends to lean left, the other one leans right. One of them is very creative and an artist and the other one is a scientist and a mathematician, very logical and linear. Having these different people coming together. Now I’m married for years and happy and loving unconditionally. That would help me to do is I always have been this bridge between worlds, like being able to understand people’s positions and seeing where they are. It’s not being about me deciding whether they’re right or wrong, good or bad but helping them guide themselves to their own joy, their own passion and not being attached to what it is but helping and find it for themselves and creating a business around that. That was very significant.

It’s apparent that it’s rubbed off. You’ve brought up your husband a couple times. We talked about your husband when we had a chance to go deeper for hours over a couple of days together with a group of us. If your husband were in the room with you right now and you were going to turn to him and say, “Thank you, honey.” What would you thank him for as far as how he has helped show up for you to allow you to be your best you?

He and I met hiking on the Appalachian Trail in 1992. We were following our passion. The neat thing about being out in the woods is that you get to know the person. There’s no car, house or no artifacts to impress. The thing that struck me right away is that in an environment where there are no doors to open and there are no chocolates to buy or flowers, there’s nothing to distract you from the truth of who that person is. That he is to his core a true gentleman. He has been that for now 26 years we’ve been together, a true gentleman. When I met him, I didn’t think I’d get married. I didn’t think I would meet somebody that’s special to me. He is all of that and more. We’ve been business partners and parents together and married. I would say that he’s the reason I’m a coach first of all. He has always had the ability you see in me, talents and things that I bring to the table that I didn’t see in myself. Me and him too, we share that. We’ve been able to grow together and I’m enormously grateful to him. If I were to tell him how grateful I am to him and how much I appreciate him, it wouldn’t be news to him because he hears that from me all the time. I’m so grateful for all he does for me and our family and how much he believes in me all the time, and how he’s love me unconditionally. There’s nothing we don’t know about each other. There’s nothing we can’t say to each other. It’s absolute liberation.

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You’ve gotten a glimpse, you’ve gotten the tip of the iceberg. If you want to go deeper with somebody who’s not only built amazing business success but someone who has an amazing family. I believe a real evaluator of success, assessment of success is both the front stage at home and the backstage of business. How do those match up? She’s living proof that you can have the best of both worlds. If you want to go deeper, I would encourage you to go to or Every time we talk, I am fascinated by something new I learned from you and your spirit shows up in an amazing way. Thank you for being with us, sharing your story and your wisdom with our following.

Thank you so much, Dan. It’s an absolute pleasure.

I’ve got one more question. What would you hope that the action steps of our audience would be as a result of our conversation?

Rather than hope, I want to encourage everyone. One of my favorite quotes that I created, I crafted this because I wanted it to strike to the core. That is, “Our attention is our currency.” Be very careful where you spend it. Whatever you spend it on will determine the quality of your life and your business. This is mastery. Mastering the attention. It’s very easy to go into fear mode. Every business decision we make, everything we think and believe and feel and do, all of those things are rooted in one of two places. They’re either rooted in the truth or they’re rooted in fear. Fear has many derivatives. It can be anxiety, doubt, judgment, anger, on and on. The reason why most agents and entrepreneurs don’t accomplish what they want is that most people base their decisions on fear instead of the truth of what they want.

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A real evaluator of success is both the front stage at home and the backstage of business.


When you realize your attention is your own currency, you keep moving it to the truth. What is your desire? Let go of the rest, let go of your past. You’re not your past, you’re not your mistakes, you’re not any of those things. You’re here in this moment ready to move forward. When I hiked the Appalachian Trail, somebody was asking me all these questions, fascinated. I had hiked 1,000 miles. One of the questions was, “If you could do something differently, if you were to do it again, what would that be?” It helped me to realize that there’s nothing because I was on a journey and I course correct along the way. Everybody is on a journey. Don’t worry about anything that you would do differently. We all had the opportunity to course correct. You can’t do this wrong, you just get results and you make changes and keep moving toward what you want.

Roberta, it’s a pleasure and I want to thank you for being with us.

Thank you, Dan.

Seize the day and take action with what Roberta shared with you. I’ve got pages of notes, everything from identifying your right fit type of client. Whether you’re introvert and extrovert and expressive, there’s a right fit model for you. There are certain skills and capabilities you’ve got to learn that you can for yourself to success. You’ve got to get your house in order right. What would happen if your house is out of order? What is it costing you if your house is out of order? One of the best ways in business to get your house in order is to build the list that you have control of like having two million followers. You heard it from one of our guests, Colin Wayne, a very successful entrepreneur. He says he’s got over two and a half million followers between the social media platforms and less than 1% get to see his posts anymore because of all the changes that we shared, and Roberta talked about in the five dimensions to be able to live into. Which dimensions serve you best? What dimension would serve you better? What would happen for you if you could move to that fifth dimension and operate from that place? I love your quote, “Our attention is our currency.” I encourage you to pay close attention to what Roberta shared with you. Seize the day, make it a great week and we’ll see you next time on

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