Neimology: What’s In A Name with Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Podcast 224]

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GTF 224 | Neimology


What if you could know, just by understanding someone’s name, how to effectively communicate with them?  My guest, Sharón Lynn Wyeth, can identify a person’s strengths, challenges, and life purpose by deciphering a name through a process called Neimology®.

It’s fascinating…

Sharón is the creator of Neimology® science, the study of the placement of letters in a name; and her theories are now being applied in over 70 countries. She associates her process and instincts to offer precise readings on topics like money, career, relationships, and love.

Sharón authored the award-winning book called Know the Name; Know the Person, which discusses how understanding a person’s name can help you create and grow relationships.

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about Neimology® and its potential benefits in your business and life!

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Neimology: What’s In A Name with Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Podcast 224]

Have you ever said, “What is in a name?” You know the old Shakespeare thing, “Tis by any other name.” What if by a name you could truly know someone? What if you could know and your team as an entrepreneur or in your relationship or potential relationships? What if you could buy a name, know how to vet a potential client or a potential team member or know what motivates them or bond with them faster, easier and better? What if you could know by a name the style of communication? That is what we’re going to be covering in the show.

Our expert is Sharón Lynn Wyeth. She’s recognized internationally as a name expert and she can determine one’s strengths, challenges and the purpose of one’s life by deciphering a name. We’re going to have some fun because we’re going to play the name game here with her, with my kids and me and my family as well. She created Neimology Science, the study of the placement of letters in a name. After fifteen years of research followed by three years of testing, her theories are now in over 70 countries. She also wanted to see if different languages, different cultures where this could apply. Here’s what she found: it applies universally. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in a relationship, this will apply to you. She’s used this technology, this methodology to help companies, HR departments and lawyers in how to present cases to judges, couples and families, entrepreneurs like you and I. She creates names for new businesses and new products. She’s also a frequent guest on radio and TV. Sharón, welcome to our show. How are you?

It’s so wonderful to be here with you. I was looking forward to joining you.

I am fascinated by Neimology and what you’ve created with Neimology Science. We’re going to take a deep dive into that. Why are you doing what you’re doing with Neimology Science?

I found out when I was a school teacher that how you group the students in their groups can make or break a student. You want them to be able to learn right away and especially at the beginning of the year when you’re grouping everybody. When you’re looking at the names and you can tell who’s going to get along with whom. It is marvelous. The first day of every month I changed the groups. By the end of the year, you’ve had to work with everybody and learn how to get along with everybody but during the time I’m teaching Math, I’m also teaching personal skills. I can keep doing it because I can look at their names. That excited me when I started seeing that there were patterns in names.

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Since then, it expanded. My kids looked at me after I became a single parent and I would rarely date and when I would they go, “What’s his name? What’s in his name?” They knew I would preview and I would say, “You’d make a wonderful friend but more than that. Thank you but I don’t want to waste either one of our time.” It was interesting how it developed and how it started. I realized that you could compare two names and you could see how to solve the problems and solve the issues. After a while, I figured you could date anyone, fall in love with anyone, be with anyone, be a partner with anyone, if you knew where the issues were and you talk that out before you ever make agreements.

My first marriage didn’t work out so well and I’m happily married now. If I wanted to take my marriage to another level, how could we use matching what you said? The idea of matching names together, my name with my wife’s name. Does the maiden name matter? Does the middle name matter? Does the full name matter?

All of it matters but give me her first name.

Her first name legally is Thuy.

When I look at this, your wife likes to have a good time. She likes it the best when you are bringing humorous things to her and she likes to be on top. Don’t compete with her. Don’t play a game where you’re against each other because she needs to win. She gets upset with you if she’s not winning. Why cause that? I would say if you want to play any a game, you’re both on the same side and you can play against another couple that would bring you closer together. Don’t compete directly against her because that’s going to separate and pull you guys apart because she has confrontation in her name, which means if she doesn’t like something, she’s going to bring it up and it’s going to be in your face. That is literally when you compete with her that’s what initiates that. Your wife is incredibly likable. She can get along with anybody that she wants to. The key is, does she want to? You have good communication between the two of you because it’s a compatible communication style and she has spirituality in her name.

GTF 224 | Neimology

The birth name is the blueprint for your life.


When you like to be the detective and get to the bottom of things, it’s like you want to dig deep and she wants to go high. If you talk about spirituality, let her share her ideas without any judgment but listen and say, “That’s an interesting thought.” Later on say, “Have you thought any more about this?” because that’s going to be one of her favorite topics and she loves it when you’re simply listening because she says, “You’re considering it.” That’s one of her loves. She loves to be able to share that with you and if you’re saying, “I’m not interested in that.” She’s like, “That’s a hole. I’ve got to go find somebody who I can go chit chat with this about.” She wants your down-to-earth, problem solving to say, “I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said and have you considered this?” She hates to be told what to do but you already know that. If you say, “Have you considered this to see where your thinking is?” You’re not telling her what to do. You’re giving her ideas. That’s what she likes about you. She goes, “Dan’s the problem solver and he’s the idea man.” She loves it when you’re sharing your ideas.

You show your love by helping her with her work, but she shows her love by causing you to laugh. If she can get you to laugh, she’s saying, “I love you.” If you’re helping her with her work, you’re saying, “I love you,” but that’s not how they receive work. If you can get her to help you with the work that’s saying to you, “I know she loves me because she’s taking her time to help me get done with this so we can play sooner.” If you’re causing her to laugh, she’s saying, “He loves me because it’s important to him that I’m happy.” Those are all things that can help raise the closeness and explain to each other how we receive love and share the love and different things that we can do that are easy that can bring that relationship to another level.

There’s so much accuracy and wisdom in what you are saying. How do middle names play into this? My middle name is John. My official legal name is Daniel John and then Kuschell. Does the legal name matter? The name I go by is Dan and that’s what I’ve gone by for my whole life essentially. The only person who calls me Daniel is my mom and then the middle name which I hardly ever use. Speak to that, I’m curious.

The middle name is where we go when we’re under stress. If you’re carrying a lot of stress and stress only comes about when time is involved. If you have all the time in the world, you don’t go stressed but if you have time commitments, you’ve got to get it done by a certain time, we can become stressed and that’s when we use the middle name and the attributes in that middle name. What’s interesting is that if your middle name is stronger, has more dynamic letters in placements than the first name, those people become procrastinators because they need to put themselves under stress and able to get those attributes going that are in their middle name.

If you know that, then you can give yourself a false deadline, act as if it’s real and give yourself that same amount of stress but then it doesn’t affect the body because if we’re under stress it affects the body. That’s our middle name. The birth name is the blueprint for your life. It even gives you the timing of when you’re going to be focused on what. It says overall, here are your seven challenges for this life, what you came to learn here are your gifts and talents that you came to be able to learn that stuff with to use in the process. What you’re going by says, “This is how I’m going to go about doing those seven lessons using these gifts.”

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If you’re looking for a way to vet clients, bond in your relationships, connect better, communicate better, know someone’s learning style. This idea of Neimology and Neimology Science may be able to help you. Sharón, I want to shift a little bit here. We have our dog and lots of people have pets and it’s fascinating because many times people will take care of their pets even better than they take care of themselves or each other. How do pet names apply to Neimology Science?

It works the same way. For example, give me the name of your pet.


Your dog is always trying to one-up and get better than he was the day before. He’s got a lot of emotions. He needs a lot of hugs, a lot of touches. He wants to crawl on your lap. I don’t care how big he is, he still would want to crawl on your lap. He wants honesty. If you’re leaving for the day and you’re going to be back in eight hours, he wants to know. You would say, “Bear, we’re going to be back in eight hours or we’re going for the day and we’re going to leave you with water and everything else but we’re not coming back until late at night.” He would want to know. He wants to know the truth. He wants to be able to plan his own day. I know this sounds crazy for the dog. He’ll know when to sleep and when to be ready to pay attention because his whole thing is to pay attention. If you notice, if you open the fridge, he’s paying attention and he’s listening. If you start to do his food, he already knows it before you put the food out because he’s listened to all the things in between there and says, “We’re getting ready for food.” His big thing is to pay attention, learn the details and then be able to respond to those details but at the same time, give a lot of love, a lot of hugs and always wag your tail.

That about describes Bear to the tee. I’ve got to ask about my daughter then. Her name is Kira Tagan Kuschell.

GTF 224 | Neimology

Do not invest on somebody whom you initially know is not going to stick around.


She made herself likable because she’s seen from her mom that it’s important to be liked but she’s not going to change who she is and able to fit in. It’s like, “I am so likable. If you don’t like me, there’s something wrong with you because I’m okay.” She’s a natural leader. When she leads, everybody benefits and she’s all about family. Family takes up a lot of her time, a lot of her attention and in fact, if you two ever needed her to when you were older, she would be there to take care of you. She wouldn’t hesitate. That’s part of her responsibility. She doesn’t like anybody who lies or lies through a mission and doesn’t tell the whole story. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with anybody that is not being honest and she’s got quite a rebellious streak. If she’s under stress, it’s like she becomes a steam roller and says, “Look out. Get out of my way. We need to do this and don’t get in my way while I’m doing it. I’ve got to get this done.” That’s some of the things in her name.

How about my son, Kyler Jordan Kuschell?

He’s a leader but he’s going to trump a lot of other leaders because he’s got that first vowel of a Y and anybody that’s reading, those are the boss’ boss. They had that first vowel of a Y. If they choose to go into leadership, they can but then he’s got other leadership parts in his name. He’s got a lot of self-confidence. He can understand things from other people’s points of view even if he disagrees with them. He still gets it and so people find him easy to talk with because he’s empathetic. He’s got those same letters where he does not like liars and he’s got that same rebellious streak. He’s a very physical person. He likes to touch, the feel of things. He likes things that look pretty. He’ll always notice how somebody looks. If that picture is crooked on the wall. He’s going to walk by and straighten it out because it looks better that way. He may experiment a little bit early in the sexuality department, make sure he’s very well-educated on the consequences of his choices but anyway, he’s a natural leader. I wouldn’t worry about either of your kids. They’ll both do great.

Are there such things as a bad name or a name that gives you a warning sign? Most of our readers are entrepreneurs. Let’s say we’re vetting clients and we want to identify whether this client could be a right fit for us to work together short or long-term. How can you use this Neimology to be able to vet a client properly?

There are certain things that you may not want to deal with in a particular client. I can look at a name and tell that client is going to be a jerk to work with. Most of the times I’ll say, “I don’t think you’re the right fit for me and maybe you have to try something else.” I don’t want to say no but I don’t want to work with them. Every once a while I’ll look at somebody’s name and I’ll say, “They’ve got all these challenges in there. I wonder if I’ve learned enough on myself on how to deal with people with those challenges. Let me take this one on to test myself.” A name will show you who they are. Let me give you an example. In the name Cassandra or Nassar, there’s an ASS and there’s that combination. If they’ve got that in their name, they’re advertising who they are for you there. If they only have the first two letters out of those three letters and then there’s a little one instead of a big one.

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You can make your decision up and say, “I know this one’s going to be a little bit more challenging to work with.” There are four different combinations that indicate temper. Some of those will say, “I’ve got a temper where I can kill somebody. I can get so mad. I can lose control and literally kill or damage or maim somebody.” If you’re a massage therapist, you may not want to be working with somebody like that because you may push wrong, pull wrong, pinch wrong or something and have that person’s temper go in a flare and then turn around and get attacked. I’m not saying it always happens. I’m saying there’s the possibility there. I got an email from one of the HR companies that I work with and saying, “We’re going to vet this person we’re thinking of hiring. How would we work best with this person?” This one seems to be the best and I said, “This one is so competitive and he’s not a team player because he’s too competitive. To cause him to be a team player, here’s what you’re going to have to do with him.” People have already made up your mind.

My goal is, “Yes, it looks like he has a lot of talent but here’s where some of the challenges you’re going to be. Since he’s going to be working with these other people, this is what can come up.” I said, “The real thing is, in his name, he almost has the qualities of a psychopath. He’s going to be charming and so delightful and so appeasing that you think this guy’s wonderful but when he gets in there, he’s only going to be nice to the people he likes and he’s got a little bit of a mean streak for the rest of them.” This is how not to engage that main street. Wouldn’t you want to know those things before you offer him a job and say, “Do we need his talents? Is there nobody else with those talents?” If we decided yes, we know what we’re getting and what to watch for. I will say when he starts showing any of this, “This is what you have to do to make him not do that where he’s working for with you.”

That is amazing and fascinating and on the other end, I think of it in terms of let’s say somebody you know is looking to work with a client or even work in a job with a boss, to vet their boss or vet the person they’re going to going to work with. How do you see or look for narcissism?

That’s all in the book because I didn’t leave anything out. That’s all on that first book about personality, Know the Name; Know the Person. When I was giving a talk over on Kuwait, this person missed the talk, came to the person who sponsored me afterward, bought a book and read it and said, “I’ve always wanted this job and I’m going to use this book to go appease them. Whoever interviews me, I’m going to know exactly what to say and how to say it to get this job. Even though I’m not the most qualified but this is what I want.” After he went to the interview and everything else, the person who had sponsored me asked him, “How did it go?” He goes, “I got offered the job. That stuff works.” He learned and she said, “When do you start?” He goes, “I’m not.” She looked at him and she goes, “Why? What happened?” He goes, “I asked the name of the person I’m going to be working for and knowing Neimology signs, I thought I don’t want to work for him,” and he turned the job down.

GTF 224 | Neimology

Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names

How great would it be if you could have a predictive sense? Financial experts talk about having forecasting capabilities is like one of those rare gifts that a lot of business owners don’t have. What would it be worth for you to have the ability to predictably with science and for a forecast how you could connect or work with potential clients or team members or vice versa? How great would that be? You have this technology, this methodology at your fingertips with Neimology Science. Sharón, I can’t help but we have a primary group of people or business owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs and the creative innovators running a couple of million-dollar businesses a year and they don’t typically have an HR department per se. Maybe they outsource it, maybe they’ve got one person in charge of a couple of people or whatever and payroll that sort of thing but like an HR department. I could see big companies maybe seeing the value and having the budget but it seems that entrepreneurs would be missing having this tool, this gift, this predictability, this science to help them make better choices and better decision on the people. At the end of the day, it’s the people that can help us build and grow our businesses either from a client-side or team-side. What would you say to that person? This applies to those bigger companies versus the small business, lean entrepreneur company.

The smaller businesses would benefit even more because every time you mis-hire, what does it cost you? You’ve spent time and money training them and then they don’t stay because that will show up in the name too if they’re not going to stay. I think that’s important. Why invest in somebody who’s not going to stick around. If you’ve got a small company and you’re outsourcing a lot, you want to make sure they’re reliable, they’re honest and they’re not going to steal your ideas and sell them to another company. There are a lot of things in there. There was a small company that I started working with that at the time I started working with them a few years ago. They had less than twenty employees. Since then, they have grown and they keep growing and now they have close to 50 employees.

I will tell you that I vetted all but one of their hires when she told me, because I keep track of who’s working on what departments so they can say, “This one we’re hiring for this or these are the names that we’re considering for this.” I can look at that and the one that they hired, they said no, she was the wife of somebody and whatever. We hired her and I said, “I would never have hired her.” I said, “She’s emotionally unstable. You had better document every single thing you tell her and she doesn’t do you need to have her sign off when she doesn’t do it that you’re both aware because it’s going to end up in court. There’s going to be a problem. She’s not emotionally stable.” A few months later, she accused him of stuff that didn’t happen and they were in court and because she had all of our documentation there, she won the case. I said, “You even took my class. You’re doing a lot of it on your own but when you have somebody, you have me a fast glance.” It doesn’t cost that much. I am so reasonable on my rates simply because I look at it as a win-win. If we can get the right person and the right position, they’re happier, they work better and the company benefits. It’s a win-win for everybody, the company and the individuals.

Speaking of that win-win for everybody and having this technology, this science, this methodology at their fingertips to refer to. Where can people go, Sharón, to learn more about you, get access to your resources and all those sorts of things?

The easiest way is to go to the website,

I want to encourage you to go to Get access to Sharón’s resources. Start diving into this methodology, the technology and the science to help you make better choices. To help you vet your clients, to vet your team members, to help you know what motivates your team or your spouse or your kids or your family. Build better rapport, know their learning styles or know their communication styles. If that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t worry about it but if those things could help you leverage to help you grow your business, to make a bigger impact and to make a bigger contribution, then I encourage you to go deeper. Go to the website to learn more. Sharón, as you’ve worked with thousands of people over time, you communicate with about 5,000 people a week, getting insights, wisdom, nuances and distinctions on what it is that you’re doing. What are one to three big breakthroughs you’ve observed with the Neimology Science over the last six to twelve months that our readers would get some value from?

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If your first battle in your name, it doesn’t have to be the first letter, it has to be the first vowel so you’re looking from left to right in your first name. That is where your communication style is and if you know that the first vowel is an A, an O, is a Y, those people want to work first and talk later. When they come into the office, they have had to train themselves to say, “Hi, how are you?” because that’s not their natural thing. Their natural thing is, “We’ve got to do this. We’ve got these things we have to get done and then as we’re done, if we have time, we’ll chit chat.” If you’re with a person first vowel, A, O or Y, you want to immediately say, “What’s on the list? What’s the goal today? What do we need to do?” You start with work.

If you’ve got the other vowels an E, I or U as the first vowel, they like to connect first. They’re the ones around the water cooler telling stories of what happened last night or what they viewed or what they witnessed but they need ten or fifteen minutes of connecting first before they can get into work. If you’re one of the people that need to work first and you’re not doing that connecting and you come in and say, “We’ve got to do this and this.” That person looks at you and goes, “You don’t even care about me. You didn’t even ask how I was.” The A, the O and the Y need to look at their watch and go, “This is going take me ten or fifteen minutes. I need to take the time to connect first and then we can get to work and it will be fine.” That way they’re not all day long saying, “What did I do? How come they didn’t say hi? How come they didn’t ask how I was?” and then they can get to work and focus.

It’s what I call it as the A, O and Y comes from the head first. We work and then we play. The E, I and U, they come from the heart first. They connect and then they work. If you know that part then you’ll say, “This is what’s getting that person’s feathers ruffled or whatever,” so you know how to approach. I always think if a telemarketer calls you down and they go, “I’ve got an offer for you and here’s the bottom line. What do you think?” You’ll stay on the line and listen but if they go, “How are you?” You’re gone. You’ve already wasted my time. I want to hang up. That much in communication can help people.

That can help people. If you’re reading, what would happen for you if you put this one simple strategy in place? I’ve got three and a half pages of notes here, Sharón. There’s a lot here to bring in. What is something I should have asked you that I hadn’t?

How can you improve your own life immediately? That is as you look at your name, your first letter of your first name is the first impression that you make. If you started either going to the book itself, the first book and looking it up what it is and saying, “This is what people know about me, think about me and feel about me right off the bat. How do I want to use that?” If I know the first letter and the first name when I meet somebody else, I can ask them questions that concern that first letter. For example, Dan, in your name the D for everybody is this is a person who bases all of their actions on their own religious belief whatever it is. It’s on their own relationship with their Creator. If you would start right away, are you a church-going man or have you gone off on your own and developed your own relationship? Talk to me about that. What was your journey like? That is an immediate connection. I’ve got the first letter of an S and everybody that has the first letter of an S, our first impression is we are smart. Immediately saying, “What have you been learning lately?” You’re starting that conversation. I would say, “If you knew what the first impression was of people, you would know how to start a conversation and I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with strangers because they don’t know how to start.”

What are one to three action steps you hope our readers take from our time?

I would hope that everyone would go to There’s so much information there and I would love to give everybody a reading even if it’s a half hour because in that half hour you find why you’re here. What’s your purpose, what’s your goal and where are you in that situation? I look at it as a lighthouse and those boats can be lost or adrift or getting off path and that lighthouse gives you that strong focus of light to follow and getting a name reading gives you that strong focus of light to follow. I would hope they get the book so they can learn chapters two and three. Two is the first vowels and everything and I expanded that for the third book, Know the Name and Know How to Connect because it’s so important. With that chapter two, I touch on it some in the first book and chapter three are the first impressions that people are making. I give mnemonic devices in the book. How are you going to remember this? For everybody who doesn’t have the letters that say that they’ve got a great memory, I give you the mnemonic devices in there. I think if everybody could give themselves with those few things, they would improve their world and their communications and the quality of our life is relevant to the quality of our personal relationships. That’s what can help.

That is the truth. As you’re reading, would you like to have better communication? Would you like to have clarity around the purpose of why you’re here, the purpose of how you can make a bigger impact on others? If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur for you to be able to go out and make a bigger contribution, this Neimology Science may be able to help you. I encourage you to take advantage of what Sharón shared with you. One, you can get access to these resources at Let her know after you get started with some of the resources that you were introduced through us at the show, she’s offering a free reading for up to 30 minutes to walk you through some of the key insights and strategies and questions. I want to put a disclaimer on here depending on when you see this, it could be years from now. This is for a limited time only. Go to Sharón, you have two kids that are in their 30s. What are some of the insights that your kids have gotten as a result of you making this technology and methodology available to them on this learning curve you’ve been on applying it?

They happen to be fortunate because when they were little when I started this, I knew from their names where their interests would be. For my son, I started him at computers literally before he was two years old and he learned the alphabet through the computers before he was in second grade. I put him on causing through the computer, the robot to move or do this or do that or whatever. He started to learn to program and now he is in cybersecurity, which I think is an incredible field. Everybody thinks he’s brilliant. He has that in his name too but he’s so good at being able to do all kinds of things from building the computer to solving all the software problems. I knew that would be his interest and I started him very young. On the other hand, when I looked at my daughter’s name, I saw that she had a lot of creativity and a lot of artistic things in her name. I put her in art classes from the very beginning. I also saw that science would be of interest. She ended up going pre-med all the way through school and she’s a fabulous artist.

She draws, she does all kinds of things and she’s incredible but I started that when they were young, giving them extra activities because I could see in their names where their interests were going to go. I didn’t waste time giving them training in different areas or extra classes in different areas. I focused on what I already knew they would be headed and look at what a head start that is for your kids. They’re both working in their fields and they’re both doing incredibly well. I think a lot of that has to do with knowing how to speak with them, knowing how to direct them. Both of my children have in their names that they like to be the boss and individually, they both came to me and said, “I want to be the great only child.” That shows up in the name too and I didn’t get into this until my youngest one was one. They already had their names or I would’ve spelled the youngest one’s name a little differently. I always say that if you have a child, wait until you got the name that you want and then call me and let me help you spell it so they can get their lessons easier but the same lessons will be there.

She’s Sharón Lynn Wyeth. I encourage you to go check out what she has available and resources and tools whether it’s for you, for your kids, for your team, to vet clients, to connect with clients to bond, to communicate and all of these different things. This technology may be able to help you. Go check it out at I have one last question. Sharón, what is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a square dancer. I love to go dancing and I do quilts. I do very creative artistic quilts but I also make needlepoint and paint and all those other things that I think if I wasn’t doing a Neimology and in my spare time I do creative projects. I make a lot of donations to kids. My heart lies with kids that become orphans because both of their parents are in jail. That’s where I make donations and that’s where I’m doing my best to create safe environments for those children that become orphans on no fault of their own.

That sounds like an incredible gift and what an incredible gift to have you with us. I want to encourage you, as you’re reading, take action with what Sharón has been sharing with you. It can help you, it can help your team, it can help your family, it can help your kids, it can give you greater clarity, greater confidence as a result and certainly give you better direction and all kinds of cool way. Sharón, I want to thank you for being with us.

Dan, it was such my pleasure because you’re awesome and such a wonderful detective in your name. This show is in alignment with your name. I thought this would be great. Thank you.

Thank you. There you have it. I encourage you to take action with what Sharón has shared with you. Go to If you never want to miss an episode, you can go to If you know someone who could benefit from this, get value from this, give them a gift. Hand this off to them. Share it with them. It might change their life and remember you’re one breakthrough away from greater growth and greater freedom. We’ll see you next time on Make it a great week. Seize the day. Take care.

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If you want to go deeper and create a personal plan to get unstuck, stop the leaks in your business, ultimately free yourself from your business, or to get your next BIG Breakthrough, let’s have a Clarity Call.

You’ll walk away from it with clarity, new insights, and actions you can take to exponentially grow your business… to grow with less stress- even if we never work together.

To reserve your Clarity Call, go to or send an email to [email protected]  with Breakthrough Strategy Call in the subject line.

PPS: As we’re heading into a period of change in advertising and economy shifts, if you know of someone else who is looking for effective strategies, here are 3 ways we can help:

#1 – Send them to our Podcast (over 200 hours of insights, wisdom, and strategies) at

#2 – Forward this episode to them.

#3 – Make an introduction and connect us at [email protected]  and/or encourage them to schedule a Clarity Call at 

About Sharón Lynn Wyeth

GTF 224 | NeimologySharón Lynn Wyeth is recognized internationally as a name expert as she can determine one’s strengths, challenges, and the purpose of one’s life by deciphering a person’s name.

Sharón created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research followed by 3 years of testing her theories in over 70 countries.

She wanted to see if her methodology held true in different languages, and indeed it does. The greatest gift that came from developing Neimology® Science was being able to see all people as One, as our basic desires remain the same regardless of where we live or what culture we are experiencing.

Today she assists the HR departments of different businesses in narrowing down the candidates to be interviewed, assists lawyers in how to present cases to judges, and couples and families on how to better communicate with each other.

She also creates names for new business and new products. Sharón is a frequent guest on both radio and television.

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