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Dan Kuschell

Dan Kuschell is a husband, dad, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He runs Breakthrough3X, a company that gives you instant access to a Fractional CMO Team. Breakthrough3X helps founders and CEOs grow their businesses 3 to 10x and generate more clients daily with a simple system that gets them free from the day-to-day. Dan has owned 12 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the Host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How to package and present yourself
  • Dan Kuschell’s strategy for identifying and solving client problems
  • Why was your offer rejected?
  • Five steps for delivering your offer

In this episode…

Are your ideal clients consistently rejecting your offers? How can you position yourself to make your proposal more appealing?

Business advisor Dan Kuschell says to start by identifying the offer you’d like to present. Next, conduct research into your ideal market to determine their desires and pain points. It’s beneficial to develop three to five efficient solutions to these problems. Lastly, present your offer by establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. With this methodology, you can generate more leads, sales, and profits.

Join Dan Kuschell in today’s episode of Growth to Freedom as he discusses how to package yourself and your offer. He explains his strategy for identifying and solving client problems, the main reasons potential clients reject offers, and the five steps for presenting an offer.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership, we’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach a bigger impact and make a bigger contribution.

Dan Kuschell 0:25

Welcome to, the show that’s bringing you transformation, inspiration, and leadership. We’ve got an exciting segment of our show today. Let me ask you a question. What if we could show you a way to package and present yourself and or your offer to generate more leads more sales more profits? Would that be something that would be of interest to you? Well, that’s what today’s segment is all about? No, first of all, thanks for making us part of your day. If you want to join us in on the conversation, make sure to follow us on Twitter @Dan_Kuschell. That’s Kuschell Dan_Kuschell or email us at [email protected]. Now, if you want to get a chance to go deep with this episode, and this segment of the show, you’re going to want to go to growth to\55. That’s growth to forward\55. And if you missed our last segment, which was growth, the\54. You know, there were a couple questions that popped up. Matt actually had a question after that segment. And he asked me says, you know, Dan, what if someone isn’t a good leader, oh, if you don’t remember that segment was all about lead and Grow Rich, I’d encourage you to go check it out. I think it’s gonna give you a new way to think about leadership. And one of the questions Matt said is, you know, what, if someone doesn’t really have leadership qualities, and so it made me think of two things. First of all, one of the best paths for leaders to take in many cases, right, Matt is to be able to follow others who are leaders, right. And so it’s like an apprenticeship in many ways, number one, number two, it’s the ability to realize that your definition of leadership and my definition of leadership are completely different. And that’s okay. My, my definition of leader being a leader or being my CEO today, is different than say it was five years ago. So we’re constantly evolving. So if you are sitting there questioning going well, I’m not sure if I’m a good leader, guess what get over it, you are come up with your value system, your definition of what that is, again, you can get all the criteria of that at Today, we want to talk about packaging and positioning your offer for greater leads sales and profitability, right? And I know that’s a big promise. And you might be saying, well, I’ve tried everything before and that doesn’t work, right? We’re gonna give you some simple ways to be able to think about it, some practical tools to actually be able to use to, but you’re gonna need to get out of pen and paper on this. And be able to write some things down because, you know, Dan Sullivan, you know, talks about the problem is not the problem. It’s how you think about the problem, the problem, most of us don’t think we’re too busy, you know, caught up in life and day to day, overwhelm, and day to day, and I’m there to at times, you folks don’t, don’t mix the message here and the messenger and me going, Oh, I’m better than you’d help. And heck, no, that’s not the case at all. I battled this all the time. And so this is just a great practical way for you to go through it. So first of all, it starts with some questions, right? So number one, I’m going to give you a framework of you know, answering some questions about your industry, your niche your clientele. And then I’m going to give you a way to think about presenting that offer probably in a much simpler way. Now, I didn’t invent any of this. First of all truth. This discovery I’ve made so to speak isn’t my own discovery. I’ve been taught you know, I’ve been being mentored in marketing and sales, persuasion, influence and presentation techniques, since I was 17. Right. So this has evolved over time. Some of the most recent people I’ve learned from you know, people like Dan Sullivan, people like Joe Polish and Genius Network. People like Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard. I mean, I could go on and Tony Robbins Dean Graziosi all these incredible people who article I learned something watching the presidential election debates right and how they present and how they do well, how they don’t write how they package and position themselves so number one, as you get started in packaging and presenting yourself it starts with the question number one of what is it you offer right, because what it is you offer isn’t the thing that people are buying? You think it is but it isn’t the thing they’re buying is what whatever it is you offer gives them so mad, who’s our video producer? People aren’t buying video, they’re buying what video gives them and then they it goes deeper. So for example, if I were this is a way that I would probably look at packaging, my offer and video production I would say Well, what I do is video packaging to help make your message more compelling so that you have a greater impact, greater contract fusion and ultimately can help you generate more leads more sales and profitability as a true credible authority. If not an icon in your industry, think about the way that comes across, right? That’s a little different than going I do video. Right now Matt doesn’t do that. By the way, I’m just giving you a frat I want to know Matt, and I didn’t even talk about I’m just using him as the example here for this segment, but it starts with whatever your x is, does y that’s going to be the benefit. So to start off with your x gives the Y What’s the benefit? But then what is it going to do for them as far as an emotional feeling? Overall, you know, certainly uncertainty. I talked a lot about this in previous episodes, and so on. So we’ll be right back on growth With more on how to package and position yourself for growth. Welcome back, we’re talking about how to package and present your offer for greater leads sales and profits. And let’s dive right into it. Because, you know, we talked about the idea of what you do is x, it provides y right, that you want to come up with the benefit of what that is, and gives the Z which is going to be more of the emotional benefit that people will get from what you’re doing. I use matt as an example for a video. So then it goes deeper, right? So now you want to sit down and really get inside the mind of your clients. You know, this is called market research, right? And I think this will be fun. By the way, Joe Polish from Genius Network likes to call this elf versus half elf meaning easy, lucrative and fun, versus half hard, annoying, lame and frustrating. So you can have a hard, annoying, lame and frustrating and not do this exercise. Or you can take the time to get inside your clients or your your ideal clients minds and come up with an elf model. I mean, what do you prefer, if you want an elf if you don’t want enough business, then blow this off. But if you do want enough business, I challenge you to go through this simple fun exercise to be able to look at. So number one, after you identify what it is you really offer, then identify the top call it problems, situations, Threats and Dangers that your clients face. Right? What are their top the top problems, and what I recommend is simply get a piece of paper out, right. And I encourage you to do this today, while it’s fresh on your mind, get a piece of paper out, and you’re going to draw a line down the middle of that paper. And on the left side, you’re going to write problems, situations, dangerous threats, right. And then you’re gonna just list out all the ones for your potential clients, right that they’ve got. And then on the other side, you’re gonna write solutions. And right for every problem that you come up with, essentially, you’re going to come up with the counterpart, the opposite solution, right?

I encourage you to do this today while it's fresh on your mind. Get a piece of paper out, and you're going to draw a line down the middle of that paper. On the left side, you're going to write problems, situations, and dangerous threats. Then… Click To Tweet

So, you know, a common thing that, you know, pops up like, you know, I don’t have enough leads, right, that’s a common one in business. So, you know, the solution for that might be create an automated model to generate leads, it might be create a podcast that actually allows you to generate leads create a call to action in your video production, that gives you the ability to create leads, it might be running, how to do paid traffic, there’s a lot of, you know, misconceptions or misunderstandings about that. But whatever your industry, what are the top problems, dangerous threats that people have, you know, like, in our model, sometimes people that show up for webinars is an issue. So like, what are some methodologies that you could do? What to the counteractive solution to that problem that comes up so mad as you’re looking at your business? You know, what are the biggest problems your clients face? In doing video production? Right? You know, there are things like, they don’t see how it really creates an ROI. So if you anticipate in other words, anticipate the objection, the obstacle, the problem that your clients, and then what is your solution, see, if you just articulate your solution. Many times, you’re already ahead of your competition, because most of your competition hasn’t taken the time to actually think through simple things like this.

Many times, you're already ahead of your competition because most of your competition hasn't taken the time to actually think through simple things like this. -Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

So number two, is for each of these, overall, really get clear on what it is that you’re packaging, what you do that’s in a unique way that will will be the solution then next, here’s a big one, identify the top desires, top three to five desires that your clients have overall, right? So in most cases, depending on the business, or depending on the industry, depending on the niche, you know, common things like more sales is what they’re going for, they want more profitability, they want more simplicity, right? They want more leads, they want more referrals, I mean, think of at the end of the day, how it moves the dial for that company, for that individual within the company, right? And the layers of that and you brainstorm several ideas to come up with your best three to five. Then here’s an even deeper one. I think I learned this from Tony Robbins. You know, Matt, I think you and I’ve talked about that I attended my first Tony Robbins event and Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan, back in like the 80s, late 80s. Right. So I was you know, in my late teens or early 20s. And Tony said this and it’s something that’s just stuck with me, you know, and I might have his exact words, you know, out of context, just a little A bit, but it’s the same idea. What are the biggest reasons why, right? They want the solution. Right? Why do they want the solution? In other words, the emotional read, I’ve talked about this a lot in different shows, right? Even at our Lead and Grow Rich episode at\54 You can get it at context. But quickly, Tony talks about six human needs right? Tony Robbins, certainty, uncertainty, significance, love growth and contribution. Those six have figure out, what is it? Why do they want X, whatever your x is to fill that Y for them, what is the Y for them, right and come up with your main three to five for your business, right. And if you take the time to really do that, what will end up happening is you’ll start communicating better about I do X that does y to doozy, like the big one that I talk about a lot is making a bigger impact making a bigger contribution because the type of entrepreneurs that I work with, that’s what their their big thing that they’re going for. So I constantly am repeating, those are a couple. So in your business, you know, you think that whatever industry you’re in next is, here’s another kicker, and I believe I learned this from Tony Robbins as well as identify that brainstorm all the reasons why people don’t buy from you. Right, anticipate, because you’ve obviously if you’ve been in business for longer than a day, you’re gonna have people who say no to your offer, what are the reasons? They’re saying no. Right? You know, some of it could be money, some of it could be lack of knowledge, some of its lack of confidence, some of it, think of all the logical reasons and then all the emotional reasons they say no, right? If you’re thinking in terms of Tony six hierarchy of needs, certainly, well, there’s uncertainty around your offer, which is why they’re saying no, what is that uncertainty, right, or maybe it’s not giving them enough significance, right or purpose, maybe they feel it’s transactional, not transformational. In other words, it’s not from a true place, they don’t see it yet from being a place of contribution. So it can again, it can just be repackaging, or packaging what you do in a better, better way. So out of all those things you brainstorm, come up again, with the main three to five, that you’ll focus on. So that’s the starting point of packaging your offer in a better way. Now I know I went through that quick, you’re gonna probably want to listen to it again, you can go to\55. Get a couple sheets of paper out and do these exercise. It’s well, where again, do you want to elf business? Or do you want to have business if you want to have business, don’t take this seriously, blow over it, just think about it in your head. If you want to have an elf business, sit down, pull out two, three sheets of paper, take a couple minutes, this will take you know longer than 15 minutes to go through. And I can assure you it’s well worth the time because guess what, you know, I had a mentor years ago, he said, you know, Dan, it’s easier to get wealthy in this country than it is to make a living. I was like, What are you talking? If it was that easy? Why everybody be? Well, he goes that you don’t understand. He goes, it’s easier to get wealthy in this country than it is to make a living. Because you’ve got no frickin competition. And that’s so true. Right? There’s a certain percentage of people are going to do a little bit of this action plan that I’ve shared today. But the majority will not. And there’s an old saying in the Bible, by your fruits, you shall know them. Which person are you? Are you a person who takes action with what you’ve been given? takes advantage of opportunities that come your way that truly and you’d go, Yeah, I want an elf business, but are your behaviors and actions supporting that desire? It’s that simple. Right? Now, let’s say you are the type of person because that’s why you’re listening. If you’re listening to the show, chances are you are someone who’s an action taker. Right. So what do we do next? Well, now we go and how do we present our offer? You know, overall, now this could be in person, it could be one on one, you know, start thinking through, like, if you were going to do a presentation to somebody, you know, we call them in Genius Network 10 Minute talks, right? We get some of the top thought leaders in the world, they do these 10 minute talks. And this is a framework that I’ve you know, again, I don’t want to say I discovered it, but it’s just reframing and simplifying a lot of the different techniques and strategies that are out there. So, you know, crafted in this type of a framework number one, when you make your presentation, you make a big promise. Right? What is your big promise that you do, right? Because people don’t want video, for example, in Matt’s case, they want what video does for them or what it gives them right ideally, you know how to use video to generate more, you know, 52% more profits if that’s the case, but you got to come up with a big promise that you can meet by the way don’t make over promises. You don’t want to hype stuff up. Right So number one, you make a big promise number two, you lead into the conversation and you see us do this on the show a lot I talk I the way I do it is I go imagine this, picture this and then I go into a series of what if questions, you know what if You could get really good at honing your offer, making it packaging and and presenting in such a way that would compel people to just want to do business with you versus the competition? And what if you could go out and package yourself in such a way that uniquely positioned you as the only expert in your niche? As the go to expert, the old go to authority with ultimate super credibility?

What if you could get really good at honing your offer? Making it, packaging it, and presenting it in such a way that would compel people to just want to do business with you versus the competition? What if you could go out and package yourself… Click To Tweet

Right and super authority? What if you could do that? That’d be something I’d be excited. Well, I’m using that strategy. Right. That’s step number two. Step number three, is address the skepticism that people have about whatever it is that you might be offering. Now, a couple common ones that people have regularly are, I’ve tried something like this before, and it didn’t work, right. Or you don’t know my industry, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that. And then I go into that industry and catapult the results, right? You know, there’s certain operating systems that just work your universe, you know, like, when I throw a ball up in the air, what’s going to happen? It’s going to come down. It’s the law of what law of gravity and there’s laws of success and laws of business and laws of failure to and most importantly, many people have followed rituals and habits of laws of failure, which is why we struggle, me too. You know, I’ve been there again, I’m not here calling the kettle black. Because I I’ve dealt with my own mistakes and my own failure. But the fact is, is if you can address these skepticisms upfront, what do you think it will do if you are one of the only people in the world to talk about their skepticism hesitation up front? What do you think that does? It opens what trust doesn’t it? It opens your credibility, it makes you more believable. Why? Because you’re probably the one person in their entire industry who’s actually willing to put the cards out on the table and be real with them. And people today more than ever want to work with people who are real. Number four, what is the discovery? Right? What is the discovery and so now this gets into your strategy that uniquely positions and usually, you can follow that up with like your three step approach, your five step approach, I would encourage you to do something between a three and a seven step approach of packaging your process, whatever I you know, Matt’s case, I have a five step, you know, process to give you a return on, you know, video ROI, you know, or you come up with a name of whatever that process is, and then walk people through what that is, you know, Genius Network, we have the five step return on genius process, right? Because inside of you, you have genius, don’t you? We want to help you get that genius out. And through our five step process, we help do just that. And we do it this way. And we walk through it. It just makes sense. So you come up and package your version, then you make your offer, right? What is your offer, get very clear on what your offer is, when you’re making it to people. And you want to start by writing it down, work backwards, think through what is that offer, and I encourage you go much higher to begin with. And then you can work people into some type of a trial make it easy for them to say yes. And then your call to action, you’ve got to tell them what to do a call to action, right? Be clear on telling people what to do. For example, I’ve got us if you want to go deeper with some of the principles here, you want to grow your business faster, easier in what we call an elf way, versus a halfway, you know, the six key components we talked about in business, the six key areas mental, physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and financial. Personally, you can go much deeper with our resource packet. So I want to I’m going to do a call to action right now for you to take advantage. You know, this package is valued a couple of $100, it’s yours FREE, when you pick up the phone right now, right, and you’ll get our two best selling books, Walking With the Wise and a hampion in the making, walking with A Champion in the Making: awaken the life, Awaken the Champion Within Your Life, Business and Relationships, you’ll get our audio program to help you be better at business more productive, better at recruiting and hiring better at leadership, right? All these things we’re talking about, you’ll get access to a couple video segments. This entire package is yours when you pick up the phone right now and call 602-246-3389 That’s 602-246-3389. Or you can go to that’s, right? And imagine what would happen by putting some of these tools in place. Imagine if you got just 10% better at hiring and recruiting better people. What have you got 10% better at selling, persuading influencing? What have you got 10% better at being able to package your offer? Right? What have you got 10% better at the mental side of the game? What have you got 10% better as a leader. Now if you factor all those 10 percents over the course of a month, over the course of a quarter over the course of six months in a year. Where would you be in a year from today? If you put these tools in place? Well, here’s the reality you do nothing. You’ll get exactly that. Is that what you want? Nothing. Well, if you want more than that, you want to see exponential growth exponential breakthroughs. Well, now is your time you can get this resource package growth to forward slash mastery or pick up the phone 602-246-3389. And that’s our wrap for today’s show. Oh, time flies when we’re having fun, doesn’t it? Take action with what we’ve shared with you? Work on packaging and position, come back to to get all the details. Thanks for making us part of your day. Make it a great week, seize the day. We’ll see you next time on

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Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You get that at That’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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