Paid Media And Facebook Not Working? What You Can Do… [Podcast 237]

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GTF 237 | Facebook Ads Not Working

Are your ad costs going up and you’re frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to get a positive R.O.I.?  

Or maybe you’ve even had success with your ads in the past, but now it’s not working anymore.

In today’s episode, I will share with you proven strategies that we’re using with our own clients… Many of the same strategies that our clients are using right now (and they’re investing tens of thousands per week).  This can help transform your marketing game, and help you stand out in the crowd.

This may not be rocket science, but with a little creativity and boldness, you can apply these to your business and see a major difference.  

In this session, you’ll discover:

What to Do If Your Ads Aren’t Working, or They’re Costing You More Today

How to Stand Out in the Crowd

“It’s Better to Be Different than Better” -Sally Hogshead

4 Easy Steps You Can Take to Make Your Images Unique

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Audience Selections More Profitable

A Simple Video Strategy that Provides a 1-2 Punch to Create Greater Trust and Conversions

What You Can Do to Make Your Offer Unique

And more…

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Paid Media And Facebook Not Working? What You Can Do… [Podcast 237]

This is one of the greatest advertising books in history and it’s so amazing. Have you discovered that old is new again? In this book in chapter one, it says from John Blake from Blind X Advertising Expenders, “There’s one justification for advertising: sales that are immediate, sales that are abundant and sales are profitable. These are the results that you get from advertising. Why don’t you?” That’s the question I want to pose to you. There’s an opportunity to make money on Facebook. There’s an opportunity to run ads on Facebook to help you build and grow your business. How’s that working for you? We’re going to cover Facebook ads, what to do if your ads aren’t working. Before we go into that, I’m going to give you five unique strategies to be thinking about that will transform your ads that we’ve seen with our clients.

I want you to picture this. You’ve probably bought this idea. If I put ads on Facebook, I can reach my target audience. You run some ads and you put some money, whatever that money is. It could be a couple of hundred dollars, it could be a couple of thousand dollars a day, whatever it might be anywhere in between. You put some ads out and what happens? You think you’ve got a good offer, a good headline. You might even have hired somebody and they run an ad and it doesn’t get your results. What do you do? Do you quit? No, you keep at it because you’ve got marketing stamina. You run some more ads and what happens? Maybe it doesn’t work or it’s not what you expected.

There's one justification for advertising - immediate, abundant, and profitable sales. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

Over time, I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly felt the frustration of putting money out and not seeing a return. What do you do? That’s one scenario. Another scenario, what if you’ve had amazing success with your advertising or let’s say your Facebook ads? All of a sudden, the ads are starting to cost more and more money. What used to cost X now costs almost 2X a few months later and then 3X and 4X and 5X and it seems that it’s getting harder and harder to get a client. It costs more and more to get a client. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that way. We’re going to talk about some unique strategies you can use that we’ve learned and discovered working with some of our private clients that likely will shift the way you think about your advertising and how to stand out in the crowd.

This segment is called Facebook Ads: What To Do If Your Ads Are Not Working. You may not need this but you might at some point run into this because maybe you’re killing it right now and that’s fine and hopefully that’s it. That’s true. If it’s not the case though, here’s what you should know. It’s better to be different than better. I want to give you five unique strategies that you can test immediately to see how it can transform your results based on some of our clients. Think of this Sally Hogshead quote, which is what I shared with you, which is, “It’s better for you to be different than it is to be better.” What can you do to stand out with your ads in a crowd, considering we’re in a social platform? What can you do to be unique? That’s what these strategies are going to share with you and there are three things to think about.

GTF 237 | Facebook Ads Not Working

Facebook Ads Not Working: What didn’t work six months ago works today, and some of the things that did work six months ago aren’t working today.


How can you make your images unique? How can you make your offer unique? How can you make your audiences? Chances are you’re probably advertising in a crowd and you’ve got competition. How do you make your audiences unique, your offer unique and your images unique? I want to give you a couple of simple things that you can do that we have found that has boosted results. When you do images, depending on your niche, use group images. This shows social proof and it usually shows community. It’s a social platform. It’s also a social environment. For whatever reason we are seeing that moving from individual type photos to group photos has had a lift in results. Another thing that we’ve discovered with our clients is that you can run the photos through a filter and you can brighten them up a few shades. Turn up the brightness on them and see how that impacts your results. Those couple of things has had an amazing impact.

Here’s another concept to test either partially or the entire image, and that is what would happen if you turn the image upside down or half of the image upside down? One half is upside down and one half is straight up. We’ve tested this concept and think about it, if you saw an ad upside down or a video piece or what looked like a video piece upside down, would it stop you in your tracks? It’s what an image is here to do in many ways. It’s to stop us. It’s to create a pattern interrupt. How could you create your pattern interrupts with these things? Consider turning the image upside down or a part of an image. Let’s go to some of the audience segmenting that you can test to boost your results. A lot of times we see very sophisticated, successful clients that are clumping everything all together.

It's better for you to be different than it is to be better. - Sally Hogshead Click To Tweet

What I mean is you know that you can segment the list. You can go to and isolate in the people of your audience that are on desktop and people that are only on mobile. You can check those boxes to separate them and we’re finding them in many cases that we can get better results with one over the other. It decreases the cost or creates an increase in the results, so try that one. Another one is isolating the demographics, in other words, male versus female. Isolate who it’s going to. Isolate whether it’s male or female and compartmentalize. Don’t clump them altogether but segment those audiences. That has had some lift for our clients. Are you getting some good info? Your ads, if you’re at a place where your ads are struggling or maybe you’re concerned about costs going up, try a couple of these simple things.

Here’s another one. Depending on the age of your ideal clients, try playing around with the age shift. Focus on a certain age range of your ideal client’s lifted up. If you think your ideal client is 25 to 45, increase it five years from 25 to 35 up to 50 and see how that might increase the results. We see some interesting and fascinating results with that because it’s an imperfect science on Facebook. I don’t know how much you’ve done but without us, our clients spent well over six figures every few months or approaching seven figures maybe in ad spends between us and all of our clients. Some of this is really powerful insightful data.

GTF 237 | Facebook Ads Not Working

Facebook Ads Not Working: Consider testing your offers in different cultures and languages and such, and watch what might happen for you.


Here’s another one, what didn’t work a few months ago works now. These things go in a cycle. What were old many times become new again. Next is to create videos. You can create videos that are direct-to-camera. Consider it as a mini-series. Create your version of a mini-series video concept. It’s a mini-series idea. You can create videos between one minute and 30 minutes and post them. You can run ads to those videos. Now, here’s the thing. There’s another elephant in the room. You might be, “I don’t want to record videos myself. I don’t want to be direct-to-camera. I don’t look good on camera,” whatever all of these things, that is okay too. I’m going to share a strategy with you that a couple of our clients are using that have generated literally over 20,000 to 50,000 views in a couple of weeks and it built up their perfect audience. Now they were able to put their offers in front of those folks.

It’s so much easier than you think. Think about it in terms of two types of videos. One, direct-to-camera or number two, kinetic videos. Literally, you can go find companies that will write the script for a 32nd or one-minute or two-minute video that elicits a question around the problem your ideal client has. You give them a strategy around the solution and then you give them a call-to-action. It’s a real simple formula to create powerful content. You create that video in a script and then you put some visual motion around that script and now you post it with a voiceover. You don’t have to be direct-to-camera. We’ve actually had clients who’ve used these kinetic videos with this type of framework.

You want to have the right market-to-message match. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

This is the framework. You do a video view campaign and you build up the audience. You build up your perfect audience. You target that ideal perfect client. After they’ve watched ten seconds or 25%, 50% or sometimes 75% or more of those videos, you put your offer in front of them and you’re focused on the people. Literally, you can generate video views for $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.05 per view. It’s pennies on the dollar. My name is Dan Kuschell and I’m the Founder of a company called Breakthrough3X. We help entrepreneurs, business owners grow their leads, grow their sales and grow their profits with less stress using implementable strategies in marketing and selling.

At the end of the day, these are some of those strategies that we have found that work. The bottom line is that for pennies on the dollar, you can get your perfect clients as a following. Years ago, when I started all the way back in the 1980s, early ‘90s, we were running TV commercials and it was not as targeted as you can do it now on Facebook. What does that mean? It’s a lot of wasted money, a lot of wasted costs. Whereas now, you can build up your perfect client audience and then serve up to that perfect client audience your main offers and see the results skyrocket. We’ve got one of our clients in the medical profession using this exact strategy, this one-two-punch and they’re getting a 91% return. I make no promises that you’ll get a 91% return, but I promise you that we would share five unique ways for you to test what you could do to boost your results and boost the performance of your Facebook ads.

These are a couple of them. We have another client that we’ve worked with. You likely never heard this strategy before. It’s really powerful. In fact, I spoke with one of our clients, her name is Madeline, and she says, “We’ve been running the ads that you guys had shared and the concepts that you shared and we made one little tweak, one little shift in our ads.” What was it? They shifted the language of the ad. They run an ad in another language in her market. What did she do? In her particular market, we’ll call it the health field, she shifted the ad because there’s a ton of competition in that field. She said, “Let’s go after a unique culture and in the Hispanic community.” She ran her ads in Spanish. Now, think about the brilliance of this.

Have you ever heard that you want to have the right market to message match? You want to narrow down, niche down and to be able to grow up? That’s what Madeline did in the health field. She took the same ad concepts we teach and she converted it to a Spanish ad, a Spanish offer. In her market, she put the ads out and she says she’s got twenty times the result. She’s got a flood literally in 30 days of doing this one strategy where she had probably twenty potential clients coming in through the doors through her normal Facebook advertising in that market with the same budget. She now has 120 coming in the last 30 days, over six times the results compared to the other. There are people in the seminar business, they go over to Australia, they go to these other foreign parts of the world and they’re blowing it up.

What was old many times becomes new again. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

Why? It’s because those areas are behind. It’s not that they’re behind. They just haven’t been marketed to. One of the great leaders in our industry, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, he says, “People don’t buy from us because they understand us. They buy from us because they feel understood.” If you’re in a market where you can take that message to say a Hispanic community or an Asian culture or many other cultures and really narrow down the message, put it in their language, speak the language they speak. Package it, create an experience around it and you’ll be unique. Why? It’s because most companies are ignoring those segments of the market. What could you do to tap into those? We’ve shared multiple strategies here with you. My challenge for you is to take action with what we’ve shared with you. Consider testing your images, consider testing the audiences and consider testing your offers, and as a caveat, test segments of the market in different cultures and languages and such and watch what might happen for you.

Would you like more strategies to help you generate a more predictable, steady flow of new clients on a daily basis with less stress and a whole lot more freedom? More freedom to be able to spend more time on the business, more freedom to spend time with your family, more freedom to be wearing a hat as the visionary leader of your business, the innovator of your business? Not feel like you’re the chief bottle washer and chief cook and chief accounting and chief salesperson and chief this and that? We have a lot of strategies that may be able to help. If you want to go deeper, if you want to get more strategies on generating a steady flow of clients and you want more clarity and you want to connect the dots, maybe you want help seeing the blind spots to get unstuck.

Most importantly, we can help you get unstuck. We have a no-cost strategy session that we offer. You can go do that and take advantage of that. Take the first step at Hit the link that says Request an Invitation. Enter your first name and email then follow the steps. Enter some info about your company so we can have a productive 30-minute conversation. We’ll understand where you are, where you want to go, then offer some additional resources to help you transform your business. We had many people walk away from that session going, “I feel more energized. I feel greater clarity, more confidence, more direction.” If you’d like that, then it’s really easy to get more of that by going to If you don’t want that, no harm, no foul.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this segment and this session on Facebook Ads: What To Do If Your Facebook Ads Are Not Working. We have one little tweak, one three-degree turn. Think about it. What would happen for you if you were able to shift your offer slightly, your images slightly? Be creative, be innovative and be disruptive to think about, “What’s everybody else doing? How can I stand out and be different and unique in the market?” These are at least five ways that you can do that. Take action. We look forward to working with you. Seize the day and we’ll see you next time on another Breakthrough Strategy Session. See you.

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