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Jill Lublin is a master publicity strategist, international keynote speaker, and 4x best-selling author. With over 200 global speaking engagements, she empowers audiences through interactive keynotes, seminars, and training programs on publicity, networking, and influence marketing. With 25 years of expertise, Jill has been featured on the stages of Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others and has been recognized by ABC, NBC, and other media outlets as a regarded publicity expert. She also trains and consults with executives, sales teams, and marketing departments in Fortune 500 companies.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jill Lublin talks about her attraction to PR and how she entered the space
  • Authentic publicity strategies for business growth: a case study
  • The value and relevance of PR in a shifting media landscape
  • Businesses’ most repeated PR mistakes
  • How to leverage PR to gain visibility and exposure
  • Actionable PR steps companies can implement

In this episode…

In the landscape of social media, influencers, and personal branding, one overlooked promotional strategy is public relations. Contrary to widespread belief, PR is not outdated. So what are the benefits of this medium, and what tactics can you leverage to advertise and grow your business?

PR authority and connoisseur Jill Lublin endorses the approach as a monetization strategy that generates trust, visibility, and recognition by targeting your audience’s defined needs. Traditional advertising methods involve placing emphasis on companies’ products or services. With PR, you must develop unique, precise, and relevant messaging to elevate your impact. Jill advises garnering media acclaim by contacting local networks to share your story and drive relevance.

In today’s special segment of the Business Breakthrough Spotlight on Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell invites Jill Lublin, a PR strategist, consultant, speaker, and author, who shares her secrets to generating valuable publicity for your business. Jill discusses actionable PR steps any company can implement, how to leverage PR for maximum business exposure, and common PR mistakes.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell  0:02

welcome today’s special segment Business Breakthrough spotlight, we ask you that, would you like a new way to be able to get more new leads, be able to get more new clients and do it in a way that was not salesy. not pushy, not, like overly HYPEE, that sort of thing. And do it in a way where you can get more exposure far easier than probably you’ve been led to believe? Well, if that’s the case, and I think you’re gonna love today’s spotlight, and the breakthroughs that you’re going to recognize, and the reason is, as you’re gonna work, be able to hear from one of my favorite people that will show you how to boost your business with high impact publicity, how to use PR to get more new leads, more new clients, more new sales, how to position yourself with greater authority, credibility, but not like in a sleazy way, but in a genuine, authentic way where you can connect with your ideal audience where they feel like you’re collaborating with your audience where they feel like they’re being heard, they’re being listened to, and a whole lot more. Her name is Jill Lublin. She’s been at this for over 37 years. She’s the international best seller of four amazing books related to PR. So we are going to dive into some really powerful insights and breakthroughs today. Jill, welcome. How are you?

Jill Lublin  1:25

Thank you, Dan. I’m great. And always delighted to be here with you.

Dan Kuschell  1:30

Say you’re here. So let’s dive right into it. So you’ve been at this for 30 years. Right? Like, why are Why are you so fascinated by Pr yourself? I’m just curious, like, what’s the backstory? Like, how did you get here?

Jill Lublin  1:41

So you know, it is it is one of those, I love what I do and do what I love. And you know, I found a lane and the lane has been good to me. And I’ve been good to him and able to serve literally over 100,000 people in the course of my career. And you know, like everybody, I actually found this by accident, I was actually going to law school on another track, and got to law school and ended up in the music business. And that’s actually where I discovered what I truly love, which is publicity. And I was doing the director of publicity and promotion at independent record labels, and that one thing led to another right and it’s like everybody, wonderful variety of things that happened that kept me on track. And the truth is, it’s it’s been a great career. And I believe sometimes going long and deep has been for me a great strategy.

Dan Kuschell  2:39 

Yeah, you’ve been able to work and connect and do all kinds of crazy stuff with some of the biggest brands, some of the biggest experts, some of the biggest celebrities with what you do doing what you do. You know, like what’s like, what’s a story that you could share, you know, of somebody you work with, and maybe wasn’t like a recognized celebrity are a recognized expert that like, maybe even you were amazed by what the PR strategies did to help them grow their business?

Jill Lublin  3:09 

Well, let me tell you about Ryan. And Ryan had seen me speak I do a lot of speaking all over the world now virtually to and Ryan had seen me speak and he’s like running up to me at the end. He goes, Jill, I want to work with you. I’m like, great, Ryan, what do you do? He says, I’m an instructional designer. And I must admit, I probably got that look of I have no idea what you’re talking about. I said, you know, Ryan, I don’t really know what that is, please tell me and he did. And I said in my very, you know, direct truthful way. The truth is Ryan, that’s not the story. And in our work together, one of my gifts is the ability to translate people’s story. I’m actually really good translator and I go underneath the message. And I said, you know, Ryan, after listening to his story, we re translated it to what it’s like to leave a job, by the way, still a great story, right? He had a pregnant wife at the time he had two children already. This guy just bought a big house. And did I mention they fired him out of his corporate job, right? So I made him into a virtual office warrior. And Ryan took a vow that’s the acronym. Ryan took a vow never to work in an office again. That story Dan got him into the front page of the San Francisco Business Journal. Hallelujah, right at your front page of everything. And anything and Ryan also got from that huge amounts of publicity in Entrepreneur Magazine, home office computing Mac Home Journal. I mean, it just went on and on for nine months. We literally increased his revenues by 48%. Really from start to finish, and started a really great trend for him which continued using publicity The other truth is for him, and I’m really big on one of these strategies about using everything you’ve got, I call it. So Ryan’s Asian American, we actually translated one of his articles into the Chinese times. Guess what, by the way, he doesn’t speak Chinese. He’s second generation didn’t quite speak at point is that one article generated $7,000 of business from as a consultant. Now, does publicity work? Yes. And, you know, to be honest, I think both of us were like, wow, we get the story, right. And one of the things when you find the right stories, you have to ride that wave. And we rode that wave literally for nine months. And now this is a guy who just been fired. Remember, all this stuff was going on, not so good in his life, but because of publicity. It saved his business, it saved his marriage, it saved his ability to really serve people, and, and got him on the right path with a great story that worked. And you know, it’s funny, I remember reading the one of the articles, and they actually wrote in the headline, when fired, you too, can vow not to work in an office again, the media loves their job Made Easy, we made their job easy, we quickly assess the story that works. And it kept working, and increased profits and website visits and, and prospects and really got his business up leveled.

Dan Kuschell  6:29 

And as you’re watching or listening right now, like what would happen for you, like, if you could take this, you know, under leverage story that he has inside you. That story that’s meant to connect with the world, and you had a pathway to be able to get it out to the world. And you could get publicity. And it could bring you new clients, and it could bring you new opportunities and new relationships, media, clients, consulting, and a whole lot more like what would that mean for you? What would that do for you? Right? And so Jill, you know, as we look at publicity, like, you know, you and I, you know, we’re like, oh, geez, and this whole business world today, you know, we’re at this both over 30 years, and, you know, lots changed in media, lots changed in marketing, and lots changed in advertising. Our version of this is direct response branding, which PR certainly fits into. And you know, that there’s, there’s so many people that say, you know, PR and branding is like, never do that. And then there’s people who say, just do direct response marketing, and I go, they’re both outdated, by themselves, mesh the two together, and that’s when you can be a tide that lifts all boats. Right. And it’s confusing for people, you know, we got all these platforms today. And then there’s usually in these platforms beyond like, just social posting, there’s, you know, advertising, and oh, and you can advertise in each one, you got to be really a specialist in each one, stay in your lane. And that’s overwhelming. Why PR now versus, you know, maybe even a couple years ago, talk about that, why now, why PR?

Jill Lublin  8:15  

Well, I’ll tell you, if you want to get seen, get hurt and get paid. PR is going to be your beautiful strategy to do that. And realistically, listen, let’s look at I mean, I come out of the music business, let’s look at actresses and actors and all, you know, musicians. And if you look at why they are successful, it’s because of PR. Why do you think somebody does a movie and works hard on it for months and months and months, doesn’t see their family? What’s the first thing they do? They go into a hotel room and do PR period to promote, let’s say, the movie or whatever they’re working on. There’s a reason why if a celebrity stops doing PR they fade from your mind. And this is the same for you as a business person. I don’t care small business person with one employee or more. You fade from people’s minds when you’re not in front of them. And public relations is one of the most incredible free strategies to bring people to you. It’s a magnetization strategy, which monetizes you and multiplies you quickly to serve a lot more people fast without spending a fortune in ads and other things that people are doing. And if you rely on just social media, let me say you’ll be lucky from an ADS perspective, literally, you know, gambling a bit. Will they see your posts will they see what you do? And publicity is is the gift that keeps on giving meaning you can use it and I leverage it again, again and again. One of my clients who actually owns a digital marketing agency came to me now you know, she’s an influencer, right? She was 28 years old. She said, I know Oh, that publicity is what’s going to drive my business. Because of one of my strategies I gave her. She is now a top 30 under 30 Filipino business owners that’s using, you know, specific strategies right? Now guess what her digital marketing business got 12 clients or 12 prospects, eight of which became clients in that first week that that happened. She got two major speaking engagements, something she’d been dreaming about, for a long time. The trust factor that publicity creates, generates that kind of ongoing, it choose you, right? Because they’ve heard of you somewhere. Social media doesn’t do that. Even apps don’t do that. It drives people. Yes, it builds your lists. And publicity builds your list to I love how it does that. And most importantly, it creates that ongoing connection to people establishes you as the expert, and creates that. That, I think, pretty much the big the big thing, besides of course, prospects and clients is trust and leverage ability, right? You can keep leveraging publicity consistently.

Dan Kuschell  11:15  

And as you’re watching, like, What Would having accelerated trust in a relationship be like, you know, I don’t know if you’ve recognized this, but you know, their sales cycles and everything and some cycles, you know, especially if it’s a transaction based, it’s like, you know, it’s a short sales cycle. But if it’s a higher value, program, service product, or you know, premium product service, or whatever, many times your high pay premium type software, SAS models, you know, these things can take months and months, if not, like 1820 22 months cycles. Well, what would happen for you, if you could collapse that timeframe down by applying some of what Jill’s sharing with you collapse, trust, collapse, respect, collapse authority, if not create super authority, super credibility, super trust, because of something as simple as a PR strategy that Jill can show you now, you know, Jill, as you’ve done this, and especially now, like a lots changed in the world of media, and, you know, influencer, that wasn’t even a word 10 years ago, as people have become influencers or thought leaders, or whatever these things are standing out from the crowd is critical, right? What what are some of the common mistakes that you see most people making when it comes to like, attempting PR, or like dip and just kind of they dip their toe in the water, oh, I tried to be worse, and then go off and run down the other rabbit hole, shiny objects or whatever, talk about that big mistakes?

Jill Lublin  11:22

Yeah, so one thing is to be consistent and persistent in the world of PR, it is that it is that ongoing visibility factor. And, you know, I have a number of visibility building activities that people can do it, by the way, they include networking, which is showing up and creating a message and being in front of people, there’s lots of great podcasts you can get onto that are actually quite simple to get on to and build your leverage, and then serve your clients too, and make you you know, frankly, look and appear as the expert you truly are. So the mistake people make is a couple of things. One is in messaging. And messaging is often what I call I versus you. And it’s important to message appropriately and, and well. And right out the gate if you can but you know, listen, publicity is a it’s an evolutionary process. You grow as your message grows. So I believe firmly in planting seeds. You know, people go well, I’m working on a launch, and I can’t do publicity before the launch. Yes, you can you start let’s say you do a 500 word article, and start seeding the ground right and driving people to trust you to your website to to your free gifts to everything you offer so that people believe in you and trust in you very important. So for incorrect message, I’ll say the other thing is not jumping on when something happens that you can be a commenter on, that you have the knowledge and know how to actually say something that’s worthwhile, you know. So for instance, I have I have a conflict negotiator, that business consultant and you know, something like when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are duking it out in court, you know, celebrity stuff, and I had him jump on and talk about conflict. negotiation. How do you not we’re talking about divorce and celebrities, but we recreated a mess message that could work. So I think sometimes not paying attention. And this doesn’t have to be hard. My friends, this is very simple. It’s called look at your phone every day. And what are the what are the news stories that are appearing and jump on them? Because guess what, you got an opinion too. So I think honestly, it’s it’s that simple. I’m not a big believer in you have to have all your ducks in a row. I’m really not I think you just got to jump on and be willing to speak about whatever it is that is going on in the news, and be a voice to be heard. Because, you know, guess what? The media, it’s all opinion. Newsflash, it’s all opinion except for the, you know, hard stuff. And, and the, you know, stories. The reality is, you’re the ones that the media features, its people just like us,

Dan Kuschell  15:54  

and how would your business be impacted? If How would? How would your business be impacted? As you’re watching or listening right now? If you were position as that leader of this XYZ opinion, what would you have the right message? What would happen if you had the right seeds to go to the media? What would happen if you were ready when the next news breaks related to your potential area of expertise? And how it would shift the game for you? Right? How would that free you up? How would that create more momentum in your business compared to? Well, maybe not doing it? Right? What’s it costing you not having ongoing PR every single day? Right? And here’s the deal, it’s so much easier than you’ve been led to believe so much simpler. And Jill makes it very, very simple. Now, Jill, what’s an example of, you know, someone that maybe was a little bit, you know, new at PR, maybe not new in their business, not new at their expertise, so to speak, but, you know, they, with what you said you help guide them with the message, you help them get the seeds going, you know, in addition to Ryan, what you shared, like, what happened for them? And what’s an example that someone can like attached to or connect to here?

Jill Lublin  17:15 

Yeah, well, let me let me just tell you, so one of my clients self published author, right, got on a podcast and sold 42 bucks in 15 minutes. So it’s a 15 minute podcast. 42 bucks. I’m going to tell you something she unsold any up to this point, right. One of my other clients utilizing her small town Wisconsin newspaper, got a 250 word article, this is not big, right? You don’t have to be in the New York Times, my friends are, um, Good Morning America, or it doesn’t have to be big. And I really want you to hear this. You need to just work your sometimes local market. And her being in a small town newspaper. Got her check this out a $5,000 client. She’s a business consultant, $5,000 client, one of my clients, great example. He has a nonprofit, right? Because nonprofits need publicity, too. And this was his heart projects. It really he’s actually a bigger time business consultant and then working on a nonprofit. And following my advice to use a different angle and tie it into a news story. He raised over $100,000. Okay, this is what I’m talking about PR brings you money. He raised over $100,000 for his nonprofit, ended up on ABC TV in San Diego, CNN, The Washington Post, right all kinds of places that drove not only eyeballs, but money to his nonprofit. And guess what this translates to business, eyeballs, money, trust clients, prospects to your business, no matter how small or big you are, because of what you’re doing, and publicity being seen being heard.

Dan Kuschell  19:06  

Amazing. So as you’re watching right now, you’re listening, like, you know, what would happen if you had more exposure? Right in cool ways. And I hope you hear what, you know, what Jill is sharing with you here and you know, you plant seeds, right? And you’re probably doing that already. You refine your message to fit related to what’s being talked about. And give your opinion you probably doing versions of that already like so, in many ways. What Joe has a unique gift to do is it takes things you’re already doing but show you how to leverage them. So it brings you leads, media opportunity, clients sales, you know, raising money and a whole lot more. Right now, Jill, if somebody wants to go deeper with you on your strategy, I mean, you’ve got a whole wealth of resources and all this stuff. Where can people go learn where do you want them to go to learn more about you and what you what you do and how they staff

Jill Lublin  19:59 

Thank you. Well, I really want you to go check out my free gift that I’ve created for all of you, which is an action guide and even more tips for great publicity. As well as a free publicity masterclass with me direct and live. So check it out, you go to

Dan Kuschell  20:28 forward/freegift now we’ll put the links in the show notes and somewhere on the page. I don’t know if it’ll be up here, over here, down here, wherever. But go to right now. Take advantage of the checklists that the Jill’s making available for you go through the masterclass. And I challenge you put some of the strategies Jill will show you in place. He can help. It can help you get PR it can help open the doors, it can help you get interviews, it can help you get on potentially TV, radio, a whole bunch of stuff that you may have never even thought possible with something as simple as taking the first step. And if you don’t love the If you don’t love it, then ask for a refund. Oh, wait, it’s free anyway. I mean, it will bring you a whole lot more. So go there right now now. I mean, Jill, there’s so many different things I want to ask. And I know we’re kind of limited here a bit on time. But what’s what’s something I should have asked you that I didn’t get a chance to ask you yet.

Jill Lublin  21:39  

I would say what’s the number one thing they should do right now? Like, what’s the first thing you all need to do?

Dan Kuschell  21:46  

Yeah, besides go to Yeah. Okay, what is the first thing someone should do right now,

Jill Lublin  21:53 

I want you to expand your mindset about what publicity is and stop making this hard. Okay, because it is easy. So expand mindset about Wow, yes, I’m an expert. I have something to give. And I have important information that others need to know. And then on a concrete level, let’s start with your message. Okay, and first great step for that is get off the I words, here’s what I do. Instead of I’m a chiropractor. You know, there’s 98% of people are feeling stressed these days. Here’s some simple things you can do. Right? That’s the chiropractor message. Now I’m a chiropractor. All right. So that’s, that’s some, even more than one thing you can start doing right now.

Dan Kuschell  22:44 

What are what are one to three other things that someone might do beyond that? I’m curious.

Jill Lublin  22:50  

So one of the things I’m big on is in your own backyard, because I see a lot of success with people right in where they live. You can start getting media. You know, here’s the good news, your local Business Journal, your local daily paper, your local ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News affiliates, they want to interview you, I promise. I’ve seen enough of my clients get interviewed, I promise you, they want you in your own backyard. And they need they want and need local experts. Like they’re mandated to have local experts. So sometimes honest, it’s just pick up the frickin phone and call your local TV, morning news stations, your good de la or you know, good morning Phoenix or whatever it is, for each one of you. There’s morning shows in your local market, they want to they do want to hear from you. And and these are really wonderful ways to get immediately seen. And my third tip would be, you know, people under us, it’s I call it actually an announcement strategy. We teach it in my publicity, breakthrough boot camp and actually write it in your local Business Journal. There are sections called people in the news. They are you making announcements about something that’s happened, maybe you hired a new fill in the blank, or you recently won an award or, you know, basically it’s a place to brag and what it does is create recognition in the marketplace, driving people’s attention to what I like to call the I’ve heard of you somewhere syndrome. So I’m gonna really recommend that you start looking that way and use your local market and I also will tell you having worked in PR for quite a while that one of the things that I know that national producers do of national shows is they watch the feeds guess what, yes, of their ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Radio and TV affiliates. They’re watching news feeds listening for show those news stories that are relevant and watching for experts that they can interview, it just makes your job a lot easier. So those are really helpful 10 Helpful Hints.

Dan Kuschell  25:11

Those are, those are amazing. So as you’re watching right now, what could you do to make your message more you focus for others, for your potential clients, and future clients? What could you do to just pick up the phone and reach out to some of the local state how challenging reach out, make a list of things go, you can look it up on Google, you can look it up, you know, in all kinds of places online these days pretty fast and easy. You can go on LinkedIn, or whatever. And just reach out to your three, four or five stations locally. And then you can take the same approach on radio, if you want to take that that approach. And don’t be shocked if they’re ready to interview you. Right? Take Action, apply what Jill is sharing with you. And then number three, is being able to give yourself that little boost, call it like, it’s almost like building a fire underneath you which get yourself in the news by recognizing that like, if you did a fundraiser and you know raised X 1000s of meals for hungry kids in a local market, you probably should advocate for that. Or you help do something for a local sports team, or you did something to help a client, right? Get that in the news. You know, people want to know about it. So. So Jill, as we wrap this up, I mean, there’s a lot we’ve covered here. And again, as you’re watching or listening, I want to challenge you and encourage you to go to right now. I mean, I would estimate because I’ve gone through that information. And have you know, and I’m biased to a degree because Jill and I, we worked together for a while. So I am a little bit biased. But I can tell you that. I imagine that if you go through that masterclass, you’re going to know that PR is a simple solution that you can put in place and start putting in place now. When is now the best time it’s up I share with my kids do I share your wins and that one is now the best time to x whatever X might be. So as you’re watching or listening what is now the best time, right? Go now. Jill, what are one to three steps you hope our audience takes from our time today?

Jill Lublin  27:03 

The first step is do it. Right, take a baby step whatever is comfortable for you start planting those seeds, my friends, create that message that matters. And watch and listen for beautiful possibilities for publicity in not only your local market, but you know on the phone what’s happening in the news right now that you can fit into. There you have

Dan Kuschell  27:59  

it take action with what Jill shared with you apply it, you know, go out there and do it. Make the message about your potential client, reach out, become someone in the news by just submitting and a whole lot more. And as importantly, go to that’s And I just can’t help but wonder like what would happen for you if you just put a handful of these strategies in place? How many more new people would you connect with? How many more interviews how many more speaking engagements, how many more doors? Would it open? Money? How many? That’s right, exactly. So take action with what Jill shared. Look forward to your comments. Submitting your comments. Let us know how you enjoyed this episode. Most importantly, make sure to reach out to Jill seize the day make it a great week, we’ll see you on another episode where we focus on business breakthroughs in our spotlight. That’s all for now. See you next time.

Outro 28:59

Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You can get that at that’s activate that If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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