Sean Terry: Flip to Freedom, Creating Wealth with Real Estate, and Rituals for Mastery with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 35]

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Sean Terry: Flip to Freedom, Creating Wealth with Real Estate, Rituals for Mastery with Dan Kuschell


“Real Estate is one of the top sources for building wealth.”


Today you’re going to learn how to create freedom, mastery, and growth as Dan Kuschell interviews Sean Terry. He’s a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, publisher, and coach– having invested in hundreds of properties and regular invests in several properties per month.

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Here’s a glimpse at the strategies you’ll receive today:

  • What to do if you’re stuck in a rut and skeptical of most wealth building programs (HINT: It starts with mindset and helps eliminate your barrier of entry); [6:20-9:30];
  • How to get in real estate by structuring deals – even if you don’t have credit and limited on cash (HINT: if you’re creative you can create opportunities and profits) [10:00-11:04];
  • What to do if you face obstacles, objections, and resistance [11:20-12:50];
  • How to transform old outdated archaic method’s and use direct response marketing to get people calling you for deals [13:20-16:29];
  • What to do when your Net Worth drops and is cut by over 50%;
  • “If you focus on losing, that’s what you’ll get. You’re a simple shift away from winning now.”
  • How to engineer a business around freedom using direct response marketing strategies [18:57-20:55];
  • The strategic byproduct(s) of creating a publishing model based on providing free education with high value – and it created over 3 million followers in over 96 different countries [21:04-21:57];
  • 5 Key Skillsets for Mastery: Influence, Marketing, Hiring/Recruiting, Productivity, and Emotional Mastery [22:11-22:53];
  • “When you chase money, you chase it away. When you chase Mastery, you find true wealth.”
  • How to use a simple letter to find homes that aren’t listed for sale (HINT: and you may be able to find your dream home in the process) [23:10-25:11]
  • “The difference between a one-dollar and hundred dollar bill are the words and message on the paper.” -Gary Halbert
  • Elements for great copy: Choose the target list, share a compelling story, and build emotional attachment [25:30-25:39]
  • How to target motivation with your ideal clients and wholesale real estate with direct mail: target distress, tax defaults, pre foreclosures, absentee owners, inherited properties, probate properties, vacant houses [25:43-27:42];
  • How to make money in real estate by helping people out of their problems and out of their current situation;
  • The biggest myths of making money in real estate with wholesale distressed properties [HINT: This strategy focuses on the 3-5% who need it, they have a property in albatross, and it’s a win-win as it helps them solve their problems] [27:48-31:56];
  • The natural progression from wholesaling and working with distressed properties to fix and flips [31:50-32:12];
  • The wholesale strategy Donald Trump used to buy a piece of Wall Street and was a hundred million dollar deal [32:12-32:31];
  • The Power of Marketing in real estate: Single family homes, landowners, multi-units, commercial properties, and more [32:32-32:50];
  • “The bigger the deal, the bigger the problem, the bigger the solution and revenue for you to generate.” –Sean Terry
  • How to reduce the friction and the noise and prepare to win in Real Estate with a step by step blueprint [32:52-35:02];
  • The learning curve you can expect in wholesaling real estate (HINT: It’s simple, not easy) [35:05-37:07];
  • The top personal rituals you can utilize for mastery (HINT: It starts with appreciation, fitness, and planning) [37:07-41:35];
  • Why being more engaged in the now and in the present, leads to mastery;
  • And much, much more


Sean Terry is an investor, serial entrepreneur, publisher, and coach and is an expert that can help you grow your wealth with real estate!

Get Sean’s book by going to: and get your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing for free (at the time of this interview).

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