Seeds of Greatness, Rituals for Better Living, and Wisdom from Over 350 Experts | Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 20]

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Seeds of Greatness, Rituals for Better Living, and Wisdom from Over 350 Experts & Interviews with Dan Kuschell


When you plant the right seeds, you can reap a harvest. What you feed your mind, shows up every day. The quality of questions determines our bigger future.

Today, you’re going to learn how to plant seeds of greatness, ask questions to transform your bigger future, and access wisdom from doing over 300 interviews with the top leaders in the world – to give you greater confidence, capabilities, and growth.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll walk away with:

  • Planting the seeds of greatness with better quality questions;
  • Are you asking bad questions impacting the quality of your life? Bad questions create bad rituals, which creates bad habits and ultimately bad results. Discover what you can do right now to turn the tide, and transform the quality of your life;
  • Transformational Questions to Check In and set the Stage for Transformation: What areas in your life are you happy about? What’s working for you right now? Where in your life are you disturbed or unhappy about? Where in your life do you want improvement?
  •  “In order for things to be different, we’ve got to be willing to do something different. In order for things to improve, we’ve got to be willing to improve. In order for things to be great, we’ve got to be willing to DO something GREAT”.
  • Rituals you can use to create a great moment, a great day, a great week, and a great life;
  • What to do when you have bad rituals; A shift in your morning ritual can be a huge maximizer for you;
  • Tony Robbins Framework for Excellence: Standards, Story, State, and Strategy; “If you want to shift your outcome, shift the standard, story, state, and strategy”;
  • “When we focus on what we don’t want, that’s exactly what we get.” The simple strategy to immediately shift towards what you want;
  • How to live in a state of confidence, joy, passion, clarity, happiness, freedom, growth, contribution, connection, love and more.
  • The morning rituals, tools, and technologies to jump start your day – every day;
  • “If you want to shift the outcome, shift the questions you ask daily.”
  • The source for a healthy, protein rich meal plan:
  • The meditation app you can use in just 10 minutes daily for greater peace and fulfillment:
  • What I discovered the hard way and ended up in a hospital being told I had a 1 in x chance of dying in the hospital;
  • A simple ritual and strategy that brings greater peace, joy, and grounding: walks with my wife;
  • How to transform work that wears you down into something playful and enjoyable;
  • Dan Sullivan’s R-Factor Question: Project out some time – (1 year, 2 years, etc)…. and then ask: Looking back over the last (1-year) what do you feel has to happen in order for you to feel happy and satisfied with the progress?
  • The recommendation from Expert Michael Wickett in 1998 about finding the most successful coaches, mentors, and leaders in the publishing and speaking business;
  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom. “If knowledge was the critical factor for success, librarians would be the most successful people in life. Knowledge is one thing, wisdom is far more important because it means you’re DOING it.”
  • How to be more effective and efficient at marketing you and your business; The Can and Clone Technique (Joe Polish) using a simple one page letter to get endorsements, generate referrals, and make more sales;
  • Two networking groups to multiply and maximize your personal and business success – the I Love Marketing Meetup Group and the GKIC Local Chapter;
  • Being Effective: Doing the right things, and Being Efficient: Doing things right;
  • The When life works, and when life sucks list from best-selling author of Get Off Your But: Sean Stephenson;
  • One of the best ways to handle stress and distress: Self Care (from Sean Stephenson);
  • “If you plant seeds of greatness, you can own it in this moment. Decide and take action.”
  • And much, much more…

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RESOURCES discussed during the show:

I Love Marketing Meet up Group:

Sean Stephenson, best selling author, psychologist, speaker trainer, ridding the world of insecurity at:

GKIC Local Chapters: ; In Phoenix – Chuck Trautman:

Meditation App for great peace, gratitude, and freedom:

Get protein rich, paleo foods at:

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Dan Kuschell is a success driven business growth strategist, a media contributor, and thought leader. He helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners grow and scale their companies 10x by driving the flow of elegant ideas, execution, and team-culture for greater clarity, confidence, and direction. Dan has been recognized worldwide for creating results with his resources, books, and strategies.


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