The 10X Rule for effectiveness, success, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your business and personal life. [PODCAST 42]

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The 10X Rule for effectiveness, success, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your business and personal life. [PODCAST 42]


Where are you today compared to where you were 5 years ago?


What would you say if I could GUARANTEE you 10X the results over the next 5 years?


A while back Grant Cardone came out with “The 10X Rule” – a great way to think about setting goals and achieving great things…

But in today’s episode of Growth to Freedom I’m on a solo rant about my own version of the 10x rule when it comes to your success in business in life. Why am I on a rant? Because I’m lovingly, with all the passion I can muster, trying to communicate some very important concepts that could literally TRANSFORM your life. Honestly, these things are that important. If you could just grasp them, embrace them, and apply them to your life, you’d see some unbelievable changes over the next months and years of your life

I want you to get this. I want you to see the transformative effects of the things I’m talking about today. And here’s the amazing thing about them…

Getting 10X growth is not as hard as you’ve been led to believe.

People seem to think that in order to truly grow you’ve got to get some kind of expensive, specialized education or go to some high dollar seminar taught by a guru. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not the case. In fact, on this episode I’m going to tell you exactly, step by step, how you can integrate a few, very small habits into your life that will make a compounding difference in you as a person, and your business and relationships as a result.

There are 5 basic skills you need – and I’m going to tell you what they are in this episode.

But I’m going to go in depth on a few of them to show you in practical terms what I mean. Here they are:

  • One question to help you assess and recalibrate your direction and focus.
  • My 10X10X10 morning ritual (my version of the 10x rule) for you to adapt and use.

Beyond those two things, I’m also giving you two hands-on tools that you can use to get yourself going. I originally created these tools for myself, so that I could begin implementing these things in my own life, but now I see that was just a step in the process that allows me to provide them for you.

In the resources section of this page you can find my Monday Focus Maximizer and my Friday Focus Maximizer. Listen to the episode to hear what they are then download them and start using them.

This is a very serious episode because it’s about making the future better than the past, it’s about seeing changes happen in yourself for the sake of your family, your business, and seriously – for the sake of the world around you.

If you want 10X results in your life this episode gives you my 10X rule as the place to begin.
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • [0:33] Dan’s introduction to today’s special show: 10X growth.
  • [1:35] 5 skills you need to achieve mastery in business or personal life.
  • [2:27] The outcome of not being able to recruit others into what you want.
  • [3:39] The one key thing to making 10X improvement possible.
  • [6:10] Using one important question to help you assess and improve.
  • [10:54] Dan’s habits and rituals to become a peak performer.
  • [14:14] The ritual of starting your day: Dan’s pattern for you to use.
  • [17:54] What is keeping you from doing that ritual?
  • [21:12] Two tools you can use to maximize your questions.
  • [23:00] The best definition of “selling” Dan has ever heard.
  • [24:38] Why there’s no correlation between being good and getting paid.
  • [28:06] What is in the way of you and your better future?
  • [29:51] Get Dan’s special gift package: 602-246-3389 or visit the website –
  • [31:04] Where are you today compared to 5 years ago, and how would applying these principles make your answer different over the next 5 years?


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