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Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur, business coach, and author. He currently runs Breakthrough3x, a company that helps founders and entrepreneurs triple their profits and impact without multiplying their workload and their stress.

Dan has owned 11 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dan Kuschell shares the five steps to a high-growth sales solution at a glimpse
  • Dan talks about case studies of clients that have followed the 5-step model
  • Best practices and strategies for step one: making an invitation
  • Dan breaks down his client assessment and book-a-call models
  • The enrollment conversation and how you can enroll upwards of 4 out of 10 people
  • The tools you need to maximize the 5-step process and grow your business today

In this episode…

There has to be an easier way to generate high-value leads for your business, right? Between the countless sales funnel strategies, the pressure of developing a valuable and consistent content strategy, and the endless campaigns, let’s be honest: you’re probably burning out fast.

Dan Kuschell believes that, despite the trials and tribulations, business should be fun. So, how do you bring joy back into your entrepreneurial journey while gaining and maintaining a steady flow of valuable clientele? For Dan, it’s as easy as implementing his simple 5-step sales solution.

In this episode of the Growth to Freedom podcast, Dan Kuschell shares the 5-step model for gaining high-growth sales and high-value clients. He goes into detail on what each step entails, the best practices and strategies for maximizing your efforts, and his preferred tools for implementing the high-generating model. Plus, he’ll share the benefits of using this strategy and the successes he’s already encountered. Keep listening!

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Episode Transcript

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Have you ever thought to yourself, there’s got to be an easier way to generate more high value clients than having to build sophisticated sales models, sales funnels, follow up campaigns, webinars, and on and on and on. Well, if that’s true, then you’re going to love this segment today. This segment today is the five step high growth sales solution. It’s for high value masterminds, coaching, events, high level experiences, and a whole lot more. Now, why this is so critically important today is because you know, our clients, your clients, my clients are smarter than ever before, right? They’re more educated, they’re more savvy, potential clients, right? And they want to be they want to be able to buy things, they don’t want to have to be sold things. Would you agree, right? That’s really, really critical. There’s a big difference between creating a buyers model or a buyers culture, and a selling model and a selling culture.

There’s a big difference between creating a buyer’s model or a buyer’s culture, and a selling model and a selling culture. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

This is about building a buyer’s model C, you’ll burn out your potential clients if you sell to them every single day, right? And so there’s a better way, there’s a new way to be thinking about how to go about this. And this new way, is really about three simple steps. Now, truth be told, I didn’t invent these three steps here. I believe I heard this first from Gary Halbert, and the late great Gary Halbert. And he says, you know, you’ve got identify a hungry market, you’ve got to go then find a hungry market. And then you’ve got to feed a hungry market. Pretty simple, right? So let’s show you how this works. In application. Our five step model today that we’re going to talk about evolves around those critical couple things. So number one, it’s about being able to make an invitation, right. And the way we make invitation is to pique someone’s interest first, before we then put out an offer in this kind of situation. If they raise their hand and say yes, and they fit the criteria we’re looking for what do we do next, we then look to introduce a screening process. And there’s a couple steps to the screening process. So we we do some screening, And oh, by the way, I’m going to show you some real life, physical examples here in a second. So you’re going to want to check this out number three, as part of the screening process is we give them an assessment. Right? Now, you might call this a survey, you might call this a questionnaire, you might call this an audit, you might call this an application. There’s many different names and flavors for this. But it’s essentially an assessment that leads us to be in a place where we, if they said yes, and they still fit the criteria, they book a session, this could be a call, it could be a strategy session, or whatever you might call this as it relates to talking to someone on your team. And last but not least, you talk to them, right. So you have an enrollment conversation, right? Where ideally, they’re buying into what you’re offering, you’re not having to sell them into what you’re offering. Now, when done, right. There’s a couple things that happen with this. Number one, you have the ability to make a bigger impact, you know, it has an impact for that person going through this process as well. And it gives you the ability to be able to make more money, generate more sales, generate more growth and profitability, which is probably what you want to do. building your business, right. And the beauty is this isn’t like you do this one time a year. This is something that can be repeated over and over and over again, depending on what you might offer in your products, programs or services. You know, you could be offering coaching with this, you could be offering offering group programs, you could be offering events, you could be offering consulting masterminds done for you programs, you could be testing programs, like founders, program, pilot programs, and a whole lot more, as well as specialty high value experience, it works. And it can work for you to see imagine, you know, depending on your suite of products or services, being able to make an offer about every week to 10 days, rotating through the different types of things. And this will make more sense as we walk through this. Now, let me share just a couple quick case studies. When we work with our private clients, they sign NDA. And so I will mention the names of these clients. But I want to just give you a little bit of a flavor. You know, you might be thinking well, I don’t have a big list. I don’t have a big following. I don’t have a lot of programs. All of that. We’re going to debunk that here in a second show you how simple it can be for you to put this in place today. Ideally, so no case study number one, their offer was for a hybrid training course, along with some personal training or group training that would go along with that. Pretty simple to be able to do now that product and course was how to grow your business using something called alliances or joint ventures a lot of different terms for it or even you You can even consider this to a degree, a higher value affiliate program. Right?

Now they sent this out to their internal list, you know, they identified the segments of the list to send it to, they got over 60 people when they made this invite, raise their hand and said yes, I would love to be interested in something like like this and long and the short of it is they did about $60,000, a new business and roughly 14 days from thin air. Now, by the way, this in addition to all the other things they have going on in their business, this isn’t like one thing that you do only. This is in addition to what you do daily, which is why this is such a simple and fun model to work with case study number two, this is with a doctor who happens to work with doctors and regenerative medicine, he works with people who are you know, our alternative health procedures, right, typically cash type things, which sometimes are a little bit challenging. So his list is a small engaged list. And his offers for this were coaching, and mastermind, right. So he followed the process, he sent it out to their list. In addition, he segmented who they would send it to identified who that was, then only about 15 people raise your hand right out of this segment list. They made their invitation they generated about five to six new clients and generated about $95,000 in business. And about 14 days following the process, which we’re going to show you the process by the way I’m not going to teach you is we’re going to show you step by step what this process is, so you can use it. case number number three, this is someone you probably know of a very high profile expert, high profile company, and they will just say, are focused in the leadership space, as well as the business growth, right business growth and leadership. Now, the offer that they chose to work with and make this invitation to was for private consulting. And then a pivot happened. And I’m going to speak to that pivot here in just a second. So what did they do? They identified who they would send it to, they sent it to segments of their list in about 65 people that responded, right? So they made the invitations to those 65 people. And then here’s what happened in the right in the middle of this COVID hit, right. So they had to pivot. However, there were people that were already raising their hand and interested they ended up generating about 60,000 in business and then they pivoted to actually offer a webinar and education based webinar, what happened, he did over $200,000 in business from the combination of the webinar plus this offer, which is kind of neat. So let’s walk you through this model real simple. Again, just to give you the framework, so we stay clear on what this five step model really represents.


Step one is we invite people we pique their interest, step two, we’re going to do a little bit of screening. Step three is they fill out an assessment, step four, you book a session, Step five, is there’s an enrollment conversation, right? So you can have a bigger impact, reach and so on. So let’s dive into the start of this. This is the very beginning now, you’ll have to make a decision on like, what are the things to fill in the gaps here for what it is that you offer? Now, ideally, you can choose what works best for you like numbers of people, what is the potential offer that you’re going to make, etc. But this particular one worked really, really well. This was something we’ve done internally for a couple years now. And every time we do it, it generates us about six figures, which is kind of neat. So and then we have others that we rotate around. So work together one on one, right? He named we’re looking to work with up to seven people in an exclusive program where we work together one on one, if this is a fit, we’ll work privately to help you solve your biggest business challenges. You’ll get one on one help accountability, customized strategic blueprint more, as this is personalized, high touch and customized. We only work with up to in this case, it was seven additional people interested, we reply back and we can get you the details. Thank you. Right. So pretty simple. Would you agree? It’s conversational, there’s no sales page needed. There’s no like long copy, there’s no sale, you know, sophisticated sales, copy or funnels or whatever. So simply email get someone to raise their hand, you can send this in text, you can send this, you know, if you’re you’ve got a good relationship with somebody, you know, in other social media platforms, that leads to step two that we talked about, which is the screening process, right? So when they respond, right, and you get that person raises their hand, what do you do next? you respond back, right? Hey, that’s awesome. We can get you some more info. Can you share the following? What’s your main website? How long have you been in business? And can you tell us a little more about your business and what’s the number one thing that you want help with right now. And whoever would sign off whether it’s you you could have an assistant run this you could have a virtual assistant run this you could have an outside Source assistant run this, there’s many different ways to get this done. Really, really simple. If they send back the info, and if you like the info and you feel that they’re a good fit with your criteria based on how they submit that information back, now you go to Step three, which is to invite them to fill out a deeper assessment, right? Hey, first name, that’s great. Looks like you’re having fun and making an impact. I imagine it might be enjoyable to work with you and see how we can help you. You can fill out this quick assessment. Once we get it, we’ll look it over and send you a calendar invite to schedule a conversation Sound good? go here to complete the assessment. Now this is a URL, right? And that would come from, you know, the person. So really, really simple, really powerful. Now you might go to well, Dan, okay. You said you were going to share the process. Let me guess you’re not going to tell us and show us the assessment? No, I’m going to show you that too. Why? Because I want you to get success from this. Now, here’s what you should know about the assessment. This is our assessment, don’t copy it, don’t knock it off. Right, you’d be violating copyright protection stuff and other intellectual property. However, I’m sharing this with you to show you how simple this is, we designed this for our specific need and the solutions we provide for our particular client. So you want to do the same, here’s a couple key criteria with your assessment. Going to design it. So it takes less than three minutes to fill out. Number two, make it multiple choice, make it easy for them to go through. Make it super simple, right? So a couple critical things, right, you’re going to get their email address, you get their name, right, let me go through it a little bit more, what’s your business, and then you’re going to ask them to enter the website. In this case, by the way that again, this is ours Don’t mock the knock this off, don’t, you know, copy it, or what have you. This is a model. And ideally, you’re going to fill in the blank for what problems you solve for your potential clients versus what we do for our particular clients, right. In our case, how many team members our services or products are unique compared to anyone in the market, a low of one and a 10. Most of the time, people fill out about a five or six when we work with them, we have a clear message to attract our ideal clients. Most of the time, we’re seeing somewhere between four and seven, with the different assessment info that we’re getting, we have a specialized and focused advertising system that brings us a steady stream of potential clients every day. And most of the time, this is somewhere between here and there. We are clear about who our perfect clients are. And we’re selling our products and services to them. Usually it’s somewhere between here and here. We have one core premium price product and you get the idea. Right? Right, we have a steady flow of clients coming to us daily, usually this is somewhere between five and seven. Now, can you see By the way, how valuable this info is not only for you, but for them to really get clarity and certainty and focus on their business.

Now you can see, by the way, how valuable this information is not only for you, but for (your clients) you to really get clarity and certainty and focus on their business.- Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

So we’ve had people tell us that through this assessment, they learn more about their business through this assessment than many high priced courses that they’ve taken, which we love. It’s a great province. So you’re creating a great experience for your potential clients to go through right? We have a steady stream of clients who buy the our programs daily. My business is high growth, high profit, high impact right now. We’re meeting one year from now and you could wave him at what would happen What have you learned by going through this assessment? Now, by the way, that’s a really powerful question to ask if there was one thing that I would suggest you could model, it would be that, in other words you could put into your taking from ours or borrowing from that one question because it’s powerful. And it really puts light on the focus of what’s going on. Now they fill out the assessment, if you like the info that they filled out you like you know where they’re at as a business and you want to go deeper guess what you do? You invite them to a call. And this is the simple follow up. This is an example of that follow up. That’s how simple this is very conversational. This isn’t long copy. This isn’t, you know, a bunch of sophisticated stuff. It’s simple,

right? Hey, we noticed your assessment came through looks like there might be an opportunity to help you. Let’s go ahead and look at scheduling and conversation. go here to schedule your time, right URL, and you drive them to a calendar booking link. Now I’m going to show you our version. So you can see it firsthand exactly what we do. And also when we work with our private clients, this is what we recommend. And most of them follow through on what we suggest. Now let me also speak to another elephant in the room. You might say well, what if someone isn’t a fit? What do you do them? How do you leave them in a good place. So I’m going to show you that here. So we we like to provide value regardless, so if it’s not a fit, hey, so and so we noticed that your assessment came through. Based on the info you submitted appears that our offering may not be a fit. Again, this is customized to what you might be offering although it’s not a fit. Since you took the time to go through the process. Here are a couple of valuable resources, many of our clients found valuable, you may want to check out our new program. So if you have a new program, you could move them into that based on the info you provided. This may be a better fit for you. If you’d like to learn how to streamline, right, I’ve enclosed the link for you go here to speak to one of our team, right. So this could be a simple way. And this is a way that we not only use, but also we’ve had our private clients use that works really, really powerful and leaves people in a good place. And sometimes a year later, two years later, for those that weren’t the right fit today, they end up coming around. And they’re they’re aspiring to be a part of your world, especially if you provide amazing value on an ongoing basis over time, which is great. Another thing that you could add, here’s a little PS, if you’d like us to reconsider, you can go ahead and feel free to resubmit your info in case there was something left out. Right? That could be another option to build in there. And we’ve done that as well. So it works really, really cool. Now, you might ask, Well, what do I do in this call sequence? I’ve never really done that before I see it, a lot of places, but I don’t know what works, what doesn’t work. So let me show you what we found. We’ve been using a book a call model, this way for over 20 years, right. One of the campaigns we built, which was all the way back in 2000, started in about 2003. The higher volume one we built up where we were working with over 300 clients a week using this application kind of model, this book a call kind of model. So we have a lot of experience with this, chances are I would venture to imagine that we’re probably the most experienced group in the world at this kind of book, book a call model. So the book a call sequence, you have a book a call page is connected to give people the ability to schedule a time on the calendar, we recommend also doing a separate and second questionnaire, survey, profile, whatever you want to call it, after they fill out their their info, right. And then that leads to a thank you page. Really, really simple, really basic. So let me walk you through ours. You know, again, this is a show and tell. So get your and we’ve used all kinds of different ones, this is one of our most recent ones, get your customized business 360 assessment and breakthrough strategy, right? And then this is a link to the calendar, right? So they can click on there. And I’m going to show you that so you can see it for yourself, right? Oh, by the way, there’s some testimonials of some of the people we work with and that sort of thing. So now what do they do they pick a time to read, they might pick a date and time they click on those. And what does it do? It opens up so now they have to fill in their info to follow through on this appointment. And you know, we’ve got basic things like their name, their their email, their phone number, their company, their business website, some of this is repetitive, it’s also to make sure because sometimes if you ever worked with people, they the first time they’re just maybe working with you, meaning their little tentative, a little hesitant, they’re not sure they’re uncertain. And so they didn’t give you all the details. Now they’re a little deeper in the engagement a little deeper in the relationship. And many times we see probably 15% of info shifts slightly, or changes even. Right, next is, and again, these are our questions for how we best serve people. So can you come up with yours? Right? So in our case, rate your hiring practices on a scale of one to five one is lowest five is highest rate your sales rate your family and work rate your marketing on a scale of one to 10? What is your current monthly profit for the business so they can pick where they’re at? Right? Then says what’s your target monthly profit for the business? What do you feel is your biggest obstacle to actually hitting your goal right now? how willing are you to invest in the growth of your business and we give them a couple options, right and have the financial resources have access to the resource, I don’t have the resource. This is by the way, a really powerful question to ask in a questionnaire, especially if you’re looking to work with people in your high value programs. Why is now the best time so you get to get a snapshot of at least in this moment of their actual interest, desire and motivation. And oh, this one is the one to copy you’re going to copy and I’ll give you permission to this please don’t copy the others. Please don’t. You know, you know, replicate the others. Right model it but don’t copy but this question I do encourage you to copy and model and here’s why. You ever experienced or no p if you’ve ever run this model before one of the common complaints we hear all the time. My show of ratios are low, you know 40% Sharpe ratios 40% show 50%. Well, this method, or many of our clients who are using it has gotten us closer to 7075 and 80% show up ratios, which is really powerful if you’re looking at growing and building your impact and growing your influence. So our growth advisor will call you at the time You choose enter your initials, and that you promise to show up on your plan is that simple, right? So you get a commitment from somebody, and they initial right now, if the info isn’t submitted properly, what do we do? We don’t follow up with this appointment. Does that make sense and you’d send them that let down, follow up message that you’re not a good fit. Really simple. Again, it keeps you in a place where you’re working with your ideal, perfect potential clients. It’s time efficient. It also allows you to sift sort and screen to work with the right kind of people that you want to work with. Right? Once they fill fill this out, they go to a thank you page. Now there’s all kinds of Thank you pay, this one’s a little more fancy, or whatever, our team, my team did a really great job setting this up. But you can just have something says congratulations, your info has been received. And we’ll you’ll follow up with you in the next 48 hours. With some more details, right? Keep it simple, especially if you’re brand new, getting this going now, what is the next step in this? Right? It’s the enrollment conversation, right? It’s the enrollment conversation. Now this can make or break, but done, right? If you look at this up these four steps up till now, if you’ve done this, right, right, they’ve more bought in than you have to sell.

If you look at these four steps up until now, if you’ve done this right, they’ve more bought in than you have to sell. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

So now you can truly have a great conversation about them their business, it’s more of an interview, it’s more of an enrollment, where they’re buying in versus you having to sell them, especially if you do it right and done right, for products, anywhere from a couple thousand to up to 50,000, we’ve seen with the right kind of approach that you can and will enroll upwards of four out of 10 people you would talk to, which is pretty phenomenal, and it’s a great experience for everybody involved allows you to grow and scale simple. So how would this approach impact you getting an in place? How many more people would you be able to impact by eliminating all the complex funnels and models and follow up and all this sort of stuff and just utilize something like this, or in addition to what you’re already probably doing? Rather, you just implemented this once every week or two, right? With some new invitation some new option. Here’s why this also is important. is timing important in your life? It’s also important in your clients, like they do things for their reasons, not our reasons. Right?

So, you know, I think I first heard this from Dan Kennedy said the difference between lettuce and garbage is what its timing. Right? its timing. So even though it may not be a fit today, because you’re cool, because you’re providing value, because you’re someone who comes from contribution, if you’re doing it, doing it, doing it that way and you’re doing it right. The timing can shift and because you’re cool, they’ll want to work with you. And it’s also another way to let people know what you actually have like your suite of services, programs and offerings in a cool way. And you’re only putting your offer in front of people raise their hand not your all your offers this way. But for your high value programs and services, a great way to go about instead of fire hosing people, right, because like we said, If you sell people too hard, they’ll burn out. Right? So just to recap the model, three critical things a new approach to implement want to be thinking, How do I identify our hungry market? How do we find that hungry market? And how do we feed that hungry market, this approach gives you an ability to do that this model is five simple steps, you’ve got the ability to invite them by piquing their interest, you send out a message to get them to raise their hand, and you start a screening process and an assessment. Take them to book a session. And now you’re in a place where you’re going to have an interview enrollment conversation, right? This gives you the ability to have a much bigger impact. And also will bring you a steady flow of clients and a steady flow of sales on a regular basis. Now, you might say, Well, what tools do I need to pull all this off? So I put a list of tools for you. I don’t I guess I missed one here. So you want to identify who you want to send this to segment your list. Or you could send it to your whole list, right? And get them to raise their hand you have to decide what are you going to offer? Right? When you send this out? You’ve got to know in advance, like what are you going to offer? So just make a decision pick one now. And guess what you can come back and do this and another 10 days or two weeks and make an offer for something else, right? So you got to know your offer. I encourage you use the templates that we’ve given you and shared with you here, model it model and put it in place. You want to have an assessment now you might go Oh, what do I do to create an assessment? It’s really simple to start, we did that in Google Forms, which is so easy to do. Right? You could also use there’s all kinds of platforms for the SurveyMonkey. One of my favorites is through a friend of mine, Jeremy and Dornubari at, you can do this sort of thing. But you have an assessment. You need a scheduler you want to schedule you probably already have one but if you don’t or you’re looking at like what’s the one you use, let me walk through so so Calendly is fine, Acuity is fine appointment. They’re all fine, the one we’ve used and the one I would recommend, because it allows you to put the profile survey questions on the back of them booking their time, is ScheduleOnce, which is really simple. And then you have your enrollment interview conversation, right? So you want to probably have some outline of like, how you’re going to go about interviewing them, and so on. So I encourage you to take action with this approach, take action, right, if you do nothing, you’re going to get nothing. If you don’t try, you’ll never know, right, and I will assure you the third time you do this, you’re going to be far more effective than the first time, right, the first time you’re doing it might be a little feel a little clumsy, might not just follow the process, even though it’ll be. But as you start doing this and build a rhythm, especially if you start doing this every 10 days to two weeks, wow, it’ll be a lot of fun, you’ll be like, Wow, I didn’t realize that generating business was this simple.

As you start doing this and building a rhythm, especially if you start doing this every 10 days to 2 weeks, it’ll be a lot of fun. You’ll be like, ‘wow, I didn’t realize that generating business was this simple.’ - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

It can be simple. You don’t need the tech overwhelm the burnout, and all those sorts of things that can go with that sort of thing. Apply this simple approach. So action steps number one, identify who you’re going to start with, invite them, that’s simple, follow the templates we’ve given you, and then enroll them. That’s what you want to do. So the impact of this for you, excuse me, you’ll find that you’ll get more coaching clients, you’ll enroll people in more of your group programs, and be able to engage people and enroll people into your events, whether they’re small virtual events, or maybe high price premium live events. As well as consulting, you’ll be able to generate more members for your mastermind, you’ll be able to offer and sell more things. If you’re a done for you service and agency, a consultant, those sorts of things or an advisor, you’ll also be able to test programs. And when it’d be great before you fully create all the sales processes and stuff that you actually find out people would want it so you send out your invite you see if people are hot on it at all, what’s the response? And then you can decide whether you put a get put together very systematic or you’ll potentially complicated funnels that might be worth your because there’s nothing worse right? Have you ever done I know I’ve done this dozens of times, Oh, I got this hot offer this hot, sexy offer. And I put it out. And I get crickets. That’s very frustrating, isn’t it? It’s lame. And it’s it’s disappointing. I don’t want to see that happened to you. This is a new simple way to test your offers before you go invest a bunch of time and money in putting those things together. And on top of that, you can provide an offer specialty experience. So if you do any of these things, this will fit for you. If your coach and consultant and advisor, you know you’re a service business, you’re a service business, who wants to offer these sorts of things in adjunct to your business to complement what you do. This can work for you. It’s like really, I love this, this approach really can work. It can work for you, if you put it in place. And so I challenge you to take action with this. If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. And you’ll never know unless you try. And I’d encourage you to try it five times and then let us know the results. Right. And you might be saying, well, Dan, this is awesome. But I’m still a little bit unsure, I’m still a little bit uncertain. And here’s what I propose to you. If you want help with this. This is one of dozens and dozens of strategies, we work with our clients to help them grow. And also get more clients and also implement with far less stress, right. So if you want a situation where you can implement, you can get more clients, and you can grow with less stress. And let’s set up a call. Let’s set up a phone conversation. Let’s have a talk about your business, we can talk about some of the ways we might be able to help you if we can’t help you, we’ll get you connected to somebody who can. And at the end of the day, business should be fun, right? business should be enjoyable business should be lucrative. And this is an approach that gives you all of those things. It’s simple. It’s lucrative, it’s fun, I encourage you to take action, take action with it. And by the way, I’d love to hear how you’re doing. And also, maybe you don’t need help because maybe you’re crushing it right now. But if you know another business owner or founder or CEO that would like help like this, oh, introduce them to us, right one of the ways you can do that, send them to or just have them direct connect, you can find us through our our email pretty easily get connected to one of our staff and follow through from there. So seize the day, make it a great week, and I hope you enjoyed this. And most importantly, I hope you take action, take action with this stuff. Because they don’t work. It will work for you. It’d be nothing greater for a week or 10 days from now if you do this today, that you send us a message and say again, I generated six new clients from the simple method of generating X dollars in business. And it was simple and it was fun. And it was enjoyable. Even though I didn’t know all the things I was doing it was simple, fun and enjoyable. And guess what then you can repeat it again. And then you can repeat it again. And in six months from now, you’ll be reaching back out going down. I don’t know why I never did this before, right? And think about it. How much fun more fun would you have building and growing your business by taking this approach in the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months? Right now, we can’t do anything about the last 12 months if you weren’t and haven’t been using this method consistently, but we can’t about the next well, but it starts today. So take action, take action with it today. Apply what we’ve shared with you. Let me know how we can serve you and how we can help you and I look forward to hearing how it goes. That’s it for today. See you.

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