The Entrepreneur’s Gift And Five Things For Growth [PODCAST 177]

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GTF 177 | Entrepreneur’s Gift

Do you suffer from the entrepreneur’s gift? Are you the type of person that can take a mediocre opportunity and make it extraordinary? You make things happen and you have this creative mind. It’s the entrepreneur’s gift as well as a curse. Some people’s brains can be very and hyperactive that they try to pursue every opportunity that comes their way. One of the greatest lessons for you to learn is to say no. Do the most productive thing at every given moment. Focus on your to-do list and as equally important is to focus on you’re not-to-do list and you’re not-now list. Work on you being in your highest use and best use arena. If you suffer from the entrepreneur’s gift, realize you are not alone. It’s okay. Use that creative genius but stay really critical and focused with you and your team on honing in on your areas for growth.


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The Entrepreneur’s Gift And Five Things For Growth [PODCAST 177]

We’ve got an exciting segment and episode for you on productivity, the entrepreneur’s gift, and five things you need in place to grow and scale. Thanks for making us part of your day. If you never want to miss an episode, you can join us at We literally have recorded over 170 hours of some of the greatest wisdom in the world on growing and scaling your business. We’ve got a few tools and resources in this episode that you want to get connected to those, send us an email at [email protected].

Do you suffer from the entrepreneur’s gift? You’re the type of person that can take a mediocre opportunity and make it extraordinary. You can take an ordinary opportunity and make it amazing. You make things happen and you have this creative mind, this creative spirit. It’s the entrepreneur’s gift as well as a curse. I bring this up speaking to a few different clients here as of late. I say, “Would you agree that there’s a big difference between productivity and activity?” I won’t speak about you, I’ll speak about me, but I know over the course of almost 30 years in business, my brain is very busy and very hyperactive. I’ve never really met many opportunities I didn’t like and truth be told had pursued a lot of them. In the last handful of years, one of the greatest lessons for me is learning to say, “No.” The not now list becomes far more important than the to-do list. My no-list is more important than my to-do list.

I wanted to spend a couple minutes to hone in on something that I think is really critical. One really critical insight that I think could transform your business and make a world of difference. I see this not only for companies that are building up to seven figures, but companies that are already incredibly stable and really looking to get to that next level, that next tier. Thanks for being a part of our program and show. One of the ways I would describe it, if you’re suffering from the entrepreneur’s gift or you’re blessed with the entrepreneur’s gift, it can be a gift and a curse. If you know who Jackson Pollock is, he is this amazing painter and a lot of his paintings look like splatters on a wall. My wife regularly said that’s what my mind is like. I’ve learned how to hone it in. One of the critical things that you can do is to really get clarity around this one main fundamental focus, which is productivity. I first learned this from Brian Tracy. When I worked with Brian years ago, he said, “You’ve got to put yourself in a place where you do the most productive thing at every given moment. Train your team to do the most productive thing at every given moment.”

What is that in a business? The late Gary Halbert talked about there are really only three critical things you need in your business. You need a product or a service, you need a message and you need a delivery system. It’s really pretty simple at the end of the day. With regards to your focus overall, I’m going to give you five critical things to think about as you build your business now, tomorrow and into the future. If you find yourself off track or you find yourself where your margins are thinning or your profits aren’t as big as they were a few months ago or you find yourself in a place where you just haven’t hit that momentum, where you see that hockey stick growth, these five things will likely be incredibly critical for you. I’m just going to give you a glimpse of them. If you want to go deeper, I invite you to join us in our private free Facebook group. You can also take advantage of some of our on-demand training that we make available too.

The first critical piece is mindset. For me, mindset in many times has to be getting rid of a lot of the blocks or you could call it head stuff or head trash or obstacles, those things, voices. I’m not talking about crazy voices. I’m talking about the voices that you or I might regularly hear, like voices of doubt versus voices of confidence and success and achievement and making things happen. When we have that little voice of doubt creep in, it can really derail us, especially the creative entrepreneurial type genius maybe like you. Number one is mindset. Really tuning in to what those voices are saying. If they’re not supporting you, if it’s not putting you in a state that you’re at your best, and I encourage you to do what you can to really refocus that mindset, whether that’s having a coach, whether that’s having an accountability partner.

The second part of this framework is understanding the market. Mindset number one, number two is your market, the who. The who is so incredibly important. The who, when you get this right, and when you have the right market with the right message, which is number three, magic really happens. I would estimate that the who is far more important than even the message when you get it right. Who is your who? I love the framework that Dan Solomon talks about, “Who do you want to be a hero to? Who are you most compelled to serve?” When you know who that is you’re serving, that leads to step three, which is essentially your message. Message can be called different things. It can be called copy or copywriting or it could be looked at like bait. If you’re efficient, it’s like bait. A trout is a certain type of bait that you’ll catch a certain type of fish, but you use a different bait to catch different types of fish in the water. What is the message? What is the bait? The old analogy that if you take a $1 bill and $100 bill and you put them on top of each other or next to each other, they’re the same size, the same weight, same coloring. The only difference between the two is the print on the paper, the message. If you want to grow your ability to earn income, it’s to create a better message.

The fourth is the model. I see so many people stumbling around with the model. They’ve got twenty different types of things going on and really one of the biggest differences is get focused on one core model, to drive leads and a steady flow of clients into your business. When you get this one piece right, the model and having a consistent flow of new business and people who are coming to you, who are pre-qualified, pre-interested, pre-motivated and ready to do business with you, it’s a game changer. I encourage you to really take the time to hone in on your model overall. Your model is essentially the core of what you do. Ideally, when it’s done right, it becomes very simple for you. You can ideally draw it out on a single sheet of paper. It’s replicatable, meaning that you can hand it off to a team member to run it for you. You can also create an evergreen type of system or an automated type of system that works when you don’t have to work. That’s the fourth piece, is the model.

The fifth piece allows you to really grow it up or expand it or multiply it or maximize it and that’s using traffic to feed into these critical pieces. There are all kinds of different traffic. My favorite traffic model or method is paid traffic. There are all kinds of ways you can do it. One of the most popular right now is Facebook. Putting a system like this in place with the clients that we’ve worked with, many times we’ve seen that we’ve been able to get $2, $3, $4 or more for every single dollar spent in a variety of different niche industries. Yet there is a learning curve. If you’re not on track with your paid ads working or your advertising working or you’re not getting that steady flow of clients, go back to number one, which is mindset. Are you having the vote of confidence or are you at a place of uncertainty? Work on that mindset. If you’re not really attracting the kind of clients that you want, there are a couple things. One, it’s who are you going for, number two, what is the bait you’re using? Those two play together really well. Along with that is your message. What is the message that you’re sending out?

GTF 177 | Entrepreneur’s Gift

Entrepreneur’s Gift: Use that creative genius but stay really critical and focused with you and your team

There are a lot of simple, very easy ways to be able to reach out in a very cool, conversational, non-salesy way to be able to do not only in the before aspect of you generating the client, but the during unit and also the after unit. The fourth piece is the model. We worked with a client that we really honed in on this handful of pieces. It grew the company by millions of dollars a year because we got really crystal clear on these fundamental pieces. I encourage you, focus on the most productive thing at every given moment. Work on you being in your highest use, best use arena. If you suffer from the entrepreneur’s gift, realize you are not alone. It’s okay. Use that creative genius but stay really critical and focused with you and your team on honing in these five areas. If you’d like help working with these five areas and getting support and having somebody help you essentially do it with you or do it for you to help you have a better message to write the copy, to create your funnel or create your model to help you drive paid traffic, just private message me below or hit the link below. We’ll reach out. We’ll see how we can help each other and get you connected to the right resources to be able to do that.

I want to encourage you and challenge you to take action with what we’ve shared with you. Do the most productive thing at every given moment. Focus on your to-do list and equally as important is to focus on your not to-do lists and your not-now list. Let’s take action with the five steps for growth and those four Ms plus the ability to run paid traffic. If you want to go deeper, if you’re looking for some help, hit us up. You can send us an email or drop us in line, [email protected]. Seize the day, make it a great week. One of our highest compliments is you sharing this with other people and giving us a review. If you never want to miss an episode, make sure to check it out and go to, which is a direct link to iTunes. Seize the day and we’ll see you next time on

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