The Five-Step Blueprint: Creating Your Signature Offer to Attract Your Ideal Clients [PODCAST 168]

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GTF 168 | Attracting Business Clients

Attracting business clients can be overwhelming, complex, and have a high cost in business. The Five-Step Blueprint is for consultants, coaches, authors, influencers, and service professionals who wish to attract more business clients. Attract your ideal, right fit clients using it, all while using your own customizable framework. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” You have a lot of underutilized assets in your brain, a process. You just need to unpack it.

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The Five-Step Blueprint: Creating Your Signature Offer to Attract Your Ideal Clients [PODCAST 168]

This episode is special. We’re going to stand on the shoulder of giants from the last one. I decided to bring back in the Rubik’s cube because I think it’s a great metaphor for business. In the last segment, if you missed it, which you can check out at Do you realize there are over 43 quintillion possibilities to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s cube? Google did a study; they put it through their supercomputers. They found there are only eighteen to twenty critical moves that you and I can make. I liken that to business because you look around and go, “It seems everybody else out there is crushing it in their business, especially related to this whole online thing or digital thing.” There is a lot of confusion, a lot of complexity, and a lot of overwhelm.

There’s also a lot of misinformation. Do you know the most expensive information in the world? It’s bad information. Truth be told, we’ve gotten bad information. I don’t know what it’s cost you. I know it’s cost me a small fortune, especially in time, and time we can never get back. This segment is about one of those couple critical moves you need to make to solve the puzzle in building, growing, and scaling a very successful business. We’re calling this The Seven-Figure Breakthrough Series. This segment is about the five-step blueprint to create your signature, high-end premium offer so you can attract your ideal right fit clients that you’ll love working with, that you connect with, that you bond with, and that you can also help the most. We’re going to spend some time on that. If you never want to miss an episode, you can go to

Here’s a question. Think about it and picture it. What if you created your high-end premium offer? I’m talking about an offer, a program or service. This is for consultants, it’s for coaches, it’s for influencers, it’s for authors, and it’s for service professionals who want to be positioned at a higher level. They have a higher value business and move away from one to one. I’ll even suggest it’ll be unique compared to one-to-many, although that’s a good model. It’s better than the one-to-one model. I want to talk about a one-of-a-kind model. What would happen if you had a one-of-a-kind, signature, premium, high-priced offer to offer your ideal clients?

The challenge is you’ve probably never been taught how to create a signature, high-end offer. What if you could go do that, a product, service, program or experience somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $5,000? What would that do for your business? What would that do for you? I was talking to a client and we were talking about his business. One of the things that he shared is he’s thinking about offering a low-level product. The problem with that is you attract tire kickers and lookie-loos in many cases. What I love about one of my friends, Joe Polish, he says, “It’s free or high priced, not a lot in between.” That’s what a signature, high-end premium offer can do. It gives you more freedom, it allows you to connect with your tribe, and it allows you to connect with a right fit client.

GTF 168 | Attracting Business Clients

Attracting Business Clients: The most expensive information in the world is bad information.

There would only be one reason you wouldn’t do is you’re like, “I’m a little afraid. I’m not sure if I could even offer something of that.” We’re going to walk through the steps of how you can do that, because, at the end of the day, many of us go, “I’d love to do it, but this…” and so many of us tried describing. If you listened to our last segment at, most people focus on a lot of what are called features of products and services. They don’t get into the breakthrough or the transformation or what we call the BOTE Method.

I have kids; I have a twelve and a ten-year-old. Think about a family when they talk about their baby. “My baby’s so beautiful. They’re so smart and they’re doing great in school.” They don’t go, “We went through nine months of hell with labor pains and all this stuff.” It’s the idea of the labor pain, that we’d call feature or the baby, which is more of the benefit, the outcome, the transformation, and experience, or what we called in the last thing the BOTE Method. There’s a funny cartoon I’ve seen, it’s twelve hours of labor and the baby says, “I’m going to hear about this for the rest of my life.” You hear that behind the scenes. You don’t hear it on the front stage.

There are five critical steps and we’re going to dive into those. You’re going to want to grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, jot down some notes because we’re going to zip through these five steps. If you get this right, you’re on the path to your seven-figure business breakthrough. It’s an accelerator for you. We’re going to help collapse the timeframe and collapse the strategy so you can go out and have a bigger impact, reach and contribution.

Let’s dive into this five-step blueprint to create your signature, high-end, premium offer. Step one is delivery. This is a five-step checklist for you to work with. You’re going to want to jot down. If you want to come back to this episode, you can do that at Delivery, how do you deliver your BOTE Method, which we talked about in the last segment at How do you deliver your breakthrough, your outcome, your transformation experience? You want to take some time and make some notes on this. Is it a one-time thing? Is it an event? Is it coaching? Is it workshops? Is it on an ongoing basis? Is it virtual? How do you deliver the breakthrough? You want to get clear on that.

Here are a couple of key things to keep in mind as you look at your delivery. You want it to be unique. I hit on this a little bit, but what if your business model, your experience, your transformation, and your breakthrough was one-of-a-kind versus one of many? Think about that and the power of that, and infinitely exponential as far as the possibility versus a one-on-one experience, because that’s not unique. You want to think of how can you create your one-of-a-kind. You might even write that question, “How can I create a one-of-a-kind, unique experience delivery in what I do?” A good friend of ours, Sally Hogshead, who’s an amazing influencer in the world today and written multiple books, she says, “It’s better to be different than better.”

If you can be both, great, but so many people are always saying, “I’m better than.” You see businesses that do that? Every business in their category typically says, “I’m better, I’m better, I’m better.” My business partner calls this a platitude. “I would hope you would be better.” That doesn’t differentiate you, that doesn’t compel people to want to work with you because it’s noise. Everybody says that. Be different, be unique, figure out a way to communicate it differently and uniquely and be one of a kind. I want you to imagine this; it’s a funny cartoon someone shared with me the other day. Imagine you’re in a men’s urinal. There are three stalls and there are three guys in there and two of the guys are standing up. There’s one guy sitting into the stall, sitting down backward, that would look funny. Be careful as well of how you stand out in the crowd.

What do you want to be known for in your delivery? As you deliver what it is that you do, your breakthrough, your outcome, your transformation, and experience, what do you want to be known for at the end of the day? Get clear on what that is, because if you want to be an eagle, don’t position yourself as a duck. It’s pretty simple. If you want to attract eagles in your business, don’t communicate like a duck. Don’t act like a duck. Act like an eagle. Communicate like an eagle. Attract eagles, spend time with eagles. What do you want to be known for? That leads us to step two in the process, which is your process.

What is your process that you’re guiding them through? Being the guide, what is your process? We all have a process; we just have to unpack it. The more I do this, the more I realize I have a lot of unutilized assets in my brain to unpack. You have assets in your brain to unpack and you have to essentially draw a timeline out and think of the different guideposts or milestones in your process as you guide people through what it is that you offer. One of our clients who is in the heating ventilation, air conditioning industry, a very large company, doing tens of millions a year, we repackaged his thing and we called it the XYZ Triple Guarantee, based around his and his company’s unique process. It’s something that’s consistent 100% of the time that makes him stand out versus the competition in that market.

What could you do? What are the different things you do with your clients that no one else does or very few even notice? Maybe they’ve just been taken for granted because they’re busy, caught up in the day-to-day activities of their business. We see this all the time and we get so good at doing something that we get bored with it and stop doing it. What is that process, that magic that you have? A great quote from Disney, “You can steal my ideas, but you can’t steal the magic.” You have magic, and that’s what this step two refers to.

Another question to think about is identifying your process in order to achieve the Breakthrough, the Outcome, the Transformation, Experience; in other words, the BOTE. What are the key steps that have to happen to your clients or potential clients? Jot some of those down and this is a great exercise to be able to do that. Think about if you go back to, we talked about the three pillars in the BOTE Method: Tools, strategy, side-by-side mindset, and psychology. One of the clients I had a chance to work with at Genius Network, and I’ve been a client of Genius Network separately of that for over five-plus years, they now have what’s called The Five-Step Return on Genius Process. That’s a name of their process. We went through an exercise called the Unique Process Exercise and I don’t want to make it sound like I invented it.

This is a process that you can go through in business to differentiate. Where every other company, masterminds, coaching and so on has things they do that most of the time we don’t name them. How could you name yours? Genius Network calls it The Five-Step Return on Genius Process. The first step today is called the Launch Conversation. You get assigned a concierge. Step two is you get access to the Genius Toolkit. It was a membership portal online. Step three is you get to attend Genius AI. In the future, AI will be Artificial Intelligence, today it means to automate and innovate your business. Step four, for the life of me, I can’t remember off the top of my head. Step five is you get a 250K Activator Session after you’ve attended two of the meetings. That rounds out their full five step.

As I got a chance to interview hundreds and hundreds of people over a few years with this process, implementing it and helping to get this automated system put in place, do you know what I found? Everybody that we walked through that process, “I didn’t know it was this thorough.” That’s what you want to do. You want to create a wow experience. What could you do in your process to simply name it? What are the unique talents that you’re having people go through and also that you enjoy doing? One of the key things as well is you’re helping your clients collapse timeframes. Less is more today. Less is more. People don’t want to read 400 pages if they can get it in seven pages as a checklist or in fifteen, twenty minutes. We do our best to bring you the most powerful wisdom in a condensed timeframe, like what we’re doing now.

GTF 168 | Attracting Business Clients

Attracting Business Clients: It’s better to be different than better.

Collapse timeframes and cheat sheets, think of it in terms of cheat sheets instead of long hours of data. That leads to step three, name the steps. I have done this by giving examples first, and now you see us opening up the flower and going inside or peeling back the onion a little bit. Name the steps. Give each step a name. That’s step three, name the steps. I gave you an example of Genius Network, Five-Step Return On Genius Process. A big mistake most businesses make. They’re dabbling in too many things. They go a mile wide and one inch deep or even a centimeter deep. We say go one inch wide and go 100 miles deep.

The BOTE framework we talked about in the last episode, referring to today, that’s a framework. We’re naming it and then we’re naming each of the steps that go with it that support it. Which leads to step four, overall, which is name your signature offer. Dan Sullivan has a great framework. He says, “If you name the game, you own the game.” Name it and own it. That is critical. We’ve developed dozens and dozens of that. We’ve helped our clients develop dozens and dozens of different signature offers, frameworks, and methods for their business. Name your signature offer. When you name it, you might go, “I don’t know how to name it, I’m a little bit stuck.” Let me give you a blueprint for being able to name it and let me give you some tips on naming it.

This is a simple blueprint. If you go over to our Facebook area, Breakthrough3X, I’ll post this slide on Facebook and you can ask for it. If you go to, you’ll have to answer a couple of questions to get in and get admitted into the group, but it’s free. It’s a free community with hundreds and hundreds of other high-level business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service pros, and influencers. We share tips and strategies, tools and resources. It’s almost having us look over the shoulder because we’re providing this on a virtual platform. This will be available to you on that platform, but tips on naming it, “This program is for,” and then fill in the blank, your ideal audience.

“This program is for,” by the way I’m going to give you an example. “Who has,” and then state the problem that they’ve got, “So you can get,” and then that’s where you fill in the breakthrough, the outcome, the transformation, and experience. It’s that’s simple. “The program is for,” your ideal audience “Who has or have the problem,” name the problem, “So you can get,” overall. Let me give me an example of this working in the real world. We created the series as a great example of that called The Seven-Figure Breakthrough. The Seven-Figure Breakthrough, this program is for influencers, coaches and consultants and service pros who want to get more new clients, make more money and standout from the crowd and they’re tired and frustrated of dealing with overwhelm, complexity, and high costs. In other words, wasting money. That’s a simple example of creating a whole frame around the package.

If you take a Picasso and you duct tape it up on a wall, that’s a bad frame job. If you spend $100,000 on an amazing frame and put that Picasso in it, it holds a higher value. This can be looked at in some ways like framing, which leads us to step five, scale your offer. When you name it and you’ve got the supporting pieces to the naming structure, use your system to create other ancillary things. I’ve done this, I’ve made this classic mistake where I create a signature offer, and then what I do is I start talking about other stuff that is unrelated to the signature offer.

What you want to do is build your complimentary things around that signature offer, your programs, your talks, your courses, interviews, articles, videos, and a whole lot more. That’s about scaling your offering. To summarize, overall, imagine what would happen for you? We’ve gone through this really quickly. If you want to come back to this episode, you can do that at I want you to imagine what would happen for you, if you could picture it, if you were able to build this signature offer between $2,000 and $5,000 to focus on your high-end, right fit type of clients, especially if you’re a consultant, a coach, a service pro, influencer or author. What would it do for you? Instead of playing down in the low-level things, you could go free to a high price thing and work with a more intimate but scalable group setting.

How much more fun would that be? How much more freedom? How much easier would that be? I’ve seen what it has done. One of our clients took a community from about 60 some people to now over 200. They have a community that pays $100,000 dollars a year to be a part of. Talk about elevating the game and creating a signature offer built around that. What could it do for you? To summarize, you’ve got a five-step blueprint to create it. Number one is delivery. Number two is your process. Number three is you name the steps. Number four, you name your offer, and then give you scale and leverage your offer. I’ve gone through it quickly so you can come back. It’s delivery, your process, name the steps, name your offer, scale and leverage your offering.

Here’s the thing to think about. Where would you be today if you’d have put a signature offer in place six months ago, a year ago or two years ago and focused on your right fit, high profile, premium clients that connect with you at a deep level? You could go out there and you could invest a little bit more money to help them get a better experience with you, a better outcome, a better transformation, a better breakthrough, bigger breakthroughs, more breakthroughs. It creates certain luxuries for you in the business when you take the time to focus this way instead of trying to get everybody.

I’d love nothing more than for you to be able to know what it’s like to have a premium offer and to literally have your first five clients in a premium offer and then your first twenty, then your first 50, then your first hundred, next hundred, and then your next couple of hundred and you being able to have a global impact in your community or even worldwide. We’ve been able to do it with others; we can certainly help do it with you. If you’d like to go deeper with some of the strategies we’ve shared with you, join us over on our private group You can also check out our on-demand training we make available and rotate around. You can do that at That’s our show. We’ll see you next time on Make it a great week.

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