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Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur, business coach, and author. He currently runs Breakthrough3x, a company that helps founders and entrepreneurs triple their profits and impact without multiplying their workload and their stress.

Dan has owned 11 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dan Kuschell talks about his One Message Method for creating conversations with perfect clients
  • How to meet your clients where they are
  • Focusing on what you can give instead of what you can get
  • Dan’s tips for crafting an offer that your potential clients can’t refuse

In this episode…

Do you want to know how to get more high-quality clients? What if there was a tried and true strategy for shortening your sales cycle, starting conversations with the perfect clients, and making a greater impact in your niche? With Dan Kuschell’s One Message Method, you can do all this and more.

According to Dan, forming relationships with your perfect client doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as simple as showing up where they are, making an offer that has their best interest in mind, and committing to the long term. You can start having meaningful conversations that will take your business to the next level today. So what are you waiting for?

In this episode of the Growth to Freedom podcast, host Dan Kuschell breaks down his One Message Method for landing the perfect clients and growing your business exponentially. Dan shares how to start valuable conversations that will give you bigger growth, bigger influence, and bigger impact—no automation or complicated technology necessary. Keep listening!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:02

Do you ever ask yourself, you know, how can I go out there and get more high value clients? How can I get 2, 3, 4 new clients this week? I am, you know, today I want to introduce you to the one message method. And this method is so you can get into conversations with your perfect clients, shorten your sales cycle. And without having to do complicated funnels, ads, or mess around with a lot of tech technology stuff, right now why? why this is so critically important. I was talking to one of our clients here the other day and I see so many people struggling with trying to automate their business and trying to get all these tech things in place to automate the business. And it’s getting in the way of good hard working people actually making money, right. So the tech and automation in many cases, getting in the way of you making money and growing your business, when we’re not careful. The problem is, most people don’t have the know how to build out sophisticated funnels, models, campaigns, maybe they don’t have the team, maybe they don’t have the right team, the right people in the right seats to be able to help do that. Even worse. It’s no fun when you put all this time and all this energy into building out a sales model or a funnel, to have it get lackluster results, right? Either based on reality or false expectations. No fun at all, is it? And I’ve been there. And I’ve seen this with other clients too.

And I think you’re gonna love today’s segment, the one message method, right? What the one message method does, it gets you into conversations with your perfect clients, your perfect clients, really, really simple mean, how much better would you feel if you were in more conversations with your perfect clients? That’s what this message method is all about, you’ll be able to test your offers, in conversations with your potential perfect clients. On top of that, when you have an offer that’s working, right, then you can actually put more focus into it and scaling it up with ads and automation. And the beauty is you can test it in these conversations. Right? For me, this has been a godsend. People regularly ask, you know, how have you worked with all of these amazing types of people. I mean, we’ve been able to help over 5000 business owners founder CEOs grow their businesses with less stress, we’ve had over 200,000 people purchase our education programs over the years, right? I’ve been so fortunate to work with people like Brian Tracy and Chris and Janet Attwood, clients like Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, you know, been working, I’ve been able to do some things with T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, and the list goes on and on and on. Well, it didn’t happen by me letting automation and technology get in the way, right. And so I think you’re going to love this and how it can help transform the way you think about building your business.
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So step number one, which is so incredibly important, is this. And don’t underestimate the simplicity of step number one here. The key is if you want to attract high value clients, and you want to use the one message method, you’ve got to meet them, where they’re at, not where you’re wanting them to be. That’s really, really critical. Right? I didn’t get into business and do business with Dean Graziosi, because I waited for him to respond to an ad online. I didn’t wait for Joe Polish to respond to an ad online. Right? We met where they were at. And we’ll talk more about that here in a minute. And the list goes on. These are just a couple quick example. So how do you do this? So So here are a couple ways that you can meet them where they’re at. So you email them one on one, right? Not in like mass mailings, per se, right? So it’s not relying on mass mailings. Your mass mailings serve a purpose. It’s not for this right, you can meet them on Facebook directly in private message and you can meet them on LinkedIn and private message and the key is getting yourself into an opportunity to be face to face, either online right in a conversation or face to face in proximity actually sitting down with him. You know, I remember meeting Dean Graziosi for the first time a friend of mine, Jimmy referred me to Dean and we sat down in a restaurant across from his office at a place called Boston’s in Tempe, Arizona. And we got into the conversation. I’m gonna talk about that conversation here in a little bit, but it was face to face, right. It wasn’t like me trying to go at this thing in an automated way. When I sat down with Joe Polish to talk about us working. We sat at a restaurant next to his office and we met them where they were at and got hundreds of examples like this. And I imagine, as you think about it, think about you, like, how much more efficient Can you be if you’re in the right conversation with the right potential client? In this kind of a setting? Right? So the key is it’s one on one, right? And it’s personal. Right? It’s personal, in many way, again, for high value type clients, right?

So another key to this process that will help you succeed versus not, is you want to start with focusing on what you can provide and give them not what you can get from them. Right? When I’ve gone into these different relationships, I haven’t gone in with the agenda, what can I get from you? It’s how can I help you? How can I help you and really taking that approach? And I think people feel that when you work with them, right? So step two, in this process, once you’re clear on who they are, and to working to meet them where they’re at, then you want to follow this four part method, right, which is step two. So part one, you know, number one is, you know, getting into the conversation you I admire your work with, you know, whatever it might be, right, it might be, hey, I admire your work, like one of my son’s mentors, coaches, if you will, is a guy named Doug Maddox. And he’s invented this program called the R4 Offensive System, probably the top offensive system for high schools, and now moving into colleges in the country in some proteins have even adapted some of the pieces of it. And so I reached out to Doug to say, Hey, I really admire what you’re doing with your R4 System. It’s a combination of strategy and football, but also strategy in life. And, and then we went to the next step. So how could you put that in place by reaching out to some of the key people that you want to do business with? Here are a couple real critical pieces that you want to implement? As you do this? Right? See, this isn’t a shotgun approach, right? Again, this isn’t like a fully automated approach. This is again, it’s one to one and personal, you want to do research, right? You can use Google to do this, you want to definitely be sincere, you want to do prep work, right? And maybe think of who can connect you with the potential people you want to do business with. As I mentioned, Jimmy, introduced me to Dean right and, and there’s been all kinds of relationships. I love this quote, I can’t remember if it’s from Joe or from Gary Halbert. But you know, the quote is only the hungry fish hungriest fish go for the crappiest bait. Right? So again, are you relying on automation? And is automation costing you money? Right now, you still want to do automation, however, you want to build in these types of processes for you and your team to see these are high value relationships, right? And potential, your high value clients treat them that way. So critically important, don’t you know, trip over $1 to get to a penny, right, really focus on the value of the relationship?

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So part two, is now you share with them? What is your offer to them? Like, you know, for example, when I went to Doug Maddox, my son’s coach, I said, Hey, Doug, you know, I’ve got a platform where I interview experts, we’ve had the founder, a previous client of ours, Bill Rasmussen, of ESPN on and hundreds of other successful business people. And we’d love to have you on our show. Right? So I’m doing a show, right? You could do this that you could write, look at writing an article of some of the top successful people in your niche in your industry, a podcast and interview research, right? college kids do this a lot. They’ll go to successful people and going, Hey, I’m doing a research project for college. Why couldn’t you do that? Right? Why couldn’t you take that really simple approach? As I’m doing now? Let me speak to the elephant in the room. Right? You might say, well, Dan, I don’t have any of those things that don’t have content publishing pieces. Well, if you’re not doing any of those things, start something, even if it’s just a research project for your industry to come up with some data points on on it. So if you’re not doing it, start something. Part three, our focus is and now it’s about them, like what are you going to provide them when I mentioned it to Doug Maddox? You know, this is, you know, in the last few months reason, said, Doug, you know, we’ve got a platform. You know, we’ve got over 40 50,000, business owners, founder CEOs and our our community interview you, I’d love to give you exposure. I’d also love to, you know, share some insights on what we’re doing to help others grow their businesses, too. Right? So it’s very straightforward, right? So it’s your big promise and the vision tied to it and the exposure that it gives them, right? You know, every business wants more clients, they want more exposure, they want more opportunity to get access to communities that they can’t get to without your help, right. So one of the fastest and easiest ways, you know, this goes across the board. And I’ll give you a direct example here in a second with a couple samples. So part three here, here’s a good example of you know, our focus are athletes who want to know how to focus before a game, I want to get your service to top level hidden hypnotist out there. So you can get exposure to some of the best athletes in the world. Right? It’s what’s in it for them, right? What’s in it for them WIFT, right? What’s in it for them? Or WIFY? What’s in it for you? Right? Keep that in mind. I mean, this is a simple little template that you could model from, you could take a picture of this right now. And actually then fill in your stuff to make that introduction, right. Here’s another one, this was Dean Graziosi. At lunch, a version of it, it might have been a little longer, because we sat there for about 45 minutes to an hour having lunch, right? Our focus, my focus is to help you know, a company like yours grow its sales and profitability with less stress and no risk to you. So we’ll bring a team to help you get your products, your services, your coaching and courses out there to more people and you can grow your profits with less stress. I mean, we have a proven system that works. And it’s a performance based model. We guarantee it. What what’s the worst that could happen? That was the gist that a conversation with Dean, I said, You know, I guess the key question is, is would you want our help. And that led us to moving forward and we got a chance to work together in less than a year, we help Dean double his business at that time, right? All because of this simple approach. And again, this is just one of dozens and dozens of examples. And you probably have your own examples if you really think this through, right. And so the key is, is then once you spark their interest, you know, if you’d like to, you know, learn how we can help you grow with less stress. And, you know, in Doug’s case, if you’d like to learn how we can get you exposure to a group of business owners, founder CEOs, and get your message out there in a cool, unique way. I’d love to have a conversation. Are you open to that? It’s really that simple. Like there’s no trickery, there’s no like razzle dazzle behind the back closes needed. It’s just very simple in conversation, are you open to this kind of conversation? Right? So the key is you got to show them what you have and show the value to them. Show us what what’s in it for you? What’s in it for them, right? What will it do for you? What will it give you when you do this? Really, really critical. These key points, you should ideally take a picture of this, anytime you’re communicating with anyone you want to be thinking, here’s what we got, here’s what it will do for you, here’s what it will give you, here’s what it will, will, will give you right at the end of the day. It’s about them. It’s about you.

So here are some simple acts and action steps for you to be able to take, right number one, meet them where they’re at. Right, follow the simple four part method, right? And then also, step number three is play the long game. What does that mean? You’re in the relationship business not transactional, see if you’re going to rely on automation and online only. That’s a very transactional type business in many ways. Now, do you want to automate things? Yes. I’m not saying not to automate thing. I’m not saying not to build a system in a process to bring, you know, clients to you, right. But that system is setting the stage for you to build this and build a system to be able to do this at scale, which happens right at our peak, we had over 300 presentations a day happening? Because have we built a model to do to set the stage for something like this, and we can show you how to do something like that, too. Right? So what will this do for you done, right? It’s going to bring you your perfect potential clients, it’s going to set up the opportunity for business partnerships, you’ll have lifetime friendships, amazing growth, have the ability to have a bigger impact, a bigger reach a bigger influence, and have a bigger contribution in your niche. If that’s what you want, then put this simple approach in place. It’s much easier than you’ve been led to believe Don’t let technology Don’t let automation get in the way of you building a great business having a bigger impact in your industry in your niche. And guess what? You can take that first step right now and by the way, if you want help with the approach to this or maybe you’re like yeah, then I would love help to set up a system like this for my company to bring me potential clients. So I can have more of these kind of high quality conversations than reach out let’s have a conversation, see if there might be some opportunities to help each other if we can’t help you will guide you to someone who might be able to help you if we’re not a fit for each other. But you take that first step number one, we’ll take you through our B3X business 360 assessment we evaluate over 127 data points it’s literally an assessment takes less than three minutes we’ve had many people tell us that assessment gave them more clarity, certainty and direction in many programs they’ve invested thousands of dollars for so you get that as well as us them discussing your assessment, your business all about you right and you can take that first step by going to, that’s Again. Take action with what we’ve shared with you today. Get in more high quality conversations approaches. The way we’ve shared with you and it will transform the way you go about building your business. It’s a lot of fun. It’s enjoyable. And it’s very lucrative when it’s done right. So take action, seize the day, and we’ll see you on another segment, right around the corner. Bye for now.

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