The Power Of 3: Practical Business Wisdom With Deberah Bringleson [Podcast 254]

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GTF 254 | The Power Of 3


A business enjoys more success if the people working for it are enjoying the work while achieving the goals.

In this episode, my guest is a business growth and empowerment expert: Deberah Bringleson.  Deberah is also an internationally recognized speaker and author, co-authoring Practical Business Wisdom and Magic with Joe Vitale from The Secret.

In our conversation, she shares her success formula that weaves manifestation teachings with highly innovative business strategies called “The Power of 3”.

Her proven formula helps businesses promote growth, increase profit, and lessen overwhelm to increase revenues and reclaim time.

Listen to the podcast here:

The Power Of 3: Practical Business Wisdom With Deberah Bringleson [Podcast 254]

We have a special guest that’s going to share with you The Power of 3 to create infinite abundance and get on the path to be able to do that with leveraging and growing your business with quantum physics. She is well-known for her work with many companies and big thought leaders like Richard Branson and leveraging Quantum Mechanics, Secrets of Manifestation from ancient mystery schools and her own Native American shamanic traditions. Deberah weaves manifestation teachings with highly innovative business strategies and creating her own success formula, which you’re going to get a taste of that on The Power of 3. Our guest is Deberah Bringleson. Deberah, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much, Dan. I’m thrilled to be here. For me, it’s all about freedom, so I’m excited to talk to you.

I want to dive right into it. You’ve been at this for many years. You’ve had clients like Richard Branson, who was a hard know-it as you described and is well-known if you research him online. I encourage you to do that. It’s a fascinating story and we will get into a little bit of that here. Why are you doing what you’re doing now, Deberah?

I am all about freedom: yours, mine, your children. I believe that everyone deserves freedom. I believe that many people are struggling in their businesses and their lives and there’s no need for it. That’s why I do what I do.

Most people have a backstory. Speaking of struggling with it, what’s been your biggest failure or your biggest mistake that you likely have made or as you view it? What did you learn from it and maybe what can our readers learn from it too?

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The biggest thing for me was I grew up in a very traumatic situation. There’s a lot of violence and abuse. The biggest thing that held me back at the beginning of my life and my career was believing that I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t deserve to have the joy, the freedom, the money and everything that we all deserve. For many years that held me back. It kept me from achieving my own success. I was making hundreds of millions of dollars for people. I was getting people elected to higher offices. I was working with people like Ronald Reagan, members of Congress, California Senate and companies like Intel, Oracle and Virgin America. I was creating massive success for other people but I wasn’t doing it for myself. That’s the biggest thing that I did and as I work with companies and CEOs from around the world. That’s the number one thing that people are holding themselves back because everyone I’ve worked with has had some level of, “I’m not enough, good enough, smart enough.”

Speaking of that, a lot of people are after the tactical approach to building and growing a business. It’s the new funnel, the new autoresponder campaign, the new bot for Messenger. You believe it’s at a deeper level. Speak to that a little bit and the mistake that most people make running down that path to try to get the tactics right first before this one thing that you think is important.

I do that too. I do practical business, how to put the funnel together, leadership development and all of that because that’s important. If you don’t have the foundation and the core of knowing, it’s not just about thinking good thoughts. It’s an actual knowledge that you’re on track, you’re smart enough, you’re good enough and you can do it. If you don’t know that in your core because you’ve got these four beliefs that have you feeling you’re not enough, then all of the fancy apps and bots may work to some extent, but they’re not going to work completely. I’m going to give you a great example. I had this client a few years ago who before we started working together, her real estate company had made zero dollars for twelve full months. Can you imagine if your business had not made a penny in twelve months?

That would be frustrating.

It’s frightening. We started working together. We’re putting in all of those important things, hiring the right people and putting the funnel together. We’re doing educational marketing and all those things, but things still weren’t working. I had gotten to know her and I said, “I think you are blocking money.” This was the first time that I came out as someone who used Quantum Physics to grow businesses. Before, I’d done it secretly because I didn’t want people to think I was some wacko who was using magic. I came out and I said, “I think you’re blocking money.” We got to the core of it. For her, she came from a wealthy family and at a core level, she believed that she didn’t deserve wealth because she had never done anything to earn it. She felt she wasn’t good enough to have it because she had not earned it. We started working at it at the quantum level. We did some clearing sessions. After the first clearing session within eight days, she made $298 million. It’s the first money she had made in eighteen months. We had been doing all of that other legitimate business work for six months that wasn’t working. We cleared away those energy blocks and she started making money. At the end of twelve months, she made $602 million.

For someone who is sitting there and we will speak to the elephant in the room, they’re going, “That sounds too good to be true or I don’t believe in this foo-foo energy clearings type of stuff.” What would you say to somebody that might be thinking that right now? What is that one step they could take to at least get started to put the power of clearing their false beliefs or limiting beliefs away and give them a good runway to get success?

It does sound too good to be true. You can go to my YouTube channel and you can hear her say it in her own words if you don’t believe me, which is perfectly fine. I don’t know if I would believe that either. The first thing that you have to do is you don’t have to immerse yourself and go, “I have these horrible experiences and I’ve got to dig them out.” No, you don’t. That’s the opposite of what you want to do because let’s say you had a traumatic experience and you lost a lot of money at 26. I’m making this up but you had all of this going on. That happened when you’re 26. Let’s say you’re now 36. If you immerse yourself back into all of that drama that happened, you’re reactivating it in your current situation. You’re bringing more of those experiences to you.

GTF 254 | The Power Of 3

We’ve all been trained to fit somebody’s idea of what life should be because they want us living a life that’s more comfortable for them.


There’s what I call the Point of Power, which is your thoughts that activate your emotions. You’re in traffic, then somebody cuts you off. You start swearing at them in your mind and it gets you all worked up. Those are your thoughts and your emotions. They’re tied together. Those are two points of the Point of Power. The other two points of the Point of Power are your core beliefs. It’s those things that maybe you don’t even admit to yourself. For example, I recognized in this client we were talking about that she had other things going on. She had buried them. She didn’t know they were there.

Maybe your mother always looks at you with disdain when you failed a test or something like that. That is a core belief that you may have buried and it’s attached to your feelings. When you have feelings in your body, the hair on the back of your neck that’s touching your gut and that makes you feel a little bit nauseous, those are tied to your core beliefs. When you have those four points all going in the same direction saying, “I’m amazing. I believe that I’m amazing.” It’s more than believing it’s, “I know I’m amazing. I know I’m worth $100 million,” that’s when it starts to flow. The first thing where I have everyone start and it sounds super simple. That’s the beauty of it if you don’t dismiss it because it’s simple. Let’s say you’re getting ready to meet with a prospective client and you want to close a big deal, you’ve got this catch in your gut and you feel a little bit nauseous. That feeling is telling you you’re out of alignment with what you want.

Rather than allowing yourself to continue that feeling, stop and take a nice deep breath. Call in the energy and the feeling of joy. You may need to remember a joyful experience like holding your child for the first time, running on the beach or whatever it is for you. Eventually, you won’t have to have that experience but you call in the energy and the feeling of joy. Your body can’t hold both a negative and a positive at the same time. You’re not trying to talk yourself into, “I’m going to close this deal and I’m amazing,” because that’s pushing.

Have you ever seen a bar fight in a movie where one person gets aggressive and then the other person gets also aggressive, it escalates and they push each other? The same thing happens in your body. I don’t say to you, “Push out that fear that you’re not good enough,” just replace it because your body can’t hold them both. When you start to shift your energy, you send out signals to the universe. There’s science behind everything that I’m saying. I’m not making this up. You can research quantum mechanics and quantum physics and it will tell you the same thing. Your thoughts send out a signal to the universe and say, “This is what I want.” Your feelings are like a magnet that pulls it in. You can make enough of a shift that you can open that crack and allow the universe to get to you the joy that you want because everything resides in joy. Having $100 million, that’s joyful. Having a great relationship with your significant other, that’s joyful. Open that crack of joy and that will begin the process. Is it the entire process? No, but it will be the beginning.

As you’re reading right now, would you like to be able to call in? Would you like to activate more joy? Would you like to activate and create more freedom? We’re going to take a deeper dive into The Power of 3. Deberah, as you were describing calling in the feeling of joy, I want to ask a question related to joy or happiness. I hear from a lot of people the pursuit of being happy. What’s your take on happiness versus joy?

I use joy because I use the frequency scale. Your readers are probably familiar with that. Everything above love is at a higher clearing frequency. I use joy because it’s even above love in terms of the frequency of it. It’s all about happiness too so I think either is fine.

Can someone truly ever get happiness?

Make enough of a shift that you can open that crack and allow the universe to get to you the joy that you want. – Deberah Bringleson Click To Tweet

Absolutely. Have you ever felt the true bliss of everything is deliciously beautiful? Your body feels great and everything that’s happening in your life is blissful. Have you felt that?

Totally. What would you say to the crazy entrepreneur, and I’m sure you’ve dealt with a bunch of them, there’s a certain DNA about the entrepreneur that they feel they lose their edge when they’re happy? They’re busy chasing the next success story or the next success piece on their list that they don’t enjoy the moments as much. You could go to all types of industries to see this from pro athletics to business and a lot in between. What advice would you give to someone who thinks they might lose their edge over this sense of peace, joy or happiness?

I know that we’ve all been trained to fit somebody’s idea of what life should be like. Probably hundreds of people, your teachers, doctors, commercials, parents, churches, communities have all taught us things that they want us to believe because they want us living a life that’s more comfortable for them. They want us living our lives that are more comfortable for them. I teach classes, I teach this in a class and I also teach and work with my clients on it. One of the first things that I do when they have a belief like that is to ask people to go deeper. What’s under that? Where did that come from and why do you believe it? Why do you believe that there has to be a struggle? Is it serving you?

This is a great question that all of the readers can do themselves. Keep asking yourself, what’s under that? Why do I believe that it has to be a struggle? Who taught me that? I was taught that by my father who believes that life is a struggle and I’ve struggled for many years. Why? I don’t want to struggle. I want it to come to me joyfully. When you hunt something down and when you’re hunting down those clients, what they’re feeling from you is your fear that you’re not going to get them and that you’re not going to have enough money. They can feel that. Science can measure that. There are machines that can measure the energy that you’re emitting. Let’s say you’re sitting there in front of your client, whether you’re on the phone or in person. You’re saying, “My product or service is great,” but in your body and your head you’re like, “I’ve got to get this, otherwise I can’t pay the mortgage this month.”

They can feel the disconnect between what you’re saying and what you’re emitting. They won’t know why they don’t trust you, but they won’t trust you. That’s why they’re not buying from you. Think about a hunter. When a hunter goes out in the wilderness and hunts an animal, does the animal walk up and go, “Here I am?” They’ll run. That’s what your clients are doing when they feel like they’re being hunted. How delicious would it be if you didn’t have to sit at your desk for 10 to 12 hours? Believe me, I come from Silicon Valley and before I learned to make this my own, I was working 80 hours a week. I was exhausted and I wasn’t caring for myself. I was eating at my desk fast and gaining weight. I was stressed out. Who wants that?

Many of the people that I work with, that’s where they are. If you can let go of your belief, and I’m not talking about the thoughts in your head, I’m talking about your core belief that you’ve got to work hard. Life is so much more joyful. Would you rather come home at the end of the day, sit down, interact with your significant other, talk about the next trip you’re planning and play with your children? One of the pieces of homework that I give to my private clients is to take an unplugged vacation. They come back and they’re like, “I was playing with my child in the pool and I didn’t have my phone on. I looked around at all these kids in the pool and I saw their parents sitting on the edge with their faces either on their computer or on their phone. For the first time in my life, I got it.”

Your life is meant for you. It’s not meant for the struggle and the pain. When you learn to do this rather than hunting down your clients, when you learn to call them to you, you have so much more time to go for a swim or sit and relax or go on a trip. A few years ago, when I got this, I decided that I wanted the level of revenue, but I didn’t want the level of work. I took eight months off. Do you know what I did to my revenue that year? I tripled it. My daughter and I spent a month traveling through Greece and a week sailing the Greek Isles on a small yacht. We went to Alaska for two weeks. We then went to Boston for a couple of weeks. We just went and did. If you believe you have to struggle, work and hunt down your clients, that’s exactly what you’ll get. If you learn to let that go and believe that you can call them to you, that’s what will happen too.

Your life is meant for you. It's not meant for the struggle and the pain. – Deberah Bringleson Click To Tweet

What would it be worth as you’re reading right now to be able to call in more peace, freedom and joy while building, growing and scaling your business with far less stress? Deberah gave you a gift and I want to encourage you to do this. One of the best exercises that you can use is to breathe. Take 60 seconds, push everything away and breathe. I learned to breathe again. Deberah talked about this idea. People have asked me, “Dan, how have you lost almost 90 pounds?” I capped it off for years. It was because I learned to breathe and how I learned to breathe is simple. For me, at the time I had kids who were young and my kids were two and they would sleep on my chest. What I did is I tuned into their breathing and their peacefulness. It taught me and gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten.

It taught me how to breathe again, how to sleep again, how to be more peaceful. As you’re reading and breathing, why do you believe that? Going under the hood, who taught you that? What’s underneath that belief? What would it be worth if you were able to free these things away and you could build, grow and scale with far less stress and angst? That’s the gift and I know we’re just scratching the surface here. Deberah, you’ve worked with hundreds maybe thousands of clients. Because things are changing fast and people are being bombarded with ten times more messages in an hour than they used to get in a week. What are 1 to 3 breakthroughs that either you’re experiencing in your business or your clients are experiencing that you could share and that our readers could put in place and practice starting right now?

The first thing is I’m not saying to monitor your thoughts every moment of every day. That’s exhausting because you have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day. Start to notice when you don’t feel good. If you get angry with someone, it doesn’t feel good to be angry. I’m not saying to make yourself a doormat ever, but you’re not served by the anger, hurt or feelings of revenge. One of the things that I’ve had to break for myself is what I called looping. Somebody will do something and as I said, I had a lot of trauma early in my life. I didn’t loop on it. I would keep it running in my mind. That doesn’t feel good. When you notice that feeling, the number one thing that I would ask everyone to do is to stop, take a few breaths and call in the opposite of that.

My formula, I call it practical quantum physics for business and life. It has three steps and two questions. The second question is what the opposite of that is? When you start looping on anger, what is the opposite of anger? Maybe it’s something else for you, but let’s use love. Take a couple of breaths and call in the energy of love. Remember, your body can’t hold both anger and love at the same time. It can’t hold the negative and positive. Surrender to the opposite of whatever it is. That will start opening up that crack for you. The second thing is to keep asking. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, but I’m still uncovering things that are taking me deeper. I still do this.

What’s under that? What’s under this? Why am I feeling this way about myself like I’m not going to be successful here? What’s under it? Who taught me something at some point in my life that has me believing something that’s not true? Because you are part of the human that’s sitting in your chair right now. The biggest part of you is source energy, that same source energy that created galaxies. That energy is unstoppable and infinite. If that is you, there is nothing you cannot have do or be. If you are not feeling good, if you’re feeling that fear or anger, that means that you’re not fully allowing the source to flow through you and that doesn’t feel good. What is it that you believe? What’s under that’s causing you to feel that? We then can start clearing that away.

Deberah gave you a three-step formula. What’s the loop? What is the feeling that you’re having that’s uncomfortable that doesn’t feel good? What’s the opposite of that feeling? What’s under that? Who taught you that? What would it be worth to clear it? What would it be worth to call it in and breathe it out essentially to embrace the good feelings that you deserve? You want to tap into this infinite energy to create more growth and scale more with far less stress and far more freedom. We’ve just scratched the surface in our time together. Where can people go if they want to go deeper with you, tap into some of the amazing tools and resources you’ve got available, and then learn more?

I have a free masterclass that will teach you the three steps and the two questions. You can go to It’s a free class. The first part of the class is teaching you the formula and the two questions. Part two that you get the second day is I will guide you into the quantum field, so that you can start experiencing this for yourself. You can get it all free from the website.

GTF 254 | The Power Of 3

Your body can’t hold both anger and love at the same time. Surrender to the opposite of whatever it is and that will start opening up a crack for you.


I encourage you to check out what Deberah has put together for you and how you can use Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics to help you build, grow, and scale your business with far less stress and far more freedom. You can do that at and go through the masterclass, go through the process. If there’s a fit, you’ll go deeper with Deberah too. Deberah, what’s something I should have asked you that we didn’t get to yet?

For those who are thinking this is too easy, it is if you allow it to be. One of the things that I love to say to my clients is every time you perceive that you have a problem, start walking around going, “What if it was easy?” Because part of what we do is we get wrapped up in the, “How do I fix this? How do I solve this?” That creates more energy of needing to fix this. What if it was easy? I’ll give you an example. I had a client who built this beautiful facility in a very remote area of the United States. It was beautiful and it had all of these energy-efficient qualities and natural lighting and he wanted it to be a great place for his employees, but it was in a remote area. He was having a hard time hiring salespeople and he was struggling with it. He was invested in the struggle. I said, “Starting right now, every time you think a thought or feel a feeling about I don’t have good salespeople, you say, ‘What if it was easy?’” By the end of the week, he had three ideal sales candidates and he hired two.

If you’re reading this and you want to put more of that into your world, your business, your future, check out what Deberah has put together for you. I’m curious, Deberah, what were you known for in high school?

I was an athlete. My first career choice was volleyball but I broke my vertebra, so that ended that. I also was active politically. That was my second career choice.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I think the thing that most people don’t know about me is everything that I’ve ever done in my life post volleyball has been to create freedom for everyone. I designed an entire project from San Francisco to San Jose, California because I heard about children who were being strapped into car seats for 2.5 hours twice a day so their parents could commute to Silicon Valley for work. That’s not freedom. Those kids don’t have freedom because they’re sitting in car seats and eating McDonald’s. They do not have a life and their parents don’t have a life either. Everything I do, if you look at the core of it for me, it’s about helping people have freedom.

That is what we’re all about here at Growth to Freedom. Deberah, we gave everybody a glimpse of Quantum Mechanics, a little bit of Quantum Physics, your approach to this and how it helps your business. You’re also the co-author with Joe Vitale of the Practical Business Wisdom and Magic program as well. What are a couple of your favorite tools that you use in your business that others could use too to gives them more freedom?

The true value is not the winds and spins of the product or service; it's what's under those that changes your life. – Deberah Bringleson Click To Tweet

My number one favorite tool is the tool that got Richard Branson to pay attention to me. He was only talking to my client, the State of California and San Francisco Airport, to see what deal he could get from other people. I didn’t know this when I was working with him. I found that out at the end when it was over, and that is educational marketing. In my opinion, almost no one truly understands educational marketing. I’ll give you an example. That client that I talked about who went from zero to $602 million in twelve months, she was selling houses. Our strategic messaging talked about diabetes, heart disease and teen drug use. If you don’t understand how to sell houses based on diabetes, heart disease and teen drug use, you don’t understand strategic messaging. My number one favorite tool is helping my prospective clients understand the true value. It’s not the winds and spins of the product or service, it’s what’s under that changes your life. The transformation, that’s my favorite tool

Would you like to learn how to put that tool and many other tools in place? If so, check out what Deberah has got available at Deberah, what are 1 to 3 action steps that you hope our readers take from our time together?

The most important thing is to shift your frequency from anything negative, stress, anger, fear, frustration and beliefs that you’re not good enough. Shift that to anything positive, love, joy, peace. That’s the foundation because you can’t create magic in your life and your business if you’re stuck in the muck of negativity. Starting to notice that and shifting to taking that breath and calling in the energy and frequency of love, joy, peace, that’s number one.

Number two is to start freeing yourself from what’s creating that. Every time you notice that you’ve got a negative feeling or emotion or something catches in your gut, someone or some experience taught you to believe something that is not true. If you’re feeling that, you’re not allowing infinite source. Ask what’s under that? Where did that come from? Flood it with feelings of joy and love because anything that you believe about yourself, your life and your business that isn’t positive, it isn’t true. It’s a lie and you don’t need to live with lies.

You don’t need to live with lies. You deserve to have more freedom. She’s Deberah Bringleson and you can learn more about what she’s up to. Deberah, it’s been a pleasure to have you with us here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights and strategies. I know our readers can apply this in their everyday lives. Start with breathing, that one simple thing and apply what she’s shared with you. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I love your show. It’s one of my favorites. I don’t miss it. I’m honored to be here.

You’re welcome. Take action with what Deberah has been sharing with you. Apply the strategy. If you want to come back to the episode, you want to check out that YouTube video she talked about and check out her masterclass. If you know somebody who is struggling with their business or maybe they feel blocked or stuck, I encourage you to share this episode with them. Share it through the many different platforms that we’ve got. Send them an email or a note saying, “I think you’re going to love this.” I also encourage you to check out Take action and apply what Deberah has shared with you. Seize the day, make it a great week and we’ll see you next time on

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