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Dan Kuschell - 345

Dan Kuschell is a husband, dad, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He runs Breakthrough3X, a company that gives you instant access to a Fractional CMO Team. Breakthrough3X helps founders and CEOs grow their businesses 3 to 10x and generate more clients daily with a simple system that gets them free from the day-to-day. Dan has owned 12 companies since 1992, building multiple businesses with revenues exceeding eight figures before selling. He is also the Host of the Growth to Freedom podcast, where he interviews industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dan Kuschell explains why the traditional sales system is dead — and shares the approach you should take instead
  • Examples of companies that have built a great buyer’s culture
  • Dan’s tips for transforming your sales method
  • Why you should focus on the problem you can solve for your target audience
  • The most powerful questions to ask your potential leads and clients
  • How Dan’s 12-step blueprint can help you turn any employee into a high-performing salesperson

In this episode…

Have you heard the news? The traditional sales system is dead — and the companies that are still following this outdated model are in the same boat. So, how can you modernize your sales approach to ensure many more years of success?

As Dan Kuschell says, it all comes down to creating a buyer’s culture rather than a seller’s culture. With this system, your target audience will come to you and not the other way around. If you’re looking to double your sales, transform your employees into high-performing salespeople, and get free from the day-to-day of your business, it may be time for an upgrade. Luckily, Dan has the tools and tips to help you do just that.

In this episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell shares the sales methodology that modern businesses need to survive — and thrive. He talks about creating a buyer’s culture versus a selling culture, how to spark conversations that convert leads into customers, and the key questions you should ask your potential clients. He also gives a sneak peek into his transformational 12-step sales blueprint. Stay tuned!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation, and leadership, we’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach, a bigger impact, and make a bigger contribution. Have you noticed that there are some pretty significant changes in the world as it relates to selling? Right In fact, when you think of selling, what comes to mind, for you, and today, we’re going to spend some time talking about some of the shifts you need to make to be able to more effectively influence sell, persuade, so you can get more new clients effortlessly and easily. And these strategies work. Why because, again, there’s been a lot of change, this comes out of a couple conversations in the last week with some of our clients. And when we were serving some of our clients, you know, they had told us, you know, when we said, hey, what are a couple of the best things that you feel you’ve gotten from what we do for you. And they were like, Oh, my gosh, the, the framework around this new model of selling this new method of selling has transformed our business. And it’s a method that we’ve been using for a long while, in fact, we were able to take customer service people see, imagine that, imagine taking someone who’s an introvert or not really considering themselves that great at sales, and giving them some tools, and then becoming high performers. So imagine customer service people being able to become your high performers in your business, right? On the other hand, we have also given this to high performers already. And it’s like putting gasoline on a fire in a good way where they were able to go out and double and triple sales. And also, let’s face it, what else is important retention? Right? Have you ever met those overzealous salespeople that they sell somebody into something so well, or so hard, or whatever you want to call it, but just as fast as they enroll, people cancel people drop out and a whole lot more, we want to help you avoid that. So and in fact, we’re going to talk about the end of traditional sales and what you need to do instead. So you can get clients daily. Or if you want to turn a customer service type person into a high performer, or maybe you are already very good at selling, you want to take your game up a couple notches and decrease cancels and increase retention, right and a whole lot more.

So here is the big problem. Right? Traditional sales are dead as we know it. And why is this important to you? Right now?

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First of all, if you don’t make this shifts, right, with what we’re going to talk about today, what will it cost you, it’s going to cost you business, it’s going to cost you reputation, it’s going to cost you a lot of anxiety, where maybe you’re you know, the creator of your business, or the founder of your business or product or service or whatever. And you’re the only one who can sell it and you can get no help you can, you’re not attracting other Rain makers. I mean, I dealt with this for my first probably decade. And I’ve been doing this for 30 years, 30 plus years now, at the time of this segment. And one of my biggest frustrations was I had a hard time having other people who could sell effectively, at least in my mind. And it was because of the shifts, that that was able to transform that at our peak, we were able to grow a business that we had over 175 employees, you know, close to 120 Roughly people that were selling most of those people were customer service sites that became high performers win a share. So some of those secrets, we want to help you avoid some of the problems we want to help you avoid, you know, selling refund selling cancel having high council rates, right, or, you know, hitting lows and sales or you being the only one responsible for your income. So let’s dive into it. Here are some of the things to understand about the problem today more than ever, people hate to be or have a feeling of being sold. Right by that, you know, slick kind of salesperson or whatever you want to call it. Right? At the same time. What do people really love in the process? If it’s done correctly, they love to buy. In fact our methodology teaches you how to build what we refer to as a buyers system or a buyers culture. Right who are a couple of the best companies in the world at this you know companies like Apple, right? They don’t have a selling system. They have a buyer system a buyers culture, don’t they right? I mean literally think about when a new a new system is launched. Like there’ll be people around the building wanting to get in line to get this very high priced piece of technology compared to other companies about buyers culture a buyer system. Another great company that does this is Starbucks. And I’m not getting any, you know, affiliate fees or whatever for, you know, mentioning these companies, but Starbucks has a buyers system a buyers culture instead of an not a selling culture, right. So, you know, you get into any number of Starbucks around the world, and there’ll be lines and lines and so on. And people are paying three 410 times to get you know, a coffee or a tea or whatever that they could make at home. But because of the experience, it’s a buyers culture, we’re going to show you how to build some of the elements in your business with today’s session, this segment. So even worse, though, with some of the challenges people feel selling, is something you do to someone. Right? When done, right. It’s what you do for them. Like Apple considers that a service. Starbucks considers that a service, it’s not what you’re doing to someone, it’s what, it’s what you’re doing for someone. Right, and we’ll talk more about that here today. And what you can do instead, in just a few minutes.

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Many times a traditional outdated selling system is awkward, isn’t it? Like it’s icky? Like it just was my fancy pants words right here? Icky? It feels awkward, right? It’s uncomfortable. It feels sleazy in some ways, right? Let’s help you and your company and your team. And people you do business with avoid some of that. You know why? Because what they do most of the time, is they push their widget, their gadget, their gadget, their glop, and their again, my fancy pants, pet fancy pants, language and their agenda, instead of focusing on the thing that matters, which we’ll talk about here in a few minutes. So what do you do instead? What do you do instead? So you can create your buyers culture or transform customer service people in the high priority? Maybe the introvert that isn’t your traditional sales person into a high performer, you do some of this? Right? First of all, it’s simple, right? You probably know this intuitively, first of all, be a human being. Right? Just be a good human being. Focus on them. Right, focus on them, what do they want? And need? Right? Ask versus telling, by the way, we’ve got a little sample overview of a few really critical questions that we found, in all our years of doing this, that really, again, now working recently with some of our private clients, where we said what were some of the most they talked about these things being super are hyper critical in the experience for them to leverage to grow to add other team members to get other people selling their stuff for them in an easy, cool way. Right? So ask versus tell, oh, another one. Oh, it’s so misunderstood. Right? Most people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. So be prepared. Teach your team to be prepared, do more research, you know, who is your client, there’s so many easy tools that you can use to go, you know, not stalk your potential clients. But you can learn about your clients, their interests, their behaviors, what they like what they don’t, and a whole lot more. It’s never been easier than now versus what a lot of people do. The many sales pros do this, the pro you know what I’m talking about? Wink wink, right, those hard closing salespeople that very few people really like and enjoy is they are in a situation where they are winging it. Right? They’re winging it, which is no fun at all right? In the experience. Next, focus on what problem you solve for them. Right? This is really critical. Like if there’s one thing that you can do that I can do we can all do better in our business is really stay tuned in connected to, you know, Hey, what is the problem we solve for our potential clients? What is the problem we solve for them? And if we do, it makes this work a whole lot easier, which then leads us the ability when we focus on the problem we solve for them. Now we can communicate about it in their language, not our our fancy pants language, but in their language, right? We want to stay away from you know, jargon, technobabble? You know, fancy fancy words, if that makes sense, right? Next is serving your client, serve them, buyers culture, right? Serve them, right, serve your clients to help them get the result, help them get the outcome, right, the feeling they want from what it is you offer, right, that they can’t get anywhere else. And also, it’s a good idea to make sure to remind your potential clients and clients that this is something that we’re providing you in a unique way that you can’t get anywhere else and find those elements, those layers of what it is that you deliver, this problem you solve the way you solve it that they can’t get anywhere else. It makes all the difference in the world.

And then that leads to some of the casual conversation so you can create conversions. Isn’t that what you want? I mean, if that’s not what you want, you can shut this segment in this session off but if you want to get into more casual conversations that lead to actual sales conversions, then you’re going to love what we’ve put together here for you. So the first part of this process is to simply state to a potential client in a conversation, hey, we want to help identify where you are, and where you want to go. And that information, that insight is going to help us structure so we can work and help you, if that’s what you want, right? So, you know, help identify where you are, where you want to go, we have to have a good reference point. So now let’s dive into you. Right in every industry, every niche, I mean, we’ve worked with companies, you know, I’ve been blessed doing this for 30 years that we’ve actually had over 200,000 clients purchase our different programs, product services, tools, we’ve coached over 5000, founders and CEOs from 180 Different industries from over 12 different countries, right. So there’s a lot of experience. So it’s not a one size fits all, but some of this can be considered a one size fits all, what do I mean by that? You want to state very clearly, hey, we want to help you identify where you are. So we can help you get where you want to go. And we have to have a good reference point of where we’re starting with what it is you’re looking at your product, your service, your situation, right, that then leads to another great question originated from, you know, one of the most brilliant, you know, people studying the human mind psychology to ever exist Emerson, right. And so there’s a derivative of his question. Dan Sullivan has a version of this called the R factor question. Right? Whoever it is that you want to give credit to go give credit to them. But this question is so incredibly powerful. You know, what would you know, if we were meeting one year from today, if we were meeting, six months from today, a month from today of our work together? What do you feel would have to happen for you to feel happy and satisfied with your progress are happy and satisfied that you made a good decision to do X with us? Right? Just think about that. So there’s all kinds of layers of why that’s a powerful question puts them in the state, right? The state of actually stepping into your service, stepping into your product program, or whatever you deliver. And it gives you a framework what is on their TV screen. Now there’s 1000s of channels on TV, so I’m not going to be able to pick just one. But let’s say you’re a fan of you know, ESPN, I don’t know. Let’s say it’s ESPN. And so if they tell you the show, they’re what love to watch on ESPN, maybe maybe it’s like the show get up in the morning. Well, now if you know, that’s what they tune into, based on this question, right? I love get up. And I love it because of this. If they tell you that about your type of product or service, doesn’t that help make it easier in a casual conversation to provide the solution and lead them to a good decision. Right? That’s what the this good. And by the way, we’re just we’re just scratching the surface on some of this because there are deeper elements of this. But ideally, if you take what we’re sharing with you and go use this and turn some of your your service oriented people into high performers, maybe you’re an introvert, maybe you’re don’t consider yourself great at selling, when you can take this and apply it today and start going and making more sales. Right?

Oh, another powerful question. In fact, I’m firmly convinced based on data based on doing it based on our team’s doing it. If you spend your time, you and your team focused on five times a day getting into casual conversations with potential clients and just at even ask them this question. What’s the number one thing you need the most help with right now. Now, if you have the other elements we’ve already talked about, and some others that, you know, I’ll give you a snapshot up here as well. But this one question if you just spend your time every day five times a day, asking people what’s the number one thing you need the most help with right now. it would transform your business. Because two things would happen. Number one, 80% of the people you ask that question too, are not a fit for your product service. Let your glop call it we’ll call it your product or service. But then if you become a valuable resource, or invaluable, because so few people are willing to do it, do what others won’t do. So you can get what others won’t get, you become an invaluable resource and connect them to solve that problem for the thing they need the most, those people will become referral partners for you, easily and almost effortlessly. If you come from this place, but then there’ll be a 20% of the people where now they are a candidate for what you do. And because you’ve provided an experience they can’t get anywhere else. In other words, this buyers culture, they’ll feel it and it increases the chances of your sales success in your team sales success. It’s really pretty simple. When we break this down. I hope you’re starting to see the light of what could happen for you by putting something like this in place for you. And then another great question to ask once you get gather those first three is hey, I’m curious. You know, you’ve been at this a while you’re pretty savvy most consumers are today, aren’t they? Like today’s customers are more educated than ever before. They’ve usually done research ahead of time on your type of service and your types of products haven’t that. So if you ask them well, hey, I’m here. is what’s gotten in the way of you moving forward with this and up till now? They’ll tell you some of the objections right then and there so that you can kind of guide them through your process. And ideally, you know, if you’ve got a right fit, they’re a good candidate and a right fit candidate. Now, all you have to do is make the presentation and customs. And that’s what happened when you use some of these tools, you some of these key questions. Now, it gives you the ability to customize the experience within your framework, which is why it works, which is why it works, I hope that you could start to see how exciting this can be. Right?

People ask me, Well, Dan, like how were you able to build like this big company that did millions and millions a month? Part of it? Was weather by accident? No, admittedly, today, I’ll admit, it was by accident, to some degree. And now carrying this forward at a much deeper level. And really understanding the psychology is so powerful, what can happen when you really can customize the suit, so to speak for your potential clients. Once you understand that, I think the Dan Sullivan says people buy from us not because they understand us, meaning us as a salesperson, us as a team us as a company, but they feel understood. And these kinds of questions give you the leverage to be able to do that. And so we have created a full Blueprint. So this is just a snapshot to give you the tools right now to use. And I just want to show you one of the tools we work with with our clients. And it’s an entire 12 step checklist. It’s not a script, per se, but it’s a 12 step outline it like this. This is the script and the outline that we use with our teams that helped us grow to millions a month and hadn’t such a big impact in turning customer service type people in the high performers. You know, one of our clients recently Stephanie’s like, I was a therapist, like, you know, when you think of a therapist, I don’t know what you think of it. As far as there’s no salesmanship, right? But she goes, You know, I’ve been able to more than triple my income. And this one tool has probably been one of a handful of the most valuable tools in my toolbox to be able to use, I hope it can become a valuable tool for you too. Now with that in mind, let me go ahead and show you the Blueprint here for a second. Alright, so let’s walk through this simple blueprint, you’ll notice the title, how to sell more by selling less, right, if you take everything that we’ve shared with you really comes down to that. And it’s the guide to enrollment mastery. In other words, get more new clients using an interview, quick interview method, right in interview method. Now, we’re not going to break all this down for sake of time, right. But if you want to go deeper with some of this, I encourage you to reach out to us because if we weren’t together, this would be a tool that we could self help customize for you. We’ve had clients who engaged us to actually build their custom sales blueprint and sales playbook for them in their company, right, including things like this in a more expanded way, objections, presentation and a whole lot more. So that might be something that interests you, right, but here are the 12 steps, set the framework identify something fascinating, why are you interested? Why now the R factor question which we covered already? Right, narrow the focus? What’s the number one thing you need the most help with deepen your understanding? What’s been getting in the way? What do you feel you need to have success? Customize the offer now, so you customize the process, you get agreement and then move forward in the sale. And then what happens when you get objections. Anyway, all of that is available to you in this simple blueprint. So you might be saying yourself, Dan, this is amazing, right? And we like to think it’s amazing, at the same time, right? It’s not a fit for everybody. Right?

So let’s summarize what we’ve covered up to this point, you know, essentially, you know, we’ve covered in the last segment, casual conversations to help you get more new clients, and or train your team on how to be able to get more new clients why so we can get you out of the day to day or get you out of a place where you’re the only one responsible for your income or get a team of people that could help you or turn some of your other staff that you might have that might be assistance or customer service, etc, to have the power to also help you generate business. We also talked about how traditional sales today is, is dead, right. And if you take this casually, by the way, you’ll become a casualty, right of the shifts in business today.

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And it’s going to continue to shift those companies that continue to operate in a selling environment or have a seller’s culture are going to die. All the new success is going to be built around this new model, which is about building a buyer system, right buyers culture and this gives you the tools to do it.

All the new success is going to be built around this new model, which is about building a buyer’s system. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

And so we talked about what you can do today, instead of working with an outdated system. We talked about why this is important right now and a whole lot more. Right? So again, if you want some help, right, if you can see the value of having help with this, right, we have a lot of different ways that we can help you. Essentially we’re like a co pilot to help you get us system in place, so you can get clients Daily and get you free from the day to day, right? I mean, what would it be like if you could, you know, be in a place where you could spend more time with your kids or be more present with your spouse or partner, or have the ability to work more on your business instead of stuck in it, right and stuck in the grind of it. Like what it’d be worth to have, again, a team of others that had the ability to persuade to influence and a whole lot more, right. So if you want to go deeper, to learn more about how we can help you put systems like this is one of like 30 or 40 different systems that we work with our clients to get installed to help them grow their business with less stress. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you then go to, that’s You can schedule a time for us to talk we’ll review your business, we’ll look at what’s working, what’s not where you want to go with, you know, we’ll talk about some options to help you get there. And if we can help you, we’ll talk about customizing the options to fit your size of your business, your situation and a whole lot more. It’s low key, it’s pretty easy. If you’d like to take advantage of that just go to, schedule a time. And now we look forward to work with you. And either way, here’s my hope for you. I hope that you take the time to put what we’ve shared with you today, in place for you. Right that you will apply the concept of building your own buyers culture, your own buyer system in place, that you’ll move away from a traditional selling system that is dead, and will become more deadly over time not only for you, but your clients and reputation. Right want to help you avoid some of those costly mistakes and you can do that. Like when is now the best time to question I asked my good when is now the best time. Right? We’ve given you a blueprint for casual conversations to create more conversions. I hope you put it in place test it worst case tested. Don’t believe anything I share with you. Test it for yourself. See how it works. And by the way, if you have questions, reach out to us. Another option go to Seize the day, make it a great, great day. Make it a great week. Make it a great quarter. Make it a great year. I look forward to meeting you at some point down the road and go from there. We’ll see you in another segment. Bye for now.



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