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Mark Victor Hansen is a prolific writer who’s best known as the Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, which set world records in book sales with over 500 million books sold. His most recent book, Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, helps people discover their destiny and harness their superpower.

Mark is also a sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken to over 6,000 audiences worldwide. He is a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian and currently serves as the Owner of Mark Victor Hansen & Associates.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mark Victor Hansen shares the mindset and habits that can help you achieve your full potential
  • How Mark found his destiny and achieved monumental success
  • The value of self-help books for transforming your mind and life
  • Some of the mentors and coaches that have influenced Mark’s career
  • Mark shares action steps you can take today to achieve your next big breakthrough

In this episode…

Do you want the secret to discovering your destiny and unlocking your full potential? How can you transform your life and achieve your big breakthrough?

According to Mark Victor Hansen, it all comes down to your mindset. If you want to transform your life and achieve your dreams, you must first transform your mind. For Mark, success wouldn’t be possible without the help of incredible mentors and thought leaders. As he says, the most successful people in the world are lifelong learners and avid readers — and if you want to reach your breakthrough, you should be, too!

In this episode of Growth to Freedom, Dan Kuschell sits down with prolific author and speaker, Mark Victor Hansen, to discuss the key to transforming your life and unlocking your full potential. Listen in as Mark explains why every leader should be a dedicated reader, his tips for finding your superpower, and why mentors and other thought leaders are vital for your success.

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell  0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership are helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach a bigger impact and make a bigger contribution. Welcome to this segment of growth to This next expert is certainly someone who’s impacted my life and millions of other people around the world before it gets to him. I have a question for you. Like what if you could actually, you know, go from a place of uncertainty, right? Have you noticed there’s uncertain times turbulent times there’s a lot of, you know, insecurity, right? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau, whether it’s personally or in your business or your career, right? And you’re just seeking, like seeking answers? And what if a new way of thinking or a new way of operating got you to think bigger than maybe you thought before it could help you solve problems so much quicker, easier, faster than you’ve ever thought before. And at the same time, this simple solution can help make the world work for 100% of humanity. How valuable Do you think that’d be for you in the next few minutes to figure out what that would be? Well, our guest expert is here to share with you the simple strategy, right, we call your one breakthrough away. One breakthrough away from that next big breakthrough to share with you the strategy that can transform humanity to bring us together instead of polarise us and separate us but bring us together to really think bigger and solve some of the world’s biggest problems far faster and better. He’s the world’s best selling author, author of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, One Minute Millionaire, so many other books, and programmes, which is how I got introduced to mark so many, many years ago. And then through some mutual friends, Janet and Chris Attwood got us connected to be able to work together and have a couple events together through the One Minute Millionaire programme and a whole lot more. His name is Mark Victor Hansen. Mark, I’m so glad so grateful to have you a part of this segment this session. How are you?

Mark Victor Hansen  2:18

My pleasure? And what a nice introduction, because Wouldn’t It Be Nice we really get everybody to find their destiny, which is the latest book, which you were kind enough to introduce ASK! The Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny, because all of us have dreams pent up inside, all of us have a destiny and that’s what this talk with you and I is about is fulfilling their individual and that will help it have our collective destiny get 100%. Because what the question you got to ask yourself is, where am I compared to my potential spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, emotionally? In my relationships at all? And if you do that, you find your superpower. How’s that? Is that the answer you’re looking for?

Dan Kuschell  3:01

Absolutely. And here’s the thing you believe there’s one habit that can transform, transcend the world and bring humanity together. We’re going to talk about that in a second. But before we do, Mark, you know, right now, I mean, you work, you’ve worked with millions, like literally millions and millions of people all over the world, in different continents, different stages of life, socio economic background success, you know, people just getting started and a whole lot more, you know, we’re going through one of the craziest times in human history, right? Yet, we see that the cycles happen over and over and over again. So it’s not new, it’s just kind of different this time, right? And will continue, these cycles will continue. What do you see are potentially some of the biggest challenges or maybe mistakes that many people are making in times like this that like, if solved, could transform who they are, where they’re going.

Mark Victor Hansen  3:55

First of all, let me give you a metaphor, and that is you can’t look at Caterpillar and predict butterfly and right now, Caterpillar goes through the chrysalis, which we’ll call a cocoon. And right now 8 billion of us are in this cocoon. And where we’re going to go very shortly, I believe, is into a High Flying Butterfly nests, which is our corporate metaphor, like I did on the book that inspired you, because butterfly is the universal symbol of freedom. And what happens is we want to get everybody watching to be free, but you got to be free in mind first, because your mind is the trend sent will spirit and then mind and the body is how it transcends humanity. And so if you’re doing your spiritual work, meaning in the morning, if you’re visualising realising, what would it look like? If I fulfil my potential business wise? What would it look like but fulfil my potential as a husband, a father, a mate, what would it look like if I feel my potential? In my fitness? I mean, I’m 72 years young never ever call yourself old. And you know, I exercise an hour hard every day and I have to come up with the gym and say, Oh, I don’t know anybody else that’s doing that many pushups at fast but you know, just You got to say, well, what is it if I push the edge of my envelope, because every one of us got an envelope, and you either are in devolving or evolving, and I’m saying let’s evolve, and let’s go up in the spiral, to fulfil our ultimate potential

You’re either devolving or evolving. Let’s evolve and go up in the spiral to fulfill our ultimate potential.” - Mark Victor Hansen Click To Tweet

our genius are every one of us is born, my wife likes to say with four times more inner genius, talent skills and ability than we ever used.

Dan Kuschell  5:25

And speaking of tapping into those skills, talents, abilities that we never use you, you have a belief that there’s one habit, and there’s lots of habits, but one habit in particular, right, that Leaders are readers. And that by reading more, we have the ability to solve some of the biggest problems in the world as well as think bigger than we’ve ever thought speak to the idea of Leaders are readers and why reading can help solve a lot of the biggest challenges around.

Mark Victor Hansen  5:52

It’s curious that we’re hitting on something that I’m really close to right now. I’m working with the libraries of America. And there’s 16,000 public libraries, but there’s 100,000 libraries in America and we’re trying to get all of them open to everybody because reading is a fundamental freedom of freedom. When I was bankrupt and upside down, luckily, I started reading all the self help action books I read acres of diamonds, which means that you got more acres of diamonds with Dr. Russell Conwell said inside and outside did a talk 6000 times on it founded Temple University. One little lady who’s Abraham Lincoln Secretary used to pin papers together and she bled on all the papers, if you look at all the papers and when you go to the White House when you go to library Congress. And what she said is that condo just said there’s an acres of diamond, I’ve got to figure out what that is, what is my destiny and she created the paperclip. And if you’re downtown Philadelphia, right, there’s a six foot paperclip next to I hope it’s still there. It’s a great statue next to Temple University dedicated her because she invented the paperclip, what I’m saying is, every one of us has equivalently a paperclip or in because I trained dentist and chiropractors and a lot of different markets I met the guy who prayed dental floss makes 2 billion a year with dental floss. And I’m not sure but I would say you string in your hand since you’re four years old, three years old, right? But did you ever think of making it floss and putting wax on it? And and what I’m saying is every one of us has got, like you said one or more of those ideas. And the way we believe is the ultimate power is you got to ask and you got to get Forgive me for being crassly commercial for just one second, but we just got 121 letters yesterday or a couple days ago. And if you put two people together with our book and go through all the questions asking you reinvent yourself, you morph and that’s what all those self help books did. For me when I was bankrupt and upside down. I read the magic of believing and I thought Wow. He says go to bed and think about what you want. Remember, we’re talking about 50 years ago, and if you make 100,000 a year you are hot man. So times 250 word days 100,000. And so went to bed going 400 400 404 I’m gonna make 400 tomorrow. And all of a sudden at 2:58 in the morning, I wake up I don’t think I’ve told you this, Dan. And it said state mutual. I thought that’s not a life insurance company ever heard of but write the laws, the law, you got to put it in writing and so you gotta wake up, turn on the light till you’re sweet and you’re doing it. And it said, Bill will be there. I go to this. I’m out cold calling the next day in between seminars. I’ve done two in the morning. I’m cold calling. It’s lunchtime, nobody’s at the front desk. I go state mutual, because insurance companies are all in the same buildings in New York City. And went back shook the guy’s hand he gave me a check for $400 Wow, this really works. And so that’s what we’re saying the ultimate thing is, if you don’t know your destiny, and there’s a lot of people out there hanging on by their fingernails, and I’m making fun I’m trying to help you seriously. When Jack and I needed the title we said mega best selling title mega untitled mega Syntel 400 times four we went sweet. Again 230 In the morning Jack calls up wakes up the whole house is before cell phones. And he said chicken soup I said for the soul we got it and we any we still got 144 rejections people said the project. But the point is everyone out there can go God what’s your destiny for me? God what your destiny for me? God, what’s your destiny for me? But you better tell your sweetie, hey, I’m going to wake up and if Mark’s telling the truth and He is I’m going to have to turn on the lights and write in detail whenever God because your mind already knows what you’re right. If you believe God is the author and the finisher of your faith and what you say is he already imploded you with what some level of high destiny and for me, my destiny was to talk to people that care about things that matter. That would make a life transforming difference. And then people said well, Wow, you got that in a book and the first book I did was stand up speak on winners, you know, and it looks like this. I still have a copy. Nice and I went to the marketplace if you have that in a book. And so I immediately did a book and it was and I said this isn’t a New York Times bestseller. This is not a national bestseller. This certainly is not an international bestseller, but it is my I want to assign it to you and your wife and your kids. And if you have a dog, dog, and they did wake up and they all laugh, and they go, that’s silly, but I tripled my income from about 70 grand, which was big then to $210,000. I sold 20,000 copies at $10 Each, this little book, and a lot of people got great benefit. And back to your question, which I’m over answering. I the first couple of talks I did right when I had no money, and I only had one suit and driving up in a Volkswagen and parked it two blocks away, because I was so embarrassed that I was broken, everything would have been taken from me. I don’t think I told you this before. I would walk in with all the self help action books like this, and I do a book review of not my books, because I didn’t have any books out there. I’d say I’ve met Dino row greatest salesman in the world, you know, and Norman Vincent Peale, our neighbour here wrote the power of positive thinking, and he’s my minister. And I always wondered if it would work well, but 10 years into speaking woman comes and says, you know, I heard you at Metropolitan insurance. And I, I never heard anyone say that you got to read self help action books, and I read all those books. And I just want you to know that I’m worth over $100 million. I’m not in the insurance business. But I recently read those books. They really were. Ladies and gentlemen, when you transfer all you got is your thinking, mind is all. So when you transform your mind and you have a made up mind, your life transforms it’s top down inside out.

When you transform your mind and you have a made-up mind, your life transforms. It's top-down, inside out.” - Mark Victor Hansen Click To Tweet

And so if I’ve over answered your question, I apologise. But you’re on a topic I love. I want every look, if you could look at my library here, there’s like 50,000 books that I bought or been given. And a lot of them are highlighted and underlined and circled. And I said, I’m gonna do this, this, this, this and that it inspires you to go to the next level. And I’m going to ask one other thing, and that is read biographies and autobiographies because everybody overcame something. Right. And all of us have the same problems. And so if somebody else came out, when you read it, you’ll say, Well, wait a second. You know, Frank, Purdue, Purdue chicken, went over, under, around and through and got to the other side and built the biggest chicken company in the world and his wife. He’s deceased. But you know, she’s alien. I think you had her on. Did you have Mitzi on? Yes, yeah. So Mitzi Perdue and I, you know, we talked like an hour a day. I mean, she was a superstar graduate ahead of her class at Harvard. And before you were born, and a long time before you were born, and she was Henry Kissinger is better students, so But then she went on to become a doctor of science and just amazing, amazing, sociable, wonderful woman. And it just every one of us can grow and expand and learn more. That’s the fun thing. And your mind is here for two reasons to create and contribute.

Your mind is here for two reasons: to create and contribute.” - Mark Victor Hansen Click To Tweet

Dan Kuschell  12:41

Create and contribute. And as you’re watching or listening, I mean, you just get a snapshot, a glimpse, and a glimmer inside the wisdom and wealth of knowledge that Mark can share with you. And it starts with reading and reading autobiographies, reading biographies, as well as this top down inside out, process, this method, this strategy and applying it self help action books, what would happen for you, if you can get the wisdom? I mean, for example, any number of marks books, you’ve got a collective wisdom of at least 10,000 hours of his success, what worked, what didn’t work all collapsed down and you can read in a couple hours, like, well, that’d be worth to you. And then if you want to go deeper, you know, Mark, and he’s got all kinds of different programmes and courses and potentially mentorship available to help be a Guide By Your Side one way or another. So speaking of mentorship, Mark, I know, for both of us, we’ve been big investors into our bigger futures. And, you know, from coaching to consultant and hiring specialists, and all these different sorts of things. I believe I have an idea, but I want our audience to hear from you your version of some of the mentors, or coaches that have been your favourites, or that you’d recommend or a couple.

Mark Victor Hansen  13:58

First of all, I love the question every there’s no buddy great that isn’t a mentee to a mentor. It doesn’t exist in my experience. Socrates train Plato, Plato trains, Aristotle, Aristotle trains Alexander the Great Alexander the Great thought he had conquered the world because, unfortunately, Aristotle had given him the wrong map. He said, The World Ends in Egypt, because there’s this thing called the desert. It’s called the Sahara. Right? And if that’s all you’d heard about by camo, and nobody had crossed it, you’d say, well guess at the end of the world. Oops, we’re done. Done when he hit Alexandria, and by the way, I’m not making fun or picking on him. But look, he didn’t know the world was round, look flat. I mean, conversely, follow. So my life. My parents were illiterate immigrants. I had reading disabilities. Luckily, a little white haired lady took me to remedial reading and got me to learn how to read and obviously then, at 16 I had a great and inspiring English teacher that opened up the world of books. And I’ve gotten addicted ever since. In university I am going to be a doctor of physiology and head of physiology wrote the top book, Dr. Alfred Richardson and one day I’m in Alfred graduate school and then in his office working with them and he said today that here the other guy that runs NASA the senior advisor is my best friend and smartest guy on the planet right now is Buckminster Fuller. And he said, You’re gonna go here on I go here, Dr. Fuller. There’s 5000 Kids and we’re in the front row. And Bucky says, we’re going to talk about synergetic energetic geometry cosmogony. cosmogony, e pist homology, I thought, Damn, I got a four point right now, I didn’t always I almost failed out of school, but I got my butt together, studied hard and graduated, you know, but I thought I was smart, right? Sophomore means you know, everything. And I thought I knew everything. Now this guy really? He said, back to your first line today. buches line was, he was an admiral in 1917, who was born at 95 is trained in Britain. But he said, Look, let’s go from World weaponry to world living rate. How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity physically and economically successful with technology, we have fundamental abundance. And he was a visionary futurist, of course, and all that 15 Doctors at Harvard, including a crazy doctor called the Charles Eliot Norton professor of poetry because he created ventilated Bros. and Elliot, Ezra Pound, who is our top American poet at the time, said buches, is this cool, whatever. You and I learned how to do that. And obviously that’s why I can pontificate and stand on my platform. Anyhow, I got with Bucky and it’s to make the world work. And I wrote my 100 year goals because of him. And one of the goals was how do we take trash to cash and I’m part of a company called Q CI is an advisor that we take all glass, all metal or plastic, all the garbage dumps, 10,000 of which are full and turn them back into Energy for America and then we’ll have plenty of resources, plenty of money, it’d be unstoppable and then I own a company called natural power concepts. I’d love everybody to go watch our videos at natural power concepts. the most brilliant living Leonardo DaVinci our time is he he’s a top surrealist artist John patria, fine artist and if you look at his stuff, you’ll go Wow, is that guy cool? Anyhow, I got a lot of his artwork on my home of course and he and I are best friends with Chris and I put in millions of dollars 12 years ago and it’s been frozen now capitalists called frozen asset and I never wanted to freeze my assets I wanted to keep my assets moving. As every good entrepreneur does, who takes a problem fixes it scales it makes a vast profit is how I define it. Anyhow, I inspired by Bucky this guy had pop up windmills, urban wind and wind balances solar solar is good eight to eight in during the day and wind starts at 6pm and goes to 6am and so we get these pop up windows that come down during hurricanes and storms just and we just got a $76 million contract so you know waited 10 years but now the thing is suddenly going because everything has a gestation right right good. Chicky egg is 22 days from to hatch and human embryos nine months elephant two years. One’s not better than the other but like it says an ecclesiastic there’s for all things there’s a season for a season there’s all things so the point is Bucky Fuller was my mentor then when I went bankrupt trying to be Bucky in New York building Wall Street Racquet Club, the tenant but gardens aviaries and all that stuff. Six months I’m sleeping in front of the guy’s room and I learned how to speak and write but then I get with Cabot Robert the Venus speakers a guy created the industry you and Iran and Cabot God bless him had the first tape called you’re either the creature circumstance or the creator not so my way through caught somebody gave me one I was too cocky sophomore and never listened to it. But now I’m bankrupt. And I listened to a net got me on self help. But what what he did is he went to the Rotary Club International with 15,000 people in a brand new thing called a Sony tape recorder. They’re about this big if you may remember, in a tape and he said, here’s the tape for $10. And here’s a Sony for $30 15,000 out of 15,000 bought it. Kevin said for the next three days, man, I could not sleep he says I didn’t know what I said. Did everybody wanted worshipping about and he said it just changed my life. And then he taught Zig Ziglar how to sell from the platform and me and a lot of people abused cavitate you’re wrecking the business we get you know $1,000 And we talk for General Motors to sell Cadillacs three, we sell three Cadillacs and every audience of 1000 people because we go and talk and they’re really nice guys, but they’re misplaced because back to your question, you got to go over the same idea again and again. And if you listen to an audio whether it’s mine or yours, or Cabot’s or Zig or you know Paul Harvey, I don’t care who’s or any of the great podcasters and honours a tonne of them, thank God and more we need is it and some of the people here podcasters I’m sure Maybe you and I’ll be on your podcast someday. But you hear it in your mind goes to you with an idea. And then the next time you listen to that wasn’t on that tape. You weren’t there you were? Yes. And I’m addicted. I mean, if you get any one of my multiple audio, automobiles, there’s audio CDs in there, and we’re forever listening when I’m exercising or training or hiking or, you know, I call the mountains in the world like I’ve done Whitney, and Machu Picchu and Kili and Fuji and everything. So, and I love it. So, you’re supposed to have a good life, but you only have a really fulfilled life. If you have a fulfilled mind. I’ve never said that before. But that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Dan Kuschell  20:41

Yes, fulfilled life.

Mark Victor Hansen  20:45

Build mine, I’m going to write it down. When I get done with this too. I’ll remember that.

Dan Kuschell  20:49

So if you want a fulfilled life, you’ve got to have a fulfilled mind. And what’s a simple way to do that is top down inside out. Yeah, leaders or leaders. Learn from other successes. And if some of what Mark has been sharing with you, just sparks your interest, even a little bit, if not, like ignites your interest a lot and sparks a fire. And I want to encourage you have to go check out what Mark has available Mark, you’ve got all kinds of resources, where can people connect with you and learn more, I

Mark Victor Hansen  21:19

would love you to come to my website, And we got a free book there called How to be up and downtime, which I thought I had in the pile in front of me, but I don’t but so we got one free, great resource that I did with Mitzi Perdue and it’s a fun, wonderful uplifting book that will take you to new heights of success. And it shows during from 2020 to 2030, where we’re going to do not 5 billion, but 5 trillion that’s spelled with a T and we all know 1000 1000s of million 1000 Millions, a billion 1000 billions a trillion. That’s a lot of money. And you only got to be a little piece of it right? A little paperclip all that and you’re gonna make all the money you could ever spend. And then we want you to learn all you can like you and I’ve been saying then you want to earn all you can so you can return all you can that’s the time to learn, earn and return. So if you want to learn

Dan Kuschell  22:10

more, earn more and return more, you want to have a bigger impact, a bigger reach make a bigger contribution, I want to encourage you go to,, we’ll have the links and resources in the notes, you can come back to this full segment and session That’s If you never want to miss an episode, go to, go to Right now, yet how to be up in downtimes. Ideally, that’s not just going to spark that’s going to ignite a fire in your butt to realise that there’s a trillion dollar opportunity, and you just need to get a small piece of it. And what if like you could just get a fraction of a fraction of a fraction with that type of momentum, that type of growth between 2020 and 2030. What would it do for you? What would it do for you if you had the ability to think bigger to solve problems to make the world work for 100% of humanity? Is that something you could get excited about? Well, guess what? You’re getting a chance to work with one of the greatest leaders I know of in history, and a living a living legend. And I hope you’ll take advantage of going to check out what Mark’s got available. Go to That’s What are one to three action steps you hope our audience would take from our time Mark.

Mark Victor Hansen  23:33

Number one, please decide to be a lifelong reader and learner. Number two, figure out what it is that you want put it in writing. And then I’ve got another book that just came out called visualising is realising and there’s also audios with it and all that but you got to see it before you can have it and that sounds like gobbledygook. But you know that the Bible teaches that you got to be there before you get there. I pray this other thing for which I praying has been received and you shall have it it sounds crazy, but you saw yourself as a big success selling your company for a lot of money, which you didn’t I won’t go into the numbers and I saw the same thing that I was going to be the world’s best selling author and I don’t know if you can see it here but I just became a couple days ago. Can you see this thing? Congratulations here so yeah, it Nico. Yes. Murano blown glass. So that’s pretty expensive little gift they gave me sir. And you can’t even go to meetings anymore and talk so I had to do it virtually. Which breaks my heart because you and I love performing. I think I talk for you there and a lot of the people listening and then number three, those who haven’t decided to speak and write, decide you’re going to do it not. You see what I mean, introverts know how scary that is. And I can’t lead a group in silent prayer. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to believe you can all you got to believe is a Dan and I believe you can and then you can. And that’s right. Vincent Peale my minister in New York when he was alive said this title of his talk, we travelled around the world talking. And he said you can if you think you can, if you punch out of a little robes, and he was great, but you can’t if you can’t again, I think you can, Dan thinks you can. And that’s why you’re listening. Because, you know, there’s more in you. And it’s this meeting with not only Dan, but with all the people he’s bringing together all friends of mine, I’m thankful and honoured to say, and you know, we’ve met each other during my years together and his, they’re here to expand you to improve you. Because the road to self improvement is always under construction. You don’t, there’s no such thing, I have now got a degree. By the way, there’s so much to know so much to do so many places to go. And we’re going to open up, you know, the world to see the world and meet all these fabulous people that are there, you’re going to be more interesting, because you’re going to be well read, well said, well listen to and watch great inspiring videos, and your mind is just going to expand and your life’s going to unfold, and it’s going to become smooth, beautiful, imperfect your way.

Dan Kuschell  26:08

So there you have it. He’s Mark Victor Hansen, go to You know, ask yourself, what would your life be like if you could be well read, you could be a lifelong learner, you could get what you want, you would have the ability to truly own what you want. Because you saw what you want, or who you became, as Mark’s been teaching for decades, you got to be to do to have and apply speaking and writing. If an introvert who grew up from the in the inner city of Detroit, who was told by the first person you ever worked for that I would never amount to anything, because I have these crooked teeth could go out and start speaking and growing and having like all this and have these kinds of relationships with people like Mark who, you know, decade, a decade or 20 Some years ago, I looked at, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that now we get to have conversations and text message and talk about ideas and how we can help each other and collaborate and do something like this to bring value to the world. What could you do? What could you do? Right? Go check out Go get the book, How to be up in downtimes. Share it with someone you love, share it with a founder get asked the book, ask and all the resources that Mark makes available. Take Action, seize the day, make it a great week. And we’ll see you on another segment of Thanks for watching Mark. Thank you.

Mark Victor Hansen  27:28

Thanks, everybody.

Dan Kuschell  27:30

Thanks for listening to this episode of Are you struggling to get a steady flow of new clients every day? Or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business? Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You get that at That’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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