Two Reasons Your Clients Don’t Buy (More) From YOU (And What To Do About It) [Podcast 234]

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GTF 234 | Clients Buying From You


How would it impact you if you knew the real reasons your clients buy or don’t buy from you? 


If your sales have plateaued or it’s costing you more money now than it did just six months ago, then this installment is for you.  You will understand how the two driving forces impact your clients’ decisions – and how to leverage it in your business and client attraction model.


In this session, you’ll:

  • Get clarity on the real reasons why your client doesn’t buy from you- it’s not what you think!
  • Find the hidden reasons why your clients DO buy from YOU
  • Discover how to create a great business offense and defense for maximum business growth
  • Discover the 2 driving forces of why people do what they do
  • Show your clients how to get more “Ah” and less “Ugh”
  • Uncover the big mistake most businesses make when talking about their programs and products (and what you can do immediately to boost results)
  • Create your business game plan (tools to simplify content, messaging & more)
  • Get a playbook to anticipate objections and read your clients’ mind 
  • And more…

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Two Reasons Your Clients Don’t Buy (More) From YOU (And What To Do About It) [Podcast 234]

You might be asking, “Dan, what are you doing now? Why are you holding that football?” This football has everything to do with the success in your business. Have you ever wondered what the couple of questions or reasons that your clients buy from you? On the other side of things, do you know the few reasons why your clients don’t buy from you? What would it happen for your business if you knew why all your clients bought from you and why they don’t buy from you in most cases? That’s a lot like football. We’re in the heat of football season. As a marketing business person, I’m going to ride the coattails of the messaging around football, the Super Bowl and all of these different things. That would be crazy of me not to. Even if you don’t like football, ideally you’ll appreciate the scenario that we’ll share with you because it has everything to do with the success or failure of your campaigns, of your business and so on.

If you’re struggling to get new clients, if you plateaued or your sales are flat or it costs you more money now than it did a few months ago, then you’re going to love this segment. Do you know the two reasons why your people are buying from you or not buying from you and why they buy? This football represents the Super Bowl. If you look at great teams in football, there’s offense and defense. As you look at your business, do you spend more of your time offense or defense? Which is better? I want to teach you the game plan of how to have a better offense and how to have a better defense in business. At the end of the day, the teams that win score more points than the teams that lose.

Gaining Pleasure Vs. Avoiding Pain

What happens is a defense prevents an offense from scoring. That’s a lot like a business in some ways. It’s not as confrontational or adversarial or that thing. Ideally, this metaphor, this example will speak to you a little bit because there are two reasons that people are buying from us, of why they do anything for that. In fact, these are the two driving forces of why people do anything and everything, whether it’s in our business, whether it’s at home with our family, and it’s these two main reasons right here. Do you know what these two reasons are? It’s the desire to gain what and avoid what. Do you know what those stand for? It’s the desire to gain pleasure. People want more joy. Also, they want to avoid pain. Your clients will do more to avoid pain than they ever will to gain pleasure. If you look at most sales messages or most messages in general about our businesses, what do we have a tendency to do? We have a tendency to lead and speak to all the gaining things, all the things you get, all the pleasure that you get. You get to move toward all this pleasure.

We spend very little time sometimes speaking about avoiding pain. It’s proven. Psychologists have proven that they’ll do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. What would happen for you and your business if you started to shift your messaging from mostly a gain message? Mostly a pleasure message. Most of them, they move towards all the benefits of what it is that you do. You also focus on the pain, avoiding the pain and speaking to the pain or the problems. I want to give you a couple of exercises to be thinking about. If you’ve ever felt like you were the one wearing nine hats in the business, you are the main one responsible for your income, responsible for the growth, all the weight was on your shoulders, you might love our approach. We help free that up so that you have more of an automated steady flow of clients integrating sales and marketing. This is a tool that we use with our clients. I just pulled one example from one of our fifteen or so main private clients. I’m going to give you the exercises so that you can walk through this yourself. This is about you developing a playbook.

Your clients will do more to avoid pain than they ever will to gain pleasure. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

The other thing that’s great about this great sport here, the game of football, is team spend time game planning, don’t they? If you listen to the greatest teams in the world, they do film study, they studied the defenses and the offenses of the other teams. How much time are you preparing this study about your clients and get in there their psyche and understand them? Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach says it well. “People don’t buy from us because they understand us. They buy from us because they feel understood.” Are you taking the time to make clients feel understood? If not, or maybe you don’t even know where to start or maybe what that even means. You’re going to love the exercise because it’s geared to give you the tools and a process to do this every day. If you’ve ever been stuck at like, “How do I go out and create content for my clients? How do I go out and connect with my clients? How do I go out and put up these Facebook Lives? What do I say? What do I not say?” This process we’re going to go through is going to transform and simplify the way you go about it. The first thing to do, I’d grab a sheet of paper and I’d put at the top the pains, maybe the problems or dangers on the left side. On the right side, put desires and emotions. Here’s the thing to realize is that people will move towards things and they’ll move away from things. You might want to make that a little note.

What you want to do as essentially brainstorm a list, come up with at least ten, twelve, or fifteen of the pains, the problems, the issues and the dangers that your clients face and talk about regularly. On the right side, list the desires that they want. All the emotions and emotional benefits they want. Think of it in terms of what are they moving towards? What do they want to move away from in the pain or the problem? What do they want to move towards in the emotional benefit? What do they want to move away from in the emotional benefit? These are a couple of ways. I want to give you some examples instead of just saying here. This is from one of our clients and I thought she did a great job with this. Here are some of the challenges. Her clients speak to her about decreased revenue due to loss of bids. Clients or innovation, executive burnout, others, no specific niche. They lack innovation, lack strategy. They have failed merger and acquisition. In other words, the loss of a sale. The inability to grow and scale. Product development and marketing is lackluster. Other problems. They lack market penetration and development, the inability to capture clients within their market. No capture or business development support.

GTF 234 | Clients Buying From You

If you could truly get in the heart and mind spaces of your clients and articulate what it is that you do better, they’ll give you credit as being the definitive expert.


In other words, they feel like they’re the only rainmaker. They’re losing bids and losing clients. Their processes, plans and procedures are subpar. They have a lack of knowledge on their corporate mission, sales, product, services. Their resources, inability to execute the business mission and strategy and the resources, knowledge, awareness or involvement. That’s a pretty awesome list. This may have nothing to do with your direct industry, but depending on your business, some of these categories or dangers or problems may be speaking right to you. On the other hand, what are some of their desires? That’s another segment. This tool is a little bit more extended than what we’re sharing, but it gives you an idea. What are some of the top desires that your clients have? They want increased revenue and sales. They want peace of mind. They don’t want to have to worry about payroll or product orders. They want to relieve the anxiety of having a viable company.

Notice the language is moved toward and I move away from. They want more time and energy. They want to focus on their personal health. They want to relieve stress and anxiety. They want to spend more time with family. This is another one. Company is a known name and commodity. They want to relieve the fear that no one knows what the company does or who they are and they want to relieve the money anxiety. That’s a great list of the desires and emotions, which is the second part of this list. By the way, think about it. What would happen if you could truly get in the heart space and the mind space of your clients and you could articulate what it is that you do better than your clients can? They’ll give you credit as being the definitive expert. Why? Because you’ve created a connection with them.

People want more joy and they want to avoid pain. They want more 'Ah' and less 'Ugh.' - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

Let’s go to the next step in the process is identifying what the objections that your clients have. I first learned this process all the way back in the late 1980s and we’ve evolved it a lot since then. I want to give credit where credit is due to a guy who’s one of the most brilliant genius sales trainers in the world. His name is Tom Hopkins. I got a chance to learn from him in the late ‘80s, early ’90s. Unbelievable. This is where this process comes from and it’s been adapted since. What are the anticipated objections that your clients are not buying from you? Why are they not buying from you? What’s holding them back? What are the biggest obstacles? What are those objections? Can you list one, two, three, five, ten? Ideally you can, you want to get in their heart space and in their mind space. On the right side is if there’s the problem or the objection, the thing stopping them. What’s the solution that you provide that bridges the gap between those two things. What is the bridge? What is the solution? What is your solution that is unique to anything else in the marketplace? As part of this tool, this process, we have it listed.

Identifying The Anticipated Objections

Here are just a handful of those. No knowledge of the services. Not the right target market. They can’t afford the service price. They’re not an established business. The pricing needs to be better and easier to understand. They don’t have an email list. Their marketing is inept. These are some of the objections of why for this particular client that people don’t buy their products or services. What are some of the solutions? On the other side of that T-bar, if you will. Tiered pricing, initial consultation, better marketing of the company services. They give a plan for strategic growth and they have the solutions to assess with innovation and product development. Imagine, what if you were a business and you could get clear on the problems your clients have, the dangers, the threats that they’re dealing with. On the other side of it, you know exactly what their desires are and the emotions and the way they articulate it. Lastly, what objections keep them potentially from buying from you? Maybe you have solutions to bridge them.

Asking Your Clients Questions

What do you think that would do to your ability to communicate, to message, to put out content? Think about all the different pieces of content you could create immense value for people. This is a great example, but would you like to take this even deeper? Would you like to go from good assumptions, a strong assumption, which is awesome? If you just do this plan, it’s better than nothing. If you want to take it another level, can I give you a secret of how to do that? Can I coach you to be able to do that? This can transform your business. Once you have your assumptions on the list, go interview five to ten of your clients, the people who pay you money. Ask them these questions. What are your top dangers?

What are your top concerns? What are the top threats you’ve got going on? What are your biggest insecurities and fears? Ask them what do you hope to gain? What are the biggest emotional benefits from this? What are the real reasons you’re doing this? What would that give you? What would that do for you? Go deeper. If you can remember back, what was holding you back? What were some of the obstacles, what were some of the objections you have or why you didn’t get started with something like this sooner? Have them describe it. If you do that with five to ten clients, you’re going to start to notice some things. It’s such a simple process, what we just described. Is that easy that you could implement?

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I can tell you that nine out of ten people won’t do these two simple steps. Is it any wonder those same nine out of ten companies struggle to get new clients, they struggle to connect with their audience, they struggle to be able to get to that next level? They struggle to go beyond a certain range of income. What got us from here to there is not the same thing that’s going to get us from there to times ten. Part of this is also what you want. What do you want in your business? What would happen for you if you got committed? Here’s what I know. It’s going to give you the ability when you do this to attract and convert more clients. It’s going to give you the ability to grow and scale far easier. Instead of feeling like you being the only one pushing a 10,000 boulder up the side of a mountain, it will be like a boulder rolling down and you’re jogging next to it. How cool would that be?

We do this all the time with our private clients. One of our clients is in the fitness industry and we had an opt-in page, for example, the attraction phase. That page started off and the conversion rate to generate a lead for them was about 7%, which is not very good. It’s better than 1% but 7% is not awesome. We were able to lift the result just by changing some of the language and the look and the feel of this page by over three times. Why? We were using more of the languaging of why they buy and why they don’t buy. That’s just one simple example. We’ve got another client we’re working within the healing education space right now.

GTF 234 | Clients Buying From You

It is not always those with the best talent who wins, but those with the best preparation.


We were able to make over a sales page completely and that sales page is converting it ten times the amount. It went from a 2% conversion to 18%. That’s nine times. I don’t want to mislead. What would that be worth if you could make those shifts? How does that happen? It’s by getting inside the heart and in the mind of your clients. It’s like having the playbook in football and you know what offense and what defense is being run, not only on your side, but you can anticipate. The Super Bowl’s going to happen and the Super Bowl, there’s going to be a winner. In major sports, like professional sports, many times the teams are not equally talented. One team has far more talent than the others, but many times the teams that win are not the most talented teams or the teams that are the most prepared.

Ideally, you’re going to commit to being the team that’s the most prepared, that you’ll get inside the mind and heart of your clients. You’ll go through the problems, you’ll go through the desires and emotions that they want. You’ll anticipate the objections that keep them from buying. Put your list together and then come up with your solutions. Interview five to ten clients. Take action on this because we know what it can do. It can transform your business when you get the clarity around this, and that’s what we want for you. Like in pro sports, not always the best talent wins, but the best preparation wins. What would happen if you know the offense and the defense, not only of your team, but you know the offense and defense of your opponents? That’s what this gives you the ability to do. Be better prepared so you can attract, you can convert, you can grow and scale and do that with less stress.

Companies crash because they weren't clear on the market and on the heart and mind of their clients. - Dan Kuschell Click To Tweet

If that’s what you want, then take action with what we’ve shared with you. If that’s not what you want, there are certainly lots of options. As they say, success is an option too. We’d hate to see you make the same mistakes a lot of our clients have made. I know in my journey of doing this for many years, I think back to one of the three companies I tanked. I’ve had a handful of companies over the years, eleven-plus now, several seven-figure or eight-figures. I crashed and burned three of them. The biggest reason that those companies crashed is that we weren’t clear on the market. We weren’t clear on the heart and mind of those clients.

We want to help make sure that you have all the tools you can to be best prepared to be able to do that. If you’d like help with some of this stuff, if you’d like to get more clarity and guidance on your clients and tapping into their heart and mind, you’d like to get clarity on building your models so you can attract more clients in an automated way, convert more clients in an automated way, be able to scale your client generation process in an automated way, you want to connect the dots and get help seeing the blind spots in your business to maximize and transform your model then I want to encourage you. We have a no-cost solution for you to get your feet wet to understand how we might be able to help you.

The simple way to do that is going to We’ll walk through our process. There’s a page you’ll go to, Request Invitation. You’ll fill out answers to a few basic questions to tell us a little bit about your business, identify where you are and where you want to go, and then we’ll talk about some of the ways. You walk away from this session with greater clarity on your business. You’re going to walk away with a plan. We’re going to share with you how you can get access to our $20 million a year blueprint. Having built multiple companies over the years, between our private clients and us, we’re over $100 million and we’d like to, if it’s a fit, share our $25 million a year blueprint with you. If that’s what you want, awesome. Let’s take the first step and go to that website. It’s pretty simple. It’s a no-cost session. If it’s not what you want, here’s what I’ll suggest. Make sure to find somebody who can help you. I see so many business owners who are trying to go at it alone, or maybe they’ve tried all kinds of stuff that hasn’t worked. I could appreciate both scenarios. Find somebody that can help support you.

Digital marketing is getting more and more complicated and there are a lot of moving parts. What would it be worth for you to simplify? Together, everyone achieves work. Find somebody that you can bring into your team to help relieve some of the stress. We’d love to think we could do that with you and for you. If it’s not us, find somebody in the space that’s got the background, the reputation, the ability to help others. I certainly look forward to working with you and serving you and helping you reach your goals. If you want to take advantage of our no-cost session and go to If not, no worries, no harm, no foul. At the end of the day, the team that scores the most points wins. We’d love to help you make sure in your niche, in your industry that you can dominate your field. You can attract, you can convert, you can grow, scale and dominate with far less stress, far more enjoyment, and far more joy. We’d love to help you.

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