Two Steps To Maximize Paid Ads Online [Podcast 241]

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GTF 241 | Maximizing Paid Ads Online


Are you struggling to make your paid advertising work for you? 

…have your ad costs gone up for you in the last 6 months and results are getting less and less? 

With growing competition, running paid ads online has become an easy go-to marketing strategy that most business owners turn to. However, many still do not achieve the results they want from them. 

If you’re looking for a way to transform your ads and to hit the reset button to get a breakthrough with your advertising, then listen to this session. 

Whether it’s Facebook, Google, YouTube, or others, I will reveal to you two steps that will help you maximize your ads, and give you clarity to get the results you want.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • 4 Quadrants for Your Ideal Clients
  • The D.O.S. Exercise Applied to Paid Advertising
  • Creating Your Mini Marketing Plan Blueprint
  • The Unusual Firefighting Strategy that Keeps You from Having to Fight Fires in Your Business
  • How to Delegate Your Advertising Effectively (and avoid the top mistake most people make with their ads)
  • And more…

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Two Steps To Maximize Paid Ads Online [Podcast 241]

Have you thought about running Facebook ads or paid ads online? Maybe you’ve actually run some Facebook ads or paid ads online, maybe it’s been YouTube, maybe it’s been Facebook, maybe it’s Google Pay Per Click. Maybe you hit a major home run. That’s a rare few. On the other hand, maybe you’ve tried it and basically, you’ve hit a plateau and you’re stuck or you’re frustrated with the fact that your ads haven’t seemed to get the results you wanted. Maybe it now costs you a whole lot more to generate a lead or a sale and so on. In this segment, we’re going to talk about the very first thing that you should do and can do to hit the reset button on running paid ads online. In fact, it will help move you from frustration and angst, anxiety and distress to move you into a place to freedom and feeling like you’ve got that next big breakthrough because done right, what can paid ads do for you?

The ability to put in a $1 and get a $1.20, $1.40, sometimes $2, $4, $10 and a whole lot more is exciting. A lot of people have bought into the dream and the vision. I don’t want to sell you the good hope. I want to give you a foundation to either get started with your paid ads online, whether it’s Facebook, Google, YouTube or any other paid ads or hit the reset button if you’re not happy with the results. We’ve seen many clients come who have big visions and big dreams about building these big companies and these big online businesses and they don’t have the basics covered. I want to introduce you to the two things that you need to have in place before you launch your paid ads, before you launch your Facebook ads, before you launch your YouTube ads.

A Little Bit Of Backstory

What it will do is it will give you certainty. It will give you clarity. It will give you confidence. It will give you direction. It will give you a blueprint. Let me give you a little bit of a backstory. First of all, my name is Dan Kuschell. I’m the Founder of a company called Breakthrough3X. We help business owners, entrepreneurs, maybe like you get a steady flow of leads, grow sales, grow profitability with far less stress and a whole lot more freedom. The freedom to spend more time on your business instead of in your business. What would that be worth to you to be able to do that?

Going Beyond The Avatar

We’ve been very fortunate. In my career, I’ve helped over 5,000-some business owners, maybe a business owner like you. We’ve worked with thought leaders, influencers, big corporations, small companies, startups and a lot of in-between. Now, we want to introduce you a concept that’s called Going beyond the Avatar. A little backstory, in my history for many years of doing this, I got started in direct response marketing and the idea of being able to put out an ad either offline like with direct mail, radio, TV or online with online ads like Google and YouTube. There are a whole lot of different platforms that you can work with. There are platforms that you can go buy a customer legitimately. If you have a $30 education product on the frontend of your program for about $70 to $100, you can buy that client and have them in your funnel.

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That’s why going beyond the avatar is such a critical exercise. Whether you’re brand new and you want to buy clients or whether you want to get clicks to your pages or whether you want to get conversions for your leads and opt-ins and a whole lot more. At my peak, we were generating over 2,000 new clients for our education products online. We were generating over 10,000 subscribers a day. In many ways we have become a media company. When you get it right, it’s sweet, but when you don’t, it’s a struggle. It’s frustrating. There have been times in my advertising career where I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a week in a media budget. That will get you serious about this game called paid media. Ideally, you won’t make the same mistakes that I have.

I’ve had weeks where we lost close to the $400,000. I don’t want to see you make that same mistake. In this exercise, we’re going to introduce you to help set you up, even if you’re experienced at this and you’ve been doing this for years. This is a basic strategy. It’s an advanced strategy everywhere in between, so I think you’re going to love what we have to be able to share with you. We’re going to go beyond the avatar. The first step in going beyond the avatar, maybe you’ve seen a version of this in the past, basically you want to go beyond the avatar. A way to do this is to think about your perfect client, your ideal client in four key categories. What do they hear? What do they say? What do they feel? What do they think about your product?

I had to look over at my little cheat sheet on the board there for the four quadrants to make sure I had it right here. In the middle of what I drew is a framework called DOS, which was introduced by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. DOS stands for Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths. One of my superpowers in working with business owners is to take a lot of stuff. I’ve invested close to $1 million in lots of coaching and consulting, programs, home study courses and a lot of stuff in between. I layer a lot of things in a simple way. Imagine your perfect client and getting clear on knowing what is it they say about the dangers that they deal with, the threats they deal with, the frustrations they deal with, the fears they deal with, the insecurities. What are they saying about those things?

What do they hear out in the world about their dangers, their threats, their insecurities and fears? What do they say about their opportunities? What do they say about the bigger vision that they have? What do they say about their strengths? What do they hear about their opportunity? What do they hear about their strengths? What do they feel about the dangers, the opportunity? What do they think? If you can get clear and start writing descriptions in your client’s words of these four areas, what do they feel? What do they see? What do they hear? What do they think? I think some people are now calling this the buyer’s persona. We think of the name of a person like Jumbo Jim, depending on what it is that you sell or Joyful Jasmine might be your perfect client’s name and a visual representation. Go in and identify each of these four categories.

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It will do wonders for you to be able to convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into fans, fans into raving fans, raving fans into ambassadors and advocates for your programs. When you take the time to get this clear, we see this time and time and time again. Let’s go to the next step, part two, which is developing your mini-marketing plan blueprint. I’m going to share my screen here in just a second. I’m going to walk you through a version of our mini-marketing plan blueprint we work with some of our private clients and give it to you because I think if you use this, it will save you money. It will save you time. It’ll reduce stress. It’s going to eliminate failure. It’s going to eliminate frustration.

Mini Marketing Plan Blueprint

Here’s the other part. Many people I meet who have come to us and go, “I want to run Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads.” What did you have to start with? “I don’t have anything.” I even have some people go I’ve worked with such and such expert. I was paying them over $8,000 a month to run my Facebook ads. Let me see what they had you prepare about your perfect or ideal client or your marketing plan. Let me see what you guys prepared. They go, “We didn’t do anything.” I’m like, “It’s no wonder you’ve failed. The old saying, “If you don’t make a plan, you might as well plan on failing.”

The other one was from the old Allstate commercial, which is, “Most people don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.” Let’s make sure you’re not one of those statistics. Let’s make sure you’re not the majority of people as an entrepreneur or business who do fail at Facebook. I don’t want to see you become that statistic. This is another way to go deeper. It’s going beyond the avatar. Let me give you an example. For example, if you look at the fire department, the fire department is incredibly unique. There’ve been studies that have been done to know how much time do firefighters spend fighting fires? There are all kinds of different statistics, but the one that we researched, the one we found indicates that firefighters only spent about 2% of their time fighting fires

As a business owner, sometimes it can feel like we’re fighting fires all the time. In fact, there’s an addiction framework around entrepreneurs who like to put that fire hat on and fight fires all the time. They just bought into that way of being and doing and acting and behaving and there’s a better, smarter way. We want to help. How do you stay out of having to fight fires? In other words, being in crisis mode, behind the eight-ball, dealing with the frustration and failure, your Google ads in and your YouTube ads, and your Facebook ads and try and partner after partner and they’re not working for you. This is a way so that you can operate from a place of confidence and certainty and strength of knowing that you have the tools in place and not abdicate to somebody else who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

GTF 241 | Maximizing Paid Ads Online

Convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into fans, fans into raving fans, and raving fans into ambassadors and advocates.


You will always be your greatest, best advocate. That’s the truth. Ideally a tool like this, it’s going to give you a hammer to be able to work with and give you the power and the strength to make smarter and better decisions. Do you know why firefighters only spend 2% of their time fighting fires? Because the other 98% of the time, they’re working on the systems. They’re working on the plan. They’re working on development. They’re working on the prevention. The old idea, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This blueprint we’re going to go through, literally, we’ve got clients who come through our $10,000 a day program who go, “This tool, if I would’ve had this, I would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of mistakes.”

We’re going to walk through it. We call this Going Beyond the Avatar: Preparing For Paid Traffic. I want to give you a glance. If you’re enjoying this session in this segment, make sure to hit like on the page. If you feel this can help someone else who’s a business owner, make sure to share this with them as well. This could be one of the most important times if you’re looking at doing paid ads, if you’re looking at transforming your business and being in a positive cashflow state with your advertising and not being a sunk cost and losing money.

Starting off, this is the mini-marketing plan blueprint. There is a deeper version that we use too. What is the primary mission of your organization? Describe the number one objective you’d like to accomplish in the next 90 days working with us. Please describe your number one objective you’d like to accomplish after one year. By the way, I will tell you that if you get this filled out before you hire a potential partner to help you drive paid traffic, it’s always great to find an expert. This is what they do all day long every day. This is their main thing. When you have this tool done, it’s going to boost your chances of success quicker, faster, easier and so on. If they don’t bring you a tool of some kind like this, that they’re asking you for ahead of time, I would tell you to dump them in five minutes.

If you’re working with a Facebook or a paid traffic expert who hasn’t asked you to fill some version like this out in-depth, I will fire them straight up. It would be the best decision that you ever made, frankly, because a professional spends that 98% time in prep, specialization, research and prevention to help you get the result. If they haven’t done that, they’re not doing a great job for you. What makes your product unique from the competition? Describe it. Who’s your unique market, your unique message, your unique offer, your unique method? What’s the primary objective in your current marketing and advertising? Do you have a daily ad budget in mind for your ads or paid ads? What is it? Your perfect client profiles, they live where? The geography. They are what sex, age and gender? They belong to what organizations, charities, groups? They read what books, magazines, books, Audible? They follow what authors, experts in media? They listen to what shows, programs, audio? They attend what events? They watch what TV shows? They search Google for what? They search on Amazon for what items? What kind of work do they do?

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Provide a description of your perfect client, your perfect customer in as much detail as possible. We’re not going to spend time on your marketing plan blueprint, which goes into deeper depth on this. We’ll do that maybe in another segment. Depending on the feedback that we get, we’ll look going deeper on the marketing plan blueprint. What are your perfect client’s greatest problems, your perfect client’s biggest fears, your perfect client’s biggest dangers, your perfect client’s biggest opportunities? Your perfect clients lay awake at night, worried about what? Your perfect clients lay awake dreaming about what?

List out easy to apply solutions to these problems that your product can help them with. What are the three most important factors to your ideal customer when choosing a provider for your type of product or service? When they first start looking for a provider of your product, where do they look? Do you know what that is? What’s the most compelling reason your customer’s chosen other companies for your type of product in the past? Your perfect clients follow what pages on Facebook? Your perfect clients are in what groups on Facebook? You can also say what groups are they in on LinkedIn? Where are they on Instagram and many others? Please list out your distinct brands. This is your sales funnel. This is your sales system that you have in place.

Please list out your brands and describe how each product is related to the other. What are the most important products for your business profit-wise? A great thing to do is list out your products in descending order from the one that generates the most sales and profits and down the ladder. List both; the sales and approximate profit percentage in each one. List your landing page URLs you’re using for each of your sales models or funnels. You can use one of these tools. These are easy Lucidchart, Gliffy to draw it out and have a visual representation. Logistics, who will be the primary contact for each of your products? Do you use one password or Last Pass for your accounts? What email management system do you use? iContact, AWeber, the new company, Leap, which is a derivative of Infusionsoft and others.

Email list size, buyers list size. Do you use tracking links? What provider? What is your Google analytics login or Google URL? Do you have a Webmaster to handle tech issues? Do you have a technical expert or programmer on staff to help you? Creative assets. Do you have an email sequence for the people who have not purchased from you? What is it? Do you have an email for those who have purchased from you? What is it? Insert the email sequences into a Google drive. Plan to insert all creative assets and do a designated phone. We meet people. We want to advertise on Facebook. A big part of Facebook or Instagram or many of these is to have images and video. We go, “Let’s see your video and images.” They go, “I never heard that before.”

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If you’re not being asked to supply this information from the people you’re working with, you’re not working with a pro. There’s a big difference between a pro and an amateur, isn’t there? There’s a big difference between champions and professionals. I encourage you, choose wisely. This is the blueprint. This is the template. I will zip through this pretty quickly. Ideally, you’re going to come up with your version of this in the future. If you had the preparation of your ideal perfect client and you went through the four quadrants we started with which is step one, and then you go through the Beyond the Avatar exercise with your mini marketing plan. By the way, imagine what your full blueprint would be like if that’s the mini blueprint that we’re just giving you accident.

We’ve had our private clients who invest $10,000 a day with us say that blueprint has been worth at least six figures in their business, just getting clarity around that and taking the time. It’s very Socratic in the way that it helps people go through thinking about their perfect client. If you attract more of your perfect clients and you put out the right bait, think about that. It’s like fishing. If you go out fishing and you have the right bait and you throw it out and you get a nibble, what do you do? You don’t dive in the water and go, “Here fishy.” What do you do? You pull it back a little bit and you start reeling and the fish will clamp on. By having all of these assets in your mini marketing plan blueprint, it gives you the tools for greater confidence, greater clarity, greater direction, greater focus and it sets you up to win and that’s what it’s all about.

Just like now, we’re in the middle of football season. We’re getting ready for the Super Bowl at the time of this session. I don’t know who’s going to win between the Patriots and the Rams at the time of this segment. Here’s what I know though, great players build a great team. The Rams arguably have far superior players at this point in their life span this time in their career than the Patriots. They have far better personnel right now, far better players that make up a great team. The Patriots on the other hand, are a great team. They play as a team better than the individual. A team will always be individuals. What this blueprint does is it gives you the playbook to play to win.

You can go out and play at your best and take the hat off because you’ve got the tools, you’ve got the resources in place to attract, to convert and to maximize using paid traffic. Again, if you enjoyed this session, make sure to like the page. If you have some comments, make sure to share it. Also, it’s our greatest gift. It’s our greatest honor if you share this with someone you care about that you think could get some value from it. These are the two ways to get yourself prepared to maximize your Facebook advertising as well as any paid online advertising. If you want to go deeper, we’ve just scratched the surface. There are dozens and dozens of other techniques or there’s a more advanced marketing plan blueprint that you can put in place to set yourself up for success, profiles and some different things that we do and working with our clients, a certain research process that we got our clients that’s just foolproof.

GTF 241 | Maximizing Paid Ads Online

Your mini-marketing plan blueprint gives you the tools for greater confidence, clarity, direction, and focus.


If you want to go deeper, if you want to get more clarity on this, see how we can help. If you want to get help connecting the dots on creating a great sales and a marketing system that works together, free you up to spend more time on your business instead of in the business, to bring you more clients in an automated way instead that you having to chase for those clients or you having to network your way to building a successful company. You’re looking for a more automated way to do it. Connect the dots, help you see the blind spots and get unstuck. Instead of losing money on your paid ads, what if it was paying you? What if all your leads were free, not only free, but it was highly profitable? What if every time you put $1, you got at least a $1, $20, $40, $62, $3, $5? What would that be worth to you?

If you want to go deeper with us, we offer a no-cost strategy session. We call it the Breakthrough Clarity Session. You can get access to that right now at You’ll see a link on the page, your first name and email address. Request the invitation for the clarity session. You’ll fill out some info about your company so we get an understanding that like who you are, where you’re at, where you want to go, have a conversation, see where we can help you and go from there. It’s pretty low key over here. Go to the website and by all means, whether it’s with us or with someone else, take the time to go beyond the avatar. Take the time to identify those four quadrants in dangerous opportunity strengths. Take the time to develop your mini marketing plan blueprint so that you can be prepared to go when in Super Bowl of business success. That’s it. Seize the day and we’ll see you next time. Ideally, we look forward to meeting you and working with you down the road.

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