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Ian Garlic is an online video storytelling expert and the Founder of StoryCrews, a company that helps businesses find the best videographers, video editors, and video strategists to tell their stories. For more than 10 years, Ian has helped service-based businesses generate more leads, achieve better clients, and boost sales using videos. He is also the CEO of authenticWEB, a marketing and coaching company, and the Host of the Garlic Marketing Show.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Ian Garlic’s video approach and expertise have helped clients transform their businesses
  • The power of YouTube and why you should invest in the platform today
  • Ian debunks some common myths about YouTube
  • What is your $100,000 question?
  • Why you should stop trying to make a viral video
  • The secret to creating great videos (hint: it’s not about the camera!)
  • Ian’s top YouTube hacks
  • The nine types of videos that every business should be making

In this episode…

What is your digital marketing strategy for 2022? Are you focusing on Facebook, Google Ads, or Instagram? If you really want to take your business to the next level, Ian Garlic says that there’s one platform that rises above the rest: YouTube.

While creating successful YouTube videos may seem like a major undertaking, Ian explains that it’s much simpler than you think. First: don’t focus on buying the most expensive equipment or generating millions of subscribers. Instead, create the content your target audience is searching for, and post it consistently. You may not go viral, but your business will reap the benefits.

Ian Garlic, renowned online video storytelling expert and Founder of StoryCrews, joins Dan Kuschell in this episode of Growth to Freedom to share his top YouTube hacks. Ian explains why YouTube is the most powerful platform for businesses right now, how to create videos that your ideal clients will love, and the importance of focusing on content over subscribers. Stay tuned to discover how you can achieve exponential success using video today!

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Episode Transcript

Dan Kuschell 0:03

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, and get unstuck. So you can go out and generate more leads, more sales, more profits. More importantly, so you can go out and have a bigger reach, a bigger impact, and make a bigger contribution. You know, we’ve all been there. Like I remember a handful of months ago, we hired an expert in YouTube, and he’s a very prolific big name, I won’t mention the name. And you know, we got contracted. We got moving, not only for us, but a client and then them in their team kind of ghosted us. And if you’ve ever been through that, you know what that’s like, and it’s no fun for anybody at whatever level and it was shocking. And we even tried to reach out we’re like, did something happen in your family like and just kept getting ghosted in right, okay. Here’s what you need to know about the gentleman you’re going to hear from. I’ve known Ian for I don’t know, Ian it’s been what, six, seven years that we met, originally, Vinnie, and then Dr. Scott, right.

Ian Garlic 1:09

Something like that. Yeah. About six years or seven years.

Dan Kuschell 1:13

Yeah. So we’ve known each other for a long, long time. And he’s been like, quietly behind the scenes, a backbone to some of the biggest names, biggest experts, thought leaders around, right. He’s a go to expert in video marketing, and also really prolific at storytelling. Right. He’s a best selling author of three books. He’s got over 250 episodes, which is probably over 200 hours of content and, and helping people with their marketing, especially as it relates to using this strategy of video. Right. It’s called the Garlic Marketing Show. And you know, it doesn’t repel you, it actually, it’s actually, right. He’s created over 10 marketing courses, he’s produced over 2000 videos for his clients, you know, a handful of the videos we’ve been showcasing, yesterday and today with some of the, you know, Daniel, and, and Stephanie and Sachin, and we’ve got dozens more that his team is producing right now. Those are from Ian’s company where he will interview our clients, for us to get those powerful nuggets, not only for us to share with others that ideally are inspiring and encouraging and empowering. But also give us amazing feedback of how our clients saying how we solve their problems for them, which we talked about yesterday in the messaging. So incredibly valuable. On top of, you know, him being prolific at business and being an expert in video marketing. I just appreciate him as a human being right. Dr. Jeremy Weisz So you heard from earlier as a good friend, you know, we just kind of you know, as a, as a person or a guy or as a family person, I mean, all of these things are congruent, your friend stage in your backstage, can be congruent, like they don’t have to be separate. And you’re going to meet if you do this for any length of time, I’ve been doing this 30 years. So I become kind of jaded frankly, I become kind of skeptical of experts in some ways. Because many of them, there’s a mismatch to their front stage persona, and their backstage persona, what you see on the front stage isn’t always what you get on the backstage. What I love about iron is his front stage and his backstage match. And he’s just a great human being. He’s going to share with you how to build your authority using this incredible vehicle of YouTube, which is untapped. It is the next evolution. For those of us those of you who really want to tap into video, to be able to go to that next level, not just for SEO, but building leads, building authority, building credibility, building trust, respect, and super trust, super respect, super credibility, super authority. So he’s only got about 45 minutes are still with us. You’ll get a small sampling of that. But I’m confident you’re going to walk away with a lot of brilliant insights that this segment alone likely is going to be worth a small fortune to you if you apply what he showed you. So I am it’s a treat. It’s a privilege man to have you with us. So take it away.

Ian Garlic 4:12

Oh, wow, that I really appreciate that means a lot coming from you, Dan. I mean, yeah. And, you know, to anyone watching this and Dan’s so dead on. If you don’t listen to the right experts. I mean, naturalizing, the right experts, the right people. It’s affected my business, like I’d say twice, it’s almost completely crushed my business because of getting your head. And so following the right people following people, you know, they’re great at what they do. Experience and also good people is so important. And when you find those people stick with them, because they’re going to get the shiny object someone’s gonna tell you otherwise. But then like he said, I mean, not to blow smoke up each other’s but this is you know, we stick around good people, Jeremy Weisz, all those it’s good people. It’s so important, even more so now than ever, because there’s so many it’s There’s no barrier to entry. So, you know, I appreciate you all paying attention being here, I want to talk really fast. I made this presentation just for this group, I literally just finished it, it is all brand new. So there’s most likely some typos, I broke all the rules, because there’s no video in it. There’s very few images. So if you have any questions, please put them in. I’ll be answering all the questions at the end. So put them in the chat, because I might answer it throughout. But the end, I’m going to give you a ton of you know, I’m giving you a ton of information here, I have a ton of questions, just save for the end, because I want to get through it all. Make sure because I’ve got a ton for you. And a lot of this stuff I’ve never shared before. And speaking I’ve you know, it’s one of the things I’ve called Dan and be like, hey, go do this thing. And that’s really where a lot of the expertise comes from, because we all talk about what’s working. And you know, I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’ll talk about it. But let’s go ahead and get started. So yeah, we’re gonna talk about building, building your authority using YouTube. And I’m gonna get into how long I’ve been doing this because I’ve been doing this for a long time, literally, since YouTube was purchased by Google. What you’re going to learn five YouTube’s myths and misconceptions. 10 youtube hacks, I tell you what’s working right now. You know, we’re publishing probably 1015 videos, maybe 20 videos a day. I don’t know, at this point, I really should. But we’re just going through so many of them. I talked about most important video for you. And I’ll give you access to our optimization checklist and some custom resources, just for you, like for each individual person that’s on this be take advantage of it. I just want you to pay really close attention. Like I said, I talk fast, cuz I want to get you a ton of information. You know, like Dan said, opportunities, you can become an authority and a friend. This is the thing I hear the most. I’ll show you some quotes from clients, you’re going to drive traffic through the first and second most use search engines. You’re going to increase your conversion through video retargeting. Your increased conversion of websites and landing pages shorten sales time, increased prices. And this is all just because of YouTube, become known like and trust faster. This is a big one. Because it’s, you know, we didn’t talk about funnels, and it’s so important to have great funnels, but what happens outside of the funnels, makes your funnels work better, improve customer experience and satisfaction. You know, I’m not gonna get too much into the customer experience part. But, you know, on Giants of Video Summit I had Dan on and we had this guy, you know, we had Joey, for a second, he wrote Never Lose a Customer Again. And 5% increase in customer satisfaction can lead to a 25 to 100% increase in profits. And that’s just not their customer service. It’s their belief. So that’s where becoming an authority and friend will increase that.

So if you want to learn more about this, you just go to, this is important. I’m going to talk about why this that will lead you to subscribe to us on YouTube, I publish in at least two or three videos a week explaining what we’re learning. But here’s some quotes from a client’s you know, Marty might one of our clients from bad Rhino Agency, close a $600,000 deal with a major airline because of this YouTube strategy, because of how and not just the videos we created, but the roll around YouTube strategy without an RFP. Now, if you’re live in agency world, that’s a request for proposal. Those are usually a death knell that you have to jump through hoops. This airline said, You know what, we don’t need a proposal. We don’t need anything. We just want to hire you. You know, and this attorney, Doug Richards, I’m actually in Denver right now working with, he’s been working with us for eight years started from nothing went up to, you know, I think as 10 attorneys, multimillion dollar law firm, and video has been the crux of what he’s done, and how he’s grown. And it’s mostly YouTube. And I’m going to tell you about some of the strategies that are working right now. As well as as like, Dan said, I’m not going to go, you know, a great intro from so I can get back into it. But I’ve been, you know, I’m at like 10,000 videos by that I’ve helped lead the production of we put a lot of video, and we don’t we spend a lot of time on each video. Each video that we create goes through multiple hands. It’s not just one editor. It’s not just one videographer. It’s design experts. It’s strategists. It’s obviously proofing. It’s a you know, animation. My wife co founded my business with me. And she’s has a master’s in 3d Design Animation work for Nickelodeon, Disney. And I started all this. I started digital marketing a lot. But 15 years ago, when Google was purchased by YouTube or in YouTube was purchased by Google. I was like, This is it. And but for a long time, I had to kind of sell video to people the idea of video. Like back when I got started in digital marketing, I sell the idea of the internet. People actually used to say to me You know, when I was in New York starting the company like the internet, is that thing still around? Our agency is authentic web. We do this stuff for people. You know, we create nine types of videos we do everything from strategy through production, through delivery. And then we work with incredible partners who build funnels like Dan, through you know, people that drive traffic people that can build your website, but we really help with that overall storytelling strategy. Our clients include guys like Gino Wickman, author of EOS, Traction, creator Fran Tarkenton, the football player, Tanner Larsson, Bill Gross, Thomas Delauer, Dan is one of our clients, and I’m really proud of those big name clients. I’m proud of them. But my passion is when we change someone’s life, like law firms, healthcare companies, accounting firms, SAS companies, and these videos, they call and they’re like, this has transformed my business in my life. That is my passion. Like Dan said at Garlic Marking Show been doing for over 300 episodes. Now guys like Pat Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Deiss, Rick Caesari. And we’ve had I’ve had them all on my point here is not to, I have the best on showing you what’s working right now. You know, really get to the heart of what’s working. There’s always tactics and strategies and mindset stuff in there. And it’s, it’s as much for me as for other people, but I love it. And this one I’ve known for that long, here’s me and Gary Vee. That was an awesome, awesome episode. It’s still I think, ranked on Amazon Prime. So if you go to Amazon, you actually watch it. And then what I did is I found it StoryCrews, I couldn’t be everywhere. We couldn’t do help every single person in the world. And what we found was videographers we’d hire them. They didn’t know marketing, they didn’t know how to collect story, they didn’t have do things right. Even great filmmakers don’t. So we found a StoryCrews so you can go find videographers that know marketing, you can find the strategies, you can find everything that you need. So you don’t waste money and time on video, that doesn’t work. Because that is the worst people have told me that video doesn’t work for my business, I’m like it does, you just had the wrong person doing it. And there’s so much nuance to it that’s never taught in film school, never taught anywhere else, you have to go through, you know, 30 years of experience, or you can get a shortcut and find someone that knows marketing. So that’s a little bit about businesses.

You know, video done right will make you a friend and authority. And, you know, I don’t want to sell you so much on the idea of video.

Video done right will make you a friend and authority. - Ian Garlic Click To Tweet

So I’m sure we’ve been talking a lot about it. But this is you have to think that you’re going to be this. But really, if you think about Oprah, the Oprah effect, she’s not a doctor. She’s not. I mean, she is an author now, but she’s not. You know, she, she’s none of that stuff. But because she was on TV so much, bringing so much value, and being so friendly for so long. She’s become a billionaire. And I’m not saying you’re going to become the next Oprah. But you can tap into that power if you use video correctly. So, this, I’ve used this slide for years. 10 is the number of times that people will do a search for anything that’s according to Google. So um, you know, the big thing to realize is, you know, and I say that’s for toilet paper. You know, three years ago, that was kind of funny. Now we’re like, Yeah, I did, like 20 searches last year for toilet paper, cuz I’m trying to find it. But the whole point being is that there’s so much information out there, we do so much search. And the number two most used search engine is YouTube. Right?

The #2 most used search engine is YouTube. How often are you on Youtube every day searching for some answer? - Ian Garlic Click To Tweet

How often? Are you on Youtube everyday searching for some answer? And that’s a huge, huge opportunity. If you start thinking about it that way. You start thinking about it as people are going there to look for answers. No, Facebook ads are great, because people are spending time on there, as we’ll talk about in a second, not as much time as YouTube anymore. But you know, all the other social media out there, LinkedIn, everything is great. But YouTube is the place we’re going to look for answers. And when people are looking for answers, they are looking for help, or they’re looking for help. They’re looking for you in some way, shape, or form. And when you help them, you can become that friend and authority. Like I said, YouTube is now emerged as the most widely used social media in the US. This is an April this year, more than Facebook. All right. Took me 10 years. 13 years of this of going Hey, gotta be on YouTube. And finally, people are like, oh, yeah, I gotta be on YouTube. You know, we started out I’d have to sell the idea of YouTube to people. They’d be like, Oh, that’s just for kids. Now this is 18 or older. Right?

Here’s the thing. You know that I’m always nervous about platforms, social media platforms. Google is not going away. Neither is YouTube. And why is that? Because our kids are being trained. My son is seven years old. I have to pry him off of YouTube, pry him off of YouTube. And that’s not going to change the all the kids want to be YouTubers. Music guys like Ryan’s world to 24.8 million subscribers. This kid is making 10 $15 million a year. What I’m seeing here is total longetivity to it. I’m not saying you should go be Ryan. I’m not saying go unbox toys, but I like to invest in platforms that are going to be around for a long time and YouTube is going to be tic TOCs working. We’re going to talk about YouTube is probably gonna overtake TikTok, I think, why? Because it’s Google. YouTube will drive qualified traffic, people are looking for the answers that use will improve. First impressions, you’re not that your first impression is what someone when they Google your name. It’s the second impression is the third impression. You know, we wear nice clothes, we get a fancy office, we get a fancy car. So few people see that if you you know your business card, how many people see your business card, everyone’s going to Google your name, and YouTube can help you take care of that. Plus are new on the search engines do that and look for you. It’s gonna make you an authority. Being an authority, as anyone will tell you will transform your business, but you don’t have to be authority to everyone, just the right people.

You don't have to be an authority to everyone — just the right people. - Ian Garlic Click To Tweet

Keep you in front of the right prospects looking for answers, educate your prospects, where they are ready to be educated. Right, we can get in front of them and Facebook and which is good. And we’ll talk about how to harness that in a second. We can get in front of them other platforms on YouTube, they’re ready to be educated. And on the skippers multiplier effect, and go, you know the road that your customers are in journey. And this one thing we do in video strategy, we go through a customer journey. We call it the storyboard blueprint. People decide because of the moments, we are asking different questions in YouTube every day, from not thinking we have a problem might have a problem. And there’s hundreds of questions that people are asking each step in this journey. And YouTube allows you to be there each step. And this makes you that friend that authority.

So Myth number one, you need a ton of subscribers. I think this is probably one of the questions I get the most the fastest, is how do I get more subscribers? I know people making literally millions of dollars a year, with a few 1000 subscribers, they’re like, well, a few 1000s A lot. You know, I have had clients like that have 200 subscribers, and literally make a million dollars this year. Now they’re not making it off of YouTube, trying to make money off of YouTube directly is a tough, tough game, they might make a little extra money off of YouTube. But YouTube should not be your main source of income, it should be the driver of your income. So do not be worried about your subscriber numbers. And in fact, if you’re thinking I’m going to buy subscribers, if you think I’m going to you know, do whatever I can to get subscribers, if they are not the right people, you’re it’s actually going to affect your algorithm. Because if you go by 1000 subscribers, and they don’t watch your videos, YouTube knows that your subscribers are not watching the video. So they’re going to show it to less people. Or show your videos to less people. Right? That’s a great place, YouTube’s gonna suggest your videos. And Facebook isn’t gonna suggest your videos, organic search. Twitter’s kind of does it they kind of are suggesting stuff TikTok’s the most findable out there. And I am talking a little bit about how to incorporate TikTok strategy into YouTube. But do not think about subscribers. Just get that out of your head. For right now. You do not need a lot of subscribers. It’s nice from an authority standpoint, but it can affect your algorithm affects your mindset get past that. You need to answer the $100,000 question there. For every single one of you. There is a question that is worth $100,000. To your people to your tribe. For some it’s easier.

For every single one of you, there is a question that is worth $100,000 to your people, to your tribe. - Ian Garlic Click To Tweet

I had attorneys who answer questions that saved people 50 $100,000. Right. But it’s a very specific question, a very specific question of their very specific type of case. Very specific issue. Maybe it’s something you know, we’re talking about yoga, maybe there’s some sort of stretch that can prevent the specific type of knee surgery, right? That might get five views a year but anyone that’s about to have that knee surgery is about $700,000 and maybe lose $100,000 in you know in their ability to live. If you answer the $100,000 question, you can make a ton of money. And not only that, you will get your ideal clients trying to answer that You know, that question that gets a million views? That’s usually not $100,000? Question. $100,000 questions are very, very, very specific. So you’ve got to figure those out. And that’s where understand the customer journey is poor.

Myth number two, you need a ton of views. You don’t, you do not need a ton of views.

You do not need a ton of views. You need the right viewers viewing your entire video. - Ian Garlic Click To Tweet

You need the right viewers viewing your entire video. You know, if, if you get a million views and those people will not spend any money with you, you know, Giants of Video I have one of my good friend of mine, Jesse manche, who is a YouTube superstar gets millions of views on his get handles basketball. Now, he makes a good living. Does he make millions of dollars? No. Because the people that are watching the videos, don’t have the money aren’t willing to spend that. You need the right people with that $100,000 question? Right? Answering that $100,000 question. And you’re like, I know what’s $100,000 question? Well, if I can answer that for you right now, then that’s the million dollar question. You can find this. And this is where really understanding that customer journey, understanding, we call it the storyboard blueprint because you know, know, each one of their scenes each moment in their life there. We’re all asking questions, and you have that answer there in some way, shape, or form. It might even be tangential to what you actually do. But you can answer it. So do not worry about the total number of views is a super high quality answer. Eventually, if you do enough videos, and you’re doing this and try and find $100,000 question, you’ll get that you’ll knock out of the park and get a few 1000, maybe 5000, maybe 10,000, maybe a million views. And there’s some techniques that we’re going to talk about. I’m telling I’m gonna be a bunch of hacks in a minute, they’ll help you get more of those right views. Get more viewers, but don’t worry about getting a ton of views worry about answering the right questions. And that’s we’re coming back to that customer journey over you know, their entire journey, spend time in each one of the scenes, each scene in their life know their entire day, not be obsessed with it. You know, one of the Garlic Marketing episodes I had on Stephan Georgie and I think Dan’s friends with him as well, incredible copywriter, he’s has a podcast, he’s like on the road to a billion he’s done over 500 million from almost nothing. He was living in trailer. And he talks about walking in someone’s skin like, best copywriters get to know their client, you’re obsessed, obsessed with your customer, right? obsessed with it. So know each of their moments, I’m going to get real quick the reason we all decide it’s not because of who we are. That’s called the fundamental attribution error. We think we know what people do because of who they are, well, then, you know, Dan’s a successful business person, you can do this, this as this. But when Dan’s out coaching his kids, he’s doing different things a different way. Dan’s different when the kids have won. And if the kids have lost, he is in a different mindset. We, because of our moments, we decide. And that’s where the fundamental attribution error, we decide because of the situation, not because of who we are. If you understand their story, their scene, you will find that $100,000 question.

Myth, Myth number three, just get up and talk. Now this is a big one. I know my T shirt now says version down is better than version none. It’s you need to get stuff out. But you need to understand the formatting, how to make create good content, create high quality, impactful content that comes back to knowing their journey. And then having some scripts. Dan gave us a great script on Giants of Video. I’m sorry, I haven’t watched all today. But I know Dan has an incredible video script out there. How you format your videos is super important. It is super important because you need to engage people you need to excite them. You need to make sure you’re providing value. Otherwise, they’re gonna click off if they if people don’t watch an entire video that affects the YouTube algorithm. People won’t see your work videos. Yes, go make videos, but have a plan have a strategy in place? Dan I saw you hop on? I wasn’t sure if you want to say something about this. Oh, I can’t hear you. Is that me?

Dan Kuschell 24:35

No, that was me. Amazing. I mean, all of these are just great. I’m laughing on some of them. And I’m like, Man, this is right on, like the view concept. Answering that framework of answering $100 question instead of am I trying to make it go viral by putting kittens on there’s probably a great one. Right, which it’s so important. I mean, this is great. Keep it going.

Ian Garlic 24:57

Alright, so I mean, that’s crucial. Don’t worry about getting viral most of you too. That’s great point people come in, like how do I make a viral video? If you made a viral video nine times out of 10, you did something wrong. Once again, Giants video, I had Daniel Harmon on making a viral video, Harmon Brothers, they created several viral videos including PooPourri, the squatty potty, the Purple Mattress, they talked about all that went into creating viral video. And even still with tons of testing tons of marketing. They still flop. And I, you know, I think for certain products, it works really, really well. I’m a big proponent of theirs, I love their business, I love their company. Most of us should not be trying to do that, especially if you’re in a service business. Myth number four is short and sweet. Everyone’s like, well, it should be two to three minutes. I hear this all the time. And I used to be that way two to three minutes to three minutes. Well now think about, you should always you know, you’re you should be obsessed with your customer. You should also be obsessed with your platform. Think about the from the platform’s eyes, YouTube, how do they get paid, people stayed on the platform, watching a lot of videos, now they have the mid Stream Ads, right? The more you watch, the more ads you deliver more ads they deliver, the more money they make. So they want you to have longer videos. In fact, there’s they just they’re super successful, that five, six hour slot, if you but if you create, you have to be solid content, right? You have to be providing information. You have to have a framework and a plan and no that person, but if you’re answering a question for four or five hours long, you know, we’re talking about yoga. I have a couple of workout videos that I’ve watched probably, you know, 100 100 200 times, and I watched the whole thing. 15, 20 minutes, right, that video now has millions of views because I keep coming back, keep coming back, keep coming back. YouTube promotes that video. So I mean, that’s super, super important. Understanding length is important. going longer is better actually on YouTube, except for in the next part. will actually one of the hacks on October 2. And here’s the other thing great filmmakers make great YouTube videos. Nope. I am in tons of videography and filmmaking groups, most of these people have no idea no offense, have no idea when it comes to making a great engaging YouTube video. Most of them talk about lighting sound, and that’s their profession. But they equate lighting and sound. With effective videos. They equate the camera everyone asked me what camera to use. I haven’t talked about the camera. So you’re doing the rest of this stuff, right, the camera isn’t going to matter as much you can upgrade upgrade upgrade, great filmmakers do not necessarily make great YouTube videos, do not spend your time and money on purely a great filmmaker. If you’re going to hire someone, make sure they know marketing, make sure they know marketing before make sure they come to you with a strategy beforehand. That said, if someone does, we’ve literally in a single day shot at YouTube videos for a single client. Because we have so much strategy in place. They’re super effective they rank he is making a ton of money because of this. So do not think do not spend a whole lot of time on the technicals do not get frustrated with technicals. Yes, you should have good sound, it doesn’t have to be the perfect Yoda filmmaker, they’re gonna they’re gonna notice little details, you should have good lighting, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You should do some creative stuff with it to keep engaging, doesn’t have to be perfect.

So some YouTube backs. Start number one, start with your online reputation. Start close to the point where someone is gonna hire you, like I said, the second you get most of our business through referrals, right? That’s the best way to start a business. But any referral you give to someone in your referral you get, what’s first thing you do, you go to your phone, you type in that person’s name, they knew a couple more searches of that person, you scroll through now, you know if if someone types in your name, what are they seen? YouTube allows them to control allows you to control that you can get videos into the search results into the Google search results. Someone’s you know, and then someone ends up on your YouTube channel. And they’re like, wow, this person is an authority. Literally closed someone yesterday who’s like I’ve had this is it’s a bad admission, but it’s a good admission. I’ve had people purchase five figure packages from us and be like, you know, two months later, like, what did I buy? Right? I mean, we still deliver we still give it my team’s like what happened and like, because they trust that we are going they know we’re in authority because of YouTube. Control your online petition. And that doesn’t mean just bad reviews. I mean what the someone see, when they search your name, your business name, you, you know, you might have a really cool business name, people are going to search your name until you get into the 10, 20 $30 million mark. Dan probably can attest to this too, you know, nine figure company and people are still searching his name. You know, they’re gonna search your name plus reviews, your name plus stories, your name plus your business owner, all that video allows you to do that. And there’s certain types of videos you should put on there. We’ll talk about that in a second.

Two: focus on a channel. I know you’ve got two three business ideas. I know you’ve got your business name and your personal name and your personal brand, your business name, one channel, one channel until you have two 3 million subscribers. I had one guy on the Garlic Marketing Show who had I think, well, I won’t say 10, 20 million subscribers, then he started his own personal brand and image cannot get it off the ground. Your it just becomes confusing. So focus on one channel, and how long should you focus on one channel? Forever, YouTube’s not going away. Focus on that channel. SEO friendly playlists, Google ranks the playlists. That’s one of my clients, we had an SEO issue that took us a while because it was before it can client that someone ranked a playlist for that person’s name on YouTube. So he typed in that person’s name. The YouTube playlist showed up before their website. YouTube is owned by Google, Google prioritizes YouTube in in Google, and your two most biggest search engines. So SEO friendly playlists. The cool part is your videos can exist in five different playlists, right? So think about those terms. Like I said, those $100,000 questions answered with 20 videos, have a single playlist, hack number for chapters for every video. There’s a bunch of it, I’m not going to tell you how to do it. You can google how to put chapters in your my YouTube videos, it’ll take 1015 minutes to learn it might get a little frustrating, do it, get those 1015 20 minute videos, put the chapters in there, I’ll show you there. They get indexed by Google. And Google will then index and send people right to the part of the video. Plus, someone comes in there learn and they’re clicking around they they’re like I found what I want it. Oh, let me watch a little bit more of this right we, their attention span goes from one minute. So this can that two minute hack. You’re thinking oh, I actually have two minute videos. You have two minute chapters, and a 2040 minute video, the 300th episode of the Garlic Marketing Show’s coming out right now. It’s two hours long on YouTube with tons of chapters. And I bet you it’s gonna dominate the search engines. YouTube hack them before no links for seven days, do not link out from your description for at least seven days. Once again, think about YouTube, they don’t want you leaving YouTube. And if you’re linking to your thing here and your thing, they’re like, I’m not going to show this. They’re trying to steal my traffic. Right? That’s what YouTube’s you’re stealing their traffic. So for at least seven days, do not put any links off of YouTube into your descriptions. Number five, engage in other videos. YouTube is a social platform. If you go and engage and you give the you give those $100,000 answers and other people’s videos, people read those comments. And then they’re going to go check you out. Right and they’re going to check out your content and your YouTube. So engage in other videos.

Number six, publish at least weekly. Consistency is important. I know I said don’t just set it up. So create a strategy, I will give you access to our blueprint a little bit. Create a strategy and create lists of videos get ready to you can batch the videos. You can set the videos up later. You can do in the nine types of videos. But publish at least weekly, if not a few times a week. Stories times stories, become a better storyteller. stories get interesting. People will sit and watch stories. You start with a story and give the promise and then you still you start with a story. You people will watch you’ll get that view time. So total view time is one of the factors in YouTube. The other one is percent the time so if you can get people to watch your whole video, and it’s a long video, but you’ve told this amazing story, guess what? It’s gonna rank the other factors you can take parts of that story. YouTube now has YouTube shorts, or I’m sorry, it’s YouTube story. I get these two mixed up because they just came out but the YouTube stories are only see here. See I told you I’m not even I’m not even showing that. Sorry, YouTube shorts. It’s at the bottom. Right the bottom, you click on it. It’s like TikTok and guess what YouTube try and compete with TikTok so they’re gonna prioritize it think like YouTube. They and right at the bottom of the of the shorts is the subscribe button. This is your huge opportunity. Because YouTube’s can prioritize us in an algorithm. They’re still trying to figure out it’s not pretty. It’s not easy. But this is more TikTok was three years ago last year, I told people again, tick tock, I was like, No, I can’t get on TikTok. Now people have hundreds 200 300,000 subscribers, YouTube will win this game. And if you have stories, driving to bigger stories, little bits of a story drive into a bigger bit of a story, guess what, you are going to start winning the game. And those stories should be answering the $100,000 question, right? If you do that, you can start attracting the right people, you’re gonna start building a YouTube channel. Email your video out within four hours then plus right early, meaning you that the speed at which you get viewers initially to your YouTube video is going to tell YouTube that hey, this is important. This video is important. Lots of people are watching right away. They’re sending traffic to this, let me reward this person. Thank you like YouTube, right? I want to reward this person for sending more traffic over to YouTube. I’m going to show this to more people. That’s where that speed that first four hours is important to you to email it to your list, and then email it regularly. Most people will not remember what you did last week, much less 30 days from now. I don’t remember what I did three days ago. I don’t remember what videos I put out years. I mean, sometimes Yeah, some of our subscribers know better than I am. They’re like, hey, the nervous video like not really. But email outrage early, drive more traffic to it drive more traffic to drive more traffic to it.

Alright, have fun. I know, you’re probably overwhelmed your man. So have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to upset some people. Don’t be afraid to act a little crazy. Don’t be afraid that people are gonna judge you. Who cares? Have fun? Because guess what, if you’re having your type of fun, you’re gonna attract people that have fun with you. We still want to be entertained. We still go to YouTube to enjoy. Every topic, every business topic can be fun. Can be hilarious. I’m starting a new YouTube show. That is on a very kind of serious topic. But I’m making taking a fun twist with it. Are people going to be upset? Yes, you should see. I mean, I get some bad comments. I’m like, whatever, I I’ve actually gotten such bad comments that my family has called me up and like, are you alright? I’m like, what? I saw the comments on your videos, like, I don’t care. That’s great, you’re gonna upset some people. That’s what people pay attention to, what our whole political landscape is based on. So have some fun with it. YouTube is the top and the bottom of your funnel. YouTube should be driving traffic. But also you should be thinking about YouTube, at the bottom of your phone, as people are close to purchasing from you. Because they’re going to be reminded of all the amazing content. If you have tons of videos on there. I’m like, Well, this is way too much information. I just need their help people come to me with that all the time, right? I just want you to do it, right. They try and learn it all. And then I just do this I just make this videos. I have the best marketers in the world. I mean, Dan, is one of the best marketers in the world. And you know, and he comes to me, and he’s like, Hey, can you help with the video, I’m like, I’m honored. And Mark, he has come to us because of this, because of the YouTube is bottom of our funnel too. So it is the top and the bottom of your funnel. And you should be driving traffic from all sources to YouTube. LinkedIn should go to YouTube, Facebook should go to YouTube, Twitter should go to YouTube. And because you’re using the hint, this year’s traffic coming from everywhere. Remember, I’m thinking like YouTube. And YouTube is now it’s towards the bottom of our funnel. Get then get people on the email list into your funnels. And then your funnel should be coming back in to YouTube, back to your email list and create this ecosystem. So drive traffic and don’t be afraid to spend money. I’m not going to get into YouTube ads a lot right now to huge opportunity. Huge, huge opportunity. You know, if you’re interested in YouTube ads, we got a couple videos, I’m gonna show you resource. I’ll give you a couple of them for free. On how to use YouTube ads from some of the experts. We are not an expert on YouTube ads at all. But in that what they all tell you it’s about the quality of the content and improving it and testing it.

So there’s every business should be making 9, 10 videos there’s nine types I’m not going to get deep into it and really quickly tell you overview service mercial FAQs great for you to how to videos. Great for YouTube. Your process video super important. How do I work with you? Everyone wants different How do I work with you? micro content, which are small pieces that would go into those YouTube shorts, right? Your About Us video your story. Second most use page on your website? How much time have you spent on your about us page, don’t put your CV up there, you’re about us is about them. Right? If you go to a cocktail party and someone’s just starts talking about themselves, they’re boring. So but if they if they say, Hey, you know your son plays football, my son plays football too. I played football and blah, blah, blah. Now it’s an interesting your about us is about them. And then we’ll talk about the most important video, your video case stories, video case stories. Now, Dan said don’t use the word testimonials. I don’t put the word case story, necessarily onto a website. But ask for someone’s story. Don’t get testimonials. Testimonials are about you. Stories are about that people will watch stories, you will get that view time. We’ve had video case stories, ranking number one in Google, and videos in Google number one for the most competitive legal search terms. They’re like 234 $500 a click. And we’ve had a YouTube video up there. That’s a video case story because it’s a story. It’s not someone saying, hey, this attorney is great. It’s heartwarming, heart wrenching stories. And I guarantee you, if you all have been in business for any time, you have stories you don’t even know about. And I taught people fly me around to get those stories out because there’s a methodology to it. But if you go check out my LinkedIn, it’s it’s I joke because people always say they want me to get people to cry. And that’s what my LinkedIn tagline is, like, I make people cry on video, so that other people watching the videos cry, and that makes you makes you money. And but it’s true. We if we can get that in moments and emotions and video case stories, those videos will convert every single part of your marketing. But and especially you to be an. On a side note, I went around doing regenerative medicine case stories around the country. I was interviewing people in the middle of Texas, they’re retired, like in the heartland people that you think never even go like barely watch YouTube. And I asked them Well, how’d you find out about this? Like, I was watching all the stories on YouTube. Every single person said, I was on YouTube watching stories about people, transformations. Story case, stories are stories of transformations. There’s moments emotions, there’s a dramatic arc. I’ve got entire courses on this, I’ll give you access to that. But video case stories, it’s where you should be focusing.

So I said bonus resources. I’m not you know, there’s no offer here. I just want to you know, give tons of value. I’m gonna give you our YouTube checklist, 27 point optimization checklist. It’s not easy. I’m sorry. But this is worth it. Hopefully by now you should be thinking it’s worth it. I’ll give you our storyboard blueprint math, and our 10 video case Story Course just email me tell me you know, say hey, I saw you on on on Dan’s event. I’ll send you all that. And then if you want to, if you want to talk with our story, consultants, she’ll send you she’ll figure out which giants of video masterclasses are the best direction for you. There’s that typo. I’ve been set T which best she’ll give you access to those videos. And she’ll just ask you a few questions about your business. There’s no sale. It’s just that we’d like to give as much value as possible. So that when if you do need help, we’re here for you. We don’t sell anything to anyone that won’t help anyone. I turn away as many people as we put up proposals for and I’ve actually had literally had someone today is like how do I work with him like you can’t yet because you’re not ready. You don’t have the right things in place. I will not just do stuff. But we will help because we I firmly believe you get everything you want in life if you help enough people. So that’s that’s it. I’m about 15 minutes under

Dan Kuschell 44:24

that was awesome. That was awesome. I said, Phil a text I was like, This is so amazing. This is so I mean, there’s so much wisdom here I am and and I hope that you are taking notes. I hope that you you know really focus on what I had shared with you. Right. And apply it like what are the action steps you’re going to take from what I just shared with you. What are you committed to do? Thanks for listening to this episode of growth to freedom calm. Are you struggling to get steady flow of new clients every day, or maybe hit a plateau or hit a wall and growing your business. Let’s help you solve this problem today. Let’s review your business and have a conversation. Do that for free today at That’s In addition, if you’re looking for a simple way to implement some of what we’ve been talking about in today’s episode, I want to encourage you to get our free Small Business toolkit. You get that at, that’s If you’d like access to the special resources and all the show notes for this special episode, make sure to visit

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