Your 2019 Focus Multiplier: A NEW Approach For Goal Achievement And Big Breakthroughs [Podcast 200]

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Are you ready for 2019?  With the new year, most people start thinking about the changes they want to make, and the goals and resolutions they would like to set, only to fall short a few days, weeks or months later? For many, the cycle of setting goals and then not achieving them seems to be a disappointing reality, but in this episode, you will get a new perspective on why goal setting doesn’t work, and a strategy to break the cycle. You will walk away with a framework for success… and the best part is you will have the opportunity to download this blueprint just by listening to this episode!  You can get this 100% free cheat sheet to move you from goal-setting to goal achievement. Don’t miss it!


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Your 2019 Focus Multiplier: A NEW Approach For Goal Achievement And Big Breakthroughs [Podcast 200]

Have you ever been in a place where you set a goal and you didn’t achieve that goal? Have you ever been in a place where you set a New Year’s resolution only to fall short a few days, weeks or months later? Here’s the harsh reality. Goal setting and resolutions don’t work. How many times have you set a goal and didn’t hit it? I want to introduce you to a brand new way to be thinking about your goals instead of goal setting and instead of resolution. Let’s not set yourself up for another disappointment this year. The process that we’re going to introduce you to is a new way to be thinking about focusing on your goals. A new paradigm to be able to look at how can you go out and set a framework for success, to set a framework for achievement? What will that do for you? It’s going to give you freedom. It’s going to give you personal power. It’s going to give you empowerment. It’s going to help you make a bigger difference, a bigger impact and a whole lot more. I hope you’re ready. What has to happen for you to move from goal setting and resolutions to make things real? Dan Sullivan calls it up. The entrepreneur mind is one that makes it up and we need a plan to make it real.

You’re going to want to stick around until the end of this episode because I’ve got a very special gift that I want to give to you, a cheat sheet that we’ve put together and a mini-series training. It will work for you. It will work for your team. It’s a great exercise to put in place quarterly for you to check-in, get grounded, build more confidence, have more certainty, give yourself direction and give you and your team a blueprint to be able to make the next 90 days. Would that be of value to you? You will want to stick around until the end, I’m going to give that to you and make that available to you for free. What is this amazing new paradigm that we’re talking about? We call the first step in this process the focus multiplier. There are four critical areas. I’m going to walk through this, but I’m going to give you the blueprint of this as a gift. If you want to go download that right now, you can go to It will give you the blueprint that I’m going to walk you through as well as a mini-series bonus that we put together to walk you through helping you achieve your goal.

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What Are Your Biggest Wins?

The first step is the focus multiplier process. The first question to be able to get clarity on is what are your biggest wins in this last corner? You want to identify what your biggest wins are. What are the things that you’re going to celebrate, your achievements? What are the things you accomplished in the last quarter? Not only think of it in terms of business and the different things that you’ve accomplished but also think of it in terms of personally, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially. What are those wins that you’ve had? We see all kinds of things. We work with dozens and dozens of clients and we see all kinds of examples, but here’s a few. Working with great clients and names the clients that they’re working with that they love. Working with solid partners and great team members and the names are listed. Having the ability to make a contribution, collaborate, have freedom, adventure, new challenges, confidence, clarity, teamwork and growth, living in their values. This particular one talks about their fitness goal being in a range where they’re at their ideal state and ideal weight. What are your wins for this past quarter? Make a note of what those are. Even if you don’t have the cheat sheet or the blueprint to go with this right now, you can make a couple of notes.

What Are You Most Excited About?

The next chunk of the focus multiplier process is what are you most excited about in the next quarter? This is you projecting the next 90 days. What are you most excited? What are your goals for the next quarter? What is your focus for the next quarter? This particular example has to add more clients. If I were going to critique this example, get clarity on a specific number, 30 clients, 20 clients, 50 clients, 100. This one also says, “Increased results with clients.” I challenged this client to think in terms of, “What does that mean? Is it an income goal? Is it helping them get more clients? How many new clients?” Put some more specificity around it. What is a bigger impact? What does that mean? They’ve got ten new clients and then create new assets. Again, I would challenge this client. If it were me working with them, I would say, “What are the new assets that moved the dial? What would those be? What do those look like?” Be specific.

What are you most excited about in the next quarter? Not only business-wise, but what about personal? What about your health? What about your diet? “He who has a good health has a thousand dreams. He who does not have good health has only one.” It’s an old Indian proverb that I heard for the first time years ago. That’s a reality. Without our health, we don’t have anything. How about your marriage or how about your relationship or how about your partner? What are you excited about in the next quarter for those types of things? Here’s the other thing. You can’t have a great business without a great home. When your home is in order, your business flourishes. If your home is dysfunctional, if your home is not in order, it will reflect in your business eventually. It’s a slow burner like that old Zig Ziglar example where you turn on the oven and boil water and it boils and before you know it, the frog is boiling to death, but they didn’t even know it. Get your home in order.

GTF 200 | Focus Multiplier

What you put your attention to grows and expands.


Why Are These Important?

What are some of the things personally, health-wise, relationship-wise, those other things? Do you want to have them as the priority or do you want to give them leftovers? I’ll speak to myself. The first go around in a marriage, I blew it because I gave my family leftovers. I encourage you, don’t give your health leftovers. Make it a priority. Don’t give your family, your spouse, your partner or your kids leftovers. What has to happen? What do you need to do or what are you excited about in the next quarter to stabilize and solidify those things? The third part of the focus multiplier process, why are these important to you? Tony Robbins for years has taught, “It’s not a how and it’s not a what, it’s a why.” When your why is big enough, when you have a strong enough lever, you can accomplish anything. That is so true. Dig deep into the why emotionally. Tony Robbins talks about the six human needs and then Maslow has the Hierarchy of Human Needs. For you, why are you driven to accomplish some of these goals? If one of your goals that you’re excited about in the next quarter is to lose weight, why are you excited to lose weight? If you make that goal an external thing like, “I want to make my dad proud, my mom proud or my spouse proud,” or something outside of you, you’re going to fall short of getting the true fulfillment.

Do you know a lot of people who are high achievers, but they aren’t fulfilled inside? They’re constantly in the game of the chase because their why is external focus instead of internal focus. When you get a peace with your accomplishments and being present and at the moment with those accomplishments, it’s amazing the peace that comes, the freedom that comes, the fun that comes, the adventure that comes and the enjoyment and the fulfilling life that it creates. It’s such an incredible gift. If you’re following the old paradigm of goal setting or making resolutions, it becomes very elusive. If you ever tried to get to a goal and it seemed the harder you ran for it, the further away it got, it’s because that old paradigm doesn’t work. There are a few pieces missing. This helps you bridge the gap. The why is so critically important.

What Has To Happen To You?

The fourth part of this process is what has to happen for you to achieve these? I’m going to encourage you to look at this from two angles of what has to happen to achieve these. Number one is your own personal feeling of like, “What do I have to do? What has to happen? What do I need to make these true?” There can be a tendency where you go, “I don’t know. If I knew how to make it, I’d be making them happen.” I first heard this from Tom Hopkins, it may have been Tony Robbins, it may have been many of the other coaches I’ve had over the years. If you did know, what would have to happen? To the best of your ability, what do you feel? Start making some notes. This is going to start pulling you in the direction. What you put your attention to, grows and expands. Put some attention here. What do you think has to happen? Even if you don’t know the full picture yet, put some of the components of what has to happen. As a second piece to this is, who? Who has to happen for this to be real?

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My son who’s eleven years old is excited about playing football and being a quarterback. If he wants to be a great quarterback, he probably doesn’t want to learn from a kid his age. It’s an ideal scenario where he would get a good quarterback coach that show him how to be a better quarterback. It just so happens that we got a coach. His name is Alex who’s amazing at working with kids. He played high school and college and semipro football and he is Kyler’s quarterback coach at this point. They’ll come to a point if Kyler wants it bad enough and if he wants to continue the journey, in a few years he’s probably going to need to work with a high-level high school and/or college coach to start taking his game off the ladder. My daughter who loves art, if she wants to be a great artist, she doesn’t want to learn from her dad. I didn’t get that trait. My dad could certainly share a few things with her but not me. Find someone who has the results you want, do what they do and you can get what they got.

The Focus Multiplier Cheat Sheet

This last question, what has to happen? Think of a who. Who is somebody that is better than you, that has the result you want? How could you tap into that? Wherever you are, start researching who’s in the area locally that has talents, has the results you want and what would have to happen for you to access that talent? They can save you years of time. They already have their 10,000 hours of work to help you eliminate a lot of that learning curve and collapse timeframes. Question one, what are your wins? Number two, what are you most excited about in the next quarter? Why are these important to you and what has to happen for you to be able to achieve these? When you go download this blueprint tool, the focus multiplier cheat sheet, you’re going to have the ability to fill it out. The total process will take you less than twenty minutes overall. On the right side of this worksheet and cheat sheet, you’re going to rate on a scale of a low of one to a high of ten several different categories of values that you stand by. If you have a team, what’s great is not only do you rate yourself but then you rate your team.

For example, here are the categories: growth, teamwork, contribution, achievement-oriented, collaborative, innovative, transformational and resourceful. Rate yourself on a low of one and a high of ten. It’s a way to measure. That which is measured and reported improved exponentially. If you start to put some focus on, “These are the where I’m at now,” let’s say you do this again in 90 days, now you’re going to have a measurement to see where you’re at. Dan Sullivan says, “The first progress starts by telling the truth and this is a way to tell the truth.” The next part of this process is rating the business components, the business capabilities. We believe there are six main business categories that drive results and performance. The first is the mindset. You’re going to rate each of these six categories in the business from a one to ten; low of one, high of ten. One of our clients right now is big in the personal development and business growth industry. His focus is to take his company from where it is right now to $100 million a year doing some amazing things. He has the mindset of a warrior and a champion. There’s no doubt in my mind that he has the drive and the mindset to be able to go there but other people, that’s not their vision, that’s not their mindset.

It’s more of a small boutique and it’s all relative of what you want. What is your mindset to achieve the goals that you’re setting out? Next is productivity. There are a lot of people who are good at throwing stuff on a wall and being active and they spin vanity metrics like how many likes or how many shares on a Facebook page? When in reality, that doesn’t move the dial. There’s a difference between active and just being busy versus productivity. On a scale of one to ten, how productive are you? Are you moving the dial? Are you putting your effort into the 20% of things that produce 80% of results and the impact? Next is marketing. How would you rate your marketing one to ten? We’ve interviewed and surveyed thousands and thousands of business owners and typically you find the majority of people a five or a six rating. Where are you in marketing at that capability?

Next is sales. What is you and/or your company’s ability to sell? Next is hiring. Isn’t it amazing that professional organizations in sports, they’re always recruiting or hiring? You could substitute recruiting here instead of hiring. Isn’t it amazing a small business will only hire when they have a fire? I want to encourage you and challenge you to not think of hiring as an episodic thing that you need to fill a gap when there’s a gap or when there’s a fire, but rather you are always recruiting in your business to find talent. You’re a talent scout all the time. It’s a much healthier way. On a scale of one to ten, where would you rate your ability to hire or attract? This doesn’t just mean full-time staff members. This means being able to acquire talent, even outsource talent and have the capabilities to help you be efficient and effective as a business.

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The sixth category is leadership. How would you rate your leadership? At the end of the day, leadership is as leadership does. Don’t watch what people say, watch what they do. It’s incredibly important. I’ve gone through that fairly quickly. This is a great check in to get a pulse. It’s a perfect time of the year to be able to go through this process and instead of focusing on goal setting, here’s the new framework to think about. No longer will you ever be in a place where you’re just goal setting, which is a future thing where it’s like a carrot that you’re chasing or you’re making a resolution, which is more than anything a glorified wish. This is about goal achievement.

When you commit to this process and incorporate it for 90 days and then start doing it every quarter for the next year or two years, where do you think you’ll be in the next year or two? When you go to, not only do you get this cheat sheet and tool that you can use, you can have your team use, you can have your outsource team to use, but we have a mini-series to take you through a full experience and process to take goal achievement to an entirely new level. Especially as it relates to building a company that has a desire to grow two times, three times, five times or ten times and more. We’ve incorporated this exercise with dozens and dozens of our private clients and you’ll love it. We’re going to give you access to it. Here’s the best part. It’s 100% free. All I ask is I’d love your feedback on how it’s helping support you and so on. If you have a question, of course, you can hit us up. I’m not sure how long we’re going to keep it free. If you get there and it’s no longer available for free, it is what it is. You can email us, we can send you details on the paid version or something of that nature.

GTF 200 | Focus Multiplier

Meetings Suck: Turning One of The Most Loathed Elements of Business into One of the Most Valuable

Focus on goal achievement, not goal setting or resolutions. Focus on what are your wins, what are you most excited about in the next 90 days? Why are they important? What has to happen? Who can help you? Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in these eight categories for values and these six categories for the most important business capabilities you need. It’s amazing what will happen when you set the agenda for you. There’s an old adage from Cameron Herold in his great book called Meetings Suck. He said, “No agenda, no attendance.” Is there anything more important than giving yourself the agenda you deserve to set the pace, to set the field, to the focus for the next 90 days? That’s why we call this the focus multiplier exercise. It’s more about goal achievement than it is about the setting. What I know, having shared this with dozens and dozens of other companies, you’re going to have the ability to go out and accomplish more in a shorter period of time. You’ll find yourself being more efficient. You’ll find yourself being more effective. There’s going to be a sense of peace, a sense of joy, a sense of freedom that you get as a result of this exercise and don’t be shy. If you put the right focus in this, your dreams can come true, you can double and triple and quadruple your business growth in a shorter period of time.

For me, I have certain focuses like my kids, my wife, my family, family time, my health, my exercise rituals, the gratitude exercise that we do on a regular basis, if not daily. All of those things are built in part of the foundation and the focus multiplier exercise. I encourage you to take action with what we’ve shared with you. Go through the process. Seize the day, make it a great week and most importantly, make it a great year. We look forward to working with you. If you have a question, reach out to us. You can find us pretty easily in a lot of different places. We’ll see you next time.

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